Eureka (1983) Script

Murder! Murder!

I've never earned a nickel from another man's sweat.

I never said that, Jack! I said fifty-fifty!

I don't need any partners!

You can't do it alone! Not out here!

I'll find the gold! Say it!

Say it, you spawn of a Danish whore!

Say it!

Say it!

Jack McCann will find the gold!

Louder! So God in his heaven can hear you!

Jack McCann will find the gold!


I never earned a nickel from another man's sweat.

I never earned a nickel from another man's sweat!

I've never earned a nickel from another man's sweat!

Come on, children. Come over here.

What are you smiling at?

What are you smiling at?

The end.

It's not over until it's over.

Children, come on! Come over here!

Come right now!

Hurry! Come over here!

Go and help your father.

Look at you. You're a mess.


It's not over till it's over.

No. Would you ever?

Sure I do. Don't I, Frieda?

Hello, Johnny.

Hey. Frieda, shut the door.

This is Johnny.

He's come home.

If you got it, Frieda will have it.

Don't think you've got lucky.

Write if you get work, Johnny.

How about clearing snow?

Maybe I'm dead. Only most of you.

What have you got in your hand, Johnny?

It's a rock. I found it.

No, Johnny.

This stone found you.

It has your name on it.

Not outside, but inside.

It's your destiny.

But everybody pays.

Everybody pays.

Gold smells stronger than a woman.

Tonight, I took a bath, maybe because of you.

It's been a long time...


My Jack.

We never did find the gold, but we had something... something between us that was as good as gold.

My Jack had all the nuggets we needed... right between his legs.

You interested in men and women?

With you, the gold is everything.

You never give up.

We had a crock of gold between us... his cock and my crack.

A crock of gold.

More than love, it was. It was a power.

In love...

Jack was an alchemist.

God, were we on fire.

Then one morning, I woke up. The sun was shining.

It was spring, and Jack was dead.

Dead beside me.

Dead in bed.

That must have been when I started to smell bad.

You've had quite a life.

So will you.

Then there's some... leftover life to kill.

My Jack... and his perfume of Paris...

Paris and the golden coach.

You'll find what you're looking for...

but after?

It's right here.

I can see it.

The gold.

It runs like a river to the shore of the lake.

There it goes, diving underwater.

Understand what this means? Yeah.

My luck has changed.

Luck's for ordinary men, not you.

When you took the stone, you made your choice.

You're alone now.

I never earned a nickel from another man's sweat!

Hey, Frieda!

Frieda, it's over!

I'm dying, Paris.


What... what happens now?

A mystery.

The end and the beginning.


There'll be another after you...

after the war.

The great events.

They were great days.

Not just good, but great.

That car's a dud.

I could have lived for ten years up here on what that car cost.

In those days... every goddamn thing was so hard.

What did you do for girls up here?

I guess we did without...

unlike some people I know.

Suppose I'd been here.

Would you have given me a second glance?


My darling Tracy...

I never would have taken my eyes off you.

Tell me more about the gold.

I love the stories.

Where'd you get this?

He gave you this, didn't he?

Give me a pull.

That guy is no good for you.

You think I'm jealous.

I am not jealous.

I just know he'll never appreciate you.

Oh, appreciate be damned.

I'm not a work of art. I'm not a piece of china.

I want him.

Are you sure?

I wanted to thank you for Paris.

I didn't thank you.

I guess I take it all for granted.

I had a wonderful time.

Do you think... you think you can pull the jib back, you know?

You're safe with me. Come on.

Now... hold the wheel.

Hold it. Yeah?

Oh, I'm so happy!

I should have stopped it.

Helen, lay off the sauce, will you?

I think I'm beginning to go blind.

How are they doing out there?

I'll win.

I'll always win.

I won you, didn't I?

You did, cheri. Fair and square.

Tracy. Tracy.

Got to hand it to your son-in-law.

Sure can handle a yacht.

Jack, I need some new glasses. My daughter!

You're in good humour again today.

You made a mistake there, Jack.

Tracy's our daughter. She's mine, too.

That frog didn't seduce Tracy McCann... because she's your daughter.

Do you believe that?

Maybe I'm a jinx.

Yes. Maybe.

What does it mean, "jinx"?

Jack, have you given any more thought to our Luna Bay deal?

Our deal?

You mean us? You? Me?


Luna Bay is me, Charlie.

It's a part of me.

So am I. I'm your friend, not just your partner.

I think about you. I fend for you.

What's everybody gonna think if they think you're going...

Charlie, I don't care what anybody thinks.

Listen. I've figured an angle.

I think maybe... maybe we can put one over on Mayakofsky.

Tell him that Luna Bay...

I don't want to put one over on anybody, Charlie.

I never cheated a man in my life.

Only women.

Helen, lay off the sauce.

Take it easy now, Jack. Look.

I may have to go to Miami to talk to Mayakofsky.

What do you want me to say to him?

What was the name of that optician in Miami? You remember.

You'll think of something to say, Charlie.

You always do.

He's right... again. Have a drink.

No. I haven't eaten all day. I'm hungry.

You are, aren't you, Charlie?

You're hungry. That's right.

Now, try to understand, will you?

This island is mine... and the Luna Bay deal don't mean shit to a tree to me.

I'm out of all that. Wheels and deals and seals.

It's all bullshit.

Maybe that's what you tell that yid in Miami.

Jack McCann's out of it.

Out of it.

Out of it. Yeah.

Out of it.

I have to make a call.

Good luck.

Doesn't it ever snow out here?

Excuse me, madam. The fortune teller is here.

Fat nigger fraud.

You don't want your fortune told.

You've got a fortune.

If only your father could see you now.

The world's richest man.

Crazy... like a fox... wearing a dress with parrot shit on his shoulders.

Maybe this lady can tell me what happened to you.

It was so wonderful...

once upon a time... all those years ago.

Weren't we in love on that ship?

We were wonderful together, Jack.

We were shining.

Miami Herald. Miami Herald.

All the latest for you.

War news here. The Miami Herald.

Got a Miami Herald, lady?

60 enemy ships put out of the way... and our planes are still packing...

Buon giorno, Aurelio. How's the war?

Which one, Mr. Mayakofsky? Europe or the Pacific?

Ours. Ours.

Charles Perkins called.

He sounds nervous.

He's nervous?

We're all nervous.

Very nervous time, isn't it?

Well, he wants to come and see you.

McCann's stalling.

Delays. Delays. More delays.

God in heaven, what does the man want?

We're in business. Doesn't he understand?

I have friends. I have partners.

He lives on an island. We live on the mainland.

He's a strange character, and after the gold, he just...

Aurelio, please. Please.

There's no such thing as strange.

This is only a man.

A man is made up of desires.

Understand his desires, you understand the man.

It's very simple. They go hand in hand.

Your Italian's better than my Yiddish.

This is a happy man.

This is a happy man. Look.

Get me a recent picture.

Who is he now?

Find out what McCann desires...

and we'll close the Luna Bay deal, Aurelio, but soon.

But soon.

Ah, my daughter Esther.

Esther, this is Aurelio.

Hello, Esther.

Have some tea. Have some tea.

I've often wondered about this stone.

It's a relic of the past, like me.

You're full of secrets, Jack, aren't you?

Me? No. No.

I'm an open book.

Cut me, and I bleed just like anyone else.

Pearl, take these, will you, please?

Why did you ask me here?

I thought maybe you needed some help being set up.

No, thank you... but I don't spend much money anyway.

I do have one extravagance.


No. My yacht.

You see, I... don't ever want to owe you anything.

I hope you'll understand.

You seem to get along quite well with the natives, don't you?

Yes. That's true.

It's the whites who don't like me.

Hello, Claude.

I haven't offended you, have I?

Oh, no.

You understand it's often harder to receive than it is to give.


Claude was just leaving.

Have either of you seen my long-distance glasses?

I've mislaid them again.

I found them in the dining room.

How clever of you. Thank you.

In the dining room.

While I was waiting.

Oh, he does keep people waiting, doesn't he?


I can't do that. I can't threaten him like that.

Well, in life, there are many unpleasant things... that have to be done.

It's a matter of honour, Mr. Mayakofsky.

I'm an American.

So who's not an American?

Everyone is an American now.

The Germans? They're Americans.

In Chicago, there's many Germans.

Come on.

The Japanese?

Believe me, one day, they'll all be Americans, also.

Languages. That's all the difference.

This war, what is it?

It's a war between Americans... who all speak different languages... so how can we lose?

Mr. McCann's an American.

He knows we're all on the same side.

You talk to him.

Arrange for him to meet my associate Mr. D'Amato.

Be careful.

You think of this as a problem?

This is no problem.

Think of it as an opportunity.

Do you think Mr. Perkins has unwisely informed McCann... that we wish to build a casino on Luna Bay?

I think that Mr. Perkins is certainly very worried... about something.

He's very close to McCann.

Well, it's good for us.

It might also be very bad for everyone.

Jack is beginning to remind me of Lucky and that's not good.

One Lucky in my life is plenty of Luckies.


Jack is going to get sick very soon.

Please don't.

You know I don't believe in those stupid signs.

Signs are numbers.

It's all numbers.

Seconds, hours, days, years.

You understand. You're good at math.

Oh, that is really... quite something.

Don't frighten me.

You can do what you'd like to my body.

I don't care.

It's all wonderful.

For God's sakes...

leave my mind alone.

Stick to my skin, huh?

Ah, Tracy.

You're such a child.

Isn't that the way you want me?

What is it?

Those tests last year in Miami.

They were inconclusive.

Is that what we're gonna be?


I don't need a child to love you.

I just don't want us to be incomplete.

We're complete... now.



Jack never needed one of those things.

He's absolutely right.

He's very clever, my husband, isn't he?

Not nearly as clever as my daughter.

Try one of your numbers on her. Oh, no.

The length doesn't matter. She can handle it.

Let's take the 100,036 and divide it by, say... one hundred and seventy-eight.

Five hundred... sixty-two?

Is that right?

That's incredible.

It's a gift.

I'm sure that's not your only talent, Miss McCann.

Well, what is your occupation?

On this planet, I mean.

Mr. D'Amato's a businessman.


Lawyer. Real estate?

Lawyer, you said.

Business. Thieves among thieves... pirates stealing from each other.

Very fine piece you have.


Kind of stupid to make a saltcellar out of gold.

Stupid, my ass.

The alchemists made gold out of salt.

Oh, no, Jack. It's bad luck.

Throw some over your shoulder quickly.

I don't believe in luck, good or bad... but everybody believes in a little bit of gold... even if it's just a wedding band.

No. Leave it. Let it burn.

Where's my necklace?

I forgot.

She thought it was ostentatious.


Look at that goddamn shirt.

This represents the teaching of the cabala.

Are you a yid?

The search for wisdom is universal, Jack.

There are five points.

The first is silence.

The second is listening.

The third is remembrance, and... the fourth is practice.

And the fifth is teaching.

And the sixth... bullshit.

There's only one golden rule...

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The rest is conversation.

You didn't earn the gold, Jack.

You took it from nature.

You raped the earth.

I found it.

You stole it.

What the hell do you do, pluck chickens for a living?

Stop it, please.

He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases.

Tracy In Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter's tea party.

This is it.

There's no chocolate inside.

Well, you can't undo it, Mr. D'Amato.

It's gold.

Well, Jack likes to give gold presents after dinner.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

You can't take it with you.

What are you doing?

Get out of my house!

It's only gold, Jack.

Like all things, it'll pass... and when it does, I'll send it back to you.

Tracy, get him out of here.

I never want to see him again. Oh, stop it. Stop it!

Whose side are you on, Charlie?

Get out of here! Vanish!

Tracy, you can't just leave. We're going, Mother.

Don't do it to yourself, Jack.

I won't rest until I see that man dead.

Charlie, how are you?

OK. OK, Jack.


It's good to see you, Charlie.

Jack. I'm in trouble, Jack.

Charlie. Charlie.

What in God's name have you been thinking about?

I've been carrying a gun lately... up at my house the last two nights in a row.

I keep hearing strange sounds like...

I know somebody's trying to break in.

Oh, Charlie, Charlie.

You're frightened somebody's trying to break into your house.

I'm frightened somebody's trying to break into my life!

Jack, we're partners.

You owe it to us to give this thing a chance.

Oh, Charlie. Two things.

First, I don't believe in chance.

Second, I don't have partners...

not for some time.

You're not getting it, Jack. Mayakofsky's dangerous.

How can I get through to you? This man's dangerous!

Charlie, who's the most dangerous man I know?

You, Charlie?


Me, Charlie.

I'm the most dangerous man I know.

Charlie, if you're frightened... spend a while at Eureka.

Helen's going to Rhode Island... to spend some time with the boys.

Thanks, Jack. I think I'll take you up on that.

I just wish that you could... Charlie.

Now, is there anything you're not telling me?

I know it's tough being pig in the middle.

Not broke, are you?


Never mention this matter to me again.


Fuck you. You're so fucking selfish.

I'm very angry with Perkins.

I don't think he believes me... and that's bad, not to believe.

Do you go to Confession?

Every week.

There's only one God between all of us schmucks.

These men are without faith.

They believe in nothing.

I think that Jack McCann believes in himself.

That's what I said. He believes in nothing.

He makes me meshuga.

How can you do business with a man who believes in nothing?

He's not a businessman.

Then we shall have to find some other way.

I have to buy, so he must sell.

He must sign because we have to build.

He dug up his fortune.

We cannot allow him to stand in the way... of new men who want to build their fortunes.

Jack McCann is a dinosaur, Aurelio... and everyone knows what happened to dinosaurs.

He has outlived his time.

Regrettably, we must apply pressure.


No time like the present.

Thank you for letting me sleep here with you tonight.

It reminds me of our first days together on the ship.

I suppose you think that's sentimental.

What's really wrong?

I'm under siege by everybody and everything.

Well, if only... if only people here liked you more.

It's not me that they hate. It's what I represent.

I'm the fellow who knew what he wanted... and went out and got it.

Tough act to follow.

Oh, but that was such a long time ago.

You are a different man now.


I want to help you.

Why won't you let me?

Nobody can help me.

You know what eternity looks like?

It's white, yet very dark.

It's like a desert of snow at night.

Now I've reached the edge of eternity... and beyond eternity.

The abyss.


Once upon a time, I was Jack McCann.

I had a name.

I don't know how much longer I can hold on, Helen.

I'm in the middle of my Second World War... and I still can't hear.

What you said to me the other day about my not being able to see...

You're so damn right. I can't see, and I can't hear.

I'm paralyzed.

Once I had it all.

Now I just have everything.

Hello, Pierre. Hello, darling.

C'est bon? I'm all right.

We better make this the last.

Ah, bon, Pierre.

Ca va?

Il faut que tu lis cette lettre, Claude.

Will everybody leave, please?

I want every... What is it?

No, Tracy.

Everybody out now.

Come on, Claude. Pull yourself together.

It can't be as bad as that.


Claude! Sit down. Sit down.


Claude! Just get them out of here!

My mother died.

I should have stayed in France. I should...

I shouldn't have left.

She must have needed me, and...

I could have protected her.

Now there is nothing.

Sit down, sit down.

As a child, I... ran away from school all the time.

She'd bring me back but... never scolded me.

She knew all I wanted was... to be free.

Then I...

then I ran away from her.

I ran away from France and...

ran away from the war.

I'm such a coward.


I'll never run away from you.

The last letter she wrote to me, she said...

"The day Gone With The Wind opens in Paris...

"the war will be over, and we shall have won."


Sometimes I wonder whether I'm ready for you.

It's too much of you...

not enough of me.

Do you understand?

Very simple.

Oh, it makes me afraid for us.

"Dearest Father and Mother...

"This is the hardest letter I have ever had to write...

"harder even than the weekend ones from school.

"Something happened to Claude this evening...

"which is none of your business...

"but which has made me think again about my life with you both.

"I know that you will never accept Claude...

"as part of our family.

"I can't blame you...

"because he's not of our blood...

"but he has become the centre of my life.

"My blood is his blood, and his is mine."

"I cannot bear the bitterness, resentment, and pain...

"that surrounds the two of us."

"I can't bear the bitterness, resentment...

"and pain that surrounds the two of us...

"especially not as your lives seem so empty...

"now that I have found and felt...

"what it really means to be alive.

"I still love you both...

"but I love Claude more than I love myself.

"His needs have become mine.

"He needs me now as I need myself.

"I would not exist without him.

"I will not tear myself apart...

"because of your unrelenting hostility towards us.

"I don't want us to fight a war.

"I want us to live together in peace...

"but if that's not possible, then I will find...

"a place of peace within my heart with Claude.

"Mother, I mean what I said.

"I want to join you in Rhode Island.

"Your most loving daughter, Tracy."

Your car is ready, madam.

Well, why did she write that?

I thought she understood.

She does understand... and so do I.

Come to bed.


Jack, I really ought to go.

We don't have time.


Jack. Jack, stop.

Remember always that I love you.

Bye. Bye.

Jack. What's the matter?

What's the matter? Are you trying to kill me?

Get out of my house. What do you want?

First I thought it was the money.

Then I thought it was my daughter.

Flesh of my flesh.


The gold doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

Everything I gave you he's taken.

Stop it. What are you doing?

But the truth is, you want me.

You want my soul!

What are you doing? This is my bedroom.

Nothing is yours.

Look at yourself. Look. You're twenty years old.

You're rotten, ruined, depraved.

Jack! Get away from me!

Stop it! For God's sakes, stop it!

You're going to kill each other!

You're crazy.

Get off me!

Go on, then. You haven't got the guts.

Yes, he does. Get off me!

I'll kill you if I have to.

Get off me!

Shut up, woman! It's just a little blood.

Get out.

Murder! Murder!

Stop it!

Why'd you make her write that letter?

What letter?

Stop it!

God knows...

I never made a nickel from another man's sweat.


Say it, you spawn of a whore!

Jack McCann never made a nickel on another man's sweat!

Kill me, you kill her.

Say it out loud so...

God in his heaven can... hear you!

My God.

You get out of my world.

Your world?

Come back with me.

I can't.

Don't you see I can't?

Come back with me.

I don't want your gold.

I... I want flesh.

I want to touch human flesh.

I want...

I want to kiss it, hold it.

I want to suck it.

Oh, did you ever love someone... all of someone?

I love all of him.

It's terrible... the feeling.

Night and day, I can't get away from it.

It's not too late.

It is too late! I wouldn't exist without him.

Oh, what have I done? I must go after him.

The triangle is broken.

Am I evil?

You look fantastic... like Cleopatra.

Claude? Claude?

Claude, I was frightened.


I... I heard something go overboard.

You're safe with me.

You know... yesterday... last night... was the most extraordinary day of my life.

Never be another day or night like it ever.

I've never been so happy... or so miserable.

The wind is picking up.

Did you want to kill Jack?

Didn't you?

He wanted to kill me.

I promise you, Tracy...

that won't happen again.

From now on, it's war.

It's going to be a tough fight for Iwo Jima... that tiny but strategic island... only 750 miles south of Tokyo.

I'll get some envelopes.

Aurelio, wait. Wait, wait.

Don't bother. Just give it to them.

Come on. Get started.

Hello, Mom. Lay off the sauce, huh?

You hurt us, Tracy. That letter.

After you said you wanted to be here with me and the boys.

My, you hurt us.

I was being honest.

Ohh. He's a wonderful man.

Oh, Joey, take my boots off, please.

Your father's a wonderful man.

I'm going to bring him back to the way he was.

Claude's not wonderful.

Claude's very charming, very attractive to women... lots of women.

I can see that.

Come on, Mom.

I haven't heard from your father since I got here.

Do you want to kill him?

Why did you write the letter? Why and what for?

A silly infatuation.

It can't last. They never do.

Perhaps it's all because of the war.

Jane, look. I'm going to go out.

Come on.

Good night, Mrs. Dawson. Stay careful.

Hello. How are you?

Hello. Hello.

How are you?

You remember Claude Van Horn?

Yes. Of course. Don't be ridiculous.

Can't we all get in front?

I don't think so.

Oh, right.

All right. Mind your fingers.

Ah. You ready? Go for a ride.

Jack, what happened to the servants?

I've given them the night off.


It's for me.


Is that Mrs. Maillot Van Horn?

Your call to Luna Bay...

There's no one answering there.

Would you keep trying for me, please?

Certainly. Thank you.

You can't leave now!

Where's your gun, Charlie?

You're gonna need it if you want to kill somebody.

Get away!

Jack, you can't run away from it!

They're coming here!


Hurry up.


We need the umbrella.

Here we are.

Come on.

Don't fall. I think you're really going to enjoy it.

Thank you.

We love this.

Jane. Jane!

It's all right, Mary.

She's all right. She's all right.

I promise you, she's all right.

Let go!

Anything serious?

The cooler's overheating.

It's not serious.

Please. No, really. I... please.

I hope you... I hope you...



Oh. Oh, no. Oh, yes, I feel it.

I'm sorry. There's still no answer.

Damn it.

Come here. Come here!

Looking for someone, Mr. McCann?

They've all gone.

A night like this... isn't a particularly good night for business.


Help me.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.


Come on.

Mary. Get out.

Will she be all right?

Don't be so scared. We're going home.

I've got to get her shoes.

Will it be all right?

Yeah. I'm pretty sure. Come on.

Oh, no. Oh, Mary, Mary!

You'll be all right, Mary. I promise you. I promise you!

Come on! Come on!

Don't touch me. Don't touch me! Don't let them touch me!


Please, don't touch me.

Jack! Jack! For Christ's sakes.

Jack, are you all right?

Yeah. Good.

We got to talk to these people, Jack.

I'm ready. Where are they?

Take me to them.

I smell perfume.

Have you had a woman in this car?


Gold smells stronger than a woman.

You were at my house tonight.

A dinner party and candles... a little wine, conversation... a pleasant evening.

Oh, come on, darling. Come on. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Do you understand?

Give me my handkerchief.

All right.

All right now. Buzz off.

Here. Take this.

All right. See you.

Glad you decided to go through with this.

I've been waiting for this, Charlie... for a long time... a long, long time.

Let's go. Let's get out of here.

I want to give them ten more minutes.

Stay here. Look. Stay here.

All right.

All right?

What you saw tonight is defendu, forbidden.

Don't breathe a word to anyone... ever.

You understand?

Oh, sh...

Your handbags. Here. Here.

Good night.

I'm pleased you came, Mr. McCann.

This document needs your signature.

Goddamn. I forgot my pen.

Come on. I beg you to see reason, Mr. McCann.

Call me Jack.

I see reason.

I see reasons everywhere.

I call it greed.

What a pity.

Hey. I got a medallion just like this.

Hey. Let's make a deal.

Your friends seem confused, Charlie.

You know the problem with murder?

It never lets go of you.

I should have told that to the Japs.

The Japs.

Take it easy, Jack, please.

You want me to talk to your friends, the wolves?

They hunt in packs.

You go back and tell the leader of your pack...

Signor D'Amato... there's no deal with Jack McCann.

Look at you.

If your mothers could see you.

You can't touch me.

Goes for you, too, Charlie.

Not even you.

We'll see.

Jack, what's gonna happen to Luna Bay?

Jackass. Luna Bay stays right where it is.

Do you think my name on that stupid piece of paper means you get it?

Nobody gets anything.

There's nothing I can give you, leave you, or will you.

For years, people have been saying to me, "Jack, you got to make a will.

"You got to make a will." No!

There is no last will and testament for Jack McCann.

Where I come from, you don't own a thing.

Most you can do is stake your claim.

So you came, too.

I was looking for you.

It doesn't really matter now.

You can do better than that, partner!

Gee. Shit!

Come on!

Come on! You want a piece?

Come on!


In Picardy Come on, partners!

In the hush of the silver dew It's not over till it's over!

Roses are flowering in Picardy But there's never A rose like you

And the roses will die

Burn! Burn!


Wait there.

Hello. There's still no answer.


I knew it would be you.

Do you want another one of the body?

No. Two more of the head.

Six feet, one and a half inches.

Ahoy there.

Ahoy, aboard Pandora!

In the name of His Majesty...

I arrest you, Claude Maillot Van Horn... for the murder of Jack McCann.

Mother of God!

There's nothing left.


We were crazy.

The waste of it.

It was all such a long time ago.

Hello, miss.

This way, please.

Please, if you would, this way, please.

Oh, Papa.

Oh, Papa.

Where were you?

It's been over a week.

They wouldn't let me see you.

I don't know. Some... legal reason or other.

But Worsley's a good man.

You can trust him.

Worsley may be on their side.

Why was I arrested?

They decided to arrest me.

I've been doing everything I can.

Are you?

Perhaps no one can help me.

I'm on my own now.

No, you're not.

You have me.

I love you!

Nothing's gonna change that.

Oh, Claude.

I saw him.

It was horrible.

I am a jinx.

Did you see Claude Maillot Van Horn on the night of the murder?

I saw him in the hall. He didn't speak to me.

But hadn't the defendant... been barred from Eureka by Mr. McCann?

My Lord, I must object to the witness being led.

My Lord, I'll put the question another way.

Do you know whether or not... the defendant had been barred from Eureka?


Jack would never have let him in.

The relationship between Mr. McCann... and his son-in-law was strained.

They had had quite a few arguments.

Violent arguments?

Mr. McCann didn't like his son-in-law.

He wanted to like him for the sake of his daughter... but, well, the defendant's a pretty difficult man to like.

Yes. Well, I don't think...

Did you see if he had anything in his hand that night?

I don't remember.

You can't remember?

Did you make a statement to the police within a few hours of the murder?


My Lord, may the witness refresh his memory... by looking at his statement?

My Lord, I... Yes.

Oh. Now I remember.

He had something in his hand. I couldn't tell what it was.

Maybe a club.

What was your relationship with Mr. McCann?

I was his best friend.

Why did you bring a gun with you when you came to stay?

Mr. McCann was in a very unhappy state of mind.

He asked me to stay with him... while his wife was away with his daughter.

I think maybe he was frightened of his son-in-law.

You say you managed... to get to sleep during the storm and did not wake up... even during the extremely violent murder... of your best friend only two rooms away.

I had taken a sleeping pill.

You didn't visit Mr. McCann's bedroom during the night?

I did not.

How is it that your gun was found under Mr. McCann's bed?

I don't know how it got there.

Obviously, somebody was trying to incriminate me... but however poor Jack finally died... one thing is certain, Mr. Worsley... he wasn't shot.

Do you know where your wife was on the night of the murder?


She was having dinner with her friend and...

Pierre de Valois... and...

And whom?

And Claude Maillot Van Horn.

I'm not sure that this is ethical, is it... subpoenaed witness dancing with the wife of the accused?

Come, Mr. D'Amato. You're a lawyer.

What would you know about ethics?

I mean, is it ethical... you resting your right hand on my left buttock?

Haven't you any idea why I've been subpoenaed?

I mean, I was in bed.

Well, then, I wonder why you've been subpoenaed.

Oh, Claude.

For whom were you acting... in the negotiations to purchase Luna Bay?

A group of businessmen from Miami... who were introduced to Mr. McCann by Mr. Perkins.

The sum of money involved... was simply too large a figure for any one man... especially at this time.

Of course, you know there is a war on.

So I've heard.

What is your opinion of Mr. Perkins?

My Lord, how can this be relevant?

I think that Mr. Perkins... is a fine businessman...

and an honourable man.

What is your opinion of Claude Maillot Van Horn?

I felt that he was envious of his wife's fortune...

and that he made deliberately derogatory remarks... concerning Mr. McCann's wealth.

He said that Mr. McCann had stolen the gold.

No further questions, My Lord.

Now, now, now.

It doesn't look good, does it?

Be patient. The tide will turn.

Are you sure?

Are you telling me everything?

Everything I know.

Are you telling me everything?

What do you mean?

My wife's a good dancer, isn't she?

You hear everything in jail.

No. I don't drink anymore.

Did you share your husband's dislike of your son-in-law?

Yes, I did.

I thought of him as a fortune hunter who'd struck it rich with our daughter.

Well, he married her without telling us.

Claude Maillot Van Horn is a very persuasive man, is he not?

Oh, women were fascinated by him.

He had a hold over our daughter.

Sometimes... we couldn't bear to watch it.

He's not here.

What happened to Stefano?

Stefano's furlough is up.

He had to go back to base.

He went back to the war.

Aurelio, listen.

Be careful of the daughter.

The daughter is often more clever than the mother.

Don't be taken in by her.

You do what you have to do.

"I will not tear myself apart...

"because of your unrelenting hostility towards us.

"I don't want us to fight a war.

"I want us all to live together in peace...

"but if that's not possible, then I will find a place of peace...

"within my heart with Claude.

"Mother, I mean what I said.

"I want to join you in Rhode Island.

"Your most loving daughter, Tracy."

That sounds like a letter of love, Mrs. McCann... to be enthralled.

Aren't lovers necessarily under the spell of each other?

Claude doesn't want to see you.

He didn't say why.


would you give him this book for me, please?

It's OK.


My Lord, I regret to have to inform Your Lordship... that at the request of our client... my learned junior and I are withdrawing from the case... as the defendant wishes to conduct his own defense.

I understand the only evidence he wishes to call... is that of his wife... Tracy McCann Maillot Van Horn.

It is generally believed in this community... that your husband married you for the money.

Is that true?

People believe that, yes, but then...

Then what?

Marriage is two people.

I guess they're the only two people who can ever understand it.

Would you say your husband is a violent man?

My husband is no more violent than anyone else.

Didn't your father believe... that I had some kind of demonic power over you... that I made you do things you didn't want to do... for example, write this letter?

My father was a simple man.

He loved me completely.

I wanted to explain to him that... my love for you is more important to me... than anything.

Even though this love may have led to his death?

Did I provoke the fight?

You provoked each other as you always did.

What about yourself?

Didn't you provoke the fight, as well?

You knew what would happen.

You knew he would blame me.

You knew there would be a fight.

I didn't know anything. It was just horrible.

I loved my father before I loved you.

Was he more violent than me?

Stop asking me about violence.

Your father was savagely murdered... beaten, his head cut off.

I'm on trial for my life.

If I'm found guilty, they'll hang me by the neck.

This isn't a time or place to be shy about violence.

Please, Tracy, tell them who you think I am.

When you look at me, what do you see?

I see a... a man unbuttoning a new frock for the first time... a man trying to get me tipsy while he stays sober himself... because he's beginning to realise...

I can hold a hell of a lot of liquor.

I see a man with other women... secretive, dissatisfied with me... telling lies, small ones... but needing me more than anything.

I see a man who can't pass a mirror... without looking into it... a man whose face hangs over mine at night... like a moon, a guide.

I see a picture of love... only you can't put it into a picture.

It's... two people in league with each other... who want each other... and are willing to kill or die for it.

Please, Tracy, for God's sake.

No, for our sake, Claude.

You want the truth? That's what love is, isn't it?

Truth? True love.

True love is one that goes on and on.

It never stops.

Down and down in the water till you're drowning.

Then it's on the shore, on the sand... in the back of a car.

Then it's on the bed. It's an electric bed, isn't it?

Like an electric chair.

As you would say, it's switched on... till neither of us can stop it.

Shouting and shuddering. Electric bed.

On and on and on until you think you're dead.

Have I hurt you that much?

The truth, Claude?

Yes... about you and me... and Jack... and the gold.

All right, then, Claude.

Tell them how you killed my father.

Go on, then. Tell them. How did you do it?

This is all about death, isn't it?

We're talking about murder. Jack's murder.

Are you sure it was murder?

What are you talking about?

Talking about what happened to Jack McCann... on that day in the winter of 1925... when he found the gold.

He'd been looking for fifteen years... day after day, week after week, year after year... and then one day, he found it.

How could he ever recapture that moment of triumph?

He couldn't share the gold.

That was his and his alone.

Now he realised that his joy in having done... what he set out to do all alone was gone.

Poor Jack.

He was like a man struck by lightning... one moment of rapture followed by decades of despair.

Jack McCann wasn't murdered three weeks ago... in his bedroom at Eureka.

He died in 1925.

What happened that night was just his physical end.

He needed someone to finish him off... and that night he found him, just as he had found the gold.

Are you saying it's some kind of suicide?

That doesn't help me.

They want a murderer. They want it to be me.

In a way, it doesn't matter if you did it or not.

Who knows? It doesn't make any difference.

I'm the one who's on trial. Are you forgetting that?

Did you cut off his head?


When I found him, he was dying... burned, as if struck by lightning... covered in feathers.

He was smiling at me.

The next moment, he was dead.

I saw myself in prison.

I didn't feel sorry for him.

I felt relief... but he'd never come between us again.

Oh, but he has.

Where does this leave our marriage?

Behind our love, as it always was.

I taught you everything you know.

You mean about sex or about marriage?

You meant about sex, didn't you?

Do you think I'm guilty?

Ohh, Claude... face the truth.

You may have come close to murder but you didn't do it.

You're innocent, innocent.

That's the only thing this jury could condemn you of is innocence.

You don't know who you were when you married me.

You don't know who I am.

You were born under the sign of innocence.

Your politics are innocent... the other girls... disappearance of your father, the death of your mother.

You are guilty of innocence.

What are you... Now I understand.

If you had been... a man of God... if you'd been an artist...

You fell into life, Claude.

You stumbled and tripped, but I picked you up.

You think it was you who seduced me?

It was just desire.

What are you trying to do to me?


You're doing it to yourself! Don't you realise that?

They don't understand you.

They won't understand you.

They despise you... because you have me and they haven't... and I'm worth having.

They despise me... because I'm Jack's daughter, and I have too much... and of course they still despise Jack... because he found what they're all still looking for!

I found you... but you haven't found what you're looking for yet, Claude.

Your time will come, though... sometime in the future... but it's not yet.

You couldn't kill Jack McCann.

You'll never kill anybody.

Tracy, please, that's enough.


You know what this man said to me that night... after we made love?

Can we stop now, please?

No! We can't stop now! I have no further questions.

You said to me, "With you tonight...

"I've reached the limit of my passion.

Thank you, Mrs. McCann. "There's no more of me to see."

I have no further questions.

Don't you want to hear?!

My Lord, if the prosecution wishes to cross-examine the witness...


Mrs. Maillot Van Horn... it would appear from your testimony... that you were well aware of your husband's infidelities.

Now, this is a delicate subject... but can you explain to the court... why you seemed to tolerate them with such grace?

Or was it rather a pretense... one of your many attempts to defend at all costs... the man you love?

I don't think so.

It's just that I've screwed around, too.

I'm a girl.

If boys can be boys, surely girls can be girls once in a while, can't they?

In the police report... it states that the defendant appeared to be... in the process of packing to leave... shortly before he was arrested.

What do you make of that?

The war is over! The Germans have surrendered!

The war is over!

The war is over!

"And now began a time...

"dreamlike and delirious of which I do not suppose...

"that I shall ever recover distinct recollection.

Some things I can recall..."

"as if we were here not long ago."

All right. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you.

The right decision, I think.

Is that the verdict of you all?

It is.


Silence in court! Silence!

Claude Maillot Van Horn...

the jury has found you not guilty but the evidence has shown... that you are a man with violent tendencies... and I am therefore going to recommend to the proper authorities... that you be declared a prohibited immigrant... and that you be deported from this island.

You may be discharged.

There's gonna have to be some changes.

Now there's gonna have to be some changes.

Here's to us.

To us.

This is splendid.

I didn't know you could cook.

There's a lot you don't know about me.

I feel... wonderful tonight.

It's a bit chilly out here.

Are you cold?

I suppose I can now say I nearly died in the war.

I'm glad we said what we said in court.

It's more important to me than anything.

More important than the verdict?


You know... being deported may be a blessing in disguise.

Gives us a chance to start again.

Where shall we go?

You decide.

The war is over. We can go anywhere.

Maybe back to France.

We could see Gone With The Wind in Paris.


We can sell this place.

I don't want to sell anything.

You want to keep Eureka?

I think I'm going to give it away.

The whole island...

I'm gonna give it away.

It's not what I want anymore.

What do you want?

I don't want to talk about it now.

I've got plenty of time.

Just want to...

do unto others as I'd have them do unto me.

I think it's going to rain.

It's the beginning of a good time.

Let the good times roll.

We're gonna have a damn good time.

Hold that thought.

It is pretty.

I'm sorry, Tracy. I...

It's the cold.

I'll go and get something to keep warm.

Don't be long, huh?


I knew it would be you.


There's gold, and it's haunting and haunting.

It's luring me on as of old... and it isn't the gold that I'm wanting... so much as just finding the gold.

It's the great big, broad land way up yonder.

It's the forest where silence has lease.

It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder.

It's the stillness that fills me with peace.