Europa Europa (1990) Script

I was born on April 20, 1925, in Peine...

Germany, Europe... the fourth child of Azriel Perel... a shoe store owner, and his wife Rebecca.

I was born on April 20, 1925, in Peine, Germany, Europe.

You won't believe it... but I remember my circumcision.

My God, God of our forefathers...

Let this child live...

...this child...


Solomon, son of Azriel.

I remember that my birthday fell on the same day... as that of the future Chancellor of the Thousand-year Reich...

Adolf Hitler.

Maybe Father wanted to shave his beard.

Not now he won't.

Come on, catch me!


Hurry up!

What are you doing?

Come on out! Is it your Bar Mitzvah or mine?

You have to cut wood.

Sure, right away.

Bertha was always jealous of me. She wanted to be the boy.

Had I known, I'd have leaped out of the tub.

Can't we close up?

In half an hour.

Out with the Jews!


What are you doing here?

And you?

I brought the beer.

They broke all your windows, right?

Get me some clothes from my house.

My father's forbidden my going to your house.


Here you are.

Isaac was looking for you.

My father was born in Lodz... so we moved there.

He got us Polish passports and said that now we were Poles.

I knew the Germans had killed Bertha... but I didn't want to go to Lodz.


We lived above a movie house. The cashier, Miss Basia... made me her pet... and let me in for nothing.

I wanted to be an actor...

Like Clark Gable or Eugeniusz Bodo.

I wondered whether her hump was flesh or bone.

When the war broke out, I was glad.

Now the police would forget about the bicycle incident... and Father wouldn’t get angry.

Don't open the door!

Please don't!


Have you deserted?

I never even found my unit.

It's incredible. They didn't even give me a rifle.

The can't spare any for distribution to Jews.

The Germans will win.

In a day or two, they'll march in here.

It's your fault!

You said we'd be safe here... and that they wouldn’t dare start this war.

Yes, yes, it's my fault.

The boys must leave.

Solly must not fall into their hands.

Where should they go?


As far east as possible.

They could have asked us.

It is written... that a son never leaves his parents in difficult times.

It is also written... that the son must obey his parents.

And it is also your duty to watch over your brother.

And you?

Couldn't we all go?

Nothing will happen to us.

Stop it!

They can't lug all these jars.

Come. We'll be back soon.

Isaac, my foot hurts!

Come on, Solek. There's a war on!


Wait for me!

Wait for me on the other side.

Don't be afraid!

Where are you going? The Bolsheviks are there!

The Russian army!

They invaded us from the other side.

They made a deal! Hitler has a pact with Stalin... and gave him the East! There's no more Poland!

It's the Soviet occupation.

Wait! I'm coming back with you!

The Poles preferred Hitler and wanted to turn back.

The Jews swam toward the Bolsheviks.

And I...


Take it easy!

I was saved by a Russian soldier.

The next day I sat on the bank, waiting for my brother, Isaac.

But he never came.

They took me to the orphanage in Grodno... where I stayed two years... with other Jews, Poles, and Russians.

I was turned into a Soviet patriot and a good Communist.

Young pioneers... for the struggle in the name of Lenin and Stalin... be prepared!

Always prepared!

Long live comrade Stalin!

Long live... the Soviet Republic!

From your father?

Yes. He's a prisoner of the Russians.

Solomon Perel!

Thanks to the Hitler-Stalin pact, I could receive letters.

My father wrote...

"Dear Son, We are happy to know...

"that you are well, safe, and are studying.

"We are OK. We had to move to the ghetto...

"as do all the Jews.

"Don't worry about us.

"Thinking of you gives us courage.

"Are you eating Kosher? Always remember who you are!

"Do you observe the Sabbath? Greetings to your teachers.

"Your mother sends her love. Your Father.

"P. S. Our address...

"is Knupfergasse 7."

Your origins?

You left them out.


Idiot! We know that.

We're asking about your class origins.

You didn't indicate your class origins!

He doesn't understand.

My father had a store.


Solly's making an effort. He's doing a lot of social work.

I'll prove I'm a worthy Komsomol.

You've been accepted into the Komsomol? Where's the badge?

There aren't any more.

Stalinist puppet!

You know what would happen if I reported that?


The landowners and the bourgeois keep the people in ignorance.

They encourage religious superstitions... and with the help of the popes, priests, and rabbis... they smother all revolutionary instinct.

That's why we call religion the opium of the masses.

It's not true!

That God doesn't exist!

He exists!

Where is he?

He exists, that's all.

In Heaven.

Does anyone else share this opinion?

You're alone in your beliefs.

Filthy Poles!

What is this?

A conspiracy?

The discussion is pointless.

Science has proven...

Dirty Jew! You're the one who crucified...


You're an obscurantist and a racist!

Polish fascist!

Lords... aristocrats!

Do you know what Lenin said about anti-Semitism?

That it's a crime as bad as counterrevolution!

My brother was killed by the Germans!

When I return to Poland...

Hell will freeze over first.

Poland will never be Poland again.

That's a lie!

All right.

Let's try a little experiment.

You all know how to pray, don't you? Then pray...

Lord, as a sign of Your existence... send us candies from Heaven.

What are you waiting for? Go on.


send us candies.

Louder! I heard nothing, and your God is way up in Heaven!

Now, repeat after me.

Beloved comrade Stalin, send us candies!

Communism is beautiful.


Hitler has attacked!

You're crazy! Dirty slut!

I'm requisitioning the truck!

Climb in, boys, quick!

This is sabotage!

You are sabotaging the orders of the Soviet leaders!

Your leaders... have flown the coop!

Do what you want!

On your feet!

Hands up!

Jews, step forward! You don't understand?

Jews, out front! Get a move on!

Faster! Move it!


No! Armenian!

I am Armenian!

I'm not a Jew! Check it, please!

Check it?

Good idea!

We'll check it.


And what's that? You wanted to bugger us with your cock?

Take him away.

What'll they do to us?

They'll shoot Jews and political prisoners.

I know. I was already captured. The others are put in camps.

It's shameful to spread panic.

Destroy the papers!

I'd rather die... than renounce the Party.

Then die... for the homeland.

For Stalin!

Let's see those.

Hands behind your heads!

Faster! Faster!

Where are you taking me?

They were stolen.

You speak German well.

I am German.

Why are you here?

Maybe he's a Jew?

I am German... a pure-bred German.

I'm German, from Grodno.

I was in a Bolshevik orphanage.

I can smell Jews.

I'm a German from Grodno.

The Bolsheviks forced me into the orphanage.

Schultz! Carry on! I'll take him to the sergeant.

Amazing to find such a diamond among such filth.

Who asked you?

You made your report, now go! Nothing to do?

This is not a Jewish school!


Peters... Josef Peters.

Stop, idiot! Your parents are German?

We say, "Jawohl!"

And where are your parents?

He said he was in an orphanage.

The Bolsheviks must have killed them.

Don't cry, son.

They'll pay for this.


Your papers, my boy!

You can do nothing here without papers.

You're insane!

Send the kid over!

Josef, damn it!

Your name is Josef!

Go on!

You do speak Russian.

I clearly said Jews should step forward.

This one's playing dumb.

Captain, I know Russian.

Tell them he's not a Jew, and if they touch him... they'll regret it.

He says he's not a Jew, and if you touch him, you'll regret it.

Watch it, you Russian scum!

Take this Jew away!

Both of them!

I said he's not a Jew! He's Stalin's son.

Well? Translate!

He said that... that he's Stalin's son.

What does it say?

"Dzhugashvili, Yakov... "

"son of Yosef. "

Stay here!

Don't move! You, move along!


Where'd you learn Russian?

In school. In Grodno.

I was a Komsomol.

Now you're obeying these fascist pigs?

What did he want?

I didn't understand. It's a dialect...

Tell him to watch where he spits.

If he insults a German, he'll get himself shot.

Tell him I have orders to drive them to the Kommandatur.

Come on, kid! You're our good luck charm!

You witnessed the Reich's victory. The son of Stalin!

Do you know what that means?


He speaks perfect Russian.

He'll be useful.

You must be hungry.


He's a Jew!

He says there's a Jew here.


He says I'm the Jew.

He says it's me!

You know him?

So what does he want?

I don't know.

Ask him.

Why, Zenek? Why do that?

What? Aren't you a Jew?

And I'm a Polish fascist?


A fine answer!


You're still alive, Jupp?

The Captain wants to see you.

Wait for his questions. Answer only yes or no.

Stand to attention. He insists on that.

And don't turn around when he paces.

And not a word... about the Communist school. He can't stand the Bolsheviks.

Careful! You can't fool him.

One look, and he knows everything!

Peters, to the company commander!

I'll be damned!



My men are fond of you.


No, Captain.

Who was your father?

My father...

My father was a businessman.

And... you have nobody left? No relatives?

Would you stay as our interpreter?

I want to serve our German homeland.

You'll have many chances.

The future belongs to your generation.

You know against whom we're fighting this war?

Against Russia?

Against France? Against England?

No, my boy. Against Jews.

It's our Jewish war, our holy war.

It's not a question of "Lebensraum. "

We must liberate Europe from the Jews.

Do you understand?

Jawohl, Captain.

You can be proud... to be taking part in this holy war.

What will happen to them? Will they be killed?


The Jews.

We'll see.

They'll be moved out. To Madagascar or Siberia.

Don't worry.

The Fuhrer will find a solution.

Don't look.

No, let him look!

Look, Jupp!

These swine killed your German parents... for being Germans!

They stole your home! Watch them pay for it!

Look at the animals! You must learn to hate!

That's when I first felt how confused I was.

Who was my friend, who my enemy? How could they be kind to me... and at the same time kill others so horribly?

What set us apart?

A simple foreskin?

"I feel German pride...

"in spilling my blood for Fuhrer and homeland. "

Sounds a bit stiff.

Either lyrical or patriotic.

As you describe her, it's patriotism.

You can add...

What do you call her?

Yes, when you're alone with her.

"My little pussy. "


"For you, my little pussy...

"I'd like to... "

"A shudder passes through me. "

"Tears follow upon tears. "

"The stern heart...

"has become soft. "

"And all I own seems far away.

"And all I lost is real. "

That's way over her head.

Aren't you tired?

Not yet. And you?

I'm going on watch duty.

The stars...

They're the same as in Germany... but farther away.

I was never there.

That's true.

But you'll get there. I won't.

Why not?

I'm joking. We'll go together.

We'll go to Berlin.

What did you do before you became a soldier?

"Philosophy have I digested.

"The whole of Law and Medicine, Theology, alas thrown in.

"From each its secrets I have wrested. "

"Poor fool, with all this sweated lore.

"I stand no wiser than before. "

Recognize it?


I'm an actor.

A real actor?


In movies, too?


Is it hard to play someone else?

It's much easier than playing yourself.

Jupp, wait!

I won't do anything!


Don't run!

You're circumcised.

You're a Jew?

My God...

No, please, get up.

Don't be afraid.

Forgive me.

I had no idea.

Everything will be fine.

I'll be like a brother, like a friend.

There now, calm down.

Don't cry anymore. Don't be afraid.

Germans aren't all the same. There are other Germans, too.

During that holiday, you lived... in the huts for a whole week?

Does that mean that Jews don't have homes?

It symbolizes our submission to God.

It is proof... of our faith in providence.

Bertha loved this holiday.

I hated Passover.

I had to eat eggs dipped in salt water.

They made me nauseous.

I was wondering...

Do you still pray, like at home?

Religion is the opium of the masses.

Could I play a Jew?

You look too stupid.

You racist!

The Russians are still on the other side.

We just flushed them out of here.

Jupp, over here, fast!

Take the phone.

Listen in.

Can you understand them?

He says he screwed her three times, and the fourth...


The other asks where she is.

So, where is she?

In Brunsk. He says the Germans are there.


Cut the line.

Russian shit! My shoes!

He's aiming at a German cycle... with two soldiers.

He's about to burn their asses.

Stay there. I'm coming!

My helmet...

You see, you kissed me after all...

Retreat to the forest!

And so I lost my only friend... "the other kind of German. "

He left my life like Kathy, the hunchback Basia...

Inna Moyseyevna, my father and mother, Bertha and Isaac.

All those I'd loved.

I won't go on. I can't go on.

I want to be by myself, to be among my own kind.

Comrade! Can you hear me?

Who is it?

Help me! I said I was a pure-bred German... but I'm a Komsomol from Grodno.

I'm a Jew. They'll kill me if they find out.

Where are you?

The trench by the bridge, just below the fire.

We forgot the line! Have you been listening long?

You killed them all.

Ullmayer, the sergeant, Robert...

Good work!

Hey, Komsomol, can you hear me?

At nightfall we hold our fire.

Get over to the river and across the bridge.

There are seven of us on a hill here.

Take a rifle. Do you have one?

Hold it up so we recognize you. We'll keep you covered.

And cut the line! Right now!

Jupp! Son, you captured the enemy position.

So, instead of deserting...

I became the hero of the company.

Captain, I'd rather stay here with my comrades.

You've shown enough courage.

Now you go to school, study.

And see the Reich, at last.

It's an excellent school. You should be proud to go there.

When the war is over... if you want to...

I wrote to my wife... We have no children...

We want to adopt you.

We have land in Pomerania. You'll like it. At ease!

For my wife.

A special Party envoy came out from the Reich... to bring the hero of the Reich... future son of Captain von Lerenau... aristocrat and staunch anti-Semite... to the most elite Hitler Youth School.

Good luck, Jupp! Our regards to the Reich! Write to us!

A Hitler Youth doesn't smoke.

Will you survive?

What else doesn't he do?

As a war hero, you may at times act like a man.

A German man.

A true German soldier!

Puff on mine if you like.

How handsome you are.

Do you know it?

My pure little golden boy.


The young man's temporary papers.

Born April 20...

Lights out, please.

You were born the same day as the Fuhrer.

Your hair is dark, like his.

My darling...

So soft and tender.

Touching him with my hand... his hair, his lips...

My Fuhrer!



We welcome the German of pure breed...

Josef Peters... whom our troops liberated from the Bolshevik orphanage.

As an interpreter and as a soldier... he served our country heroically.

We are proud to welcome him into our ranks.

Josef... are you ready to swear allegiance to our Fuhrer...

Adolf Hitler?

I am ready.

I swear before God...

...with this solemn oath... give the Fuhrer...

...of the German Reich and its people...

...Adolf Hitler...

...the Commander-in-Chief of the Hitler Youth... obedience...

...and, in case of any danger... be ready... give up my life.

You can lower your arm.

Our new comrade will see... that our Fuhrer has created a community... in which all Germans are brothers.

The world's strongest community.

We salute our new comrade with a triple...

Sharpen... the long knives... on the pavement stone!

Sink the knives... into Jewish flesh and bone.

Let the blood flow freely!

You don't know it?

Didn't you sing it at the front?


You'll learn. You'll learn everything here.


Look after Peters!

He's your roommate. Get him a uniform.

It's a pleasure.

Same here.

This will be much harder than among the soldiers.

The smallest detail could give me away.

"Sink the knives into Jewish flesh and bone. "

My flesh!

That's for you.

I'm Herman.

Be seated!

You're the new hero?

Your name?

Jupp, and you?


Having been at the front is sufficient.

She's the best one here, but she's unapproachable.

Isn't he cute?

We pray before meals.

Eat correctly, using knife and fork.

The knife in the right hand... the fork in the left.

No slurping, no crumbs.

Respect our German bread.

Enjoy the meal.

Attention, Goethke!

How do you recognize... a Jew?

How do you recognize a Jew?

Be seated.

That's quite simple.

The composition of Jewish blood is totally different from ours.

The Jew has a high forehead... a hooked nose... a flat back of the head... ears that stick out... and he has an ape-like walk.

His eyes are shifty... and cunning.

He never looks you in the eye.

He waves his hands about... makes exaggerated gestures... and he fawns before you.

But the minute your back is turned... he leaps at your throat!

The Nordic man... is the gem of this earth.

He's the most glowing example... of the joy of creation.

He is not only the most talented... but the most beautiful.

His hair is as light as ripened wheat.

His eyes are blue like the summer sky.

His movements are harmonious.

His body is perfect.

You can call me a gem.

Science... is objective.

Science... is incorruptible.

As I have already told you... if you thoroughly understand racial differences... no Jew will ever be able to deceive you.

Step forward.

The eyes...

Look at his skull.

His forehead.

His profile.

Although his ancestors' blood, over many generations... mingled with that of other races... one still recognizes his distinct Aryan traits.

It's from this mixture... that the East-Baltic race evolved.

Unfortunately, you're not part of our most noble race... but you are an authentic Aryan.

A special bulletin!

The heroic battle of Stalingrad is over.

True to its oath, with its dying breath... the 6th Army, under the outstanding leadership... of Field Marshal Paulus, fell to... the enemy's superior numbers.

Generals, officers, and simple soldiers fought side by side... until the last bullet.

The army's sacrifice was not in vain.

Our soldiers died so that Germany may live.

How do you whistle?

Like this.

How do you feel?

You don't know the Reich. You don't understand.

We have complete freedom here. Like our school for example.

My father is a teacher, Hans' father is a mason.

And Herman's father is a baron.

There is no difference among us.

We all have the same opportunities.

You understand?

We are brothers, true brothers.

I could eat them all.

They're made of plaster.

You have no imagination. I have too much.

I can't look!

Are you there?

I can't see you.

I must be going. See you tomorrow.

Leni's sweater inspired me to pull my skin way down... and tie it with a thread.

If it stayed in place, I'd never be recognized... and I could live like them.

Come in.

My mother, Jupp.

Let's sit down.

For you.

We couldn't accept such a generous gift.

I have plenty.

Captain Lerenau's wife sent me a package.

We own property on Pommern.

They want to adopt him.

Fine, but only if we eat it together.

Papa... died in battle.

Sit down, please.

I hear you have no parents?

I don't know where they are.

Didn't you say that... the Bolsheviks killed them?

Gerd told me.

Yes, the Bolsheviks arrested them... then a truck ran them over.

That's the official version.

Nice picture.

Really? That's me.

My cousin was a painter.

He even knew the Fuhrer! From Vienna!

Leni resembles me, right?

Her father had dark hair, like you.

Lord... forget not those who suffer and are hungry.

Comfort the Lonely... and give your blessing... to the orphans. Amen.

Eat, Jupp.

Your tears will make the ham saltier.

It's nothing.

It's just...

It's been so long since I've been... in a nice home.

Are you hurt?

No. It's nothing.

You're lucky.

Tomorrow the doctor pays us his annual visit.

Leave me alone!

Is something wrong?

That queer grabbed my balls again.

We have to undress?

Of course.

My tooth!

It hurts so much, I can't talk.

I need a dentist.

Strange, it looks quite healthy.

Tying the foreskin was not successful.

Pus had formed under the thread.

After the thread was removed, the skin slipped back.

I couldn't escape my own body. I still had to hide.

Intimacy was impossible. I couldn't love Leni.

You pricked me!

The golden insignia! I didn't know!

We could do it.

I want to, Jupp. You understand? I really want to.

You're much too young.

You're really crazy!

I have to leave.

I'll walk you.

If you like.

You're really crazy, Jupp!

Catch me!

I didn't know there was a Jewish cemetery here.

If I ever catch a Jew...

Then what?

I'll cut his throat.


Because he's a Jew.

Captain von Lerenau said...

Hitler said we needn't kill them.

We'll just send them to Madagascar.

Lice must be crushed!

The Fuhrer knows best!

The Fuhrer didn't lose his father... in the war against those vermin.

You hit me... to defend the Jews!

Leni, forgive me.

Nobody hits a German woman!

Nobody! Ever!

Especially not a limp-dick like you!




I'm back.


Hide. They're coming!

He's Jewish, too. That's why he covers it with his hands.

Look for us in the Lodz ghetto. Knupfergasse 7!

Don't give me away!

What happened?

You screamed. You probably had a bad dream.

What words did I scream?

I didn't understand... Russian.

I won't visit the Captain's wife.

I'll go to Lodz... to Litzmannstadt...

Why Litzmannstadt?

There are many Germans there.

I might find... some of my relatives.


To get across town... take the trolley through the ghetto.

Over there.

The ghetto's off-limits, even to Germans.

Sit down. You're in the way.


The windows must remain shut.

I want some fresh air.

Fresh air?

In the ghetto?

Had it been my mother?

I rode through the ghetto often, but I never saw her again.

Good! Next, forward!

Better than that!

Fine. Again!

And now.

Bad, Peters!

Try again!

Next, forward!

Is Leni home?


She's rarely here. She makes packages for the front.

Excuse me. I'll be leaving.

No. Come in, please.

Sit down. I'm nearly finished.

May I help?

No, thanks. I've finished.

In case you hadn't heard... Leni is pregnant.

She read that every German woman... must give a child to the Fuhrer... and she felt it her duty.

She's been avoiding me lately.

It hasn't been easy.

Leni is fond of you, Jupp.



Your teacher told her the father had to be a Nordic type.

There were many Italians in my husband's family...

and Leni was afraid the child... might not be racially pure enough... to be accepted in the "Lebensborn. "

She'll give it up?

She's offering it to the Fuhrer.

And you're letting her?

What can I do?

I no longer understand my daughter.

I love Leni.

So do I.

She's all I have.

Same here.

At least, I thought so.

It's Gerd, isn't it?

Leni said you wouldn't go beyond a certain point.

I told her it was a sign of respect... but maybe...

You think I didn't want to?

I'm not made of stone. I have feelings, too!

Josef, tell me.

Are you really German?


I'm a Jew.

I knew it! From the beginning.

I swear I won't betray you.

I had to tell someone.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

You mustn't tell Leni.

Children nowadays... they're so different.

You scum! Get up! You call yourself a friend?

What's the matter?

I didn't want to.

Where have you been?

Bring your papers to the police.

The police? Why?

Something isn't clear to them.

I'll come along. If we hurry, we can do it before class.


Which Peters?

My parents came to Grodno from Latvia.

I knew a Peters... but from Danzig.

We're missing many papers from there.


Your Certificate of German Purity?

It's still in Grodno.

We must request it... to avoid any unpleasant problems.

If the Russians take Grodno, you'll have problems.

You mean it could...

Our General Staff has a brilliant plan.

We will pretend to retreat on all fronts... and then, when all seems lost... the Fuhrer gives the signal... and with our miracle weapon, we will annihilate the enemy!

I saw the Fuhrer last week.

He was confident or our victory.

I'll write to Grodno today.

After the victory, we'll need 10,000 trained young men... and you are one of them!

Only a miracle could save me now.

They'll kill us all!

The Americans take prisoners... but the Russians shoot everyone.

You defeatist! Shoot!


For the Fuhrer!

What's wrong, Jupp? Shoot!

He's been hit!

Shoot, Jupp!

Jupp, shoot!

We're surrounded!

Where are you going?

You're insane!


I'm on your side!

Where did you learn Russian?

At school, in Grodno... I was a Komsomol.

Traitor! Spy!

I can explain. I was hiding. I'm a Jew!

I'm a Jew!

A Jew?

If you were a Jew, you'd look like this.


Corpses, heads... These children, see them?

And this! Look at these heads!

Hung, shot!

I didn't know.

I thought... Madagascar...

I didn't know.

Another one who didn't know.

Give me that, Arkady!

Let's go.

He's yours. Do what you want.

Shoot him like a dog.


My parents and all their neighbors were killed... two weeks after my leave in Lodz.

Isaac stayed until the liquidation of the ghetto... then he was taken to a concentration camp.

While I was shouting "Heil Hitler"... and courting Leni... my family was already dead.


We're going over to the Americans.

We'll get some concentration camp clothes.

That won't be difficult.

You understand?

Don't tell your story to anyone.

Nobody will believe you.

Lift up your head.

We're starting a new life.

Help me.

From that moment on, I decided to be only a Jew.

Leaving Europe, I emigrated to Palestine.

And when I had sons, I barely hesitated to circumcise them.

How sweet it is to sit.

Surrounded by your brothers.

How sweet it is to sit.

Surrounded by your brothers.