Evdokia (1971) Script

Are you here?

It's still early in the morning, silly!

Come along!

I've turned it over from last night.

Does it matter? Well why should?

Got anything to quench my thirst?

To hell with it!

Bring it over here!

An encounter... that's what I see.

At night...

It's vague... and it's clear!

Pay attention!

There it is... where the crown is.

What does it mean?




Here's the cross.

The crown... and the cross.

Stay away from the cross!

The crown...

...and the cross.

Holy Mother of God!


Let me go! Don't! Don't!

Don't! Let me go! Let me go!

Bastard! Step aside, you slut!

Step the fuck aside!



Stand up on your feet, jerk! Stand up!

Stand the fuck up! Damn it!

You, step back! Step back!

God damn you!

Stay in, you bitch!

The shopkeeper called the military police!

For goodness' sake! Look at your head!

Take her inside! Take her inside, you jerk!

If I only learn that you hurt the girl I'll cut your legs off, bloody bastard!

If we only could meet to tell you a few things You fell a bit too much for that mysterious girl.

We fought for no reason.

You could get laid for 200 drachmas.

Present arms!

Repel, Strike, Strike again, Slash, Withdraw!


Repeat exercise!


High port!


Short guard!

At ease!

You, give it here!

Hold on a moment! Oh dear me!

Rush headlong to her, Sergeant! Hey doll! Hey doll!

Shut up, idiot!

Squad, attention!

Close order!

Left turn!

Slope arms!

Forward - March!


Mark time!

The leg higher!

Dimitrios Karanasis!

Yes sir.

How do you know she's one of those? What you said...

I know a thing or two.

Get out of my sight, bastard!

Forward - March!

Double march!

Sing, dammit!

Captain, I must go out tonight, sir.

Why didn't you ask during last roll call?

I didn't know it. Ask during roll call.

Go to sleep now, Sergeant!

Captain, I must go out.

Ask during roll call.

All right.

Hey, what the hell are you doing in there?

I'm packing up my fucking things!

To hell with you bastard!

You nicked my things too! Some love you sell, you fake!

You're the one selling me out. That's how I like it! Scram!

Does that 'General' know what's your kind?

He's not a General.

He's a Sergeant, you arsehole and he'll kick your ass!

Fuck off! I'll tell the police, I swear!

And say what?

That you forcefully pimped me to your so-called friends.

I'll have you thrown in jail, ruffian!

I'll slash you, bitch.

You'll be afraid to look at your face in the mirror!

Son of a bitch!

Who's that? Me.



Hey, Sergeant, will you give me something to put on me?

There it is.

He was such a bastard that they threw him out of the gendarmerie.

The thug!

I've got 200.

Is this enough?

Of course it is. What about going out to spent it?

I'm out of time tonight. I took a French leave.

Playing truant?

I just wanted to go out.

Behave yourself!

Are you in a mood? Yes.

I had 200 and came.

So that's what we're up to...

OK, let me see the dough!

And I took you for a man.



God damn them all!

I don't give a damn about anybody!

Not here! Let's go!

Just to put on a dress!

Step on it! Faster!

What's your name? Eh?

What's your name?

Giorgos. Yours?


Hey, look here!

Come on, push me!


I feel cold.

Are you asleep?


Shall we get married?

Just quickly like that? Just like that.


Evdokia? Yes, mum.

The groom is not coming. It's too late now, my child.

We've become a laughing stock, Mother of Mercy!

Now what?

Did you expect the priest to keep waiting for our whore daughter's sake?

Now what? The guests will flock here!


My child!

When I was in my little short school uniform A little Miss goody-goody And while in girls boarding school 'Arsakeio'

I was reading Boccaccio...

Shoo! Bugger off!

And in Varvakeion School I had...

My man had even snitched my money.

He bought with my money the ticket to run away...

When he understood that I wouldn't sell my little house to snatch the money, he took the ship...

I went to see him off at the port.

He sent me two letters asking for pocket money, cause he had a rough time in the beginning.

I sent him the money.

And then, he wrote to me not a single line...

America swallowed him.

All these Johns, Georges... bastards!

Some men! A pile of shit!

Wipe your eyes, bitch!

Evdokia... Get out of here!

Get out of here! 'Cause you're a homo!

Beat it, arsehole! Liar! Jesuit!

To hell with you all! Bastard! Shut up!

Tell your sister and your mum to shut up, you pig!

Get the hell out of here!

Police! Help!

Get lost!

I was put in confinement for ten days because of you, bitch!

Go away, scumbag! I don't want you.

I don't want anybody! Son of a bitch!

I don't want you!

I said I don't want you, arsehole!

Fuck your mother!

Ruffian, you humiliated me!

I've no use for you, arsehole!

Some groom you are! I've no use for you, motherfucker!

Then I'll smash you brothel into pieces!

Your house is a brothel, bastard! Shut up!

Get out! Out!

I will scratch your cross eyes out!




Poofter bastard!


Hey, take a good look at me! I'm a virgin!

Knock it off!

Will you knock it off, jerks?

Will you shut the fuck up?

Whoever bastard said that is a born ruffian!


Get closer.

- Someone might see us, fellow! To hell with you, chicken!


Who's there! The queen mother!

Well Karanasis, could I take a leave for staying out this night?

Soufakos is on charge. Nothing can be done.

Get a move on, fellow!

Move one, fellow!

Knock it off fellow, somebody might see us and we'll get in trouble!

Don't you understand?

My, oh my!



Get up to make some coffee.


You can't find anything in this place!

I've been thinking about you night and day, gorgeous.

Who's there? The groceries, Miss Evdokia!

Let them there, you hear me? What about the bill?

Let them there, I tell you!


I've been thinking about you night and day, gorgeous.

I wouldn't ever believe you could sent away your George who was taking you out for a stroll and you were burst with pride and you were a knockout wherever you've been.

And if you still love him, brace yourself to send him to hell or, else, you'll end up there yourself.

What will become of you?

A plain housewife with a swarm of snotty-nosed kids?

Bye-bye life!

I heard you're having a hard time.

Here I am, your soul mate George, let's get back together to big money!

Where's our night life, doll? Where are our escapades to the beach? Where's this and that?...

Haven't you had enough, Evdokia?

You know how much I love you. It burns me slowly.

With the motorbike, I can barely make a living.

Don't you take pity on me, darling?

Don't you care about me being so lonely?

If you don't want to send the little bumpkin away, tell him to close his eyes and he'll have his share.

Or if you want, slip away in secret.

He needs no pocket money.

Evdokia, open the door...

Who's there?

Put women's clothes on, you damn sissy!

Get away! Get away! Get away!

Get away, coward!

Hush, darling, hush...

Baby, calm down.

You came here to blow some steam off, bastard!


(Mimicking Eastern Orthodox marriage rite)

The servant of God 'sucker' gets married with the servant of God 'slut'...

Happy married life!

Switch the light off, it's been three hours since sunrise already.

You do it. You do it!

Do I have a bad breath too?

It's because we didn't eat anything.

Is there anything to eat?


Let's get out of here. To the sea!

Don't take your clothes off, we're leaving.

What do you want, you 'Johnnie' (i.e. Yankee)?

My wife is too expensive a whore...

Honey, have you got a telephone number?

Don't you dare ever laugh like that again!

You made me see stars!

Where to? I don't know.

Wherever you want. You know.

I like it when you laugh like this...

You smeared my face with that!

You scratched me!

I've been to the port again.

I'm so messed up!

I'm sloshed to the ear.

... to foreign lands...

Pray for me to Blessed Mother Pledge a candle to her To let me come back in good time To find you and my Maria again But if by any chance I die In the foreign lands...

None shall be spared...

Take my word...

I told my Captain I'll be back by 4.

I'll be going. I'm late. Hey, did you forget something?

See if you can spare me any coppers for the bus...

I'll be late.

Dammit! I'm down to my last penny... and I've got to pay the grocery bill, the electric bill, the monthly payment for the fridge...

It's all right. Never mind.

Hey you Giorgos Baskos!

Is it true you got married? Yes, it is.

Who did you get to?

A girl from my village!

You're not worth a copper! Not a copper!

A copper!

You hit the jackpot, my foot!

Have you been doing it with her?

Nontas, get the boys together.

You said we have some unresolved matters...


Stand up.

Get stuffed! Keep your orders for your soldiers!


Are you going away? With marching orders!

I hear some gossip about you getting discharged.

Lucky beggar!

-So long, old mate Karanasis. You got yourself in trouble, eh?

With your wife, right?

Go now, your papers are ready. Sergeant Baskos!

So long!

He has signed them.

Did you look for me, Captain?

Baskos, did you get married? I did.

Who did you get married to? My wife.

Your mother says that... People talk to my mother!

Tale-tellers and bastards, sir! Watch your tongue, Sergeant!

Your mother says that they're sending your papers.

When you get the certificate of discharge, validate your passport!

Write to your mother, Sergeant!

Are you going to seek work in Germany, Baskos?

I wish I knew.

You'll be discharged in ten days.

Pass the leaves round.

I was told something about your wife.

Have I ever asked you about your wife's doings?

Then why do you want us to part as enemies?

To hell with you, Sergeant! Have you gone mad?

Pass the leaves round!

You'll forget, Sergeant.

As soon as you get dressed in civvies, you'll forget.

Everybody forgets.

Pass the leaves round!

Don't think about it, okay?

All right.

I just came to pack up my things.

So quick like that? Yes.

Do you know that it's hurting me?

I swear to god!

You're no less a ruffian!

What do you make of it?

There now...

Can you see what marriage is about?

All clothes are dirty. Let them down. I'll do the washing.

You're going back to the company, eh?


Stay for the night.

And you'll get going in the morning.

It doesn't matter for a night.

I'm afraid of being on my own.

Are you sleepy? Uhuh...

Then, sleep...

Are you sleeping?

Oh my God!

If we could only get away with it! What did you say?


In about ten days I'll get my discharge...

Switch the light on. I'm scared.

Why aren't you sleeping yet?

Please, take me into your arms.


Maria? Who is it?

It's Evdokia! Open the door!

He walked out on me.

He ran away while I was sleeping...

We'd had a row into the bargain...

The merchant ship had already woken me up.

Whenever the ships whistle into the night I hear all of them, damn it!

Is it beginning to dawn? It isn't.

You woke up and he was gone, eh?

He's also got a passport in his pocket.

He'll be discharged in ten days.

You're still young, bitch.

A little baby!

Lie down!

There're many ships, tonight.

I was a woman of good family, you know.

But he was a coward.

Now the ship pilot is leading it into the port.

Those who return, are gathered on the decks.

Sour-faced, sleepless and with a bad taste in the mouth.

Their relatives are waiting for them at the docks.

They're getting off.

Motley clothes.

These motley clothes make me sick.

It's like seeing Kolokotronis in a slip.

(Kolokotronis: Greek Revolution hero)

If you feel sleepy, go to sleep... the one with splayfoot, the other with phlebitis from long standing, you see...

Kidney diseases...

Yes, it's the same in all ships.

Oh... that's something.

Still, those who never came back...

Think about it.

Once in a blue moon, you see someone alone.

These move slowly, they're in no hurry.

My god!

Evdokia! Look at me.

When a ship is in port, I always come to the mirror...

What's the matter with you, bitch? Are you in love?

To hell with you!

Try to have a good time, bitch!

To hell with your loves!

Hey, you're not paying attention to me!

One! Two!

What's this guy looking for?

You ask him what he's looking for.

Are you looking for something? Maria? (American accent)

Maria who?

Maria Konopoulos, do you know her?


I'm Maria Tourbis.

Sorry, isn't this...

...no44? No, 4.

Sorry, the address...

It's okay, never mind.

Are you going to stay at homeland, mate?

Or are you here on a trip?

Maybe I'll find a young woman, you know, poor but honest...

20 to 28 years old, you see?

Bye-bye, then.

Bye, bye!

There must be an other whore at no44...


Look here...

Have a look.

A stunner, eh?

I should have become a stage actress, eh?

When I was in my little short school uniform...

This song is popular, bitch!

I'm going to show you, now!

When I was in my little short school uniform A little Miss goody-goody And while in girls boarding school 'Arsakeio'

I was reading Boccaccio And in Varvakeion School I had many admirers I had something, you say what it was, the silly men could not see!

I had something, you say what it was, the silly men could not see!

Long legs, long legs fluffy and pink and brand-name stockings

Till I find someone for the night may I come her to sleep?

Is it all right?

I'll put my baby to sleep.

Yes... with lullabies!

Sleep, my daughter.

Sleep, my little whore.

You were such a rascal!

You tricked me for good!

In that small park!

We got laid and then found ourselves with an affair out of the blue...

'Oh, the police!' you said.

'Do it with them too, so they don't lock us up.'

Jerk! I was so scared!

So I listened to you...

It couldn't be helped.

And here I am, in work...

I had this thought a long time ago

so now I'm telling it to you Bastard!

It was your mate!

You set me up so you could pimp me.

Yes but later I fell in love with you.

Evdokia, the married guy...

I'm not going home! I've changed my job!

And what are you doing now? I've been married.

Is that why you want three thousand-notes?

Go to that cheap Vicky who takes two and she's all bells and whistles...

All right then, all right. But there's not a shade here.

I warn you I don't want to spent all night here!

Get in! Come on, get in!

It's my first time while I'm married.

Never mind! It still doesn't seem all right to me.

Since I lost you.. I couldn't care less!

I've never gone with another woman.

I've had enough with your chatter!

Don't you go anywhere else to get laid?

Shame on you, old man!

In the middle of the day! To hell with you!

And you, move it, dammit!

The Sergeant bids us farewell.

Where is he going, Captain, sir? To his village?

Long time no see.

I got that bloody certificate of discharge!


Want some Ouzo? No.

A fellow countryman... owns a garage in Kifisia.

I went to him to ask for a job... And?

'Why want a job when your wife can support you?' he said...

Oh my God, if I had a machine gun I'd kill all people...

Don't give a damn about them!

Have you got an 100-note?

Will you be back in the evening? I don't know!

I'll be waiting for you!

He's drinking in the tavern.

He's arguing with everyone.

I hope you didn't get it amiss...

Don't be afraid.

I have respect...

We can only worship... a 'Madonna' like her...

If you leave now that will be an offence, got it?

Let's stay for a little while longer, please.

All right...

Sit down, arsehole!

Want a pick a fight with me? I'll call the police!

Let's go outside!

I've been looking for you for three days.

I got mad, I thought you've gone away!

Say that I already have. Put me in the grave and, then, go!

You're not worth a copper, bitch, you know that?

There's a decent lady!

No just showing off!

Let's get out of here.

Let's get out of here! Let's get out of here!

Get off my back, dammit!


Giorgos! Get off my back!

Be it on your head!

For all the gall of bitterness you gave me!

Spit them!


I'm telling you to spit them!

Don't swallow!

Spit the glasses!

Spit the glasses, dammit! Spit!

Spit the glasses!

Come on!


Let's get out of here!

Are you feeling all right, Evdokia?

Don't worry.

Everything will be fine. You'll see.

You'll see. Everything will be fine.

My God...

Don't worry...

All right?

I'll take you... to the village...

You'll see.

And wherever you want us to go.

We will.


It will be hard for us in the foreign lands.

Migrating, Evdokia...

It will be hard everywhere... but I don't care.

Do you?

You won't like it to go back...

to the village... the cold... the rains...

Find a place to puke. I can't hold you any longer.

Didn't I tell you? He can hardly stand up.

Keep eyes open!

Make it fast!

Giorgos! Giorgos!

My God! My God!

My eye! Christ, my eye!

Giorgos! Giorgos!

Evdokia, the police!

Let's get out of here not to get in a fix!