Eve (2019) Script

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

[indistinct chatter]

MAN: Can you please send the next one in? Thank you.

MAN: Will you please state your name and the role you are reading for.

My name is Alex Beyer.

I'm auditioning for the role of Eve.

MAN: Whenever you're ready.

[chatter continues]

My name is Beth Cunningham, and I'm reading for the role of Eve.

Thank you. We'll be in touch.

Whenever you're ready.

Solitude sometimes...

One more time, please.

Innocence once...

Whenever you're ready.

I need you to speak up a little bit.

Okay. Shit.

Sorry. One second.

Thank you.

Very good. Let's move on.

Hi. I'm here to see Cassie.

Cassie Anders? Yep, third floor.


Darling, you are so much better than this shit.


I don't even want you to bother reading it.

- You sure? Nope.

No, I'm gonna give that to somebody else.

I've got something much more exciting.

You're a star, Cassie.

Sienna has dropped out.

They're looking for another bankable talent, and I've put you forward.

I'll get Rosie to send you the script.

Oh, you're a sweetheart.

No, you are.

Now fuck off back to your fabulous life.

How are you, hmm?

Who got it?

It doesn't matter.

Look, they said they were gonna cast the net wide, but I think they're gonna go for a name.

Yeah, but I am a name. I know, darling.

But it's just not worth very much right now, is it?

I won awards playing that part.

On stage six years ago.

This is a $30 million screen adaptation.

I know you wanted this, but I did warn you.

You weren't ready.

We needed more time for you to work on your new image and get your confidence back.

And you haven't worked in over a year.

Listen, why don't you take a break?

I don't need a break. That was my role.

It's not a request. Take some time.

Forget about Eve.

I want to know who stole that role from me.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

The mind is its own place.

The mind is its own place.


[grunts] What have you put in this?

Give us five minutes, mate, yeah?



Nope, they're gone.

Really? Don't worry.

If they're still here, I'll totally fuck 'em up.

Okay, I need this.

Where are you going? Paying the cab.

I don't know, she seems edgy.

I guess it's just somebody being in the house when we were away, and she's not very comfortable with it.


[distant toilet flushes]



Mate, you know I love Carnival. It's Alex.

I don't know, it's just-- It's too many people.

She's not good with crowds at the best of times, you know that.

Because she gets recognized too much.

[pilot light clicking]


[whistling continues]

[whistling, static]

It's gotta be a threat.

I wouldn't say that necessarily, Mr. Carroll.

Well, what would you say?

It's fake blood, sir.

You know anyone who would possibly have a reason to do this?

No. No one.

Miss Beyer?


Any fans? Anyone approach you on the street?

Anyone a bit, um, a bit off?

All the time.


It's probably someone making a statement.

Maybe they didn't like one of your movies.


Any colorful tweets?

Any letters, any emails of a threatening nature?

Normally my agent takes care of all that stuff.

Can we talk to him?

Her, actually.

There's really very little that we can do, Mr. Carroll.

You handed over the keys.

Well, I handed the keys to my friend Toby, yes.

You know him well?

Very well.

What, that's it? You're fucking done here?

What? It's unbelievable.

In case you hadn't noticed, you have a slide in your living room.

This place is always going to attract a certain type.

As I said, there's very little we can do.

Or nothing that you want to do.

You know, last week, we had an old man mix acid into his neighbor's moisturizer.


Said he couldn't stand her face anymore.


You would be amazed at the lengths that people go to to get noticed.

You have something nice, or a little bit different...

there's always someone who wants to tear it down.

People like you, people in houses like this, everybody wants what you've got.

Somebody wants your life.

Somebody wants to cause you pain.

Probably someone you know.

But nothing's been taken.

There's no structural damage.

Most likely you ended up with a art student who saw all this and maybe took the carnival spirit a bit too far, hmm?

But if we get any leads, well be in touch.




How's it going?

Cleaners can't get here till the weekend, so...

But you started it yourself.

I did. I want you to feel comfortable in your own house.

Mm. That was nice.

I am very nice.

We should take a shower now because I'm also very, very dirty, so...

Dirty! [laughs]

[kissing, moaning continues]



I can't.



I can't. I...

It's fine.


[phone buzzing]


[buzzing continues]

I need to go deal with this, okay?

Do you want some coffee?

Coffee's good.

[sniffs] Oh, what the--

Thank you.


Your eyes are dead in these. What about this one?

Well, it's puffy.

And it's miserable, and that's miserable.

Sorry, Cas, she's calling again. What should I do?

Put her through.

Cass, hi, it's me.

I'm back, and I'm feeling fantastic.

Just a minute.

I want these all redone, okay?

And call me after the audition.

I'm feeling incredible. I've been meditating, and now that I've had some time off, I am ready to come back.

I have a small role casting tomorrow.

Is it a good role?

It doesn't matter. I'll send you the script.

Look, just turn up and do what they ask.

And don't fuck it up.

Okay, fine.

¶¶ [opera]

Can you state your name and the role you are reading for?

Can you state your name?

What's your name?

What's your name?!


No, but he is. He's manic. He's fucking crazy!

Oh, my God. Jesus Christ, Alex.

I don't know how you do it.

I'd never be able to sleep again.

Fuck's sake, Suzy. What? You let them in.

Yeah, well, I though she was okay.

She looked respectable.

How was I gonna know she was such a freak?

Maybe if she'd been wearing sandals, I might've have seen the warning signs.

I'm just saying you're a braver woman than I am.

I would not want people staying in my home.

Here we go. What?

She's never gonna let this go.

Let's not have a domestic-- People are starting to stare.

So my brother wants to stay for a couple of days.

A whole week, actually.

It's my brother. He's not some stranger.

No offense.

I just don't wanna share my space with people I don't know very well.

So he has to rent a hotel room, and I have to spend hours on the phone to my mum, telling me I need to be more family orientated.

Still, at least he won't smear shit on the walls.


Tobes... Too soon?

What did the police have to say?

Oh, they couldn't give two shits.

We sent them pictures, we emailed footage.

They just gave us the same old bullshit.

You have footage?

Guys, I reckon it was Banksy.

I wish it was Banksy

'cause then I could charge 'em a tenner to take a look.

Tight git. What? What you think?

Make some money at the same time?

You know, I read about this couple.

They let their place out, like you guys, came back to a gang bang.


Fuck off, right?


Sorry, I can't.

WOMAN: Alex.





I'm Alex Beyer.

I'm Alex Beyer.


That must end us.

That must be our cure.

That must end us. That must be our...

Oh, fuck.

[distant footsteps]


[odd noise]




[thumping, screaming]


[powers down]


¶¶ [continues]

¶ You have been the wildest, honey ¶

¶ You've been the wildest of them all ¶

¶ You don't know what you have done ¶

¶ In all that you've tried to outrun ¶

¶ You're moving slowly towards your flame ¶

¶ In the dark ¶

¶ You wanted to learn ¶

¶ You wanted to stay ¶

¶ Open your eyes ¶

¶¶ [continues]

That must be our cure.


I liked the ones this morning.

I prefer the ones now.

Oh, yeah.

Good. Change that. Quickly, please.


This is... not gonna happen now.

Okay, can I get the camera ready?

Good work. Thank you very much.

Hey, this is Liam. Leave a message.

Hey, it's me.

I know things are a bit weird between us right now, or maybe I'm just being a bit weird, but can--

Can you just pick up your fucking phone?


[distant music playing]

All the way down to the end.

Good luck.

[music stops]

Thank you, Heather. We'll be in touch.

Sorry, um, who am I reading with?

Forget the script.

Forget the script.

We're gonna try something different.

Look in the mirror.

Don't be shy. It's only you.

Our character confronts herself.

It's a mixture of narcissism and naive curiosity.

She needs to discover who she is.

Your reflection's not just who you are.

It's what you will become.

And, um, do I say anything?


Just dance.

Lennie, put her in Sarah's outfit.

¶¶ [sensual]



[door closes] What are you doing here?

Don't ignore me.



Fuck's sake.

You have a new message. New messages.

Beth just called.

You're lucky she's not pressing charges.

I think you and I have come to the end of the road.

There's nothing left to say.

Do you know what?

I think we should do something fun this weekend.

Go to the coast.

The coast? It's freezing.

We don't have to swim.

I don't think it's a good idea us going away again so soon, do you?

I just meant for the day.

It's a nice thought, but work is crazy right now.

I've got some stuff to sort out.

Well, why don't you let me... sort some stuff out?

Alex, I--


Okay, stop.

What's wrong? Nothing. I've just--

I've had a long day.

What were you shooting?

Like I said, it's been a busy day.

I can imagine.

You know what? You've been begging me to be at home.

And now I am, I get this.

All right, I haven't begged you for anything.

Are you sure about that?

I'm gonna be honest with you, Alex.

Really? You're gonna be honest with me?

Since we got back, you have been moping around this house like a... like a moody bitch.

And now you've had a bit of wine, you want sex, and I'm supposed to just smile and be grateful?

How about you're supposed to try and not be an asshole.

Oh, it's too late for that, obviously.

Alex, I--

What the--

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ringing continues]


You have a new message. New messages.

Liam. I'm gonna kill that skinny bitch.







[thunderclap] [gasps]


[line ringing]

Hey, this is Liam. Leave a message.


Hi. It's me again.

Where are you?

We need to talk.

[phone rings]

[line ringing]

Ben Carrington calling about Paradise Lost.

He says it's urgent.

Oh, okay. Put him through.

Hi, Cassie. I need to talk to you about Eve.

That's what we've all been missing, I like happy Alex.

Uh, as opposed to no fun, crazy Alex?

Well, Liam thought I should drop by just in case you were lonely, Alex.

He called you?

Yeah, yesterday.

At least he answers the phone to one of us.

How's Suzy?

Uh, I think she thinks that I have a thing for you.

Do you?

Who wouldn't?

Well, I should warn you what you'd be getting into.

I bit him yesterday.


You think he's avoiding me?

Why would he be avoiding you?

Well, did he mention I was hearing things?

Oh, that you'd gone fucking bat-shit crazy and you should be sectioned? Yes, absolutely.

I think it's the boiler.

Fucking holy shit.


[line rings]

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ringing continues]

Hey, this is Liam. Leave a message.



[line ringing]

[running footsteps]


Will you please state your name and the role you are reading for.

My name is Alex Beyer, and I'm reading for the role of Eve.

Where joy forever dwells.

Hail, horrors.

Hail, infernal world.

And thou, profoundest hell, receive thy new possessor.

One who brings... a mind, not to be changed by place or time.

A mind is its own place.

And in itself can bring heaven of hell.

And hell of heaven.

[line ringing]

Alex? Hi, it's me, Cassie.

Well, it seems like you've been keeping secrets from me because I've just had a call from Ben Carrington, and he saw something in you that, well, frankly terrified him.

And he wants you to play Eve.

We're back, Alex.


Alex, are you there?


[no audible dialogue]


¶ Here in the dark ¶

¶ You open your eyes ¶

¶ Try not to breathe ¶

¶ You're alone at night ¶

¶ It's the sweetest part of all ¶

¶ Here in the dark ¶

¶ Here in the dark ¶

¶ You open your eyes ¶

¶ Open your eyes ¶

¶ You have been the wildest, honey ¶

¶ You have been the wildest of them all ¶

¶ You don't know what you have done ¶

¶ In all that you've tried to outrun ¶

¶ You're moving slowly towards your flame ¶

¶ Here in the dark ¶

¶ You wanted to learn ¶

¶ You wanted to stay ¶

¶ Open your eyes ¶

¶ You have been the wildest, honey ¶

¶ You have been the wildest of them all ¶

¶ You don't know what you have done ¶

¶ In all that you've tried to outrun ¶

¶ It's the sweetest part of all ¶

¶ Has you bracing for the fall ¶

¶ All the way ¶

¶ All the way ¶

¶ Show them you've already won ¶

¶ You don't know what you have done ¶

¶ It's the sweetest part of all ¶

¶ In all that you've tried to outrun ¶

¶ Has you bracing for the fall ¶

¶ You don't know what you have done ¶

¶ It's the sweetest part of all ¶

¶ In all that you've tried to outrun ¶

¶ Has you bracing for the fall ¶