Eve no jikan (2010) Script


The future, probably Japan.

While "robots" have been in practical use for some time, practical use of "humanoid robots" (androids) has only recently begun.

I have located the source of the transmission.

It came from the same area, as expected.

This time the signal passed through more than five androids.

The pattern diverged, into seven... no, ei— Just trace the recipient.

I have located the recipient.

I've found it as well.


This unit was Shiotsuki's parting gift to us.

What do you mean?

Do you recall the test run of Shiotsuki's AI, "Code: LIFE"?

That one you had shut down?

I had no idea it was in operation again, and off-site, too.

The subject is now in custody at an employee's home.

To think it would be involved...

I'm almost certain androids in this area are receiving information from that café.

And through talking among their own kind.

Shiotsuki, is this your handiwork?

I'll begin tracking the current location of the relevant unit.

Time of EVE: The Movie


Log output complete, Master.


What is your question?


Cancel question.



Where's everyone? I mean...

Status family.

Your father stayed overnight at work.

Your mother left before my activation.

Miss Naoko is still in bed.

Time of return? 3:18 AM.

Man... I feel awful.

Then don't go out drinking.

But it felt nice at first.

Order your own coffee!

This thing came to pick me up after the party.

It was so embarrassing!

Would you like breakfast? Breakfast cancel...

I'm sorry. Could you please repeat— One breakfast serving. Right now.


Domestic food production has topped 80 percent.

Food Management Bureau: Largest increase since introducing robot labor to primary sector of economy According to the Food Management Bureau...

Pale Cocoon EP2 Would you eat a machine-made tomato?

In these times, treasure warmth.

Ethics Committee Dori-kei So, "dori-kei" comes from android-holic, or psychological dependence on androids.

Isn't that right?

This term is used for youths who treat houseroids like human beings.

Let's find out more about these dori-kei people.

Gross! It's like, get away from me!

They even hold hands!

Whoa, no way!

Maybe they're lonely?

They probably don't have friends...

They look just like people. You better watch out!

What do you mean, "watch out"?!

Sometimes I can hardly believe my eyes.

Connection terminated

You need at least three.

Two are plenty. That's definitely not enough.

I wanna have four. I'm happy without any add-ons.

She's two-faced. Kayo's acting weird.

She really acts different around Masaki.


Rikuo, I saw your sister yesterday.

Last night? At the train station, really wasted.

Hey, she had an escort! Who, you?

No, our android.

I'm telling you, man...

You trust robots way too much.

It's not like I trust them, but there's... You know, those laws?

The Three Laws of Robotics.

First Law. Don't harm humans, or let them come to harm.

So that's why it brought her home.

Robots don't actually care about humans.

You've got a robot, so think about it.

Like you'd know. You don't even have one.

Hey, what do you make of this?

A bunch of numbers.

It's our android's activity log!

Which part?

You free later?

I want you to come with me. Where to?

Where...? I'm not sure.

What's that mean?

Well, it's been acting weird, coming home at odd hours.

What, your robot?

It was bothering me, so I checked the activity log.

Okay, so?

About 20 hours ago, which would make it yesterday afternoon, it took this detour.

Well, maybe it had something to do.


Here? Seriously? Maybe the GPS is wrong...

Yeah, why would a robot come here?


Time of EVE Seems fishy, huh?

Got to go inside to find out.

It is kinda fishy...

Wanna back out?

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots We appreciate your cooperation. Obey the rule and have a nice time, Nagi

Time of EVE

Is this— Welcome!

Sit anywhere you like. I'll come take your order.

How about over there? Okay.

You may not be here for long...

But please enjoy your stay.

A café? Looks like it, yeah.

An android at a café? Probably not here for tea.

Besides, that rule...

It's dangerous, right?

In robot law terms... it's in the "grey zone." The rule's too vague.

Hey, pay attention!

There it is. There what is?

The android we saw earlier. Isn't that it?


No ring. No kidding.

So this is in the grey zone?!

Ever seen a robot without a ring?

That's a major robot law violation! You can't tell it apart from a human.

What's it up to?

Have you decided yet?

The Eve... Blend?


That one. Same here.

Two Evlends!

Obey the rule, 'kay?

I have this sneaking suspicion. What?

Time of EVE's Rule It's the café's Rule.

No discrimination between humans and robots?

That's why it has no ring.

No way!

Rise and shine, Aki! But, if that's the case...

That one might not be our only problem.

What do you mean?

What if everybody else here is obeying the rule?

Those boys are looking at us.


Is this place bad news? Looks like it.

Then do you think...

Think what?

Maybe we should tell your dad?

It's got nothing to do with him!

What's up? It's got nothing to do with him!

Are you new here? Nagi said you were.

Oh, Nagi's the girl at the counter.

Okay if I sit here?

So, how'd you find this place? A friend?

Uh, we just came here...

Oh, okay...

We haven't had anyone new here in ages!

Really? It's always the same people.

Setoro's reading his book.

Upstairs is Shimei and...

Cute little Chie!

That's Koji and Rina. They're real tight.

And then there's Nagi, and then, uh...

The girl in the hat.

I'm Akiko! Nice to meet you!

I'm Rikuo. Masaki.

Rikuo and Masaki. Got it!

Uh, by the way...

Have you seen a female android here?

One demerit point.

You broke the rule.

Oh, sorry... Don't be so hard on him!

He's just not used to the place yet.


Rule violations make things worse for everyone!


She's a good person. She just cares so much about this place.

Sure doesn't show in her work ethic.

She's sulking again.

Come on, Nagi!

This café seems all right.

Okay, but here's a question for you: Why does she come to this place?

Well... I figured it out.

Cheer up, Nagi... She's here to get friendly with robots — one of those dori-kei people.

Huh?! You taking her side?

No, that's not what I meant.

Well, just ask her, and you'll see.

I'll get told off for breaking the rule again.

Depends on how you do the asking.

Oh, she's back!

I got our drinks!

She says she's sorry.

No, it was my fault, really!

What're you blushing for?

Nice hat. Thanks! I like it too!

So anyway...


Talking about life outside this café...

My family doesn't have an android. Pretty weird these days, huh?

But I bet there's one in your house, right, Akiko?

Yep, there sure is! That's why I'm here.

What do you mean?

When you're here, you can talk with anyone, you know?

So you learn all kinds of stuff.

Like what?

Like the other person's... feelings, I guess?

Well, to me, the humans and androids at my home are all family.

But no matter how much they look like me... they're completely different inside.

We may look the same, but we're really very different, see?

So I can't help wondering...

"What do you think about me?"

And so that's why I'm here.

I want to talk with them and understand them better.

Because, we're family.

Man, it's pouring out.

Yours isn't here yet?

She said she wants to know what they're thinking.

What do you think?

About Akiko, I mean.

Oh, from yesterday?

Would someone like her be called dori-kei?

I don't have a robot, how would I know?

Your umbrella— Beats treating them that way, though.

Could she be... someone who treasures her things?

Sure, she's a good person.

That's it!

Why're you so relieved?

It's not what you think!

Well, she was pretty cute.

Wanna go back today?

I said, it's not— Huh?


I apologize for the wait, Mas— Bag. Waterproof it. Return home.


Here is your coffee.

It's that same flavor.

I changed the way I make it.

I never gave that order!

I thought it would make you happy—

What do you think you're doing?

Are you trying to copy humans too?!

I am an android.

I am not human, Master.

"What do you think about me?"

No matter how much they look like me...

Looks Like No matter how much they look like me...

Looks Like they're completely different inside. they're completely different inside. It's the opposite?

We may look the same, Akiko's POV Looks Like but we're really very different, see?

I want to understand them better.

Because, we're family.

You're acting kind of dori-kei...

I have returned.

I prefer having them brought from home.

Is that it? Yeah, I recognize it.

Oh good, finally!

I brought your change of clothes, Master.


You thank it?

You mean, you don't? Why would you?

Was that dori-kei? What's that?!

It said it doesn't go to that café.

- Did you act outside your orders? I did not.

But what about that thing... you know, on your phone?

The activity log? Yeah, that.

Maybe this is wrong.

I'm saying that you trust robots too much.

You're saying Sammy is lying?


I mean, our android.

Aww, you call it Sammy!

I don't really trust it.

Recite the Three Laws of Robotics.

What is this, law school? C'mon, recite them, Master.

Um... First Law.

First Law: A robot must not harm a human, or, by ignoring danger, let a human come to harm. Don't harm humans. Right!

Second Law.

Second Law: A robot must obey an order given by a human, unless obeying the order would break the First Law. Obey orders from humans, but don't break the First Law.

Wow, you do know them!

Third Law...

Was there one?

Third Law: A robot must protect itself, so long as doing so would not break the First or Second Law. Protect oneself! That's the basis of robot behavior — get it?

Get what?

Can't you see?

First Law: Do Not Harm Humans Second Law: Obey Humans Third Law: Protect Oneself There's no law that says not to tell lies.

No way! Amazing how people don't realize that.

So, the point is that you can't trust what your dear Sammy tells you.

It's going shopping this afternoon? What?

Sammy, of course!

Just shopping, it said.

Only one way to be sure.

We've got to go see for ourselves.

You're really going in? What, you don't wanna know?

That's not what I meant. Then let's go in.

Fine, you win. What'd I win?

I'm going in! So let's go in!

Yeah, let's go!

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots Oh, welcome back!

What's the matter?

Too early for you to relax.

It could still show up later.

We're waiting here? At least until dinner.

I don't handle surprises well...

This is a good spot.

I'm nearsighted, you know.

You can't see from up here?

I'm practically blind—


Meow! Meow!

Chi, come on down!

I'm a cat!

My apologies for the trouble, lads.

Children should be free to play, don't you agree?

Well... She sure is free.

Hey, cut that out!

Those round things are silly!

Chi, isn't there something you want to eat?

I'm a cat!

I want... ice cream!

No ice cream unless you sit down.

Ice cream!

My apologies.

When something catches her attention, she forgets everything else.

It's a piano. Wanna play?

I quit playing piano, remember?


Can I have the usual for Chie? That old guy and the kid... they're human, right?

Half-size ice cream? Okay! They look like it. But...


Akiko also seemed human when she was here.

...I'm so lonely. I'm lonely too.

Can't we meet every day? No.

I've got my work... You're seeing another woman outside.

No, I'm not!

Please, don't leave me all alone. Okay, I won't.

Maybe... we should move.

What have you two been doing?


Place an order! Two Blends.

Two Evlends!

Ice cream! Here you go, Chie!

Cats don't mind cold food.

You're scared, aren't you?

Of what?

Sammy turning up.

What're you— Your robot, going to a strange place on its own.

"Encroaching on human dignity!" That your dad talking?

Not like I'd know. I don't even have a robot.

Why is that, anyway?

Oh, you're here. I'm back!

I don't see why Sammy would lie.

I find robots without rings harder to understand.

I'll be right back. Oh? All right...

Oh, Rikuo!

Huh? What's going on?

Yikes! You're different.

Really? I'm so glad to hear that!

Er, wait, I...

No, I mean — Question!

Where's the ring above your head? I turned it off.

I'll break the rule if I don't look human.

But robot law... Okay, enough about that!

Chi! I'm a cat!

What's up, Chi? He's got something silly.

Something silly?

Need something, Blade Runner?

Your surveillance needs work.

Having a guy stare at me... is rather unpleasant.


It's no fun here if you break the rule.

Or rather... there's no point in coming here at all.

Well, that's what I've heard.

Don't have them!

Today's OK for you?

Give my regards to your friend.

You'll get them back later, probably. Probably?

She hid my hat once— She took my glasses!

So, the hat? What hat?

The one she hid. Oh, right!

Well, after checking everywhere, Thanks, come again! it turned out she had it all along.

She had it? Stuck in her panties!

She must've really liked it.

Sorry, I've gotta run.

Glad you're having fun.

What's the matter with him?


Beats me...


It won't open now. Huh?

The door locks after someone leaves. Why?

Privacy is important.

Let's see...

Will this size be enough? Yes.

We have a larger one too.

If it's too big, the people at home will notice.

Sure thing. Wait just a moment, I'll get some nice beans for you.

What should we do, Rina? Please, go on ahead of us.

Here's today's batch.

Sorry for all the trouble.

Did he like it?

I'm not really sure.

You could try asking him.

I can't do that. Why not?

He doesn't like it when I do things on my own.

He tells me not to.

Don't worry, I'm sure he'll understand.

It's just a local rule, not robot law!

Another rule violation. I'm telling! You have to?

I'll keep it secret from Nagi. So stop!


So you can actually keep secrets.

That's a rather odd comment to make.

Everybody has a secret or two.

Sure, but she's...

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots I'm keeping some things secret from Chie.

There are times when I lie.

But I do it for her sake.

Akiko, you're keeping secrets...

...for Rikuo's sake, right?

- Don't harm humans. That's the basis of robot behavior.

- Did you act outside your orders? I did not.

Because it would harm me.

It was for my sake?

Then again... when Chie wouldn't say where she hid your glasses, it was because she wanted you to play with her.

Aren't they in her panties— She gave them to someone else.

Oh, it's getting late.

Going home? I have to make dinner.

Thanks again.

Excuse me... You finally realized!

Why didn't you say anything? You never asked.

You're pretty casual with your customers.

What the—?

Damn! Rikuo.

Why won't it open, dammit?


It's acting on its own!

That's my— Sit down!

Yes, ma'am.

This cup is on the house.

That child...

...when was her first visit?

She was shy and awkward at first, but gradually she's come out of her shell.

Out of her shell? Yeah.

She started talking about all kinds of things.

The mother who buys her clothes.

Her occasional nightmares.

The boy who stopped playing the piano.

Then the other day, she asked me how to make good coffee.

She seems to worry a lot.

She worries?

She's uncertain.

Is she doing the right thing, or the wrong thing?

Here you go.

As long as you obey the rule, you'll always be welcome here at Time of EVE.

- So in the end, I lost him. You followed him?

I wanted to see if that guy had a ring above his head.

That café definitely has something— Actually...

I'm thinking of going back there.

Sure, I'll come with you!

I want to get to the bottom of this!

Uh, sure.

Great, see ya!

Tell your dear robot Sammy I said "Hi."

Question. What is it?

Um... about that café...

Master, could you pl— Coffee.


The coffee lately...

Tastes kinda... good.

Thank you very much.

All sorts of interesting things are happening.

But nothing specific yet.

Any connection with the Ethics Committee?

They'd never use such a lousy shadow.

I'll keep an eye on the place and see what happens.

Please do.

Director Ashimori, they're starting to develop their own personalities.

It may be their restraint circuits— Prejudice only obscures the truth.

As Shiotsuki would say.

I'll keep going.

I feel awful...

Love? You won't find it here.

Ethics Committee Like I've never had my heart broken. They're running this ad a lot lately...


The reason? Status Rikuo.

A stupid fight. "You're so annoying." "Be more considerate." He left at 12:03 PM. He will be dining out.

So you were bickering.

It may sound strange for me to say this...

...but I'm surprised you're here during the daytime.

Playing hooky?

You showed up? It's a makeup holiday.

Show your customers a little respect.

I'm sorry, it's just Rikuo seems fine, but Masaki acts a bit like a troublemaker.

He's an honors student, if you can believe it.

Dude, I told you not to mention that!

You don't have to hide it.

Say, there are other people here you could talk to.

Come back here! Say, there are other people here you could talk to.

Do you always bring that here? I like taking photographs.

Well, maybe later.

Thanks for lunch! You're very welcome!

I'll get your after-meal Evlends.

Evlend. Evlend. What about it?

It doesn't sound weird anymore!

Not my reading glasses!

Give them back! I'm a cat!

It's pointless sitting around here.

I just want to figure this place out.

I don't want to talk with robots.

That book isn't so difficult. Akiko's the only definite one. How about them? More to the right.

Is that important to you? Yeah. A dori-kei who brings his own robot.

No further explanation necessary.

What are you looking at?

Listen, you... I wasn't looking!

Yes you were! I was not!

You were! Was not!

Were too! Was not!

Were too! You two get along well.

Says who? No we don't!

Don't keep the fun to yourselves.

Next time you go making eyes— I wasn't looking!

At what?

You're jealous of Koji. I'm not!

But you are intrigued, right?

Hey, would you come over here?

It's dark!

Are you sure you should be meddling?

Meddling? Me?

Just let them follow their own initiative.

Foursomes are more fun.


He is Koji, and my name is Rina.

Er, hello.

I'm Masaki, and this guy's Rikuo!

Look again and I'll slap you! I... I wasn't looking!

Or was I? Subconsciously?

You two— You two get along well.

No we don't! Says who?

I guess she did, earlier...

Uh, do you come here often?



You two come together?

No. Separately.


What a lively conversation.

Hey, is that a Cinema Tide?

Uh, yeah...

Can I have a look?

Uh... sure.

The switch is there. Does he like gadgets?

Oh, nice! Does it do preview mode?

Just press that triangle. He's just making small talk.

It can hold 500.

Oh, look here.

It's got M-LINK, so it should...

Uh, say, could you... uh...


Cine-Tide's amazing!

Uh, so, you see how it works...

How do you disconnect it?

What is this?

It's not what you think.

Your heart is always so distant.

I feel uneasy, no matter how often we meet.

Now I finally know why.

Please... don't leave me all alone.

What a drama. That may... have been my fault.

Of course it was.

Okay, here you go!

Wh-What is it?

Really, what?

I'll go do something!

What happened?

I guess you could call it... a bloodbath?

Target X has arrived.

I protected my master.

Then, you mean Koji is— What have I been doing?

It appears the emergency repairs were insufficient.

So you come here to protect Koji... I mean, your master?

No, I come here for my own reasons.

You should have that checked by the manufacturer.

I cannot have anything to do with my legal manufacturer.

It would be to my master's detriment if the manufacturer were to find out about me.

More importantly, I want to spend as much time here as possible.

Won't even go for repairs...

At this café, I am the one who acts the least human.

Am I right?

I could be destroyed at any moment.

I believe that is why I resist utilizing my own learning functions.

But Koji...

Even as I am, he still treats me as a human woman.

I think that is why... I am happy here.

But, what about the woman in the photo?

You are kind to ask.

But I will be fine.

I do not think Koji's kindness will change.

In fact... I will go back.

Hold on!

The coffee...

The coffee changed flavor.

I was angry at first.

But after I understood things better, I felt a bit happier.

Even though it wasn't a human doing it.

Tell him!

You should say what you want to, even if he's human!

Why would you think that?

So you know what that feeling is like.

I guess so.

Can't believe I'm saying all this to a— Pardon?

So this one's for real?

It's been bugging me.

There isn't a single picture of you and Rina.

Of course you couldn't take one.

It'd be bad if she found out about your make-believe lover.

Or, wait... Is this a robot too?

No, she isn't!

Then I've got a bigger question: What are you doing here?

It's not make-believe love!

You're saying it's real?

You're actually in love? Don't give me that crap.

I know what you're trying to say.

"A human should have a human partner."

Then you get it?

I do.

I understand.

You're right that Rina and I have nothing more than a human-android relationship.

There are things we can't understand about each other.

As if you ever could.

But, you see...

I just want to help my master.


My master has a lot in common with Rina.

I want to help my master.

Here are some of the people I saw yesterday.

I don't care about that.

But, Master...

Master, you really should find a new partner.

A human—

Enough... I'm exhausted.

You're all I need.

I'll become a robot too.

Stay with me, always.

My master depends on me completely.

But I didn't know what I should do about it.

When I met Rina, I thought, "She is just like my master."

The way she touches me, the way she glances at me at times.

I want to get to know Rina better, so I can understand my master.

I want to help my master.

It's the First Law.

Could I ask you not to tell Rina about this?

Because of the café rule?

I just can't hurt either of them.

Wanting it both ways.

You're a really rotten person.

Not everyone can be happy, can they?

Thank you.

We should We should be going Well then, if you'll excuse us.

It really does take all kinds.

Of humans? Androids, too.

I shouldn't have hit you.

Your eyes were right.

I should have taken a good look myself.

Masaki... Yeah?

You had an awakening? What am I, a horny middle school kid?

But, Rina's the— No, it's the opposite!

Hold up, man. What did Rina say, exactly?

So you come here to protect Koji... I mean, your master?


Master She never said Koji was her master.

Not a word.

Master / Master So outside the café they have no connection!

But both said they're with a human.

Human / Human But both said they're with a human.

It doesn't match up. Here's your order.

Maybe they just haven't figured it out yet.

There, that's all the hints you're getting.

Human / Human They're just like us! Care to explain that?

We don't know who we're talking with, and it's the same for androids.

Those two are interested in each other.

For different reasons.

They're keeping secrets from each other too.

Yeah, so what of it?

It's a lot like normal love.

That's a nice way to put it!

But, don't go meddling too much!

Love between androids.

Fake love. About that woman in the photo...

Who is she?

Androids in a love triangle...

It's hard to explain...

That would be hard to explain. Androids in a web of passion— Enough with the weird comments!

I'll get the truth out of you someday. Er, you will?

Welcome home, Master.

Nao and Mom are going out for dinner! Sammy, take care of the rest.

What's that in your hair?

Does it please you?

This is a bulletin from the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee is currently recovering masterless robots.

If you spot a robot behaving suspiciously, please contact—

What does this depict?

Can't you tell? It's you!

This is... me?

That's right, ----! It's you!

It's so quiet...

You mean customer-less.

Er... Huh?

Did they all leave?

This really is a weird café.

In more ways than one.

Uh, say... Miss Nagi, why do you work here?

Just Nagi is fine.

I like this place, and the people who come here.

So I'm sad on days like this, when I don't get to see my favorite customers.

But, we're here...

Huh? What?

A refill...

I need to prepare more beans, so wait a bit.

Make yourselves at home.

It sure is quiet.

No discrimination between humans and robots.

It's an LUH model!

A houseroid from back when we were in grade school!

So they're still around. Never seen one.

They didn't sell very well.

People complained that they were hard to use.

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots

It's shaking like crazy.

What brings you here?

We are customers. Do you know what "customer" means?

I am also a "customer."


I'm Masaki, and he's Rikuo.

How 'bout you?

Wh-What are you doing?

"Humans" usually introduce themselves when they meet.

To introduce myself, I must give you my name.

Is that correct? This thing's pretending to be human.

It's following the rule!

That's right, ----! It's you!

My name is ----. Nice to meet you.

Why do you cover your ears?

I cannot complete my self-introduction without giving my name.

I must do so to show that I am human.

My name is ----.

Th-That's enough! You don't have to force it.

What are you referring to?

Your self-introduction!

Why is that? Just now, "Humans" usually introduce themselves when they meet. is what Mr. Masaki said.

Masaki! You can't be vague with this one! What should we do?

We've gotta let it introduce itself! With that noise?

We've gotta hear it out!

Sorry 'bout that! Go ahead!

My name is ----.

Th-That's a very nice name.

I quite agree.

It means a lot to me.

That's great.

Could you direct me to the washroom?

Man, it's really messed up...

They didn't have to let it get that bad.

At least repair the thing. You're talking like that again?

But, this one is just so— Rikuo!

He is a customer.

Don't you know that by now?

All customers are treated equally here.

Excuse me.

Welcome! You order?

Something's wrong.

Maybe it can't make decisions. It could be the first time it's had to.


I'll have... another cup of this!

I will have what Mr. Rikuo is having.

Okay! Two Evlends!

Will the coffee be safe?

A third cup might kill me...

No, for the robot.

Its mouth is just a speaker.

What if it tries to drink like a human?

Well, it'll...

Hold on!

Third Law: A robot must protect itself, so long as doing so would not break the First or Second Law. The Third Law won't let a robot kill itself!

It must know it'd be dangerous to take a drink.

Yeah, you're right! There's no way it'll actually drink it.

Is there a problem?

The coffee will be...


Wh-What are you doing?

Can't you tell?

I've brought your Evlends!

B-But why?

So my customers can drink them, of course. Now stop being silly.

Hey, wait!

Shut it off! I don't know how!

An order! Give it an order! Oh, good idea!

Put the cup down! That's an order!

Why must I do that?


When she spoke, So my customers can drink them, of course. Now stop being silly. is what she said.

I am a customer.

Uh, question!

What is it?

Well, uh...

H-How old are you?

You are asking for my age, correct?

I turn eight this year.



That probably means it was built eight years ago.

You think that I am big for an eight-year-old human.

I don't— You do, Mr. Masaki.

Your expression told me so. Why so much nitpicking?

Nonetheless, I am eight years old.

Eight years old... Eight...


Eight... eight... The rule is conflicting with its logic! It can't respond!

What'll we do?

Wait! There are many kinds of eight-year-olds!

You are saying that there is an eight-year-old human of the same size as me?

Yeah! Yeah!

I have no such data. Please describe the human in detail.

Uh... she comes here a lot!

The customer who comes here is eight years old, is that correct?

What is the customer's name?

Ch... Chi's her name!

And she's... less than eight years old.

8 years old And she's... less than eight years old.

Less Than 8 Years Old And she's... less than eight years old.

Less Than 8 Years Old Yeah! And she's really big! ...Voice-wise.

Yeah! And she's really big! ...Voice-wise.

I am pleased that you believe me.


What's your job? I worked in childcare.

Wow, childcare?

Yes. The family had one son.

Hey, help me out here! With what?

I am a customer... It's tough talking to him by my... self...

That was delicious.

A water tank... What a waste of effort...

Crisis averted... I guess...

Pardon me. Where might I find Nagi?

I was putting this little one down for a nap...

And ended up falling asleep myself!

There's a silly thing here!

You mustn't say such things. Chi, we're going home.

I'm a cat! Excuse me.

Chi's her name!

Chi is the person less than eight years old? Yes?

No, this person is Chi!

Huh? What are you talking about?

And this person? I'm a cat!

She's a cat!

The child just likes saying— She's a cat, all right?

She said so herself, she's a cat!

Okay— I am a cat!

Great! Let me show you out! Goodbye!

That was... a rather confusing interaction— Hey! Are you okay— This silly thing came off.

Er, can I help in some w— Please, just leave already.

How is it? Fixable?

It's already too— Thank you, Rikuo.


While we're all here, let's have a nice chat.

I see, so you worked at their house all that time.

Yes, that was my workplace.

I was employed to look after their son.

But now, the boy has grown up, and no longer needs me.

Did you enjoy your work? Yes.

I still remember the moment when the boy gave me my name.

"Katoran" I still remember the moment when the boy gave me my name.

It is very important to me.

The boy's name! What was his name?

The boy...

---- was his... name.

What about the family's name? Address? Contact information?

You were...

I knew it...

Thank you for asking my name.

All customers are treated equally here.

You invited me... here... didn't you?



Please don't forget my name...

That's right, Katoran! It's you!

Is it broken?

It was dumped illegally.


When you buy a new robot, you're supposed to have the manufacturer collect the old one.

But then...

You pay a disposal fee.

To avoid paying the fee, they erased their personal information.

This child just wanted someone to remember him.

To remember his name.

That's why he kept running from the Ethics Committee.

I'm not so sure.

We couldn't understand its name.

That was probably erased too.

So typical of a robot.

It lost its name long ago, but never even noticed.

It was always there, deep within his heart.

The precious memory of when he got his name.

Heart? What do you mean, heart? Masaki!

Didn't you say so earlier?

Robots don't have hearts, so they can't understand music.

You can't go on like that forever!

Get over it already!

What's with you? That's not normal.


You too, huh?

Ethics Committee Vagrant Robot Reporting Form So they're picking up vagrant robots.

The Ethics Committee, I mean.

Not like I'm the one doing it.

Ignored us, as always. That's normal, you know.

Sammy's like that at home too.

Why's she only different at the café?

Don't get attached to them.

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots

- This is... me? That's right, Katoran! It's you!

"Time of Tenderness"

Next we have the front page of the Bankei News!

"Android Jobs Expanded" — that's big news!

Where's Sammy?

"Android School Teachers"! It left ages ago, after making that.

"Implementation planned within five years." Maintenance / Sale / Sammy GO! Maintenance? Once a month, what a pain.

The article says these won't be like the earlier janitor androids... Where's it go? An appliance shop?

Maybe Dad's place?

I'm sleepy... don't feel like eating...

It seems kind of creepy.

Seriously. Android Jobs Expand Is this where we want education to go?

Is this where we want education to go? Android School Teachers?

Many parties are voicing complaints.

Many parties are voicing complaints. Android Artists?

They fear cramming of course material. The piano... What?

If you're gonna play at night, mute it! Some of us want to sleep.

So that wasn't a dream.

Gone to voice class. Sammy, take care of breakfast. - Mom Mom was heartbroken, and said you can't help her with lessons!

Why bother getting good?

Mom's scrapbook Hayama Junior Piano Competition Robot makes guest appearance Grand Prize - Sakisaka Rikuo (14 years old)

Does this android have any special skills?

An android with special skills?

Some robots can paint pictures, right?

I found this on my dad's PC.

Uh, what...

Report on Androids Specializing in Childcare It's an android, made to act as a human being's parent.

I've never heard of— They aren't on the market yet. This is about their future use.

Read this bit.

Android development is nearly complete, with secret operational testing...

Sound familiar?

But... it doesn't mean he's like th— Geez, robots are butting into everything.

After art, Reaching for the skies... next it'll be love!

Let's gather in this place of learning...


Welcome back!

Just you today?

We're not always toge— Sure you are!

She's alone too? Uh, yeah.

Shimei had a little errand.

You do childcare too?

Chie is a customer!

Right? Meow.

Why'd he leave Chie all alone? I'm a cat!

Geez, don't say things like that!

Okay, okay.

I hope your dad gets back soon.

He's not my dad!

Huh? Then who is he?

I call him my fos-ter par-ent!


I'm back, Chi! I'm a cat...

Oh, it's Rikuo!

Huh? Where's Masaki?

Come on, we're not always toge— Sure you are!

You seem out of it. Out of it, meow.

I am not!

Hey Chie, let's go read a book.

No, don't wanna.

Do you know which book Uncle Shimei likes?

Want me to show you?


We have teacher today! She's really good with kids.

Akiko knows how to handle herself. Unlike me.

What exactly does Shimei do?

I'm not sure, other than doting on Chie.

Would you be our guide today? He should have taken her with him.

I think it's hardest on Shimei.

That's the feeling I get, after taking care of her so often.

...secret operational testing... Often?


Maintenance Every month Cats can study too!

You all right?

A bit sleep-deprived— That's not what I meant.

You just seem kinda grumpy.

You all hate me anyway!

What was that about?

When you're a newborn, there's nothing in your heart. It's empty.

Cats too?

Was this in the book? Yes, but by talking to people Well, it's a liberal interpretation. and having lots of different experiences your heart gradually takes shape.

I wish it easier was to understand! Cats too?

Then, this is your chance. That's right, but you're still young. You'll get to experience even more emotions.


And not just you, Chie. Shimei, us, even— Rikuo?

The cat understands!

Really? Meow!

Chie's way ahead of me!

Are you lonely without Shimei around?

Do you like being with Shimei?


Shimei goes off on his own.

I wonder where he goes, by himself.


C'mon, she's just a kid!

Uh, sorry!

Have to pee. Okay, it's Chie's turn!

Excuse us, Rikuo. Uh, sure.

I can go by myself!

That's my Chie! I'm a cat!

Shimei first brought her here quite some time ago.

He says she likes this place.

I didn't mean to pick on her, but it bothers me that— You couldn't help it. All humans hurt each other.

What are you getting at?

Did that strike a nerve?

So I'm the bad guy just because I'm human?

It's funny you should ask that.

Do you think that robots never hurt others?

What causes someone to be hurt?

It's not so easy to figure that out.

What are you thinking at those times?

Can you avoid hurting others?

What understanding do you lack?

It's easy to say... but hard to put into action.


What you did back then saved me!

I see.

I'm the worst.

So you picked administrative justice?

Looks like not many lawyers specialize in robot law.

Well, it'll still be tough to get into though.

How about you?

Doing this, right?

I'm quitting.

But why?

Because of what happened the other day?


Hayama Junior Piano Competition Robot makes guest appearance Don't let that get you down!

Sure, it played with precision.

All it did was take a bit of your limelight.

It played... really well.

I kinda felt moved.

What, by this? Huh?

It really sucks.

You're right!

I'm sorry.

Is there more? I can't really play.

Did you like that, Chi? Yeah! You played to the end, at least.

Let's ask for an encore! I only picked it up by watching.

Chi wants to hear more! I'd just heard it so many times before.

Play some more!

Play more, play more!


Chie, what did you like best?

I'm a cat!


When it was all broken up!

Broken up... It was a bit broken up.

Hey, look! Can you believe that?

Wow! They're sharing an umbrella?

We really shouldn't laugh! But I've never seen anyone do that!

Say, Rikuo...

Thanks for this.

It's different now!

Mas— Mr. Rikuo...

Uh, well... I...

That tune you used to play...

I... really liked it...

And then, Chie wanted to hear it.

But, I've never really played before.

But still, she seemed to enjoy it.

I'm sorry for being presumptuous.

I decided not to play in front of you anymore.

And before I knew it, I'd stopped playing at all.

I didn't want you mastering the piano too.

Mr. Rikuo...


To heck with that!

Chie wants to hear more!

Maybe Sammy will play more for you!


Ah, I'm so glad.

I haven't seen her enjoy herself this much in a very long time.

It was no big deal...

But as for me...

Rikuo's amazing! Every human has a special skill. I went and left her on her own again.

So you can't take her with you?

Was that a compliment? That's the idea. I don't want to show her just yet.

Report on Androids Specializing in Childcare Shimei, does that mean you're— That little girl needs me.

And so, I devote myself to her.

She is everything to me.

My only desire is to make her happy.

Just like your performance did...

Over there! That's why I was so glad.

These feelings are genuine.

I was honestly moved by your performance.

Are you sure it's okay to say that?

Please don't tell Nagi about this.

Have you seen Sammy?

Now that you mention it, I think she left when I came in.

So she's gone...

Even if I could get...

Everything that I want...

For your hard work.

About Sammy...


She's sure made a lot of friends.

I'm not angry, really!

You were great.

This café...

I... don't hate it.

Thank you.

Hey, Rikuo!

I'll explain the situation at the next meeting.

I'm home.

For now, just review the report.

Regardless of what the higher-ups say, this has got to be the best method for inspecting all the targets.

Where's Dad?

He went to Family Court.

He is expected to return home shortly.

Mom didn't do anything wrong.

That maybe be true.

But you can't blame everything on your dad either.

Neither side is completely in the wrong.


I have a favor to ask.


Let's not tell your dad about this conversation.

Why not?

Because it would hurt him.

You don't want that to happen, right?

So then, please grant me this favor.


I hate to tell you this, Masakazu, but it seems to be broken.

Good morning, Tex.


Hey, Tex!



Next are the results of our preliminary investigation.

These establishments seem to be inciting excessive human-robot interaction.

So many?

There are 1408 locations.

This is a compilation of all data collected.

It includes rumors and urban legends.

The list needs to be narrowed down.

Unfortunately, they aren't all in clear violation of robot law.

It's the grey zone.

And, the sheer number underscores the limitations of current robot laws.

Still, these places must be eliminated.

We'll do quick inspections of all locations, then select targets for full investigation.

Those can be denounced by the media.

I've told you, it's not possible to cover that many locations!

You may have that assumption regarding our manpower...

But this time, we'll be using androids to conduct the quick inspections.

We've secured a suitable number of units, and are preparing them for deployment.

Ethics Committee Investigation Dept., Special Surveillance Model What about your allergy to robots?

You could think of this as fighting fire with fire.

Moving on.

Yes. We will investigate only those locations substantiated by the android inspections.

At that time, we will record all humans and robots and conduct follow-up investigations.

We will then report suspects to our members within the police force and promote their arrests.

And the Android Promotion Committee?

We have information that someone uncovered our preliminary investigation.

Their connection with the APC is uncertain.

Also, APC lobbying activity appears to be quiet at present.

Keep in mind, some people would use this investigation to undermine our work.

We will keep the androids silent about the investigation and their ties to our committee by use of an "Unconditional Order."

Now that memories of that injury incident have faded, we must not make the same mistake again.

Let's continue.

Next is our media strategy.

CIO Masaki will make a TV appearance— My wife records them all.

Drives me nuts!

The Ethics Committee is simply raising the alarm about how robots are infiltrating our daily lives. Android innovation and the degeneration of human nature Masaki Atsuro, Ethics Committee Chief Information Officer Ooo, this guy's a lady-killer!

Huh? In what way?

Hey! Someone changed the channel!

Good to see you today!

No matter how primitive the robot appears, children will treat it like a real person.

That impedes human relationships.

One Evlend!

- It encroaches on human dignity! 'Kay.

Hey, y'know, Masaki hasn't come around lately. Why not?

Well, a lot's been going on...

Oh? Like what?

Well, the main reason would be...

Notice this guy's on TV a lot lately?

Well, yeah. It's like the old days...

What do you mean?

The original Ethics Committee formed when robots started being used in ordinary households.

More than a decade ago, I believe.

I heard it started out as an extremist anti-robot organization.

I had no idea.

It's because they've been laying low the past few years.

Why would they?

Long ago, their extremism caused an injury.

Are you referring to the Tokisaka Incident? I've heard about it.

Well, some call it an accident.

The organization was severely censured, and their head resigned from his position.

So they've been quiet ever since, at least until recently.

You've lost me...

So, what's that got to do with Masaki?

Thank you very much, Mr. Masaki.

Today on "Zoom-in Scramble" we've been speaking with Masaki Atsuro, Chief Information Officer of the Ethics Committee.

Please tune in again next week. Masaki... Yeah.

It's a family matter... for him.

I invited him today, but— Masaki is his family name?

That's what bothers you? That's not it!

Notes about Tex

Hey. How's it going?

There's this café called Time of EVE.

Rikuo's a big fan of the place.

Well, I go there too, so who am I to talk?

Humans and androids talk to each other like it's no big deal!

It's pretty crazy.


Say something.

I'm coming in.

Who're you talking to?

Oh, my cell phone.

I just hung up.

You had it make you coffee?

Uh... yeah.

You've been around the house a lot lately.

Is something the matter?

You can tell me about it.

No, there's nothing, really.

Oh, okay.

You really shouldn't trust robots with preparing your food and drink.

THX, tonight, write up the minutes from today's meeting.

The data's in my terminal.

Tell Masaki he's welcome here anytime.

Sure, I'll tell him, but don't get your hopes up.

See you.

Bye bye! Come again!


He's gone now.

Hey, I don't think Rikuo minds you being here anymore.

That's the impression I get.

That's because you don't understand Rikuo.

I've known him for longer.

I'm sure he still doesn't want to see me here.


Hey, who cares about Rikuo anyway?

Why shouldn't I care? Don't talk about him like that!

Hehe, I get it now!

Don't go telling Rikuo weird stuff!

Masaki wouldn't report this place, would he?


If he does, then the café will just have to close.

Oh no... but it's so wonderful.


Do you remember how you first came here?

I thought that you'd invited me.

I can't bring anyone here myself.

You probably learned about Time of EVE from someone who'd been here before.

And then, your coming here brought Rikuo and Masaki.

If Masaki brings someone from the Ethics Committee, that's just the way it goes.

It'll be the end of that chain and this café as well.

Are you really okay with that?

This is a place that brings everybody's hearts together.

I just want to see for myself...

...how wide the circle can grow.

Um... Master!


Do you want Mr. Masaki go back?

To Time of EVE?

Yeah, I'd like him to go again.

I would... like that as well.

Great! I'll definitely bring him tomorrow!


Today— I'm not going.

She said she wants you to go back.

You're just saying that.

No, really!

Who said it then?

It was Nagi...

Sammy too!

She wants you to go too.

It wants me to go back?

So what? It's a houseroid!

Yeah. That's right.

You really have changed.

Masaki! Hey, what's going on?

You're just like I was, back then.

You'll think it loves you only to get betrayed.

It'd be better if that café didn't exist.

That's right! It shouldn't exist!

Hey, Dad! I need to talk to you.

The THX is gone.

Masakazu, did you give it any orders?


Going off on its own like that... has it broken down completely?

We've got to find it quickly and scrap it.

Scrap it? Of course!

That thing's handled Ethics Committee material.

We have to stop it before it gets us into real trouble!

Masaki! I'm at Time of EVE! Could you come help us?

What's all that noise?

This totally ancient robot— I mean, elderly customer, is here.

- It's telling us to close the café! I said, what's all that noise?

It's the monitor...

A-Anyway, it won't stop, no matter what we say!

And, this THX model won't talk at all.

Hey, what was that?

This café's a grey zone, right?

I was hoping you could do something with that robot law stuff you know.

That was fast!

Close this establishment at once. Violation of Robot Law Article 9 Section 3.

Tex, stop it.


What are you doing here?

Oh, I get it.

You lure people's robots here to put on a cheap show.

I don't get how you made it come here.

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots Hey, you got Rikuo's robot to come here, so why couldn't you manage this too?

What a mysterious café.

B-But Nagi didn't make it come— Akiko...

You must want me here pretty bad, if you're going that far.

Fine, here's my story.

It raised me through childhood. It was my best friend.

Then, one day, it stopped talking.

I was a kid, and thought it was family, so I felt hurt and betrayed.

That's all. No big deal.

There must be a reason why it won't talk.

I think so too.

It doesn't appear to be that broken.

I know that.

After four or five years, even I was able to reason it out, kid-style.

My dad had ordered it: "Don't talk, no matter what."

He must've been trying to drive us apart.

Real typical of him.

Orders from parents take priority.

Masaki is very perceptive.

What's "perceptive"?

But I didn't know that when I was little!

I tried everything to get it to talk to me again!

I cried and even tried begging it for forgiveness!

If it's ordered to, a robot will even ignore a crying kid.

For years and years.

In the end...

...these things don't understand people's hearts!

We'll be using androids to conduct the quick inspections.

There's this café called Time of EVE... I go there too...

Record all humans and robots... Promote their arrests...

...these places must be eliminated.

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots

I am now g-going to break th-this café's rule.

You are in violation of robot law article 9 section 3.

According to my data, you are an android.

An android operating with its ring turned off is violating robot law.

What's going on here?

Why is Tex speaking?

What about Dad's order?

Second Law: A robot must obey an order given by a human Order... it's breaking an order?

...unless obeying the order would break the First Law. Breaking the Second Law... is only allowed...

First Law: A robot must not harm a human to avoid breaking the First Law.

...or, by ignoring danger, let a human come to harm. The First Law means... danger?

Someone... no, a human?

A human here is in danger?

Wait, who does Tex know to be human?

In this room... just me!

I'm in danger?

In order to protect me... Tex is talking!

Accordingly, it is necessary to take legal action against your owner.

I require information on your owner.

...keep the androids silent about the investigation and their ties to our committee by use of an "Unconditional Order."



I'm not letting go!

Until you... until you talk to me, I'm not letting go!

Tell me!

What were you thinking?

For all those years...

All those years... all those years... you've been watching me.

You've been by my side.

Tex, help me!

Speak to me!

Though I couldn't speak to you...

I always wanted to stay by your side...




had Masakazu—

This child must have wanted to protect you.

Yes, I know that much.

It can't speak with the danger gone.

It's still bound by Dad's order.

Did you want me to understand you too?

But, I still can't accept this!

It might be impossible now, but I'm sure Tex will speak again, someday.

You're just saying that.

No, really. There're reasons... Though I can't explain very well.

I've seen all kinds of things here.

We've had all kinds of problems, and worried about them every time.

Even so...

I feel like we're on the right path.

For you too, Masaki.

And that's why... I'm sure...

You may be right.

I'll tell Dad that I took you outside.

I... always... had Masakazu—

Let's go home.

How'd Tex get down here?

I carried him. I lifted him up.

Man, you are such a pain!

I will make you thank me for this someday.

I love you all.

I'm so glad we could all be here together.


Hey, they're leaving together!

It's fine this time!

Should I have done something?

No, it's enough that you were there to watch.

It could have developed into another dangerous incident.

I'm sure Shiotsuki is aware of that.

I still wonder, is Shiotsuki really involved in all this?

That café's rule...

I believe it is #1138.


It's a priority code that even supersedes this country's robot laws.

That should be a sufficient explanation.

For the Ministry of Science and Technology AI lab Guidelines for Establishing Restraint Circuit Development Lab Disabling the Code: LIFE restraint circuit...

Time of EVE's Rule No discrimination between humans and robots All of it was done for that time.

Could anyone besides Shiotsuki have done that?

But— One other thing.

"The Tokisaka Incident."

An article from back then?

No, this is...

This is the original article, that was replaced before dissemination.

Girl Critically Injured by High-Voltage Anti-Robot Baton - Excessive force Used The girl was five years old then. Assuming she's still alive...

Investigation cancelled, Investigation cancelled Investigation continues, Investigation continues Time of EVE Investigation cancelled, Investigation cancelled Investigation continues, Investigation continues Time of EVE - pending

I forgot your Evlend today.

I thought something was missing.

So, how did Tex get to the café, anyway?

What, you don't know? Do you know?

And here I thought you were a regular. You've still got a long way to go, Rikuo.

Still a long way, huh?

Oh, a new customer?

I'm going to go say hello.

This is my tale of Time of EVE.

Welcome! Pick any seat you like, I'll come take your order.

A lot more stuff happened to me after that...

You might not be here for long, but please enjoy your stay!

...but that's for another story.

RIKUO: Jun Fukuyama / MASAKI: Kenji Nojima SAMMY: Rie Tanaka / NAGI: Rina Sato ♪ Sitting on a park bench, laughing and smiling AKIKO: Yukana / KOJI: Michio Nakao / RINA: Miki Ito SHIMEI: Motomu Kiyokawa / CHIE: Miyuki Sawashiro / SETORO: Tomokazu Sugita ♪ That summer morning NAOKO: Yuko Mizutani / DR. ASHIMORI: Yuriko Yamaguchi / KATORAN: Unsho Ishizuka MASAKI (child): Yuuko Sanpei / THX: Mitsuki Saiga / ATSURO: Akio Nojima / SHIOTSUKI: Koichiro Kotani ♪ The fields of grass sparkled fresh and green.

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♪ I find myself yearning for the skies you see

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♪ The morning comes, the wind blows

♪ I go walking out among the crowds

♪ For your sake, as well as mine, Animation Production: STUDIO RIKKA Production: DIRECTIONS, Inc. ♪ The world goes on weaving our dreams

Produced by Tom Nagae Directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura

I'm back.

It looks like we're still okay.

I'm p-putting you through a lot.

I miss the ocean, but I like the café here too.

Since it's in town, all sorts of kids drop by.

Is everyone... doing well?


You look so sad.

Ever since Ashimori broke that child... I-I've felt so uneasy.

Can everyone be happy?

However many times we try...

H-How many times has it been now?

Three of them? Four?

W-Will everyone be able to smile someday?


Your children are smiling. Along with humans.

I'm just so... unbearably worried.

It'll be fine.

I'm sure that someday, it'll be more than just a café.

Something happened today that made me think so.

Would you... tell me about it?

It's about a boy.

So, here's today's story...