Event Horizon (1997) Script


I miss you.

Dr. Weir report to the Lewis and Clark in Docking Bay 4.

Ion drive set. Thank you.

Heading: Vector One, nine degrees.

We are prepped for lockdown.

I can't believe it, this is ridiculous.

I haven't got more than my hand in the last six weeks, and now this shit.

I mean, why can't we go to Mars, Captain?

I mean, Mars has got women. Smith's right.

Neptune, there's nothing out there.

Yeah, and if the shit goes down, we'll be on our own.

You know the rules, people.

Someone drops the ball, we get the call. Now, let's go.

Have you got our course plotted in? Yes, sir.

Locked and cocked and ready to rock. Mr. Justin?

Everything's green on my screen, Skipper.

Start your countdown now.

Ion drive will engage in T minus 10 minutes.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Let's go.

Smith, you follow me. Yes, ma'am.

Justin, get those tanks prepped. Yes, sir.

Mr. Cooper. Skipper.

Ion drive in 10 minutes. It's time to play spam-in-the-can.

Skipper. Peters.

Captain Miller, I just wanted to say this is something...

Clock is ticking, Doctor.

You waiting for a personal invitation, there, Mr. Smith?

No, sir. Captain, I don't want to take up...

Doctor, if you'll just follow the rest of the crew to the grav tanks, we're almost underway.

That bunk better be squared away, Mr. Cooper, or you'll find yourself walking to Neptune.

What's the hold-up, Peters?

Just loading the last of the CO2 scrubbers, sir.

You stand right here.

Thanks, D.J.

Hats off in the tank. Sir.

First time in a grav couch? Yeah.

I think your captain has some kind of a problem with me.

Oh, well. Don't worry about him.

He just loves having complete strangers on his ship.

D.J. Yeah.


Is this necessary?

When the ion drive fires, you'll be taking about 30 G's.

Without a tank, the force would liquety your skeleton.

I've seen the effect on mice.




I'm so alone.


Is anyone there?

Oh, God.


I'm so cold.


I'm waiting.

You're all right. Breathe. D.J.!

Okay, Dr. Weir, let's get you up. Okay, I'm fine.

Come on, take it easy. I'm fine.

Okay. There you go.

Now move nice and slow. You've been in stasis for 56 days.

You're gonna experience a little disorientation, you understand?

I'm all right now, thank you. Okay, take that. Don't rush it.

All yours.

You okay, Doc?

Want some coffee? What?

Would you like some coffee?

No. Thank you.

All right, suit yourself.

What about you, Starck?

Would you like something hot and black inside you?

Is that an offer? It is not.

How about some coffee then? Starck?

Yes, sir. Why aren't you on the bridge?

Do you mind if I get dressed first?

As a matter of fact, Lieutenant, I do mind if you get dressed first.

Let's go, people. We have a job to do.

Okay, Denny, here we go. Happy birthday.

Play horsey, Mommy. Play horsey.

Hey, no more ball in the house.

You're the one who can't catch.

Yo, apologize. Sorry about that, Mama Bear.

All right. All right, then.

Peters. Yes, sir.

I did try to find a replacement for you, but with such short notice, it was impossible.

I am sorry.

I talked to my ex. He's going to take Denny for Christmas.

I'll get him for the summer, so.. everything's all right.


Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, in approximately 2 hours and 23 minutes, we'll be arriving in the orbit of Neptune.

Thank you very much.

I thank you. That's good.

All boards are green. Everything's five by five.

U.S.A.C. Been notified of our position? Yes, sir.

All right, people, listen up. D.J.

As you all know, we have an addition to our crew.

Dr. Weir, you care to join us?

Introductions all around. This is my XO, Lieutenant Starck.

Mr. Justin, Engineering.

The funky spaceman over here is Mr. Cooper.

What exactly is it you do on board this ship, Coop?

Listen up, Doc, I'm your best friend, okay?

I am the lifesaver and the heartbreaker.

He's a rescue technician.

This is Peters, medical technician. And my pilot, Mr. Smith.

The gloomy Gus in the corner over there, that's...

D.J. Trauma.

All right, all right.

Now we all know each other. Skipper, I got a question.

What the fuck are we doing way out here?

Perhaps the good doctor will be kind enough to tell us.

Thank you.

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate this opportunity to join you on what I...

It's for sure that you appreciate being here, Doctor, but you must understand that we don't.

We were taken off a well-deserved leave and sent into Neptune space.

We are now three billion klicks from the nearest outpost.

The last time U.S.A.C. attempted a rescue this far past the outer reach, well, we lost both ships. So, if you please...

Right. Well...

Everything I'm about to tell you is considered Code Black by the NSA.

U.S.A.C. Intercepted a radio transmission from a decaying orbit around Neptune.

The source of this transmission has been identified as the Event Horizon.

Yeah, well, that's bullshit, for starters.

Skipper, you took me off leave... Thank you so much.

Smitty, sit down.

Cooper, as you were.

Let the man speak.

What was made public about the Event Horizon, that she was a deep space research vessel, that her reactor went critical, and that the ship blew up, none of that is true.

The Event Horizon was the culmination of a secret government project to create a spacecraft capable of faster-than-light flight.

I don't... Excuse me. See, you can't actually do that.

The law of relativity prohibits faster-than-light travel.

Relativity, yes. We can't break the law of relativity.

We can go around it.

The ship doesn't really go faster than light.

What it does is it creates a dimensional gateway that allows it to jump instantaneously from one point of the universe to another light years away.


Well, it's difficult to... It's all math. Try us, Doctor.

Right, well, using layman's terms, we use a rotating magnetic field to focus a narrow beam of gravitons. These in turn fold space-time, consistent with Weyl tensor dynamics, until the space-time curvature becomes infinitely large and you produce a singularity. Now, the singularity...

Layman's terms.

Fuck layman's terms. Do you speak English?

Imagine, for a minute, that this piece of paper...

Excuse me. That's Vanessa, and that's mine.

Attractive piece of paper represents space-time and you want to get from point "A" here to "B" there.

Now, what's the shortest distance between two points?

A straight line.


The shortest distance between two points is zero.

And that's what the gateway does.

It folds space.

So that point "A" and point "B" co-exist in the same space and time.

When the spacecraft passes through the gateway, space returns to normal.

It's called a gravity drive.

How do you know all this? I built it.

Well, I can see why they sent you.

So if the ship didn't blow up, then what happened?

Well, the mission was going perfectly, like a textbook.

They reached safe distance using conventional thrusters.

All systems looked good.

They had the go-ahead to use the gravity drive to open the gateway to Proxima Centauri and then, they just disappeared.

Vanished without a trace, until now.

Where's she been for the last seven years, Doctor?

That's what we're here to find out.

Now, we've been unable to verity live contact, but TDRS did receive this single transmission.

What the fucking hell is that? Listen to this.

Houston passed the same recording through several filters, managed to isolate what appears to be a human voice.

I'm not even sure if it qualifies as language.

Latin. What?

I mean, I think it sounds like Latin.

Can you translate it? Play it again.

Right there. You hear that?

Sounds like, "Liberate me," something or other.

I can't make out the rest.

"Liberate me?"

Save me.

All right. Stations, people.

Crossing the Horizon. Optimum approach angle is 14 degrees.

Come around to 334. Heading 334, sir.

Make your approach vector negative, 14 degrees.

1-4 degrees.

We have lock on Event Horizon's navigation beacon.

She's in the upper ionosphere and it looks like we're in for some very heavy chop, sir.

Bring us in nice and tight, Mr. Smith. Sir.

Mr. Justin, how's my ship? Smooth sailing, sir.

Matching speed on my mark.

Three, two, one. Mark.

Range? 10,000 meters and closing, sir.

Starck. Yes, sir.

Get on the horn. See if anybody is listening.

This is the US Aerospace command vessel Lewis and Clark hailing Event Horizon. Event Horizon, do you read?

Dr. Weir.

I think you'll want to see this. Where is she?

Dead ahead. 5,000 meters!

Starck? Anybody home? Event Horizon, do you read?

3,000 meters and closing!

I can't see a thing.

1,500 meters, sir. We're getting too close.

Where is it?

The scope is lit. It's right in front of us.

1,000 meters. Proximity warning!

900, 800, 700.

We're right on top of her, sir! We're gonna hit.

Starck! It's right there! God!

Reverse thrusters. Full!

There she is.


Very impressive ship, Doctor.

Thank you. Mr. Smith, are you up for a flyby?

Yes, sir. Yes, I'd love to.

That's the main airlock, we can dock in there.

All right, Smith.

Use the arm and lock us onto that small antenna cluster.

We should go very carefully here. That's not a load-bearing structure.

Is now, Doctor.

Everything five by five? Locked in to the Event Horizon.

Thank you, Smitty. Light them if you got them.

Thank you very much, sir.

Starck, give me a read. The reactor's still hot.

We've got several small radiation sources, but no leaks. Probably it's nothing serious.

Do they have pressure? Affirmative.

The hull's intact, but there's no gravity, and the thermal units are off-line.

I'm showing deep cold.

The crew couldn't survive unless they were in stasis.

Find them, Starck. Yeah, I'm already on it, Captain.

Bio-scan on the line.

There's something wrong with the scan.

Is it radiation interference? There's not enough to throw it off.

I'm picking up trace life forms, but I can't get a lock on their location.

These readings are all over the ship. It doesn't make any sense.

Okay, we do it the hard way. Deck by deck, room by room.

Starck, deploy the umbilicus.

Smitty, fire up the boards in the war room.


Mr. Justin, I believe you're up for a walk?

Yes, sir.

Doctor, I'm gonna need you here on the bridge.


I didn't come out all this way just to sit on your bridge.

I need to be on that ship. Once we've secured the ship, we'll bring you on board. No, I'm sorry, that's unacceptable.

I need to be on that ship. Once we've secured the ship.

That's the way it is.

I need you to guide us from the com station.

This is where I need you. Help us do our job.

Honey, honey, you forgot your briefcase.

Stand clear.

Anything gets funky, Cooper... I'll be on it.

Yo, Baby Bear, keep your nose clean.

D.J., showtime.

Video feed is clear.

Are you with us, Dr. Weir? Yes, I'm with you.

We are crossing the umbilicus, making our approach to the Event Horizon.

You're at the outer airlock door.

Magnetic boots on.

We've got pressure.

Place is a deep freeze.

We got ice crystals everywhere.

That's the central corridor that you're in now.

It connects the personnel areas at the front of the ship to Engineering at the rear.

Mr. Justin, you take Engineering. Yes, sir.

Peters and I'll take the forward decks.

Doctor, what are these?

Yeah, I've got another one over here. They are all over the place.

In an emergency, they destroy the central corridor and split the ship in half and then the crew can use the foredecks as a lifeboat.

I'm in Medical. No casualties.

Place looks like it's never been used.

You still haven't seen any crew?

If we saw any crew, Doctor, you'd know it by now.

Scanning for life readings.

This place is a tomb.

Fuck me!

Miller. Miller, are you okay?

Looks like Skipper got a case of the willies.

Cooper, get back to your post.

Miller, your heart rate just went through the roof.

I'm fine.

I think I've reached the door to the first containment, Dr. Weir.

The Engineering decks are on the other side.

Okay, let's take a look.

What the hell is this place, Dr. Weir?

It allows you to enter the second containment without compromising the magnetic fields.

Looks like a meat grinder to me.

I'm on the bridge.

Got some blood here.

There must have been a coolant leak. Man, this shit is everywhere.

Coolant level's on reserve, but well within the safety line.

Miss Peters, could you turn back and left?

What is it? Ship's log.

It's stuck.

It's pretty jammed in there.

What the hell happened to his eyes?

Explosive decompression. Decompression doesn't do that.

Looks like it was caused by... I don't know, an animal or something.

Look at the damage to the soft tissue, massive abrasions.


I'm scanning for life forms.

Man, I'm getting some really strange readings in here.

Let me see if I can get some power up.

That's the core, the gravity drive.

The heart of the ship.

Justin. Justin, you're breaking up.

Justin, come in.

What is it? I don't know.

The life scan just went off the scale.

Something's wrong, Starck. Pull him out. Pull him out.


He's in trouble.

Go, Coop. I'm gone.

Boarding party, sound off.

This is Miller. Can anybody hear me?

What the fuck was that? Pressure emergency!

We've lost the starboard baffle. The hull's been breached!

I'll contain it here for as long as I can! Get out!

We're losing atmosphere.

There are pressure suits in the airlock. Go!

Here I come. Here I come.

Hold on, Baby Bear.

I'm almost there, almost there.

I got you. I got...

Watch out. Watch...

I got you. What the fuck is this?

Hold on.

Captain Miller. Captain Miller, do you copy? Over.

Smitty, where you been all my life? We have a major situation here, sir.

We've lost the starboard baffle, and the hull's been breached.

The safety circuits, they have failed.

Do we have time for a weld? No, sir.

We've got 218 liters of gas left, sir, and then we've got nothing.

The oxygen tanks, they failed, they're broken.

Sir, we are fucking dead! What about the Event Horizon?


She's got air and power. It's our only chance.

There's no way I'm getting on that bastard.

We don't even know what happened on that ship.

It beats dying, Mr. Smith.

I want all personnel on board the Event Horizon, pronto.

We'll meet at the air tanks. I'm ahead of you, sir.

Bringing all thermal units online.

Hold tight. Prep for G's.

Gravity in five seconds.

Wake up, open your eyes. All right? Just hang in there.

Dr. Weir.

Well, I brought most primary systems online.

For now. Thank you.

Starck, what's our status? The antenna array is completely fried.

We've got no radio, no laser, no high gain.

No one's coming to help us.

This air tastes bad. Yeah, carbon dioxide, I know.

It's building up with every breath we take.

And the CO2 filters on the Event Horizon are shot.

So, we take the scrubbers from the Clark.

That gives us what? Enough breathable air for 20 hours, but after that, we'd better be on our way home.

I'm on the port side of the hull, approaching the dorsal heat sink.

Holy shit.

Captain Miller. Captain Miller, do you copy? Over.

I copy, Mr. Smith. How's my ship?

Sir, we've got a 7-meter fracture on the outer hull.

We should be able to repair her, but it is gonna take an awful lot of time, sir.

Negative. 20 hours, we run out of air.

Understood, sir.

What happened here, Doctor?

Okay, how is he?

His vital signs seem stable, but he's unresponsive to stimuli.

I don't know.

He might wake up in 15 minutes.

He might not wake up at all.

Look, Skipper, I know this shit sounds weird, but..

I mean, there was like nothing, and then Justin appeared, and it was liquid, and the whole core just turned solid.

It's just not physically possible.

Doctor, please. Please, don't start in with that physics shit.

I'm telling you, I saw it.

Mr. Cooper, it would mean the gateway was open.

That's it. The gateway was open. The gateway couldn't be open because the gravity drive wasn't activated.

Look, I'm telling you what I saw, Doc! So...

It can't just start up by itself. Mr. Cooper, you are out of line.

Doctor, Mr. Justin may die. Now, I have to assume that whatever happened to him could happen to all of us.

Mr. Cooper says he saw something. I believe he saw something.

I need an explanation.

In my view, Mr. Cooper's delusional, if you don't mind my saying so.

But maybe he saw an optical effect caused by gravitational distortion.

"An optical effect"? That's fucking poetic.

Where the fuck... Cooper!

I'm sorry. All right.

Gravitational distortion. What could create that, Doctor?

If, somehow, a burst of gravity waves escaped from the core, it could distort space-time.

It could make Justin seem to disappear.

It could also have damaged the Lewis and Clark.

However, I think this is entirely unlikely.

What's in the core, Doctor?

It's complicated.

How much time do you need? We have..

17 hours and 48 minutes.

What's in the core?

This is the gateway.

Now, these three magnetic rings, when they align, it creates an artificial black hole which allows the ship to travel to any point in space.

A black hole, the most destructive force in the universe.

And you've created one? Absolutely, yes.

Because we can use that immense power to bend space-time.

Look, it would take the Lewis and Clark 1,000 years to reach our nearest star.

But the Event Horizon could be there in a day.

If it worked.

You can come down. It's perfectly safe.

So, if Mr. Justin was sucked through your gateway, he could've gone wherever the Event Horizon's been.

Theoretically, yes.

But as I told you before, the gateway can't just open by itself.

I see.

Lieutenant, I want this room sealed off.

Second containment from here on in is off-limits.

Yes, sir. Captain, there's no danger.

The gateway's contained behind three magnetic fields.

It's perfectly safe. Safe?

Doctor, my ship is in pieces and one of my crewmen may not make it home alive.

No one else goes near this thing.

Come on.

There's got to be something on this log.

You can do this.


D.J., where are you? I'm up on Deck 4.



What is it? You all right?

What's up? You was out there so long, I thought you were trying to break my record.

Listen, I'd rather spend the next 12 hours outside than another five seconds in this shit can.

It's the final entry in the ship's log.

I want to say how proud I am of my crew.

I'd like to name my station heads:

Chris Chambers, Janice Reuben, Ben Fender, Dick Smith.

We've reached safe distance...

This is John Kilpack, ship's captain.

...and we're preparing to engage the gravity drive, and open the gateway to Proxima Centauri.

Hail and farewell.

What is that? I'll run it through a few filters, see if I can clean it up.

It's a power drain. It's the core.

Stay here. Look after Justin.

I don't want anybody else near that thing.

Wait for me, Doctor.

What's causing the drain? Magnetic fields are holding.

Maybe a short in the fail-safe circuit. I'll check it.

Can you give us a hand?


Justin, can you hear me?

He's coming. Who's coming?

The dark.

Yeah, that's the one.





Captain Miller!

I've got some problems here.

Be with me, forever.

Dr. Weir?

Carbon dioxide can produce hallucinations, impair judgment.

God damn it, D.J., it was not a hallucination.

All right.

Doctor, you were in the duct.

You must have heard something.

You must have seen something. I did.

About an hour ago, I saw my son lying on the examination table and in his legs were... Miss Peters...

..if you don't mind my saying so, ...crawling... it sounds a little like shock.

Could it be that you're traumatized... No. No.

...by seeing the body on the... Excuse me. No!

I've seen bodies before. This was different.

She's right. Now, this was real.

I felt... I felt heat.

This is not something that's in our heads.

Smitty, have you seen anything unusual at all?

No, I haven't seen anything, and I don't need to see anything, sir, but I can tell you... this ship is fucked.

Thank you for that scientific analysis, Mr. Smith.

Well, you don't expect to figure it out, do you?

All right, Doc.

When you break all the laws of physics, you seriously think there won't be a price?

You already killed the last fucking crew. And now you want to kill us as well!

It's just a fucking ship, all right? D.J.!

It's just a ship, do you understand? It's just a big hunk of metal.

There's nothing odd going on. D.J.?

Fine. D.J.?

You all right? Yeah, I'm just...

I'm sorry.

Damn it! Smitty.

It's all right. That's it. Fucking...

That's enough! I want you calm, I want you cool! Now!

All right. You're going back upstairs.

You're going outside on the Clark with Cooper, and you're going to repair the ship. No mistakes.

Mistakes, nobody goes home. Understood?

Yes, sir. All right.

Sir. Get moving.

Miller. What is it, Starck?

I ran the bio-scan with the DNA-RNA filters.

The results were bio readings...

Of an indeterminate origin. Yes, I know.

Don't you have anything useful to tell me, Lieutenant?

I've got a theory. Let's hear it.

I think that there's a connection between the readings and the hallucinations, like they're all part of a defensive reaction, some sort of immune system.

I don't have time to listen to this.

You have to listen to me. To what?

I'm saying that this ship is reacting to us and the reactions are getting stronger.

It's as if the ship brought back something with it, a life force of some kind.

What are you telling me? That this ship is alive?

You wanted an answer, and it's the only one I've got.

No, what I want, Lieutenant, is to survive the next 10 hours.




Did you hear that? Did you hear that?

What's that? What is it?

You heard it. What did you hear?

What is it? Peters, listen to me.

It's D.J., all right?

I didn't hear anything. Neither of us heard anything.

So just calm down, all right? Okay.

Get your breath back. Okay.

Now, tell me. I was...

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Open the door.

Stop moving!

No! Weir, stop. Stop him!

What're you doing?

In our current environment, Dr. Weir, self-control is an asset.

What is it?

The forward airlock.

Miller, Smith, Cooper, anyone in the airlock?

That's a negative, Starck.


Justin. Don't!

Justin, no!

Justin, no! Justin, open the door.

Miller, come in.

Miller, come in. We have an emergency.

What's going on in there, Starck?

Justin's in the airlock. Say again.

Justin is in the airlock and he is not wearing a suit.

Shit. I'm on it. As you were, sailor.

Skipper, you need me on this. I need you right where you are.

He's engaged the override.

Can you shut it down? I'll try.

Coming to him, Starck.

Justin! Open this door, now!

Starck, give me status.

You better hurry. He's engaged the override and we can't open the inner door. I'll get the kit.

Justin, open the door!

Justin, open the door.

Did you hear it? Keep him talking.

Yes. Yes, I heard it. Do you know what it is?

It shows you things, horrible things. What does?

The dark inside me from the other place.

I won't go back there. I won't. No, Baby Bear.

Come on, open the door. What's happening?

I don't think she can talk him down. She'd better.

If he opens the airlock, he's going to turn inside out.

No. No, you stay with me. Almost got it.

I've almost got it. You stay with me, Justin.

Come on, now. Open that door!

If you could see the things I've seen, you wouldn't try to stop me.

No, that's not you talking. That's not you talking.

That's it. That's it, right there.

Open the door. Go for that button. Come on.



Captain, Justin just activated the door. It's on a 30-second delay.


Stand by for decompression in 25 seconds.

Where am I?

Hey. Starck, get it fucking open!

Hey, open the door. I can't.

The inner door won't open when the outside door's been triggered.

It'd decompress the entire ship. Oh, my God.

Mama Bear, open the door.

Come on, please.

Captain! Patch me through to him.

Captain Miller, tell them to open the door.

They can't do that, Justin.

I don't want to die in here. You're not gonna die.

I want you to listen to me very carefully, and I'm gonna get you out of there.

Oh, my God.

It's starting.

My eyes. Don't think about them. Shut them.

Just shut them as tight as you can.

Five seconds.

Tuck yourself into a crouch position. Make yourself into a ball now.

I can't breathe. Oh, God.

Oh, God, it hurts.

I want you to huff and puff and blow all the air out of your lungs.

Do you hear me? All the air out of your lungs, Justin.

Do it, now!

Okay, Baby Bear.

Got him. I got him. Stand by, people.


We've got pressure. We're coming, Justin. We're coming.

I'm going to need five units here. Hold his head still.


Give me some more glycerin, now.

One thing at a time, let's keep him breathing.

Christ, he's bleeding out.

Start the drip, 15 cc. Pressure's still dropping.

I've stopped the bleeding, stabilized him best I can.

He won't be pretty, but he should live...

If we make it back. We'll make it.

Starck, what's our time like?

CO2 levels will become toxic in four hours.

All right.

Peters, we've got to find out what happened to the other crew before the same thing happens to us.

I can work on the log on the bridge, but I won't go back to Medical.

Fine. Yes, sir.

Justin said something about, "the dark inside me."

What's that mean?


I don't think it means anything.

Don't you walk away from me, mister.

I'd like some answers, Doctor.

I'd like to know why one of my men tried to commit suicide by throwing himself out of an airlock. I'd like to know what caused that noise.

Look, thermal changes in the hull could've caused the metal to expand and contract rapidly, causing reverberations. This is possible.

Bullshit! You built this fucking ship. You've given me nothing but bullshit.

What do you want me to say?

You said the ship's drive creates a gateway.

Yeah. To what?

I don't know. Where did it go?

Where did you send it? I don't know.

Where has it been for the last seven years?

Look, I don't know.

"I don't know," is not good enough, Doctor.

You're supposed to be the fucking expert.

I need answers. That's your job.

Now, the other place, where is that? I don't know! I don't know!

Look, there's a lot of things happening around here that I don't fully understand. I need time.

I see.

Well, that's exactly what we don't have, Doctor.


Don't leave me!

Don't leave me!


For God's sakes, help me!

It's in your head.

It's just in your head.

God help us.

I'm telling you, it was his voice I heard.

He was calling to me. A young bosun named Eddie Corrick.

We served on the Goliath together.

When the O2 tanks ruptured, four of us made it to the lifeboat.

But Corrick was still on board the Goliath when the fire broke out.

You ever seen fire in zero gravity?

It's beautiful.

It's like liquid.

It slides all over everything.

Comes up in waves.

And they just kept hitting him, wave after wave.

He was screaming for me to save him.

What did you do?

I did the only thing I could.

I closed the lifeboat hatch, and I left him behind.

I swore I'd never lose another man.

I've known you a long time.

You never told me that.

That's just it, D.J., I never told anybody.

But this ship knew about it.

It knows my fears. It knows my secrets.

Gets inside your head, and it shows you.

I wasn't going to tell you this.

I've been listening to the distress signal.

And I...

I think I made a mistake in the translation.

Go on.

I thought it said "liberate me."

Save me.

But it's not "me."

It's "Liberate tutume."

Save yourself.

And it gets worse.


I think, that says "ex inferis."

"Save yourself,

"from hell."

Look, if what Dr. Weir tells us is true, this ship has been beyond the boundaries of our universe of known scientific reality.

Who knows where it's been, what it's seen, and what it's brought back with it.

From hell.

You don't believe in that kind of stuff, do you?

Whoever sent that message, he sure believes in hell.

Captain Miller.

Whatever it is, Coop, it better be good.

Yes, sir.

Ready to repressurize the Clark and get the hell out of here.

On my way.

Come on, baby, don't let me down.

Hello, baby. Papa's home.

She's holding.

Oh, shit.

Skipper, we're still venting trace gasses.

Give me about 20 minutes to plug the hole.

Cooper, you are the lifesaver. 20 minutes and we're underway.


Got any coffee? Yeah, but it's cold.




We're leaving.

No, we can't leave.

Our orders are specific.

Rescue the crew, salvage what's left of the ship.

The crew is dead, Doctor. Your ship killed them.

We came here to do a job. We're aborting, Doctor!

Starck, download the files from the Event Horizon's computers.

D.J., I want you to get Justin prepped and ready to move him back to the Clark.

There's stuff I wanna get from medical. We'd better move him in the tank.

No problem. Do it.

Peters. Yes, sir.

I want you to get the CO2 scrubbers back into the Clark.

Take Smitty with you. Right.



Don't do this. It's done.

What about my ship? You can't just leave her.

I have no intention of leaving her, Doctor.

I will take the Lewis and Clark to a safe distance, and then I will launch tac missiles at the Event Horizon, until I'm satisfied she's vaporized. Fuck this ship.

Captain Miller, the bio-scan just went off the scale.

It looks like the core is draining power from the rest of the ship.

Get the files. Vacate. I want off this ship.

You can't leave. She won't let you.

You just get your gear and get back on the Lewis and Clark Doctor, or you'll find yourself walking home.

I am home.

Let's go!



Come on.

Ready? Shot.

Shot. Okay.

Peters, can we go? This place is really freaking me out.

Yeah, you wanna breathe on the way home.

No, I don't! Let's go! Shit!

25. Come on!

We need 25. Peters!

Come on! Got it!

Oh, no. Peters.

Oh, God.




It's me. I'm home.

I'm home.

I know I wasn't there when you needed me, and I'm sorry I...

I let my work come between us.

God, Claire, no.

I'm begging you, please. Please, don't.

Not again, please.

I've been so...

I've been so...


It's all right.

I've been so alone. You'll never be alone again.

You're with me now. You're with me and I have such wonderful, wonderful things to show you.

Damn, I'm good.

Coop. Coop, how long are you going to take?

'Cause I've got to get the hell out of here.

Look, you can kiss my ass, Smith, 'cause I'm done.

Just give me a second to collect my tools and we can get out of Dodge.

Two minutes tops. Roger that.


Dr. Weir.



Dr. Weir, get your ass back on board now!



Captain Miller, Captain Miller, do you copy? Over.

Captain Miller. Captain Miller, do you copy? Over.

Go ahead, Smitty.

I've just seen Weir messing around on the Clark sir.

Stand by, Smitty, I wanna check something out.

Smith, get out of there. Come again, sir?

One of the explosives is missing from the corridor.

Weir might have put it on the Clark. No. No way.

No, sir, no way. I've just put it back together, sir.

Get off the Clark now, Smith!

Where the fucking hell are you?

Got you.

Hang on, Smitty. I'm coming!



Where the fuck am I going?

Why does this shit got to happen to me? Fuck.

All right, think, Coop. Think. Think.

All right, I got to get back to the ship. I got to get back to the ship, all right.

I gotta blow my air tank. I'll blow my air tank.

All right. Fuck.

This better work. This shit better work. All right.

Here I go. All right. One, two, three. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here I come, motherfuckers!


What was that? Clark's gone.

Smitty and Cooper are dead. What? What the...

It was Weir. You spot him, you take him out.


Be careful, D.J. Don't worry about Weir.

I'll take care of him.


D.J.? D.J., answer me!

Okay, Dr. Weir.

You don't wanna leave your ship?

You never will.


It's okay.

I'm gonna get you out of here.



Oh, my God.

What happened to your eyes?

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

What are you talking about?

I created the Event Horizon to reach the stars.

But she's gone much, much further than that.

She tore a hole in our universe, a gateway to another dimension.

A dimension of pure chaos, pure evil.

When she crossed over, she was just a ship.

But when she came back, she was alive.

Look at her, Miller.

Isn't she beautiful?

Your beautiful ship killed its crew, Doctor.

Well, now she has another crew.

Now she has us.

What do you think you're doing, Doctor?

You wanted to know where the ship has been, so now you'll find out.

If you miss me, you blow out the hull.

What makes you think I'll miss?

That's right, I'm back!

I'm... Shit, I can't stop. Hey!

Hey! Fuck.

What? Who the fuck? Oh, shit!

Miller! Miller!

Give me your hand!

Come on! I can't!

I'm not leaving you.

Forward airlock.

It can't be Weir.

I'm not taking any chances.

You watch your back.

Yo! Don't hit me. Cooper!

Take it off! Take it off!

I can't breathe. I can't breathe. You're okay.

You're okay. It's over. No, it's not.

Weir's activated the gravity drive. We got to shut it down.

How? The bridge is gone. What about Engineering?

You think you can shut it down from there?

I don't know the process. Dr. Weir was the expert.

I don't want to go where the other crew went, okay?

I'd rather be dead. Okay.

Okay, we blow the fucker up. We blow it up?

Do like Weir said. Blow the corridor, separate us from the rest of ship. Use the foredecks as a lifeboat.

With any luck, TDRS will pick up our emergency beacon.

We prep the gravity couches, put ourselves in stasis, and stand by for a search and rescue team.

Meantime, I'm gonna go manually arm these explosives.

Skipper, will this shit work? It worked for Dr. Weir.

You go activate the emergency beacon. You get back here double-quick.

Yes, sir. I'll come with you.

You stay here. You prep the gravity couches.


Close this door behind me, Lieutenant.

Gateway opening in T minus five minutes.

Emergency beacon activated.



Oh, fuck me.

Fuck me.




Gateway opening in T minus three minutes.

Detonator release is authorized.

The main corridor is now armed.

We're armed. She's ready to blow.

I repeat, we are armed. She's ready to blow.

Miller. Miller, can you hear me?

We have to get out of here now.

You let me burn.

Gateway opening in T minus two minutes.


You left me behind.

No, you're not Edmund Corrick. I watched him die.


The ship brought me back. I told you she won't let me leave.

She won't let anyone leave.

Did you really think you could destroy this ship?

She's defied space and time.

She's been to a place you couldn't possibly imagine.

And now.

It is time to go back. I know, to hell.

You know nothing. Hell is only a word.

The reality is much, much worse.

Now let me show you.

Help me!



You see? No.

They're not dead. They're not dead.

Not yet.

You... won't... take... my... crew.

They're not your crew anymore. They belong to the ship.

Gateway opening.

Take me.

You take me. You leave them alone.

No. There is no escape.

The gateway is open, and you are all coming with me.

Do you see?

Do you see?

Do you see?


I see.



This is Rescue One. We have contact.

Approaching the wreckage of the Event Horizon.

Prepare to board.

I'm entering the grav couch bay.

It doesn't appear to have been damaged in the explosion.

There appear to be three survivors:

Cooper, Justin, Lieutenant Starck.

Justin seems to have suffered massive injuries but he's still alive.

The grav couches still have power.

I'm opening the first tank now.

It's all right. It's okay.

You're safe now. Justin, Cooper.

They're fine. They're with us.

They're with us.

Starck. Starck. Stay calm. It's all right.

Calm down, it's me. Breathe deeply.

Starck. Breathe deeply.

It's the rescue team. I need a sedative here, now!

I got you, Starck. I got you. It's okay.

I need a sedative here, now!

Starck, it's the rescue team. We're safe.

Okay, okay, I need it now! We're safe.