Evidence (2012) Script

This is craps, man. Filming already?

Yeah. This thing's awesome. Are you nervous?

I don't get nervous. I hope I don't get typhoid or something.

Ah, okay. Pop quiz, ready?

Number 1, what's gonna happen if we run out of food?

At least we're gonna be the 4 eggs and more.

Nice. Aha.

Alright, number 2.

What if there's bears?

Stop, drop and roll. Nice.

Well, let me ask you, you not even a little excited about going camping?

No. In fact I'd be happy just to turn around and go back home right now.

Ryan, you're not comprehending how much shit can go wrong.

Seriously. You gotta think about it.

You got poison ivy ... you got rattlesnakes, coyotes... no toilets, which is completely disgusting and unsanitary.

Am I the only one who cares about that, by the way?

What if one of the girls gets her periods? What you gonna do?

What do you do when you get your period? I use tampon.

Look at that guy! Look, look, look!

Are you joking me?

What is he doing? He must be insane.

And you really worried about the people like that?

That's good.

Get all the way in.


Hello, hello! I see you guys playing video games?


Ryan, move!

Ryan! God damn it! Toby, where is your sister?

She's upstairs.



Why you are filming already? Because it's a documentary.

On Brett, not me packing.

But this is coverage.

And that's cleavage.

You want cleavage?

What? Oh my God. You're insane. You'll delete that, right?

Yeah, not even rolling. Okay.

Baby, my bathroom is disaster. Give me a kiss.

No. Kiss the lens.

Don't kiss the lens! You just told me to kiss it!

Give me a kiss.

I love you.

Get out, I'm packing.

I love you and you tell me to get out.

I love you back, but I'm packing.

You want me to be ready? Yeah.

Looks like you're all set. Are you gonna help me carry this?

No. Because I'm making a documentary...

And I have to hold the camera the whole time, so...

So left you lying the whole weekend?

Tough enough!

I'm booming and I'm making a documentary.


Alright, documentary man, let's go.


I like that gay little wave you did.

... and her five year old! Here you go, Brett!

Come on, I say we go. Here, it's really heavy.

Hey kid. You gonna feed the dog this time, right?

Chapatito. Thanks.

On the next episode of Ashley ...

Ashley's penis ... talks to her vagina.

This guy gonna just let you use this thing for free?

Yeah. How does he even have an RV?

The guy is fucking loaded. How?

He does porn.

Oh my God. Well, that's interesting.

Look at him go. Girls, come on, he's gone.

Tell me the camera thing isn't annoying?

Yeah, it's annoying. I totally think it's fun.

It's fucking stupid. It's fun!

No. Look how skinny Ryan's legs are.

Look at him manoeuvre. Can I do anything for you, Brett?

Not even a little bit.

Now Abi, I have something very strange to tell you.

What is that? Your boyfriend is a dork.

You're a dork. He's not a dork, he's a moron.

You're secretly in love with him, Brett. I'm secretly in love with you, Abi.

I knew it! Give me the caddy.

Check this out.

Fancy. Yeah.

He didn't make the bed, though. This is disgusting.


Are you sure you can drive this thing?

Yeah .. I can, but I'm not going to. I have to shoot.

So Brett going to drive it? I'm not driving.

No, the documentary is about Brett...

And... Ashley's leg's to short to reach the pedal.

I'm not driving this. There's no way I can drive this.

But that's the only option, honey.

I'm not driving.

Come on. You guys are dicks.

Thanks, love you! We're all going to die.

What are you filming? I'm filming the ocean.

So this is like a documentary? Yeah.

I'm not going to put any like... corn syrup in my mouth.

Well, just anything that I don't want it...

It was ketchup. It was ketchup.

Oh fucking... Give me that!

What did you do, hit your heads?

Dude, you almost broke the goddamn camera!

Was that a "No Trespassing" sign? No.

Can you even spell "trespassing"? Yes Spell it. No. I don't want to. I just saw a ...

Spell "trespassing"! Try it! No!

I've lived in stools smaller than this.

Alright ... We're here!

Exterior ... RV ... day.

Birds chirp. The camera pans around to reveal ... our heroes.

Watch your step.

We're here!


Well, what do you think?

This one look more like setting up here. This is where we camp.

True, we're leaving the RV. We camp about a half mile in.

How are we getting our shit up there?

Hand carry, buddy. Oh my God.

The fucking bag is killing me, man.

It's fucking ... scraping on my back.

My ankle's all fucked up.

What's the matter? I'm gonna take 5 seconds, man.

Oh, man, come on. No, it's fucked up, seriously.

It gonna be night time by the time we get to campsite.

What did you do to your ankle again? I fucked it up at the gym.

It's funny?

You got a gym membership?

Look at that!

Dick... Look at this! What?

You think it's funny? That's... Wow, that looks really bad.

Don't release the pressure?

Okay, I just peed in my pants, a little bit right?


What do you guys, think? I love it!

I mean we can keep hiking, maybe find a better spot.

This is awesome!

Why do we have an RV if we are not going to sleep in it?

It doesn't make any sense.

Why I need it to charge batteries and stuff like that and ...

That won't roughing it, I know, so ...

Tell the audience why you committed to doing this documentary.

Because Ryan has a way with words.

And he told me it would be fun.

And you're not having fun?

Hey listen pal, I'm just glad you got booze.

By the way, if this movie is just a compilation ... of seeing me getting drunk and falling down is not going to be good, it's going to be boring. It's a stupid concept.

I've got a plan.

Okay, this side has to go this way.

Here we go. This is the front, this is the back.

Like this... There you go!

I am teaching you how to pitch a tent.

And now let's put the sticks in this.

Where? Stick it in the hole.

I'm probably the smartest out of all four.

No. Ryan is the dumbest.

Here, I got it.

I figured it out. I did... I thought about it. I figured...

Illuminate the campsite!

Hey, wait, Ryan, don't put the spud in.

It's going to set fire to propane. You set it up over there.

Abi. Really, with you two? Are you kidding me?

Group situation. I'm surprised you not caught fire yet.

I know.

Hey, girls, we need to... Let's get something for the camera.

I'm making a movie, so...

What do you want? Wait! I got it.

I got it.

Everyone loves watching girls make out.

I think they should make out, right?

There! Here we go, yeah!

Oh my God, that was so weak. That really sucked.

It wasn't good. Shut up!

So weak.

Alright, well, if we kiss, then you two have to kiss.

Yeah, sure of course. I'm not going to do it.

Pinky said he'll do it. Do it.

That's fine. Pinky swear. Pinky swear.

Big deal. Okay. It's not over. You better do it.

Go, go. Do it.

That's it. Go!

Go for it.

Just go for it!

What the ... oh my God?

Oh my God.

My God!

Dude, I got kind of a boner.

Oh my God.

Alright, it's your turn.

I-I-I seriously don't... Do it!

I will not gonna kiss you, man. You swore!

Do it.

Ryan, they gave me boner.

And I did pinky swear.

Now kiss Ryan with your boner. Eeew.

I know, man, I think we owe them a kiss.

I didn't pinky swear.

I think I'm coming in.

Do it. Yeah, I'm coming in.

Brett, don't. No, I'm coming in for a kiss.

He's not just an asshole! Ashley, Abi ...

What's your name? Take the camera. Just take the camera!


Smell this.

I don't want to touch it, I don't want to touch it!

Come on. Smell it. Get it away from me.

Did you hear that?

What? Listen.

Okay, Abi, Where did Ryan go?

I don't know, he said he wanted to go pee.



Oh my God!

Oh my God! It's an alien gorilla!

That is the scariest thing... Where did you get that?

Come on, you guys, weren't a little bit scared at all?

You know? Brett, there's so much wildlife out there.

It could be anything. Wild life like what?

There's no bears up here, okay? And, coyotes...

Coyotes aren't going to come here to this camp.

That was definitely not a coyote.

No, that was a fucking coyote! No, it sounded like a person.

Shut the fuck up.

And if it was a coyote, why would it be out here all by itself?

Where are the other ones? I don't know, but the...

It's a fucking coyote, dude. Come on.

This is fucking retarded.

Ryan just take the camera.

Don't really know what I'm supposed to do here.

Ryan told me to talk to the camera like I was talking to an audience.

Who like talked to an audience before?

Might come out a little weird.

I'll go and cut right there.

I don't know what to say. Will you come help me?

No. Brett. Come help.

Oh, Ashley, it's easy. Okay.

Alright ... Favorite color? Green.

Mother's maiden name? Esterson.

Favorite type of movie? Musicals!

Biggest fear?


Hmm. Favorite porno?

You want to get going?

Brett. What you got?

What? A wheat?

No, this is a stick, buddy. Good. Do me a favor.

Run after Abi... and just kind of stick it down the back of her shirt.

No. No, it's going to tickle. Go, go.

Wow! Look how pretty this is, you guys.

Come on, Brett, you gotta like this. Look at this.

It's pretty cool. It's gorgeous, man.


What? Did you see that?

What's going on?

Yoh! There's something over here!

Look there, it just moved.

Hold on. I don't see anything.

Right there.

That's a fucking bush, Ashley. No, it just moved.

No, it's a fucking bush.

Oh God!

Where are you going? Don't go down there.

Oh shit!

Ryan, I don't want to be going down here!


What? Where was it?

You're out of your mind, man! Get out of the ravine!

Are you serious?

I don't feel safe here at all. Let's get out of here.

Honey, whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be a lot more afraid of us ... than we gonna be of it. Brett! Which way did it go?

Ryan, I'm not playing this game with you, man.

Ryan, let's just get back to the camp.

Did you hear that?

Ryan, I don't want to be down here anymore!

Ryan. Jesus... Ryan! I'm getting out of here. Come on.

Ryan, come on!

What the hell is your problem, Ryan?

Good. You're alive. Brett, did you hear that?

I don't care, Ryan. I don't care about your fucking camera.

You're not... Get it in your head, man. Think about your girlfriend.

You bring her down there?

Oh my God...

Come on, turn around. Look at the lens.

Tell the audience what you're thinking right now.

Well, I'm thinking of going back to the city, Ryan.

Well, hey, junior? City is this way, okay?

I can't go to the bathroom?

That's breaking the rules to your bullshit documentary?

Ryan... Don't follow me with the camera, man.

What's your fucking problem? You're in my head, man.

You're fucking with me on every turn. What did you have to offer me?

Why did I do to you? What, the gorilla suit?

Jesus! Speaking of which ... What the fuck was that thing, man?

Is there someone fucking with us? Well, was it an animal? You're...?

I don't know! That's what makes it so... You're not even a little bit afraid!

No, well ...

You know, you call me your friend, You call us your friends ...

This is not how you treat your fucking friends, man. Your girlfriend's here.

Honey, why are you doing this?

Do you have any idea what documentary filmmakers go through?

Okay, if I want this thing to pay off...

I've got to look at it as an outsider.

So what do you feel? I'm not happy with you.

Not me, with Brett. What's going on?

Fine. You know anything about this trip?

I think that you have complete tunnel vision when it come to this stupid project, and you're not actually seeing all the weird crap that's going on around us.

You don't think people are over-reacting a little bit.

Fine. What were those noises last night?


No, they were not coyotes. It sounded like a person.

Then campers or something.

As far is honey, we are not the first people to come up here.

Fine. What was that thing in the ravine we just saw?


I finally have something to talk about in this documentary, okay.

I.. it's important to me to find out what everybody's feeling.

Fine, I felt... confused and scared, and I don't know what the hell we saw today.

What about Brett?

He feels the same way, man. He's fed up.

With this trip?

No, Ryan, he's fed up with you.

Alright, yeah. I'll give you something for your fucking movie, Ryan.

Thank you.

This is a movie made by a self-righteous prick... who cares more... about the success of his movie than the safety of his friends.

Fuck you, Ryan.

So typical of Brett. He is completely over-reacting.

When he gets like this, the best thing to do is just leave him alone...

Let him cool down. I'll check on him a little bit... to see if we can have a good time tonight.

What are you doing?

It's got this screw loose, and I just can't separate it. In reality ... these things they want to see on camera.

What do you mean?

Hey look look. This is not something we have...

We have at a baseball game...

There was this guy in front of us. He was like, you know...** by the pain in the ass. He was getting in front by yelling and... he was fuck... he was annoyed.

I was annoyed. Ryan was pissed.

And I was kind of pissed too, but whatever...

He got... The guy got up and went to the bathroom.

Ryan takes out a Swiss Army knife and he starts starts tape signs to the leg of the bench, okay.

Are you kidding me?

Yeah, so he's like still standing up or whatever.

The guy comes back, sit back down and fall back... and hits his head like he almost cracked his head open.

And it was like messed up and I looked at Ryan...

He was just watching the game. Stone cold, nothing... no emotion.

I know it's like... it's like... fuck.

I know he'll get my back in a platter or whatever but...

It's like a disconnect. Yeah.

That's really weird.


Come on. I don't want.

Ash. Not tonight, Ryan.


Come on.

Well, it'll shut you up. Here we go.

Yeah, don't make me the other one.

Do it.

Well, what the hell.

Brett, we don't drink alone, man.

Come on, buddy, leave at that. Come on.

Might as well. We're stuck here.

I turn around and she is butt naked behind me... like washing me off... and she's like

"Turn around. This is so awkward."

See you bathing and all that. Why was she naked?

I don't know! I don't know!

And that's why Ashley has new friends now.

Ryan, what is your most embarrassing moment?

Yeah babe, what's your most embarrassing moment?

I got a good one for you. It's really good.

How come I don't know it. Okay.

Stop hogging this baby.

I don't think you need it anymore.

You can have this.

Ashley. What are you doing?

Ashley, you fell asleep in the dirt.

What? Abi, move, please.

Ryan, look at her.

Honey, oh my God...

Ashley, you look... You heard him snoring so loud.

You were like a gorilla! You.

Ash, it's time to get up. Get up. Come here. Give me your hand.

Oh my God.

Oh, I haven't been sleeping.

Yeah I'm ready. I have a young memory!

I think we're having a few. I didn't have a fuck...

You're cute.

You guys hear that, right?

Abi! Would you guys, shut up.

It's a bear!

Shut up! Ashley, shut up!

Alright ... I'm out.

Brett, hold on.


Brett, come on. Didn't you have a sense.

Okay, so I know you guys are all freaked up right now.

The sun is gonna be up in a few hours. Iím just gonna stay up and look for her.

What? I just heard something.


I don't know, I just heard something.

I'm not seeing any... Hello there!


Saw your fire. Mind if I join you?

No, help yourself. Thank you.

You guys seen a lost dog?

I'm sorry, a lost dog? No.

Nice camera you got there. Take a look, okay?

No you can't.

Is anything wrong?

You tell me. You're not going to touch it, okay?

Sorry... Anyone?

Warm you up.

You gonna... need more wood for this fire.

Good night.


He's got a God fucking gun!

And yeah?

He's got in his hand a God fucking gun!

Why does he have a gun? He's just looking for his dog.

Ashley, shut up!

I wasn't so sure we should be up here.

Ryan, this is getting really weird. Let's just go home now.

Right, you think I'm getting on a trail with that guy on it? No way.

Ashley, I'll sleep in your tent tonight.

We leaving first thing in the morning, Ryan.

Let's go. Get up.

Honey, what you doing?

I'm not staying here by myself. I gonna sit out there with you.

You don't really think that anything is going on, do you?

You... forget about all the noises going on.

You saw what everyone was seeing with me.

That thing was not natural.

Yeah. I don't know what it was either, but ...

Look, you have nothing to be afraid of.

I'm not sitting in here by myself.

Then, will you just take the camera and I'll set up the tripod. Keep it rolling though.

Why do I have to keep it rolling?

Because when you and Brett and Ashley find out... that this all is some fucking prank, I want it all caught on tape, okay?

You're an idiot. Just give me the camera.

Aah! Ryan! Ryan!

What? Did you shake the tent?

Did I shake the tent? No. Something just shook the tent!

It just came from behind and started shaking the tent!

Did you get it on tape?

No, I didn't get anything on film! Are you kidding me right now?

Okay, give me the camera.

I'll take a look.


Did you hear that?


Did you see what it was?

No, nothing. I didn't see anything.

I heard footsteps and then something shook the tent right after.

Well, whatever it was, it's gone.

Hey, let's sit by the campfire.

All right.

Abi, get the camera!

Ryan! No!

Ryan! What the hell was that?

I don't know.

Where is Ryan? He went out there.

Look, I'm going back. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm over it.

Ashley, come on. We're going back to the RV.

Now, now, now. Go, go, go!

God... Ryan!

Don't leave me!

Your boyfriend is going to get himself killed, Abi.

Abi, turn off the fucking camera!

Really, Abi, with the camera now?

It is the brightest light we have.

I have no idea how Ryan is going to find us.

Ryan can fuck and ** himself.

Guys, are we even on the right trail?

What's that?



God, I can't breathe! I can't breathe!

Did you see anything? No! No, I just heard something!

Gosh, you didn't see it?

Oh God.

Why are you still fucking filming, Abi? Seriously.

Ryan's still out there!

That guy's is **. I know, I know.

What the devil.

Do you see anything? No, no no no!

My God! Abi, get away from the door!

It's Ryan!

Where the fuck have you been, Ryan?

I've been looking for those campers. Did you see anything out there?

There was something on the fucking roof. Was that you?

No, I wasn't on the roof. Was that you?

Did you promise it wasn't you? You promise.

We got to get the fuck out of here. What is this?

There's something on it. There was something...

Something was chasing us the entire time.

Ryan, if you were ** Are you fucking with this man?

Ryan, start up the RV. I just want to go.

No! Hold on.

I can't just leave.

Your fucking tent? I'll buy you a new fucking tent.

See yourself. There's seriously something out there!

Okay, seriously, calm down.

Calm down, calm down everyone.

Let's just all take a minute to chill, okay?

Give me the camera. Unbelievable.

You'll wait until the morning to get us back.

Get the keys and start the fucking RV!

I'm not fucking around anymore.

Brett, I'm not leaving my stuff out there, ok.

I don't care what you say! Shut up!

Ok look! We got 2 options for you, ok. No. 1, we go get the sheet right now...

You don't understand. There was something fucking chasing us out there.

Ok, Brett look. We can go get the stuff right now in the middle of the night, ok.

Or we can go wait till the morning to get it back.

So you pick. Right now or in the morning?

Fine. First thing in the fucking morning.



Oh my fucking... Gosh! What the hell is she doing?




Ashley, honey, do me a favor. Shut the fuck up.

I can't find Brett. It is way too early for this.

Why you can't find Brett?

I woke up this morning and the door was open. I can't find Brett.

Is he taking a shit?


Oh my God. Stop yelling.

Make her stop. Oh God.

Move! We need to go.

We need to find them. We need to go. We need to find them.

He's probably at the campsite. Okay, let's go.

Okay, let's go. Mike shut up!

Oh! Shut up.

Stop being a dick to her. Shut up.

Don't tell me to shut up.

Let's go!

Come on. Yeah, I'll be right there.


Abi ... Abi hold up. What are you doing?

Just look at the camera.

What are you doing with that? Why are we stopping.

Abi, why are we stopping? I'm checking my focus.

You know what? Brett is missing and we're stopping to checking your fucking focus...

Ryan! Abi, have him turn it off. Turn it...

Ashley, stop! God!

Ashley, calm the fuck down.

Shut up, Ryan! He's at fucking campsite!


Alright, so Ashley, his pack is gone, so ...

Just like I said, he got here and took his pack and moved back to the city.

Check it out. Ash, what are you doing?

Ashley, what are you doing? I'm checking to see if I have service.

Service? Are you retarded? I expect a little pocket somewhere.

A pocket? You guys are both retarded.

Oh my God, you're not going to get service here.

Brett went back to the city.

It's a little weird that he's just left without telling any of us.

No. It's not weird. Because I know him. This is exactly what he would have done.

Shut up, Ryan.

Oh my God. Okay, look. Let's pack up everything.

We'll run into him on the road, okay?

Here. I'll set down the camera and help you guys out.

Really you guys?

Ashley? Come on.

This is boring.

Abi, could you say something? Come on.

Shut up. Nobody wants to fucking hear you talk right now. Your voice is annoying.

How are you not worried a little bit about your friend Brett?

Abi, hey, dumb fuck. I've known Brett ten fucking years, okay.

He does this shit all the time! Really? Really? Alright. Okay.

You're being a fucking bitch. You're being a fucking dick!

You're filming all this stupid shit. It's ain't fucking useful anymore.

Brett's not even here. It's on documentary, dipshit!

On Brett, dipshit! Brett's not here.

You know, the subject of documentary doesn't always start out with...

You're a dick! Fucking shut the fuck up. Shut up!

30 minutes and nobody's talk to me. Really?

Ryan, what's wrong with you? Always good to know you and Brett...

Oh my God, will you shut up about Brett! Jesus!

Can you go 5 minutes without talking about your fucking pretend boyfriend, ok?

I get it. We all get it. You want to fuck him and you did.

Maybe if you weren't so fucking pathetic, he would have fucked you.

Fucking a, man.

What is that?

Get out of the way, Ashley. What the fuck is that?

Oh, you fucking joking me...

I'm going to fucking murder him. I'm going to fucking kill him.


What are we going to do?

Holy shit! Oh my God...

Look at this fucking place!

What are we gonna do?

I tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go outside.

I'm gonna find whoever's doing this. I'm gonna kick his fucking ass in.

No, you're not going to leave us.

I thought... Abi, god dammit! I'm going to go out and find...

Somebody is fucking with us for the last three days!

You can't leave us here by ourselves.

Get the fuck out of the way. Ashley, get out of the way... before I break this fucking camera over your goddamn face!


Come out here!

Get the fuck over here!

I'm gonna fucking murder you, you fucking piece of shit!



Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!

Did you find Brett? Where were you?

Abi? What are you doing?

I'm giving you the camera, okay?

Why are you giving me the camera?

I'm gonna go get help. What are you doing?

Ryan, what are you doing? I'm gonna go get some help.

Ryan, no! Don't leave us again.

Lock the doors. I love you.

I don't know why I'm turning this stupid thing on.

But the sun is about to go down and you're not back yet.

I know you always film the sunset.

I'll film it for you, so you won't be upset when you get back.

Just hurry back.

Oh, that's so much better.

It's bright.

What do you want to do?

About what?

Should we just leave?

No, I think we should wait for Ryan to be back.

He'd been out for a long time.

Yeah, he's probably got help...

...probably he'll be back now.

What do you think happened to Brett?

We should probably turn the light off to save the battery.


There's no reason to have it on.

I don't want to sit here in the dark.

If there is something out there, it's going to see the light.

No, I mean I don't want to sit here in the dark.

Gonna be fine. It's better to have it off.

Holy fuck!

Oh God, what the fuck is that?

Turn that lights on. No.

Lights gotta wait. I don't see him.

Where is it?

Fucking, what was that? I don't know...

I don't know what was that... What was that?

Where did he go?

Oh my God.

Now get up!

Get up!

Get up! We gotta... We gotta get going!

Stand up! Come on Abi!

Please stop. Just stop.

Ok, ok turn the light off. Turn the light off.

We will die.

Oh my God.

What has happened?

Oh my God.

Okay, come on.

I can't run anymore. Get up.

Get up! Come on!

Wait! Abi, there's a... ! there's a way.

Come this way!

Abi, this way!

Help is going to the end. Turn... turn the light off.

God ... okay.

Where the hell are we?


Please remain calm.

You are in a restricted area. Do no attempt to run.

Stay where you are and await further instructions.


Come here. Come here.

Abi, we should run for it.

He's behind you! Run! Run!

He's up there! Oh God, Ashley!

They are everywhere!

Get away from us!


You hear that?


Abi, it's open.

What do we do?

Oh my God!

We can telephone here. We have to find one.

It's closed!

Go upstairs. Maybe upstairs!

Ashley... Ashley, we can't get out!

We're trapped!


We really really gonna die, Abi. We really gonna die.

Are you okay? I **.

We can get out of here.

No, it can't open.

Ashley! You can help me! Help me!

Be careful.

This is a restricted area.

Can you help us?

How did you find us? No onions.

Yes... I can help you!

You can't help me.

Get us out of here.

You're too much!

Go! Go. Go on! Run!

Hurry, the trunk!

Fox fire, over.

I secured ** and moving your way.

I'm going to the hangar. Lucy is all over me!

Arrange the helicopter priority for evac.

Move, move!

Get inside!

This way...

Just keep it rolling.

Oh God.

No! No!

Give me the fucking camera!

The key is no longer valid.

Pick it up! Come on, let's go!

Where are we? Where are we?

Please could you tell us what's going on?

Oh God!

I work here. No, no please. God!

Do you want to live?

Shut up. Shut up. Quiet.

No, please don't leave me! Please don't leave me here!

Move! Move! Move!

Follow me. Come on. Come on.

Give me the camera.

I had no idea they had gone this far.

Now, do you see why this is so important?


These motherfuckers.

You gonna die! Die!


Stay where you are!

Weapons drawn down! Don't move!

Down to the floor!

Get behind me.


We need to get outside. Oh shit!

Get on your fucking feet!

Come on, there's helicopters. Get that camera out of here!

Go, go, go.

Give me your hand. Get in. Get in.

In-breeders in pursuit on sector six.

Affirmative. I have precious cargo. Heading your way.

It's negative. You gotta see this for yourself.


Are you alright? You're gonna be okay.

Go! Go!

It's alright. It's gonna be okay.

I want complete recording of all activity which is inside the zone.


You are in a free fire zone, gentlemen.

Confirm. We have blood.

Proceed with caution.

76, are you getting this?


Appears inhuman.

Moving through next room.

Private interlock system.

Welcome to ...

Don't fire. Don't fire.


Care to see the face?

Gentlemen, his face?

Don't move. Don't move. Hear something?

I hear noise.

Watch each other.