Evidence (2013) Script

Reporter: I hear there's a lot of dead bodies and zero leads.

We're still processing the crime scene.

When we have that information, I'll let you know.

(Reporters clamoring) How many victims? Do you have any leads?

Slow down, slow down.

We're getting reports that there are multiple survivors.

Can you confirm that? (Clamoring continues)

We'll be releasing those details when we're ready.

Is it true you discovered cameras at the scene of the crime?

As soon as we have answers, I'll let you know.

Next question.

(All talking at once)

...can you explain that?

As you know, from the record of this department, we will not stop until justice is served.

That's all we have time for.

(Clamoring continues) We'll release more information later.

When we know more, you'll know more. Thank you.

Man: That's all for now, folks, thanks for coming.

There'll be another press conference later. Thank you very much.

I wanna watch these videos. What have we got on those bodies?

Explosion corrupted half the forensics. Okay, what about I.D.'S?

Can't tell if the ones we do have are male or female.

Well, figure it out. Yes, ma'am.


Go home, Reese. You're on leave. I want on the case.

I have enough on my plate. I can't deal with your baggage.

Baggage. Is that what you're calling it?

I can help. We're doing fine.

Yeah, 'cause Gabe called-- You're not ready.

I spent three years in the v.U.

I practically wrote the manual.

You're not ready.

You need me. You know what I can do.


I need this.

Cavalry's arrived.

What's the eta on the capture?

Reese, thought I was gonna have to do this one on my own.

I got your back. Where we at with the video?

Capture complete in five minutes.

How many hours are there? About three.


Four cameras, but the fire damage is glitching the video.

I think it's slowing down the capture.

Next time, copy it to the hard drive before the server, it's faster.

Right. Yeah. Yes, sir.

Update on our survivor?

Still unresponsive. Third-degree burns, massive lacerations to the head and neck. I got a uniform standing by.

The other one still with psych? There were two survivors.

Looking for some answers, but it's gonna take a while.

Testimony after trauma like this is useless anyway.

Witnesses lie, the camera doesn't.

Capture's complete. Popcorn's hot.

Let's hope they caught something. They better have.

We got a pile of dead bodies out there.

These videos could be the best evidence we've got.

Okay. Do it.

(Garbled audio)

...is the man that holds the power of God.

That is true greatness.

Oh, that wasn't good, was it?

(Second woman talking and laughing)

Is it too much?

I can't tell. I'm a terrible actor.

Leann, if I was watching it, I'd eat it up, so...

Really? Literally. I would totally believe it.

Good. Then we got it.

You promised me at least-- no, no, leann. You said at least five.

You said... All right, all right.

Hold on.

(People talking indistinctly)

Woman: It's beautiful. What are you playing there?

(Man answers indistinctly) What's it called?

It's called-- Shit! Put it down!

(Knocking on door) (Woman laughing)

(Footsteps approaching)


Oh, my God!

Man: I can't believe you got the part.

Oh, my God!

You're a shining star.

Surprise! Surprise!

A little late, but better late than never, right?

Did you do this?

Yeah. All single-handedly, I might add.

Oh, really?

Oh, my God, this is amazing, you guys.

Leann, you look beautiful.

Such a nice light.

It's perfect.

What are you thinking about?


That just two years ago, I was back home in Kansas, working at my dad's flower shop.

I remember dreaming of this moment.

Being up on the stage was all I ever thought about.

All those acting classes...

Then you met me.

Now look at us.

I mean, you're filming this documentary, and if this play goes well, this could be it.

What's the matter then?

Leann? Hmm?

Give me that. No, no, no.

Last time, you nearly broke it.

Okay, fine. Hi.

Hi, Rachel. Hello, everyone.

Oh, is little director shy?

A little bit. Oh, but you're so cute.

You're so annoying. Nobody wants to see me.

Oh, wow! Don't get that close.

I see something on your head.

There's all kinds of disasters happening here.

Please let me just film you again, because you're what everybody cares about.

No, but you're so frickin' cute.

Compromise. We'll both get in there, okay?

At least you're in it.

Even though I look like a goddamn goblin next to you.

Okay, so, America, are you ready... Oh, God.

For the story of leann hookplat...

From the girl next door...

To America's... (Static)

Okay, what's the deal?

The fire corrupted a lot of the video.

Okay, fast-forward it to the truck yard. That's all that matters.

No, no, no.

We need to see the details, the relationships. It's not relevant.

It doesn't matter. Everything on this tape matters.

You heard him.

All right.

The truth had cut me like the grim reaper's blade itself.

Any man who wields the power of life and death is a man that holds the power of God.

That is true greatness.

And though life may be short, and death sudden, true greatness lasts forever.


Oh, my God! There's my little superstar.

Did you like it, really?

Of course. Look, I've got goosebumps. I'm proud of you.

Do you think any of this footage is gonna be good?

Are you kidding? This is gonna be a priceless documentary.

You're gonna be really famous.

Rach, you and me are gonna make a movie together one day.

Just you and I. It's gonna be a masterpiece.

(Audience applauding) Get back out there. Take another bow.

You gonna film it? Of course. Don't be stupid.

(Applause continues)

♪ And I just wanna take you away ♪

♪ can't wait one more day ♪

♪ be your lover, be your friend ♪

♪ be your everything till the end ♪

♪ just let me take you away ♪

Will you make me the happiest musician in L.A.?

Audience: Say yes!

(Whispering) What are you doing?

I'm asking you to marry me.

What? Leann.

No, I can't.

(Audience members groaning)

Tyler, I'm... Ty... No, I'm fine.

Just talk to him, I guess.

I'll make sure that it gets to him, okay?

Hi, Tyler.

I tried to call you, and Rachel said you would watch this, so... I'm sorry.

You just, you caught me off-guard, and I panicked.


I didn't know what else to do.

Um... hi.

I really think that you should come, and I simply can't take no for an answer.

This is supposed to be our big celebration.

I think it would be a real shame to waste these tickets.

Um... I don't know.

I think we've got the room, we've got the bus.

It'll all be really fun.

I think you'll forget about it in an instant, and I know she's really sorry.

She's been really boring.

Um, please come.

I promise I'll be more tolerant of your singing, which I find really hard, but okay.

Um, look, I know you probably hate me, and I don't blame you, but this trip just won't work without you.

Please come.


I'm not ready for marriage right now, but maybe I will be... One day.

I still love you.

You gonna film this?

Yeah, I've gotta film everything.

That was the deal, remember?

But if he doesn't come, I look like a loser.

Leann, that's the whole point of documentary filmmaking.

You've gotta get everything. We had a deal.

I guess he still has time to make it, do you think?

Not as much time as you'd think.

Oh, he looks friendly, doesn't he?

Yeah. (Rachel laughs)

Do you know what time it is?

Here's the luxury vehicle we've been supplied.

Oh, hello. Travel in style.

Is there gonna be a problem?

It's a camera, not a gun.

I'm gonna grab these. We gotta get on. Running late.

Tyler's here. Ooh, is that him?


Mmm, he looks jolly.


Oh, he brought his guitar. Great.

Well, viva Las Vegas, everybody.

Hi, Tyler. Oh, charming.

Here is the happy, happy couple.

Does she have to be here?

Can you turn that thing off?

Hi. I don't know if we've met before, but I'm Rachel. And I like to film things.

Incredibly uncomfortable things, so, no.

I said I was sorry, all right?

I showed up, didn't I?

Yeah, but can't we just go back to the way things were.


Huh. All right, well, I guess I'll just cut this part out then. That's fine.

You can't fix this with editing.

I can fix anything with editing.

You know what? Just because he doesn't wanna have fun doesn't mean that we can't have fun for him.

Rachel: Exactly.

No. No fun ever. Ever.

Ever. Ooh, time to meet the cast.

(Rachel humming fanfare)

She's cute.

First stop.

(Leann laughing)

What are you doing? I'm filming.

Vicki, where are you from originally?

From Russia.

What brings you here? I'm dancing.

Cool. You look like a dancer.

I love your camera.

My son, he would like something like this.

Is it heavy?

It's actually not that heavy.

Hello. It's actually got really good quality picture, so it's worth the weight.

I'll take it back.

He skateboards.

Him and his friends always take pictures and stuff.

So what's this for again?

Um, it's for my friend back there, leann, who is gonna be a ultra-famous movie star, and it's kinda like one of those

"before they were famous" type shows.

Do you have that in Russia?

Before they were stars? I love the show, yeah.

Yeah. We're all fans.

Including you, Tyler.

So Vicki, tell us more about this show you're auditioning for.

It's the new cirque extravaganza.

Oh, wow, you must be so thrilled.

I'm a pisces, so this is like the universe and the stars are perfectly aligned to give me the job.

I was born for it.

It's my dream.

That's great. Very exciting.

Ooh, is that a present I can see?

Is it your birthday?

No. It's my son's.

What'd you get him?

I'm sorry, it's personal.

Oh, it's okay.

Should we cut? Yeah, all right.

(Tyler strumming guitar)

Got another one.

He looks quite sweet.

(Leann and Rachel laughing)

Hi. Hey.

Say hello. Hello.

What's your name? Steven.

Where you from? Wait. How old are you?

Sixteen. You can't even work yet.

What are you gonna do in Vegas? Be an apprentice.

Does your mom even know you're gone?

Do you wanna see a trick or not?

Yeah, okay. So we're here with Steven Lee, or should I call you the great Stefan?


I can show you guys the morph and match, or maybe even the coin...

God, did you see that? That was crazy!

Oh, my God, you have to show Tyler. Tyler, come here.

Rachel: You should put that on YouTube; You'd get a million hits.

Seriously, that's amazing. Will you do it one more time, please?


Freeze frame.

Go back.

Stop the tape.

Who's that?

Go back a few frames.

There's only three women on the passenger list--

Rachel Brody, Vicki maracova, and leann hookplat.

She wasn't supposed to be there.

Advance forward three frames.

Capture that frame and advance one more. Sure.

Got it.

Capture again and then overlay.

Zoom 35 %.

And what's that inside? Pan the image.

Wow. That's gotta be 100 grand easy.

We may have found our motive.

But if he wanted the money, why not kill her and take it?

Why slaughter all the others?

Go over to the dog carrier on the edge of the bag.

That's army issue.

And capture that frame.

"G. Fleishman."

I don't know, maybe Gina or glenda.

Call fort irwin, have them run it through their database of reserved and retired military personnel in California and Nevada.

Let's see what they've got.

Keep going. I want to see who this woman is.

Leann: That's amazing. Will you do it one more time, please?

(Tyler singing)

Rachel: Whoo! All right!

(Light applause)

All right, just a quick thought.

Should it be taking this long?

I don't know, but I've been to Vegas 100 times, and I've never seen this road before.

I'm gonna go and have a word with what's-his-face.

Excuse me. Sorry.


So, um, much longer?

What's with the camera?

I'm a director.

You been paid to direct anything?

No, not yet, but...

So you're a girl with a camera.

Right. Can I ask why we're going this way, because it's not actually a road out there.

That's a dirt track, by the looks of it.

I have another pick-up past kidwell.

This is the only way in.

Woman: Stop your damn complaining!

Excuse me. I was only asking.

Get that damn thing out of my face.

What? Sit down.

Out of my face!

Oh, my God! You fucking psychopath!

Jesus Christ. You all right?

Are you okay?

(Loud crashing)

(Distorted snippets of conversation)

Driver: Out, out, out.

Get out of the mini-van.

Rachel: Get away from the bus, it might explode.

It could be dangerous.

What were you expecting out here?

What about the radio?

Driver: The radio was pulled a year ago.

We gotta use the cell phone.

What do you mean, they pulled out the radio?

Brilliant. Brilliant news.

Okay, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

Fuck me.

Leann: What the fuck is that?

Driver: Looks like barbed wire.

It came from that fence over there.

Oh, my God! Why didn't you drive around it?

I couldn't see it, could I?

Stop fighting. This isn't helping anything.

Leann: So what are we gonna do?

We can't go anywhere. Look at Vicki's leg.

I'm fine. You're not fine. You're bleeding.

There's an emergency phone.

There has to be one at that truck repair shop.

I didn't see a truck repair shop.

We just passed it.

Look, I believe him.

If he says there's a truck repair shop...

I haven't seen anything this entire journey, Tyler.

Let's just try and walk down there.

I haven't seen another fucking living person.

It's not that far back. Let's go.

Let's go.

Wait, I'm not leaving without my son's present.

Vicki, come on, we don't have time.

(All talking at once)

It's not safe in there!

You can't be serious.

Vicki! It's not worth it.

Get the fuck out of there!

Driver: I'll go. I'll go.

I don't trust this guy.

We're not quite in Vegas yet, but we'll get there eventually.

It's a bit of an adventure.

And there's our now-destroyed bus, which is fantastic news for us.

Okay. Here we go.

I'm thinkin', what if I died?

I won't ever see my mom again.

What happened? Did you run away?

Yeah. Nick happened.

Who's Nick?

An asshole who was ruining my life.


My mom, she just lets him do whatever he wants, and I got pissed and I just left without saying anything.

She's probably worried sick about you.

Yeah, I need to tell her I'm sorry.

Leann, leann, come here for a second.

With everything that's happening, does it put everything into perspective?

Does almost dying kind of put everything in perspective?

That's right.

We all could've...


Tyler: Looks like a bomb hit this place.

As long as they didn't bomb the damn phone.

Come on.

How's your leg? It's fine.

Are there, like, faucets or something?

It's all rusted over.

The new favorite holiday destination of most people.

Over here we have, um, dilapidated office.

Crazy broad, and, um...

Abandoned trucks.

Everything you could want in a prime holiday destination. Fantastic.

Vicki: She was a figure skater.

Ah. Bet she won gold in Torino.

We got a phone in this building back here.

It's gettin' too dark. Wires are all jumbled up.

Does that thing have a light on it?

Yeah, it's got a light, and it's got night vision, so it'll be perfect.

That's for her movie. Use mine.

Are you sure?

I put batteries in this stupid thing three times.

Press "record," and the light should come on.

I'm happy someone's using it.

How you like it, huh?

Not so much fun like this, is it?

Hm. It's fine. Just more proof for when I sue you.

Find everybody, tell 'em to meet here.

I don't wanna be out here any longer than we have to.



Leann, Ben's found a phone, so...

He wants me to get everyone.

Can you... Are you in here?

(Loud static)

(Rachel shrieks)

Oh, my God, what happened?

Where are you going?

Steven, wait.


Anybody, please!

What's going on?

I don't know. I don't know what happened.

(All yelling at once)

I just found him.

(Rachel crying and speaking incoherently)

He just came out of nowhere.

Oh, my God, you guys, I see somebody.

Oh, my God, he just ran across.

Tyler: Everybody inside. Everybody inside.

Ben: Come on, come on, come on.

First victim, Steven Lee.

Sixteen years old.

Got him. It's not her name, it's his.

Gerald fleishman, retired army sergeant.

Photo lab found these online.

That's our girl. His wife, Katrina fleishman.

Married for 20 years, but looks like Gerald had some problems when he got back from Iraq.

They called it post-traumatic stress.

He spent a year at Crescent park mental institution.

Get this, we just ran financials.

His entire account cleaned out two days ago.

Over 90 grand.

Gabe, pull up the mini hd camera the driver took around back, and see if he got any clear shots of it. Okay.

How do you like it, huh?

Not so much fun like this, is it?

Hm, it's fine.

Just more proof for when I sue you, so...

Find everybody, tell 'em to meet here.

I don't wanna be out here any longer than we have to.


Step over door.

What have we here?

(Loud popping)

Goddamn it!

(Generator powering up)

Son of a bitch...

Is that it? Uh, there should be more.

It's still rolling.

We should be seeing something.

(Woman moaning) That's not our driver.

Who is it? A better question is when is it?


(Agonized screaming continues)

(Screaming continues) Geez.

(Moans quietly)

(Screaming continues)

All right, that's enough. Fuck!

I am gonna nail this bastard.

Um, Gabe, go back a few frames.

Keep going. Keep going.

In the reflection. His face is in the glass.

It's too dark.

Get in closer.

Isolate the sharp edges of the face.

The wrinkles, the teeth, the facial hair.

Okay, what is he doing? The shadows will give us a clean outline, then we'll invert the color. Okay, I got it.

Reverse it again.

A mask. - That's the welder's mask we found at the scene.

You work the 91-a.

What's a 91-a? He was a machinist.

Fleishman's unstable, he has a history of violence, his wife robs him blind, he goes mad with revenge.

Circumstantial. Get it out to p.R.

I want his picture on every news outlet.

We need to keep checking the video.

You find me some indisputable evidence, 'cause I'm taking this prick straight to the chair.

You heard her.

Let's go. Rachel's camera coming up.

(All talking at once)

(Rachel sobbing and speaking incoherently)

Tyler: Everybody stay quiet.

Ben: Be quiet!

They killed him.

I didn't see anybody from this end.

You see anything?

Why did they kill Steven? He was just a kid.

Ben: Will you turn that goddamn camera off?!

The cops will need this to identify who did this.

(All talking at once)

They have to know what happened to us!

What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?

Tyler: Maybe we should run for it.

Run for it? Have you seen Vicki's leg, Tyler?

We're, like, 40 Miles away from anything.

Ben: And it's pitch black out there.

We could fall into a 40-foot ditch, and never even know it, not to mention the coyotes, the rattlesnakes.

No, you said there was an emergency phone.

You said there was an emergency phone. Can't you fix it?

The wires are split pretty bad.

Leann: Isn't there anything on the bus, any wires, tools, anything you can use?

I might be able to rig something.

You just said it was too dangerous.

But if there's something we can use, he has to go out there.

Take my camera, use the light.

I might as well put a bull's-eye on my ass.

My camera has night vision. If I come with you, we could do that and be totally undetectable.

I'll take your camera. Give me--

I'm sorry if I was a prick earlier.

You? Never.

I guess it's my turn to be a hero now.

They tell me I look like tom cruise.

Oddly enough, I can see that.

I saw him, I saw him. He's on the other side of the yard.

You have to go.

Follow me.

Can you take that?

Go, go, go, quick!


Oh, my God.

Ben. Okay, okay. Come here.

(Rachel whispering indistinctly)

Okay, just go straight.

Straight. Just keep going straight. You're fine.

(Eerie sound)

Oh, my God. Did you hear that?

(Rachel whimpering)

Ben: Sh. Sh.

The bus should be right down this hill.

Okay. Let's keep going.

Wait. Wait.

Is that it? I can't tell.

Is it just...

That's it, that's it.

Oh, thank God.

Oh, my God.


(Rachel sobbing)

I can see the bus from here.

Ben, Ben, please.

Please slow down. You don't know what's out there.

What are you waiting for? Huh?

I just...

I'm gonna need some light.

Okay. I'll figure it out.

Watch yourself. Are you okay?

Just hurry up, please.

I need to find my tools so I can pull those speakers.

Careful, careful.


Up here, up here.

Yeah. Hurry.

Shit. What, what?

There was a flare gun.

Why didn't you say something?

I forgot.

Where is it?


(Screaming) Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Who's out there?

Can we please go? Please, let's just go.

Wait here. Ben, please.

You don't know who's out there.

(Rachel whimpering)

You wanna fuck with me?


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


Please, please, please.

Vicki: What happened?

What? Ben's dead.


Where's leann?

Her and Tyler-- her and Tyler leann. Leann! Where is she?!

(Screaming hysterically)

Stop that. She went looking for you.

But they...

They didn't come back.

(Crashing sound)

My son turned ten last week.

This was supposed to be his birthday present.

When me and his dad got divorced, he had to choose between us.

He chose his dad.

Yesterday, I was right there, at the front of his house.

And I didn't have...

I didn't have balls to walk up and give him his present.

I should tell him...

How sorry I am.

How I love him.

And I'm so damn scared.

What are we gonna do?

He's here.


He's here.

Get the shot of him.

He's here.


Vicki: Wait, wait. No, not yet.

Not yet, not yet.

Wait. Okay, now. Now.

Leann, leann. Oh, my God, oh, my God!

(Both sobbing)

I heard Tyler screaming, and when I turned around, he was gone.

He was gone.


It's pretty beat up.

I don't know how much longer it's gonna record for.

Do you really think filming this matters anymore?

Of course it does. He has to pay for what he did.

And what he's going to do.

(Whispering) I know why you're here.

What are you doing?

Just sayin' my piece.

Do you know something?

If you know, you better tell us.

Or what?

You gonna kill me?

You're completely mad.


You think stayin' here's gonna change something.

Now who's crazy?

Where are you going? Come back.

Shut the door!


I can't see her anymore. Where'd she go.

For God's sake, here, here. Turn on the night--

maybe she's pregnant.

Leann: Oh, my God, I think I see something.

It looks like... I think it's a flare gun.

Where? He just dropped it there?

We could use it. We have to go get it.

Are you insane? If we go out there, we're dead.

What are we gonna do? We can't just sit here.

She's right. We have to do something.

What if he has a gun? If he had a gun, he would have shot us already.

This is gonna even out the field. We need to get this.

Okay, you really wanna go out there after what's happened with Tyler?

Is that what you wanna do? Hm?

We have to get it.

What then? I'll go.

Vicki, I don't think this is a good idea.

My son will get his present.

No, wait, wait, wait.


Take this, for luck.

Quick. Shut the door, shut the door.

Rachel: Oh, there she is.


Why is she moving so slowly? Hurry up.

Oh, my God.

No. Vicki!


Come on, leann. Run!

Leann, get out of there, quick.


Where is he?

Is he outside the door?

Leann. No, not yet.

Which door is he at?

Where the fuck is he?

Hurry up.

I wish he'd just do it.

Don't say that.

(Both women crying)

I'm scared. I'm so fucking scared.

(Loud banging)

Oh, my God! Quick.

Ben! You're alive.

I saw you. He grabbed you. What happened?

He got me in the back.

He left me out there to die.

Let me see. Oh, my God!

Fuck that guy. I'm not dyin' today.

And I got these.

What is that? From the speakers.

I can fix it now. Red to red, green to green.

The emergency phone. We can call for help.

We better be gettin' this.

We gotta go.

Hey, I'm checkin' footage from Katrina's camera, and, uh, you're gonna wanna see this.

They found him.

Hotel manager in Hollywood saw fleishman on the news, said he's been staying in room 315 for a week.

LAPD's sending grab team to pick him up now.

Whose camera is this? Told you you'd wanna see it.


I can't hear this.

You watching, pigs?

Yeah, you.

Bunch of pork, scramblin' all over the desert, tryin' to piece this shit together.

Time to make my dyin' wish, and all that.

I don't want much.

Just wanna be with the one that I love.

His name is Gerry.

Gerry fleishman.

You make sure I'm in the same plot.

You bury me in the same plot, you understand?

We had our ups and downs like any couple, but after he got back from Iraq, he was sick.

He was real sick.

I tried to reach him, to help him, but the old Gerry was gone, just shut down.

On top of that, the doctor told him that he had cancer.

Said he was gonna rot away like some piece of old fruit.

Gerald fleishman, LAPD. Open the door.

Fleishman, LAPD. Open the fuckin' door.

It's like the reality stars you see on TV.

There ain't no reason for them to be famous, but they are.

Break it down.

Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

Like God just reached down and touched 'em.

Changed their whole lives forever.

Well, he done the same thing to my Gerry.

But it wasn't no touch.

It was a stomp.

Looks like God's got his stompin' boots on again.

See ya soon, baby.

File's corrupted.

Whoa. Dude, how'd he get the camera?

That's the guy.

There you are.

I've been waiting for you.

It's you.

(Phone ringing)

Stop it.


So we got a positive I.D. On fleishman.

But I guarantee you, this guy, he didn't kill anybody yesterday.

And why is that?

Because he's been dead at least a week.

Apparent self-inflicted gun wound into the mouth.

Did leave a note, though.

Says for Katrina, take all of my money out of the bank and go to Vegas.

Says 'cause he's dead anyway, she should have the time of her life.

Anyway, I'll call you if we get anything else.

So if it's not fleishman, uh, who is it?

It's him. Play it.

What was that about? Rewind it.

Reverse it and play it again.

He knew we'd be watching.

He's challenging us.

This whole thing was planned.

The torch, the mask...

It's some sort of fantasy, a ritual.

Are you saying-- I'm saying we're dealing with a serial killer.

Smart, meticulous, this wasn't his first. It won't be his last.

How can he have planned all this when the bus wreck was an accident? Unless he knew-- the driver mentioned a stop outside of kidwell.

Could've buried the fence wire.

Shuttle company said it was a nonstop trip.

Then why go down the road in the first place?

Driver. Get me his file. I want everything we can find on this guy now.

Play back the girl's camera.


Ben, are you sure you're okay?

Told you, I'm fine.

I can't believe you're still alive.

I can't believe he left you out there.

Oh, my God! The juice is low. Hurry.

No. That lady might still be alive.

We haven't got time for this.

We can't just ignore this. We have to go in.

I'm going in. Oh, my God.

(Girls retching and screaming)

Leann, where is he?

Leann. Leann!

Oh, my God. Leann!

Please help me.

(Door bangs) (Women scream)

Seen enough?

Wait, wait, wait. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Okay. Just go.

Ow. Fuck!

Run for the fuel house. I'll be right behind you.

Are you ready?

Go, go. Go.

Nobody's gettin' in here now.

Phone's back that way.


He was right behind me.


(Screaming) Run! Leann!


It's okay. It's okay.

Okay, I just have to get out...

I just have...

(Metallic clattering)



Come on, come on.

Okay, green to green.

Green to green, green to green, red to red.

Red to red. (Muttering incoherently)



(Agonized screaming)

Keep going.

That's it. No more video.

That's the end.


We have one more phone.

Okay, play it. Haven't you seen enough?

Okay, so, mom, this is where we're at right now.

Um, takin' a little break.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay, and on my way to Vegas.

Uh, I shouldn't have left like that.

I was just mad and...

Tyler: I don't trust you anymore.

Leann: Trust me? How is this a matter of trust?

We didn't talk about this.

You didn't ask me first.

You didn't prepare me.

You just came up on my big moment and asked me to marry you.

(Both arguing)

Stop being so needy. What are you doing right now?

We almost have a near-death experience, and you bring me in here to do this?

Oh, my God, grow up! Stop!

...my priorities in life.

Your priorities? Yeah.

I don't wanna marry you.

Get it through your skull.

I don't want to marry you! God!

Go write a fucking song about it, and pretend to be good at something.

Jesus Christ!

What the fuck are you lookin' at?

Are you fucking kidding me? What?

I don't... I don't know. There should be...

There should be more memory on the hard drive.

It must've got, I guess, erased or something.

Erased? There should be a memory card here.

It's not...

Okay, the memory card's not in there and-- okay, where is it? Gabe.

I don't know. Gabe, sound. Sound on the TV.

I don't know. Sound.

Uh, okay. Oh, shit.

Reporter: Yes, we can now confirm... - Shit!

The leaked footage is, in fact, genuine.

It's being called a snuff film.

And others on the web are calling it an instant classic.

What we know for sure is that this video has gone viral, with over 3 million hits in the last hour alone.

We're attempting to trace the original...

How the fuck did she get that?

...Las Vegas police department, and how this will affect their investigation.

Who had access to those tapes?

We uploaded the videos to the server.

It could've been hacked by anyone.

Fuck! I.T., I.T.

Yeah, how come everything I sent you in the past four hours ends up on TV? I don't know, turn it on.

It's everywhere.

Gary, why are you asking me this? I'm asking you.

It's your whole department.

Burquez: And he's just playing with us, because this whole thing is just a big fucking game.

(Phone rings)

Gabe: We're the police. Okay? We're not just idiots running around.

Check the fiber...


Man: The chief wants you in his office right away.

(Gabe continues talking)


Yeah, yeah. No.

I'm comin' down. I'm comin' down.

I'm gonna find out, man.

It is crazy out there.

Every channel's showin' that video.

Tell me you found something.

Um, just initial background.

William gentry.

Bus driver Ben tuttle, wasn't even his real name.

Turns out he did three years for grand larceny.

Tried to rob a bank from the inside out.

Shit. This guy went in dressed like an armored guard.

It was working until the real guard showed up.

Two people ended up dead.

It's too bad we saw him die.

He was staggering around covered in blood, but we don't know he was dead.

You think he did it?


Where you going?


I didn't know you were back.

How's our witness?

Barely said a word, but this kind of trauma can really fuck your memory.

Mind if I take a shot?

Go ahead.

I'm detective Reese.

How you holdin' up?

I thought you might like this back.

Luck of the Irish?

Mine's for luck, too.

It was my daughter's.


You know, after something like this happens,

they say that things will be okay, that it just takes time, and life will go back to normal.

But it's not true, ya know.

Things can't be normal.

They just keep going.

Maybe that's good enough, ya know.


He's in the hospital.

The doctors are doing the best they can.

What happened to her?

Your daughter.

We were just shoppin' at the mall.

She was in one of those little play areas...

You know, with the slides and the bean bags.

And I turned around for a few minutes, and when I looked back in on her, she was gone.

Six months later, they found her little body behind a truck stop in barstow.

Just like that, somebody changes your life forever.

Did you find out who did it?


I just don't... I don't understand how someone can do something like this to innocent people like it's nothing.

To a serial killer, murder is an art.

Or sport.

They wanna be the best.

It's their way of getting attention.

Showing the world what they're capable of.

The power that they have over life and death.

In their minds, they're different from the rest of us.

They feel like they're gods.

And they never stop.

And that's why I need your help.

You gotta try and help me.

I don't think I can.

If you can remember something about what happened, they maybe I can stop him from hurting anyone else.

You understand that, right?

The driver, Ben.

Did you see him again after you went into that last building?

I don't remember.

I don't know.

He was in that room.

The one with the broken-down truck.

We just... we ran inside.

Me, Rachel and Ben.


When I turned around, he wasn't there anymore. I tried to find him.

I know you did. You went down the hall, right? You walked down the hall.

And you saw something that scared you, right?

I saw him.

Yeah. Was it Ben?

He was wearing a mask.

He came after me.

He grabbed me.

And did you see anything at all?

Did you see any defining marks?

I mean, it could be a scar, a tattoo. No.

And he must've hit me, because when I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I was just in a room.

I could see Rachel through a crack, and she was fighting.

And then, she ran outside, and I saw the welder's torch banging against all the gas tanks.

I broke through a window, and I crawled out, and there was an explosion.

I remember...

Steven, he was trying to scream, but he was choking.

He just kept choking.

There was so much blood, and everything was burning.

Wait a minute. Steven was still alive?

Please, I just wanna go home.


I know, I know. You should go.

You've been through enough.

We're gonna get him.

Hey. The autopsy report.

I didn't finish yet. After lunch.

Reese, where the hell... She saw him. He was alive.

Saw who? What are you talking about?

Are these the only bodies? - It'll take another day or two to compile all the remains.

There was a kid, about 16, brown eyes. Yeah, right there.

He put all the bodies in the fuel house, then he blew them up or dragged them into the fire.

Leann was locked up, but she managed to escape.

So he moved the bodies. We know that.

This body should be burned beyond all recognition, but it wasn't because he was still alive.

Are you saying he tried to run?

Or he was trying to hide something.

What are you guys looking for? What have you found?

A deck of cards, pack of marlboros, some dice. Have you checked everywhere?

I said I have not finished yet. What have you got?

What are we looking for? Hold on.

Oh, shit.

I need some forceps.

Communicate. You're gonna need some gloves, too.

Basic communication.

Four years gets me more than this.

She said he was choking on something.

What the hell?

Gabe, got the chip. Go. It's ready.

Spark it up. Gonna clean this.

Okay, go. Yeah.

Go to where it cut out.

Go back and clean it. I can't. The resolution sucks.

Let me... Yeah, yeah. Start.

There's something in those glitches.

I see four frames I need to extract.

I almost got him. What are you doing?

Increasing the d.P.I. Detail and adding a de-blur filter.

That must be right when he got stabbed. Go to the next one.


There's another one.

He's taking off the mask. Come on. Come on.

There's one last one.

Come on. It's too dark. I can't see it.


The boyfriend.

He has a broken heart. That's a hell of a motive.

We got him.

I would like to inform you that we have just received substantial video evidence that implicates Tyler Norris in all of these crimes.

It was nice having you here today.

If it was just me and burquez, I would've died.

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

Finish my leave.

I could use a holiday.

Stop it.

Did you see something?

Play it again.

This is Rachel's camera, right? Mm-hmm.


The glitches, they...

Play it again.

Timecode. Again.

What do you see in here?

Zoom in on the timecode.

What are you looking at?

The timecode is not breaking...

With the glitches.

Tyler Norris is currently in custody in county hospital.

His condition is critical, but we will keep you posted as we get updates.

(Multiple cell phones ringing)

I'd also like to take a moment to mention that we were able to accomplish this...

They're not glitches.

They're edits.

Reese. Reese.

Word on a new video that's just hit the web.

They're outtakes and deleted scenes of some kind.

Sources are still trying to...

What the hell is going on?

...part of the earlier released tapes.

Yes, we can now confirm the video is genuine, it is real.

Put out an a.P.B. They left here hours ago.

They could be anywhere. Jesus Christ.

I need an a.P.B. Out on leann hookplat...

Rach, you and me are gonna make a movie together one day.

It's gonna be a masterpiece.

I don't get this. We saw the whole goddamn thing.

How did we miss this? We saw what they wanted us to see.

Put the fuckin' camera down and help me get this set up.

Yeah, just past kidwell.

Pay you triple, in cash.

You have to get more on that one.

Fuck! You could ruin everything.

Just get through it.

Hey, Tyler.

What kind of trick is this?

Trust me. You're gonna love it.

Can't fix this with editing.

I can fix anything with editing.

Oh, you fucking bitch.


Nope. Still in shot.

Make him look like he swallowed it.

Shove it in there.

This is our little editing suite, we'll get video later when Stacey gets out...

Jen. Yeah.

How was it? Oh, man.

That's it.

Thanks for watching.

Remember, the next time someone's filming you, both: You could be