Evils of the Night (1985) Script

What do you think?

Does this look like a nice place?

Do you think anyone else is here?

I saw a couple down by the lake over there.

But not to worry, we're all alone.

Look under the dash.


alright, now we can get high.

Look in the sky.

Yeah, it's nice.

This is one of the nicest times I've ever had.

If you behave yourself, i have a nice surprise for you.

What do you mean behave?

You've been seeing Mary.

Oh, that's nothing, she was just giving me some, uh, some notes for class.

In her bedroom?

I'm gonna kill that loudmouth little brother of hers.

Look, honest.

It doesn't matter.

You gonna tease me all night, or I get a little action this time?

Oh, I want you.

Oh, that's it.


They always make these things sticky.

I know.

Oh wait, oh wait.

You cracked it.

No, not yet.

Let's take a dip first, and then I'll give you your surprise.

Where's my surprise?

First let me clean the sand off.

I've gotta go see a man about a dog.


I've gotta go to the John.

Is this kiss and tell, or do you have another heavy date?

I'll be right back.

Come back soon and then I'll have another surprise for you.

'Bout time, what took you so long?

Billy, Billy?

We're through with donor fc85.

But she's still alive, can't we take more out?

Don't wanna take a chance on her dying during the extraction.

If she dies during the extraction, the entire container will be contaminated.

We have enough for another shipment now.

Oh, don't drop it.

These are the platelets that not only stop bone degeneration in our elders, they will allow us to survive for hundreds of years.

Beyond the normal life span.

Think, Cora.

Without these platelets, your bones eventually grow fragile and break, you'd be dead within 100 years, but with them, you increase your life expectancy by 200 years or more.

Not all our people will survive if we don't increase our production drastically.

I think this one's dead.

No, she'll cling to life for another 48 hours.

Put her in the others.

Need your assistance in extraction room.

Oh, we must have been down there over a minute.

I'm still dizzy.

That's just the effect of my kissing.

Oh, I think maybe it's lack of oxygen.

Uh yeah?

You wanna try it again?


This time let's do it deeper.

Ooh, deeper tongue?

No, silly, deeper under the water.

And no tongue, makes me laugh.


♪ see them standing on the corner

♪ in their black leather jackets

♪ checking out the ladies walking by

♪ we got the rhythm of the street

♪ turning up the heat

♪ you know they ain't looking at your eyes

♪ boys will be boys

♪ they will always be that way

♪ boys will be boys I'm gonna go get a drink, do you wanna come Heather?

Yeah, absolutely Nancy.

You guys want anything?

Yeah, get me a Shirley temple.

No, make that a Bo Derek.

I'll surprise you.

♪ Boys will be boys

♪ they will always be that way

♪ boys will be boys

♪ they just wanna play

♪ boys will be boys

isn't that right Ron?

Right, I also heard the same thing.

Lake weed makes your hair shiny, blond, and healthy and gives your skin that soft, seductive glow.

The only thing is we have to spread it all over your body.

And we have to mix it with sand to get the utmost effect.

Well guys, let's get started.

What are you doing?


Why aren't you going in the water, Brian?

Get you hair wet man, I've been in the lake all day.

I need to work on my tan, gimme a break.

You need to work on a lot of things, pal.

Getting really cut, you know that?

You're right, I am.

Lake weed's great for your hair, Brian.

♪ Boys will be boys do we have any more Pepsi left, Eddie?

What are you watching, Eddie?

Oh, Joyce, nothing.

Nothing my boob.

What's the matter with this pair, buster?


Oh no, no, no, come on honey, no what are you doing?

The matter with you?

I'm horny for you, baby.

Well I'm horny for you too baby, but not here.

Look, I'll tell you what.

Tonight we'll go down to that deserted house by the highway.

That creepy place?

No, I want it now.

I want it now too honey, but there's so many people around here, why are you touching my nipples like that?

No honey, don't.

Okay, okay, no, no, no.

We'll find a way, we'll do something, we'll do something.

You know, we'll talk.

One, two, three, four.

Look at the wimp, he'll never break my record.

He's already hurting.

Proves once again who's the better man around here.

Heather, you're not counting right anyway.

It should be one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four.

Nancy, I gotta do it the same way I did for Ron.

Well don't stop, keep counting!

Um, 67, 68.

What'd I get to?

I don't know, Nancy made me lose track.

I know, let's start over.

" No!

Anyhow, that's not the test of a real man.

Nancy's right, the real test of a man is by what he's got hanging.

Alright, let's see how long you can hold that over the fire.

I dare you.

What are you doing?

Ron, you burn that and you're sleeping alone the rest of your life.

Ooh, burned you buddy.

At least I have something to burn.

It's no big deal.

How would you know, Connie?

Well why make such a big deal outta such a small thing?


Jesus, what do you want everybody to hear us?

Eddie, I told you, this place gives me the creeps.

Honey, it's just a deserted house.

It's scary.

So, consider it a challenge.

Come on, let's go inside.

Watch out for the spider webs, alright.

You know they say it's haunted.

Stop it Eddie, you're scaring me.

Oh, come on honey, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Unless you don't like ghosts.

If you don't knock it off I'm leaving.

Okay, okay, okay, I'll stop, I'll be a good boy.

Come here, gimme a kiss.

You look so pretty.

Come on Ron, it's getting late.

Well there's a proposition if I ever heard one.

You probably haven't, and never will.

Come on Ron, let's go to bed.

There they go, at it again.

Why not, we're getting married next month.

I can't wait.

Only 30 more days.

I wish we were married right now.

We could be in Reno by morning.

Eloping, how romantic.

They don't have to elope, we'll all go with them!

Sure, and you can take us along on your honeymoon.

If I have to take you, forget it, I'll wait a month.

30 more long, lonely nights, sleeping alone in a cold, empty bed.

Lot you know.

Catch you later.

Bye guys, sleep well.

Have a good romp in the hay.

Well, I guess it's time for bed.

Yeah, I think it is.

Why don't we go to bed too?

You're sleeping over there.

And who's gonna protect you?

The only protection we need is from you.

Good night, Brian.


Why wait any longer?

Let's elope tonight.

I know how you feel, but our parents have everything planned.

Here we go again about our parents.

Sometimes you make me so mad.

Listen, let's not argue.

I've got a better idea.

Two lips gathered as one.

What was that?

What was what?

I heard something out there.

Who's out there?

Brian, Brian is that you?

Don't worry, it's just the sounds of nature.

♪ Your eyes

♪ found their way to my heart

♪ now they're part of my life

♪ every night

♪ ooh baby your touch

♪ has made everything right

♪ when we turn out the light

♪ every night

♪ and each time I hold you

♪ we get carried away

♪ the world stops the moment that you and I

♪ look in each other's eyes

♪ after all

♪ we found the perfect place

♪ to hide

♪ every night

♪ every night

♪ every night

♪ just knowing you're right

♪ the moon so light

♪ you just call out my name

♪ and I fall, fall in love

what was that?

I don't know.

I heard something.

So did I.

I'm gonna check it out.

I'll be right back, stay here.

Anybody here?

Well, nobody's here.

Eddie, I told you this place gives me the creeps, can't we go somewhere else please?

Joyce, you drive me nuts.

This afternoon you wanted to make it with me in front of everybody on the beach.

Now you won't even do anything with me.

Well you want it to be good, don't you?

No, right now I just want it, any way possible.

Okay, well let's go.

Alright, alright, whatever you say.

Let's go.

What was that?

Those are the sounds of lovemaking.

Amateur lovemaking.

At least they could be quiet about it.

Oh, you're just jealous.

I'm not jealous, I just think they should show some consideration for others.

That's right, Heather, and I know the perfect way to show some consideration for you.

Shut up, Brian.

Hey, what's going on?





Nancy, come out come out wherever you are!

Connie, I can't find them anywhere.

Maybe a bear got them.

Both of them?

Don't be ridiculous.

Besides, there would've been some blood.

They're around here somewhere.

But where?

I knew I heard something last night.

Connie, sometimes i just don't know about you.

What do you mean?

Maybe they went that a way.

What for?

Maybe they had to go to the bathroom, okay?

But why couldn't they just?

Nevermind, it's possible.

Hey, aren't you getting a little too old to be playing practical jokes?

Did I scare you?

Oh yeah, you scared me, look at me, I'm shaking, I'm shaking.

Damn laces.

Well why don't you tie them?

You're gonna trip on them and then you're gonna kill yourself.

Well they're too tight, they're too small.

Why'd you buy them in the first place?

I didn't, I kinda found 'em.



Oh hi mister.

We're looking for a couple of our friends.

You don't know what happened to them?

Oh maybe those two young ones that we saw hitchhiking this morning at sun-up, remember?


Yeah, you know.

Oh yeah, yeah, hitchhiking, hitchhiking, you know.

Why would they do that?

Probably going to Reno.

Yeah, that's it, they went to Reno, yeah, to get married.

Well I wouldn't be surprised the way they were going at it hot and heavy last night.

Nothing to do about it now.

Let's get outta here.

Do you know where there's a place to get something to eat around here?

Oh yeah Mrs. koch's burgers down the road a piece there.


Appreciate it.


♪ I won't go

♪ until I have a chance

♪ to hold you

♪ you don't know

♪ was every time i tried to show you hey check this out.

What is it?

A lizard.

♪ That's alright

♪ I'll just have to hold on

♪ stand and fight

♪ baby when he's gone

♪ you just might

♪ see things my way but you say no

♪ your eyes

♪ start becoming just a little bit warmer r 'til I try

♪ moving in a little bit closer

♪ then you stop

♪ turn away and just ignore my cries excuse me, I believe these belong to you.

Excuse me, what's happening to my car?

Your car?

Oh, yeah, yeah, we're still working on it.

I'll get it.

Come on, I'll show you what the problem is.

Yeah, no.

I don't have any.

Not 'til tonight?

You're coming now?


Try to get you one, yeah.

There it is, there's the problem.

It's in the differential, the gaskets worn out and we don't have that size, we got it on order.

We got it on order, that's what's holding it up.

Come on, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Well don't get pushy with me, kid.

Hey what the hell are you doing?

Just checking out the mechanism.

What about my car?

Seems like you haven't been paying attention.

And that can be costly, boy.

Come on, let's get this one to the hospital.

That was fast, just in time, we've got one more for you.

We need at least 10 more.

We just gave you a bunch of kids last week.

Unfortunately most of them are unusable to us.

They're just too young.

Well, how we gonna be able to know what's good for your research?

We're only interested in young people between the ages of 16 and 24, and no younger.

Do you understand?

Yeah, we understand, Cora, don't we Kurt?

Oh yes, yes of course.

Anything you say.

Now this is just a token of our appreciation.

Thank you Cora, we'll do our best.

I must have them in the next two days, no later.

We've got a deadline.

We'll make it.

Remember our agreement.

None of these coins are to be spent until we're gone.

What are you doing?

Don't argue with me, I have to give you your medication.

But there's nothing wrong with me!

That's for the doctor to say.

Listen, I know I was drugged, so was my fiance.

I wanna see my fiance and I wanna see him now!

You're not cooperating with me, I will have the doctor see you after i give you the shot.

There's nothing wrong with me!

I wanna leave!

Will you be quiet?

I don't need this!


No, no, no, no!

Now stop, let go.

I'll be there at once.

You used ultimate power.

It was necessary.

Fc72 almost overpowered me.

Don't do it too often, depletes our power supply.

Progress report.

Fc72 is back to minus 22.

Fc70's unusable.


Antibodies destroyed her platelets.

Her lungs were filled with water.

She was injured beyond recovery.

Those two idiots.

Well why did we hire them?

Cora's right, why did we?

Network analyzed everyone in the area.

These two were the best units to help us.

Well I don't think they're smart enough to carry out this program.

They had to be unintelligent enough for us to convince them for the project.

And reward them with gold coins?


And it's another swish by Brian Masterson, the star forward of the golden state warriors.

Can nothing stop this human dunking machine?

Brian, what are you doing?

He's pretending to be a basketball player.

Aren't basketball players supposed to be tall?

What's the matter with me?

Well compared to them you're a real midget.

I'm above average.

Not in height, weight, or intelligence.

Yeah Heather, well how about length.

Of your hair?


Not my hair, you scatterbrain.

My dong.

Alright, so you have a dirtier than average mind.

Now what would you like to do about it?

Shut up, Brian!

You have a one-track mind.

Ow, where are all these bugs coming from?

Last night wasn't this bad.

These are nothing.

Wait 'til midnight when the full moon's out.

And all these bugs attract the bats

with fangs that drip saliva.

Blood-sucking vampire bats!

Brian, stop it, I hate bats and you know it!

Brian, be serious for once.

Why couldn't we have gone to a bigger town and had better choices than these two?

Network command analyzed many places, and they decided that this was the ideal secluded college town.

If that's the case, what went wrong?

Where are the students?

Well, network was correct up to a point, but research didn't know about summer vacations.

The college is closed until September which is too late for our purposes.

That's ridiculous.

No, that's typical of network.

We have two days left.

Any questions?

Proceed with your duties.

I'm sleeping in the car.

Feel like a pin cushion.


Looks like you and me tonight.

You are staying here with your friends.

Since they don't bother you, you can sleep with them.

Somehow I figured as much.

You'll never know what you're missing.

You'll never know what real pleasure is.

We'll never know what we're missing.

Real pleasure, ooh.


Let's see if we can get some real music in this godforsaken wilderness.

Not country, I hate country.

I sure am glad we're sleeping in the car tonight.

Last night I had this eerie feeling that something was watching us.

What do you mean, something?

Something hairy, like a bear!

I was really scared.

Don't be scared, Brian will protect us.

Do you think we were a little rough on Brian?

He can take it.

But I feel kinda sorry for him.

Listen, I'll tell you a secret.


If he were to come into the car right now, grab me, start making love, I'd, well, oh hell Connie I'd have the time of my life.

But I'm not ready for anything serious yet.

Well, does it have to be serious?

Couldn't it just be a little, you know?

Are you crazy?

With him it wouldn't be a little, you know.

It's be the big o.


How 'bout you, Connie?

Have you ever had the big o?

Well, not yet, but I'm waiting for the big one.

With fireworks and everything.

Do you have anybody in mind?



who is Andy?

Prince Andrew.

Just him and I on an island all alone,

running naked and making love.

That's some imagination.

What was that?

I don't know.

That wasn't funny, Brian!

You expect me to sleep out in the woods by myself?

Going camping was your idea!

I'm gonna kill you, Brian!

Well hell you might as well.

I'm sleeping by myself tonight.

Goodnight Connie.

Goodnight Heather, watch out for the bears.

(' He)', my car!

Where you going?

Hey, Connie, Heather, where you going?

Hey, Connie, Heather!


Brian, this isn't very funny.

What, oh shit!


Oh no!


Let go, oh, let go of me!

Somebody be home, please!

What can I do for you?

Help me please, two men, they're trying to kill me!

I don't understand, what men, where?

We were camped out in our car on the campground when this man got in our car and drove us here and him and this other man tried to grab me and my friend and we ran and I don't know what happened to her!

Oh please, you gotta help me!

Of course I'll help you, of course I'll help you, calm down.

It's alright.

Oh, I'm so glad to see somebody.

Thank you, please call the police, please.

Sure, I'll definitely call the police, I'll telephone them right away, calm down, calm down.

You'll be safe here, it's alright.

It's alright, come on in.

Hey, thanks for stopping, i really appreciate this.

I have kind of a small problem.

My friends took off with my car and left me stranded out here and I think they went into town, I was just gonna see if you could give me a ride in, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh certainly young man, happy to do it, jump in.


Nice to have company on such a night.

Mind if we stop for gas?

No, not at all.


Connie, Connie, stop crying.

Crying's not gonna help.

We gotta think of a way out of this, Connie.




Hey we're okay, nothing's gonna happen to us.

Oh those crazy men, what do they want from us, Brian?

Oh that awful old wrinkled man.

He had his hands all over me!

Heather, I swear to you, when we get out of this, I'm gonna kill him.

How are we gonna get out?

Look at us tied like pigs ready to roast.

Don't worry, we'll get out, somehow.

We're never gonna get outta here!

I want outta here!

If they thought anyone could hear us they would have gagged us.

Zarma, Cora, come in here.

Progress report, Dr. zarma.

The female donor fc72 is doing well, but her blood pressure is still very low.

How is her positive circulation?

Minus 22.

I wish I had the same good news.

This donor did not survive the extraction process.

Cora checked all his elements, he was normal.

I know, Dr. zarma, but those two idiots beat him up too badly.

Since you two are gonna be the unit masters of the next project, let me explain the procedure briefly.

The donor must be young and in good health.

Why can't we use older people?

Because of the incidence of death.

We need the strength of young people to survive the pheresis extraction process.

Remember, the essence of this process is the removal of maximum number of platelets from the human body.

As people grow older, the platelets degenerate.

You see Cora, if the skin isn't free of scars and bruises when the platelets are removed, the skin will rupture.

Without the platelets the blood does not clot and the donor bleeds to death.

As this one just did.

I'm ready for the next one.

Your assistance is needed in the extraction room.

50 years, never enough.

Every day, same goddamn thing over and over.

Yeah Kurt it gets boring but just one more day and you won't have to push a broom again.

How 'bout that, huh?

Enough is enough!

Come on Kurt, let me buy you a beer before I have to go to the hospital.

Hey Fred.

What are you gonna do with your gold?

What am I gonna do with my gold?

I got big plans, man.


See, look.

The women go 'round with no clothes on, ha ha, all day every day.

Hey, not bad.

But I figure I'm gonna buy me a big castle with hot and cold running maids naked all around me.


Just like the ones in there?

Yeah, ain't they something?

Sure like to hump one of 'em.

Why not, we've done it before.

Not a bad idea.


Oh yes, Cora.

We still have the three, you want 'em now?

Oh, okay, I'll be there shortly, I'm on my way.

They don't want 'em 'til midnight.

Don't they ever sleep?

I guess not, you know they been at it for two solid weeks now.

No rest for the wicked, eh?

I think I cut my hand loose!

That a girl, i knew we'd get out.

If I could just get it a little more.


Hurry, please!

I can't get it, it's tight!

Hurry, please!

Someone's coming, get back.

What do I do?

Get back, pretend you're still tied.

Grab something, anything.

I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!

Hit him!

Hit him again!

Get him!

Hit him again!

Don't let him get away!

Stay away, Connie!

Run, Connie!


Go, get out!

Watch out!

Grab something, grab something!

Hit him!


Hurry up, Connie!

Just run!

" Go!


No, no!

No, no!

You bastard, you filthy son of a bitch!

If I get my hands on you, you're a dead man!

Dead, god damn you!

God damn you.

No, no, not him!

No, no, not him!

Oh no!

No, Brian.

Fred, Fred!


Our project will be finished tonight.

You will receive double payment for any more donors you bring before we leave tonight.

I'll bring the rest of them over in a little while.

Oh, so you wanna play first, eh?

You son of a bitch, keep your hands off of her, you scum.

What's the matter, stud?

Don't you wanna share?

You filthy bastard.

One more word outta you and I'll... you better kill me mister, because if I ever get loose, you're dead.

You ain't never gonna get loose.

When I get through with her, Dr. kozmar's going to suck out all the blood

and the both of you'll look like burlap bags.

Stop it, you're crazy!

So I'm crazy.

But at least I know what to do with girls like you.

No listen, I didn't mean it.

I've heard about trash like you.

Come on man, just leave her alone!

Go on, sit down.

You're a dead man pal, you touch her, I'm gonna kill you!

Hit him, hit him again, Heather!

Run Heather, get outta here!

Grab something Heather.

Get the hammer, hit him!


Help me, please, please, please help!

Please, oh please.

Oh, oh, oh no!

Just what do you think you're doing?

Oh, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

Let us depart.

I have one more donor to go.

We haven't got time.

The commuter ship is here.

But we've not completed our processing.

Nothing we can do about it.

Contact Cora at once, tell her to prepare to depart.

There's no response.

That's impossible.

Oh my wisdom, they've expunged her.

We must depart now.

Yes Dr. kozmar.

Notify all the guards to come down.

Signal green alert immediately.

No, no, no, no!

You killed my friend, my best friend, my lifelong friend!

I'm gonna kill every one of you!

Get out of here!

Watch out!


Oh, I've never been so glad to see anybody in my life.

What happened to him?

He bled to death.

Come on, let's get the hell out of here.