Execution Squad (1972) Script

Morning. Morning sir.

Inspector Bertone to see Mr Stolfi.

You'll have to wait a while i'm afraid, television, you understand.

...the ever more violent onslaught of crime that is invading our city.

We have invited an expert of international fame to discuss it.

A man who has dedicated his entire life to the study of crime.

Former chief of police, Ernesto Stolfi.

You mind if I take a book? No, not at all.

The book is Pinocchio.

Do you wonder what Pinocchio could have to do with crime?

I'll show you.

Pinocchio went to prison you recall.

Poor boy, it was a strain on his forbearing.

Remember the scene when the emperor amnesties all the criminals?

There's the little puppet in the cell and he doesn't know why.

It's not because he's done anything wrong, he hasn't.

And then little Pinocchio comes to the prison guard and says:

All the prisoners are being set free and I should be set free too.

"Oh no" said the prison guard, "Not you, you can't be set free."

"You're not a criminal". "Oh but excuse me" said Pinocchio.

"I am a criminal, just like the rest."

"A thousand pardons" said the prison guard.

In that case, you're free to go.

And he takes off his hat and he bows, opens the gate and sets Pinocchio free.

Well as an allegory it's very interesting but... do you have a remedy for this onslaught of murder and rape in our city?

Oh my dear friend, these days all sorts of... solutions to these problems are being handed out by... psychiatrists and psychologists, and all to no avail.

In my modest opinion something radical has got to be done if... we're to restore the faith of the individual in the government.

Yes, it's one of the advantages of being retired.

For the first time I can say what I really think.

So I heard!

I asked you to come and see me because I wanted to discuss the Bettarini case.

You acted rather impulsively in court I thought.

I just find it hard to keep my mouth shut when punks like that go free.

My dear boy, your invovlement in the case finished when you arrested him.

It's pointless to create enemies downtown.

Kid, haven't got a light have you?


What kinda dough you pulling in kid?

Put your mark here.

Here come the reporters chief.

Where's Bettarini? There he is, there.

Get me a shot of the lawyer then beat it back to the paper, ok?

Ok, you can beat it, you're free. Bettarini, how about a statement?

No no no, my client has absolutely nothing to say.

How about you then? Who me? No.

It was all said in court today with the acquittal.

Insufficient proof. That's right, but still found innocent miss.

Would that more policemen were as innocent as my client.

Bad break for the police huh? What do you say, how about a statement?

Look, i'm not your man.

The head of homicide is Bertone, he's right over there.

Hey Bettarini, how about giving us something for the human interest angle?

You know everything, you were there at the trial weren't you?

I had nothing to do with the robbery and I didn't kill nobody.

What can i tell you, that's the truth, right inspector?

Inspector Bertone, have you anything to say on the subject of this acquittal?


You can write that that nightwatchmen was a father of 4 kids.

You can add that the magistrate's acquittal was criminal!

No, don't put that down, Bertone's in enough hot water.

He's got a sick face that kid.

Hey man, don't get involved!

Come back here you.

You dummy, you didn't even get the bread. Shut up and make this thing go!

Call an ambulance, this lady's been shot.

Calling all cars, 18-9 to Piazza de Fornare.

All cars be on the lookput for two young men on a motorcycle.

A motoguzzi 750, they are armed and have killed two people.

Use maximum caution.

So my men didn't shoot, why? I'll tell you.

If we're unlucky enough to shoot a fugitive murderer.. someone's sure to make a stink and the first ones to bitch are you people.

But where there are witnesses to the killings... nobody would be critical of that.

Sure we make it hard for you when you smash the heads of students...

Or when you break strike.

Look inspector, why don't you listen to the press.

We'll apprehend those two killers whatever you write.

We can't do a damn thing more than we're doing.

Oh sure.

I wonder if any of you realise how many criminals there are in this city?

It's a gross exaggeration when you talk of students and strikers.

Our men spend a great deal of their time... protecting the rights of these minority factions...

And being shot in the back in the bargain.

Now look Bertone, this kind of talk leads to zilch.

In this city the citizens are terrorised... and they don't think the police are doing anything about it.

Every day we receive letters from our readers saying:

"The police are hired to defend us, why don't they?"

The citizens don't feel there's police protection, i'm well aware.

But neither do we feel protected, downtown in politician's paradise.

The police force is criticised by everybody... all of you, judges, city hall, the media.

Sometimes I think you think we're the criminals.

Inspector, nobody's saying it's your fault but...

I wonder if you have any idea how many murders... there have been in this city since you took over homicide.

Too many, I know but we've caught a jailed a high percentage of the killers.

We'll get these guys too, at least I hope so.

I mean this is real nice of you. Get out of here.

There's a cop at the corner, do you want me to yell?

I wouldn't do that miss.

If you know what's good for you you'll get going.

The lights turned green, go on. You get out of my car!

Get going, go on.

Alright alright, don't push, i'm going for god's sake.

I ain't done nothing, what do you want from me?

What do you want from me?!

Officer, check that the witnesses for the Piazza de Fornare business... are ready to look at these ugly faces. Yes sir.

Cut the noise! Alright, state your full name.

Well? Che Guevera.

Hat off and no smoking.

Schocaletti Ortello, big joker huh? My name is hard to pronounce.

What's this for wise guy? For my doggy woggy sir.

Look, I got no record, this is the first time I ever set foot in here.

What are these scars?

Oh that, you see there were these big roses...

Quit ordering me around, who do you think you are?

You want out, then let them out, I hereby release all of them.

Come on you smug bastards, you heard me.

Just a second sir, we were in the middle of checking their documents...

We can't put them back on the street yet.

I don't need you to tell me what to do, did you hear what I just said?

The bastards wanna get outta here then we'll let them outta here.

Alright, stay back.

Hey, there they are, those kids are the killers, let's lynch them.

Go on, get the hell out there.

What are you talking about, they're all crazy out there.

Run, run you lousy assholes.

I don't think they're gonna go, ok all of you, back inside.

Go on, back inside all of you.

Come out here you killers!

You bastards, bring them out here, we'll take care of them.

Oh come on, we know damn well none of those rats would've... had the courage to leave, not a chance.

And if one of them had tried it we were on the scene anyway.

Whether we like it or not... one of our jobs is to protect swine like that from being lynched.

The risk in that kinda situation is ours.

You're gonna begin all over again huh?

How risky a line of work it is for your men.

Come on Mario, when they joined the force... what did they figure on, babysitting?

You are the typical professional cop.

Saints, everyone's against you and any kid that swipes an orange is a criminal.

No one's saying that we're saints, no...

A cop is a human being like any other.

Who when off duty manages to enjoy himself... just like we're doing right now.

Mario, how much I want you to understand me...

A criminal too is human.

Criminals are created, it's the fault of society.

In a society such as ours it's not surprising there's so much crime.

Corruption's the norm not the exception.

Man oh man, listening to the way you speak it like reading journalist.

Every phrase is a title for editorial, talk about the typical professional!

Touchť, although you know I was being serious.

I know, but to be so serious at dinner is bad for the digestion.

I tell you what we'll do, we'll change the subject.

On occassions I could punch you in the face.

I suppose i could apply article 336 in self defence...

Violence to a public official, the exercise of his functions.

But now you're off duty aren't you? That's true.

There's something on your mind isn't there?

I was just trying to imagine the plight of those two young murderers.

They didn't get a cent you know, it was a failure.

Once you've got dough it's difficult to hide out, they depend on the underworld.

You need the money to pay, otherwise they spurn you.

In fact they might even put the finger on you.

I might as well have stayed at home knitting.

Mr Bertone, are we out together or are you on duty tonight?

Yeah, you're right, i'm sorry.

Excuse me, we'll be there in a second.

HQ calling 1-0, HQ calling 1-0. - Wait.

Yes. Identify please.

This is Bertone, what is it?

We got a traffic cop thinks he saw one of the killers.

Recieved, hold him there i'll be right down.

Sandra, i'm sorry but unfortunately... I know, I received it too.

I'm sorry.

If it's a news break call me later. I will, good night.


I'm sorrier than you are. Why, who said I was sorry?

Do you mind telling us why you waited all this time?

He was afraid he'd disturb us. What did you see?

Well I don't know if he was the killer...

I just noticed the girl because she was cute.

Actually, I was wondering what a girl like that was doing with a hippie.

He got into her car like he had a date and everything...

Then when I waved her on I saw they were arguing.

I admit I was confused... there were squad cars all over the place, traffic was a real bitch.

Yeah alright, go on.

Well I had a hunch something was wrong so I wrote down the license plate.

Well that's something, have you run a check on it yet?

Excuse me sir. We're working on it now.

There's a call from the commissioner. Come with me.

The identikit sir, turned in a great pice of work huh?

Marvellous but I never saw anyone caught by identikit.

We've got 10 witnesses and 10 different descriptions.

Well, for what it's worth see that... copies are distrubuted to the whole list including the press office.

This is Bertone.

No but we may have come up with a lead right now.

Very well, as soon as we have anything more definite i'll inform you.

That mini minor sir, we checked on the plate and I think we got a lead.

The automobile is owned by an 18 year old girl.

She works as a hairdresser.

She hasn't been seen since she left home this morning... her name's Anna-Maria Sprovieri.

Alright, go round to her house and asked for photographs.

Show them to that traffic cop and see if he recognises her.

And I don't want any leaks to the press, at least not yet.

Bertone, I have a question, I think it's important.

What is it?

Say we track down this character, do we use weapons or...?

First let's find him then we'll see.

Still, just supposing. Just suppose doesn't solve anything.

The girl's our problem, if anything happens to her we'll be crucified.

Get up. Let me go.

Damn you, get up. I can't stand.

I don't care, get up.

Come on.

What do you want? Let me go please.

Shut up and don't move.

What are you gonna do, what do you want? Shut your face!

Why won't you let me go, please?

You don't hear too good do you sister?

I told you to quit bothering me, now shut up.

My parents will be sick with worry. That's really touching, you know that?

Get in the boat, I wanna sleep for a while.

Get up here!

What have you done, what are you running from?

Get undressed.

I told you to get undressed.

Get on with it, I told you to get undressed.

Everything, you hear?

Everything, nude.

Get in there, leave all your things here. Filthy pig!

You don't have to worry, i'm not gonna rape you.

I only wanna sleep and make sure you stay put.

Who are you, what have you done?

You really wanna know?

I tried a hold-up, it didn't work out and I killed two people.

So i'll blast your brains out if you try to escape.

Cut out the pushing will ya?

Well, look who's here.

We picked him up at the airport sir, he was carrying this gun.

What do you know, it's a 635. It's not mine pal.

You had it on you and it's not yours, how do you figure that?

It's a frame up Santalamenti, listen, you bastards have been known to do it.

Is it a coincidence it's the same calibre used at Piazza de Fornare?

I don't know. The same calibre as this.

Oh man, what a coincidence is right, you're all nuts!

We'll see, let me have a look at that gun.

Now get this straight, I don't know nothing about no Piazza de Fornare.

Lay off will ya. Try that on the court.

You're always dragging me in here.

The minute I leave the house, Bettarini, you're busted again.

I bossed around like a prosciutto.

If you think you can pin this on me go ahead, help yourself.

Put this babboon in a cell until we see a lab report.

Let's go.

This is one time he's clean, the descriptions were for a kid half his age.

And besides, all the witnesses went through... the rogues gallery and no one recognised his mugshot.

He wants his lawyer sir, do we let him use the phone or not?

Try a good boot in the ass, screw his lawyer. Oh come on.

For god sake, that one's already a ball cracker... can you imagine his ball-busting lawyer joining the party aswell?

Santalamenti, the law exists and we'll obey it.

Simmer down, you can let him call.

Hey Bettarini, you need the book to look up your lawyer's number?

No, I got it memorised.

Corinne, it's Bruno honey...

Put me through it's urgent, they busted me again.

Avalano, the criminal's friend.

Avalano, it's Bettarini, i'm under arrest.

I see, what did you do?

Nothing, they're alluding to the murder in Piazza de Fornare.

Yeah, but you know...

Sure i'm innocent but they planted a gun on me so i'm kinda...

Sure, yeah.

He says you guys are kidding, smug bastards you like to joke.

You bastards!

They're beating me, Avalano!

Avalano, you hear this?

They're beating me.

What the hell are you doing?

Let go of him you idiot!

Don't you realise it's just what he wanted?

Hello, hello?

How can you dummies fall for a trick like that?

Think you've screwed us again don't you? Careful, i'm very delicate.

According to the medical report, fractured nose and cheek...

Contusions around the eyes, cracked rib on the left side...

Severe lacerations and contusions to the scalp and bruises all over the body.

It's a terrible thing, manhandled with the ridiculous excuse... that it was he who began it.

You've read what happened in my report and I have nothing to add.

No, but fortunately for my client it requires more than... the word of the police to sway a jury.

Well put, today the word of an ex-con would suffice.

I don't want you arguing in my office, please gentlemen.

As you know, Bettarini is charging you with... assault and battery... police brutality.

I don't see any readson to dignify these ridiculous charges with comment.

Look here Bertone, you in fact personally assualted my client.

Who don't you hold your tongue you... Bertone!

I'm sorry.

Avalano, naturally we'll look into it.

Somethign else, bail bond for my client.

It's out of the question, Bettarini was found armed.

Yes but investigation has found that the gun was not the one used in the...

Avalano, I don't intend to be instructed in criminal law.

When i've reached a decision i'll let you know.

Very well Mr Ricciuti, goodbye.

See you around, see you around.

Are you gonna press charges against me?

The charge is brutality, there's not much choice Bertone.

We get on the ass of the criminals and the politicians get on...

Watch how you speak inspector!

We're in the palace of justice. Strange justice.

Where it acquits Bettarini for lack of evidence.

You're a hard man to beat, don't you ever have doubts?

It's a nice boneyard for the retired.

You'll retire one day too, you'll see.

You've read the papers, we're nowhere.

Yes, so I see, i'm following the case with great interest.

That's why I wanted to see you this evening, I want to help you if possible.

Needless to day I appreciate the offer but...

Oh well, I still have friends in the department, many friends but...

Just between ourselves, is there anything to this story?

That is absolutely false from A to Z, he's got a clever lawyer, that's all.

Yes I see, I can understand you being worried.

You know I was under investiagtion once myself when...

I was inspector, if that's any consolation.

I'm at the point of losing all conviction, all motivation.

Oridinary police routine has become a farce, we're practically powerless.

The underworld buggers us and the press rams it in deeper.

Look, if you'll take my advice, just go your own way...

Let them do whatever they want and don't let yourself be cut down by the press.

Counter attack.

In fact I was already planning to hold a press conference.

Hey inspector, is this your idea of a joke?

This is the first time I ever heard of a press conference being held on a bus.

You haven't understood a darn thing, he's putting us all in jail.

Lend me your ears...

Rome by night you all know well but nobody knows it as well as I do...

Not after being a cop in this city for 25 years.

I want to show you what the forces of law and order are up against these days.

Hey Bertone, give us the truth, what are you doing, going into the PR game?

Sanborito, since you can't enforce any law, ask those two to get on the bus.

We're gonna start with an explanation of how it goes today... the so-called oldest profession in the world.

Our first guest is InÍs, better known as the queen of vice.

I was just walking you know. Sure you were, a bit of night air.

This belle of the night is well aware that the Merlin law protects her.

If she isn't caught in the moment she's actually soliciting...

she can turn as many tricks as she wants.

But as InÍs knows the law is a double-edged sword.

She's free to walk her beat but she is not at liberty to quit that beat.

Let's say she got it into her head to quit the profession...

Or even worse, to denounce her fancy man... within 24 hours the homicide squad would find her with... her throat cut or with her head bashed in.

But she can operate under the law and so can her protector... under the new interpretation of the laws imposed on the police... his immunity is almost guaranteed.

We need a magistrate to issue a warrant for his arrest... but the magistrate won't, or rather he's not able to issue it... that is unless the girl denounces her pimp in a legal manner... but this of course is an unlikely event.

And before the so-called Merlin law... the girls were free to go from one house to another... in which case the state pimp was and you might add the police.

No one is saying that the situation was better before... what is certain though is that today... prostitution is the Swiss bank of the underworld.

Experts say that the turnover, give or take the odd million... is 350 billion lira a year.

Now you're all aware that to organise a robbery, a job, it takes financing... and robberies often provoke homicides... which could be avoided if we could turn off the money flow... but we can't, the Merlin law is virtually screwing us... it amounts to laissez-faire for prostituion and its exploiters.

Well, that's all. Alright miss, you can go.

Ever tried it? Get out of here!

Alright, let's go.

Don't worry about it.

Hey princess, mind stepping into the bus for a moment?

And now the other side of the coin, ladies & gentlemen.

Meet Orazio Columbo, known as "The Princess".

I'm sure most of you find her scandalous and I must admit... her modus vivendi is enough to make most people sick to the stomach.

He's such a bore. We get enquiries... and so do you, asking how come sweethearts like this are allowed to operate?

Well i'll tell you a little about his life.

Although our young friend here earns his living with the sweat of his ass... his main source of income derives from threatening certain customers he'll tell.

In other words, blackmail. He's lying.

Now most of his victims cough up to retain their anonymity.

Although occassionally someone with courage will lodge a complaint.

But this lucky whore... you don't mind? On the contrary!

This lucky whore had the good fortune to be caught while... consumating a most unnatural act with... a very highly placed politician with a wife and grown children.

Someone disappeared, certain assistant DA's were promoted... and unlucky footsoldiers like me were almost transferred to the boondocks.

Exiled! That's your number sweetheart, on your way.

Bon nuit! Bye bye!

There's one of the city's jails.

Inside there are at least 2,000 men awaiting trial. heisters, counterfeiters, pushers, buyers, killers and embezzlers... you name them, we've got them.

Now to actually arrest all these enemies of society... the police force has to break it's collective back.

That not withstanding, how many of them do you think... will eventually stand trial and be convicted?

I'll tell you, no more than 10%.

Because the legal profession applies the law... not to further the cause of justice but to procrastinate till the next amnesty... so before long most criminals are back in the street.

And with their skills, honed to a 't' in prison... the state runs schools for criminals.

It's was a very interesting tour Inspector Bertone but... we're all curious about one thing...

Why haven't you once mentioned the charge of... police brutality brought against you by Betterini?

Good question, now i'd like to tell you about justice in Italy.

Write that Bertone says...

"There's something out of kilter in our legal procedure".

The system that accuses me on the word of an ex-con... and in the same breath, acquits an avowed criminal... on the grounds of insufficient evidence, needs to have it's house put in order.

Inspector, come take a look at this mess.

Who did it, you?

Are you kidding inspector? This is the way I found him.

We got a telephone call, the caller says... this guys knows something about the motorcycle used in Piazza de Fornare.

This is the bike over here.

The plates are gone and the frame number's been filed off.

Unless that punk talks it'll be days before we find out who owns it.

Alright, leave it where it is and don't touch it till the lab boys look at it.

I'd like to know if someone was trying to shut him up or make him talk.

Be careful, don't let him out of your sight.

Come on.

Alright, let's go through it again.

Why did you have the motorcycle covered, why were you hiding it?

Look, every minute that passes could cost you a year in jail.

Now who owns the bike?

I told you all I know, why are you still asking?

Go away and stop bothering me.

Who did this to you? Did they do it, these gentlemen?

Who the hell's this guy? This guy's assistant DA Ricciuti.

Listen Ricciuti... Now who beat you up, answer me?

Who inflicted these injuries?

Look Ricciuti, we're trying to find... two murderers and a girl who's been reported missing.

The girl could be dead soon if we don't get to her.

Now may I question this character or not?

Yes, by all means continue Bertone, though i'm warning you...

I'm warning you I intend to find out who inflicted those injuries.

Now this is your last chance and you'd better answer... in an hour we'll know anyway... and you'll lose all possibilty of not being charged with complicity.

I don't wanna talk to you, only you.

The motorcycle belongs to a kid called Mario.

Mario what? I don't know, Mario's all he told me.

Do you know where he lives?

On the Tuscolana, right near the car factory.

What about work? He hangs around.

You can do better than that, there must be several thousand Marios there.

You just ask for the fella who plays extras in westerns, everyone knows him.

Come on.

Guess he'll know I squealed, he's gonna get me.

I want to know, who was it, who did this to you?

Two bricks. Sure it wasn't them?

No, another two, beat me silly...

I though I was gonna die but they ran when they got the name.

But they were kinda strange for cops.

Nothing. Alright senora, where's Mario?

If you lousy cops don't know what do you expect from me?

We told you, we don't have him under arrest, now tell me.

You just don't wanna know do you?

It was two of your guys that dragged him outta here.

Why don't you go down there and check your jail.

Looks like somebody has a jump on us, first with the mechanic, now with Mario.

Think it's a carabinieri? Maybe, take them downtown.

Let's go ladies, we'll give you a free ride.

All the way to prison if you had your way.

Take you hands off me!

No one knows anything, I checked all the precincts.

Alright, try the carabinieri. Right.

Now, who were these two who came and took him away?

Cops, in plain clothes.

I told you, the police, didn't you hear?

Insp. Santalamenti, homicide.

We're looking for a Mario Statterini.

Yeah, domicile 1840 Via Tuscalana, is he in your custody?

Statterini, Mario? One moment, I call the super.

Now senora we'll go over it again, please try to recall everything.

They ring the bell, say it's the police, right?

Your sister goes to open... What's this sis shit?!

Alright, excuse me, your daughter goes to open it...

Now they enter...

Nothing, you're sure of that? Of course it's very important.

If you want i'll run a check on it.

You said you could a good look at him, well surely you can furnish a description.

Now come on, short, fat, thin, tall?

The carabineri don't know him at all. Might've guessed.

Well that leaves narcotics squad... pushing, buying or using, try them, you never know.

Well? I already told you, they were two cops.

Yeah, two cops, you said that, but how did they treat him?

You forget that too? The bastards nearly killed the poor kid.

We found something sir, autographs of Statterini.

Good. Your son? Yeah, that's my son.

Here, have a look. A face only a mother could love!

The union boss at the extras came up with the photos and... he told me a lot about the little rat aswell.

This Mario specialises in snatching purses, he's no longer working in films... his sister sells her ass and his mother keeps the bucks.

Family togetherness, Italian style. Send them home.

Ok, make 1,000 copies, general distribution, the press aswell.

Let's hope the De Fornare witnesses identify him.

Tell me... what do you think?

I'd say we're getting somewhere finally.

Yet I have the feeling we're running a poor second.

What is this, you guys trying to be funny or something?

You dummies gonna answer me or not?

Hey, where are you taking me? Listen, I want a lawyer.

I ain't gonna tell you nothing without a lawyer.

Don't push me!

You guys leave me alone now.

You guys think you scare me or something with this act?

You got less than a minute to say your prayers.

What are you gonna do?

What have I done? I ain't done nothing, you can't do this to me.


I don't know about you but it looks to me like it was done by professionals.

I figure there were at least 5 or 6 of them, they used 38s, police specials.

Professional alright. Very much like an execution old fashioned style.

Are you nostalgic for the death penalty Bertone?

Why do you say that?

All I gotta do is catch them, the sentencing is up to the judges.

But now that you mention it Ricciuti, wasn't there a big shot who... came out recently in favour of restoring capital punishment?

What are you driving at inspector? Oh nothing, just a vague idea.

One thing for sure, that reeks of fanatacism.

Well, could be the explanation's not quite so esoteric...

In all probability he was preparing to turn his pals in... they made sure he didn't.

Your in the crime level syndrome... that's a little too imaginitive for our local underworld.

The body has been positively identified as one Mario Statterini whom... the police have been hunting in connection with... the attempted robbery in Piazza de Fornare in which two persons were killed.

The police report no further clues as to... the identity or whereabouts of Statterini's presumed accomplice... who is believed to be holding a young woman hostage.

In the meantime, the district attorney's office reports... the provisional release of Francesco Bettarini... who had been arrested in connection with the case.

Ballistics tests proved that... the gun found on Bettarini was not the murder weapon.

Hey what is this, what do you guys want?

Yeah I got it, ok, ok.

Well here we go again, you boys never learn do you?

Why ain't you out catching crooks huh?

How often do I have to tell you, I wan't near the Piazza de Fornare.

This isn't about Piazza de Fornare. Then what the hell do you want?

You killed a nightwatchman at PhotoMechanica, or don't you remember?

But you guys forget that I already stood trial on that charge.

You understand coppers, I said I stood trial and was found innocent.

We know that.

Well according to the laws of this country... they can't try you twice on the same charge, you must know that.

And more to the point, I can admit right now that I actually did it... and nobody could do anything about it.

Why don't you admit it? Be careful, you heard about the cat.

We're not curious, we know, we know all about you.

What do you mean?

Where are we?

What are you guys trying to do anyway?

Hey come on!

For Christ's sake, what do you want from me?

No, no! But you ain't the fuzz!

What I do to you fellas, what I do to you?

What are you doing?

Yes but do you see any connection between... the murders of this Mario and our friend Bettarini?

No, right now the only one I can make is that they were both killers.

Coincidentally that they were both eluding justice.

Does this make any sense to you?

Say someone was interested in showing... our system of democracy is unable to curb the underworld.

They got some idea to promote a clean up job of their own.

Now what do you think would be the most likely way to go about it?

As I see it you pick two killers who had good coverage recently... you know, papers and TV...

and make an example of them and win yourself the support of the public.

Well now you've exploded your little bomb...

I hope you aren't going to get caught by the blast.

Listen, they asked for my opinion and I expressed it.

Fools step in where angels fear to tread.

Vigilantes, anonymous society, are you mad?!

Bertone, how could you even consider giving out this kinda story?

The whole thing's a load of nonsense, complete nonsense.

Well I happen not to agree.

So it's lousy publicity, it's also true.

Bertone, please try and look at my side of it.

Do you mind suggesting what I say to the police commissioner?

Your theory's ridiculous, positively ridiculous.

As if the Mafia in Sicily and kidnappers in Sardinia weren't enough.

Now you want to add a gang of vigilantes in Rome.

What'll I say to the minister?

Come in, come in, although you'll have to excuse me...

I have to be off in a few minutes so we'll have to make it brief.

Leave us alone.

I will say at the outset that... the government gives no credence to this story, it's incredible.

That's the police opinion too.

But personally i'm very worried... the problem exists.

We're suffering a wave of murder, robbery and rape... and the desire of the citizen to create his own justice is understandable.

Sir, may I say with all due respect of course... you know the hands of the police are tied and measures must be taken to... to give us more freedom.

Go ahead, since we're confronted with an emergency situation... let's adopt emergency measures to fight it.

For example? For example we could begin by... suspending certain rights provided under the law... in respect to civil liberties during questioning.

It's the encouraging results in 24 hours.

I appreciate your feelings but do not condone them.

A return to the past is very difficult.

The many thousands of honest citizens who were... mistreated by the police in the old days would not accept it.

I'm told that you believe in the existence of this organisation?

Whether the organisation exists or not sir, I fear that we're on the edge of... a wave of violence in this country that has no precedence.

Hello, a little fun?

A whole bunch of you huh?

That's ok by me as long as you pay more.

Well come on, don't just sit there, what is this?

Sorry pal, you want this, that's the deal, no bread no head.

No, it's not that I want something for nothing...

I do want to pay, you're so good looking, but I won't pay in advance.

Advance schmance, I ain't going nowhere if I don't get the money in my pocket...

You get the message now sweetie?

Oh don't act like that... i'm just afraid you'll run off and leave me for a stranger.

Oh for pity's sake, go find yourself another lollipop...

You faggot's can be a pain in the ass.

Hey you, come here a minute.

Who, me? Yes you.

Don't say i'm arrested...

I've done nothing, I was only asking directions.

I know, shut up!

Who are you, squad?

Listen, i'll pay, whatever you want.

Let me go eh? 100 a piece?

That's enough!

There's been a terrible mistake, I was only asking directions.

Tell you what, i'll make it 150.

Looks like the "clean up squad" has chalked up another one inspector.


I heard you Bertone, yes, the "clean up squad".

Now listen Bertone, how long have you been with homicide?

How many streetwalkers, prostitutes and alike... have been killed in Rome in the last 20 years?

Not to mention the pederast who met the same end.

Yes I know, but I tell you this third murder is different.

You recall that union leader Peter Dini?

That's right, the guy we pulled in for... killing an officer during that riot last year.

Yeah, he was acquitted but he cooked his goose.

So it's not only hardened criminals they're after.

What do we do? Sit around and watch them.

Look Bertone, it's a ridiculous hypothesis...

Why don't you give yourself a break?

Alright, I will. I'm sorry to disturb you.

No no my dear boy, we mustn't let ourselves get sidetracked.

You see whatever's happened is very logical.

Naturally the logic precludes to a secret society... such as the one we're confronted with.

Mind you, I do agree with you that such an organisation does exist.

You see, with organisations of this type, the Mafia for instance, they're not in a position to apply ordinary measures.

It stands to reason, however well organised they might be... it's still not the state, they cannot dispose of their prisoners.

Of course they're constricted, so they have to apply the maximum sentence...

The death penalty.

Why these particular three? It doesn't make sense.

You must try to understand their mentality... they chose their victims as purely symbolic.

First the prostitute, the type you see on every street corner, lowers the morale of the city.

Then the homosexual corrupting the youth then finally... one of you extremists, the subversive element... always in the front line ready to... attack and destroy what they call institutional authority.

As it seems to me, they're not really concerned with individual cases... what they're really trying to get at are... the dangers to our society presented in these specific catagories.

Hello, well tell me what happened. If I hurry I can make the final edition.

No no, no exclusive from a usually reliable source.

It wouldn't be fair to your colleagues.

On the other hand maybe I could give you an inside story.

That is if we could make a deal.

I need proof to back up my theory otherwise they'll say i'm crazy.

You're in a position to get me this proof... and if you do i'll see you get an exclusive on the story.

I'm not sure I understand.

Some time ago a right-wing journal published a special issue on... the necessity of restoring capital punishment in Italy.

You recall that issue don't you?

Yes, I recall it very well, it made it's point.

I'm friends with the writer, politics apart.

There were several interviewees... all highly placed and influential according to the journal... who insisted they remain anonymous.

I want you to find out who they were.

I can't very well send my own men without a search warrant, understand?

They won't give me one so that's why i'm asking you.

There's a good chance they'll still have the original questionnaires.

More than likely all those names are on them.

I also want the names of all... the journals underwriters in the last 5 years... and a list of contributors to its causes, political or otherwise.

And how much was given to persons, movements etc.

No look, I earn a living as a journalist, not as a police spy.

Have a look at this.

Remember Peter Dini? I sure do.

The police blamed him for the death for that cop... but the evidence showed it was a clear case of railroading.

Apparently not everyone is of the same opinion.

He was killed last night along with two others.

Hey you guys, here's Bertone.

Go easy on the questions, he's got a lot on his mind these days.

Have you got anything new to work on? Practically nothing.

A big black car with phoney plates with 4 men in it, that's all we know so far.


It's interesting all these posters around town...

"Rome is your city folks and it's your duty to keep it clean".

I always thought it was the mayor's clean up program.

Looks like the homicide squad is fighting a losing battle these days.

You got a theory connecting the killings and the posters?

Well unfortunately, theories don't help much.

This clean up squad, how many have they killed upto now?

It's said that a lot of underworld characters are... hurrying to turn themselves in.

Apparently they think they're safer locked up in jail.

This true inspector?

Well it's been said that... when they feel an earthquake rats come running out of the sewers.

Come on, I want you to meet an old friend.

Come on in.

Here you are, here's the most recent refugee from a sewage pipe.

My god, wow, that's Valente!

Exactly, on the wanted list for two years, armed robbery and murder.

Really Valente, I never thought i'd find you hiding behind the police.

Valente, but you're risking a life sentence.

Why the hell did you turn yourself in?

I'll tell you why he did it... because last night the so-called clean up squad tried to kill Valente.

Only he got away somehow and ran all the way to headquarters.

Says he prefers to die an old man in prison... rather than have his neck wrung like a chicken.

Is he on his way to jail? For the time being no...

We've business to discuss Valente and I.

I heard you were looking for me, anything new?

Yeah, the beards downstairs came up with this identikit of... the guy that collared the homosexual.

The kid who saw him swears it's him, I hope so.

Since when did you have faith in identikits?

Since I began clutching at straws. Even an identikit beats that.

First error they've made this organisation.

What error? Not to kill the kid.

It really was an error.

Sir, the killer who kidnapped the girl is hold up outside town.

We got a call from a stoolie and D'orenzo's found the hideout.

Yeah, where? It's on the Marie Treano in the Ostia area.

Check it out on the map.

Anyhow, when we received his call D'orenzo went over to investigate.

Seems like a boatyard, that's where he spotted the girl.

Get on to the central operator of Ostia... get him to throw a cordon around the whole area.

No one moves in until I say so.

And inform the DA's office.

Ostia control, this is headquarters calling Ostia control.

Ostia control, have urgent message, do you read? Over.

Come on.

Christ, they brought the whole lousy army.

Well it's not gonna help them any.

But you can't fight them, why don't you give yourself up?

Why don't you keep your mouth shut!

I'm gonna show those pricks.

You people get back, hear me?

Go on, get out of here.

He's over there sir.

I was waiting until you got here. What's your plan?

Demand his surrender, if I were you i'd move out of the way.

Oh i'll stay here, proceed.

This is inspector Bertone, you're surrounded, you can't escape.

Release the girl and come out with your hands up.

You got two minutes, no more.

What action do you intend to take if he doesn't come out?

It's his ass! And what about the girl?

What do you want from me?

If we let him go now will you explain it to the next person he kills?

If that were your daughter inside would you give the order to fire?

The two minutes are gone. Right.

Sir, i'll go in. No, you follow me.

Bertone, you are assuming a grave responsibility. Yes, I know!

I'm coming out, please don't shoot.

If you don't want me killed bring a car over here with a full tank.

There must only be one man in it and he mustn't be armed.

He must go away at once and leave the driver's door open.

And no deviations otherwise i'll be murdered.

You hear that? Well, does he get the car or doesn't he.

Ricciuti, you have the honour of deciding, it's not my sphere.

We don't have any choice, do what he wants.

Look, if he gets out of heere with the girl we're back at square one.

Now that we've got him surrounded we've got a 99% chance of nailing him.

I'm not going to have murder on my conscience Bertone.

You played your cards.

We can't start making deals with these punks, they'll walk all over us.

I tell you Ricciuti, if you give in to that bastard in there... you'll be setting a precedent for the whole underworld.


This is the assistant district attorney speaking... very well, I accept your conditions.

We will send you a car immediately... put down our weapons and do nothing to stop you.


Esposito, take him the car.

I've got a whole roll of photos.

Print it up and see what we've got on him.

Nice work.

What else could we have done apart from sacrificing that girl?

That's just what you've done. But for now she's out of danger.

For now.

Suspect is holding the girl hostage. He is armed and dangerous.

Locate but do not approach unless ordered to do so.

I repeat, do not approach unless ordered to do so.

Suspect is identified as Michaeli Setticameni...

Height: 5'8", Age: About 21, Hair: Shoulder length black.

Arrested in February '69 for mugging and armed assault.

Sentenced to three months.

Arrested in April the next year... suspicion of using and trafficking drugs.


Arrested 23rd November last year on suspicion of grand larceny.

He beat the rap again, released on insufficient etcetera.

Quite a career.

The DA's office tried a number of times to... hold him under provisional arrest but to no avail... he's a slippery customer, too clever.

Detective? - Yes? - There's a call for you.

The caller won't identify himself, says he will only talk with you.

Well put him on.

Bertone. Bertone, use your head.

You'll do yourself a favour if you don't make trouble for us.

Oh yeah, who's speaking?

I believe the newspapers call us the clean up squad, isn't that right?


Well you'd better listen... No, you listen...

We have nothing against you... we're only doing the work the police aren't alllowed to do.

Now get this, i'll give you fair warning here and now...

I mean to arrest all of you.

Don't be a fool, we're strong, a lot stronger than you think.

If you like i'll give you an example of just how strong we are.

Tell me. Give our regards to rat Valente.

Hello? Hello?

It's impossible to trace, phonebooth.

Where's Valente? Down on the 1st floor.

Hey you, where's Valente?

Inside eating his supper sir sent over from a restaurant.

Open up!

RIP Valente.

Incredible, enough cyanide in that food to put away an elephant.

There's something you ought to know about the attitude of your own men.

What are you trying to say?

Well, they're starting to think this organisation should be encouraged.

Am I hearing you right? They wanna encourage this organisation?

We're really going down the tube, now the rank and file is dictating policy.

I don't wanna hear anymore.

Excuse me but, in any case you might aswell know... our guys are saying it isn't fair to... make any moves against the clean up squad.

Oh is that a fact?!

Now listen you men, let's get something straight...

What the hell's going on in this office?

Santalamenti tells me you don't like... the way i'm conducting this investigation.

Well it's about time I found out whether... i'm running a squad of police or whether you're all just arseholes!

You men better listen well because i'm not gonna tell you this again...

For me and for everyone on this force... this so-called clean up squad is on a par with... and no better than any other gang of criminals and... we're gonna hunt these bastards down.

That's your job, that's why you joined.

Sir, we feel... Who asked for you're opinion?!

Now I warn you i'm ready to... pack all of you off to Sicily, every last one of you.

And if I hear subversive talk like that again...

That's all!

Go to work you guys, go to work.

Come in car 7-5, come in car 7-5, over.

Where is he? He ditched the car and stole a bike.

He's still got the girl with him.

What zone are they in? AO sir.

You're frightening me, why didn't you let me go?

Let me off can't you?

This is Bertone, I don't have to remind you how important this is.

I want you to use extreme caution, whatever you do don't lose him.

We're setting up roadblocks now.

He seems to be heading out towards Ostia, we're nearly at the Via del Mare.

Sir, if we catch up with this guy what do we do?

Close in but no shooting.

Not even if he shoots at us? You heard my order!

Let me off please, you haven't got a chance. Shut up!

He's going down the Via del Mare, we just passed the 10km mark.

In a few minutes he'll be within sight of our roadblock in Ostia...

He might try to double back.

This is car 75, we're still right on his tail approaching the ring road.

We're now heading towards Bumaccino on the road that runs round the airport.

We can cut in and head him off if you want sir?

Alright, move in.

If he takes off cross-country we're up a creek!

We're almost on top of him.

They're right behind us, suppose they shoot?

Nice knowing ya.

Headquarters calling car 9, do you receive me car 9?

Do you hear me car 9? Report in!

I just heard about it, i'm sorry.

Too much blood, even for someone in my business.

You've murdered the girl, that's what they'll say in the press, you'll see.

They'll say that you sacrificed an innocent person's life.

It's too late to be concerned about the papers.

I'm concerned about the attitude of the men.

When we catch him they'll kill him.

Here, i've got the whole works.

The names of the persons in favour of the death penalty, the list of underwriters, the whole thing.

I'm beginning to get the picture.

I refuse to speak to anyone else officer, it's a matter of great urgency.

He's busy, what is it. No, it's Bertone or no one.

You know you've got enough there to blow the lid off this town.


We've got a visitor, our friend Avalano. What's he want?!

To speak to you and no one else. Right, gimme a minute.

I'll leave. Yes, i'm sorry.


You've really helped me out, thanks.

Don't mention this to anyone, these guys are serious.

I'll call you tomorrow, take care.

Good evening. I'll see him now.

Come in. I know it's late but this is urgent.

Take a seat.

you'd like to get Setticameni?

I should have known you'd be representing him too.

My client is in extremis, he's on the verge of panic.

The boy is thrilled. And he wants to give himself up?

In a nutshell.

I hope you appreciate what i've done, he wan't easy to convince.

Well bring him in. Oh no inspector.

Now my client doesn't want to die, only surrender.

What does that mean? I want your guarantee... prior to the arrest I don't want anybody at all to know.

Since when are you scared of publicity?

Can't use publicity this time, the kid is in danger, lynch mobs Bertone.

Alright, I guarantee only my men will know.

No no inspector, your men aren't to know.

We're equally afraid of your men.

It's all too easy to be the victim of an accident.

Summary justice, sign of the times.

All you have to do is consider the case of Valente's death...

Avalano, what the hell do you want? You bringing that kid in or what?

No, not me inspector, you are, and no escort.

And you bring in that boy alive aswell, you don't go to headquarters.

You go straight to Ricciuti.

Anything else?

It's all written down... here.

This is 1-0 calling 2-1, Santalamenti come in please.

This is 2-1 to 1-0, we're right behind you.

Stop following me, I told you I had to do this alone.

But Christ Bertone, we can't let you...

Stop following me! I said alone!

That's an order. Very well, i'll turn around.

Give me the gun.

Alright, let's go.

Come on!

You got a cigarette? I don't smoke.

Bertone speaking, over.

Bertone, do what we tell you. Stop the car and let that killer out.

You know who we are. Yeah, thanks for the offer.

We're right behind you Bertone, you know we're serious.

We'll see the murderous little bastard gets what he deserves.

An eye for an eye, a life for a life.

It's them, the clean up squad, you gotta... Calm down!

Bertone, for the last time, turn the kid over to us.

We have nothing against you, don't make us use force.

Get out. What are you gonna do?

They're going to kill us. That's enough talk.

But there's a whole carload. Quiet!

They shot me, they got me.

Now listen, stay here and whatever you do, keep quiet.

Stay down.

What are you gonna do, I don't wanna die. Relax.

No no no, that's finished. What are you talking about?

Don't tell me I didn't hear any shots, it's coming from the barn.

Go over there then, come on.

Forget it, we can't stick around here anymore.

Come on... get going!

This is 1-0 to 2-1, Santalamenti are you there?

This is Santalamenti, how'd it go?

As planned I picked up the kid and we're coming in now.

By the way, did you get in touch with the district attorney?

Yes, he said to tell you he'd be waiting in his office.

You get over there too and wait for me, you got that?

Meet you there, over and out.

Send him right in.

There he is. What is this, he's hurt?

It's only a scratch.

Who did this? It wasn't me.

I learned to treat his kind with kid gloves a long time ago.

You mean he shot at the arresting officer?

Who, him?! He wouldn't pick on the police, he picks on the very old... people who are defenceless and he throws young girls under cars.

Listen you little jerk...

I could understand if it was a cop you killed, he's paid to take risks... but what I don't understand is indiscriminate murder.

Bertone... You're the dregs of the human race.

Stay out of this! No, i'm not through with this vermin!

Bertone, you have no right to take this personally.

I don't huh? I brought him here at the risk of my skin... and my skin is personal isn't it Riscuitti?!

You know if I hadn't saved his ass... right now he'd be dumped somewhere, neck wrung like a chicken.

What are you talking about? I'm not going to ask again.

Ask him, see if he'll tell you.

Who tried to kill you? Who was it?

But you're safe now aren't you? Everything's gonna be a breeze.

What do you mean? What was that remark intended to infer?

Intended to infer?

That for this lousy son of a bitch the worst has passed.

Isn't that right?

After the lawyers and the judges and the political parasites... have finished complicating his defence what'll happen?

They'll discover his great-grandfather has schizophrenia... and for that reason he's not responsible for his actions, right?

With time off for good behaviour... this louse won't serve more than 10 or 12 years...

During which time he'll perfect his murderous trade...

Until finally he's released to start all over again.

Isn't that right, isn't it? That's enough Bertone!

Calm down.

You'll be ruined if you continue to act like this.

What the hell does that signify Mr DA?

I've arrived at a conclusion in the Bettarini affair.

I've no doubt that he lied, i've dismissed the charges.

Is that right?

Now I can almost consider myself a respectable citizen again.

I thought you'd be pleased or do you want me to apologise?

No thanks, it's too late.

Anyhow, in a short time I won't care anymore.

Tomorrow morning i'm handing in my resignation.

So you're leaving the police force now, is that right?


Is it a matter of conscience?

I've devoted all these years to fighting crime...

I started when I was a kid... i've done all I could, i've striven for it... more power for the police force, that was Bertone's position... in good faith.

But now I understand my error.

In this country the laws are used not only against criminals.

I see the entire citizenry as an innocent victim.

You in fact know exactly what i'm talking about, don't you Mr Stolfi?

Naturally, the doors of the club are wide open to you.

As you can see there are many activities here... for the members to enjoy their retirement.

For instance you might like to pursue... No.

Tomorrow you're going to close.

What do you mean... close?

You heard what I said, it's the end of the road.

The headquarters of the clean up squad is finished Stolfi.

Bertone, I think I should remind you that... every one of our club members is an ex-policeman.

Is that so? Don't confuse the police with... those common hitmen who handle your rotten business.

Tell me, do they do it out of fanatacism or for the money?

I've investigated the financial situation here Stolfi...

You're certainly well endowed.

We have our friends. Yeah and highly placed too.

Top bankers, industrialists, leading politicians... and some leading religious dignitaries in the Vatican.

Your organisation, as I see it, is a firm basis for the ladder to power.

First stage: An association of criminals.

Second stage: Overthrow the state.

Third and final stage: a return to dictatorship.

I take it you've got facts. Well let's start with this one...

Some months back a certain journal carried an anonymous interview... on the necesssity of restoring the death penalty for capital offences.

Otheriwse we'd see a return to anarchy and the law of the jungle.

Well I was curious as to who said that so we started checking.

I managed to find out that the eminent person who authored that interview... was none other than former chief of police Ernesto Stolfi.

I've almost run a check on who uses these facilities.

Nearly all your members here are ex-cops who were notorious for brutality.

And nearly all were thrown off the force for... intimidating witnesses, extortion, taking bribes.

Would you like another fact?

The morning I came here to talk to you about... those 3 people who were killed that night you made a mistake.

If you remember you referred to them as... a prostitute, a homosexual and a political extremist and yet... there's only one way you could have known that... you couldn't have got it from the radios or the newspapers... since all i'd given out was their names.

And that's not all Stolfi...

I think you'll recognise this monkey.

Oh, my dear Bertone, you know the value of an identikit.

Now then, surely you don't think you can... make an accusation against me based on that evidence?

I make arrests and I write reports.

The rest is up to the district attorney.


Look, let us pretend, just for one instant, that your theory is correct.

I mean, if these are the general headquarters of the clean up squad... do you think you would walk out of this place alive?

Don't worry, i've already taken a few precautions.

Santalamenti and my men have this whole area surrounded.

I'm full of admiration for you Bertone.

You know you're an outstanding example of a policeman.

In the name of the law I hereby place you under arrest.

Yes, a pity.

The right man in the wrong place.

Did anyone else know he was coming to the club today?

No one. I see, good.

I also found the dossier.

This time there's gonna be a lot of questions asked.

Oh no, I doubt that.

I know how to fix such things you see.

Still, it was a terrible thing, Bertone is a real loss.

We carried out a thorough search but... the dossier was not to be found in his office or his home.

If it exists I don't know where.

But that's impossible, no one justs misplaces a set of documents like that.

That's your opinion.

But Riscuitti, obviously it was stolen and then destroyed.

By whom? Are you inferring that we're infiltrated by some organisation?

I just listened to Bertone.

You'd better not print anything without proof.

Was Bertone wrong? Do you think he'd be dead if he hadn't found out?

Bertone was a man who took chances.

Mr District attorney?

Yes sir.

I undertand there's some suspicion that... this fictional clean up squad is responsible for Bertone's death.

That's quite absurd isn't it?

My job is to check such absurdities.

Really Riscuitti, i'm surprised at you.

You've got an excellent career ahead of you... with a bit of prodding in the right places... there's no telling how far you could go.

You'd jeopardise that over this nonsense?

Allow me to say that until this minute...

Bertone's theory of a secret organisation had struck me as... too shallow to be taken seriously.

For your information, an investigation will get underway at once.

But my dear Riscuitti, don't you realise you'd only be tilting at windows.

Against whom would you proceed? Against whom?

For now I guess the person's unknown.

But sir, you can rest assured, the investigation will stop at nobody.


Well I don't have to remind you, you can't act without proof.

I know required procedure thank you.

I wish you luck. Thank you.

Mr Stolfi, I'd like to see you tomorrow morning, 10 o'clock in my office.

I shall be there.