Executive Decision (1996) Script

I'm covering, go.

Hey! Are you all right?

Forget him. Come on, clear the room!


Okay, go.

It's empty.

Colonel Travis, we've secured the building.


Collins took one, Sir. He's dead.

Clear to land. 2-Tango-Sierra.

Okay, so we're clear to land. Okay.

Okay, what else?

Let's see I got an eight-knot crosswind coming from the right. - Okay. Good.

Are You lined Up. Huh... Okay. I got the Ballpark on the Left.

There's the interstate. Good.

And a Runway 2-6. And I got 2-6-0 on the D.G.


Coming out.


It is down and locked.

Okay. Anything else?

I don't know. I don't know. What... What am I forgetting?


Just relax and fly the airplane.

Very nice touchdown, David. Very smooth. Thank You.

I think you've got this wired.

I don't know about that.

Just, stop here a second. You are more than ready. You've been ready for weeks.

I think it's time to cut the umbilical cord. I don't know.

You sure about this? Come on.

I wouldn't let you go if I wasn't. Would I?

Okay quick, before I change my mind.

Okay solo time. Just remember.

Keep it simple. Stick and rudder.

Relax and fly the plane. Got it.

Take it easy.

God, why am I doing this?


It's happened.

According to informed sources...

El Sayed Jaffa, perhaps the most feared and wanted terrorist in the world... was abducted yesterday afternoon... while secretly attending the wedding of his daughter.

He was then handed over to U.S. authorities... where he was arrested, and taken to an American warship at sea in the Mediterranean.

Wire service and intel reports.

No one's answering our description of Nagi Hassan as one of the casualties.

There's no indication he was even there.

He was there alright.

I have to admit you called this one right.

Half the Middle East is back in Cyprus, if only in principle.

Well, we wanted him and now we got him.

...violates the territorial sovereignty. Has lodged an emergency protest with the U.N. Security council...

And all the baggage that goes with him.

Until this complicated issue is resolved, Jaffa will apparently remain in U.S. custody... an inglorious end to 15 years of unrestrained world terrorism.

Oceanic Flight 343, from Athens to Dulles, Washington... is now boarding at gate 13.

Welcome aboard.

Third seat on the right. Thank You.

Is that who I think it is?

In the flesh.

Roger, Athens, understand cleared as filed. 2-8-0 after takeoff.

Would you like some champagne? Wrap the long strap around your waist.

Attach the clip to the rings on the bottom...

Here, let me help you.

There you go.

Stupid woman.

Well, I'm sorry.

I didn't do it on purpose.

We hope you have a pleasant flight. Thank you for choosing Oceanic.

Flight attendants, do we have a signal for departure?

Cabin crew, doors to automatic.

Here we go.

Excuse me, Sir. May I help you?


Excuse me, Sir.

Excuse me, Sir.

May I help you?

Listen to the sound of Al Tha'r! Jesus.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your captain.

You may now remove your seat belts.

And feel free to move about the cabin, if you like.

However, when you're seated, please do what we do up front here. - Excuse me.

Leave your seats belt on for safety.

Well, I see you've got the usual load.

Who is it this time?

It's my brother's twins. It's their birthday next week.

Have a pleasant flight. Thank you.



Go on. Open it.

Oh, Jeannie.

It's for the ring.

I'm going to the pit. I'll see you in D.C.

All right. Sweetie, thanks.

What was that?

Maintain your course, Captain. Jesus Christ.

Reduce your airspeed as indicated.


I am a pilot.

American Embassy.

You've witnessed the conviction of Al Tha'r.

I have a message to the American President.

I'm in control of Flight 343.

Sit down!

Sit down! Sit! Sit!

You stupid. Sit down! Nobody moves!

Nobody! All right.

Quiet! Quiet!

Sit down!

Get up!

Take her.

Calm down!

It's over!

All right, it's over.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

You look like you could use one of these. Thank You.

David Grant.

Michelle Thomas.

Michelle You like hockey? Love it.

All Right. I've got two tickets-

Excuse me. Are you Dr. Grant? You have an urgent phone call.

I'll be right back.

Come on!

Sit down! Sit! Sit!

I want the attention of everyone on board.

Listen carefully.

You are to remain in your seats with your belts securely fastened.

Do exactly as you are told... and there will be no need for any further violence.

Where's the passenger manifest?

I said. Where is the passenger manifest?

I destroyed it.

You destroyed it?

To protect the passengers?

Or someone else?

That was a very brave thing to do... and totally unnecessary.

Here's all the data you want on white rose. Sorry to spoil your evening, boss.

Yeah, that makes two of us. What do you Got.

It's him, no doubt.

One from London, is a recording. One from the plane is live.

This doesn't make sense.

What the hell is he up to?

General Wood just called.

Briefing with the crisis team at 6:00 in the Situation Room. 10 Minutes.

Pentagon? Welcome to the big leagues, David.

Sec. defense White is running the show in the President's absence.

You Got anything that I can change into? Grateful Dead T-shirt?

I got a jog bra and a pair of running shorts.

Thanks anyway.

Keep at it, guys.

Don't forget, this is a think tank.

They pay us to think.

Oh, by the way... who's heading up the anti-terrorist unit?

Colonel Austin Travis.

Special Forces Command.

You know him?


They said it was "come-as-you-are."

Excuse me. David Grant.

This was recorded from the aircraft... shortly after the bombing.

This is Al Tha'r. I have a message for the American President.

The London bombing will have indicated the strength of my resolve.

I am in control of Flight 343.

This Aircraft and its passengers shall remain in my custody... until Abu Jaffa criminally held against his will... is released from captivity.

My instructions are to be followed precisely.

No theater. No negotiation.

El Sayed Jaffa will be released and taken to Gatwick Airport... where a private jet will be given clearance to land then allowed to leave with him.

Upon the release of our leader, Flight 343 will continue on to Washington... where half the passengers will be exchanged for fuel... and 50 million in gold bullion.

Abu Jaffa must be Airborne and in communication with me by 6 A.M. Greenwich or the citizens of London will suffer another punishment on your behalf... that will make today's bombing pale in comparison.

Mr. Grant.

This man...

Al Tha'r, who is he?

Voice Print analysis confirms it's Nagi Hassan...

Jaffa's deputy director.

He's an extremist in every sense. Take him completely at his word. He's not bluffing.

But in my opinion. Thank you.

Any other comments?

Well, it seems our first posture must be one of containment.

You mean acquiesce to Nagi's demands?

I don't see the President has any other choice.

London is demanding immediate action.

I agree.

I hate the idea of conceding anything to that bastard.

But we have to get him on the ground, then we'll have some options.

Colonel Travis and his team will be ready to respond once the plane is at Dulles.

It means shutting it down, re-routing all traffic.

And full military control of the entire area.

Secretary White...

Excuse me, gentlemen...

I don't believe we can allow that plane to land at Dulles... or even enter U.S. airspace.

What are you talking about?

Sir, I don't think this is about hostages.

I think it's about one man planning a major strike against the United States.

I think you'd better explain yourself, Mr. Grant.

Our research leads me to believe... that due to his own internal political situation, it was Nagi Hassan himself... who orchestrated Jaffa's abduction.

Go on.

Six months ago, A shipment of the nerve toxic DZ-5 was hijacked... while in transit from Russia to Germany.

Now, we're certain that the Chechen Mafia was behind the hijack.

But unfortunately recent attempts to recover the nerve gas have failed.

A few days ago, rumors surfaced that the DZ-5... was now in the hands of Asmed Rhasjami.

This is the prick who sent us on a wild goose chase.

A known supplier of arms and explosives to Jaffa's group.

Mr. Grant... are you saying the nerve gas is on board?

Yes, Sir, I am.

And it's my opinion that Hassan is planing to use the DZ-5 and the airplane together as a tactical weapon.

A sort of poor man's atomic bomb... to be detonated here, over Washington.

How much of this DZ-5 might he have?

I can't be exact there, Sir.

But I can tell you this much.

If this were DZ-5...

That single drop would be more than enough to kill every man in this room.

And by the way, the name he's using, "Al Tha'r"... in ancient Arabic means "revenge."

I'd like to welcome you on aboard, Senator Mavros.

The press seems to thinks you could be the next President.

It's an honor to have you with us.

That plane will be here in less than 8 hours.

It seems to me, the President has two options.

Disregard Mr. Grant's theory... and let the plane proceed to the United States.

Or destroy it before it gets here... along with 406 passengers.

Even if we're right... how would we ever prove it?

Colonel, if you have an opinion, let's hear it.

Mr. Secretary, there is another possibility.

It's a Hail Mary pass, but...

Colonel, why don't you tell him what you need.

There's a gentleman named Dennis Cahill who's an engineer for ARPA.

I think he could help us. If we could get him on the line ASAP.

I think he can tell you what I have in mind.

Remora was originally developed by ARPA for the space program... for super-sonic low-orbit linkups with the shuttle.

Although it was never actually implemented by NASA, it has since been modified by the Air Force... to study the feasibility of transferring the bomber crews at altitude... as well as other... contingencies.

We've had six actual hookups, all successful.

But, this is a civilian airliner.

Mr. Cahill...

Are you telling us Remora could work in this situation with a 747?

Obviously, this application was never intended for a civilian airliner.

However, smooth-surface mating tests... have been successful in a wind tunnel.

A wind tunnel.

Colonel, I know you wrote the book on assaulting hijacked aircraft.

But this is 5 miles above the Earth.

Well Sir, under the circumstances, I don't think we have any other options.

It's your call.

We're going to have to be airborne in an hour, select team, six men.

And I am going to need Mr. Cahill to supervise the linkup.

Mr. Cahill...

I'll need you and the Remora to be ready within the hour.

Gentlemen, the press is already in a feeding frenzy about the hijacking.

Especially with Senator Mavros on board.

Not one word of this operation is to go beyond this room.

Colonel. Anything you need, name it.

Well, Sir, we're going to need all the on-site intel we can get.

And I think Mr. Grant could provide us with a great advantage.

And I'd just love to have him come along.

Mr. Grant. You ready to take a plane ride... in the interest of national security?

Of course, Sir.

Check it out, boys. It's the Colonel.

Didn't have the details on the OP, Colonel... so we brought everything, even the condoms.

Who's this? 007?

That's Mr. Grant. He is with Intelligence.

He'll be traveling with us part of the way.

Part of the way, Sir?

I'll explain on the bird. Let's go!

So where's the 130?

Sergeant Baker...

I reckon that's it.

Colonel, you're joking right?

That's too much gear. You got to cut it down. We'll never get off the ground.

Gotcha. All Right, break it down, boys. Close-quarter weapons... com units, ordinance, sleep agent. Dump the rest.

Yes Sir.

Andrews ground, Remora, hangar three, taxi for takeoff.

Good to go.

It's all hooked up, Nagi.

Oh, God.

Allison's been gone a long time.

They wouldn't leave her down there by herself. Something's wrong.

Alright, let's go through this.

Baker, you're up first, set up the com link with the delivery plane and the Pentagon.

Grant. you monitor this. But I stay here on this airplane right?

That's correct.

The Remora will refuel in flight, then set up a trailing pattern behind the '47.

You'll be in direct contact with us via Video and Audio.

Your assessment of Nagi's behavior will be essential to the Operation.

I'll do what I can.

All right, now once we find the bad guys... we're going to look for the DZ-5.

If we find it, Doc, you're going to tap into the oxygen supply system..

With the sleep agent. Lights out. We take the bird.

Once we've taken control of the bird, and found the DZ-5, we're going to divert it.

Any problems, any questions? No, Sir.

Thule air base, Greenland's our best bet.

Yeah and if this bomb has a short fuse... then what? My Latin ass is going to be raining over Greenland? I don't think so, Bud.

I guess that's why they pay me the big bucks.

For what?

To save your rat ass.

That's what I want to hear, old dog.

The safe house in Trieste... that was your intel, wasn't it?

The nerve gas was there, Colonel.

Operation was late.

If you say so.

I just hope your averages improve a little.

If you don't believe me... what are you doing up here?

Well, who the hell else is going to do it?


My men are hungry.

I want you to see to it.

The food's in the lower galley.

I am going to have the use the elevator.

All right.

What about the passengers?

They need something, especially the children.

Very well, they may have beverages and use the bathrooms.

But, I am holding you responsible.

Anything suspicious will bring about repercussions.



Oh! my God! Allison? Allison?

Satellite tracking indicates our intercept here.

That should give you about 4 hours to complete your mission.

Our target is the Avionics hatch near the nose of the plane.

As soon as we're locked into position, I'll raise the sleeve.

When it's pressurized, I'll open the hatch of the 747.

When you're inside I'll go back up and lock it.

No, Baker's got to go up first.

The alarm switch on the hatch has to be neutralized as soon as it's open. Just tell him the procedure.

I can't just tell somebody the procedure.

It's not a B-52 with a docking collar up there.

It's a 747 without one.

Equalization process is critically delicate in this case.

If the seal's not at the proper vacuum... both planes could decompress. Our mission's over.

All right, this is what we're going to do. Baker is going to follow right behind you.

As soon as the hatch is open, you haul us inside, so Baker can lock off that switch.

As soon as we're all on board, you can go down and reseal the hatch.

Colonel, I'll clip your circuit for you from the ladder. There is no reason for me to go in the plane.

That's the way it's going to be.

You don't understand. I'm an engineer-

That's it.

Target sighted.

Initiating approach.

Climbing to flight level 3-8-5.

Activating doppler imaging system.

Range: 1,000 meters and closing.




We're entering heavy turbulence, Mr. Cahill.

Just be about eight to ten seconds of this, Colonel.

We're entering the slipstream. In a moment it'll settle.

See that path? Colonel.

That's the sweet spot!

We'll be on it in two seconds!

We're ready, Mr. Cahill.

Primary laser targeting.

Switch to master and locked.

Switching to dorsal camera system.

Range to target point.

Thirty meters.

Target point in sight.

Call the approach, Mr. Cahill.


Left, point five.

Forward one.


You're right on it.

You're right on it.

Hold it right there.


We have target, prepare for linkup.

Extending the sleeve.

Activate. Roger.

Autopilot on.

We're engaged, Mr. Cahill.

Primary tunnel pressurized and stable.

I'm going up.

Baker, do it.

Seal looks good.

We got a stable vacuum.

I'm opening the outer hatch.

What's that, a short? I don't know.

Come on. Move it.

Come on.

Move your fat ass. Come on.

Your turn, Louie. Sir.

A little bumpy.

What is that light?

That's a warning light.

It's for an open outer hatch in the Avionics room.

That's impossible. The whole plane is pressurized.

Where is this room? It's below.

It's under the first-class cabin.

Rat, you're next.

Doc, the bags.

Hope there's a good movie on this flight.


All Right. Clear. Next.

All right. Come on, Cappy.

Where the hell is the clip?

Did you put the clip in? It was there!

You're on my shit list, Baker.

Cappy, hold up, we lost the clip.

Let's go! Let's go!

Got it!

Come on! you son of a...

See, it went out. It's got to be a short.

Why are we not climbing?

Come on, old man, move it.

What the hell?

Wind shear!

Climb! Climb!

We're passing through 3-3-0!


What the hell is going on?

We have to break off now!

I can't hold the seal.

We need some help up here. We got to pull him up, man.

We're passing through 3-0-0!

Grant, what the hell are you doing?

Let's move it, Colonel.

Now! Now! Now!

He's unconscious!

All Right, get above him, now.

Hey Cappy, hold on.

Grant, Pull him up!

Get him out of there.

Move it!

Get above him.

All right. We got him. Now get out of there. Move.

Why is she so goddamn heavy?

Jesus, they're climbing!

I'm climbing with them.

Too much stress on the sleeve.

We're losing pressure on the pump.

The seals are going. The seals are going. Listen to me.

The hatch has got to be closed now or we'll lose both planes.

Come on.

Colonel, grab my hand.

I can't hold it! Close the hatch. Close the Hatch.

Lower the sleeve!

Listen to me. Listen to me. Somebody has got to close the hatch now or we're all going to die!

Do it now. We're losing pressure.

Colonel, we're not going to make it.

You are.

She's gone.

Castle Rock, Big Eye Six. We've lost contact with Hail Mary. Repeat, we've lost contact.

Big Eye Six, Castle Rock. Was delivery accomplished?

Castle Rock, can't say. Hail Mary was attempting delivery when contact disintegrated.

Did they make it on-board?

If they did, they'll establish a link with us.

Admiral, where's the fleet?

The Eisenhower carrier group's heading toward an intercept point in the Atlantic.

Have them go to alert.

Cappy? Cappy?

I'm going to have the check the equipment in the Avionics room.

Show me this room. Yeah.

There's a depression. A deformity of C-7.

He's got a fractured vertebrae. Oh shit. We got to immobilize him.

Excuse me, folks. Can I get you to move over here, please?

Move! Sorry About that.

Hang on, Cappy, old dog.

Buddy, you got some morphine here.

That's going to take care of that pain, ASAP.

Hey! Give me a break. You want to go down there. You go ahead...



It's a fried circuit.

It's an overload of some kind.

It happens.

Close it. Sure.

Everything all right down there.

Oh yeah, it's just a blown circuit.

Must've been the turbulence.

Rat, what are we going to do?

Alright, Baker. Get me the Pentagon on sat-com.

The radio didn't make it.

Then, we have no way of letting them know we're on-board.

They'll think we're all dead.

Shut up, Cahill.

No, he's right. As far as they know, we went down with the delivery plane.

The Pentagon is going to shoot us down.

We were their only option.

Listen to me.

We have to negotiate.

We have to tell Hassan the Pentagon knows his plan... and that he'll never be allowed to reach U.S. airspace.

Cahill, calm down. No, no... I'm fine.

Listen, I know what I'm talking about here.

We have to do this. It's our only chance and guess what?

They've got to listen.

That won't stop them.

Get your hands off me!

You're not going anywhere fat boy.

Come on! I didn't sign up for this G.I. Joe bullshit.

We don't need to do that. He'll be all right.

Cahill, listen to me.

There is no negotiating with Nagi Hassan. You understand?

If he knew we were down here, right now, he'd just kill us all.

So let's calm down, everybody.

Just sit down and relax.

So, with no way to communicate with Washington, the cherry's right.

They're just going to blow us out of the sky, any minute, now?

No, no, they don't know we're not on-board either.

They'll wait until the last possible second, hoping for a break.

We've got some time.

Baker, how much time before we hit U.S. airspace?

Three hours, and 50 minutes.

What's left of the gear?

Well, we've lost the sat-com... scanners, sleep agent.

We've got maybe half the weapons, probes, mikes, nodes, bomb kit. That's it.

It's vital you find Hassan. It all centers around him.

All right.

Mikes and probes first.

Hook up Grant to the com board, see if he can locate his old friend Hassan.

Now everything we need is right here.

As soon as we locate their positions... we blow the lights and go night optics.

We hit them hard while they're still surprised. All right, come on. Let's get started.

The bomb.

Look, civilian, we don't even know if there is a bomb. I'm going to take over this plane.

That's what Travis would have done. I'm trying...

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, okay.

But if that DZ-5's is on board, there's going to a bomb attached to it...

You God damn well better find it!

Now, once this plane took off, there was going to be no turning back...

Hassan would make sure of that.

He's right.

It could be a pressure-switch timer, I mean if we try to land the plane or change the altitude... anything could set it off. You have to find it before the hit.

All right, we're going to look for it while we're setting up.

All right, Louie get the tools and bomb kits.

Come on, let's get started.

Tell me what Hassan looks like.

Well, I can't.

What do you mean you can't? I thought You said you were the world's expert on this guy.

The only known photograph of him is when he was a student. It was taken over 25 years ago.


But I'd recognize his voice.

And I'd know him, if I saw him.

I'm telling you, I saw them. Americans.


Baker, Station One.

First-class online.

I got you, go ahead.

Okay, I've got one, first-class cabin.

Now another.

Skorpions on both of them.

Grant, do you copy?

I hear them.

Neither one is Hassan.

I got four in the main cabin, two in the galley.

Four with nine millimeter skorpions, two AKM/FNC's.

I got two more patrolling the rear cabin.

Also heavily armed.

Can you hear the two in the mid galley?

Yeah. Yeah, I hear them.

None of them is our man.

This isn't working.

Meet me in the lower galley.

Put on Cappy's vest.

I'm on my way.

All right, Grant. Clip the cable onto your vest.

Now, put on your carabiner.

All right. I'm going to winch you up.


All right. I got the four probes and mikes down there.

It pretty much covers the main cabin.

If he's there, you should find him.

Now, whatever you do... don't step on the panel or you're going to go right through.

I'll try to remember that.

All right.

Right here.


Hey, wait. Lose the shoes, pretty boy.

Hope the smell doesn't give us away.

Okay, go.

Senator, I think we...

Shut up! Do you want to get us killed?

Senator, I think we're being presented with an incredible opportunity here.

For what?

You know how we always wanted to have a war record for you.

Some edge with the media that would put you over the top. - Yeah.

Remember the mileage Jesse Jackson got... when he negotiated the release of those hostages?


I'm at the last one.

He's not here.

Maybe he's in the cockpit.

Okay, come on back.

Come on, I got you, come on..

I got you, come on, it's okay.

All right. That's it.

Just keep tugging. Good. You got it.

Now just, get your arm up over there.

Maintain current course.



Yeah, come on. Let's get the hell down from here.

All right. Stop.

What the hell is going on?

I'm sorry, it fell. I was... getting coffee filters.

I don't understand.

How does threatening these people... have anything to do with your cause? Whatever it is.

Well, perhaps it is not your place to understand.

Just be patient.

It will all be over very soon.

There's a change.

Tell the Captain to maintain our course.

Excuse me.

I'm keeping you from your work.

Grant, are you okay? What happened?

Grant, are you okay?


Yeah and guess who I ran into?


Forward baggage compartment. Got something.

All right, I'm on my way.

You wanted to talk to me.

I'm sure you're aware the official U.S. policy is... no deals with terrorists.

Especially in hostage situations.

I can deal directly with the President.

If you allow me to conduct the negotiation...

I believe I can guarantee all your demands.

Money, media exposure, safe passage back to the Middle East.

I understand.

You want to be seen as the savior of the hostages.

An image that certainly will not hurt you in the coming elections.

As powerful an image as you returning to the Middle East, your mission accomplished.

I can see we are both men who truly understand... the importance of making dramatic statements to the world.

Rest assured, when the time comes, I will call upon you.

I guess your theory was right.

Have a look.

You can forget Washington.

There's enough nerve agent here to wipe out half the eastern seaboard.

Israeli intelligence has certainly identified the bomb-maker.

He's Jean-Paul Demou.

That's a recent photograph.


Former nuclear engineer with the Iraqis.

He lost his family in the Gulf War.

He's been with Jaffa's group ever since.

That's it?

That's it.

Charles, it's been over an hour and no word from Travis.

We're running out of options.

There's still time.

Better instruct the F-14's to be ready to launch.

Issue the press release of the President's decision to free Jaffa.

The bastard might be our last avenue of hope.

We have no means to communicate with him.

But he has arranged to contact you at 6:30 as soon as you're airborne.

I can assure you, that plane will never be allowed to reach the United States.

If you can convince him... to divert the aircraft to an isolated base... and release the passengers... he has the word of the President of the United States... he and his men will be given safe passage to a country of his choice.

I will do everything I can... in the interests of peace.

Sorry, Cappy. We got a bad one here.

Okay, so... we know we've got DZ-5 in binary canisters... and 16 pounds of Semtex.

Let's take a look inside.

A computer trigger.


Dedicated drive... probably monitors a dozen sensors.

This ain't no pipe bomb with a six-volt battery.

Take me closer.


Take me in on that.

Hold it right there.

What are you looking at?

That long, silver cylinder.

That's a barometric pressure switch.

Activated on takeoff, probably set to air-burst during landing...

with an isolated trigger.

I tell you what... if I can...

I mean... if you can disable the switch, it'll probably buy you some time.

Then we got a chance.

We got a chance. We shut this thing down, take over the plane. We just land it someplace safe.

Who gets to play with the bomb?

What about Cahill?

He's a design engineer. If he can build a computer... with Cappy's help he can take one apart.

Cappy, Cappy, what do you think?

I think we're looking up the ass of a dead dog, but it's worth a try.

But we got to hurry, because this morphine's kicking in.

Okay, let's do it. Let's do it.

Get Cahill in here.

Louie, overhead mid-cabin.

Baker, first class. I am going to take the cockpit and business class. We go on Cappy's signal.

Use Channel B to Grant, keep A open for assault.

Rat, I think you got a problem here.

I mean, I counted four in mid-cabin, but there might be as many as six.

Can you... can you take them all?

Well, I can take three or four, at the most but that's pushing it.

We need another gun.

What do you want me to do?


We're doing a simple electronic bypass.

Just ignore the rest of it.

Just ignore... the rest of it.

If you screw up. You'll never know it.

So... let's get to it.

Okay, once more.

Push hard, up the ladder... left in the companion-way.

I'll have the element of surprise.

That's it. You got it.

Rat, this is really not my thing.

Don't worry, with that you can't miss.

Just aim straight for his chest and fire.

Whatever you do, don't look into his eyes.

Okay. Then come back down the hall.

Okay, Cahill.

Meter reads 15 ohms.

That's good. That means it's in parallel and isolated.

Now, let's complete the bypass.

Now take the red alligator clips and set in the bypass.

Now take the red-handled dikes... and put the red wire on this side.

But don't touch anything else.

Ready, forward section. Louie, sit-rep.

Louie, ready.


Baker up.

Grant? Grant. I'm ready.

Do it.


Tell them it's all theirs.

Thank God.

Rat, Cappy says the bomb is safe.

Okay, the dude's in my sights.

I'll blow the lights, and we go on my signal.

Oh, Jesus!

Cahill, stop them.

Stop the hit. Tell Rat, to stop the attack.

Rat, stop the hit.

Cappy says stop the attack. Stop it now.

Everybody hold their positions.

Cappy, what's going on?

Someone just ran a program test on the bomb.

Whoever it is... he's got an override switch with his finger... on the Goddamned trigger.

Christ, can you override it?

Cappy? Cappy?

Cappy, I said, can you override it?

Cappy? Cappy? Cappy?

What the hell is going on?

I... think we might have lost Cappy.

Cappy's dead. I think Cappy's dead.

Cahill, calm down. I'll be right there. I think Cappy might be dead.

Rat, what happened?

Rat, Cappy's okay.

He's just unconscious.

I am free and in flight.

The Americans wish me to tell you... they have agreed to all of your demands.

You are victorious. Come home.

I rejoice in your freedom, Abu Jaffa.

Allah has blessed us.

A great destiny awaits us both.

In a few hours you will see. I've achieved a glorious victory on your behalf.

All the people of Islam will embrace you as its chosen leader.

I am your flame.

The sword of Allah.

And with it I will strike deep into the heart of the infidel.

Nagi, listen to me. They know. They will destroy the plane!

Nagi, Listen.

He cut him off.


Jaffa's free.

Jaffa's free.

Anytime, guys. Anytime.

Tell Admiral Crosby to order the F-14's to intercept the 747.

Make the plane divert. I don't care what they have to do.

Just do it.

Jack, call the President.

It's an executive decision now.

Now that Abu Jaffa's free, shall I order the plane to change course back to Algeria?

No. But, why?

What's going on? Jaffa's been freed.

Sounds like the second-in-command is challenging Hassan.

He wants to know... why they're not diverting to Algeria... now that Jaffa has been released.

Allah has chosen for us a task far greater than Jaffa's freedom.

We are the true soldiers of Islam.

Our destiny is to deliver the vengeance of Allah... into the belly of the infidel.

This has nothing to do with Islam. This is not Allah's will.

You are blinded by your hatred and I will have nothing to do with your plan.

Our mission was to free Abu Jaffa. He is our leader, not you.

What happened?

He just killed one of his own men.

Get back to your posts.

You son of a bitch. What'd you get me into here, huh!

What did you get me into?

Well, the others can't know about the bomb.

But somebody ran a test. I mean, there's got to be a sleeper.

Trigger-man. One of the passengers.

There are 400 passengers. It could be anyone.

There's no way in hell we'll find him.

We still have the element of surprise.

I say we hit them now, forget about that bomb and maybe we're going to get lucky.

Even if you kill them all, the sleeper can still destroy the plane.

But at least we'll save Washington.

Look, we're out of time. This is the best option we have.

Maybe not.

We still got about an hour and 20 minutes.

Listen to me, we got to give that bomb another try.

Yeah, but, we need Cappy for that.

Cahill might be able to figure it out. Oh, forget it.

If he can neutralize it, then finding the sleeper wouldn't matter.

Yeah and if he can't neutralize it?

Then we got to find the sleeper.

But I think...

I think I know who it might be.

Can you hook up a probe... so I can see into the main cabin on this monitor?

No, we can't transmit between the probe and the monitor.

Would a video camera work? Yeah.

You got one? No.


Baggage. We'll find one in baggage.

There's 400 faces up there.

Do you expect to check each one?

Not without help.

So, where's the weak link?

How do we pull the teeth on this thing?

Come on, Cahill, you're an engineer. Go with your instincts.

Cappy said two power sources.

I know this is one.

And I'm pretty sure this is the other. Okay, go ahead.

If we had our own power supply... we could isolate the bomb's power sources... much like a heart bypass machine.

The bomb will still think it's online.

Along with the sleeper. With no power, no way to detonate, that's brilliant Cahill.

In theory.

At this point, that's all we've got.

Okay, Cahill, you're the man. Go with your instincts.

I... hope I'm right.

Whatever you do, don't cut that wire.


Grant, we found a camcorder in baggage. We're about ready to try this.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

Where are you going? You can't leave me now.

You don't need me. You got Cappy.

What if he passes out again?

If things really get desperate... use your magic wand.

Okay, I got power.

Got the cable down the back side elevator shaft. They'll never see it.

Oh, yeah.

All right, now for the hard part.

Let's try this.

This is the button for the call light.

I bypassed the buzzer.

Let's hope she sees it.

Wait, hold on a second. Wait a minute. Why her? What makes you think you can trust her?

When I was in the elevator... she saw me right when Hassan walked in.

Oh! Christ. Wait.. wait... wait.

She was cool, she covered me. She'll do this, I know it.

All right, I just hope you have better luck with women than I do.

Come on, pick it up.

Pick it up.

I'm watching you on video. Behind you... above the bulkhead.

There you go.

We met in the elevator, remember?

American soldiers are on-board, ready to take over the plane.

But there's a bomb, and one of the passenger is in direct control of it.

We need your help to find him.

You're looking for a man with an electronic device.

He's probably-

Sorry, I thought the phone rang.

Oh, Jesus.

Get on with it.

Come on, hang in there, now.

Hang in there.

She's had it, forget it, Grant.

She's shaking. She's not going to do it.

Wait a minute.

All right, lady's a player, boys, she's with us.

Okay. Come on, look, we'll get in position.

We'll get upstairs and watch it, if she fingers somebody we're going to have to move fast.

They're here.

Oceanic Flight 343, approximately 120 miles from fail-safe line.

I've just spoken to the President. He concurs.

If we can't make them divert, we have no other option.

The F-14's should intercept in approximately 15 minutes.

We're not really going to shoot this plane down, are we?

Whatever evidence there is, it will go straight to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The President would be finished. He'd never recover.

Four hundred American lives.

Christ, Jack, we'd all be finished, the whole administration.

Miss, may I have some water for my medication?

Okay. Please.

Here I'll... Oh, dear. Oh!

What are you doing?

I was just getting her medication.

Can I go get her some water?


That's it. You got something, don't you?

Not long enough. One something 'b'...

Did you get it? No, it was too quick.

She'll give it to us again. She has to.

Here she comes.

2, 1- "K."


Slap Flight, this is lead.

Contact 0-3-9 at 125. Come left 0-1-5 for collision.

Three's contact and concur. Angel's 44.

Rat. - Go ahead. Rat, she's found something.


Mid-section... starboard side.

Window seat.

Roger, I'm on my way.

I can't do it.

I can't... breathe.

Okay, Cahill, just relax.

I'm right here.

Close your eyes.

Why? Why am I closing my eyes?

Just close your eyes.

Take a deep breathe.

Now, open your eyes and cut the blue wire.

It's a decoy.

It's a fucking decoy. The whole thing's a fake. The real one must be down below under the plate.

What the hell just happened? What is going on?

I'm sorry.

It's just, after we've been screwing around with the whole goddamn thing, we could just blow up.

Please, speak english.

I screwed up.

We have to start over.

Grant, I'm there.

If it's Demou, he's about 50... olive skin, dark hair, slightly balding.

It could be. I can't see him clearly.

I can't even get a clean shot. What about you, Louie?

No, his back is to me.

But he fits the description.

Demou, it has to be.

Can you take him?

Not a chance.

He's blocked by the seats... There's passengers all around him.

Where the hell they come from? I don't know.

Nagi, fighter planes.

Slap, Strike One Tally Ho. Assuming position for escort.

Oceanic Flight 343, this is flight leader, U.S. Navy aircraft.

You are approaching United States airspace.

You are to divert heading 0-2-0.

Fix vector for Thule Air Force Base.

Divert. Steer 0-2-0.

Squawk 7500 to acknowledge.

Oceanic Flight 343, this is flight leader, U.S. Navy aircraft.

You are approaching United States airspace. Son of a bitch.

Thule Air Force Base. You must divert


Rat, Navy jets ordering us to divert. We must be closer to the fail-safe then we thought. Then, we've had it.

They’re here to shoot us down.

No, no. We've got to signal them somehow.

Got to be a way.

Come on, think. Think.

Vector 0-2-0. Thule Air Force Base and acknowledge.

Oceanic Flight 343. On guard. Turn right 0-2-0.

Got to do something, Captain.

Oceanic, look out your left window.

This is U.S. Navy flight lead.

Show me a sign that you understand. You must cooperate...

Jesus Christ! What the hell are they doing?

They're getting ready to light us up.

Take that little left clip. I got it.

Okay. I got it. I got it.

That's 77.

Flight 343. It is imperative that you acknowledge.

Divert now. Steer 0-2-0.

This is U.S. Navy flight lead. Hey.

We've got to respond.

You say nothing. Stay on course.


It looks clear.

We're going to need something non-metallic to slip between those points.


Grant, I think we've got this thing licked, but we're just going to need a couple more minutes.

Yeah, that's Great Cappy. Stay at it.

All right, listen. Pin 77's over here.

Slap Flight, this is Lead. I'm going to pull out in front.


What are we missing here?

I'm thinking the same thing.

The sphere's cold.

All right, in my green bag, there's a can of compressed air.

Give it a shot.


Cahill. Cahill.

In my kit, infrared goggles.

Jesus Christ.

We're finished.

One more time. Oceanic Flight 343.

Come right 0-2-0. Thule Air Force Base.

Follow Me... Give me Washington.

It is very important that you follow me Sir.

You must follow me. Captain, please acknowledge.

This is Al Tha'r.

Why are we being threatened?

I told you my terms are absolute. The hostages will be released...

Once we have landed in Washington.

No compromises.

This is Secretary of Defense Charles White.

You must listen to me. We know-

You know nothing.

Tell your President... that he will comply or suffer the blood of many Americans on this plane.

It's time, Senator.

Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me?

Hello, can you hear me?

Hello, this is Senator Mavros. I'd like to speak to the President, please.

Senator, the President is out of the country.

I'm speaking on his behalf.

I don't care where he is, I want to speak to him right now. You got that.

Senator, I'm in charge of the crisis team.

They have a gun to my head. Please just do it what they want.

Please! Please, just do what they want.


What was that?

What happened?

Jesus Christ.

This is the pilot.

They just killed the senator. For God sake, do what they ask!

He just killed Mavros.

Grant, whatever you're going to do, you better do it now.

Now, listen to me.

This plane will continue on as planned.

Any further threats will result in a passenger being killed every minute.

They're only 25 miles to the fail-safe line.

We have to end this now.

Nav. Com. Flash on the CRN-115. National Command Authority.

We're ordered to destroy the target.

You got to be joking.

I've confirmed it twice. It's for real.

Slap Two, Three and Four, take high cover.

Follow on a one-mile trail.

Sparrow selected.

Strike Slap One, stand by for Fox One from Lead.

Spider, I am going master arm on.

Do it.

Slap Flight, this is Lead.

We have a full lock on the heavy at 2-9-0.

Negative, Bull..

Go cold on the sparrow.

The guys tail lights are flashing.

God, I hope I'm not going too fast.

Nobody uses Morse code anymore.

Except navy pilots.

Keep sending it.

Spider, Is that what I think it is?

You're damn right.

Strike, this is Slap One.

We have visual communication from the target.

Seems to be Morse code coming from the nav. lights.

I'm a bit rusty, but according to my supplement... the message appears to be, "Hail Mary...

Alpha One...

10 minutes."

Message repeats. Over.

Alpha One, that's the attack code.

You mean they made it? They're on-board.

They're going to try and take her.

It's too late. They've already crossed the line.

By God, if they're on board, we're going to give them another 10 minutes.

Admiral Lewis.

Flight 343... this is Navy flight leader. Victor, Victor, five. Repeat.

Flight 343, this is Navy flight leader, Victor, Victor, Five.

Alpha One, you have 10 minutes to U.S. airspace.

Repeat. Alpha One...

You have 10 minutes to U.S. airspace.

You have permission to resume and land at Dulles international Airport. Good luck, Sir.

Jesus, they got it.

They got it.

They got it.

I take back every rust picking, squid-hating thing I ever said about swamy's.

Monitor the radio.

And no contact.

Rat, we got a break.

Command gave us 10 minutes.

All right, we'll take the sleeper first.

It's got to be by total surprise, Rat. Cappy's almost there on the bomb.

Can you give it a few more minutes.

Grant, we're out of time.

Look, we just go, blow out the lights, we take our chances.

Five minutes, Rat.

They'll have the bomb diffused by then. I know it.

Now give it 5 minutes.

Rat, give him the 5 minutes.

Rat, I agree.

All right, Grant...

5 minutes. Starting now.

Baker, get to position. Louie, stand by.

All right, Cappy, we've only got 5 minutes. How you doing?

Grant, where the hell you have been?

The sphere is filled with photoelectric beams.

It's going to take us a hell a lot time longer than 5 minutes.

Grant, come in.

Just do the best you can.

Pick it up.

Jan... you've been fantastic.

But I need your help one more time.

Lower galley.

Turn around. Get in the elevator right now. Go.


They'll be starting their descent in 10 minutes.

I know, Jack. I know.

Radar confirmation. Oceanic Flight No. 343 now at 25-mile limit.

Keep going.

I'm going to blow the lights.

Two more minutes and then we go.

Grant, how you doing?

Grant? Grant?

Just keep walking.

Rat, it's Grant.

He's down below in mid-cabin. What?

When I push you down... hit the floor and stay down.

He's going for the sleeper.

That son of a bitch.

Louie, we go on your signal.


Something's wrong.

It's not him.

Everybody down.

Behind you.

He's got Demou, blow the lights.

Louie, it's the sleeper.

Cahill, the straw, the straw.

Cahill, I can't hold it.

Come in, Dulles.

Dulles, this is Oceanic 343 heavy... requesting emergency landing.

We are low on fuel. We have structural damage... but we are stable and in control.

343 Heavy, this is Dulles.

You are cleared for emergency landing.

1- L north. Crash crew standing by.

Thank God.

They're in control.

The bomb! What about the bomb?

Listen to this.

We did it! It's done.

Jesus! We did it.

It's done.

You got anything else for us?

I got to tell Washington.

You okay? Yeah.

It's over.


It's not over.

It's over.

Who are you?

No one.

You're very clever.

But you're too late.

You've stopped nothing.

Dulles International... this is Flight 343.

The airplane is secure, but both pilots are dead. Request help.

Flight 343, you're breaking up.

We don't read you. You're cleared to land on runway 1-L north.

Dulles. I need help. I need instruction.

I am sitting on a bomb that could detonate on impact.

Flight 343, you're breaking up.

Jesus, they're not receiving. Shit!

Okay, get a hold of it now. Get a hold of this plane.

It's all right. It'll be okay.

All right, stick and rudder.

Stick and rudder. An airplane's an airplane.

Straight and level. Hold it.

Oh, my God.

Are you a pilot?

You got to help me here.

I've had a few lessons, but I've never really soloed.

Okay, all right. We're probably lined up for landing.

There it is! There's the airport.

Right out there, see it?

Okay, I got it. I got it. All right.

Pilot's Operating Handbook. That's what I need. Over there.

I don't see it. What's it look like?

Something that says, "Flight Manual."

Right back there. In the back.

Okay, I got it, I got it. Flight manual. Okay.

What should I look for? The normal procedures.

Landing approach speeds.

Okay, here it is. I got it.

What's it say for final approach speeds?

Final approach speeds...

"... over 600,000 pounds, 150 knots... under 400,000 pounds, 120 knots."

Split it. 140 knots. All Right.

We're doing 220 knots.

Reduce power.

Nose down.

170 knots.

It's getting loose.

I'm losing control of the airplane.

What's wrong?


How much flaps can I put it on? 170 Knots. Quick?

Flaps, flaps, flaps. 170 knots- any amount of flaps you want.

Goddamn it!

There it is. 2, 3, 4.

There. 160.

There we go. 150.



What the hell? I'm going to stall.

I'm stalling.

Power! Power up!


There we go.

Wait a minute.

Landing gear!


All right, here we go. We're going to land.

Oh, man. We're long. We're long.

What the hell?

He's way too high.

Come on!

I missed. I missed it.

I missed it. I'm over.

Power up.

Won't climb.

Come on, baby. Come on.

Gear up!

All right, all right.

Now what the hell do I do?

You're going to have to turn around for another approach.

I can't handle the airplane. I can't turn it around.

Yes, you can.

No, wait. Wait a minute.

Let me think.

Hold it.

Wait a minute. That's the interstate.

There's the ballpark. Frederick Field's got to be ahead.

It's my airport. I know where I am.

I can do this. All right.

Line it up... for 2-6.

There it is. There it is.

All right, now reduce power.

Here we go.

Power back.

Shit, landing gear... down.


140 knots.


What am I forgetting?

Who cares? Just fly the plane.

You're right.

You're right, I can do this.

"Fly the plane."

I can do this.

I can do this.

Jesus, I'm down.

Shit. Hold on.

Things almost land themselves, don't they?

That's incredible! Never saw anything like it.

Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye sweetie.

Bye. Thank you, dear.

Cahill, I don't know how you did it, but you did it.

No, you did it.

What do you mean? What is this?

That's a little memento for you. Listen.

I'll tell you all about it another time. Right now...

I need a drink. A big drink.


Hey, how you doing?

Getting better by the minute.

Those commandos where the hell did they come from?

Good question.

All right. Take him up.

You're going to be okay, Cappy.

Hold it.

Hey, guys.

It's Jean.



You called me Jan on the plane. My name is Jean.


Who are you?

Dr. Grant...

Agent Perry, FBI. You're wanted at the Pentagon, Sir.

Forget it. Sorry I asked.

Jean, wait a minute.

Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

As long as you're not flying.

No problem.

So, Jean, tell me something...

Do you like hockey?