ExPatriot (2017) Script

[exhales sharply]

[breathing heavily]

[exhales sharply]


My name...

My name is Riley...


My name is Riley Connors.

And my father was a US Marine.




My name is Riley Connors.

And my father was a US Marine.

My first doll was a GI Joe and until today, I was an analyst for the CIA.

[intense music]

[indistinct chatter]

-Bill. -Yeah.

Nothing. Never mind.

Still on for dinner tomorrow?

-Mm-hmm. -Good luck saving the world.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

[music continues]

They're not watching you.

They're watching everyone.

[music continues]

[Riley] For two years, I ran a surveillance team on select US citizens.

We never required a warrant, and none of these people have ever been charged with a crime.

Yet, we watched them.

I watched them... at their jobs at their homes, in their bedrooms and I won't watch any longer.

[music continues]

Today, I released evidence of government spying and illegal surveillance committed against these US citizens.

My name is Riley Connors.

You deserve the truth.

What you do with it is up to you.

[music continues]


It's okay. You did great.

Trust me.

You'll be a hero by tomorrow.


You're doing the right thing.

My name is Riley Connors.

You deserve the truth.

What you do with it is up to you.

[man on TV] Whistleblower, a traitor according to the vice or a former vice-president, in any event.

Everyone seems so empowered to stick it to her.

I just hope they're not in some sort of surveillance...

[indistinct chatter]

These disclosures have caused significant harm to our nation and to our safety.

[indistinct yelling]

The American people look at us and and asks us, "Keep us safe."

She betrayed her country. Now, she's a traitor.

No, she's not a traitor.

Riley Connors is keeping America safe.

Safe from our own tyrannical government.

[man on TV] According to a Reuters poll

23% of Americans think Riley Connors is a traitor.

Thirty one percent think she's a patriot.


[Estelle] What are you doing?

Haven't you been listening?

What are you talking about?

Estelle, we're going to win, just like you said.


Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

Everything went wrong.

[woman on TV] The homemade explosive detonated on a public transit bus just hours ago.

Authorities have named Rob Temmons, a city bus driver for more than eight years, as the perpetrator of this attack which took his own life along with 16 others.

Sixteen people?

[woman on TV] And one of the names released just a few weeks ago by the notorious CIA whistleblower, Riley Connors.

This is impossible.

[man on TV] ... scene with investigators.

It's unclear at this time if Ms. Connors was a part of this act of terror or if she just failed to see...

You're in a private flight to Columbia.

Find this address as soon as you arrive.

He's my brother.

He'll look out for you till we can figure this out.

We need to go, okay? You're not safe here anymore, Riley.

Please. You understand?

[intense music]

-Come on. -Cheer up.

[Jaime] You'll go home someday.

Not unless I'm behind bars.

At least you're from a place where people are prosecuted not just taken away during the night.

Estelle's in town.

The usual place.

Thanks. Go finish your rally.

You should come.

Find something new to stand for.

[Riley] Just tell Estelle I'll be there.

[knock on door]

You changed your hair again.

I only have a few hours until my next shift.

You can find a better job.

And end my penance so early?

You'd love this country if you ever impact.

Were you able to talk to Bill?

He won't meet with me.

I kept him in the dark to protect him.

I know. He might need more time.

I'm only asking for a few words.

Even if they're "Go fuck yourself" at least I'd know I-I still exist to him.

I brought you to Columbia, to my home because here it's safe.

You can start over.

I'd rather go to prison than spend another day in this hell.

They'll send you to Guantanamo, Riley.

Temmons hand washed his uniform every night after work, and then just went--

Stop it.

I mean, how does someone like that just sleep so easily?

Show me the video, I missed of him planning his attack breaking the law, and I'd know I'd screwed up but he didn't do anything, he did nothing until I put his name on CNN and--

People have moved on from that story and you should do the same.


It was never a story to me, Estelle.


Listen, I opened you a bank account.

There is money in it to get you sorted.

-Pity? -No. A life.

And a part of me can't move on until you do.


[door closes]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[knock on door]

[Pascal] Senora Connors?

[knocking continues]

[banging on door]

[intense music]





How did you find me?

Your friend from the Times is a lot easier to track than you are.

You owe me a new door, asshole.

Pascal's my liaison down here. He can be a little overeager.

You're a field agent now?

A lot has changed in two years. I'm here on assignment.

-To bring me in. -No.

I think I have a way to help you.

Get you home.

Riley, I found you an opportunity.

You need a presidential pardon but you got to work with me.

No more secrets.

-Bill, what I did-- -I know, Ry.

Let's just put one foot in front of the other, okay?

I'm listening.

I'm here on a co-op with the Columbian National Police.

These... are the Ruiz Brothers.

[instrumental music]

[Bill] That's Fernando, the younger brother.

He did a short stint in the Cuban Secret Police before migrating to Columbia working his way up in mid-level corporations.

[camera clicks]

The older one's Carlito.

A rising star in the Secret Police before he left Castro with his baby brother.

He handles the physical side of the business.

Fernando's our key.

He operates the largest boutique banking network in South America.

How does he get me home?

[Bill] Turns out the banks aren't Fernando's only source of income.

He also owns a piece of computer gaming site.

Next wave play.

Millions of US members, very lucrative, completely illegal.

The CIA doesn't police virtual gaming.

It does when there's millions of dollars and illegally laundered money funds domestic terrorists.

Director thinks Fernando's banks are top financial creditor.

Thinks or knows?

Right now it's all circumstantial.

We need bank records, accounts, proof of transfers.

We can't hack him, and we haven't been able to get anyone inside until now.

This is the op-center.

It's a basic set-up, but we're a small team, so it works.

We've got audiovisual outside the bank.

Here, I'll show you.

[instrumental music]

I'm not a field agent. I'm not even an analyst anymore.

Exactly, but you're in. It's a great cover.

Even the director admitted you're perfect for the job.

Mm, because I'm expendable.

If this works, maybe I get a ticket home.

If not, one less CIA traitor out there.

Agency wins, either way.

It's the only way I can get you home.

No more watching from a cubicle, Riley.

You can look this asshole in the eye and take him down.

Not everyone gets a second chance.

Not everyone deserves one.

You do.

We both do.


My name is Riley Connors.

My name is Riley Connors.

My name is Riley...

[Bill] You're doing that thing where you say your name to yourself?

You look good.

That's not what I'm worried about.

I barely know anything about this guy and...

-I don't trust myself anymore. -Then trust me.

Forget about the past.

You have a future to fight for again.

My future or ours?

Uh, I'm sorry.

I don't deserve to ask that, I shouldn't have...

You, um...

You say what's on your mind. That's what I love about you.

Bill... what I did... you don't think it was right, do you?

I think you have a chance to do the right thing... this time.


My name is Riley Connors.

Your fortune and your freedom are in danger.

And you need my help.

I agreed to a meeting because of your name but... to employ you with no resume no real cybersecurity experience... it is difficult.

Would you say that the CIA is cyber secure?

We get CNN in Bogota.

-Then you know my resume. -Mm-hmm. Yes.

And why no one will ever hire you.

Plus, I have a head of security.

Do you use packet filter or a circuit gateway firewalls?

[Fernando] Carlito won't speak to you.

Because I'm a woman?

Because he puts his children on a bus to school every morning.

But we don't see eye to eye on everything.

I believe your actions were quite brave.

-Is Carlito a good bodyguard? -I am here.

Thanks only to God and my brother.

[Riley] And has Carlito ever been shot?

I bet it hurt, but you're damn good at your job because you know that pain and it's your job to protect your brother from it.

I've never been shot but I have felt more pain than most can bear and I can protect you, your company and your fortune from that pain.

You already have government agencies threatening you probably for mistakes.

I've beat the CIA once.

Now, you can pay me to do it again.

What threats?

Well, we can start with the ones watching from across the street.

I spotted them when I came this morning.

Fifth floor, second office on the left.

-What is she doing? -Gaining their trust.

Didn't know it was going to be at our expense.

How did you know that?

There's always someone watching.

The hard part is finding out who.

[car horn blaring]

And how to stop them.

[instrumental music]

[speaking in foreign language]

Perhaps it's time for a new perspective.

Very good.

[music continues]

[Fernando] Do you believe God forgives us for our mistakes?

God didn't make the mistake.

Carlito and I served on Castro's police.

To leave was to desert to be labeled traitors.

You understand the gravity of this?

You know I do.

But we made a new home here, a new life... in Bogota.

What that man did...

was terrible.

What you did... wasn't.

[Carlito panting]

Thank you, hermano.

Carlito needs to check you in.

A pleasure, senorita.

So what? You need my birthday?

Remove all metals and your clothes.

Okay, Castro, I-I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your brother.

Will you at least turn around while I get naked?


Okay, asshole.

[instrumental music]

[Bill] Riley?

Wow. It's beautiful.

You, uh, trying to kill yourself?

Second time couldn't hurt much more, right?

What happened there today?

I had to give him something.

Something that made you a little less expendable to the CIA.

And after, your mike cut out.

I had to ditch it. Should we get back?

Don't put me in the dark again.

Bill, if I had told you my plan... you'd be on the run too or-or worse.

It's not that you didn't tell me it's that you didn't say anything at all.

That day, you were just so... normal.

I'm so sorry.

Then why? Why did you do it?

Why throw away our life together for people you don't even know?

Do you really want to know the answer to that?

I think I've earned it.

I wanted to join the agency my whole life.

It was my dream to protect people.

And I got it.

I got my dream.

And then one day I wake up, and I'm the enemy?

I'm the breath on the other end of the phone line, so I...

I tried to fix it.

And, Bill, I...

I'd do it again.

We were going to have a life.

-Remember? -Don't you think I know that?

So you just didn't give a fuck?

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what we lost, and how to get it back.

Will you look at me?


[instrumental music]

[Riley moaning]

[music continues]

[music continues]

I wasn't handed this assignment... but I fought for it.

To find you.

[cell phone vibrates]

[Estelle] The Ruiz Brothers.

You know, they were Cuban secret police, don't you?

Yeah, they didn't hide it.

You know what that means, right?

He deserted.

He didn't leave Castro to reject dictatorship.

He just wanted to be the one in charge.

Riley, the guys was in the fucking narcos.

Uh, I can't explain it, but...

Fernando... he wasn't evil.

Didn't seem evil?

Medellin, 2008.

Fernando tried to purchase a local bank they resisted.

They were burned alive.

Fernando did this?


All the more reason I have to go after him.

No, reason enough to stay away from him.

-This is how I get home. -No, it's not.

You're just trying to redeem yourself and it doesn't work like that.

And the CIA, they'll use you and dump you.

Maybe. But I trust Bill.

[door creaking]


-Last night-- -Hey.

One foot in front of the other.


I'm going to need to get this guy first.

Same team?

Same team.

We don't have to be enemies.

[police siren wailing]

He probably just wants money.

[instrumental music]

You're getting this?

Okay, we have access to the onboard computer.

As soon as Fernando links his mobile to the car we'll be tracking and recording every key stroke.

We're good. Disconnect.





[Riley clears throat]

-All okay? -Yeah. These people are just...

Good work, Ry. We own his ass.

Not a bad start.



You're sure this was the man?


So, what are you hiding, Mr. Ruiz?

Nando, please.

And they are secrets for a reason.

In Cuba, Ms. Riley we knew when not to ask questions.

If the CIA even thinks you're a threat they'll seize your business, seize your money and send you back to Cuba.

Do you want that?

My banks hold money for a large company.

-Fernando. -EC.

It's an online casino.

Legal here in Colombia.

But most of this money comes from the States.

My bank simply makes sure that money appears to come from other places.

-And where does the money go? -It doesn't matter.

[Riley] The CIA will already be tracking transfers.

We need to rebuild your firewall from the ground up and check each server individually.

Bill's probably already mauled in to your accounts.



Is that his name?


How do you know this?

As you say, "Some things are secrets for a reason."

You work with Carlito on every step.

And please end this Bill problem.


I can make your life very comfortable in Colombia.

You can be someone of importance here.

Respected... as you should be.

[instrumental music]

[machine beeping]

In addition to your password, you'll need to scan in every time you want to open the account.

I will also set this up on Nando's phone so he can access the server remotely.


For a crusader, you get in bed easily with the enemy.

I lost my crusade.

Now, it's just about the money.

Without loyalty, we are nothing.

[instrumental music]

-You ditched your mike again. -Shh, shh, shh.

He's logging into the account.

We have his print.

And his password.

We got you, puta. We got you.

Looks like I'm headed to the hacienda.

Can I get a minute?

-What the hell was that? -I'm earning his trust.

You're supposed to be doing that with your skill, not your ass.


I'm sorry. It's just...

You're doing it again.

It's not like that.

I'm with you.

Same team. Right?

Where did you go last night?

-Was it to see him? -Uh, no, of course not.

Then who?

Talk to me, trust me for once.

I do.

I'm with you. I promise.

-I love the color so much. -Yeah?

-Yeah. -It's too white.


-Easy. Tranquila. -Hey, hey.

Mm, hmm. Shh, shh, shh.

You hungry?

[speaking in foreign language]



Hey, hey, hey. Unh-unh. Unh-unh.


I haven't been horse riding since I was a kid, you know?

Really? You showed little rust.


Now, no more.


Thank you for this weekend.

It's my pleasure. It's been fun.

It has.

Even Carlito is warming up to you.

Let's not jump the gun.

Carlito was a big man in the police, Riley.

A big man.

I'm ashamed to say...

I was not so successful.

There was too much brutality in that job.

If you couldn't do it... your comrades beat those skills into you.


But no matter how much I tried...

I could not do it.

I don't think that's anything to be ashamed of.

It is in Cuba.

I am here because Carlito gave up everything to rescue me from that hell.

My brother saved me before the job could change me.

But he served for much longer.

And it changed him.

Did you ever have a dog?

Yes, I did.

I had one when I was a kid.

Carlito is like a pit bull bred for the cages.


Taught only to kill.

I was lucky.

But God never sent Carlito a brother strong enough to save him.

I wonder sometimes if he can tell the difference between right and wrong.

We all struggle... with that I think.

-To new beginnings. -To new beginnings.

To new beginnings.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

He believes God protects him.

The scars?

Cuban education.

I'm sorry, I just saw the light on.

It's okay.

Is there anything you need?

No, I'm fine.



[music continues]

[music continues]


[Bill] Yes, sir, I know.

I was wrong before.


You're a very brave girl.



So, with the patron did you have to go more and more undercover?



[Bill] Yes, sir, we'll make it happen.

Director says we're going tomorrow.


It's too soon.

He already had her for a sleepover. It's time.

[instrumental music]

You're going to be fine.


This stays in today, Ry.

I don't want you going dark on me for even a second.

-Clear? -Clear.

Good, 'cause it's my last one.


I love you. And everything's going to work out.

I promise.

Now, let's go through this again.

Step one, get the Ruizs out of the building.

[Riley on phone] I've got more information on Bill.

Can you meet me at the hacienda?

We can be there in 20 minutes.

[speaking in foreign language]

[Bill] Pascal will have eyes on Fernando throughout the op.

If he moves, we'll know about it.

[Pascal humming]

Riley will gain entrance through his office.

I will run the show from our mobile unit across the street.

His personal computer is the only portal set up for major transfers.

So this is our window to move the money into the CIA's offshore account.

Then, we process the evidence and first thing tomorrow, the CNP is kicking down Ruiz's front door.

With pleasure.

Then, we go home.

-Buenos dias. -Buenos dias, Ms. Evans.

Senor Ruiz asked me to upload some new security.

[female #1] Okay, let me just call him.

-Please, go right ahead. -Gracias.

[intense music]


Fernando's still at home. How is the transfer going?

Already moved about 60 million from more accounts than I thought.

Keep at it. Plenty of time.

Bill, there's more here.

I've got evidence connecting Fernando to Medellin Bank he and Carlito burned down.

We are here for the gambling money.

That's all the CIA cares about.


[music continues]

[speaking in foreign language]

I'm talking about murder, Bill. Human lives.

Damn it, Riley. For once, stick to the plan.

I can get both.

Your pardon is for helpin' us seize the money, that is it.


Bill, Carlito's leaving.

[cell phone ringing]

Stay calm, we have a bit of a problem.

Car's on the move.

Where? Moving where?

He's going to the bank.

If she need more time, we need to do something right now.

[Bill] Looks like he's headed back to the bank.

Maybe, seven minutes out.

Take control of the onboard computer. Shut it down.

Okay, hermano, let's see how you drive with no engine.

[engine rumbling]

[chuckles] He stopped.

Stabbed him cold, babe.

Scratch that. Pascal, do you have him?

Bill. Bill, he's stealing other car.

[tires screeching]

What's happening?

[Bill] Carlito's on his way to the bank.

-Just Carlito? -Yeah, and he's on to us.

Make the transfer and get gone.

-Riley? -Almost there.

Just get the money and go.

[tires screeching]

[Bill] He's in the building. Get out, get out now.


I'm headed down the stairs.

Bill, I'm on the way down.

I can buy you some time, but you need to get the hell out of there.

[fire alarm blaring]


Bill, I made it outside. Where are you?

Bill? Bill?

I trusted you, Riley.

I know about Medellin.

Bill? Bill, where are you?

Bill, can you see me? I'm outside. Where are you?

Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?

Where is she?

[gun firing]

[panting] I got it, Bill.

All the money. I got it.


[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

Carlito? Carlito?


You did great.

We all did.

Riley, you really deserve this.

Time to go home.


[intense music]

[Riley groaning]




You traitor!

You actually thought you could be forgiven for what you did?

The CIA's never even heard a Fernando Ruiz and they certainly don't give a shit about you!

You feel bad?

For all those people on that bus?

[music continues]

I loved you.

What about me?

What about our kids?

You ran away.

I've lived with your mistake every single day.


Do you know what it's like to be fucking the enemy?

[music continues]


[Bill breathing heavily]

[music continues]


[automated voice] My name is Riley Connors.

[echoing] My name is Riley Connors.

[distorted voice]

It was...

It was more than we talk about.

I told you it was about money.

Not about messing after your girlfriend.


Just stay here.

I handle this.


[muffled screaming]

[Riley continues groaning]


He's a cop, man. He's a cop.

You'll handle it? Huh?



[gun firing]

[gun firing]

What are you fucking doing? We have to go!

Come on.

-Come on. -No, I can't.

-Uhh... -Sit.

Riley, look at me. Look at me.


You okay?



Let me get you home. Come on.


Hey. Easy.

You'll break the stitches.



[speaking in foreign language]

When did you transfer to med school?

None of your peace rally ends peacefully.

Did Estelle make you follow me?

Estelle didn't make me do anything.

I wanted to.

Even if that meant taking on the CIA.

I don't think it was them.


I think it was just Bill, on his own, after the money.

Hey, easy.


You need a new bandage.


Yeah. Uh... that's my thesis.

"The Tortured Hero?"

Yeah, you're alright.



You don't get to choose when to tell the truth.

You are a hero.

Heroes don't exist.

Just martyrs. Ohh...


Hey. Let me change it.

Aa-ah! Ahh!

Breathe in, breathe out.



Hold on, hold on.

Come on, drama queen.



Easy. Breathe.

Estelle ever tell you we're not Columbian?


My family was from Argentina.

Like you.

My parents were called traitors for standing up to the huelga.

Ann then the police came, took 'em away and... we never saw our father or mother again.

I don't even remember them.

They were called desaparecidos.

Disappeared ones.

Loaded on to aircrafts and flown over the Atlantic.

Death flights, they called them.

I'm still alive.

They were thrown out of the plane.

I'm sorry.

Sorry won't bring them back.

So... what do we do now?

Give me your computer.

Senor, I'm afraid we have a slight problem here.

What problem?

I'm sorry, but your balance is way below your withdrawal amount.

That's impossible.

There are millions of dollars in that account.

I'm sorry.

That's not it.

Ay-ay-ay, sir. Excuse me, sir.

What's happening?

-What's happening? -It's empty.

That bitch.

[cell phone ringing]

[Riley] What's your favorite charity, Bill?

Remember the consequences when you try to do something good.

I will never forget what happened to those people and I will never forget how badly I misjudged you.

How could you sink to this?

After what you did, what choice did I have, huh?

The CIA was never going to trust me again.

I was an embarrassment.

The analyst sleeping with our country's biggest traitor.

I was going to be somebody.

Instead I met you.

You're Riley Connors, and you ruined my life.

You'll be back in the spotlight soon.

Enjoy being me.

Bill? Bill, look.

We need to go.

Thank God you got away.

Hey, hey, Estelle, it was my fault.

I should have listened to you.

I'm ready now.

What do you want to do?

I have contacts at the DOJ.

Rogue agent, theft, murder.

This could be in the front page of every newspaper in America.

If we keep it out of the headlines they'll be begging to cut you a deal.

We can still get you back home.

I just want to put Bill away.

I don't care after that.

I do.

Where did you hide all that money anyway?

The bank account that you opened for me.

I doubt that we have more than a day before it gets flagged.

I was not going to put it into that CIA slush fund.

You listen to yourself.


I'll get that.

Jaime was right.



That proves they were behind the fire.

Records, photographs...

They're murderers.

I'll make sure these gets into the right hands.



[Bill screaming]

Don't move, Bill.

Don't move, Bill.



No. Sister? Sister?


We have to go! I'm so sorry!

We have to go! Please, let's go!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we have to go.

[indistinct chatter]

I don't know what to say.


This bus runs all the way to Cali.

From there, you can slip in to Ecuador and disappear.

Riley, I'm not stupid.

Estelle knew the dangers and so do I.

I am the danger.

Don't you see that?

Everything I touch turns to shit.

So, you'll just run away again?

I didn't say I was running.

Get on the bus.

-Go ahead, mona, go ahead. -Okay, okay, okay.

-Put the gun away, Pascal. -You know me.

You know me, mona. You know...

[intense music]



[phone ringing]

Pascal, where the fuck are you?

Did you enjoy watching him?

He did a good job with my face, didn't he?

You shouldn't have run.

No one was supposed to get hurt here.

You killed a cop.

No. I didn't pull the trigger.

I didn't pull the trigger.

I didn't pull the trigger.

Tell me where the money is, okay?

And I'll make sure you both live.

I'm talking to you.

Give me the account. Okay?

Bill is not in charge.

Now I in charge, okay?

What are you going to do?

Stop Bill from killing us?

Pascal, Pascal, Pascal!

No, no, no, no!


[intense music]

[Riley] Fuck! Fuck!






[music continues]

[engine revving]

[Riley] Aren't you going to ask me?


I thought you want to know where the money is.

I will find out.

[cell phone ringing]

If you want to get the guy that screwed you then you should answer that.

Look, Carlito, Bill screwed with both of us. Including him.

[ringing continues]

I-I can bring him to you.

Pascal, where the hell have you been?

[Riley] Lonely, isn't it?

No friends, nowhere to run.

Are you scared of your own shadow yet?

Where's Pascal?

You should choose your partners more carefully.

We both know you can't pull the trigger.

I didn't have to. He couldn't wait to flip on you.

Only question now is what charity I should give the rest to?

You still think there's forgiveness for people like you?

You could give away a billion dollars and you will still be Riley Connors.

The bitch who killed a bus full of innocent people.

I know.

Sure did all you could do.

[intense music]



[instrumental music]

This is what it must've been like...

With my parents.

[music continues]

[intense music]

That way. That way.

[music continues]


Hey. hey, hey!

Easy, Carlito.

-Okay! -Hey!

-I kill you now. -Easy, Carlito.

[Carlito] I kill you.


[speaks softly] Please, look at me.

Look at me. Please don't do this.

I have all the money, please.

[speaks softly] Please, Fernando, look at me, look at me.

Don't look at him. Look at me. Look at me.


I'm sorry.

No, no, no. No, no, no. No. Jaime. Jaime.

-No, no, no. No. No, no. -I'll kill you.

Please, stop. Stop, stop, stop! Please, please!

No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no.

Wait, it was me who stole the money.

[sobbing] What do you want?

[speaking in foreign language]

[Riley] I have all the money.

Account 1-4-9 5-4-5 6-4-9.

Every penny is in a local checking account.

It's all yours.

[Riley] Fernando.

No, no, no, Fernando. Fernando, look...


[sobbing] Please, don't do this!

Fernando, look at me. This isn't you.

I'm sorry, Riley. I have to do this.

[Riley] No, Fernando! Please, don't!

Fernando, look at me.

This isn't you. Don't listen to him.

[gunshot] Ah!



Hey, hey. Hey, hey, just look at me. Look at me.


[intense music]


Look at what he did!


Fernando, Fernando, help me get him up.

Look at me.

[intense music]




Fernando! Fernando! Look at me. Look at me.

He's dead. That was Bill. Please, please, please.

Look at me. Look at me.

He's dead and we need to go.

Otherwise Bill will kill us both.

We need to get out of here, and you need to help us, please.

Please, I need help.

Please. Look at me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, but you have to help us now.

-Lito! -He's dead. Please, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry I made a mistake.

-Okay. Okay. -Okay.




Riley, before you get someone else killed, give me the money.

Hey, hey.

She doesn't have the money. Huh.

She already transferred it back to me.

And I'll rather let it burn. Mm?

[Fernando panting]

You want to die?

[speaking in foreign language]






[music continues]

[Carlito groaning]

[instrumental music]

Hey! Hey!

Hey, hey, hey...

Are you okay?


[music continues]



What now?

We go home.


Wherever we want.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]