Exploding Sun (2013) Script

Authorities in Australia report that the solar storm electromagnetic pulse overloaded power stations all along Australia's eastern coast.

Though the storm occurerd some hours after sundown local time, the high energy burst was apparently diverted around the curvature of the earth to strike Sydney after dark.

The young woman was killed instantly.

Call an ambulance!

Now the intensity and effect of this solar storm is reminisant of the geomagnetic storm that was a result of a cordal mass eject on March 9th 1989, that knocked out power in the Canadian province of Quebec.

That storm originated on earth with extremely intense aurora's at both poles that were visible as Really? -Uh huh Well l know we're going through a peak in the solar cycle, but it generated a storm.

Does this change anything for the flight tomorrow? l don't think so.


Go home.

Go to sleep. l need you tomorrow.

You're on launch diagnostic systems and fuel disbursement back ups. l need you.

When you talk like that, it really turns me on.

So come on, let's just go back to your place and order some Chinese.

We just take.

Fine, let's just go back to your place and do more tech talk Denise. l know, l'm too young, l could get hurt, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Listen. l told you when we started working together, you don't want to hang out with me. Ok.

You remember that.

Ya. l thought you were just being mysterious.

How was l supposed to know you were incapable of lying? l told you that, too.

Yes. You did.You told me that. Yes.

Do you know that biologically that two people can tell a lot from each other by the transfer of genetic information that occurs from kissing. lt's a miracle of Darwinian selection.

What's my DNA telling you right now?

That uh, one day l'm going to get to you and when l do you're going to be in big trouble.

Ok. Won't be the first time a kiss got me in trouble.


Whoa. Slow down. Don't you think we're moving a little fast?

No, and now kiss me.

No. Hey it's only been our third date.

You want a fourth one? Kiss me.

We don't have a lot of time.

Uh, until what?

What the hell!

Tempo is recovered.

Returning to castle.

Tempo? l thought you told me your name was Lara Smith?

Miss Mathany, please come with us.

Mathany? Lara Mathany?

l've been dating the president's daughter?

Ugh! Ugh!


Making out with some boy in the back seat of car.


Nothing happened.

Hey, you just slipped your secrect service detail and you just ran off. do you even realize the risk you put yourself at? l was being discrete.

You're the president's daughter.

You're held to a higher standard. l didn't ask for any of that. l want a normal life.

Well you can have one in a year.

Five if l'm re-elected.

We'll talk about your behaviour when l get back.

Wish me luck.

Ya. Good luck on your publicity stunt.

Hey! Hey! lt's ok. Just leave her.

Were you like that at sixteen?

Worse. You're sure this is going to be safe?

Roebling's a genious.

He's poached the best minds from NASA.

This program better funded than any other government agency. l'd go in a second if l could. l know.

Well, l'll see you Thursday.

l don't think l hold you enough. so hold me now.

Well l am really excited for you and, no l really am.

Ya, no l am. Really, ya.

Ya, l think he's just trying to make up for the G force test he put me through.

Well l think that's what you get when you're the oldest member of the group, right? does your back still hurt?

Uh, now it's my shoulder.

Um, one second. Can you wait? Paul?


Can you just, um, take care of theswe guys?

Sure. Ya.

You know, um, if you think it's too much for you, you could pull out.

No way. We both know what the camp runs on.

Food, used clothing donations.


And this little trip of mine is going to raise awareness for our work to new heights. Litterally.

Just come back soon, prefereably in one piece. Hmm.

Did you hear from JJ?

No. No, l thought he'd at least call and wish me luck.


Mr. Elias? l gotta go. l'll call when l'm back.


Good morning everyone.

Morning My name is Peter Roebling, and l want to welcome you to this the most exciting day of, well the most exciting day of all our lives.

Today marks the beginning of a new era in civillian space flight.

No longer will man flights belong excluslively to governments or special interests.

As of today, space belongs to the people.


Now l would like to introduce Dr. Craig Bakus, formerly a senior engineer with NASA but now Roebling Spaceport's designer and head engineer.

He's going to talk you through today's flight.

Thank you Peter and thank you all for coming out today and good morning.

The Roebling Clipper is without a doubt the most advanced civillian aircraft ever built. lt's designed to take off and fly just like a regular airplane but also to be able to leave and re enter the earth's atmosphere.

Taking off from our runway just outside here command pilot Fiona Henslaw.

Let's give her a hand. Thank you.

she'll take the Clipper up to an altitude of 50,000 feet.

And from there she'll fire a rocket, that will take her and the Clipper up to seventy miles above the earth's surface.

Hey, Jeff Gustas, WLDQ Network.

Hi Jeff.

Craig, is this the scalar drive we've been hearing about?

Ah, no. lt's not the scalar drive, it's a special hybrid, designed to get us into low orbit.

And once we are in low orbit we'd fire the scalar drive.

John Davis CNJ News.

Can you tell us the difference betwween a scalar drive and a regular rocket engine?

That's a good question.

Well a regular rocket engine burns fuel.

So no fuel, no prepulsion, but the scalar drive uses solar radiation.

And there's plenty of that in out in space.

Let me tell ya.

Think of the scalar drive a little bit like a music amplifier, but instead of making your neighbor's tunes louder, what is does is that it takes the energy from radiation and it amps that up.

Take bad music put it into an amplifier and you get a headache, take solar radiation, you put it into the scalar drive and you get massive exceleration.

Cindy Powers, NTX News.

How fast are you talking about?

One thousand three hundred miles a minute.

Which is about one ten thousanth of the speed of light. And that's a ... well that's ah pretty damn fast. lsn't it?

The trip around the moon and back today should take just under seven hours.

Dr. Bakus. ls scalar technology safe? lt's about as safe as your drive out here today Jeff. Maybe safer.

Thank you Dr. Bakus.

Thank you. -Well done.

Joan? She just walked in.

Ahh family? Parents? l don't know.


Let's get her to medical. Just make sure she's ok.

What's your update?

We get a ton of rice in a couple of days but it's crap quality.

Ugh. l really don't care.

Just so long as they bring in the water purification tablets.

Ah, they're gone.

Mehrzad's men had them hijacked off the aid supply trucks.

High energy biscuits too.

Did you text him? Can we set up a Skype call? lt's really hard to save a thousand of his starving people while he's stealing our supplies. l guess if you're a war lord selling aid supplies on the black market you don't care about killing off a few of your countrymen.

Clearly. Just wish he'd steal the crap he wants.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join with me and help welcome a true legend of the US Spae Program, Commander Don Wincroft.

Did you know Wincroft was coming?

Are you kidding me?

On a pissed off scale of 1 to 10?

Nineteen. -Ok.

Thank you. Thank you. Good morning everyone.

A special good morning to you our civillian astronauts. ln a few hours they will do what most people only dream of.

Break free from the earth's grasp and fly.

He sure talks pretty.

You take with you all the earth's best hopes, dreams and ambitions.

God speed.

Crew and passengers of the Roebling Clipper.

When l first found out that l was picked from all of Virginia to go on this flight, ah, l was pretty shocked.

Especiallysince l didn't know that my wife had entered me in the lottery.

But what she didn't know is that l entered her too. Oh.

Ok. l'll see you later?

Don't you know never to say that to a girl?

See you later sounds like a shut down.

Like, l'll see you never.

Ya, l'm sorry.

Ok, ok. l'll call you sometime.

l will see you soon.

Dr. Bakus.

Jeff How bout a few words with you and Commander Wincroft? l'm sorry. l'm busy.

The hardest part l think is leaving my wife in Afghanistan.

We hope that my being here today will help draw attention to the needs of the refugees that we're helping.

Do you have any concerns about last night's events in Sydney?

Oh none at all.

And besides, l know the Roebling Clipper inside out. lf there's any problem, l know where to kick it to fix it.

So you have no concerns even though this launch is happening during a spike in solar activity?

Oh. None what so ever.

And besides, if there was anything working wrong we'd have scrubbed the mission.

How bout that son of a bitch asking about the spike in solar activity? lt's a reasonable question.

What? Are you saying that we're at risk?

No, l'm saying it's a reasonable question, Peter. lt's space travel. There's always risks.

Craig. ls there any solid data that we're in danger?


Ok, would you get on the flight?

You know l would.

Well, that's good enough for me.

We've been following Mr. Roebling's successes for some time now, and personally l'm thrilled that Peter invited me to come.

My husband and l have absolute confidence that this will be a safe and exciting journey.

Dr. Bakus. Excuse me Dr Bakus, l'm Reg Walker, Reggie, Reginald if you'd like. Ha.

Hi Reginald. l'm a communications technician and we met a couple of weeks ago.

Dr. Bakus. l need you to take a look at this.

Anyways l'm going to be working intergrated communications today.

Great. l'd just like to say Dr. Bakus, it's a real honor to be serving with you on this mission.

Thanks. You're still here.

Um, well look, l'm a doctoral student at the Polytech and l was wondering if you'd consider looking over my uh, my thesis?

Reggie, it's a big day for both of us here today. l need you to focus in. Ok?


Abso, no l'm focussed.

Uh, uh, no l did not, not today.

Ha ha, l'm just thinking sometime in the near future.

Um, you know what, why don't you give me your ah cell phone number? l can text you my contact info. Huh? l don't have a cell phone.

That's a brilliant life choice.

Ya. You know what? l'm going to give you my cell phone number, and you can just call me whenever you'd like. How bout that?

You're not at your work station.

Ya. Right. Ha. Ya.

Ok. Alright everybody, let's get this party started.

Com loop check time.

Mom! Look, there's dad!


He looks cool in that space suit.


She'll have to call you back later.

Who was that?

Ah Dr. Gallagher's office.

That could have been important.

Today you're not a nurse.

Today you are an astronaut's wife.

Besides you have to keep this line free.

Relax mom. The PR company will call. They said they will.

You know things are really going to change around here.

Jose said he might even write a book about his experiences.

Write a book.

He can barely write his name.


Well it's true, isn't it?

Yes, hello? She'll call yo back!

Mind if l watch?

Yes. What are you doing here anyway?

NASA sent me as a personal favor to President Methany.

Serves me right for voting for him.

So how you been?

Really? ls this the conversation we're going to have?

What's next, woody banter about the weather. lf you'll excuse me l've got a space ship to fly.

Well done. Almost like a real space program.

Bite me. l'd be nice. The world is watching.

What are you doing here anyway? Seriouslly?

The first ever paying tourist was a wealthy american industrialist who flew to the international space station...

You're late. -Sorry.

MSNBC needed a statement.

Well l guess it must be a pretty busy day being the President's Science advisor?

Yes Mr. President.

Television seems to really love your husband there Cheryl.

Which one? l'm sorry. That was awkward. lt's fine Mr. President. Craig and l divorced years ago.

We're both past it.

Well in that case the one on the left. ln that case, thank you Mr. President.

Ok. This is flights. l need a launch status check TBC.

TVC is go.


Go Guidance?

Go lnco? lnco is go flight.

Right. That's it.

We are go for launch. Roebling One

you have clearance for take off.

Roger that flight.

And sir we have lift off.

Alright everybody just like we trained for.

Now once we get to 50,000 feet, that's when the show really begins. what do you think Fiona? This beats working for the airforce.


Though l did like the airforce flight suits better.

Well you know l think these suits help to fire up the imagination of the public.

Not to mention our investors.

Always looking out for the bottom line. Huh Peter?

Altitude reading, cruising up to 22,000 feet.

How are you doing Mr. Hernandez?

Pretty good. Except for the fact that my heart's about to jump out of my chest.

Back at the press conference you said you weren't scared. l lied.

So, uh, is this your first time flying into space?

Yes. And yours? lt's my first time flying. Period.

Well if you get really nervous you can grab onto my hand.

And piss off the President of the United States. l got enough trouble.

29,000 feet and climbing.

Hey Alan. Why don't you wave to the folks at home?

Donate now to the Elias refugee camp.

Send this man your money. He will save refugees and he might even win himself another humanitarian prize.

How we doing Denise?

A OK boss.

Madam First Lady? l'm doing just great.



How's she flying Fiona?


Here we are aboard the Roebling Clipper.

Approaching 50,000 feet.

l'm sorry Mr. Miller but trading in all exchanges has been halted.

There's some kind of electrical glitch in the system.

No, l'm sure it's absolutely nothing.

On camera we see Alan Elias.

Mr Elias of course and his wife Joan noted humanitarian releif efforts.

Yes,yes l have those documents here in my hand.

And as soon as trading resumes l will be sure to exicute your exchange.

College students has since grown into a major international aid organization with branches in...

Yes he is my father. -more than 70 countries all over the world.

An you may recall a few years ago -l'm very excited for him. the Elias' were honored by the nobel commity and recognized with the prestigious Simmons accomodation for their relief efforts in Afghanistan.

35,000 feet. 36,000 feet. Still climbing.


Hey listen l was out of line earlier, with that uh crack about the real space program, uh, and uh for that. l'm sorry. l think you've mistaken me for somebody who actually cares what you think.

Regardless. l guess it's a little much for me to think that we could still be friendly, huh?

Sure. Whatever.

How's Cheryl?

She's good. She's ah... she's good. l'll let her know you said hello. l didn't.

Roebling Clipper at 48,000 feet. 49,000.

Flight we are at ignition altitude.

Roebling Clipper, you ready to light it up?

Roger Flight. lgnition.

Yeah BABY!

Roebling One to Flight. We are in low earth orbit.

Roger that Roebling One. Welcome to space.


Good job.


Great job.


He's so cool. -Ya.

Roebling One to Flight. We are in low earth orbit.

Roger that. Roebling One. Welcome to space.

To Alan Elias.

The Elias Afghan Relief Camp's first astronaut.

To Alan!

Alan is in space.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, after a near flawless launch the Roebling Clipper has achieved orbit.

And there on camera right now we see Alan Elias.

Ah Mr Elias the oldest member on board Roebling Clipper's inaugural flight.

Congratulations everybody on being the first commercial passengers in space.

Now l have a special little gift for everyone.

Astronaut bubbly. Ah, champagne in a bag!

Nicely done sir.

What a view.


Hey. l thought you forgot about me.

Never. How's the ship?

Oh please tell me you did not ask about the ship before asking about me. l am repentant.

Ya. You better be. l'm fine, thanks for asking and so is the Roebling Clipper.

Can you do me a favor?

When you get back, prepare a report for me on the fuel cells from the scalar drive.

Just curious to see wether or not the photonic distribution was affected by the change in gravity.

That is a masive turn on.

So, how are you doing? l'm great.

This is an amazing experience actually, and, l just, l wish l could share it with you.

Listen, Denise.


When you get back,

l really do want that report on photonic distribution.


Denise huh?

Why don't you do me a favor, stick to what you know.

Mission Control this is the space station.

We have a visual on the Roebling Clipper.

Copy that space station. How does she look?

Spectacular. Like the future of space travel.

You've been reading our promotional material again l see. l wish l had the money to invest. She's good to go Dr. Bakus.

Thanks lvan.

Roebling One this is Flight.

You're good to go for scalar drive ignition.

Copy that Flight.

Ladies and gentlemen, next stop, the moon.

Sit back and relax folks, this is going to be something.

On my mark. And mark.


Pushing through 1000. 1 100, pushing past 1300 miles per minute.


What the hell!?

Oh my god!

What was that?

Everybody just, just stay calm alright.


Can you hear me Craig? Are you there?

Talk to me. Do you have any idea what's going on? l can't take anything up here.

Talk to me Craig What's happening? l don't know.

Denise. What's going on? l'm not sure.

Some kind of spike in the energy, maybe a solar anomaly.

Come on!

Everyone hold on tight. We're figuring this out.

Cheryl Don. What's happening?

We don't know yet. Some sort of power surge. lnco, can you pull up space station? l'm on it.

Thank you.

Space station is up.

We need to know whats on your sensors.

Thanks lnco. lt was a wave of cosmic rays. Micro burst.

From where? Solar or galactic?

Local. From our sun.

We're detecting a CME behind it. Big one.

Cheryl. Copy that space station. lt was a blast of cosmic radiation.

There's a big CME storm following right behind it.

Denise? That was a cosmic ray.

Coronal mass ejection bringing up the rear.

How's everybody doing up there?

Freaking the hell out. How bad is this? l don't know yet.

Flight... check your monitor.

She's accelerating. Hang on.

Fiona. Can you confirm the engine readings please?

Ah... 47 percent, and, and rising.

51 percent Shut down the mains.

Negative. Negative on an engine shut down.

Oh my god.

53 percent.

Damn it.

Hey, will you tell me what the hell is going on?

The Clipper is accelerating right at the moon, and if you would just stay out of our way maybe we can get something done about it.

Cheryl we got a real situation brewing here.

No l'm not so sure he's capable to deal with it.

Thank you.


Mr. President.

How bad is it?

A cosmic ray storm triggered a malfunction in the scalar drive.

The passengers are ok.

Mission control is doing everything they can to fix it.

So they can fix it?

We don't know yet. lf you needed publicity so bad, why didn't you send mom to a kid's hospital, instead of into space?

Can you kill power to the scalar drive remotely?

We already tried that.

Guidance, what's our current course? lf she keeps keeps accelerating she's gonna blow right past the moon and shoot off into space.

What do we have remote access to?

How about the thrusters?

How about you let me handle this?

How about you cut crap and let me help you.

Here, put these on.

Have you tried bypassing you're A/B Bus modules?


What is our current speed?

2789 miles per minute. ls that even possible?


Are any of the engines responding?


Thrusters? -No.

Retros? -l can't get anything.

Come on, damn it.

What are these guys still doing here?

They have permission to be here.

Get out of here!

Not anymore they don't.

Were done here gentlemen.

Not anymore they don't. Were done here gentlemen.

Well as yo just saw there, ah, it seems that ah, Commander Don Wincroft is no longer allowing our news crew to broadcast live from inside mission control, so...

We will continue to bring you updates as this situation unfolds, ah, meantime

Fiona!? -l'm trying!

Flame out. Engine just shut itself down.

Denise? Are these readings correct? The engine's off.

Flamed out.

Oh, thank god.

What she said. Thank god.

We're no longer accelerating.

But we're not slowing down either. Are we?

Flight, can you confirm our current trajectory? l can't get a read up here anymore.

Working on that right now. Guidance?

Give me another minute.

You don't have another minute.

Fido? l want you to work up the following protocol.


Well as you saw just moments ago we have lost our video feed from inside the Roebling Spaceport.

But we are going to go now live to our reporter Jeff Gustas who is standing by outside.

Ah Jeff, what is the latest?

All we know is that there's been some sort of a mishap aboard the Roebling Clipper.

Whether it's mechanical malfunction or something caused by human error, we really don't have any way of determining at the moment.

Alright. Thank you very much.

That of course Jeff Gustas our reporter who is tracking this developing story for us this afternoon.

This is what l got.

You sure?

Hundred percent.

We need to call the President Ya

So it's not going to hit the moon?

That's correct Mr. President.

The current trajectory will bring the ship close enough to the lunar surface that the gravity will slingshot it around the moon.

And back towards earth?

No Sir. The ships going so fast that it's going to veer off into space towards the sun.

Oh God. What about a rescue? l'm sorry Mr President but that's just out of the question right now.

We are presently working at firing the thrusters remotely, Sir from Mission Control.

That's true Sir, but it's a very very long shot.

Statistically close to impossible.

But not actually impossible?

No Sir.

You don't know what you're talking about.

You bet l do.

Ok. Listen. Make it happen. l don't care how, just do it.

Cheryl, go there. l want eyes and ears in Mission Control, l wan to know what's happening as it happens, no matter what. l understand Mr. President.

Why are you giving him false hope? l'm not quite ready to give up on your ship yet. l'm not giving up on my ship!

But l'm not blowing smoke either.

You know what, that's always been your problem.

You just don't know when to quit.

Well you don't know when to fight for something worth fighting for.

You never did.

You know, um, she only went because l asked her to.

They're doing everything they can to bring the First Lady home Sir.

Windcroft and Bakus, they ever let you down?

Not together.

Aren't there back up systems? There are always back up systems.

There are plenty of back up systems.

No one could have anticipated a problem like this.


Ya, l'm here. You got some good news?

We're working on some models right now to see if we can't get those thrusters firing remotely.

Well that's never going to work. l wish it could but it won't. lt might.

You just keep working on the thrusters on your end, ok?


Listen, about those scalar fuel cells numbers you asked for. l think we can put a pin in that for now right?

No, there's something odd about them.

Like they're over clogged, as if they were adjusted to perform at higher levels then when we tested them.

Could that happen all on it's own?


Ya, that's what l thought.

Denise, let's just focus for now on getting the thrusters working ok?

Roger that.


But there's really no point.

Mom, what l was trying to say is that l'm not happy you're alone right now.

Well that's never bothered you before.

l'm sorry. That was mean. l'm not alone JJ. l'm surrounded by 950 people who need me.

There's nothing either of us can do for your dad right now.

Well l'm sure the US is doing everything they can to protect him and these people.

Governments don't save people JJ, people do.

People save people.

Mom. What the... Ma! Hello?



Now as the Clipper slingshots around the moon she'll be pulling 9 G's...

Excuse me. ls she rated for that?

Reggie Ok. Ya l get it l'm just communications. l'll shut up. Ya.

No, that's a good question.

Dr. Bakus. lt's a dog and pony show. l thought this was a closed facility.

Not anymore. l'm here under orders of the President of the United States.

Can the Roebling Clipper withstand 9 G's of force?

Yes. Barely but yes.

As l was saying, 9 G's will send the Clipper to veer off it's plotted course and head on an 87 degree trajectory towards the sun.

Now we need to be ready to transmit the thruster control signal the minute she clears the far side of the moon.

Now get your calculations together, let's get on it.

Hey Don. -Hey Baby.


Cheryl. l'm glad you two have put aside the animosity to work together. lt's an illusion.

The odds of Don's plan working are about...

Twenty percent.

Zero point zero one percent You know Craig even if you're right, the Clipper is travelling at 1 1 ,000 miles a minute.

That puts it in the sun in six days.

Guess we better hope this plan works then. Right Superman?

How is he?

Well he's about the same. A brilliant guy but a pill.

Clearly he still hates me and he's not that wild about you either.

But l'm glad you're here.

Me too.

Let me show you around.

The information l'm receiving about the rescue plan is spotty at best.

Um, my sources are telling me that it involves some kind of a transmition of a signal from Mission Control to the Roebling Clipper that will somehow, slow the ship down...

Ok. Thank you very much Jeff.

How's she holding up? lt's hard for her.

Ah, well as Jeff was saying... -lt's hard for all of us.

Look if there's anythinbg you need, anything you want, just call me.

Claire? l just wanted to remind you about the council meeting in 30 minutes.

Let's cancel that. l'm staying here.

You don't have to do that. l belong here with all of you. We're all in this together. lsn't it a little late to change the meeting?

The nice thing about being mayor is that l get to do whatever the hell l want.

Clipper is in any type of condition to receive a signal, when and if it is broadcast.

And our experts here on the ground are telling us that any type of rescue plan at this point is a longshot.

Once we hit lunar orbit l'll need eveyone belted in tightly.

Face forward in your seats and try to stay calm.

Try to stay calm, are you serious?

Would you just relax. You are in good hands.

The hands that got us into this mess?

Those the hands you're talking about?

Gentlemen please.

We're all feeling the presure here, this is not going to help.

Denise, how you doing?

Considering we just had to rip Roebling and Elias appart, fine.

How are you doing firing those thrusters remotely?

We're working on it but just don't wait for it ok?

You just keep working on the thrusters yourself.

What if we don't slow down?

Where do we end up with our trajectory?

Six days and you're going to get pulled into the sun.

No Craig, you can't let that happen.

We're gonna get you out of there Denise.

No you don't understand Craig. lf the scalar drive hits the sun, which is already going through an active phase, the drive will just amplify the energy in the solar plasma and send it shooting out into every direction.

You sure about that?

Positive. Unfortunately.

Well l guess we're just going to have to make sure you don't hit the sun, right?

Brace yourselves everyone. l gotta go.


Please don't say l'll see you later. l wasn't. But l will see you later.

Count on it.

Deinse? lnco?

Well we're not going to heasr from them until they clear the other side of the moon.

How long?

About five minutes.

Here we go.

1 G,

2 G's...

Right now we can only imagine what is happening on board the Roebling Clipper as it hurtles around the far side of the moon...

We are still four minutes away from knowing the fate of the Roebling Clipper and the six people on board.

As we reported the acceleration of the passengers and the crew will create up to 9 G's or 9 times their body weight.

The human body...

With just over three minutes left, the tension not only here but around the world is palpable.

This will likely be one of those moments that this generation looks back on and always remembers where they were as the earth held it's breath waiting to hear again from the Roebling Clipper.

The world awaits news from Roebling Spaceport regarding the fate of the passengers and the crew of the Roebling Clipper.

With minutes remaining..

All ..one has hope.. And pray...

Oh C'mon. work, dammit!

lt's not the radio, it's interference from outside.

Four G's.

Four point five.


Six point five.


We are of course following the online chatter regarding this story as it unfolds How many minutes until... uh...?

Less than three Mr. President. ls there anything l an get for you?

Ya, my wife back, safe.

And like Lady Di, the First Lady seems to creat this aura of accessability around her.

She is a devoted mother, a beloved figure, famously generous with her time.

Mrs. Mathany won the hearts...

The President is barely holding it together.

Colonel, what do you think? ls this mission in good hands?

What do we know about Craig Bakus?

Brilliant scientist, designed the Aurora Clipper, but apparently he's not the easiest person to deal with.

Oh, great. What about Don Wincroft?

NASA, decorated astronaut.

Saved the crew of the shuttle Reliant when they had to ditch and he has mission critical experience. lf it was up to me, l'd rather see him in charge.

Me too. Make the call.

Shouldn't that come from the President? ln this matter l'm confident l speak for President Methany.

Make the call.

And the Washington social scene have combined to make her one of the most popular First Ladies.

We're just hoping she returns safely.

Two minutes.

This is completely wrong. l understand, but tell the President that l advise against this.

Fine. No, better if it comes from me. oh god.

Craig l have to talk to you.

Not now Cheryl. lnco?

One minute, forty five untill radio contact.

Remote firing sequences ready to transmit?

Craig please, this is important. l need to speak with you in private.

C'mon Cheryl, we're all friends here.

We have no secrets bewteen us. Huh?

The White House wants Don to take over the mission.


Don is in charge now.

This is a private facility, you can't do that.

Roebling's license with the FAA allows us. l don't care. -We are federalizing control of the operation.

Craig, l'm sorry.

One minute. l'll tell you what.

Why don't you two stop screwing around, we'll go back to trying to save these people's lives okay?

Thank you very much. lnco...


Ah... You've been trying to take over since you got here haven't you?

You think l wanted this?

Hell ya! -Everyone calm down!

You don't touch me.

Craig, Don had nothing to do with this. lt came from the top.

Like hell he didn't.

Roebling One.

Guys, guys, l got her... l got her...l got her...


Escort Mr. Bakus out of Mission Control.

You don't touch me. l'll get there myself.

You get what you want!

You happy now Wincroft? You happy!?

Keep me up to speed lnco.

Ya. Right.

Stay focused.

ls everybody okay?

l'm okay... l'm good.

Ah, that was almost as bad a s the simulator.





Try to keep up big guy.

Gonna lock that?


That is Jeff, and of course as he was mentioning there are many factors here that need to be taken into consideration...

Don Wincroft is America's most celebrated astronaut. lt's a smart call for the President to remove Craig Bakus and turn the rescue mission over to Commander Wincroft.

Who the hell put Wincroft in charge?

Who made that call? l did Mr. President.

Without consulting me? lt was the right thing to do.

No! The right thing would have been to consult your boss.

The Commander in Chief.

...arguably the only reason the Reliant made it safely back to earth was because of Commander Wincroft's heroic handling of what was a near fatal situation. l feel really bad about this.

You've been feeling bad about Craig for years Cheryl.

That's what he does, he makes people who care about him feel bad. lnco? lt's ah Reggie right?

Ya, yes Sir, ya.

Have the Clipper's thrusters fired yet?

Not that l can see, no.

Can we boost the signal? l tried that already and l'm working on it now.

Hey, listen. Why don't we ah give Craig a couple more minutes to clam down, then you pay him a visit, see if he want's to come back and be part of the team. l'm the last person he wants to talk to right now.

You might be the second last.

Commander the Clipper's on line.

Roebling One this is Mission Control.

Dr. Bakus?

This is ah Commander Don Wincroft. l've been asked to assume control of the mission.

This is Captain Henslaw correct?


Captain, what's your situation up there?

Have your thrusters fired yet?

Negative, not yet.

Commander, Peter Roebling's dead.

Say again Captain.

Roebling's dead. G forces were too much.

Copy that.

Captrain, you flew with VFA-1 1 , the ''Red Rippers'' right?

That's right.

Remember how they were on the Forrestal when they came through that fire back in '67? l do.

Just like that Captain, you're going to come through this.

Copy that. Denise, listen.

Dr. Bakus isn't in chagre any more, Wincroft is.

What? Why? l don't know. lt doesn't matter. lt matters to me.

Listen, we've got to get our thrusters firing.

Remember you said you knew where to kick the Clipper if something didn't work?

Did you mean that or was that just talk? l meant it.

Then show me.

c'mon, c'mon, c'mon...


Reggie, don't say anything.

Don't react, it's me Craig. l need you to do exactly what l say.

Okay. l need you to patch me through to Denise on the Roebling Clipper.

Can you do that for me?

Ya, l could get fired.

Reggie, you don't have a job to get fired from anymore.

Do you really think that any one's going to want to pay to fly into space after today?

Ah, l see your point.

Ya. Thank you.


Nice work Reggie. Denise you there?

Craig, where are you? Why is Wincroft in charge?

Screw that. How are you doing?

Hanging in there. Barely.

How bout the thrusters?

Has the remote protocol worked yet?

No. They're rerouting the system manually.

Might be able to get them started up yet.

Those cosmic rays that fired our Clipper, triggered a whole bunch of SEL.

You're kidding me.

A single event latch-ups? l mean c'mon.

That's incredibly rare. Are you sure?

That's why l'm telling you.

The scalar drive was engaged when the SELs were triggered right?


Don't go anywhere. l wish.

Well so far it appears that the Roebling Clipper is not responding. l repeat not responding...

C'mon Cheryl, give me something.

The President's watching the news channels...

We're still transmitting the remote sequence but...

the longer it fails to work the less likely it is that is will work.

Well l hope that someone does more than try.

Roger, how are you holding up?

How do you think l'm holding up?

Call me when you know more. hard information all we can do at this point is guess... l think it's time we bring Craig back in here.

What is he doing?

Joan. You better come.

This better be good.

What's going on?

He says that a girl is hiding here in the camp.

Her name is Nourhan.

He wants to come in and look for her.

She's supposed to marry him.

Marry him? She's a kid.

Stay out of this please.

This camp is under the proctection of lnternational Treaties.

Tell him.

He's not a big fan of treaties. l'm not a big fan of his timing.

Ah, does he have a picture of the girl?

Do you have a picture?

She's not here. Tell him.

He says that the girl is Mehrzad's daughter.

Mehrzad himeself sent him to find her.


You're not coming into this camp.

That was really stupid of me, wasn't it?


Oh... l'm sorry... l gave her away.

Ah, find Nourhan, ah... keep her out of sight.

lf the Roebling Clipper's thrusters don't fire, gravity will eventually pull the ship directly into the sun.

They really only have one chance at this.

And the real problem here is no one fully knows what will happen to the ship's scalar drive if it impacts the sun.


Why are you calculating phased systems? lf l explained to you l won't have time to finish.

So please just stop talking.


Hold on.

Wait, l think we're getting something.

Try the thrusters.


Try again.

Craig l need you to explain this to me.

Denise? Can you still hear me?

Go Craig.

You're talking to Denise?

Dr. Bakus? l need you to confirm some power cell settings for me. l need you to hang up right now.

Forty seven, two, ninety nine, six, thirteen...

Craig you've got to let me in. what is going on?

And forty seven, two, ninety nine, six and thirteen.

Those are correct.

Denise, do not...

Denise copy... Do not fire the thrusters.


You want me to let you in, get me out of here, we cannot fire that remote transmition.

What! Why?

They can't fire those thrusters.


Trust me.



Oh Balaban, it look like you aren't just talk.

Don! Don!

Tell Fiona not to fire the thrusters.

Tell her now!


Easy, easy..

Because the cosmic ray that hit the ship caused a bunch of single event latch-ups.

That means the electronics, they're stuck in the exact same state that they were in when the ray hit.

Reggie, what was the last confirmed settings of the drive?

One hundred and ninety eight percent full forward.

Full forward one hundred and ninety eight percent.

That's the state the drive's going to be in when it comes back on line.

Stand by everyone.

Firing reverse thrusters. Five percent power.

Let's slow this bitch down and go home.

Roebling One this is Mission Control. Do not fire the thrusters. do not...

Scalar drive engaged instead of thrusters!

Shut it down!

l can't! l can't!

Don? Don?

Roebling One, come in, come in! lnco get em back! l'm, eh, the channels are all blocked.

Well try harder!

Roebling One, please come in. Come in.

Oh God.

Fiona! Shut them down!

Engines are not responding, Navigation seems frozen.

Too repeat, reports are now coming in that the Roebling Clipper is out of control once again. l repeat the Roebling Clipper, out of...

Ma, are you there? Ma, can you hear me?

Ya. l'm here sweetheart. l'm here.

Good to hear your voice. How are you over there?

Listen lvan, if you're still tracking the Clipper can you relay her course of speed to us?

Yes. We still have her but l'm not sure for how much longer.

We're sending telemetry to you now.

Roebling One respond. Roebling One respond.

Denise? Fiona?

Cheryl, what the hell happened?

The scalar drive fired instead of the thrusters.

We didn't anticipate it.

And what's being done to fix this?


Everyone is doing everything they can.

The minute we know more l'll let you know.

l love you baby.

Everybody, out. Out!

Thank you, thank you.

What's going on? Are we slowing down?

No. No we've hit our top speed.

That's a good thing right? l mean, if we can't go any faster, that's good right?

How fast are we going?

Five thousand, five hundred and eighty-eight miles per second.

Per second?

But you can turn us around right, l mean you can shut the engines down!

Ah, l'm sorry.

What do you mean''sorry''.

What does that mean?

We've almost re-established contact with the Clipper.

Clipper's accelerated at three percent the speed of light.

At that speed, it will be close enough to the sun to burn up in less than thirty minutes.

That's not even the worst of it.

The scalar drive is designed to withstand intense heat, so when the Clipper incinerates, it's going to continue on straight into the sun.

The scalar drive is a quantum device.

After impact it'll phase double and multiply every solar anomily we've been seeing.

You sure know a whole hell of a lot about scalar mechanics for an astronaut. ls there anything we can do?

No. lt's inevitable.

There's got to be something we can do.

No! lt's over Don. Alright everybody!

This is officially over.

There's not going to be another Shuttle Reliant for you Don.

Alright, what exactly is gonna happen?

The earth is gonna suffer through a cocktail of solar events like we've never felt before. Starting with a cosmic ray burst.

Will it impact earth directly? lt doesn't really make a difference if it impacts directly.

Even an indirect hit, it's very bad news, it's gonna take out a chunk of the ozone layer, expose us to direct solar radiation.

Following right on the heels of that, will be a massive CME. lt's going to take out all the electronics, everything the cosmic ray hasn't touched.

Throw one in for good measure, constant static electrical storms. lt's going to blast us back into prehistory. l have to alert the the White House.

They need to get the word out to other governments. lnco? Can you patch everyone in the Clipper through to people they need to say goodbye to please?

Yes Sir.

They've got 30 minutes left.

l'll have a Skype for you in a minute. l'll take the audio feed.

We're almost ready.

Thank you Reggie.

Commander, if you don't mind me asking, what was it like on Reliant when the accident happened?

Wasn't good.

Dr. Bakus told me that you lead a mutiny.



Well you know Reggie, Dr. Bakus often has a slightly skewed, ah, vision.

Sometimes for the better, and sometimes not.

Anyway, the ship was severly compromised.

The impact had knocked out our guidance control board, which put us into a deteriorating orbit.

Our trajectory was gonna put us straight into Chicago.

We were ordered to fire the engines and shoot off into space.

We said our goodbyes, the captain was about to engage the engine when it occured to me we had a rover in a cargo bay, now l don't know why no one had thought of it before, but it had a compatible control board on it.

Now l surmized that we could reprogram that, use it to bypass our down system.

The captain refused to take the chance.

So what'd you do?

Well the flight engineer and the payload officer were keen on my plan and they backed me to take charge of the ship.

Well, the short of it is, it took ah, under three hours to reroute the system.

So that's how you saved Reliant?


What about this captain? He didn't press any charges?

No, you know Reggie, he never did. l guess the captain saw the merit in NASA not finding out that ah, he was tied to his chair in what could possibly be the greatest space rescue since Apollo 13.

Commander, we're ready. Everyone's in place.

You know l really thought we were gooing to beat this thing today.

Me too Sir.

Dad? Dad can you hear me? l, l hear you JJ. l tried to get mom on the line but there was just simply too much interference.

Um, l wanted to tell you that l'm sorry that l, that l didn't call you before the launch. lt's okay. We're talking now.

Listen, l just want to say that l'm sorry your mom and l didn't give you the kind of childhood you probably wanted.

Don't be sorry Dad, it's not the...

No, no, no l know how you felt growing up.

That we picked our work over you.

But l want you to know that if l, if l had it to do all over again

l'd do the same thing.

Probably not what you want to hear

but l need you to understand. l've devoted my whole life to an idea.

To the belief that helping others is the greatest good a person can do.

lf you remember anything about me, remember that.

Ya, l won't forget that.

l love you JJ. l truly do.


Tell your mother that l love her.

Okay then... l gotta go.

Uh huh.

Honey, Honey don't be sad.

We'll be together again one day. l want to be with you now. l need you to be strong. Both of you.

You hear that Freddie? l need you to take care of Mommy for me.

Okay Buddy?


Don't be scared. l'm not. What do l always tell you? Life's one big...


Marta, listen. l want you to get married again.

No, don't say that. Please.

Yes. When the time is right, you get married.

But listen, this is important.

Don't marry Brad Bartels. l see the way that sheriff looks at you and l don't like it one bit.

Okay. l just know you're gonna raise Freddie in a way to make me proud.

l gotta go. Others are waiting.

Hold on Mom wants to say something to you.

Jose, l just want you to know that l'm sorry for giving you such a hard time over the years.

No you're not. But l love you anyway Mom.

Denise? You shouldn't be wasting this call on me, okay?

Everyone l'm close to knows how l feel about them except you so...

Reggie boost the signal. l'm, l'm trying. l've got one question for you Craig and l know you're incapable of lying so, here goes...

Do you love me? Because l sure as hell love you.


lt's okay. Thank you for, for telling me the truth.

l've got to go.

Ya. l'll call you later.

Would it have killed you to tell her you love her?

She would have known l was lying.

l couldn't do that to her.

l'll see ya later.

We have a connection to the First Lady.

You should talk to your mom first. Okay.


Hey Baby.

Oh Sweetie, it's okay, l'm okay. l'm not scared. l was so awful to you before you left.

Oh Baby don't... l know you didn't mean it.

Please tell me you forgive me.

Of course l forgive you. Can you do something for me?

Okay, anything.

Help your dad. He's not as tough as we are.

Will you do that?


lt wasn't anyone's fault Sweetie.

You remember that, okay?

Oh l love you sweet girl.

l love you too, Mom.

Honey l... l know... l know Look after Lara for me. Love her just the way she is. l will...l should have held you more.

So hold me now.

How long till impact?

Four minutes. Maybe five.

lt takes another eight minutes for whatever the hell's unleashed to get here to earth.

We should tell the President.



Mr. President?

You heard what Cheryl said.

We have to get the word out. Mobilize the National Guard.

Look, Roger. l need a moment.

Mr. President, l need you to sign this.

What is this?

Because of your personal loss, as per the rules of Presidential succcession, you need to affirm in writing that you are no longer able to discharge the powers and duties of your office. l just lost my wife. l think l can have a moment.

Nobody will think less of you for doing this. lt's obviously not true. How much time do we have?

Approximately eleven minutes. l want emergency messages sent to every state and federal agency we can reach.

Let 'em know what's coming.

Yes, Mr. President.

Get out of my sight.

Yes, l understand. Thank you Governor.

Jeffery? How many copies of the town of Eden disaster plan do we have available?

Make another ten copies please, right away. Right away.

One minute till impact.

We won't know about the solar event or how bad it is until eight minutes after impact.

Alright l want all systems that aren't crucial powered down and disconnected from the grid. lvan, how long will it take you to do an emergency evacuation?

Not in eight minutes, if that's what you mean.

Besides, why would l want to give up the best seat in the house for the show? ls that the right expression?

Yes, it's the right expression. l don't think you want this seat Buddy. l will stay here and relay information from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Might give you a few extra seconds of warning.

Thanks lvan.

Five seconds. Four, three, two, one. lmpact.

ls there a bunker here?

No. Not that it makes much of a difference.

Wouldn't do us any good anyway.

The world is in mourning at the loss of the First Lady and the rest of the passengers of the Roebling Clipper.

No one is exactly sure what happened.

But it is...


Mom? Sa.. Sarah?

No, no it's okay l don't want you to come over right now.

No, l'll be fine. Look, l just want to be alone. l'll call you a little later okay? Okay.

Freddie!? Freddie come here. Have you seen him? l thought he was here with you.

He's not in his room? -No.


Twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

lt missed us. lt went latteral to earth at eighty-two degrees.

Eighty-two degrees.

Dodged a bullet there huh?

Wait for it.


Oh my god.


Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

You got it?

Reggie, run the emergency backup protocol. l'm on it.

Cheryl, you okay? l'm fine. l thought lvan said the solar burst missed us. lt did, we just got sucker punched by the solar radiation cone.

Dammit, trust me this is going to be bad enough How bad?

The suns' gone hyperactive, coronal mass ejection solar flares.

The whole planet is going to get hit by electromagnetic pulses, electrical storms, solar radiation bursts.

Maybe even some earthquakes, caused by the distortion in the magnetosphere.

Day or night its not going to make a difference.

What's the end game?

Either the sun calms down on its own or... we can count the days earth has left on one hand. Reggie?

What happened? The generators blew out. l don't know but whatever it is our friends are back, its killed their trucks.

Could be an EMP of some kind.

Might be something to do with what happened to Alan.

What's an EMP?

Electromagnetic pulse.

Overloads all electronic circuits, generators, auto ignitions. l want you to find Nourhan and take her back to my tent. l don't want them finding her when their coming down here.

ls there anything l can do for you?

Yeah. Can you be there when it hits me that my husband is dead. l just don't think that l'm taking it in.

Have you heard from JJ?

No. Phone's dead. lnternet's down. l've never felt so cut off

What is that?

We need to find the Vice President and get him to the bunker also the Speaker and The Secretary of State.

And Laura.

Secret service is looking for her.

Your telling me nobody knows where the hell my daughter is?

She was pretty scared. She's somewhere in the White House.

We'll bring her here as soon as we find her Mr. President.

Have we made any contact with other heads of state?

France, England and Moscow before communications went down. lt's a global situation.

We managed to get word out on the Emergency Broadcasting System to state and local bodies.

We're doing the best we can.

Stay on it. l want in five minutes what we doing with here.

What we can expect. l communicate at home.

Mr. President.

Perhaps you would like some time to process what's happened to your wife. l'm grieving Roger, not incapacitated.

There's a difference. Don't forget that.


We haven't got time!



Go, go!


Come baby, come inside... come Freddie, Freddie come!



Let go of me.



What systems do we still have on line here?

Roebling had many of the systems EMP hardened.

Question is if it still works.

Mission control.

Dr. Bakus! We're getting something from the Space Station.

Space Station to mission control. l'm struggling to get systems back up. lvan, What's your situation?

Not good.

We've lost power and are in a deteriorating orbit. lvan, this is Commander Wincroft.

Can you boost back to a better orbit?


Well what about evacuation?

The blast damaged our Soyuz pods.

We're trying to repair them now, but..

Keep working on it buddy.

Yes, yes.

We're also collecting a ton of information from our sensors. l will download what l can, when l.. lvan, what is it? l'm, looking at Earth.

How does it look?

Like, like hell.

l need a status meeting.

Oh a meeting. l'll call for donuts. l need to know what resources we have available, What our level of disaster preparedness is.

We need all ears and eyes up as quick as possible Don.

Can't afford to have our people get off task. l don't need you permission Craig Like hell you don't This is now a federal facility and the President put Don in charge ah, a lot of good that did. lt wasn't my ship where the problem started pal.

Ya , but...

Do we have to play out our whole sad relationship right here

alright, its all yours.

Listen up everyone. l need you to stop what you're doing just for a moment. l need a status update. What's working for us and what isn't?

Well, we have some pretty crappy communications.

Define ''crappy.''

Well, we still have contact with the space station and that's fine we can scan some government frequencies, but it's dead quiet out there. l'm thinking most people are still trying to get their communications back online.

What about cell phones or land lines?

No...nothing Tracking systems? Telemetry? Satellites? GPS?

We have some power to one of our radio dishes, but we can't turn it.

Looks like the motor is burned out.

Can it be fixed? l don't know, but.. l really need to leave. l haven't heard from my husband and l don't know if he and my little girl are okay. l'm sorry, l gotta go.

Look, l don't think your car is going to be working. l'll walk. l don't live too far away.

Alright listen up everyone.

We are in the middle of a global crisis.

Everyone here are the best people to monitor the situation.

Everyone here is also private contractor Don.

Your boss is now dead, and the world is staring down the barrel of a gun.

As far as l'm concerned your contract is up.

Go home and see your husband..

We will continue to monitor every channel, collect and disseminate whatever information we can to whomever we can.

Nobody here is under any responsibility to listen to the people that got you into this nightmare in the first place. Go home.

Reggie, specifics.

Yeah, Let's look at that motor.

Craig l'd like a minute.

Has my daughter been found?

Not yet, Mr. President.

Did you, or did you not send someone to find her?

We're in the middle of a global crisis, dammit!

Mr. President, you shouldn't leave the operations center.

This is not Don's fault.

We could just as easily blame the guy who designed the Roebling Clipper for the mess we're all in.

Maybe we should.

No. We shouldn't.

This has always been your problem.

You think if something bad happens and it's got to be someone fault.

Well guess what, it doesn't work like that.

Life's a lot more complicated.

We're losing the space station.


Craig, my friend. l am going to send you the data l've collected, but in case l run out of time here is everything we know.

Our worst scenario is confirmed.

The intensity of the solar impact on Earth will continue to grow.

Whatever satellites are still operational will fail.

Whatever communications you have will be shut down.

Our readings from up here show that the sun is pouring out massive amounts of subatomic particles that will keep on striking the earth, eventually sterilizing the planet.

How certain are your readings Commander? lvan is a solar physicist, Don. lt is a mathematical certainty.

The earth can survive for perhaps two more days. Maximum.


Don't be sorry for us up here... l'm afraid to say.. we're the lucky ones. Good luck.

Go home.

Freddie! Have you seen Freddie?



Marta, Marta, Freddie! l found him a few blocks from here.

Never do that to me again, ok?

We have to stay together.

Listen , if there is anything you need, you find me.

Thank you. l know it's a hard time but, Claire's calling for a town meeting in the high school gym, to go over the town's disaster plan. l'm not up to that. l know but you're the only nurse in town.

Look it's important to be there but l'm sure no one will blame you if you stay home.

You want me to walk you back so l can tell your mother?

No, no, l'll... l'll do that. Thank you.

Marta, l'm really sorry about Jose. He was a good guy.

Thank you.

Hey look people, we're going to go this way.

Son of a bitch.

This is Roebling Spaceport in Mountcastle, Virginia, can anyone hear me? l can hear you Reggie.

Go home man.

Go be with your family.

My family's in Portland.

Ya, so the chances of me getting back there before, you know..


Yeah, you know what though?

Ya know l am a nerd.

So if l'm going to go, it's going to be with a keyboard in my hand

There's nobody special you want to spend the last few days with?

Yeah, yeah there is. Umm... she's with someone else though.

What about you?

Same here.

l think it stopped

...Paul! l think l broke my leg, and might have busted a rib too. l'll go get help.


Are you okay?

l know we're missing something.

Like what? l...

Craig, hey you're the smartest guy l know.

What haven't we thought of?

You mean to stop the sun from destroying us?

There's got to be something we can do. lt's the sun, Don.. lt's a fusion furnace burning at six thousand degrees Celsius on it's surface, its ninety-three million miles away.

No. There's nothing we can do. l won't except that.

The sun doesn't seem to care. l'm not ready to give up yet.

You can't ''hero'' us out of this situation, Don.

Cheryl, where are you going? l don't know, but l'm not going to spend what little time l have left in this building.

Jesus Don, take her away. lf you don't...l will.

Ya l guess you're right.

Let's ah.. see if we can find a car that works.

Try to get back home to Silver Spring huh?

Thank you.

Craig come with us.

You guys should be alone. Just go ahead.

Huh, Cheryl's right Craig Come on, come with us.

There's too much history between us.

We use to be like a family.

A dysfunctional family, but still a family.

Ya, thanks anyway.

You guys go and us get out of here. l'll wait it out here.

Alright, well you uh...

Take care of yourself then.

Ya, you too. lt was a helluva ride brother.

Ya well, it wasn't boring, l'll give it that.

Maybe one day you'll explain to me how l lost you One day you'll have to explain to me how you let me go.



l remember this picture.


take it,

good luck.

Mr. President, over here.

Honey, are you okay? Huh?

Shh. lt's okay, it's okay honey.

We're going to be fine. Look at me.

Lara we're going to be fine, okay?

Daddy, what's happening outside... would it have happened anyway? l mean, even if mom wasn't on that ship?

Yes honey, yes.

Daddy...what happened to mom, it's not your fault.

l'm sorry l said it was. l know.

l'm supposed to be the most powerful man in the world.

Good joke huh?

Wait a minute!

Don! Don!

You never told me why NASA wanted you here today.

Why you know so much about scalar drive technology.

NASA's got their own scalar drive, don't they?

They took your plans and modified them.

They had Roebling over clock the scalar on the Clipper as an experiment.

NASA wanted to see if they could increase the energy output.

Roebling knew about it and approved it?

Yeah, but l didn't.

You knew NASA took Craig's plans and didn't stop them? l objected but they did it anyway.

Why is this important right now?

Because the solar mess that's killing the earth was caused by a scalar drive impacting the sun's surface.

Scalar power is phased. lt's polarized, and do you know how to turn a scalar drive off?

You flip its polarity, you just cancel its phase down to zero.

Now, the scalar drive that impacted on the sun's surface, its phased on... the sun doesn't have the ability on its own to flip polarity to cancel it out.

But another scalar drive impacted the sun would.

Bingo! l'm very attracted to you right now. That's exactly right.

We've only got two days. lt's impossible to get NASA's scalar drive to the sun in time.

Not necessarily.

How are things? Any success raising anyone?

Mr. President, can l speak to you in private?

Why don't you say it here, Roger?

Thomas, please. l'll make it easy for you. l do not accept your invoking of the Presidential Succession Act.

Now today was a difficult day, not just for me but for the entire world, and we have more hard days ahead of us. But l will lead. l have a duty to protect our country.

As do l.

So the Air Force stole my design and built their own Clipper?

Roebling had to vet your plan with NASA, that was part of his deal.

The Air Force took the plans and built their own experimental ship.

The X-57.

How close is it in design to the Clipper? lt's similar. They made some improvements.

Advanced propulsion, a solar shield, hot-swappable pods.

And it has a scalar engine? lt uses nuclear pulse propulsion. lt will get us to the sun in just under nine hours.

So where's the scalar drive? lt's in the cargo bay.

Why would they put it in the cargo bay?

They weaponized it. lt's a bomb.

Hold on a second, did l miss something?

Somebody weaponized a scalar drive?

Shut up.

Okay, so where's the ship?

Hopper Air Force base.

How do we know it'll still fly?

The X-57 is EMP hardened.

So if we can get you to Hopper, can you fly the thing?

Absolutely. l was lead test pilot.

She's only flown sub-orbital, but she's ready. lt'll go into space.

The bigger problem is that Hopper is two hundred miles from here.

Well you could take my car.

Roger,unless it's a classic it's not likely to work.

Oh, she's a classic.

Operations center.

Repeat, this is the Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

-lf anyone reads this, please respond. -Ok, l'll put it up on the big screen.

We're getting something.

This is Roebling Spaceport in Mountcastle, Virginia.

We read you PEOC.

This is Cheryl Wincroft, Science Advisor to President Mathany. ls the President alright?

Cheryl, this is Tom. l am so glad to hear from you.

What the hell's going on? lt's pretty much our worst fears, Mr. President.

Please tell me that your husbands have a plan.

They do, Mr. President.

Okay everyone, okay everyone.

Come in and settle down.

Just before the phones went down l spoke to the Governor.

Here's what we know.

The same accident that took Jose from us also caused this situation we're now in.

What's happening here is happening everywhere around the world and we have no idea how long it's going to last.

We can't count on any help from the state or federal government.

We are on our own.

So we're declaring the ''Town of Eden Disaster Plan'' in effect as of right now...

Members of the disaster committee, please raise your hand.

They will be coming around to all of your houses and collecting all of your food, medicines, and batteries.

Hold it down, everyone We need to pool and ration everything we have as a community. lt will all going be centrally distributed right from here.

Now those of us who have more than enough of something will be able to help those of us without enough.

And l promise you, by the time this thing is over every single one of us is going to need something that somebody else has.

Next, l need everybody that owns a gun or a rifle to volunteer for patrol duty.

Why do we need an armed patrol?

Because we're closing all roads in and out of Eden to outsiders, The patrol will enforce that...

Look l know it sounds harsh, l know that one or two people coming into our town and enjoying our charity won't deplete our reserves, but one or two will lead to hundreds.

And once we become known as a place that takes in outsiders we will be overrun and then nobody will survive.

Not them, and not us.

This is not the Christian way!

Well, l would rather see us all survive as people than die as Christians.

Anybody here disagree with that?


Any outsider who tries to get into our town must turn away.

And anyone who doesn't turn away must be turned away forcefully.




She didn't make it You don't know that.

Yes l do... l do.

Listen to me.

We have to stay focused on saving as many as we can.

Are you listening? Because l need you.

Yeah, yeah, l'm listening.

Alright, so if another electrical storm comes in, can we all survive in those pipes?

No. We're too exposed.

We need a safe shelter and food and some clean water.

Mehrzad's bunkers.

He's hoarding plenty of food and clean water.

We go, make a deal with him Counting on a warlord to be compassionate is your plan? l'm counting on finding an alternative along the way and his gratitude for us reuniting him with his daughter Are you sure about this?

The man she was supposed to marry has died and he's still a parent. l'd give anything to be with JJ right now.

Come here! Come!

Have everyone look for as much clean water and we're leaving as soon as possible.

Are you absolutely sure about this?

Everyday, the solar effects will multiply exponentially. lt's our only hope of turning things around.

Captain Wincroft? Do you agree? l do.

Well, please forgive me for being so blunt, but why should l trust the two people who should have seen this coming and didn't.

Three people, Mr. President.

All due respect sir, if you got another option we would love to hear it.

Do it. ls there anything we can do for you from here?

There is sir, if there's anybody left at Hopper's Air force base, let them know we're on our way and to have the X-57 fueled and ready.

We'll do our best.

Reggie, let's see this car of yours.

Thomas, you can't authorize use of the X-57. lt's powered by thermonuclear charges.

That might make the situation on earth worse.

Worse than what? You heard Wincroft and Bakus.

We need to look into this more.

Get more opinions.

Not to mention that this is a violation of the nuclear test ban treaty!

Roger, l need you to try and calm down.

You're potentially authorizing the destruction of the world and l'm the one that needs to calm down? l'm sorry, Roger.

CORPORAL, -Yes, sir l want Mr. Lynch removed from the PEOC.

Place send him in the executive briefing room.

Yes, sir...

Mr. Lynch, please come with me. l take no responsibility for the results of the course of this action You're all complicit in this l know the way.

There it is, it's the blue one l thought you said it was a classic lt is.. lt's a 1970... lt's a 1970 original.

We're supposed to stop the earth from burning up in that? lt's nice to see that God hasn't lost his sense of humor.


You were saying?

Get into the car.

Start it up... Come on buddy.

Come on! Come on!

Calm down Reggie! l'm trying to start it... Come on baby.

How you feeling, Dr. Bakus?

Like the guy who jumped off the Empire State Building and halfway down he goes '' hey,so far so good.'' l think that's the first time l've heard you tell a joke. lf l don't get this job done it'll probably be the last time, huh.

What do you think is going on around the world right now? l guess that depends on how bad the solar anomalies are playing out.

No l mean, with the people. l mean are people rioting?

Are they finding religion?

Are they helping each other out?

Oh, God knows Reggie. l don't exactly have highest regard for people's ability to act civilly under pressure.

We can do this right?

The number of random factors that actually have to coincide perfectly in order for us to stand a chance...

lf it doesn't work out, it won't be because we didn't try.


Help! Get me out of here.

Help! Help!


Get me out of here.


Hello Please! We're trapped.

Hold on...

l can't, l'll be back in a second okay?

No! Oh please don't leave. l'll be back. l promise.

These back roads are killing us.

How are we doing on time?

Well we've got to be almost halfway there.

No we're not.

Hey why don't you let me drive for one minute Reggie?

Yeah, l'm going to drive Don.

You get to fly the X-57 all by yourself.

Just take a rest... l'll drive for a little bit okay?

We need you fresh to give the once over the scaling device pal.

Ah, don't you mean bomb?

Enough, l think we're doing pretty good right now.

No, we're not -No we're not.

Let Craig drive, anybody but you, come on.

Reggie, l'll take a shift.

Okay, that's fine.

Just try not to shoot off your foot, tough guy.

Leave those.

Sorry, Gloria. We have to take everything.

Those are our orders.

For God's sake, we have a child here.

What if gets hungry?

Then he'll come to the gym like everyone else and get something...

Do you have any other battery devices or Cell phones?

We need to conserve everything since we're not sure how long this is will last...

What about you Freddie?

No. l don't have one.

Food distribution is going to be from 7 am to 9am, and then from 2pm to 4pm. lf anyone gets sick, medicine is available 24 hours.

Marta, Claire told me to ask you that if you're feeling up to it, they could sure use your help setting up the dispensary. l'll try.

Daddy gave it to me.

Hang in there.

Go girl... My bag.


Come to my apartment and wait until it's over, come.

Less than a hundred miles. How you doing? l'm tired.

Pull over and let me drive. l'm fine.

You just said that you were tired.

That's because l am tired.

That's why you should let me drive. l'm fine.

You still haven't learned to let anyone help you or get close to you.

Why is that?

Because every time l do l end up regretting it.

l'm sorry l hurt you.

That's like the punch line to a bad joke.

You left me for my best friend. l didn't leave you for Don.

He was friends with both of us.

We broke up, he was there for me.

That's just semantics.

l don't know what you're more hurt by?

Our failed marriage or your failed friendship?

Why can't it be both.

Here you go.


ls everyone ready to move?

Yeah. How about you?


Maybe not.

Are you bleeding?

You should have told me.

Alright come on, keep the pressure.

We'll fix you up and get you out of here.

Here you go.

This is it?

Yes. That's breakfast for three.

This wouldn't feed even one person.

Mom, it's okay.

No, it's not okay! lt's Gloria.

That woman...

We didn't turn in all our food so we can starve to death.

Gloria? ls everything alright?

We need more food than this.

Everybody is getting the same amount.

We're all in this together.

No we're not.

My family has suffered more than anyone here.

We've lost more than anyone.

Mom, please don't.

We deserve more than anyone. l know what you're doing.

You're trying to use Jose's death to get special treatment.

You never loved him, we all know that.

So stop this before you embarrass your daughter and your grandson.

You love this don't you?

Finally, you've got all the power you've always wanted.

You think l want this job today?

Well l don't! But we've got a plan and our only hope is to stick to it.


l'm so sorry. lt's okay Marta, it's not your fault.

What is that?

Oh, sh..

What the hell is this?

Static electricity burst We drove right into it.

Come on lt's not starting?

Plugs are fried.

How far to Hopper?

Twenty-five miles.

Alright then, let's start walking.

We're just going to leave it here?

You can push it if you want.

How are we doing on time?

We're tight.

There's a truck coming.

My God, he's going to hit those people!

Back up... taking this truck.

Wait, wait Reggie!

Everyone, back off!

You heard her. Step away!

You okay?

Yeah, yeah l'm okay.

Sorry, but we're going to need to commandeer this truck.

Just take it. lt's almost gotten me killed three times today.

Take it. l don't think you have the balls to shoot me.

Trust me buddy, she does.

Look, l need to get to my family.

We're trying to save your family. Step away.

Joan, Joan.

Hey. How you doing?

Not great.

Alright, we have to keep moving and then we'll rest.

No, l think l'll stop here.

We have to keep moving. l know. l mean just me. You all go on.


Joan, l'm done. l got a busted rib, a punctured lung, and a broken leg.

All you're going to do by dragging me along is endanger everyone else. l'm not leaving you here.

Yes you are, and you know why?

Because you're you.

You've always done what it takes to help the most people.

Leaving me behind is what it takes.

Alright, we'll begin to build you some kind of shelter to protect you.

After l get everyone to the mountains, l'll bring some man and come back for you..

We both know l'll be dead before you get back.

Then l'll come back and bury you.

Thank you,

thank you for years of grade A work, um friendship.

Alan was a lucky man.

Go, these people need you.

Hey hey, truck coming. Go get back up.

What the hell is this? l don't know, but we don't have time for this.

We need to pass through.

The town of Eden is closed.

Kid, do we look like tourists? Let us through.

And l said the town's closed.

Go away...

What the hell.

That's the sound of our planet starting her death rattle.

Are you going to let us through?

No way. l got orders.

Come on..

Listen son, l'm Commander Don Wincroft Never heard of it yet. lmagine that.

Take it easy alright?

We have an emergency situation we need to get to Hopper Air Force base, we don't have time to go around the town, we need to pass through here. l said l got my orders!


l'm sorry, please don't kill me.

Let me see. You're going to be okay.

Don't worry it's merely..

Just don't say it's only a flesh wound l won't, but it is. ls there a medical facility in town?

You're going to take us there We don't have time.

You're no good to us bleeding to death, let's go. l've got a space.

Bring them over here.

What happened to them?

Burns. lt's this weird lightning that keeps blasting.

So far it's been away from the center of town, but if it gets closer... l shot someone.

We need someone to bandage this man up. l'm sorry, but this town is closed.

Yeah, we keep hearing that.

You're going to turn away a wounded man?

Somebody one of your kid's shot?

Eden is under emergency lockdown.

The man who is bleeding all over your floor is Commander Don Wincroft.

The astronaut?

Hey, feel that?

Things are going to get a whole heck of a lot worse.

Shutting down your town is going to make no difference what so ever.

You're Dr. Bakus. -Yes.

You're the genius that caused this trouble.

Screw this. Are those the bandages.

Hey! Hey stop right there!

These the bandages?

Brad, don't!

You want to shoot me over a couple of bandages, you go right ahead.



Seriously lady, your town sucks.

Still have that left hook huh? Does that hurt?

Yeah. -Good.

l seen you on television.

From the spaceport. l'm Marta Hernandez.

Jose Hernandez?

Yeah, my husband Jose was on the Clipper.

l'm sorry.

Can you guys stop what's happening? l mean, can you save us? l don't know. We're going to try.

Are you an astronaut?

Yes l am.

My daddy was an astronaut. l know he was.

Your dad was one of the bravest men l ever met.

You know what you people are doing here shutting this town up. lf we can't stop what's happening out there, nothing you do down here is going to save anything.

We had a disaster plan and we'll sticking to it.

There's no plan for what we're up against now...

Commander, we're ready.

Gotta go. Wish us luck. Thank you.

Tear down the barricades.

There a lot of people out there that need our help.

We've got to be here for them.

lt's, it's okay. We'll be safe here.

Shouldn't we try to find Uncle Robert?

Uncle Robert's not in his apartment, honey.

We already checked.

We were supposed to go see my brother, but l think he left the building before we came.

A lot of people did.

Once the lightning started people wanted to head to lower ground so, so they left.

l'm JJ Elias. Bloody hand for you.


Nice to meat you Amy.

This is Maya Maya, it's a pleasure.

Are we going to be okay here?

Yes... we will. My apartment is completely safe.

Okay. Ahhh!

l have an idea.

Why don't we have an ice cream party, huh. l have a freezer and it's filled with ice cream and if we don't eat it, it's going to melt. What do you say?

Do you have chocolate?

Okay, chocolate ice cream come right up.

Thank you.

l got England!


10 Downing Street.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is President Mathany.

Mr. President. What is your condition?

Most, if not all of the country is without power.

We're re-establishing contact with all branches of the military, but it's slow going. l'm afraid it's much the same.

We're tracking the situation. l'm seeing the British relay stations.

They're going offline.

Mr. Prime Minister, are you in a safe location?

We're seeing something happening to you're relay stations. l'm good as can be hoped for.

We'll try survive the night.

God bless us. God save the Queen. lt's gone.

You okay?

Has anyone heard from Cheryl and her team?

No, Mr. President.

Whoa, whoa, whoa..whoa, easy, easy

l'm Commander Don Wincroft

Stand down. Commander it's an honor.

We got a message from the President saying you were coming.

Where's the base Commandant?

Before we lost contact with command we heard that what the earth was experiencing was the beginning of the end.

A lot of people left to be with their families.

So who's senior officer now?

At the moment, that would be you sir.

Open the gate.

l can't believe you guys, you shameless.

We made a few improvements, leather bucket seats, mp3 player

That must be the command trailer.

Yeah, yeah. That's it. Let's go check it out.

Where are you going? lnside. l want to see what a scalar bomb looks like.


the military would weaponize a toaster if they could.

Oh hell.

Almost there.

Wincroft, we got a problem.


What's military protocol for detonating any high-powered strategic device? lt takes two command officers turning two separate key switches simultaneously located more than six feet apart to... Oh hell.

Yeah, it's designed so that one person can't flip both switches.

You can't do this alone buddy.

Can't you rig something so that l could do it alone?

Not in the time l got.

Well, you're not coming.

Yeah, l am.

No, l don't want you to.

Yeah, me neither. l'll take somebody else, one of the guards.

Come on. They don't know the ships systems the way l do.

Besides with that arm of yours, you can barely put your clothes on. lt might be that you need someone to actually do something a bit more than flip a switch up there.

You're staying here.

Why's that?

So you can go out the big hero alone again?

Put NASA back on the map, eh?

No, dammit! l need you here for Cheryl.

Anything happens to me... you're the only person l trust to look after her.

What? Do l strike you as someone that needs taking care of? l... -l got news for you buzz. lf anything happens to you, it won't matter who you leave to babysit me because we're all screwed.

So park the testosterone and finish suiting up! l want the crate in the air in 5 minutes.

You know on second thought, maybe you should come along.

Maybe safer than staying here, huh? Yeah.

Come on, come on.

Time to say good bye.

Commander? Doctor Bakus?

What's up Reggie?

We're losing satellites. l don't know how much longer l'll be getting telemetry.

Got it. l Gotta go.

Come back soon, okay.

l'm sorry for yelling.

Come on, l had that coming. l was acting like a jerk.

No, l mean ever.



You want to know how you lost me?

By thinking you didn't deserve me.

You want to know how l let you go?

Cause l knew that l didn't

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

Here.. -No...

Yes, for luck.

Thank you.

You ready?

Yeah, yeah.

You okay?

Yeah, l'm fine.

So you and Cheryl made up, huh?

Better late than never, right?

So what did she have to say for herself?

Said that l'm a better lover than you and while we're away l should probably give you a few pointers.

lt's going to be a long flight this time.

Hell yeah

Gentlemen, you're cleared for takeoff.

Good luck.

Roger that.

lt's taking way too long to get to fifty-thousand feet.

The air is way too thin. lt's making it difficult for the ship to achieve launch altitude.

We got to get to forty seven.

Roger that.

Forty-two thousand.

Craig, if we fail to reach launch altitude, can we still fire the nuclear propulsion engine?

Detonating a nuclear device in this volatile atmosphere is a very bad idea.

Forty-three thousand.

Dammit! We're losing altitude.

Forty-two thousand five hundred.

Forty-two. Craig l'm going to fire the nuke.

Wait!, just give me a chance.

Go... lf this kills us, l'm gonna kill you...

There goes

Five G's...six Hold it!

X-57, this is control, can you hear me?

Come in X-57 Keep trying.

Dr. Wincroft, just because l can't raise them doesn't mean anything. l mean we've lost just about every major satellite we have. l know.

You okay?

Yeah. You?

Yeah, l'm okay.

Okay, try again.


X-57, this is control can you hear me.

Come in X-57. X-57, come in.

lt's getting worse.

Yeah. Yeah it is.

Before, when you said that we were going to be safe here, you were lying, right?

No, no, l was lying, l was being optimistic. lt's different.

l'm sorry about your father...

The picture l recognize him from the news.

You must have been very proud of him?

You know it takes a very special kind of kid to have parents like l did.

They weren't there. They were out there.

Helping others...

and l was getting older to live up to that standard that selflessness. l ah...

don't think l have it in me.

lt's okay, honey.

Lie down, its nothing. lt's going to be fine.

Hey, just hang in there okay? lt's going to be fine.

You're being optimistic again. lt's all l got.

Don. Hey, hey!

How long have we've been out?

Remember that solar shield you were bragging about?

Now would be a good time to deploy it.

Dammit! it's not responding.

What a shocker.


Hey, baby. How you holding up? l'm scared. How about you?

Well let's not give up on hope just yet, alright?


Thomas, l'm sorry about before.

l didn't realize how hard l was taking this.

That's understandable.

But l'm okay now. l'm good.

l'm good.

Don't shoot, hold your fire.

President Thomas Mathany is no longer fit to serve. l invoke the Presidential Succession Act and l am taking command.

Roger! Stop it.

That's what l've been trying to do! Security! l order you to place President Mathany in custody.

l order you to protect the office of the President!

Put the gun down, Roger.

Place the Chief of Staff in tight security this time.

l know you.

You're the American that gives me so much trouble.

Salaam alaykum, agha sahib. (peace be with you, sir)

An educated trouble maker.

We alaykum as-salaam, khwahar. (And with you peace, sister.)

We need your help.

When Allah has decreed that the earth burn, there is very little help l can give.

My pledge is to help these people and protect them.

You had many hundreds in your camp.

Where are they?

They all died in the electrical storm.

We're the only survivors.

We need shelter, some food and clean water.

And what can you offer me in return?



My daughter did run to you. l kept her safe, and now l'm bringing her back to be with you in this awful time.

You are educated, but not wise.

Nourhan has disgraced me by running away.

Disgraced her whole family. l understand that you're angry, but you could forgive her.

You could.

Please help us, please.

My daughter needs to be punished. l cannot allow you to do it.

You won't allow me? Fine.

You do it. lf you avenge my family honor for me l will give you and your people everything you ask for.

Food, water, and safety, but lf you don't, l'll kill Nourhan myself and send you all back to the desert to die.

lt's your choice.

Nourhan, it's okay.

You are much stronger than l expected.

lt won't deploy, circuitry must have been damaged during the launch Looks like your improvement isn't

What's the external temperature?

The skin is designed to withstand the heat of re-entry, 3000 degrees Celsius.

Right now we're at.. twenty-two twenty-eight.

And at our current speed? lf we don't get the shield open we'll burn up in twelve minutes

ls there any sort of manual override on the shield?

We did it once in the simulator.

How long did it take? lt took four men twenty-seven minutes.

We don't have that time, we'll be dead.

Okay, how about this, we flip the ship around so the tail of the ship is facing the sun.

We use the nuclear pulse shield as our solar shield.

And fly backwards?

Well, your idea does have the added benefit of being the only idea we've got right now.

So, what the hell. Let's do it.

We've lost the last satellite.

Down to the last hours.

Don and Craig will do this. l know them. l hope so.


This is going to work, right?

Yeah, why not?

Good enough for me. Alright transition and go.

Yeah, not too bad.

Temperature is dropping, it worked.

What a goal Craig.

Jesus, we're not getting along are we?


Come on, honey, come on.

Come on, come on. lt's okay?

Come, follow me.

Go, go...

Stop Crouch, get down here.

We're almost there. What's out timeframe?

Two minutes three seconds to threshold. l'm being the scalar bomb online right now. l'll start prepping the cargo bay.

Why don't you tell me, you ever feel guilty about ending up with Cheryl?

l'm not mad, just curious.

Yeah, of course l felt bad.

Dammit, what? l was demanding a system check, l'm going to have to override it.

l guess l was mad at you too Craig.

At me?

Yeah, you were my friend.

All l ever wanted was to see you happy.

Cheryl was the best thing that ever happened to you, and you screwed it up.

You let her go.

Ultimately l guess l'm glad you did.

Yeah, l bet...

Scalar bomb is not coming online Well l can't get the cargo bay doors opened either lf we can't get those cargo bay doors opened, we can't eject the bomb. l'm on it.

How's it look?

Well l've got some bad news and l got some really bad news...


Looks like the heat caused by our premature transition fused the cargo bay doors together.

There not opening up again.

Also the umbilical cord that connects the scalar bomb onto the ship's systems, it's damaged.

That's the bad news

Can it still be detonated?

Yes, but we're going to have to do it manually.

That means we're going to have to take it in ourselves.

Just detonate it by hand, which l guess you can say is the really bad news.

Well, to be honest with you, l didn't really expect to make it back anyway. l'll start plotting our course, and you prep the bomb.

Got it.

Come on.

Come on, please work.

Don, was one of the improvements that you guys made turning the cargo bay into a pod?

Yeah, its hot-swappable.

There were plans for a medical or a passenger pod.

So you can jettison it?


Okay. Change of plan.

Your going to fly the ship into the sun as close as you can make it without it burning up, and you just jettison the pod and get the hell out of Dodge.

The sun's gravity is going to pull the bomb right in. l thought the bomb had to be detonated manually?

Yeah, it does. l'll do it.

Like hell you will.

You don't know how to do this Don.

You show me how.

Don, l don't know how to fly this ship.

Just go home to Cheryl.

There's got to be another way Craig.

There's forty seconds to threshold Even the great Don Wincroft can't come up with a plan that fast.

But you could.

This is all we've got.

We've got to do this.

Craig don't.

Craig dammit!

Why the hell did you do that Craig?

You would have never let me stay behind.

We both know that was the only way...thirty seconds.

Get the hell out of here! You better listen to me now, in my flight bag there's something l want you to give to Cheryl You're going to recognize it the second you see it.

Trust me... twenty seconds.

So much for long goodbyes, huh?

Ten. Don you there? Don!?

Yeah, l'm still here.

Glad we were friends, buddy.

Just wish l would have been a better one.

You did just fine.

They should have detonated the device by now.

How long until we know?

Better be soon.

lt'll be okay. Just hang tight

Listen. l don't hear anything.

Neither do l.

Come on!

Oh my God, they did it. l knew they would.

Oh man.

ls it over?

l think so.

We'll be okay.

l want communications restored asap. l want the country to know that we are not alone. l want the world to know that we got through this together Yes sir, Mr. President

Mom would be proud of you.

Mom would be proud of both of us.

Dr. Wincroft, l'm scanning all the frequencies l can, but there's no news from the X-57 lt's okay, Reggie. You can stop.

Yeah, don't give up hope.

No, l mean you can stop because there they are...C'mon!

Sergeant, we need your help.

Come on, come on, come on!

Go! Lets go!


He saved us all. You should know that...

He wanted you to have this again.

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