Exposed (2016) Script

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We're leaving.

Huh? Why?


I'm not playing, come on. We gotta go, we gotta go.

Manuel... Manuel...


How you doing, brother?

What's up?

Don't tell me, no.

You don't recognize me? It's me, Naldo!

Naldo. Naldo who?

Naldo Ruiz. Naldo!

How long were you in prison for?

Too long, man!

I really wanna know, all right.

Three years, man.

Three years?

Whoo! Damn! Three years.

Oh, yeah, sorry about the detective, man...

Hey, drop it. That ain't really up for discussion, man.

That's your brother José's wife?

Uh-huh. Ah, OK.

Nice to meet you. Naldo. Isabel...

Let me get you a taxi. No, Manuel, Manuel...

She's gone already.

Hey, yo, my nigga, I'm gonna walk her down to the train station real quick.

I'm gonna holla at you.

Meet me back in the club, all right?



Isabel, and I bet you could learn to speak English, too.

Go home and go take it easy. Ciao.



Thank you. Thank you.



Is he still here? I want to see him.

Janine, no.

What happened?

Nobody's telling me anything. What happened to Joey, Scotty?

What happened to my husband? We don't know.

We want you to be with the kids, OK?

Hug them, tell them it's gonna be OK.

We'll get someone to drive you back, OK?

OK... Johnson!

Amen. Amen.


Sorry about your partner. Thanks.

Close the door.

Charlene wants you to come by this week... for dinner.



Bring Anthony.

He's staying with my sister for a little while.

Yeah? Well, when he gets back we gotta get on the boat, do some fishing.


Yeah... Charlene's a little worried about you.

Tell her I'm fine.


Yeah. Your partner was just killed.

You're not fine.

I wanna put you with Ramirez.

I don't want you working on this case alone.

And frankly, I don't want you working on this case at all, but...

It's fine.

So, what do we know?

Not fucking much.

What, didn't you talk to someone?

Yeah, Joey's informant, Kendu Wallace.

I don't know shit!

I don't know shit! I'm telling you the truth!

Shh... Don't scream, OK?

Just be honest. You were Joey's snitch.

Who killed Joey? Tell me the truth.

I don't know shit, man! I'm telling you the truth!

I'm not fucking lyin' to you!

I... I don't know nothing.

I don't know who killed Cullen.

You could say we had a conversation.

He knew squat.

Well... why the hell you talking to him then?

There was a crew over in Harlem that Joey had his eyes on.

In Harlem?

What the fuck is Joey doing in Harlem?

He was suspended.

I don't know.

When we, uh... We found his camera near his body.

How's his wife?

She's... not too good.

I'm taking her to the coroner's office to ID the body.

That poor bastard!

Hey, I want to scream, too!

No. What's up?

They killed him, Scotty! They fucking killed him!

I mean, who would do that?

They said that when they found him, he still had the knife in his back!

Who would do such a thing to him?

They stabbed him in the back and then they... they threw him away like he was a piece of trash.

They butchered him.

Oh, come on, are you serious?

Yo, don't say that!

Stuff like that really be happening. I'm serious!

I'm laughing at y'all.

Look at your faces for believing this shit.

Shut up!

Here you go.

In the air?

He shouldn't work with the devil.



Do you know where I can find one of these?

That's a very beautiful horse. Does she have a name?

Hey. Hey, sweetie.

Listen, you're one of us.

We're all here for you, OK? OK.

Anything you need, just tell us, OK?

OK. All right.

We're gonna find the cocksuckers that did this, mark my words.


Joey loved you. He loved you, too.

Hey, pal.


How you doing?

First you lose your wife, now your partner.

Hey, I'm gonna have a little birthday party for the twins in two weeks. Bring your son.

He's in Florida.


Why are you torturing the poor kid?



What's the charge?

Shut up.

Do you think he knows why he's here?

I think he knows it's for murder.

I think he knows that much.

Why do you think they call him Black?

I asked his pal, Kendu Wallace, why they called him Black but he didn't know.

Did he know anything else?

Well he knew Black didn't like Joey.

He knew that.


He said Black hated him.

Can I ask y'all something?

Please do.

What did Kendu Wallace ever do to you?

I don't care about Kendu Wallace.

He means nothing to me.



Say "good doggy."

Tell him again.


Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?

You're a good boy!

Yeah, you're a good boy.

Come on, come on, come on. Come on, don't fight it.

Don't fight me... Hey, look at me, don't fight it.

Come on, I'm almost done.

I'm almost done.

Victims ID'd as Kendu Wallace and Jennifer Richards.

Where's my bro, Rocky?

Washing your dirty dog.

Hey, careful, that's my baby.

None of that same stuff again, Eva.

I'm calling from Iraq and you're still talking about...

Yo, yo, yo, yo!

Who's that causing ruckus in my house, man?

What?! What?!

Who's calling from the Middle East?

My brother!

So you're a free man now, my nigga.


Wow. How it feel?

I ain't trying to go back in. Know that.

Hey, but listen to me, you feel me?

You have to stand up straight, you know?

You don't have the same opportunities like you used to have. Do you hear me, Rocky?

Look at me, look at me in the camera, over there.

No, your boy is done. None of that bullshit.

You like that meat, boy?

So everything OK?

You need me or why you call me here?

How's things with you?

Business is good, you know?

How you?

Well, they had me down at the police station the other day.

Oh, yeah? Why?

Something about some cop that got murdered.

Um... a DT named Cullen.

Oh, yeah... yeah, I heard that there was a cop that got killed over there in the subway at 191st.

You know, they had some snitch pictures, man, of you and some other cat.


No, no, no.

Why? I don't know what you're talking about.

I couldn't figure it out either, I'm like, you know...

You know, what type of connection could you have to this, you know?


Black, I have no connection with no cops, man.

You know, I'm just... I'm just out here, you know, I'm always hustling...

Well... I don't...

It was pictures of you and some Dominican nigga in front of, um...

Club Miami.

Oh, OK, OK.

That's my friend, Rocky.

Yo, Rock, you should let that nigga go, man!

I'm serious, man!

Look, my brother, this is my bro's dog.

How am I gonna put the dog in harm's way? Explain it to me.

Good boy!

His brother was a tough ass dude, that's why he got a tough ass dog.

Munch, the nigga is a dog, B!

Shit, you don't understand!

Cut some of that fur off and you'll get it!

So you're talking about Cullen.

Cullen, Cullen, the Detective Cullen?

Oh, man, he's the devil.

He is dirty, man, he's dirty.

Do you know what he did?

He violated my nigga with a stick, man.


I don't even want to talk about that because it's just...

It's just crazy that he did that to Rocky, who just got out.

He did three years, he never snitched on me before, so I don't know what he was doing, maybe he was scouting him or something because...

I don't know, but I have nothing to do with that.

I don't know...

I don't know what you want me to tell you, man.

Pay that man.


You ever seen one of those ant farms?

I got one for Chrissy for his birthday last year.

He never looks at it, but I find it fascinating.

It's amazing...


Anyway this Joey thing... could get pretty ugly if it's not handled properly.

He had a lot of enemies and...

I'm not just talking about the drug dealers he robbed.

I know he was your partner but Scotty, he was a fucking idiot.

You know, he was very dirty.

And, unfortunately, his dirt caught up with him.

But at least his wife will get his full pension.

Now, the more you dig the more you risk screwing up that pension for his wife and kids.

And I don't think you want that on your conscience.

Like Chrissy's ant farm, sometimes the ants die.

The other day I'm looking at a dead one, and he's all the way down at the bottom, and all the other ants are... crawling all over him like it's nothing, you know?

No big deal.

And Black, Mr. Jonathan Jones?

There's nothing there.

He has motive.

What's his motive?

It seems like Joey was maybe blackmailing him.

Extorting him.

I don't know.

But he definitely has motive.

Mr. Jones.

The Feds have been all over him for a while now.


He knew that.

He's not killing a cop.


Who else you got?

Well, I'm waiting on MTA. forensics...

There's this girl.

I don't know.

I think she might know something.

This nigga's buggin'. I'm lying?

Yeah, nigga on some other shit!

Hating is a weak emotion.

Y'all niggas gotta be better than that, B.

How's it going, man? All good?

Just out here. What about you?

Just chillin', my nigga, just got off of work.

cutting meat.

I got a switch my whole style up, you feel me?

Yeah, man. I know, I know how it is.

I don't know if you heard, but that detective you had beef with, somebody caught that nigga in the subway. He's dead.

So what?

I don't care nothing about that faggot ass cop.

Whether he's dead or alive, B.

Maybe you should lay low.

Yo, my nigga.

I already told you, that shit ain't up for discussion.


Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

Open, open, open!


OK, you ready partner? Yeah, OK.

Let's get this over with.

Well, our main concern is for you.

So what are you saying exactly?

If things came out and an investigation were opened on Joey, you know.

We wouldn't want that to jeopardize, you know, Joey's pension.

Really? So you come into my house, my and my dead husband's house, and you're telling me what?

That you're not going to go after his killer?

I want you out of my house.

Scotty, make her get out of my house!

I don't want her in here!

OK, partner, I'll meet you outside.

You know what you are, Scotty?

Well, I'll tell you.

You're pathetic.

Look at me.

Nobody likes you.


Don't Janine me. You had one friend!

You had one fucking person in this world who gave a flying fuck about you!

Who took you kid every weekend because you couldn't handle it!

Who watched your son!

You couldn't even take care of your own fucking son!

And this is how you treat him?

What about her?

I'm sorry, officer, my English no good.

If I see him, I call you.

Lemme see, lemme see. You see this guy?

He don't look Dominican, he look Puerto Rican.


He's so young, too.

What, you're bigger than me now?

You're bigger than me now?


We regret to inform you that your son, José Alvarez de la Cruz, was killed in action.

My nephew is no slouch either.

Let me tell you how good a cop he is.

He is, in my opinion, the best doughnut guy we ever had!

And he was nice enough to give a ticket to an old girlfriend of mine.

A chick who, sad to say, broke the D-man's heart.

How much was that ticket?

Oh, that's right, $250 for blocking the bus!

I call him the brains of the outfit.

Hey, Rocky, I'm sorry to hear about your brother, José, man.

Just waiting until I clear my head some more, you feel me?

I feel you, but look, the police came looking for you the other day.

For real? Seriously.

Yo, that must be what that nigga Naldo was talking about, remember?

Come on, bra, pay attention.

That nigga Naldo is dead.

That nigga's dead, B? Yeah, my dude, nigga's dead.

You just watch your back, man.

Word is Black is the one that killed Naldo.

That's crazy, man.

Maybe you should just lay low for a minute.

What is it?

Come on, what do you got, partner?

I don't know, probably nothing.

Isn't that the girl from the photo?

What? Tell me about your kids.

My kids?

What do you wanna know?

What are they like?

They're loud. They're wild.

They're annoying. They're loud.


What about you, huh?

What about your kid?

He's quiet. Yeah.

And sloppy. Yeah.

He's a good kid.


Hey, let me ask you a question.

What'd you really think about Joey?

He was there for me when my wife died.

Yeah. OK.




You OK, Mami?





Keep your eyes closed!


Are they closed?



Happy Birthday.

You remembered.

Of course I remembered.

Now you gotta make a wish.

Come on.

It's good.

Janine... You gotta relax.

The kids won't be back till tomorrow.

You swore at me 'cause I was mean to you.

But I lied. Yeah.

When I said that you didn't have no fucking friends.

I'm your friend.

And I care about you.


We can't. We can't what?

I can't.




Janine, what?


It's OK.

It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.


If you want to leave, you can leave.

But it ain't no good being alone.


We need some good news.



She needs to leave this house right now.

Let her parents take care of her.

I don't want her here! I'll tell her to leave.


You think I don't feel guilty?

I don't know.

Of course I do.

But you should feel way worse!

Come on.

Don't be a little pussy.

We didn't do nothing wrong.

Your wife is dead, my husband's dead.

We're just human.

I know.

Besides, Joey wasn't no choir boy.

Yeah, I know.

I know he took money from dealers. Everybody knew that.


He did more than that.

Remember that... A few years ago, that Dominican kid?

Yeah, of course.

What about it?

He did do it, Scotty.

One day he just broke down, and he told me everything.

But the kid was a real troublemaker, you know?

He was dealing drugs and shit.

Joey said he was just trying to mess with him, you know?

But I don't want my Joey's name tarnished with this shit, OK?

I mean, we got kids!

I mean, you owe him that much.


Hey, buddy, it's me.

How's it going?

Hi, Dad, I'm sleeping.

I know. I know, OK.

Go back to sleep.

Dad, did you get my card?

I did.

It's the best card ever.

You really liked it?

I loved it.

Uh... I'm coming down to visit soon.



I just gotta finish a case here, and then I'm coming down.


Anthony, OK, go back to sleep.

Oh, Dad... Yeah.

Did you have a nice birthday?

Yeah, it was good.

The, uh...

The guys, um... they had a little cake, you know, and a little something for me down at the station.

It was... It was real nice.

OK, um... go back to sleep, huh.

I love you. Good night, Dad.

I love you, too. OK, good night.

Good night, pal.

Olga, Olga...





Playboy, how much they pay you up in here?

Why, you need a job?

Nah, man, I'm just curious, man.

Ah, let me see.

How about some... pig butt?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Pork butt.


Let me get the biggest piece you got, man.


And trim all that fat off, homie.



You know I like my butt to be firm, feel me?

You know, for some reason I just feel like you one of them brothers that's been violated before, you know?

Like I don't know what it is, but I just get that vibe, you know.

That type of energy from you, man.

Have you ever been sodomized or anything like that before?

Now I'm just saying, no, no, no, hear me out, hear me out, because if you have... it wasn't your fault.

Because you see, if you decided to kill the nigga that did it to you.

I don't think anybody would hold that against you, homie.

So you obviously know more about me than I know about you.

I tell you what. What's up?

This is what I need you to do. What you need me to do?

I need you to go to the police and tell them what happened between you and that little faggot cop, Cullen.

Because you see right now they thinking that I'm the one that killed him.

And you and me both know that that ain't what happened.

If you came here to kill me, right?

You better make sure you do a good job, homie.

And that's the only thing I'ma tell you.

You know, under different circumstances you could've been one of my top employees.

Thank you, come again.


Isabel, I need to talk to Manuel De La Cruz.

Do you know where I can find him?

Half-a-pound of that now?

She's crazy out here.

Nah, we got to get at her.

Isabella Rossellini.

A little vacation, you know, to clear his head.

Dibronski. He's downtown.

Oh, perfect.

Hey, talk to me.

Well, let's see...

He's dead.

He's dead.

She's dead.

Mr. De La Cruz is nowhere to be found.

And she saw something. She was there.

But what am I gonna do? Bring her in?

She'll be dead in a week.

No one's saying a thing.

And suddenly nobody speaks English either.

Well, your Spanish is half-way decent, isn't it?

My Spanish fucking sucks, but that's not the problem.

It's just nobody's talking. Nobody's saying a fucking thing.

And I don't fucking blame them.

But somebody knows something.

She knows what happened.

But what am I gonna do? Haul her in? Get her killed?


Are you a known felon?

Because Mr. Jonathan Jones here cannot associate with any known felons.

So this is their new plan?

To just sit there and harass me to death?

What can you do? They think you killed a cop.



I know you.

I remember you!

I remember you!




We're going to show Uncle Scotty how pretty your hair can be.


Who is this?

A girl.

I can see that.

Joey had some photos of her on his camera.

She's related to the Dominican kid that he had that...


Hey, sweetheart, you want to go upstairs?

You can go watch some cartoons, OK?

They love TV.

Was Joey messing round with this bitch?

I don't know.

Yeah, so what's your point?

I mean, what's this got to do with anything?

I don't know, I just wanted to know if he mentioned anything, or if you ever saw her or or anything.

No, I never saw her before.

So are you gonna stay a little while?

I can't.

I gotta get to the city.


So that's it? That's it.

And what about Jonathan Jones?

We're just gonna let him off?

Is your gut telling you he's our guy?

Cause what about the kid that Joey allegedly sodomized?

Any word on him?

It's either him or Jonathan Jones, OK?

I know that much.

Scotty you're not gonna drop this, are you?

What is this?

Who is she?

Well, your buddy raped her.

At least that's what she said, and will say under oath.

We're dropping the investigation, let it go.

Your buddy was a rapist.

You understand me? He was not a good guy.

The department's not gonna take a fall for that prick.

So the case is dropped for good.

It's dead.

That's it.

They're not gonna be bothering you anymore.

I got the inside line, the cops are dropping the investigation into Joey Cullen's murder.

And I am 100 percent certain about that.

That's what I want to hear.

You did good, Mr. Himmel.

But you know I woulda killed him, that crooked-ass cop, Cullen.

But, I guess somebody else beat me to it.

Well, it's all over now. Right?

Yeah, almost.

One more loose end.

My bigger nigga.

Come on, my dude.

Actually, um...

I'm looking for that homicidal maniac you be running with, man.

I haven't seen Rocky in a long time, man.

Well, I got some unfinished business with him.

Let's talk upstairs, bro.

You know, I'll give you one thing.

You definitely one little tough nigga, man.

But you see the game is over now, playboy.


I can't afford you bleeding on these $1,500 Ferragamo's!

I'll tell you what. I got it.

I mean that's the least I can do for you.

I told you to make sure you do a good job.







Rocky, no.


OK, somebody get her some water.