Eye See You (2002) Script

911. What is your emergency?

I'm tired of the way things are, as opposed to the way they should be.

Is this an emergency? Where are you located?

That really doesn't matter.

Can we have your name? Of course.

Common denominator. Your man on the street.

Now don't ask another question, or I will be obliged to do bad.

Andyou would have to assume responsibility. No interruptions.

Natural selection.

Natural selection.

Born to win.

Born to lose.

Born to die.

Three situations that make up everything in the world.

No interference is necessary.

But interference happens.

People interfere with an important task I enjoy doing.

I don't believe people are not good by nature, not at all.

So ifyou remove the authority, the police,

then you'll see life as God intended it to be.

A world ofpandemonium.

Without police, the weak and diseased would be gone.

Streets red with blood.

The way nature intended it to be.

There will be another body found tonight.

Thank you foryour time.

April fool, right?

You're kidding, right? You've picked a very fine diamond.

I'll tell you what, throw in a car and I'll take it. Throw in a hand, I'll take it.

Perhaps a lesser gem would be more appropriate?

Nah, it's perfect.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

What's up, Malloy? You're losing your touch.

He'll get you in the rematch. Don't you worry, buddy.

I got plans tonight and they don't include you guys. I'll get killed if I don't go.

She'll be pissed anyway. One more round isn't gonna make a rat's ass difference.

I forgot I was dealing with the stable-relationship brain trust here.

You guys ever heard of quittin' while you're ahead?

You got a little drinking problem in this area over here.

Give this guy another pop.

You feds any closer to nailing that son of a bitch?

What d'you wanna hear? I got him giftwrapped out in the trunk.

We're gettin' close. That's bullshit.

No, we're getting close. I hope so.

Tucker didn't deserve that. No cop does.

He's puttin' bodies on display like trophies.

Son of a bitch knows we're the ones who have to look at 'em, that's why.

Look, I'd love to tell you we got this guy ready for a toe tag and a slab.

But we're dealin' with a different kind of street logic here.

It's a whole different breed. There's no repeatable patterns.

There's no identifiable method.

He's targeting cops, different precincts, different times. Every site's clean.

But he's gonna fuck up. They all do. When he does, we'll nail him.

Come on, Malloy. We've had nine dead cops inside of six months.

If this was nine dead feds we were talkin' about, that would be a different story.

A different story? You really think I give a shit what kind of badge a man wears?

I think you're feelin' guilty because you and your fed friends are droppin' the ball.

What happened to you, Malloy? You used to be one of us before you became a fed.

Ease up. We're all on the same team here.

Yeah, ease up.

You finished?

Oh, yeah, everyone here knows I'm an asshole.

You got that right. You are an asshole.

Everyone knows that. That's a fact of life.

Bring these guys anything they want, please. Just keep their mouths full.

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.

You wanna tell me why you were late for dinner?

Very funny. Got an excuse?


How was Donovan's? How do you know I was at Donovan's?

Cos I called. No, you didn't.

No, I didn't.

That was my imitation of your ex-wife. Ouch.

Come on, don't go there.

What happened to our date?

These guys are goin' through a bad time, so I was just talkin' to them a little bit.

It's always gonna be somethin'. If not this, somethin' else, Mary.

What is this? The beginning of a "you're just too good for me" speech?

Is that what this is? Stop bustin' me already.

Lucky for you, I've been checking out the competition, and the pickings are pretty damn slim, so I was thinking, what the hell? Why not stay with me?

Are you tryin' to tell me somethin', huh?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I have a surprise. I got this great surprise, but it's gonna have to keep for a while.

I'm gonna give it to you, but I wanna have a clear head when I do.

Whatever happened to roses?

Roses? Obviously you haven't been reading Cosmopolitan.


Romantically speaking, roses are totally obsolete and monkeys are the new language of love.

I didn't know that.

Well, if that's the case...

why don't you and your little friend come to bed?

I think we just got lucky.

Forget it. I work alone.

I could have made it myself, you know. And you would have gotten another DUI.

Hey, Jimmy, are you gonna tuck me in?



What the hell is this? A treasure hunt?

Everybody make sure you step on every damn thing you can.

You see anything you want, just take it on home.

Friend of yours? Yeah. A long time.

I can't find any sign of gunpowder tattooing.

The shooter was most likely several feet back.

He was in whispering distance.

See the starburst splitting of the skin here, Doc?

Gun was pressed directly against the head. The killer wanted him to feel the barrel.

Nine dead cops inside of six months.

If this was nine dead feds we were talkin' about, that would be a different story.

Let's cut him down.

How long do you plan to have him hang there?

Junior hasn't finished analysing the body.

What do you think you're gonna find? Why don't you get that club out of his throat?

He's a cop! Let me handle this.


Hello? Let me speak with Agent Malloy.

It's for you.


It's Malloy.

You andyour friend were out late. Who is this?

Tell me, Malloy, what do you see in that dead cop 's eyes?

Do you see recrimination? Because it's your fault.

Who is this?

They've all died because of you.

What are you talkin' about? We'll get to that. But first things first.

You know, she's got a lovely place here.

Nice neighbourhood. It almost looked safe... until now.

You really should have stayed home and played house, instead of playing hunter.

He's at my house.

Her name is Mary, right? I'll bet she has nice eyes.

He's at my fuckin' house! 1311 Oak! Westside. Go! Go!

Come on, Mary.

Pick up the goddamn phone! Send all available units.

I'm sorry, but Mary can't come to the phone right now.

What do you want?

You're the agent in charge ofmy case, aren't you?

That's right, so whatever you gotta do, do it to me!

I am doing it to you, Malloy.

And I'm doing it to her.

You still haven't told me what you want.

Four years ago you were in charge ofan investigation ofa series ofmurders.

Atrocities against prostitutes. I call it removing diseased filth.

You got very close to getting me.

You'd rather protect them and remove me.

You made my life hell. So now I'm returning the favour.

Keep him talking, Jake. Hunting the hunter.

I won't live long. The odds are against that.

So what time I have left, I will dedicate to you.

I'll always be close, like hide -and-seek.

Now, about Mary...

To kill a man is easy, but kill what he loves and he dies a thousand times.

Please don't hurt her.


I'll see you, butyou won't see me.

Mary! Mary!

Mary! Mary!

Where is she? Mary! Mary!

Oh, jeez.

Agent Hendricks!

We got him.

Hey, Tommy!

What's the story?

Security guard spotted him covered in blood, dressed in SWAT gear.

Son of a bitch didn't say a word, just opened fire.

Guard OK? He took one in the leg.

Lost a lot of blood. Called for backup before he passed out.

I see you, you see me.

You on the roof, identify yourself.

Identify yourself now. This is the police.

You buyin' shares in this place?

Hey. Kill me again.

Listen to me. I...

I've been diggin' around.

There's this place out in Wyoming. It's a detox centre.

Just hear me out this time.

It's run by a former cop for cops.

You know... if she'd never met me,

never knew me, she'd still be alive.

I'm where I wanna be, where I should be.

That's where I am.

OK. I'll make you a deal.

You blow your brains out like a damn man and stop pissing on Mary's memory one sorry-ass day at a time, and I'll take care of your tab.

What the fuck is...?! What's the matter with you?!

It's all right, everybody. A little accident. Everybody relax.

What's the matter with you?!

Whether you like it or not, you still got a life to live.

It doesn't end here.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Transmigration of the soul? Any of that stuff?

I do believe I was a shitkicker in a previous life.

Well... nothing a few nice curtains couldn't fix up.

Hey, look, partner, if you ever need to return the favour, make it Miami.

We run a dual diagnosis programme here.

A fancy way of saying we're gonna detox your ass and then tackle your demons head-on in group sessions.

I was a cop for 12 years before I took a shot at drinking myself to death.

So I know what keeps you up at night.

Gonna make it all go away, huh?

Not even gonna try.

No magic wands here. The shit you swallowed doesn't digest.

You carryin' a weapon, Mr Malloy?

I'll have to confiscate it.

Need the shield, too.

We don't allow crutches here.

Thought I'd stick around awhile, burn up a little vacation time, maybe even rent me a cabin.

Do some ice fishing?

Yeah, why not? See if I can't catch more than a shot glass.

Hey, this is gonna be a piece of cake.


The man's my better half.

I sure as hell don't intend to lose him out here in Jerkwater, Wyoming.

Do you follow me?


See if you can't find some boots and a parka for this man.

Anything to serve these fine officers, Doc.

You might run into more than a cool breeze up here.

Come on. Let's get you checked in.

The place was built in the 50s as a command control centre for Strategic Air Command.

Satellites made the facility obsolete, so they converted it to a military asylum.

Uncle Sam put it on the market last year.

It's isolated as hell and that's why I chose it.

You're the last of our patients to arrive.

You know the rules, Slater. No smoking in the rooms.

I'd like you to meet Jake Malloy.

We got nothin' to hide here, including our names.

Slater, Metropolitan Police Department of London.

I know it's a long way to come to quit the shakes.

Club Med was fully booked.

Ain't exactly Betty Ford, huh?

Last place I was at was a Twelve Step health spa.

Mud baths, nature walks. We don't got TV here.

Convicted felons, Doc, get TV.

Jaworski here's a narc. And a hell of a sharpshooter.

Shut up, limey! Nobody's talkin' to you.

This is Jake Malloy, FBI.

Hey, we got a fed gracin' our presence.

Hey, Malloy, any idea of the three most overrated things in the world?

Home cookin', home fuckin' and the FBI.

Let's get your blood and urine sample, see what we're up against.

Our resident psychiatrist was an air-force consultant here for four years.

When the facility shut down, she signed on with us.

She's pulling double duty as a nurse, till we get fully staffed.

We used to take care of almost 100 patients here.

There's only ten of you cops.

But judging from your case files, I don't think anyone's gonna be bored.

This is Jack Bennett, one of our orderlies. Jake Malloy, new arrival.

If you need anything, ask Jack. He knows the place like the back of his hand.

That's what they say.

I know every inch of this nuthouse.

Anything else, ma'am?

I don't think so.

Manny, this is Jake. See if you can fatten him up.

Hey. Hope you ain't a vegetarian.

Gilbert, say hi to Jake. Hey, Jake. How you doin'?

You wanna hear about the generator?

Don't worry. I'll keep her hummin' with spit and balin' wire if I have to.

And the boiler's about to go, too, Doc. Then fix it. You're the caretaker, Hank.

Have you managed to get settled in?

First night's a bitch.

How long you been here? Couple of days.

No one's been here more than a week. Don't have to meet them to know them.

Take Noah there, all buffed out like a fag. Completely paranoid.

Back-to-the-wall type. Got SWAT written all over him.

Fuck! Fuckin' motherfucker's motherfucked!

Lopez. LAPD.

Reverend Jones. Worked homicide before he found Jesus at the bottom of a bottle.

Check out Jaworski. This guy couldn't even swallow a bullet.

Stupid fucker missed his brain and blew half his cheek out.

See the old guy? McKenzie. Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Word is he froze up, let his partner get shot.

They put him on the rubber-gun squad.

All right, let's get started.

This is what I call the witchin' hour.

No lessons, no Twelve Steps.

This is your time.

They told me to put 'em in the bag.

The pieces.

They were so tiny.

Little fingers.

Every once in a while I'd get a whole hand or... part of a leg.

Mostly blood. It was everywhere.

Their little fingers were just... rolling around.

I dropped it. I...

I tried to gather 'em up, but there was so much blood.

I can still smell it.

21 preschoolers were blown to pieces.

Some of their fingers still had paint on 'em.

They were finger-painting when it happened.

You got somethin' to add, Noah?

This ain't the Boy Scouts. This ain't about helpin' old ladies across the street.

He's just a kid. Oh, bullshit.

He's just weak, like the rest of you mamsy-pamsy motherfuckers.

If you can't stand the smell of trash, why are you workin' in the garbage business?

Maybe he's not as strong as us.

Maybe he never learned to like the smell.

You laugh it up, smiley. You sure as shit won't see me swallowing my gun.

So what do you swallow? A fifth of gin? Maybe a little speed?

It ain't the same. Yes, it is.

Let's be clear about somethin'.

You people landed here for a reason. It's not just your careers you're killin'.

Booze may be a slow burn, but it's still suicide.

De luxe cabin, my ass!

How'd it go? The first session.

I don't know. What do you wanna hear? I got no more demons, no more monsters?

We all have demons.

But I stopped believing in monsters when I was 12.

That's cos you never met any. Don't be naive, Jenny.

Is that her ring?

Look, I know you mean well, but you're in way over your head on this one.

Do you think words are gonna make a difference, gonna change anything?

They're not. So just do yourself a favour and don't waste your time on me.

Looks like we're in for one.

You know, my Mary had a scarf like that.

We can't have this goin' on here! Keep out of everybody else's business.

Don't jump over my ass. He's the one... I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it.

It's a misunderstanding. Yeah. Something like that.

The point is he ripped it off. Yeah!

Fine. Suppose he ripped it off. What do you wanna do about it?

Did you take it?


Maybe you should give it back.

Thanks for the light, old-timer.

Stupid cops.

How you doin'?

Do you wanna get some air?

If you wanna talk, I'm right over here.

Looks like we'll be in this place a while.



It's OK.

It's OK. It was just a nightmare.

Can I help you?

Here, take these. They'll help you sleep.

Would you mind? Would I mind what?

Stayin' a minute.

Oh, God.

Can't get through. Storm must have knocked down the lines.

It ain't like anyone's gonna make it out here anyway, boss. We're socked in.

I ain't gonna think about ploughin' until the storm breaks.

What are we gonna do?

Break the news to the group.

Hank, you get Gilbert up here to help you move the body.

I think I'll be goin' with just a salad tonight.

Did he leave a note? None that I could find.

No offence, Doc, but this mini-Alcatraz you got goin' here ain't gonna change a goddamn thing.

You may dry a few of 'em up, but you ain't gonna change what they're made of.

The boy was weak. We all knew that.

It was just a matter of time before old Humpty fell off the wall.

And what about Dudley Do-Right there, huh?

What a peach he is.

30 years of bullshit war stories, only to leave his partner for dead.

Alone. No one to watch his back.

There's nothin' worse in my book than a goddamn yellow cop.

You see what I mean, Doc? You ain't the Wizard of Oz here.

You can't just hand out courage.

You're real good at kickin' 'em when they're down, aren't you?

Do OK when they're standing up, too. You never stood up to anybody.


Well, at least I'm there for my women.

That's enough.

Hey, Doc! Check it out!

Man overboard!

Get my bag. It's in the office. Earthquake!

He's had alcohol. What's wrong?

He's on disulfiram. Makes you puke if you even smell booze.

He looks bad. Shit!

Looks like he swallowed a damn dog. Give us a hand.

What do you want me to do? Hold him. Hold him still.

A little Aqua Velva over the rocks? I rest my case, Doc.

Hold him.

I want everyone's belts.

Off with them. Now!

Shoelaces, too.

Do it!

I want the rooms checked every hour on the hour.

Anything you say, Sheriff.

Hey, you know that hospital about ten or so miles up the canyon?

You mean the old loony bin? Yeah, right.

I got a friend I'm tryin' to ring stayin' up there.

Your friend sick in the head, is he?

In more ways than one.

Well, the lines are down.

You a cop?

Thought so. Been a few passin' through here lately.

One took a cabin for the night, bought out all my Scotch, damn near tore it down.

Another looked like he shaved with a cheese grater.

So how are the fish biting?

You happen to see what's goin' on outside?

It's called the dead of winter.

I meant ice fishing.

I'd love to try my luck. Maybe you could help me out.

Maybe. Fact is, you couldn't have picked a better time of year.

We both know that if someone really wants to kill themselves, there's no stopping it.

I know you have to believe that, Jenny.

But I can't. That's what this place is about.

Stoppin' em.

I don't get it.

Why do you put yourself through this?

You got family, Malloy?

No, I don't. Neither do I. No.

The job is all I got.

I'm not a coward, you know.

I know that.

But try and remind yourself now and then.

That goes both ways.

Can't sleep?

I didn't mean to spook you.

I never knew.

Knew you could miss someone so much?

I didn't know that.

Just remember that sometimes the real bad things in life can make you stronger.

What's the matter, cowboy? Somebody steal your horse?

No, I just thought I heard something.

Like what?

I don't know. Something.


Good morning to you!

Rise and shine, lazy ladies!

It's a wonderful day in the neighbourhood!

Wakey, wakey!





Two suicides back-to-back?!

Get Mr Fed in here. He's seen his share of dead officers.

The bruise is in the shape of an inverted V.

What does that mean? The markings say it's a suicide.

The V is from the noose. If he was strangled, it'd be a straight-line bruise.

Hey, Doc. The waiting list for this place is getting shorter by the minute.

Still taking bets on who the next suicide's gonna be?

The man didn't say it was a suicide. He just said the markings say that.

And God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes.

And there shall be no more death.

Neither shall there be any more pain.

I'm tearin' up here, Reverend


I can't risk finding any more bodies. I'll have to lock you in your rooms.

Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me! I need to review everyone's case files.

Lookin' for what? Answers.

Look, man. Solitary confinement? No fuckin' way, man!

It's for your own safety. Nobody lockin' me up in no cell!

Is somethin' funny?

If the idea of a bunch of cops being locked up like common criminals isn't a joke, what is, then?

Doctor Mitchell, can I have a word?

What? Jack's missing.

Jack's your responsibility.

Maybe he took a joyride.

We're short one snowmobile.

He'll freeze to death. He ain't the only one!

Boiler bought the farm. Mm-hm.

Manny! Afraid soldier boy's turned into a human ice cube by now.

Yeah, the hell with Jack. Who knows what that crazy fucker's up to!

Conner and Brandon.

They weren't prior suicide attempts, were they?

I want you to lock your room tonight. Why?

Please. Just do it.


Hey! Hey!

Come back here!




We're droppin' like fuckin' flies!

Knock it off!

You're losing it. You're all losing it.

Slater's right. We're cops.

What would Slater know about bein' a cop? Bobbies don't even carry a gun!

God forbid I put myself on a par with America's finest.

Shut up! Communications are down. Our meds are gone.

One orderly and Doc, who knows where they are! And we got two bodies.

That, and you're all in danger of experiencing DT's.

Sweetcakes, shakes are the least of our worries.

You got a medical degree we don't know about? Let her talk!

I'm not talking about the shakes.

Grand mal seizure caused by DT's... can kill you.

Without meds, you're all vulnerable. Maybe you should tell them about Jack.

Hey, lady? What the hell is he talkin' about?

I don't know. Bullshit! You tell 'em, or I will.

Jenny, Doc's missing. Two men are dead.

If there's something you need to tell us, now is the time.

You should check his service record. I already did that.

The guy was a patient here. Oh, that's great!

The son of a bitch murdered his commanding officer over in South Korea.

Strangled him. Psycho!

And you gave this crazy fuck a job?! Come on, Lopez! Back off.

Since when did protecting women become your specialty, Malloy?

You're right. It's not.

My specialty... is doing my job... while the one good thing in my life is home, being butchered.

You talk about her again, I'm gonna kill you.

How'd Jack end up working here?

I vouched for him. He was totally rehabilitated.

What about Gilbert? A manic-depressive. He hates violence.

Look, Jack's got nothing to do with this. I know that.

Hey, people! Gilbert found Doc.





That's the Scotch drinker, all right. Guess he never made it to detox.

You're tellin' me this guy's a cop? Well, that's what he said.

Now, what the hell is goin' on up there?

I need to get up there.

Whoever did this must have used a sledge.

They hammered the living shit out of these carburettors.

The snowmobiles are finished.

Let's take the Suburban, go for help.

If I had extra hands, we could dig our way out if we get stuck.

The freezer's fillin' up fast. I think he's right.

Hank, take Jenny and Gilbert. Manny can help with the digging.

No. Weeks can't be moved. We need someone here with medical expertise.

It's not a request. You don't have to be here.

Where would I be safer? Riding through a whiteout with some yahoo like Hank, or sitting here in a room full of armed officers?

How about you?

No way. I'm gonna go down with the ship.

You guys go while there's still some light.

We're outta here!

C'mon, Gilbert, let's go.

Now what? We can rotate two-man shifts on watch.

Who made you king shit? He's ranking officer.

I ain't in uniform. I thought SWAT boys were team players.

My team doesn't wait around to get hit by a shitstorm. We are the shitstorm.

I'm with Noah. I say we find this crazy piece of shit and Frosty his ass.

How do you know it's Jack?

How do you know that?

How do you know it's not... Lopez, or Jones?

How do we know it isn't Slater?

How do I know it isn't you?


Yeah... right!

You better keep an eye on that one, nursie.

He crackin'!

Split the building into sections. Each person will clear an area.

Point me in the direction.

I see you.

Butyou won't see me.

He'll die without it.

Jenny, where'd you find Conner's body?

Hank! Do ya think we can get the truck through yet?

Keep digging, Manny.

What was that?

Gilbert's gone! I don't give a shit where he's gone!

We're gettin' the hell outta here! Get in the truck.

What's that?

Look out! Look out!

Anything scares you, kill it.

Hank! Where'd you go?







Frozen corpses don't bite.

You're used to seeing bodies. I'm not. It's OK.

Weeks is burning up. I need ice. Will you get it for me?

Who's the fuckin' brainiac that locked the door?!

Shit! What were you doing outside?

Noah told me to check for tracks.

Did you see Malloy? Why? Should I have seen him?

Is there something goin' on here I should know about?


Come on, now, Jacky boy...

No more games.

Main circuit board died with McKenzie. That means no power, no heat.

The emergency lights are not gonna last long.

Great! It's gonna be 20 below in here by morning!

This is bullshit! This is bullshit, Malloy!

Come on. Malloy!

What happened? Jack and Manny are dead. Hank's gone.

Where's Gilbert? He saw me and he bolted.

He's still out there? I found the missing snowmobile.

Whoever took it burned the personal files.

Why? Makes it impossible to prove who's who.

One of us isn't a cop.

Give me a knife.

What are you looking for? What are you looking for?!

Confirmation! Confirmation of what?!

I see you. You see me.

He's here. What are you talking about?

He's here!



Dead... dead... What'd he say?

All dead. They're all dead.

Open up! Come on, open up!

For the last time, I got out of there when I saw Jack strung up.

I almost got lost in the blizzard.

I'm coming back through the utility tunnels when Malloy comes in.

He's not just down there for a walk, so I hide behind the woodpile, OK?

It's not Malloy. I was with him. He went out there to help you.

Well, what do I know?!

Malloy should stay locked in my cell. Just to be safe.


Tell you what... you don't have to be a fed to read a flashing sign.

Maybe it's time for Reverend Jones to explain the artwork!

Don't you ever paw me, boy. You understand?

Maybe Malloy was right about one of us not being a cop.

Somebody was out there in that storm.

If it wasn't Hank, or Malloy, who was it?

You were outside looking for tracks, right?

Right. And I got locked out.

Did you?

Guess my cover's finally blown.

Ignorant assholes. It's not me, it's one of you.

Get the fuck outta my face! Get the fuck outta my face!

Drop the gun! Noah, don't!

Back off! Drop the gun, asshole!

Mine shoots bullets, too, motherfucker! Stop it!

I feel safer already.

Christ, it's Slater.

I'm very close. So close, you don't know it.

I stare into your eyes, andyou see nothing.

I see you. Butyou don't see me.

So what did the fed say about all this?

He talked like it was someone he knew. Someone he tracked.

The cop killer? He's dead, isn't he?

He'd better be.

Hey, any cop killer steps my way, I'll cap his ass.

Well, let's hope you do.

What do you mean, hope? You've studied guys like this, Doc.

They don't just kill you. They play with you.

Hey, man, I don't wanna hear this, OK?

They gouge out your eyes, shove things down your throat.

Are you deaf?

Maybe the Lord's got other plans.

Maybe we'll freeze to death first.

You wanna show us where that woodpile is?

What, are you nuts?! I ain't goin' back down there.

Well, I ain't goin' down there by myself.

Lead on.

Wood store's down this way. Sh!

You hear that? Hear what?

I think we got company.

Not for long.

You two... clear that one.

I got this one.

Come on.


I found that hidden above Slater's room.

It's him.

He's taking trophies.

If we're gonna get outta here, here's what we do.

You and Lopez check upstairs. I'll take the tunnels.

Jenny, you stay here with Jaworski. Why?!

Please, just trust me.





Hey, cop.

Drop the weapon.

Hands behind your head.

Fingers locked.

That's it.

Now, on your knees.

You know, I like playing cop. How do you like playing the victim? Huh?

D'you like how it feels?

Come on. Please.


Wasn't it you who was gonna cap my ass, tough guy?

Open your eyes.

Look at me.

That a boy! See?

Look here.

You see somebody comin' up them stairs, you let faith guide that bullet right through their head.






I see you, Malloy. Butyou still don't see me.

Fuck you!

We've got to do something!


Malloy's already dead.

Who was he? Who?

Your stand-in.

Oh, you mean the real Mr Slater I tracked up here.

Last I saw, he was detoxing at the bottom ofa frozen lake.

I didn't think you'd mind me borrowing his name and his badge.

From there, it was easy. Ijust came here and blended in.

You're real good at blending in, aren't ya, scumbag?

Is that how you found out about this place? Just blending in at the cop bar?

That doesn't matter now.

What matters is I got to you before you got to me.

People will ask if I was insane.

Just the opposite. An insane man could not have accomplished this.

All these deaths, including Mary's, weren't irrational.

They were to prove a point.

You cannot control what nature intended, Malloy.

We 're born to perform a duty, which I've done.

And so you finally see me.

Now what?

You know, you never feel more alive than when you're watching someone else die.

Like when I stared at poor Mary.

But once again, Malloy, you're too late.

Now I imagine you are staring at poor Noah.



Malloy! Déjà vu, huh, Malloy?

How many second chances do you get in life?

You think you're strong enough to stop me?

Run, Jenny! Run!

You're too young to die.

Run, Jenny! Run!


I'll cut her fucking heart out.

Jenny... I like your eyes.

Let me see your eyes.

Did I mention I hear voices?

Right now I hear Malloy... pleading for his precious Mary.

You stay here!

I'm gonna follow these tracks.

Make me work for it.

Do you see me?

Cos I see you.

Stay... here.

Freeze! Drop the weapon!

On your knees.

Hands behind your head.

Lock your fingers. It's your turn now.

It's time to die.

Now, look at me.


She... called out your... name...

just before I... drained the life... from her.

I see you.

You see... this.

You OK?

How was the fishin'?