Fabricated City (2017) Script

They all said the tree was rotting.

But I told them it’s far from it.

I had a dream that night.

In the dream, I saw the tree grow strong towards the blue sky.

I gathered everyone and said the tree wasn’t rotting.

It was not a rotting tree.

All units, rappel!

Rappel! Rappel!


(Captain Kwon)

C0V3R, C0NC3AL! Disconnect enemy comm!



Disconnection complete.


Right in the chest, see ya!


(Negative Space.)

Sector A clear.

(Yong Guru)


Mr. Hairy Captain!

(Mr. Hairy)

Hey, Mr. Hairy, if you tail Cap, he’ll be exposed.

Captain, I got the building scan.

Look at those hostiles.

How do we disarm the bomb inside?

I’ll take point, rest of you take the rear.

Say what? You’ll take point?

Captain! Captain!

Enemies! Enemies!

Mr. Hairy, stay here.

Cap, we’re inside! - Over here!

Fall back! - Sitrep!

Cap, it’s a trap!

Can you hold position?

Not looking good. Cap, can you disarm the bomb?

Leave it to me.

Almost there, just a bit longer.

Mr. Hairy!

I don’t believe this!

I’m going in, give me cover!

Hold position!

Don’t move! Stay there!

Cap, I sent the bomb blueprint, get to it ASAP!


If you don’t hurry, we’ll be in danger! Go!

Cap! Hairy’s a lost cause, leave him this time!

Pull Mr. Hairy out!

Yong Guru, DEMOlition, go disarm the bomb!


He’s crazy.

That’s why he’s our leader.

Cap, we’re here!

Okay, on the double.

Captain! Captain!

Captain! - Yong Guru, hurry!

A bit more, come on, hold out a bit more...


(Captain Kown, K.I.A)

Disarm complete.

(Round Won)


We won without you.

It’s all Mr. Hairy’s fault.

Shouldn’t he stick to another game?


So long as we won.

Cap, you’re so dope.

He knows he’s the shit, he calls himself ‘Captain.’ Who cares about that, I’m always getting killed.

Because you’re always trying to save others.

You’re the one to talk, Hairy.

Alright, since we won big, let’s meet up for dinner.

$30 each!

Cap, please come tonight!

Being mysterious is overrated.

Let’s get a look at you for once.

How’s BBQ intestines?

Deal! BBQ with Captain!

I’m really busy nowadays...

Come on.

Another time, perhaps. - No, I wanna see you.

What do you exactly do?

I’m getting nonstop work calls.

I’m logging off. - What? No!


Where are you? PC café again?

No nagging.

Are you a kid? Always playing games?

Why are you calling me?

I left the stove gas valve on.

Go lock it.

You called me for that? Gas valve?

It could blow up, go right now.

Why would it blow up?

I’m busy.

So proud of you, you freeloader.

Come on!

I got overnight shift at the hospital.

Go when I say nicely.

I’m really busy!

See you tomorrow. - Mom! Mom!

Pretty, isn’t it?

My son bought it while on a school trip.

It’s germanium.

It’s good for health, apparently.

(Team Eliminated)


Is this PC café?

I left my phone there.

Could you bring it to me?

Right now I’m at... - Wait a minute.

I’m a really busy man.

I’ll pay you $300.

I don’t believe this.

Where are you?


Anyone home?

What the hell?

Excuse me?

I brought your phone back.

Hi, I’m in the shower.

You can leave it anywhere.

You said you’d pay me...

It’s on my bed upstairs.


I left your phone on your bed.

You should lock your door, it could be dangerous.

Get him! Grab him!

Hold still Be cool, don’t resist!

You’re under arrest for statutory rape and murder.

You may plea the Fifth...

What’s going on?

Call the forensics. - Yes, sir.

I said don’t move!

Reveal his face!

The rapist and murderer of Ha...

The rapist and murderer of Ha... Rape-Murder Suspect in Custody

...an underage victim...

...was arrested this morning.

The signature on this check, is this yours?

That’s right.

Yes, but the thing is...

What about your fingerprints all over this knife?

That’s what I don’t get...

Prime suspect Kwon was a national taekwondo athlete, but was dismissed after an assault case. and led a life of unemployment and resorted to video games.

He was a national athlete?

What’s with you?

Where’s my son?

You can’t come here! - Let go! Where’s my son!

Kwon Yu!

The suspect is denying all charges, while fingerprints and DNA found at the crime scene DNA comparison processed were sent to the forensics lab for analysis.

(DNA Analysis Report)

From a tissue found at the scene, your sperm was detected.

My son is not a killer.

Please read this.

Please read this.

Please read this.

My son was framed.

Please read this, thank you.

You have no conscience, he’s a monster.

The DNA found at the scene are that of suspect Kwon Yu, and the court is pressured to hand out a shift justice.

Attorney Min, my boy would never kill a person.

Please look at this.

You can leave the documents there.

Please take a look.

He won an award.

Sir, since he was a child...

Hello, attorney-at-law Min Chun Sang.

Yes, I’m a public defender, what can I do for you?

Don’t worry too much.

Send us the documents, and we’ll review them.


Thank you.

I raised him even more strictly because he didn’t have a father.

From the way I look at it, you should... ask your son to confess and admit it.

At least he’ll get extenuation.

But Mr. Min, you didn’t even listen...

The evidence against him are massive, so if he continues to deny, it could get worse...

Ma’am? Ma’am?

Could we talk?

Did the police tell you to come here?

Mr. Min is all about helping those in need.

If you go home and wait... - Mr. Min!

Please believe my boy.

The defendant quickly left the crime scene after the murder...

Only collected the reward...

The prints on the knife and the door knob match Kwon’s.

After sexually assaulting a minor twice, Kwon stabbed her 31 times in the neck and abdomen, and moved the body to the washroom to wipe it down.

Please be quiet!

I really didn’t do it.

When a game addict indulges, he can’t tell reality from fantasy.

That’s why he’d commit antisocial acts without remorse.

Capital punishment or castration!

Just castrate him!

Councilor Park introduced a bill (Councillor proposes ‘Kwon Yu Bill’) for harsher rape punishment. (Councillor proposes ‘Kwon Yu Bill’)

After his dismissal from the national team, please understand that he suffered from heavy depression.

Despite clear evidence against him, defendant Kwon Yu refuses to admit any wrongdoings.

As such, the defendant is guilty of sexual assault of a minor, first-degree murder of a minor, and desecrating a human corpse, and he is sentenced as follows.

Life imprisonment without parole.

It wasn’t my boy!

No way! No!

He didn’t do it! No!

It wasn’t me! I don’t know anything!

Kwon Yu!

It wasn’t me! Mom!

Mom! Mom!

The defendant’s identity will be made visible to the public for 10 years.

As part of rehabilitation, he’ll undergo 5-year sexual impulse treatment.

In addition, due to violent nature of his crime, and as he requires isolation from the society, he will serve his sentence in maximum security prison.

Wait! Please! - Come out!

Come out Wait! It wasn’t me!

Come here!

Out of my way!

You came in for this, right?


Raping a kiddie. You bastard.

It wasn’t me.


How dare you talk back!

Son of a bitch!

Look around, look at them.

They’re all proud of their crimes. “I committed murder!”

“I beat him until he stopped breathing!”

“I feel bad for not killing him!” Look at this chump.

You’re denying everything.

“It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!”

“You’re all wrong! It was consensual!”

“It was love! We loved each other!”

Come at me, asshole!

Boss! Boss!

Let go!

Move aside!

Stay back!

Are you freakin’ nuts?

When an adult talks, just say, “Yes, I understand, sir!” That’s common courtesy. Don’t hit the ground!

How dare you sucker punch me!

My hand!

You’re dead meat.


Stand back!

Ma Duk-su.

I got hit, I’m the victim.

He hit me first.

They’re all witnesses.

Look, bloody nose.

Take him away.

Kwon Yu, 30 days in isolation.

I heard you sucker punched Ma.

It’s okay, it’s okay.

We don’t play with them, we’re on your side.

For someone who got life, how could you assault him?

You need to be on his good side.

Like me.

And him, watch out for him.

He’s a serial killer.

He ate the person he killed.

Watch out for him and Ma Duk-su.

Anyway, let’s get some details.

How old was she?

Middle school?

High school?

School uniform or plain clothes? Tell us!

We have to stick together, you could die on your own!

You bastard!

Get him!

I really hate

those who don’t repent.

If you committed a crime, you must repent and start anew.

Already starting a fight, misbehaving and shit.

After today, I want to see you repenting and remorseful.

Please don’t kill us.

Come on, get ready.

Do it.

What you did to the kiddie.

Shit, are you nuts?

How about you? Can you finish him?

What? Yes! Yes!

I’ll do it, I’ll do my best!

Go on.

Let me go, you crazy quacks!

(Your Honor, please find the truth!)

(My son is not a killer!)

You bitch!

Grab him!

Hold still, you shit! - Don’t move!

It’s tough in there, right?

I went on... a 1-person protest in front of the court, and had an interview with a news magazine, and thanks to that I got in touch with someone who knows your alibi.

I’ll meet him next week and start the appeal process.



don’t want to be a rapist’s mom.

If you don’t want to be a rapist, stay strong and endure.

I’m going to get you out of here.

Look at him.

He’s got that drive to live.

Then I better help.

Rub that on your wounds.

You must’ve been an athlete.

You protected pressure points even during beatings.

I’ve been watching you.

You’re not a killer type.

I’m sure Ma knows you’re not a rapist-murderer.

You simply messed with his self-esteem.

Ma’s down cold!

Kwon Yu, you got a visitor.

Did you come alone?

What about mom?

(Death Certificate: Lee Yeon Ok)

What’s this?

She’s had some hard time, but I didn’t think she’d go this far...

What are you saying?

Why would she?

She said she’d get me out, and told me to stay strong...

Why’d she do this all of a sudden?

To have a funeral, you must sign it.

The district office will take care of the funeral.

But you won’t be able to attend it.

I tried to get you to attend, but the motion was denied.




Don’t resist!

Kwon Yu! Drop the shiv!

If artery, muscle or organs are damaged, you’re screwed.

So don’t stab too deep, go for the waist, okay?

Got a plan once outside?

I’m gonna clear my name.

I promised my mom that I would not be a rapist.

Give me the key.

Rapist-murderer Kwon Yu escaped from prison yesterday.

When the police reached the scene, Kwon Yu was nowhere to be found, and sent out nation-wide all-points bulletin.

Kwon’s current whereabouts are unknown, and his uniform was recovered at a fishing site...

The police found blood on his uniform, and he is presumed to be injured, so he may not have gotten far.

(Police issued nationwide APB)

The police is fortifying (Police issued nationwide APB) checkpoints at bus terminals, and searching nearby mountains and put blockades on main roads.

Yo, blackie! Go back to your country!

You’re quite handy!

Cheongju airport. - Right, Cheongju airport.

We’re going to Hangzhou, China.


So happy!

Road block in place.

This is a checkpoint...

Thank you!

No sighting at the road into town.

400,000 won.

Shit car, shit car.

It’s day 2 of the hunt for fugitive Kwon, and it is expected to go on for a while.

People have raised concerns about additional rapes and murders with Kwon at large.

I completely forgot to bring the painting.

My memory isn’t what it used to be.

Chairman Chu Sang Duk?

Chairman Chu...

Oh, Hyosin Group?

I’ll get back to you after reviewing the scene tomorrow.

My painting...

I’m a wanted man, so I had nowhere else to go.

I snuck in without permission, sorry about that.


When you came to visit with my mom, she mentioned a person who knows my alibi...

Alibi? - Yes.

Did you meet that person?

You didn’t escape to meet him, did you?

I don’t know who he is, but I need to meet him.

It’s weird that mom’d commit suicide while prepping my appeal.

I have to meet him and...

It was a false tip, a prank call from kids.

She took it really badly.

She couldn’t possibly look at you again.

She cried for days, and chose her fate.

This belonged to her. Recognize it?

I called the police.

I’ll look into your case further, give yourself up.

Kwon Yu, freeze!

He’s not here.

(Kwon Yu)

(Fugitive Kwon Yu at large)

(Is Kwon Yu the Real Killer?)

Rapist and killer of a minor, video game addict Kwon Yu...

Mr. Hairy?

There are many discrepancies in the investigation of his case.

The CCTV evidence submitted by the prosecution only has footages with Kwon and nothing before or after.

The prosecution said it was a recorder malfunction.

They also never knew about a dashcam footage that shows Kwon.

The car owner wanted to use this footage for just reasons and sent it to a media outlet.

But for an unknown reason, the footage was mishandled, and it almost got buried in the station server.

A newbie hacker was hacking the station’s servers and came across it by chance.

Unlike the prosecution’s argument, Kwon was seen entering and exiting the motel in exactly 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Is it logically possible to have sex twice and stab her, then move the body to the washroom and scrub it of any evidence?

In order to look into Ha Ji-su’s whereabouts prior to her death, we scoured her Facebook and Instagram pages, and found her at a club 2 days before her demise.

It wasn’t hard to find her in the club CCTV.

3 AM, she left the club with a man, and her body was found a day and a half afterwards.

The man in question never became a suspect.

But unemployed Kwon Yu was immediately arrested...

Cap! Get out of there!

The manager’s onto you!

Hello? The fugitive...

Cap, come to Namyang Café in Bukchang district.

Let’s meet there.


Handsome young fella.

Goodbye, sweetie!

This is Namyang Café.

Mr. Hairy?

Is there someone named ‘Captain’?

Is there a ‘Captain’?

Is this a prank call?

Eh? You’re ‘Captain’?

Mr. Hairy? Is this the right place?

I just got here.

Where are you?

Who are you? What’s going on?

Did Mr. Hairy send you?

(Mr. Hairy)

Mr. Hairy?

What’s going on here?

Who is this person?

Is she trustworthy?

You can’t just... - It’s me.


The one in front of you.


I’m Mr. Hairy.

But your voice...

There’s a voice app.

It’s a voice modulator.

(Mr. Hairy)

Sit anywhere.

It’s safe here.

Rice delivery!

Leave it right there.

Who could be living here?

Holy cow!

Is this rice?

Don’t you live alone?

Where do you want it, Mr. Hairy?


They’ll be here soon.

Don’t let them see you like this, you’re still Cap.

That was a hike.

Mr. Hairy! We want some too.

Extra portion for me.

Looks delicious!

This neighborhood’s making me hungry.

I thought I was gonna starve to death on that hike.

No CCTVs around, and pretty safe too.

Right, Cap?

So we finally get to meet?

Thank you.

I bought some eggs on the way.

We met Mr. Hairy yesterday for the first time.

She never came to any get-togethers but after hearing of your escape she called us.

Come on, sit. - That wasn’t all.

She took control of my PC and made me watch stuff.

She only talks over the phone.

Do you have sociophobia or something?

I was moved, your documentary.

Wait a minute, please.

So you’re all...

This is Yong Guru.

When Yongsan mall went bust, he’s a legendary technician who became half-unemployed.

And this is DEMOlition.

I’m DEMOlition, I work in a special effects team.

Those cool stuff you see in films, I work on those.

He’s a newbie.

And I’m... negativeSpace, college architecture professor.

Or so he says!

So why are you all...

We can’t stand idle and let you get framed.

We must all help!

Thank you for the thought, but I can do this on my...

Come on!

That’s not right at all, we must help.

I appreciate the thought...

There’s a couple who couldn’t make it, C0V3R and C0NC3AL.

Online adult broadcasters, who help the young and lonely!

Stars in the adult industry!

Did he mention where he was going?

No, he didn’t say.

You must be a busy man.

Yes, a little bit.

If he calls, contact us right away.


You may leave.


Do you... still have his case files?

May I review them?

Stop nosing around and stick to your job.

Mr. Public Defender.


Yes, Ms. Lee.

I visited the site of Chairman Chu’s job earlier.

I sent you Kwon Yu’s prison record to your e-mail.

Kwon Yu...

Ma Duk Su?

Drug distribution, attempted murder, human trafficking, dealing weapons to gangsters...

Kwon’s got balls for beating him up.

You bastard! Look at the traffic behind you!

I’ll pour gasoline up your butt and light it!

You impotent bastard!

Take the bus, dipshit!

62N6089, ‘Foul Mouth’.

Common pattern?

I’ve dissected recent violent crimes that have similar traits.

Must we talk on the phone?

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?

So what about the pattern?

Most criminals tend to conceal the evidence as much as possible.

Right, that’s what anyone would do.

But these cases’ most important aspect is, all pieces of evidence are displayed like an exhibition.



The suspects are caught within 24 hours after the crime, and their identities are exposed even before their trial.

But those alone can’t be seen as common patterns.

I think that’s enough to establish a pattern.

Do you feel this?

Look at this screen.

I scoured all CCTVs within 1km of the motel when Cap went there.

What about the truck?

Do you see it?

It’s a composite!

It’s fake, look!

If you look at the timecode, it looks like the truck was there for an hour.

So they wanted to hide where it went.


Was the truck present in other cases too?

Who are these guys?

I crossed referenced their registered addresses.

They all belong to a junkyard near Incheon.

negative and Yong were so jealous of me.

Because I’m going with you.

You’re a god among us users.

There! Look!

It’s really here!

This is big!

Mr. Hairy was right.

Suits in a junkyard don’t feel right.

I’ll follow the SUV, can you hold the fort here?


Can you do it? Of course, you can.


Cap, that Audi from earlier is back.

Eh? It’s being changed into a fridge truck.

Who are they?

They’re leaving.

What do I do?

Go after them?

I don’t have a vehicle.

Are you a cop?

Gramps! Step on it!

I was a marine!

Cap! Cap!

There, it’s that building.

They were delivering a fridge.

I tried everything to sneak in, but I couldn’t, what do we do?

I got it.

Okay, negative, Yong, go in.

Most technicians will insist on coming in the morning.

They don’t come running like us, we got responsibility.

People nowadays lack strong will.

This is our specialist.

A legend in his field.

I’ll go take a look.

Oh yeah, I don’t know if you’ve heard, the manager of an apartment near here got the axe.

He did? - Yeah.

He said he worked responsibly and to his fullest...

Yong Guru, find the main server and connect me to it.

He wasn’t just fussy, he was shameless, isn’t that right?

What’s your opinion on that? Do you agree?

I don’t understand...

Main server... main server...

What I’m saying is...

What was I saying? I lost my train of thought.

What’s your point? - There isn’t one.

There isn’t? - When I was 28 or so...

28? - That’s right.

My hair? - What about it?

We’re similar, you’re shinier than me.

What’s taking so long?

A problem can’t be diagnosed and patched up quickly.

Everything has to be checked and double checked so that it doesn’t happen again...

It’s done.

But it’s also self-explanatory to an expert.

Mr. Hairy, it’s online. - Okay, thank you.

Cap, #1306.

13th floor clear.

It’s Noh Joon Young.

You know him?

He was the star of TV show ‘Witch’s Boyfriend’.

It was huge, so he’s the hot shit now.

So that’s Noh’s place?

It’s that one! The delivered case!

Why is he dead in there?

They transported a body?

Life is so futile, he was a rising star.

Cap, we have a guest.

What are they doing?

Party prep is done.

Covered in fingerprints, nails and saliva, it won’t be easy to remove all evidence.

I’ve put together a list of candidates.

173 in total, unemployed and temps.

Are you always so hasty?

No need to hurry.

Our team can work only after the girl is chosen!

I’m getting nonstop calls from Chairman Chu!

Okay, okay, stop nagging.

You know how this works, being out of work isn’t the only criteria.


Let’s backtrack Noh’s steps.

(Noh Joon Young)

(Credit Card Transactions)


He spent a lot of time there.

He was addicted to hostess bars?

Alright, let’s take a look at the girls there.

(Big Brother)

(YPN Reporter Seo Ji Seung)


I sent you a profile, put together a headline and a rough draft.

Due tonight.

That won’t be easy, I got other deadlines...


You can’t do it?

Of course not. I’ll get it done by...

I’m paying you enough, just be thankful.

Concept of this job is, ‘celebrity stalking bar girl’s gruesome kill’.

(Mureal Water Filter)

I’m here to change the water filter.


(Big Brother: Fingerprint data sent)

(Medident Dental Laboratory)

Yes, Mr. Min.

Ms. Lee.

I need to pull someone out from prison.


I dug into the owner of the condo, his name is Chu Sang-duk, chairman of Hyosin Group.

Why does an actor die in someone else’s condo?

I know.

No quizzes.

These are articles about Noh and Chu Ye Ri.

Chu Ye Ri? - Chairman Chu’s child.

The pieces are coming together.

So that girl in the photo is getting framed?

I know!

I said no quizzes.

Mr. Hairy, can you find her?

Do you see the print on this?

They will go after her.

I’ll try.

(So Hyeon Jeong)

(Park Hair Studio)

That’s pretty.

How would you like it?

As full looking as possible.

Shampoo time. - Okay.

Cap, the bug is installed.

Very good.

How is it so easy?

That’s why you shouldn’t click on links in random texts.

With one click, it’s not your phone anymore.

Why aren’t you answering me?

Today’s collection day, did you forget?

I’m sorry! - Come here, bitch!

Please give me a few more days!

Give you a few more days?

You don’t answer me, don’t pay me back!

What are you looking at? Having fun?

Sell your kidney if you have to!

You don’t deserve...

Let me go!

Who the hell are you?

I sent it last week.

No way!

I have no more money to send him!

If he needs the money, go rob a house!

How could you say that about your brother?

You’re being high and mighty for sending a few bucks.

You bitch!


Do you know how I earned that money?

Don’t call me again.

I’m at my breaking point!

(Mr. Hairy)

Stayed up all night?

Want breakfast?

It’s okay, after they wake up.

You’re still a fugitive, you can’t get in other people’s affairs.

Mr. Hairy, you’re the one, who helped my mom, right?

Yeo Wool.

That’s my name.


Hi, I found a wallet.

I’ll pay you $300.

It’s on my bed upstairs.

I found this number in the wallet.

It’s her.

The woman who called me.

Heard of Pentaportra Condo in Cheongdam District?

Yes, if you come here, I’ll return it to you.

Thank you so much, I’ll come right away.


She used the same method to lure me.

We just have to catch her.

(Baiting complete.)

I need 3 minutes.

Yes, how can I help you?


Let me go, you crazy quacks!


It wasn’t my son!

Life imprisonment without parole.


Are you there? Hello?

What the shit...

Hello? You must be tired.

I understand what you’re trying to do.

Yo, perv, you like breathing into the phone?

You whore right, did you call me a perv?

I’ll slash your tummy until intestines spill out.


Oh man...

You crazy bastard, are you really that bored?

You’re a bum, right? - Yup.

You’re a freeloader, I can tell, dipshit.

So a freeloader can’t even make a call? You whore!

I’m sorry, mommy.

I just wanna do it, is that so much to ask?

Are you turned on by my dirty mouth?

So dirty talk turns you on, huh?

You’re the real perv, you won me over.

Dear valued perverted client, get a girl if you’re in heat, this isn’t the sex hotline.

You’re a nasty hoe, piss off, slut!


It’s done.

Hello? Is this Mr. Bae Young Deuk?

It’s Goryeo Resources.

We have an opening for night construction shift.

Are you available?


You’re exposed, go off the grid.

It’s him! Right?

It’s the fugitive, call the police!

What the shit? Move this truck!

I’m so sorry!

Back off at once!

Yo, rapist!

Been a while, mofo!

He’s coming to.

Pull him up. - Yes, boss.

Don’t resist.

Aren’t you curious how I got out?

Damn, I’m curious too.

Remember this? You shot me with this.

Here it comes.

Holy shit!

Damn, look at that bastard go.

Hold him.

Kwon Yu, here it comes.

Give me the knife, I wanna cut his mouth.

I’ll widen your hole and bury you properly, so rest in peace, okay?

Fugitive Kwon Yu!

I’m calling while the fugitive is out of sight, please save me.

We’ll rescue you shortly, so please be calm.


The cops want this bastard.

Don’t mind them.

The guy who got me out will take care of it.

Ms. Lee, we got one more task.

Don’t take any unnecessary actions.

Chief, chief! - We’ll move in shortly.

The HQ ordered us to withdrawal.

What do you mean? We got a hostage in there.

I’m not sure, that was the order.

Officer! Please!

He’s trying to kill me, please help me!

Get in here, you stupid idiots!

Execute! Execute!

What’s that? - What’s going on?

We surrender!

We’re allies. - Who are they?

We’re on the same side.

Get in! Quick!

What happened?

You left this in the middle of the road.


What’s with the driving?

I don’t have a license.

What? - No license!

Switch, I’ll drive!

By the way, how did the cops know my location?

Yo, buddy!

Match the speed, idiot!

Stop the car Let’s work on your hole!

He’s been on my ass like a hound dog.

Asshole! Turn this car around!

Turn it around!

Boss, we’re on a ramp...

Turn it around, dumbass!

What’s that?

Radio detector.

Yong Guru made it.

Why is that in there?

Wait, wait!


We lost his signal there, so search thoroughly.

Once you catch Kwon, you’ll be a free man.

So you got me out of the joint to bury Kwon.

You must be a powerful...

Focus on catching Kwon.

Or you’ll be sent back to the joint.

He hung up on me?

So he gave you her necklace, but it contained a location tracker?

And those gangsters were supposed to be in prison?

Without Mr. Hairy, Cap could’ve been in a grave.

So who really is that lawyer?

Shouldn’t we go after the lawyer first?

Yong Guru, can you make drones?


So, how’s the feed?

Good, very clear.

Oh, wait.

Leather jacket, is that new?

Mr. Hairy bought it for me...


Yong’s pretty amazing at this.

Yong Guru, you’re awesome.

I can’t believe this guy is unemployed.

That leather smell...

My dad beat me up for fooling around like this.

(Attorney Min Chun Sang)

I reviewed the raised estimate, and transferred the money to the operatives.

Okay, good work.

We can hear what they’re saying in the office?

It’s using laser to detect soundwaves.

That’s the standard now.

We completed your request.

All leaked documents are destroyed, and related data are stored securely for insurance.

You know about Kwon Yu’s escape, right?

He already came here for a visit.

Take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Min is more capable than we imagined.

Please calm the board for me.

Long conversation could be compromising.

See you at the meeting.

(Attorney Min Chun Sang)

So that idiot is the puppet master?

How could he mastermind it in a beat-up office like that?

He needs a massive server farm, that place looks unlikely.

Maybe they have one off-site.

Yong, did you bring the metal scanner?

Send in another drone.

Let’s scan the building.

Shit, it’s embedded in there?

It’s like a huge safe.

If they built a fortress, that means they got secrets they want to protect, right?

Can’t Mr. Hairy hack the place?

You could take over the PC like you did to us.

I’ve been trying, but I can’t penetrate the firewall.


Everything’d be solved once we’re inside. negative, got any ideas?

No one can get inside unless someone opens the door.

Let’s just call the cops.

What if they’re on their side? - Then get the media involved.

Did Mr. Hairy’s video get any air time?

She’s in hiding because that put her on a watchlist.

I have an idea.


We got a problem.

What is it?

Noh’s apartment was vandalized.

(You’re finished, Min Chun Sang)

They wiped all fingerprints, and mixed various hair samples.

We can’t tell which belongs to So.

He’s good.

How could you laugh?

The news will be out tomorrow.

What now?

Let’s push back the D-Day.

Get the operatives to wipe this place down.

Send Noh’s body to somewhere quiet.

A motel in the country, perhaps.

And collect So’s samples again.

Dad, any updates from that Min bastard?

How long must I stay here?

The food is shit and I can’t bear the stench!

Min Chun Sang!

Is this how you work? - Chairman Chu!

Do you know how much pain my child is in right now?

I raised her like a princess.

We’re all working day and night, so please be patient with us.

Pay me back! Answer me!

Give me my money!

What the hell, everything pisses me off.

Who the hell!

Okay, try it.

One, two, three!

(Party and Event Planners)

(We know what you’re doing)

What the hell?

Son of a bitch! Stop it! Please!

Kwon Yu is going after all of our operatives.

We can hire new people.

Do you want Chu’s nagging to continue?

Let’s finish the So job first.

No need to worry about Kwon, I have him under control.

It’s time for the news.

Let’s watch together.

I’m here at an unmanned motel in Yesan.

After a week-long disappearance, Actor’s body found in a motel we received a tip that he was murdered.

The forensics unit is on the scene...

You can’t come in here!

Move aside! Move!

It’s Chu Ye Ri!

Take the picture!

(Actor Noh Joon Young’s body found in a motel)

How long must I stay here?

The food is shit and I can’t bear the stench!

Chu Ye Ri, the daughter of Hyosin Group Chairman Chu, was found at the crime scene and was arrested for killing Noh.

What the hell’s going on? Why was my daughter there!

...difficult to deny charges.

Facing a tidal wave of criticisms, Chairman Chu is confronting the greatest threat of his life.

(Unknown Caller)

Kwon Yu?

How did you like it?

I copied your method.

Good, that was quite amazing.

It’s weird to be complimented by someone I want to kill.

That’s the truth, it’s been pretty dull recently.

I got a surge of motivation, it’s turning me on!

It’s been a long time.

Can you understand that?

This was quite fun in the beginning.

People would go to jail based on the scenarios I created, and with an article I wrote, people would laugh, or cry, or get enraged.

The sense of accomplishment...

So what, it’s still a job and it gets dull after a while.

Everything’s the same.

But I’m ecstatic lately.

You’re a threat.

No one has ever challenged me before, but when you come after me, it pisses me off, but it also feels amazing!


How dare he hang up when I’m talking.

He hung up...

What a douchebag.

This is the problem.

Can’t communicate with the Millennials.

It’s quite serious.

Stupid Millennials!

I didn’t ask for much! Did I?

I was talking on the phone!

Can’t communicate!

Can’t get through to them...

That hurts, really badly.

That really hurts...

Are you still asleep?

Get up!

Were you up all night playing games?

How about a dojo? - No more taekwondo.

I’ll set it up for you.

I’ll never practice taekwondo ever again.

Please read this, my son is not a killer!

Please read this.

Isn’t that fun?

Please read this.

It gets better towards the end.

Oh, and sorry for killing your mom.

I know it’s late, but I apologize.

Be cool and listen to me...

Listen to me...

It’s important...

Wait! Wait!

It’s really important, you might regret...


Know why this happened to you?

You were born to terrible parents.


I know you feel wronged.

But that doesn’t excuse you from hitting an older man.

You psycho...

Anyway, it’s almost time.

(Mr. Hairy)

You should answer.

Yeo Wool? Hello?

Yo dipshit! Let’s meet again!


Yong Guru, DEMOlition, negativeSpace, and Mr. Hairy.

They’ll all die because of you.


If you touch them, I will kill you!

Sorry for returning a threat with a threat, but if you keep this up, they’ll all die.

I think my ribs are broken.

I knew you’d come to steal my data.

That’s why I sent Ma after your team.

The server is huge, it’ll take about 30 minutes.

But you’ll be a free man with that, though.

But your friends will die like dogs.

Too bad about that.

I will kill you and rescue my teammates.

I feel for your determination,

but I told Ma that if I don’t call him in 15, they should be executed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have.

Just get the data.

You escaped to clear your name, shouldn’t you be on that?

Forget them.

No one cares if they die.

They all eventually die...

I forgot to mention something else, sorry.

That friend of yours, Mr. Hairy.

Yoon Yeo Wool.

She’ll be So’s replacement.

My men should be gathering her samples by now.

Mr. Hairy!

‘Hermit hacker murders popular actor Noh’.

The news will hit the web in the morning.

Pretty cool, huh?

I might be a genius.

Stop, just stop it And your remaining friends, I ordered Ma to kill them just now.

They’ll be dead by the time you arrive, so just skip town.

You’ll arrive in time to feel their cold bodies.

Don’t do it! Son of a bitch!

You shouldn’t have touched me.

Do you know why you’ll die?

Who should I kill first?

Wait, please!

Old man, you first.


He’s not dead?

What’s with this?

Wait! Let’s talk! We can sort this out!

Is this defective?

You never served in the military.


Mr. Hairy!

Get rid of her. - Mr. Hairy!

Get her outta here!

Don’t do it! Bastards!

Give me your gun.


Wait! Please!

Talk! Let’s talk! Don’t shoot me!

We can talk about this!

Look at me!

Look at me! You idiot!

Don’t shoot! Don’t do it!

I can’t concentrate! Shut the hell up!

You wanna die first?

I have a mother...


You still die first.

Wait, wait, mister, please just wait!

What happened? What’s going on?

I think it’s a blackout.

Damn, blackout?

Boss! There!

Stop! Stop shooting!

Hey! Stop shooting!

Light your lighter!

Is he dead?

Did you find him?

Hurry! Hurry! negative, hurry!

Stop right there!

Get him, the one in the leather jacket!


Faster! Faster!

Go after them! - Get them!

They’re coming!

Why are they fleeing? He fights so damn well!

Car in front!

It’s too narrow! No way! Stop!

Let’s go!

That’s the best you can do?

Give Yong Pal a call!


Get Yong Pal, idiot!

Get the car!

Hey, Ma!

I’ll send you Kwon Yu’s location, so please get him, I’m begging you!

Boss! I’m here!

Yong-pal to the rescue!

I’m gonna get you no matter what!

That looks fun.

Why don’t I give him a hand?

It’s the Foul Mouth.

What the hell?

How about a roller coaster ride?

Yong Pal, go! Go!

Go! Go!

There, there!

There, there!

Careful, careful!

Where am I?

What are those?

Get that bastard.

Got it?

Get that bastard! Dammit!

Is this the TV station?

I’d like to report a tip.

It’s about fugitive Kwon Yu...

Is that asshole really trying to kill us?

I feel so terrible.

Almost time for news.

Breaking news! - Newsflash!

This just in!

Identity of Noh’s killer... - ...fugitive Kwon Yu Kwon Yu, murders Noh, kidnaps Chu Ye Ri The CCTV footages secured by the police show Kwon Yu and his followers known as ‘RESURRECTION’ kidnapping and moving Chu Ye Ri to the crime scene.

The problem is the ragtag group. Kwon Yu followers assisted killing Indulged in violent games... Kwon Yu followers assisted killing Homemade bombs…

... a psychotic crime ring that is on a crime spree.

They called us a psychotic crime ring.

Dammit! Now the police are on us!

It’s getting more serious.

Get him before the cops do!

A large reward to whoever gets him!

Kwon Yu, so you’re a game addict?

(Chairman Chu)

Mr. Min, I knew you’d pull it off!

You’re a genius!

Are we gonna be okay?

We’re almost there.

While fugitive Kwon was incarcerated, he was known to regularly assault fellow inmates.

Perhaps our society has created a monster, we must look back at...

Revenge killing, are we safe?

Did you get that?

Cars are coming in here!

2 towing trucks.

Yeo Wool got off, fetch her.

The girl’s Yeo Wool, okay?

This is your last chance.

Buddy, I’m busy, I will...

Damn, he hung up again?

He’s got bad manners!

Okay, let’s go!

Attention please.

Armed intruders are in the studio, please evacuate the building.

Attention please...

Hurry, hurry!

Can you all hear me?

Yes, Cap. - Cap.

Cap. - Roger.

We need to buy Mr. Hairy some time while she preps.

And thank you all.

For helping me.

How many times have you saved our asses?

Especially Mr. Hairy.

She leveled up by following Cap around.

We’ll wipe them out.

This is not a game.

It could really get dangerous.

Alright, they’re coming.

Cap, requesting order.

Okay, RESURRECTION, are you ready?

Let’s fight without regret.


Yong Guru, standby.

Steady, steady, steady...


DEMOlition, shoot when I pass.

Don’t worry.

It’ll be like The Dark Knight.

After you pass and the tow trucks arrive, I’ll flip them over with my wire.

I told you I work in the film industry.

Oh shit, that’s not good.

I knew you were all bark.

Just smash into him!

Pass through!

Holy shit!

Cap, you okay?

I’m fine.

Ready the next phase!

Good job, Yong Guru!



Cap is luring them towards you!

Not yet! Not ready!

No, no, not yet!

DEMO, now!

Okay, DEMO! Next phase!

Mr. Hairy! - Hairy!

What’s going on? Yeo Wool?

Move! Move!

So sorry!

I’m sorry!

Hold still!

Yeo Wool! Yeo Wool!

Bye, mofo!

Stupid bastard!

Yeo Wool, crossover!

Boss! I’m here!

Sorry, boss! What happened?

Useless shit...

Closer, closer...

Cap! - Yeo Wool, hop in!

Fat chance!

0187, suspect vehicle found.

Passing through Sangam Junction.

18, request support, all units, converge at Sangam Junction.

Command Center, send support.

He’s going around the TV station.

18, cut off his retreat route, lure him into 3rd block.

Sniper unit, you are free to open fire, the suspect may be armed.

Fugitive Kwon Yu is coming in now!

He may be here to give himself up.

You’re watching a live footage.

(Live Feed of Kwon Yu’s Arrest)

What’s wrong with this?

Wake up, we’re here.

We’re here already?

Cap, I brought C0V3R and C0NC3AL.

Cap, I missed you!

There she goes again.

It’s been tough, huh?

Good to hear your voice.

Mr. Hairy, did you get all the data?


Mr. Hairy’ll block regular news and broadcast ours.

Do this properly.

They’ll fuse together if you keep at it.

So nervous...

Are you ready?

Killer of the Century, Kwon Yu’s truth will be brought to you exclusively on 69 Enter.

Did he really murder hottie Noh Joon Young?

Is this the truth?

My daughter messed up.

He’s an actor named Noh Joon Young.

I think he’s a goner.

This is Hyosin Group’s Chairman.

Daddy, I’m hungry.

And that bitch killed Noh.

Then what’s the real truth behind Kwon Yu’s rape-murder?

My son made a mistake, he must’ve been drunk.

He’s prone to mistakes at his age, even killing.

You must be anxious before the big day.

Isn’t that you? - What?

The one who killed Ha Ji Su...

I’m so screwed... was the son of Councilor Park, who wrote the Kwon Yu Bill.

But Kwon Yu was arrested instead.

Did you see the news?

Will Kwon reach the trial?

I’m Min Chun Sang. - Bastards!


I’m reaching my boiling point.

This is news!

Ms. Lee... Ms. Lee?

Aren’t you curious who the puppet master is?

Min, I’m in trouble.

I accidentally killed my wife... Homeless arrested for Jamsil murder Her body will be found inside Homeless arrested for Jamsil murder a container in Jamsil tomorrow.

What are you guys doing?

What have you done?

Min! You saved my neck!

Thank you!

That was an amazing idea.

Suspect Identity Revealed That was an amazing idea.

How should I pay you?

My office manager will contact you soon.

Mr. Min, you’re a genius.

Yes, I may be one.

You’re a natural born.

Detectives, please, I’m so sorry!

He should be torn to bits.

... go to jail based on the scenarios I created, and with an article I wrote, people would laugh...

Min Chun Sang is the bastard who controlled everything.

This is the guy who deserves to die.

Stop it!

We are going to release our data before turning them over, so anyone who are wronged by him can use them.

And officers, grab Min before he takes off!

How dare they challenge me?

The wheel…

Min Chun Sang, I took your wheel, asshole!

What do we do? He’s completely exposed.

Don’t worry, he’s replaceable.

1 wrong conviction is worse than losing 10 criminals.

Aren’t you smarter now?

Anyone can be framed.

That concludes today’s news.

I’m your sexy baby, C0V3R.

Okay! Very good!

Uncuff me.

Mr. Ma!

Good to see you!

It’s him?

Guys, what are you doing? You shouldn’t do that.

Kwon Yu, who was framed and jailed for murder, was cleared of all charges and became a free man.

The authorities are also gathering public opinions about compensating the wrongly convicted and preventing similar future convictions.

The real killer of Ha Ji Su and the son of Councilor Park, Park Jae-hyun was arrested after hiding in a motel for 40 days.

They all said the tree was rotting.

But I told them it’s far from it.

I had a dream that night.

In the dream, I saw the tree grow strong towards the blue sky.

I gathered everyone and said the tree wasn’t rotting.

This tree is not a rotting one.