Faccia a faccia (1967) Script

I've an announcement to make and I find it very painful.

I'm unable to continue this history course.

But as you perhaps know...

...it's not a matter of my own volition.

However, the study of history can be suspended and resumed at any point.


...though all men must die in time, other men will make history live.

And each man can choose his own part in history.

We've been forced to choose.

When the war between the States declared that we were either Union loyalists or Confederate rebels.

You are twenty years old.

You will have to choose many times, between just and unjust, truth and untruth.

And always the answer is only to be found within you.

And if this small bit of knowledge can help you in the future, then I'm truly privileged. For my part in history...

...will not have been useless.

The class is dismissed. Thank you.

My dear Professor Fletcher. Miss Wilkins and I look forward to your return.

I hope you're not disappointed.

Come, come, Fletcher. You're not as sick as all that.

Tomorrow you'll be far away from this horrible climate. You'll feel differently.

I feel sure your lungs will improve as soon as you put your foot in, Texas. And you'll come back here to Boston completely recovered.

Yes sir, no doubt. You talk as though you don't care.

And I must say, given your intelligence you could have gone far.

A lot farther than you have. But I'm not complaining.

That's just the trouble. You have no ambition.

That's why you've never been promoted.

In this country there are no limits for the man who is willing to fight.

You've never struggled against the position fate has put you in.

But that is what you must do now, more than ever.

Well, I'm late for class. Have a good trip.

Goodbye, Dean.

Well, Miss Wilkins...

...he's probably right about me, you know.

Well, I don't believe him, professor. That's good of you, Elizabeth.

Are you asleep, Professor?

No, but very nearly. I couldn't sleep last night because of you and your...

...Paco raising Cain in the next bedroom.

Why, Professor, I do not understand.

My dear, I don't believe you.

El amor, it is not wrong.

You do not think it is wrong to love, do you, Professor?

Because Paco has gone away...

...and I feel so lonely.


Who'd be coming up here?

Get out, go on!

Get down there where you belong!

Give us a little drink, something nice and cool.

Sheriff! This half breed, he looks like Beauregard Bennet!

It ain't no affair of yours.

Hurry up, we're thirsty!

But, Sheriff, maybe this could turn out to be an affair of mine...

...if we have a visit from Bennet's amigos.

All his amigos are underground.

That is, except for one who escaped our ambush! Zachary Shawn.

But we'll get him too and then the Bennet gang is through.


Don't talk so much and you won't get thirsty.

Just a minute.

Hey you, what do you think you're doing?

I'm going to give him a drink. Hold it! You're doing nothing for that man.

All members of a civilized society have fundamental human rights.

What's the guy talking about?

Quien sabe, sheriff. He's a professor from the East. He reads a lot of books.

Well, Professor,listen to me.

That man's a cheap killer. Keep your philosophy for someone else.

A killer, eh?

You see, in this country nobody can be presumed guilty of a crime... before a correctly constituted court of law declares that guilt proven.

All right, all right, spare me the lecture, give him a drink.

Thank you.

Drop your guns or I'll kill him!

You, get on the coach and start going as soon as we're inside.

Go on.



Mas suerte!

I, uh, I'm afraid you could hardly have made a worse choice of hostage.

I'm terribly ill, it's the lungs you know.

Yeah? But the sheriff's men didn't know.

Go faster, go!


What for?

You might as well be dead if you're so sick.

I? But I'm..., I might recover.

After all, I mean it's possible!

And even if I don't, this doesn't make sense. I've never done you any harm.

You have no reason to kill me.

Yeah, you're right. Why kill a dead man.

Anyway, I may need an extra bullet some time.

How are you feeling?

I'm feeling like I have a bullet in my guts, that's how I'm feeling.

I did the best I could. I put you on one of the horses.

But then after nightfall I got lost.

In the morning I found this stream and I thought maybe I could clean that wound.

No, don't. In your condition, you shouldn't move.

Then let me die, leave me alone.

I wouldn't leave my worst enemy here like this.

Besides, where do you want me to go?

I don't even know where I am right now.

I know a hideout. If you could get me to it.


Well, haven't much choice I guess.

Take my gun, Professor. Why?

Take it, I said!

Aim for the side, where the chain joins the manacle.

Yes, but how do you fire this?

Pull back the hammer! Haven't you ever fired a gun?

This thing? That could be dangerous, couldn't it?

Yes, Professor, it could.

And remember, it's loaded. And it shoots when you pull the trigger.

O, yes. Try again!

That's it.

Get closer.


Hi there, stranger. I didn't hear you coming.

But you're welcome.

It's a real pleasure to see another human being after all these weeks alone here.

What can I do for you, friend?

You can take me to Beauregard. What?

Who's Beauregard? Solomon Bennet.

Known as Beauregard. Tell him I wanna talk.

But I don't know who yo... Ah, shut up!

And you, take off your gunbelt.

I'm Siringo. Charley Siringo.

So I finally found you, didn't I, Beau?

How did you find me?

I looked around.

I heard that Bennet's Raiders used to have...

...one of their hide-outs around here somewhere.

What do you want?

I wanna work for you, wanna help you reorganize Bennet's Raiders.

That's what you have in mind, isn't it?

We'll begin with Zachary Shawn. Once he's out of jail...

...collect the other boys, and as for the dead, replace them. How about it?

You wanna do it?

You really think I'm going to accept just anybody who offers to join? - No.

But then I'm...

...not just anybody.

These posters are my references.

It's my good luck charm.

From my first sheriff.

Did you ever hear talk of the...


Sure, it's a private detective agency.

Well, of all the lawmen on my trail these days, they're the most troublesome.

They could make up a story like yours.

I understand.

But this'll prove that I don't have anything to do with them.

A Pinkertons' man would've shot the both of you by now. Who'd stop him?

I would.

I admit you're plenty smart and that's the main reason why I want to work for you.

I'm afraid not.

I haven't begun my recruiting.

And maybe I never will.

All right.

I'm a very patient type. If you want me, all you have to do is whistle.

I'll probably be near enough to hear you.

What are you doing?

Clearing out. I don't want any more visitors.

Must we? This is a good place.

You think so? Then why don't you stay here.


I might.

Because, you're gonna begin doing what that fellow said,...

...getting Bennet's Raiders together again, aren't you?

That's natural. Natural?

You picked the right word. Naturally a wild beast returns to violence... creeps out of the hole where it's.

...been licking his wounds and joins the pack again.

You're an animal, incapable of thought. You kill people from sheer stupidity.

Tell me. What would you do if you were stronger than I am, Brett?


Don't cry.

It's nothing.

You have a different kind of strength. You have it here, not here.

Listen, you know what we're going to do now?

I have to meet one of the boys in Purgatory City.

Tomorrow there's a train. You be on it and clear out.

Get me? You should go back East!

Good morning. I'd like a room so I can rest. I'm waiting for the train.

I see. well, if you don't have anything, where else could I try?

You are the owner, I presume? My name is Fletcher. Professor Fletcher.

Number Eight.

Thank you.

That man who was smiling, who is he?

Oh, just someone who smiles.

We're pretty friendly people here in Purgatory City.

We prefer someone who smiles at us, especially if he's carrying a gun.

But when a fellah who looks like the spitting image...

...of Beauregard Bennet rides into town...

...carrying a gun and not smiling...

...then we begin to worry.

Where can I find a fellah called Aaron Chase?

Nobody knows?

I'm talking to you. I know he lives around here.

He do and he don't, Mr. Bennet.

You see that! Now Briggs is taking him to see Williams.

And who's Williams?

Why, I'm just an ordinary citizen who's preoccupied about one of our problems here.

You see, Bennet, for months now in Purgatoy City we've had a terrible time.

A certain Sam Taylor has hired a bunch of gunmen and...

...murderers and with this gang's support...

...he's managed to gain control of the entire community.

Listen, I only came here because your man said...

...you'd tell me where I could find my friend Aaron.

Outside, Briggs.

The two things are connected.

You see, Taylor controls the sheriff and the sheriff controls your friend.

In jail? That's right.

But you won't find him in the local jail. He's really well-hidden.

And I know their hiding-place. So what?

So, one good turn deserves another.

You restore freedom in Purgatory City.

In return, I promise the freedom of your friend Aaron...

...plus a little sum from my fellow-citizens...

...as an expression of gratitude, say, five thousand dollars.

They put a small price on gratitude. Very well.

Will you accept if I double it?

Muy bien. Taylor is out of town.

He's not due till tomorrow. You should take advantage of that.

Take advantage of it? Get rid his gang before he comes back.

Now be careful. Don't get me wrong.

This is a peaceful city. You must avoid a massacre.

In a case like this, the only person you kill is the boss and that breaks up the gang.

Do you know who leads them? Oh yes. Reagon.

That hombre's a mad killer, extremely dangerous.

But, Bennet, what are you planning to do?

You know best, I'm sure. You're the expert but remember, Mr. Bennet...

...one. Only one.

Sorry, Senora Reagon. Nothing personal.

Howdy, sheriff.

I need your help, amigo.

I got a list here of people who have to leave town within an hour.

Why, there's my name!

I want you all out of town within the hour.

And if you're not, I'll come and get you one by one.

Those were his very words.

What a man! Yes, and I never expected this.

It shows nobility of character. But where are the others?

There aren't any.

What's that? He's alone?


Hello. Thought you'd left by now.

Not yet. My train doesn't pull out for at least a couple more hours.

I'm just killing time.

Anyway, if they see there're two of us, they'll think twice.

No thanks.

If any shooting starts, you'd be right in my way.

Professor, you know what you should do.

You should keep out of this. Understand?

Go and get your train.

You better go back home right now, Brett.

Mr. Williams!

What do you want, Briggs? I wish you wouldn't bother me right now.

But Mr. Taylor's here.


Well, bring him in at once.

Excuse my clothes.

Naturally I was greeted with the news the minute that I arrived.

There was no time for me to change.

No need to apologize. You're the boss around here, eh?

But I hear that the fellow you got working for you now is actually...

...Beauregard Bennet.

Bennet, yes.

However, your boys are all real smart.

Of course. This should be most interesting.

You have a beautiful view from here.

Excellent. Briggs, another chair.

Ah, I believe the performance is about to begin.

Here we are. On time like I promised you.

Now me and the boys'll be on our way nice and quiet.

But I gotta say one thing.

Folks in this town sure are ungrateful.

We tried to help them and look how they treat us.

Stay where you are.

Hey, you scared? What's the matter? See, my gun's over there.

I only want to return this star.


Get of the street!

Buenas dias, Aaron.

What do you say we look up some of the boys?

Sure, Beau.

Will you sign my notebook, Professor Fletcher?

Reckon you put paid to quite a few, eh, Professor?

Do you always shoot'em in the front?

You have a price on your head, too? Why don't you stay here?

You'd make a better sheriff than the one we got now.

Have a good trip, Professor! And forget the West!


All aboard!

Hey! You! That's my horse!

Wait! Wait, I'm coming with you!

You better not do anything rash, friend. That fellah's a gunman.

He works for Beauregard Bennet.

Hey, Vance, you see him. That's Brett.

He's smarter than the two of you put together.

You might even learn something.

Pleased to meet you. Thanks, Vance. My pleasure.

Anybody know where Zachary's got to? No.

But I know where Jason is.

He had to find work.


Hey, the Professor can sure pick 'em.

Give me that.

That must be at least a thousand dollars. More, more. A lot more.

Dear Son. We managed to sell the house, and here's the money for you.

Don't mind about us. Your Ma and me are pretty old.

Old people don't need very much. All we care about is you.

Shut up, Brett!

I can read another. There're more.

Shut up, I said!

Of course it might make you begin to think and that would be terrible for you.

If you want to leave, I don't mind.

I wish I could.

But I've burnt my bridges too soon. I have no choice now.


Beau, but I've been so worried about you.

Howdy, Belle.

This is Brett Fletcher. Madam.

The others? They'll get here.

Where's your brother? He's out after a runaway slave.

Ah, dear Mr. Fletcher is from the North.

You looked worried hearing me say slave.

I suppose you'd prefer the word servant. But a word doesn't change anything.

Nobody'll ever make us change, even this Lincoln, our emancipator.

Your pardon, Mr. Fletcher, even if you are a Yankee.

Because you came here with our Beauregard. And you're a gentleman too.

You're blushing!

We're happy to have you as a guest here, in the ancestral mansion of the De Winton's.

I propose Beauregard, long may he remain with us. and I propose Zachary, may his days in jail be short.

And I propose Bennet's Raiders, about to ride again!

And I propose the South! With your permission, Fletcher.

At the De Winton's? Sure of that, boy?

Of course I'm sure. Real sure, Sheriff. You know why?

Miss Belle keep calling him Beau, Mister Max calling him Bennet.

Forget it. Forget what?

I said forget about Bennet.

Get out, boy. You're joking, Siringo.

I can prove that Max De Winton is working with Bennet's Raiders...

...and capture Beau himself.

And collect a big fat reward for yourself.

But all the same, you should forget it.

You Pinkerton's men all think you're something special, don't you?

Yes sir. You got money, a good job, connections in the government.

You think you can get away with anything, but...

...you can't give orders to a sheriff.

Try to understand, sheriff.

Look, I've had several chances to catch Beauregard. I've been after him for months.

But I haven't done it.

Because he's been trying to round up some of his former friends.

When they're all together...

...that'll be the time to arrest Beauregard and his whole gang with him.

And put an end to Bennet's Raiders for good.

Smart plan you cooked up, Siringo.

Only Beauregard Bennet is going to be my prisoner, Mister.

I'm going to De Winton's to arrest him. And you'd better keep out of my way!

Yep, I better keep out of your way.

Siringo, my instinct warns me not to have faith in a man like you.

But the Professor here says don't trust your instincts.

He says, the brain is really all that matters.

And it would consider true whatever the eyes see.

All right, boys. This here is Charlie Siringo.

He is with us.

Where you heading, Beauregard?

Puerta de Fuego.



Welcome home, Beau. We've been doing a heap of worrying about you.

I know who you're looking for, but Zachary ain't arrived.

Sure as shootin' the vigilantes bushwacked him on the trail...

...and god knows where they took him.



Your memory's sure deserted you. Don't you recall Annie?

She's all skin and bones, that little girl, that's what you said last year.

Sure, sure, Annie, and you're still the same little girl.

Just as skinny, just as bony.


How about a kiss for me?

Growing, eh? Last year you were all knees.

And I still got knees, see?!


Come on.

One, two, three. One, two, three.

Hold your friend. Hold your friend.


Not dancing?

You mind going away so I can finally have a little peace and quiet.

You kids should all be in bed taking a siesta.

Baby's willing. If you're ready to rockabye your little baby.

You ought to be spanked. You're a child not a grown-up!

And you know what you are? You're a prissy son of a...

Shut your dirty little mouth, hear? You!

Wanna? No, don't know how.

We got to find out where they're holding Zachary.

We'll send out some of the boys to scout around and pick up information.

That would take a lot of silver dollars.

But after a couple of jobs, well... we'll have all we need.

You got anything in mind?

I'll let you know after I discuss it with the boys.

I had a feeling I was part of the gang.

Let's say you're still on trial, but you can ride along with us if you like.

We'll be needing two or three extra men. I'll come along.

You said that you'd be needing several more men.

Not you.

I've been thinking, Beau.

And I've decided.

I want to ride with you.


Know what this job is? We're robbing a train.

Know what it's like? The passengers crazy with terror...

...a bullet in the belly for those who resist, Brett.

You know what that means? It means killing!

No, you're not up to it, Professor.

Hey, you trying to kill somebody?

Watch where you're shooting.

Well, what're you staring at?

Your friend Beau doesn't find it anything to get excited over.

That's all. Let's get out of here!

Aaron, let me have that locket.

Here's your locket, Ma'am. Reckon you set a lotta store by it.

There's a note inside. Give it to the first sheriff you see.

What's the idea, Siringo?

If folks get to talking about how gentle we treat the ladies...

...they won't talk so much about what was robbed. That's how legends are born.


Well, how many people did you kill today?

None, so far.

All right, play the big man, Beau.

But you're not the only man in the world. Get that through your head.

I may be young but I'm learning fast.

I found out today that certain men when they want a girl... they take her whether she likes it or not.

What's this one? Thirty-calibre Remington.

Packs a real punch for distances up to four hundred yards.

A thirty-eight.

And this is a forty-four.

Who was it?

I want his name? Tell me or I'll kill you!

Who was it?

Tell me his name. No.

Who was it? It was I.

Let's be adult about this.

Stop it!

I wanted, I wanted to kill.

And now you can't keep me out of it.

I belong with Bennet's Raiders.

The message we got from Charlie Siringo says...

Can't predict with accuracy what Bennet is planning to do.

There's only one way of luring him into a trap.

Move Zachary Shawn to Silver town Jail and see the news gets spread around.

If they try to get him out, we'll catch them all.

Might not be a bad idea. I agree.

Bennet's gonna be mighty interested to hear...

...that Zachary Shawn's being brought to Silver town.

Here at Willow Creek is the biggest market for beef west of Kansas City.

I hear that every day they buy and sell as many as fifteen thousand head.

All right, say only one third of the daily cash gets deposited in that bank.

It runs to three hundred thousand.

Three hundred thousand dollars.

Yes, but these banks are really hard to break into. Believe me, I know.

Yes, with your system it is. You arrive blasting away, take everything in sight and move out fast. Works all right with a stagecoach.

Not a vault.

I've been thinking.

I have a way I think's a surefire to empty any bank vault...

...without firing one bullet.

The problem isn't how to empty it. The problem is how to break it open.

Ah yes, but aren't you forgetting...

...that a bank vault opens not just to take out cash.

Imagine we have a couple, gentlefolk, entering a bank...

...because they're to depositing a large sum of money.

Hear that?

This dude's real smart. Maybe too smart.

You can forget the whole idea.

No bank? No bank.


Zachary's in Silver town. I mean to break into that prison and get him out.

Silver town. Fine. I know that prison.

Ready to fall down, poorly guarded. It can't be difficult.

Maybe it's just a little bit too simple. Why?

No special reason.

Only that Zachary is quite unexpectedly put on show...

...in a broken-down jail.

Which just happens to be in Silver town, which by coincidence...

...is the closest town to Puerto de Fuego.

If Brett is right, could be a trap. Don't you all see that?

That's a risk I'm prepared to take.

Well, I'll go along.

What Brett say.

Let's suppose it is a trap. They'll expect us in Silvertown.

But instead of going there...

We go to Willow Creek and knock off the bank.

You'll have to be completely disguised. Let's say, as a Mexican.

However, it shouldn't be necessary for Beau to lift a finger.

I don't anticipate any gunplay, because if there are any townspeople around...

...when we leave the bank, they're going to be distracted by a hay wagon...

...that's suddenly caught fire. The plan seems foolproof to me.

Excuse me, Ma'am. Why don't you look where you're going?

Impertinent critter.

No easter gentleman would talk to a lady like that.

Mr. Carr, this represents all of our life savings.

Every penny we have in the world.

I trust your safe is really burglar-proof.

This model is the newest type.

Tempered steel three inches thick.

It's the best you can get.

Well, take a look. Take a look at this!

Hold it, Mister.

You may have guessed, this is a hold-up.

If you're here looking for work, my father, he could use another field-hand.

Listen... what would you charge to go bother someone else.

I wish for nothing. Only for the chance to speak once more with another Mexican.


What's your name? Paco.

Calmly. Stay calm.

No fear.

It's all going as planned boys.

The boys of the Americans will not play with me.

So I do not like to go to school, but I know how to read anyway.

Sheriff, there are robbers in the bank.

Don't interfere...

...or there will be a slaughter.

Telegraph Silver-town and tell the sheriff to round up a posse.

And he'll need as many good men as he can muster...

'cause he's got to ride hellbent for Willow Creek to capture Bennett's Raiders.

Bennet! That's who you are. You're their leader!

You're Beauregard Bennet. You're a bandit and a murderer!

You're Beauregard Bennet. I recognized you.

Sheriff! Sheriff! Bennet's Raiders are here! Sheriff!

Paco! Paco!

Looking for me?

We're trapped!

Pick the first horses you can find! Go on! Get moving!


Go on, get moving! You first, I'll cover you.

Maximilian, you're all alone now.

I've been alone all my life.

Come on out!

On one condition. Name it.

That both of us come out. That's all right.

Good shot.


They managed to get Beauregard Bennet.

Just how many of those coyotes did you blow apart...

...before they got their hands on you? Plenty, eh?

Not one. Nobody at all.

You mean you panicked? Yeah, it happens, Especially when you're ambushed, but soon as you're in here you forget you were scared.

Why the minute you're inside then...

...you're a man again. A man who's got murder in his heart.

And there ain't nothing in the world can stop him from escaping.

Even if he has to massacre everybody.

But now we are together Beau, so it'll be easier.

I'll show you how we'll do it.

See this?

Sure, it's only a hunk of scrap...

...but every night I'm grinding it into a sharp blade. You can kill with it.

In a couple more nights it'll be ready then...

...it's up to you. You persuade the turnkey to come in here...

...so I can use this.

You'll hold him while I murder him.

We open the cell doors with his keys and we take the other deputies by surprise...

...murder them, swipe a few Remingtons and beat it.

Hold on. You'll be all right. We're home now. You'll be all right.

Get down, Maria, get down!


What happened. Brett?

Siringo sold us out. He was a spy, in the pay of the police.

But we pull edit off anyway. What about all the others?

Ask Beauregard.

What are you trying to say?

Beau wasn't able or wasn't willing to stop some Mexican from giving the alarm.

Our men were trapped and outnumbered. That's a lie.

Beau wouldn't do that, I know better.

If things went wrong, you're to blame, Brett.

You're the one that convinced him to do the job. - And I was right!

Here's the loot.

What other proof do you want?

Don't say I made an error.

You can be sure I didn't lose my head.

The bullets were whistling all around.

Yet they didn't touch me.

My plan succeeded because it was a perfect one.

But the men weren't and they failed you.

However, men can be replaced.

What are you driving at?

I guess you all think that's a lot of money, don't you?


But I tell you...

...it's nothing compared to what I'll get you.

I'm calling for men who are fighters, who are ready for anything...

...but above all else, who'll obey.

Hold it! This is no place to recruit outlaws, Brett.

That's our rule and it's gonna be respected.

But certainly not by me.

Stop! The rest of us here are free men.

Anyone can find refuge with us, but he's gonna have to respect our rules.

This man's planning something that means bad trouble for all of us.

So if any of you reckon to join him, you'll have to leave Puerta de Fuego.


For whoever shuts him up.

No. But you're the man we want.

You know how to get to Puerta de Fuego.

And if you'd be willing to lead the vigilantes, we'd be certain...

...that there wouldn't be violence, useless violence.

That's the kind of speech they make in Washington...

...just before they decide to send the army out to massacre the Indians.

No one can keep control over five hundred vigilantes.

What do you mean, Siringo?

Mercenaries, starving for loot and violence, scavengers.

I don't want any part of what's bound to end as a massacre.

I've been sent out here only to arrest the men known as Bennet's Raiders.

Well, unless I'm mistaken, there's still one around. Happens he's at Puerta de Fuego.

I know. Brett Fletcher...

And the big brains at the Pinkerton Agency have figured out a plan to catch him.

Like sending out another agent to pose as a bandit and gain his confidence.

If it worked once, it could work a second time.

As a matter of fact, that's what's already been done.

There's a Pinkerton man right now at Puerta de Fuego. His name is Wallace.

You know, Wallace, I'm sure you're a university man.

I mean before you joined the Pinkertons of course.

Same eastern college as Charlie Siringo.

All right.

Go away.

In pain?

You must know that torture's important, Wallace...

...'cause it lifts the morale of the torturer.

Didn't they teach you that at the university?

You are trapped by your higher education.

It leaves its own smell on you. I know it too well.

I know you do and I can't imagine how a man of your background could.

On the contrary, what's surprising is that a man like me...

...could remain all those years watching life as a spectator... before he discovered the force that was in him. But...

D'you have any idea what can be accomplished here if you're a man of intelligence?

Where men who are morons have succeeded in usurping the power in the land?

Yes, he'd certainly be in a position to improve things.

But not a weak man like Brett Fletcher.

You change your spots.

You're civilized among civilized people and violent among the violent.

You're quite ready to adapt to any new background like a parasite.

Pity you didn't pay attention at school, Wallace.

The philosophy of violence. You recall it?

One violent soul is just an outlaw...

...a hundred a gang, but they're an army at a hundred thousand, That is the point.

Beyond the confines that limit the outlaw and individual criminal...

...violence by masses of men is called history.

I must say that I'm glad I've been able to speak with an equal who understands me.

Those others are only able to understand the simplest things.

Such as the fact that a spy pays the penalty.

Reasons of state, Wallace. You studied history so you know what I mean.

Not out of hate...

...but with compassion.

It's never too late to come over to the side of the law, Bennet.

Naturally, you have a heavy account to settle but the point is...

...if you agree to our proposition, I can guarantee you that the Governor...

Ah, the devil with diplomacy. Now you listen, Bennet.

This is mighty simple, here. If you agree to guide the vigilantes...

...to Puerta de Fuego and wipe that bunch out, you save your neck.

If you don't agree...

...there are three death sentences against you.

Maybe we can only hang you once but, by God, we'll string you up.

All right, decide.

Hey, you! What are you standing around for? Get to work.

Go on!

Ten thirty-four.

Four twenty-two.

Eighteen thirty-seven.

Thirteen eighty-four.

Get your hands off me!

All right, let her go!

Why do you keep trying to run away?

I want to see Beau.

No matter what he has done. I want to tell him I love him.

So do I love him, Annie.

Even more than you.

You think you're in love because he is brave, good-looking and strong...

...yet you're only chasing a dream, Annie. He's a hero...

...that doesn't exist.

No. It was like that once. But now I'd love him even if he was a yellow coward.

You showed me how I felt.

Because now you're doing exactly the same things he did, only when you do them...

...they make me sick to my stomach.

We do the same things, that's true.

But with a difference.


...know what I'm doing.

Pay attention, everyone!

Friends, for years those outlaws have been coming outa the hills...

...and riding roughshod over our peaceful community.

But tonight all our citizens that are on the side...

...of law and order are ready to fight back.

That's the whole reason we recruited this little army.

Now I'm going to call on the man who's going to be your guide.

You all sure know his name, so here's Zachary Shawn.

Friends, the bounty for whoever you kill or capture is a hundred dollars for a man.

We pay fifty for a woman and for their children twenty-five. All right?

Hey, Siringo, what you out here for? Come and have a drink!

Sorry, I'm making tracks.

Pullin' out?

That's not my affair.


Is the Sheriff in there? Yes, what's the matter?

Beauregard Bennet broke outa jail!

Don't you bother the sheriff.

I'm gonna handle this my way.

Burn every damn hut!


Howdy friend.

The law finally decided to come get me.

But it was no surprise.

Even after thirty years, I was ready and waitin for 'em.

Where were you hit? Let me see.

No use.

Bullet in the belly. End of the trail for Rusty.

Nothing you can do no more. How did they succeed?

Everybody was sleepin', there wasn't no warnin'.

When I saw their guide was Zachary Shawn, couldn't believe it.

Wasn't any time to defend ourselves.

It was a massacre.

Annie? - Seem to recall seein' her on one of the carts.

Carts? Brett...

...collected the ones still able to move around...

...and headed outa here by cart in the only direction they could go.

The desert?

Yeah, the desert.

Well, it's hard. Though with the carts they should get across.

No, they can't get away.

The minute we was all finished here, Zachary and...

...fifty of them vigilantes headed out over the desert after the carts.

They don't want no witnesses and there won't be none...

...after today.

Come on, hurry up! Keep moving fast!

Keep on going! Go ahead, I said!

Might as well get down.

We're stuck. You got another wheel?


Go back!

Keep going.

Get back, you gone mad! If you piled on that other wagon, it'd break down too.

Get those horses moving! Get the woman and children on the horses!

Come on.

Get up!


There's Beau! Beauregard!

Welcome back among your own. I have no others.

You, drive on and keep going! Hurry!




If there aren't too many, we can stop them here.

There are too many of them. I saw them when I was taking the short cut.

Must be at least fifty men. We'll stop them!

You just stick with me and we'll do it!

We've got to!

Hey look! There's Brett Fletcher! And Beauregard's with him.

Beauregard should've stayed in jail. This time he's picked a bad hand to bet on.

What's the matter with all of you?

Afraid of Beauregard Bennet now? When there's sixty of ya?

How many'll get back home? And which of us will die here?

But there's a price on their heads!

And a good one! Both of them are worth real money!

Zachary's right. Let's go and don't shoot before I tell you to.

Leave Siringo for me!

Stop! Stop! In the name of the law!

What's the idea, Siringo? Get out of our way!

All you fellahs go back home!

There's nothing more to do here.

Beauregard Bennet and Brett Fletcher are my affair.

Those other people haven't broken the law. They got a right to go where they like.

We gotta get him out of the way. You shoot him, I'll cover you.

Try again if you want.

Everyone of you will have a Pinkerton man on your heels for the rest of your life!

Clear out!

Go on home!

Beauregard Bennet! Brett Fletcher!

Throw down your arms! I arrest you...

...in the name of the law!

What are you doing?

Are you crazy? I'm doing what I think is right.

Right? What does that mean?

How do you know what's right?

Was it right for Siringo to kill the sheriff just to get into your gang?

Maybe you think the vigilantes were right? Answer me! Is that it?

Listen, Beau, there's only one kind of right in the world.

The kind you make for yourself if you're big enough and strong enough.

And we're both strong, Beau! You and I together can recruit...

...the best men in the West. Bennet's Raiders a hundred times stronger than before.

I have some wonderful plans!

There's no other kid of right, can't you understand that?

There is, damn you! There is! There is. Know where? Right here in my heart.

Go away and leave me, Brett.

There's nothing more you can do. No.

There's still one thing I can do.

And I should have done it long before.


Beau, what made you do it?

It was what I had to do.

I had so many ideas...

...so many plans, Beau. great...


He's got long hair.

His built about the same as you.

Nobody'll recognize his face now.

The law will be satisfied with a fake Beauregard Bennet.

Anyhow, the real one doesn't exist any more.

Now, beat it!

Go on, Beau.

Go away!

Good luck, friend.


Luck to you, Beau!