Fado (2016) Script

Dr. Hansen, an unconscious woman will arrive in five minutes. Head trauma.

Hypertension, blood pressure 80/40, pulse is normal.

Open wounds?

No. She's unresponsive. Pupils are dilated.

Cardiac arrest.

Draw up adrenaline!

One milligram adrenaline is in.




What are you doing here?

How are you?

You have a nice flat.


Perhaps I'll get a new one.

This is the last box.

Yes, please put it there.

Thanks for helping. – It’s a pleasure.

I could build you a bed out of some old boards, if you like.

Like in my old apartment. – No thanks, it’s alright.

50 Euros.

That’s not an original, it's a tourist rip-off! Come.

Buy it. It's cheap.

Where is this hotel being built?

A bit further north.

It's a German chain, right?

Yes, nothing special.


...still exciting. It's Lisbon.

The people are nice and it's a challenge.

I didn't think I'd see you again so soon.

What do you want here?


I thought you weren’t sure whether you love me anymore.

I was just overwhelmed with you going to Lisbon.

I didn't understand it.

It was an opportunity.

Could have been one for us too.

3,000 kilometers apart?

Maybe that would have done us some good. – Half a year?!


Are you serious?!

I'm sorry.

It's great to see you again.

Everything ok?

Nuno, get me two beers, a Coke and a gin tonic.

Aha, you're dancing!


I'm gonna get something to drink.

I thought we would be alone here.

Well, it just happened this way. – Yes.

Fabian, I want to have fun tonight!

Yes! Me too.

I'll be right back.

Yes, I... I quit.


Hey, what's the matter?

When did you plan on telling me?!

I would have told you... Oh, really? - Yes!

So you want to stay here longer, or what?

Let's see.

Why now?

Fabian, why now?! – Doro, I want to start over again.

Do you like it here?

Yes, I do.

Even if you were here all by yourself?

Where will you work?

At the hospital probably.

You can't seriously believe that you'll get a job here!

We'll see.

I don't get it.

I just don't get it. Explain it to me!

Back in Berlin, I tried to reanimate a young woman with brain trauma.

And she looked just like you.

Did she survive?

I think I want to be alone now.

I'll be in touch.

Good night.

My name is Ricardo Costa. What's your name?

My name is Fabian Hansen.

What's your name?

Come in!


Attention please.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

By the way, I went surfing.



That good!

Everything ok?


I got dizzy.


Hey! – Hey.

Where were you? – I was so thirsty.

Thank you.

Wow, Hansen, you're really getting serious.

You're awake already. – Half-awake.


Could you have a look at my back? There's some kind of bump.

Hello, I'm Dr. Hansen, how can I help? – I'm Ms. Loeb. I have a bump on my back.

A bump? – A bump! – Please turn around.

Where? – Here.

So what is it?

It looks like a sebaceous cyst. – Is that dangerous?

No, don't worry.

Why is it called a cyst then? Sounds a lot like cancer.

It’s really harmless. Just a little knot of sebum.

Sure? – Yes... Sure.

You could have it removed...

...but you don't have to.

But Doctor? Why are you kissing me?

Sorry, I chatted too long with Maria and then I couldn't find the place.

No problem, come in.


As you wish.

It's nice here! – Yes, I think so, too.

I'll make us some coffee, ok?

Oh, shit! I have to go.

I thought we would leave together? – Francisco is about to pick me up.

Where does he live? – A bit outside, beyond the bridge.

Alone? – No, with his wife and children.

Everything alright?

Sure. Why?

I don't know know. You're so... distant.

I'm just tired.

Last night was wonderful.

Bye. – Have fun.

Can you stop interrupting and let me tell my story?!

Thank you.

Do you want to go to your place?

Or should we have a little fuck in my new bed?

What was that about? – What?

Why did you embarrass me in front of Maria and Francisco?

What did I do?

You told them about my jealousy, didn't you?

Why did Maria tell that stupid story about the couple?

Is that preparation? Do you expect something like that from me?

Are you nuts? – Why would she tell this shit?

How should I know?

You know exactly what I mean.

Stop here.

So did you?

Even if I did...

You see?

Stop it! – You asshole!

You haven't changed one bit.

I have! Doro, I have.

No, you haven't. It’s the same old shit.

Grow up! Get this crap out of your head!

I'm trying... – No, you're not trying at all.

I want things to work out between us.

Francisco is just a friend.


Trust me.

When I say there is nothing, then that means there is nothing.

Come over here.

I’ll take a look around, ok? – Ok.

Hey, where are you? – Should I come over?

We're waiting by the car. See you soon. – I'll be there in five minutes.

Maybe I can take a few days off later, so we can have a road trip. – Sure!

Yes, road trip, very good!

Pay attention to the road!


Can I?

Try to move.

Which one is your club? Benfica or Sporting?

Hello, this is Doro Loeb's mailbox. I'm not available at the moment.

But if you leave your number I'll get b-

Hello, this is Doro Loeb's mailbox. I'm not available at the moment.

That's beautiful.


I need to make just one more call, then we are on vacation. – Ok.

You have an eyelash there...

Everything ok?

Yes, that was Francisco. He...

...whom he should contact about the proposal.


I'm going to take a shower.

Were you ever seeing someone else?

I mean, during the time we weren't together?

And what if I had?

No ifs, we weren't together.




Is that a good or a bad thing?

Recently I saw Francisco with his family in the city.

Are they happy?

What are you doing?

Doro, it was just a question.

It's never just a question with you.

Do I have to watch every word...

Stop being so jealous! I'm sick of your fucking jealousy!

Come on, Doro. It was just a question. – Yeah, right.


We were having such a great time. – Exactly. Such a great time!

Are you nervous now?

The moment I mention his name, you jump up.

Why do I put up with this shit?

It's always the same crap. You keep on starting it, over and over and over again!

You can't even give a straight answer. – Answer to what?

What answer do you want?

Are you fucking him?

What are you doing?

Are you filming this now? Can you please turn the camera...

Can you please turn off the camera!

You asked me if I fucked someone.

What did I say?

Could you... – What did I say?!

What did I say to you?



Are you in there?

Fabian, please open the door.

Fabian, open the door.

Fabian, open the door!

What's going on?

I'm going to bed.

Check out that wind!

Francisco told me that five people were caught by a monster wave here recently.

They were just sitting on the beach, and a giant wave comes out of nowhere, sweeps over them, and pulls them into the sea.

I feel like swimming.


It's way too cold.


Well, are you coming or not?

Oh God!

Stop it!

Are you crazy?!

I was just messing around.

Don't you dare touch me!

You can drop me off here.

I could cook something tonight.

Forget it. I have a lot to do.

Let's go to the next room.

Give me a second, please.

Are you kidding me?

Are you serious?

I just happened to be in the neighborhood, I...

Get lost!

What are you doing here?

Get lost! It's over.

Doro, I'm sorry. – Leave!


What do you want?

I wanted to say goodbye.

And I wanted to apologize, Doro.

I don't know how all of this could happen, I...

I lost control.

And I'm sorry.

I know.

Take care of yourself.

Take care.


What are you doing here? – I think I left one of my sweaters here.

A sweater?

Yes, and I thought I'd swing by and pick it up...

...if that's alright.


Which sweater are you looking for? – The wool sweater.

I love you, Doro.

Did you hear what I said?

I'll have a look in the other room.

Nicolau, call the ambulance, hurry!


Wait a second.

Please, just hear me out. – No!

Do you remember what Maria said in the restaurant?

I could do that.


I'll do it!

Fabian, it's over.


Yes, it is. It's over. – No, let's try to make it work!

Doro, no!

Doro, open the door!

I'm sorry.

Do you hear?

I'll do anything...

Don't you understand? I'll do anything for you!

Doro, open the door!

Excuse me.

You have to leave, ok?

Good night. You have to leave.


It's me.


I tried to call you, to apologize for making such a scene yesterday...

That was idiotic.

I'm calling to tell you that I'm with someone else.

I wanted you to know that.

Take care, Fabian.

Stop it! Stop it!

Dude, it's enough. Let's go.

Enough. You had your fun. I'm not joking.

What? You asshole!

Enough! Let's go.