Fallen Angels (1995) Script

Are we still partners?

We've been business partners for 155 weeks now.

We're sitting next to each other for the first time today.

We seldom see each other.

I know too well that man can hardly control his passion.

Partners should never get emotionally involved with each other.


A message for 3662.

I'm meeting his friends tomorrow.

Ask him to let me know where.

Most people work from 9:00 to 5:00.

I'm just the opposite.

My job is simple.

I visit some "friends" once in a while.

I don't know any of them.

And I'm not interested in them either.

Because they'll soon be gone forever.

Going out?


One's profession is very often determined by one's personality.

The best thing about my profession is there's no need to make any decisions.

Who's to die, when, where- it's all been planned by others.

I'm a lazy person.

I like people to arrange things for me.

That's why I need a partner.



You're Ming, aren't you?

Remember me? My name's Hoi.

Don't you remember me? I was always number one in grade school.

Remember? Yeah.

What a coincidence!

If my Mercedes hadn't broken down, I wouldn't have run into you here.

Every person has his own past.

Even if you're a killer, you still have classmates from grade school around.

Every time I run into them, they ask me the same questions.

What kind of work do you do?

Give me your card so we can keep in touch.

Maybe we could work together.

That would be great. Always lookin' to make a buck.

Your own business? That's worth breaking your back for!

You married?

Don't tell me you can't find a girl!

What? A son!

Looks exactly like you!

What's this-your wife's black?

I mean... smart move! Black grows on you.

Your skin color's different, but you make a nice couple.

Hey, are you insured?

Maybe you can help me out.

I've been in the business over ten years.

You might not know, but I'm rated the top insurance broker in all Southeast Asia.

I'm being interviewed by the newspaper in a few days.

For old time's sake, I'll work out the best plan for you. You never can tell.

God forbid, but what if something should happen?

It's not just for you.

I see you travel a lot for work.

If not for yourself, think about your wife and little boy.

I often wonder if any insurance company would insure a professional killer.

I'd really like to help him out, but I wouldn't know whom to name as beneficiary.

Remember that girl with the big boobs? The one we were both after years ago?

We're getting married next week. Here's an invitation.

Sorry—just write your own name on it.

Come a little early. I'll write up the policy for you.

And bring your wife. Bye-bye.

A few years back, I paid a black woman $30 to have her picture taken with me, so that if people asked, I could say she was my wife.

And the kid in the picture— I just bought him an ice-cream cone.

I've always wanted to go to a wedding, but I know very well it's not my kind of scene.

Going through a person's trash can tell you a lot about them.

He comes to this bar a lot.

Maybe 'cause it's quiet.

Sometimes I sit in his usual seat.

Lets me feel close to him.

Some people you really don't want to get too close to.

Find out too much about a person and you lose interest.

I'm the practical kind.

I know how to make myself happy.

No, he hasn't come back yet.

You telling the truth?

Why should I lie?

You live here? Something wrong with that?

Have you seen this person around?


Don't come out yet.

The cops are still here.

You know where he is. Tell us.

You rub elbows with a lot of people every day.

Some strangers might become your friends or even confidants.

But I know very well these cops will never be my confidants.

My name is Ho Chi Moo.

I was prisoner number 223.

I haven't seen him in days. I'll let you know when he comes back.

I saw him come in. You'd better tell the truth.

Stop making faces! Stand still!

I'm a happy man.

I was very talkative when I was small.

But at age five, I ate a can of pineapple that had expired, and I stopped talking.

For that reason, I have very few friends.

I found it very hard to find work too.

I finally decided to be my own boss.

Having no capital, the only thing I can do is sneak into other people's shops after hours and run my own business.

I'm not a freeloader.

I just think it makes sense, since the rent's already been paid, to run the business around the clock.

Who says nobody buys pork at 3:00 a.m.?

I came yesterday to buy some, didn't I?

If you want to do business, you have to take each customer's needs into account.

Buddha said, "If I don't descend into hell, who will?"

When you're the boss, you have to be kind, caring and tolerant.

You can't just look to your own gain.

I know very well there's no such thing as a free lunch, so I always work very hard until the wee hours.

I don't make a lot of money, but I'm happy.

Are you nuts? Why should I let you wash my clothes?

I'm a beggar. I don't need laundry done!

I don't need it!

Leave me alone!

Are you nuts? Keep your hands off my clothes!

Give me back my clothes!

Hands off! I'll beat you up!

Okay, I'll pay!

I'll pay you, if it's money you want.

You're a lunatic!

Don't push me! I don't want any eggplant!

You can't make me buy it!

I'm single. What would people think?

Not even if they're free!

I'll take some melon.


This is huge! Are you out of your mind?

Stop that!

I washed my hair yesterday.

Ouch! Easy!

My head doesn't itch— stop scratching it!

I just came down for a late snack.

I don't need a shampoo.

I give up. Do whatever you want.


I don't want a shave!

Hands off!

Listen, I'm no regular guy. I have underworld connections.

I really don't want a shave. How about— I'll pay you, okay?

A double cone, please.

Oh, no, it's you!


Stop pulling my hair.

I'll climb in myself.


I'm coming in.

Hello? It's me. What are you doing?

Go to bed. Don't wait for me.

I'm having some ice cream.

Uh, no, it's more than a scoop or two.

I don't know how much more I'll have to eat.

No, it's not an eating contest. Of course I'll have to pay!

Yeah, but this guy won't let me...

I don't know how to explain, but it's the truth.

Come see for yourself if you don't believe me.


No, I can't eat that!

What if my mustache catches on fire?

This isn't funny anymore.

Why are you doing this?

I said to come by yourself.

I didn't tell you to bring the whole family.

Dad's too old for all this ice cream.

What if something happens?

The kids have to go to school tomorrow.

Think about that.

Has anyone in Hong Kong ever died from too much ice cream?

I don't want to be the first.

I'll pay you, okay?

Name a price. I'll buy it all. Please.

My ice cream may be a bit more expensive, but I think this family is having a great time.

I love ice cream.

When I was little, an ice cream truck would stop by my house every day.

I was always happy to see it.

Once I asked my dad why he didn't drive an ice cream truck.

He didn't answer.

I later found out my mother had been run over by an ice cream truck.

I was born in Taiwan.

I came to Hong Kong with my dad when I was five.

He worked as an assistant at the Chungking Mansions Hotel.

He's rarely talked since my mother died.

No more ice cream, of course.

Maybe the fact we're both so quiet explains why we've always been close.

Why are you being so nice to me?

You even bought me ice cream.

You should know I don't like ice cream.

It's too cold!

It's bad for my health. Gives me the runs.

Are you nuts?

Hey, open up! What game are you playing now?

Open this door!

What are you doing?

I'll kill you!

Open this door! Stop playing around!


I'd like to leave a message.

I'm meeting his friends tomorrow.

He should let me know where.

I get it. It's clear.

I just wanna make sure the address was correct.

It was a fast-food store, not a barber shop.

You may think we must be making a lot of money.

But how much is a human life worth?

Demand comes and goes.

It's not unusual to have no business for months.

So, once in a while I moonlight in the financial field.

Like debt collection.


Hold on. I'll get you the money.


I don't know why, but I've been injured a lot lately.

I hate digging bullets out of my own body.

It's exhausting.

I turned in early that night, knowing when I woke up the next day, I'd have to make a decision.

Lady, we're closed.

Two weeks after I was injured, I asked to see her.

I wanted to tell her my decision.

But I didn't show up.

I'm sure she'll look for me here in the next couple days.

I know that because we've been partners for so long.

As her partner, it's not enough for me to understand her.

I have to let her understand me too.

So sometimes I leave clues so she can trace my actions and whereabouts.

She's become part of my life these past years.

But things always change.

I desperately want to tell her that I want to quit, but I don't know how to start.

So I've devised another way.

A woman may come asking for me in the next few days.

Please give her this coin.

Tell her 1818 is my lucky number.


The number of one of the songs in this jukebox.

When she hears the song, she'll understand my message.

Forget him And it's like forgetting everything It's like losing all direction Losing oneself Forget him And it's like forgetting the joy of life It's like a knife in the heart Bleeding in pain

May I sit here?

It's raining!

Let's have some fun!

It feels great!

Cover me too!

Come on!


I'm all nervous.


Come on up.



Sure you don't wanna come up?


Forget it.

Come and get it.

It won't dry out tonight. You'll have to stay.

I'll take it to the cleaners for you tomorrow.


Hey, I'm talking to you.

Why are you ignoring me?

Open the door!

Looks nice. Still fits you well.

Whose is this?

Why all the questions?

Are we that close?

Better be careful!

What are you doing?



What do you want from me?

What are you doing?

I'm so happy!

Don't let me stop you.

Guess why I dyed my hair blond.

I don't know.

To make myself unforgettable.

It's pretty special.

You're making fun of me.

I mean it. You're very special.

Someone told me that once before. Who?


We were together for some time.

I had long hair then.

You called me "baby."



But let's let bygones be bygones.

If you like me now, it's fine.

I didn't say that.

I just wanted some company.


Just for the night.

Maybe you'll like me better tomorrow.


Get out!

Get the hell out of here!

Get out or I'll clobber you!


What did you want to tell me?

You want to have kids?

Why are you telling me this?

You wanna get married? Sure! I'll marry you.

Give me time to send out invitations.

You already did?

How come I'm the last to know?

You're a sly one!

You sent me an invitation?


I see. Congratulations!

Who's the lucky girl?


What a perfect couple!

She wants me to be her bridesmaid?

What should I wear?

Chinese style?

A lady-in-waiting? How interesting!

Sure! That's great!

Where's Blondie now?

I want to call and congratulate her.

Okay, thanks. Bye-bye.

Give me a dime. You got a dime?

Hello? Blondie?

I know you're there. Stop pretending you're the machine.

You know what? If you don't talk to me, you'll regret it the rest of your life!

You're marrying him?

I shouldn't have asked you to pay his electricity bill.

Now you're getting married?

You filthy bitch! He doesn't love you.

He just wants a son born in the Year of the Pig— this year!

But it's already April!

There's not enough time! It'll be premature.

I've got it!

You got pregnant by another guy and told him it's his child.

I'm warning you: Next time I see you, I'm gonna push you down the stairs!

You got that?

Hello? Hello? I'm not finished yet!


Gimme another dime!

That bitch! She took the phone off the hook!

I don't want any!

Let me cry on your shoulder.

The night's full of weirdos.

This girl seems to turn up wherever I go.

I'm fine now. I'll pay you back next time.

But every time we meet, it's the same story.

I wish I could tell her some problems can't be solved over the phone.

You meet the guy face to face and talk it out, or, if that fails, you punch him in the nose.

Too bad I couldn't put it into words.

But she seemed to somehow understand anyway.

I think you're right.

Let's go.

Blondie, I know you're in there!

Come out if you've got the guts!

I'm gonna burn this place down on the count of three!

One... two... three!

I think we got the wrong floor.

Blondie, come on out! I know you're in there!

I'm gonna burn this place down if you don't!

One... two... three!

Let's try the next floor.

Are those gray hairs real?

At my age? Of course they are!

Looks like a faded blond dye job to me! How are you related to Blondie?

I don't know any Blondie.

Her real name's Situ Hui Ling. Ring a bell?

Never heard of her.

Is she your chick?

Leave me alone, you loony!

I'm sure they've got a thing together.

Follow him!

Do you have a daughter named Blondie?

Or Situ Hui Ling? You look a lot alike. Have you forgotten?

Think hard. I don't know her.

We searched high and low all night.

After a while, I started to wonder if she even knew where Blondie lived.

I'm tired of this game.

Why is everyone covering for you? Where the hell are you?

I'm a nice person. Why doesn't anyone help me?

You're a slut, and everyone helps you!

It's not fair. What kind of world is this?

I don't wanna play this game anymore.

You must be sleeping with everyone. You must have slept with her too.

I bet you have, but you won't admit it. Right?

What a crazy world. How am I gonna find you?

Bitch! You've got the whole world on your side.


You slut! How dare you show your face! You're finished!

Bitch! Slut! Tramp!

I'll mop you to death!


How can you be so cruel!

Hey, get your face out of the food and watch the door!

Blondie could walk in any minute.

She used to come here for dim sum with her pop.

How do you spell "inadequate"?

Never mind. I'll just spell it like this.

Listen to this.

"I, Situ Hui Ling, aka Blondie, am ugly and inadequate.

I hereby return Mr. Johnny Kwong to his rightful girlfriend, Charlie Young.

I will have no more relationship with him.

This will serve as proof. Our signatures are binding unto death."

This is great, right?

I'll make Blondie sign this today.

I gotta get her fingerprints and ID number.

Her old man can serve as witness. I'll get a picture of them together.


Your name is Blondie too? Shut up!

I'll fucking chop you to pieces!

This is Blondie!

Your name is Blondie too?

What if it is?

Is your name really Blondie?

What of it?

They say women are made of water.

So are some men.

Most people fall in love for the first time as teenagers.

I guess I'm a late bloomer.

Maybe I'm too picky.

On May 30, 1995, I finally fell in love for the first time.

It was raining that night.

When I looked at her, I suddenly felt like I was a store.

And she was me.

Without any warning, she suddenly enters the store.

I don't know how long she'll stay.

The longer the better, of course.

You never wash your feet or socks or hair.

You stink all over.

When did you dye your hair blond?

They say love can change a man.

I started to find myself more handsome and charming.

And suddenly I discovered I was turning blond.

Maybe because my mom was Russian.

A lot of people don't understand when my father speaks Taiwanese.

And rightly so.

It's actually Taiwanese with the infamous Russian accent.

Hello? Chungking Mansions Hotel.

Who's this?


On June 22, 1995, the Italian team Sampdoria came to play in Hong Kong.

I went to the game with Charlie.

She wanted to see Ruud Gullit.

She was ecstatic that night.

She insisted on staying after the game.

This is no fun!

What's the point in playing them?

They're all blond and superior. Our players are no match.

Did they really expect a miracle? Fools!

You know why I came?

I was the one hoping for a miracle.

Johnny is a huge fan of Gullit.

I thought I might see him here.

But how could he come? He's getting married tomorrow.

You know why I was yelling and waving like crazy earlier?

I was hoping he'd see me on TV.

He promised me he'd come!

So why didn't he?

I realized that she still missed Johnny.

It made me feel bad.

But I'm an optimist.

I've heard people say everything has its expiration date.

I wasn't sure this would apply to her and Johnny, but I thought it might soon.

I guess I might have been a little too optimistic.

A few days later, I asked her to go to a second match.

She didn't show up.

I thought what she had with Johnny would expire soon.

But as it turned out, my expiration date came up first.

I got there early and stayed till everyone was gone.

As the lights of the stadium went dark, I realized she wasn't gonna show.

I was heartbroken. This couldn't be.

People say breaking up hurts.

That wasn't true for me.

But something strange did happen.

After that day, my blond hair suddenly disappeared.

Just like my first love.

I also began to realize my past behavior had been very irresponsible.

I shouldn't have taken over other people's shops, coming and going as I pleased.

Every shop has its own feelings.

This realization had a profound effect on me.

It prompted me to change my ways.


One person.

Look for our new menu next time.

Am I making you stay overtime?

Get a glass for yourself. Be my guest.

How's business?

What's it cost to open a place like this?

Good evening.

You have money?

I was just wondering what it costs to open a place like this.

Do you have a million?

I had never thought about going into business before.

When you live in a suitcase, you don't need a place of your own.

But things had changed.

I had to start planning for the future.

That night, I had a nice chat with the manager.

He even offered a helping hand should I ever open my own shop.

Another beer? Sure, one more.

How much money do you have?

I stayed away from that bar for some time, partly because I didn't want to hear song number 1818.

But there are some things you can't escape.

I've never returned to that restaurant since that night.

Wishing you good fortune and long life to reach the heavens Wishing you a happy birthday May this day be joyous for you every year Best wishes to you

How are you, my boy?

Your dad's fine. Don't worry about me.

Soon it'll be your birthday.

I'm sorry I can't come home.

Is your mother feeling better?

Is your sister behaving herself?

Sato-san is a real family man.

He was a film director before he opened this place.

So he always communicates with his family by making a videotape.

I'm sure his son must be very happy to receive his videotapes.

Sometimes I want to try the same thing.

But I don't know who I'd send my tapes to.

I don't want to end up sending them to myself.

You whom I hold in my heart

Why did you leave my side

Because of you I'm sad all the time I miss you with all my heart

My beloved Come back to me Hurry back to my side Though I'm not like Sato-san, I can feel the same happiness as his son on receiving his father's tape.

Get out of here!

I've got nothing to say. I want to go to sleep.

Are you crazy?

Get out of here!

Go away!

Later that night, I discovered Dad secretly watching the tape.

He really enjoyed it.

I'm usually very bad at details, but I remember very well that it was his 60th birthday.

He kept laughing as he watched it. Who knows what he found so funny.

But I know he was happy.

Stupid kid!

When you've worked with someone for a long time, he can have a certain effect on you.

I knew that fragrance very well.

I just wasn't used to smelling it on another woman.

This suit fits me well.

But I think it's shrunk a little.

I never liked this fragrance all that much.

This afternoon I smelled it on another woman.

She wants to see you very much.

I set up a meeting for you with her.

You're not gonna go, right?

You should go. That way you could clear things up.

Then again, it's even better if you don't go.

I know you'll go.

You can have this back.

I want... a bag of chips.

The yellow ones, not the red.

They sat there together for a long time that day.

I wonder what they said to each other.

It rained the whole time.

I started to think, "it's raining so hard. How will I get home by myself?"

Just when I really needed a raincoat, he returned to my side.

It would be so great if it could rain forever.

I'm not coming up.

Then why'd you walk me home?

You should have let me come back alone!

I was thinking of coming back by myself anyway.

Why did you do that? Think it'd be easier on me this way?

You're crazy!

Fuck off! I never want to see you again!

I thought we had agreed on this.

Not me! I never agreed to anything!

I asked you not to see her, but you did. Now what do you want from me?

You think I'm a fool?

Get lost!


Give me your arm.

Why'd you do that?

Can't I leave you a memento?

You might forget my face, but not my bite.

But my face is easy to remember. I have a mole.

If a woman with a mole on her face comes up to you on the street,

it could be me.

You won't remember me.

Yes, I will.

Do I remember her?

Actually, it's not that important.

For her, I'm just a stopover on the journey of her life.

I hope she reaches her destination soon and finds a man who really loves her.

We all need a partner.

When will I find mine?

Are we still partners?

I didn't know how to answer that question.

I had come to look at partners from a new angle.

As a business partner, she was perfect.

But she wasn't the kind of partner you could spend your life with.

I'd like to terminate our business relationship.

Do me one last favor, will you?

I don't know why I agreed.

Maybe because it was the last time.

I want to place an advertisement for my friend.

On the front page.

The best thing about my profession is there's no need to make any decisions.

Who's to die, when, where- it's all been planned by others.

I'm a lazy person.

I like people to arrange things for me.

It's been a bit different lately.

I want to change this habit.

I don't know if it's a good decision or not, but at least it's mine.

Old people say taking someone's picture shortens that person's life.

I'm not sure it's true.

One evening, Dad wasn't feeling well.

I took him to the hospital.

He passed away a while later.

All these years, I've always felt like a little boy because of him.

He was someone I could always turn to, someone to solve all my problems.

Packing up his stuff that evening, I felt like a grown-up for the first time.

But I don't wanna be a grown-up.

I sure wish Dad could always be with me!

When I left the hotel, the videotape was all I took with me.

I watched it over and over before I left.

Watching Dad cook in the kitchen, I feel very happy.

Though I know I'll never taste his steaks again, I'll never forget how they tasted.

You again? I'll be damned!

Stop pulling my hair! You promised!

You should know not to touch it.

I'd love to be your customer.

Did I ever say no?

Did I?

Look at me! How do I look? Don't touch me!

My wife has gone to China.

I have some business to take care of.

Give me three hours. I promise I'll be back on time.

Three hours, okay? Three hours.

Two hours?

It's a deal. Two hours and I'll be back.

Come on, trust me. We're old friends now, aren't we?

It's a small world. We keep running into each other. Two hours.

Trust me, please!

You have my word. We're brothers, right?

You want it written in blood?

You gotta be kidding!

That's my bone!

Just one, okay?

If you cut them all off, I won't be able to go out in public!

Could I have some change, please?


I'm downstairs already.

Hurry and come down.


It must have just been bad luck.

Soon after Dad died, Sato-san returned to Japan.

Since I didn't have much in savings, I could only do what I'm best at: being my own boss.

But I was very cautious this time.

I tried to pick the stronger shops.

Ones that wouldn't get hurt easily.

Like this one. Its equipment was mostly steel.

It saves a lot of trouble.

At times I'd run into acquaintances.

Some hadn't changed much.

Others I hardly recognized.

I was always glad when I saw them, even though they might not remember me.

Of course, there were exceptions.

On August 29, 1995, I ran into my first love again.

But she seemed to have forgotten me.

I guess I'd gotten too handsome.

How come you're so late? I was busy.

What's he doing?

Who knows?

It was cold that evening.

I hadn't expected winter to come so soon.

I'm less and less used to this kind of weather.

Winter seems so long this year.

Though I eat a lot every day, I still feel cold.

I've gotten used to life without a partner.

Though I work with others at times, I don't usually have fixed partners.

I've grown more cautious.

I won't make their beds anymore, for example.

I don't inspect their trash, 'cause I believe even more strongly now that the best partners don't get emotionally involved.

You rub elbows with a lot of people every day.

Some strangers might become your friends or even confidants.

So I never turn my back on a chance to rub elbows.

Sometimes I rub till I bleed.

No big deal, as long as I'm happy.

That night, I ran into that woman again.

I knew very well we'd never be friends or confidants.

We'd had too many chances to rub elbows in the past.

We had rubbed elbows till our clothes tore, but still no sparks.

Maybe it was the weather, but that evening I felt a spark.

As I was leaving, I asked if he'd give me a ride home.

I hadn't ridden on a motorcycle in a long time.

Actually, I hadn't been that close to a man for a while.

The road wasn't that long, and I knew I'd be getting off soon.

But at that moment I felt such warmth.