Fallo! (2003) Script

subtitles translated from Spanish into English from movies subtitles.alege.net


Wanted Tinto: My name is Milena.

I am 19 years old and the bride of Dario.

Some weeks ago, something curious happened to me and... you may know what to think about that.

It is not that I feel guilty about something, but because I feel... your sympathy and I am sure you understand certain things.

I had gone with my boyfriend to the sea and... sought a peaceful place at the beach.

Then I noticed that we were not alone in the dunes.

I asked Dario to change place, so as not to be watched.

But I became amused and excited by the exchange of glances, and more daring and almost frivolous.

The idea of being seen made me audacious... and almost shameless.

-You bet on that one! -What else?

That Dario knows and is into everything.

You are so malicious.

Look, what if you had done it?

Would you do such a thing?

-Not even in my dreams. -Can't you see the funny side?

Touching time for me, yes, but for my boyfriend, I think not.

What does the boyfriend matter? You need not do it with him.

Oh no? And so with whom?

Now I know you'll know.

If it is not with the boyfriend, where is the fun?

And the malicious me?! This is just a dime of truth!

-Ever those lived delusions. -My business!

-Aha, so I said! -I did not.

Neither did I think so!

What has that to do with the lived illusions?

Imagine the dreaming, the fantasies...

Like in the films, no?

So clear as in my movies.

I am writing to you Mr. Brass, because I believe that you can... confirm and give opinion on what happened to me.

It is delicate and I can count on your discretion.

My name is Elena, I have always lived in Bassano, 28 years old...

I am married to Guido, a computer programmer.

He was always opposed that I seek a job because... he prefers me dealing with housework.

Guido? Hello love.

Hello dear. How are you?

As always. Well!

-How much longer? -Time to smoke... a cigarette and serve the officer.

What a perfume!

Enough, Guido. I am cutting it!

To see you working in your kitchen increases my appetite.

I am growing.

Wash your hands before I serve.


Ah, good night countessa.


Yes, I think so.

What with my husband?

This shouldn't be a problem.

I agree.

I agree.

If you cannot make it, well, let me know.

Until tomorrow then.

By three.

Everything ok.

Yes, everything ok.

Good night countessa.

And this, what is this?

-What is this? -No, I do not know what it is, but...

I never use those things with you.

What are you trying to say my love?

What are those things doing in your bag?

And with whom did you use them?

Nothing Guido, what are you thinking? Forget them.

They were given to me by some kids leaving the supermarket.

I understand and apologise.

Some guys stop you in the street and... give away a box of condoms.

No, it's not as you think.

It's a collection for the prevention of AIDS.

You give something and they give you a box.

I did not want them, as we don't use them.

But they insisted for 10 million lire. Did I do wrong?

What evil did I commit?

The donation against AIDS.

Why can't I say this?

If you cannot trust me any longer. Then we are finished.

There should be no secrets between us, you know.

Incidentally, who was on the phone?

-The countess Franca. -Who? Again? What for?

-To accompany me tomorrow at Treviso. -For what?

Nothing, as usual, as lady of good company.

She wants some help to choose furniture in an antique shop.

-Do you at least get paid? -Yes, and you know so.

She always gives me some gift.

Elena, I'm dying to have you.

The donation against AIDS was an invented lie.

The condoms were my working tools.

For a few months, I was going two times a week to Treviso,... where away from the indiscrete glances of Bassano,... in the house of the countess Franca, there developed... my activities as a prostitute.

Two women, how wonderful!

I was building up my juice all week.

Only two whores like you can get me hot enough.

Yes, call me a fucking slut!

Switzerland you slut for the cock of your husband.

The power of Italy!

Whom shall I pay?

You or the countess?

It's the same to me. What do you say Michelle?

Goodbye my treasure. Come back soon.

Better for us. Leave us being comfortable.

If you want to fuck me again, arrange it with the countess.

We can have more dirty threesomes.

Michelle is my name in battle, because...

I like that song by the Beatles... and the French always love the insides.

I do not know the true name of Wanda, she is a...

Madam of Lausanne who comes for a revitalisation cure.

How good is this!

I feel reborn. In body and in spirit.

Instead of going on holiday in Capri or in Rimini, I come here.

To get engulfed in gorgeous sex.

Far from the children, Switzerland and my husband.

It is but a work of charity, for...

us five, working for the countess.

Every one with its own cause and motive. Mine, to meet... the whims of salary, Guido refuses me to enjoy.

Wanda comes to be fulfilled by sex, and then to be a female... model in Switzerland. Irma, a professor of sadomasochism comes,... because she is separated and has a son in charge.

Sofía, a Bulgarian, because she has escaped her country.

And Lucy, the Lolita wants to marry.

And so in contrast, has nearly arrived.

And what are the causes?

In my case, abandonment.

-And if you want more? -Here you can have fun.

-Who will give? -Enough. Case is closed.

Santa innocent, in a few months, I'd say... if you follow my drift.

To get the wins here in a week,... in Bulgaria, I had to work for a year.

Also it is so much fun. Is it not, Michelle?

Yes, I think, as with everything, one gets used to it.

So, if occasionally, I would like to buy something, say... a microwave, a car to go shopping,... nice holidays.

Why not? Once or twice.

With all that made me move my husband,... punishing the men is a real pleasure.

The more punishment, the happier they are.

Girls, there is a man, who wishes to get to know you.

It's new. I recommend it.

Get a move on, understood?

Please go ahead.




Sofía... and Michelle.



Are we going?


What are you doing there motionless?

-Guido? Guido? -My name is Carlo!

-Carlo? -Carlo, yes, Carlo.

Let's move it, what do you expect? Strip off, get naked!

Aren't you a slut? Timid by any chance?

No, no. It's just...

I do understand. You want to be paid first?

-How much is it normally? -Usually, 300,000 lire.

-By the devil! -What?

I hope you derserve this.

With or without a condom?

With, without it is 200,000 lire more.

-Bloody hell! -Oh?

However first. As a good whore,....

I am the horn without a rubber hat.

Alright, good.

Since you insist.

Come to the bathroom.

For what?

To get it from my mouth, but first I wash.

Now I was to continue the game.

Guido was Carlo and it was for me not to know... him as Michelle and to treat him like a client.

Enough! 300,000 lire for this is too much.

-What are you doing? -Something I never did with my wife. The ass!

No, Guido, no!

And deal with that Guido!

I am Carlo. Do you understand, yes or no? Carlo!

-Carlo! -Ok, I realised, you are Carlo.

As you cannot do that! You may not be!

And who are you to say no?

You only paid for a regular fuck.

Be quiet, you get the rest the next time.

Because my dear, I will return, come back!

And how I shall return.

In effect, Carlo returned several times to the countess,... behaving always like a client,... wanting to fuck the slut Michelle, the crap, that did not happen... with his wife Elena. -Listen,... in Turin, a house was discovered, which indulged in appointments of sadomasochisms.

The police arrested six women of questionable reputation.

Some students, others employed, also housewives,... and mothers of families.

The tarif rates ranged from 500,000 lire.

Do you realise Elena? Whilst the husbands are working,... for regulation wages, these foxy bitches, with half... a day of nastiness rake in millions?

The truth is, that some women are born whores.

Too poor perhaps, to look after their homes.

Some extravagance, some seem innocent.

What fucking innocence?

On the cost of the house, with your work... for the lady of your company, could we not buy... a new car? The one we have got has had it.

Perhaps,you could go to work some day.

Naturally, the car again. We'll buy it.

A beautiful Alfa GTV, in red colour.

But for me, dear Mr. Brass, there is a doubt.

Guido, my husband, is he... becoming chaste or is he already?

Want to hear something good?

And you? Don't you wish to try something special?

But not anything dirty.

Chupa, a little with the lips, a little with the teeth.

Well I see that you know how to eat well.

Very well!

Rich, perhaps a little tender.

But rich.

Lee, better Lee.

Dear Tinto Brass,...

I believe that you are a ''voyeur''.

It is true, you are a ''voyeur''.

It is not a reproach, but the finding of someone, who is aware... about certain things that comprise the journey of life.

All we like at the end, is to be admired and desired.

And even to feel above certain looks of lust and of excitement.

There is that intoxicating emotion,... which gives me a delicious sense of power.

Still, it seems interesting.

I am 19 years old and my name is Elisabetta, but all... call me Betta and say that I am pretty.

The other day, I was sitting in the lower parts of the Etruscean landmark theatre,... aiting for my boyfriend, who had gone to buy a sandwich.

There was noone, only me and a Japanese tourist,... with large spectacles and shiny glasses.

Though not seeing with real eyes,...

I knew his glasses were so looking at me.

I felt their physical gaze upon my body.

And it was pleasureably exciting.

I felt like being in the cinema, in the fabric of one of your films.

Knowing that the Japanese just simulated the picture with his camera; but in reality using the zoom lens as a telescope.

This would be a ''voyeur'', but this fox was a clever scoundrel.

What should I do? Archive it?

Yes, into the files.

Yes, a nice mischievous exhibit.

A little like all women, she says.

What do you think?

I always think about the things I see.

What the hell?


-Email to Tinto Brass. -Thanks, give it to me.

We see how to accout for this?

Mr. Brass, in shipping, in agreement with my husband,... these pictures and this tape. We wish to know what you think... from the artistic and professional point of view and... from the erotic and the sexual.

Not hiding the fact, that I hope to act... in a film with you. -Choose.

-I am for the second? -Let me look at it.

-Move on! -Let me see. Go!

-How sympathetic! -Nothing wrong with that.

Yes, this one, you know.

-In what sense? -The hair in the armpits.

Here. Realise, that it should not be shaved.

-Happy? -Sublime!

-If you say so. -Why? Don't you agree?

Perhaps you are depilated?

Yes, of course, like all the others.

How come, all?

The awful "Barbies" of television?

What a disastrous subordination!

My name is Renata of 28 years.

My husband, Piero is 35 and is a cook.

We have no children for now, and we don't want any.

We want to see first how the restaurant,... which my husband purchased, would perform. At the beginning, our thing... was going good, because of affection and solidarity... and strong sexual attraction. But little by little, the partnership we... established became ugly and life as a couple wore off.

To spark our relationship, Piero thought of the photos.

As you will see, they are all without face, not because of shame,... or fear of being recognized, but to think of us,... as looking as we do not.

This was a nice game, and lasted a little while,... and gave us the means to recover lost joy.

One day I saw a client filming his wife.

So I told it to Piero and bought a camera.

My husband became a maniac. We performed,... as can be judged by the tape, that he dispatched,... our video has a surprise.

Backwards, to watch it from the beginning!

Do not get angry, it is not my fault!

The images here, dear, are mastered, not supported.

It was a continuing dream, to prepare the studio... and to serve the tables naked. On a closed Monday,... we would have fun playing the waitress pig... and the disgusting customer.

Oh, I dropped the fork!

-Play the pig, Renata! -Mr. what are you doing?

What's up?

Miss! Come here!

Table waitress, I am hungry and have a terrible fever.

-What do you think?

-They are two directors. -Although television shows.

If you cut off any scene, meaning would be lost.

Fresh tits! Special plate. Know how to eat it?

Sure, Renata. You are so tasty!

Enough, I can do no more.

You are very tasty.

Where are you going? Come back!

Please Mister, here. Please what you wish.

He was right, the madam knows it. And how.

Knowledge takes into account the demands of the shooting.

Renata, Renata. You are a bombshell!

-We started from there. -Yes, we did before.

-It seemed good to me. -Why do you say that?

The idea of lunch.

It means television mind-speak.

Sure, sure, the television wise-talk.

How would you like to star! Tell me, if you like piglet.

Yes, I like it. I like.

But I like most to eat licking.


Very well. Make up the podium?

How can it not be so? The oscar winners. Jessica Lange... and Jack Nicholson, ''The postman called twice.".

Where is the surprise?

Perfect! It is very well. Still, Maria.

You are a maniac, I cannot even leave to urinate in peace.

Stay still! Beautiful!

Very good. Very well.

Very good, María. You in the foreground.

Is this an echo school maestro?

Don't say so. Everyone knows, that the amber fluid is my obsession.

I think that was out of focus, can you retake it?

No, impossible, ensure the first take.

Come on Maria. A little goodwill will do.

Let me see it again. Let's go.

Optimal! A good second take!

Come on, Renata. What are you waiting for? Come here.

Hold it, let me see the face.

Finally we see the face.

What do you think? -Attractive.

A little voluptosa, nonetheless.

What can I say? A genuine face, authentic.

More or less, as I imagined. Continue.

Very good, truly you did very well.

-Very good. -Action, Renata! Help to remove her clothes.

How beautiful!

Very well, Renata. You too, get naked.

-Do it. -What do you expect, stripping off!

How hairy you are! Don't you shave?

I like it. To look at it! Take off your panties!

Aren't you cold?

It's getting hot here!

Wonderful, like two nympholinas.

Very good, embrace each other...

Very well, kiss and fondle, play with each other.

Very well. Just like that.

Splendid. Your playing. Moving with conviction.

Watch out! I am going to catch you! -Run!

After a while, the experience of home video... became repetitive, so we looked to exchange... the tapes with other lovers of sex, those wo felt... the same pleasure to be watched and to look. So we met....

Mario and María, a couple of videofilio, to whom we proposed... to do it together with. It was an exciting perspective, although... it was a contract that said: "Games manual,... penetration expressly prohibited''.

This video is the result of such a meeting and contains... the surprise, which I mentioned.

-Mario! What are you doing? -What Satyr! Don't do it

My apology. Did we not agree, that penetration would be forbidden?

This is for the video. Come on Piero, fuck me.

Also, move from fiction to reality.

The exchange of tapes and the encounters occurred and... our understanding improved. Since the beginning... we overcame the prohibitions. I hope that you enjoyed... and agree with me, just as when you make a film.

The idea of being watched by a hundred thousand, a million spectators... excites me terribly.

And? What do you think of it?

In summary, what do you make of it?


It gives me inspiration.

-Really? -I see! The thing I have between my legs.

I understand. I finish here.

Look it is getting late. I expect the grandchildren at home.

And my boyfriend is outside, looking for me.

'' Bye-bye'', maestro.

'' Bye-bye''.

Forgive me of holding you up.

What has happened to you?

I was collecting the mail.

Dear Mr. Brass, I am Rosella and I saw some of the films,... not in the cinema, but in the tapes, which Gianni my husband,... brings home and which we watch together.

I am 33 years old and think of myself as as a normal woman,... far faway from damsels and their works.

However, something incredible happened to me, which seems... impossible of having occured. Perhaps that's why...

I write. I was angry with my husband, because he would stay... at work at the clinic at night and not... take me out for dinner as agreed.

I had my outing organised. I took the children to... mama and did not prepare dinner. You could have told me before.

Sorry, it is not my fault. We are going out to dinner another day,... besides, I am tired. -It's always the same!

First the rest and finally your wife.

-Not so, I apologised. -You are a specialist at that.

Thus you never bring it on. You only care for yourself.

Everything must turn around you and get done your way.

The others do not count. For you I am just a housewife,... and your maid.

Enough, Rosella. I visited the sick all day long.

I am tired. And you create problems over nothing.

Stop being so hysterical. Bye! I cannot say any more in here.

Talk to me at home. When you have calmed down.

What did you say, hysterical? Who?

Hello? Hello!

It was me. I know, when my... husband behaves well, then I become a beast.

I lose control, become inexplicable.

I was sure that it was Gianni again, but I did not have... any inclination to speak nor to listen.

Love, I tell you something: my cock is hard.

Can you hear, beloved?

I thought about it and I got a hard-on.

-That's the way it is! -Who is talking?

-You are not Teresa. -Of course not, I am Rosella.

So what, I have a hard-on.

So what can I do about that?

-Lend us a hand. -Who allows you of using me?

Sorry, I continued to believe you were Teresa.

But I told you, I am Rosella.

This is just as well, give me a hand, it is good.

What hand? I do not understand.

A hand, just a hand.

Indeed! But you must pretend that my hand is yours.

-You are crazy! -Please, don't hang up.

I could not forget that voice. It's sensuality prevented me.

He had a passion, a transmitted lustfulness,... a feeling which I had never experienced before.

-Are you still there? -Yes.

-Are you alone? -Yes, but only momentarily.

Who is he? Your boyfriend? Your husband?

-A peasant, but he's not here now. -It's better that way. Let's take advantage of that.

Touch yourself and imagine it to be my hand that fondles your sexy bits.

He was stronger than me and emerged spontaneously to satisfy... the unknown and the unseen. I don't know.

Are you doing it, Rosella?

-Yes. -Bravo.

You are getting your caresses from me, you know.

-What are you touching? -My breasts within my blouse.

-On top of my bra. -Bring them out.

Moisten your fingertips with saliva... and wet your nipples.

Do you like it? It is my hand that plays with you.

-Tell me, if you like it. -Yes, I like it.

Very good, continue and pretend that it is my hand, that fondles you.

Bloody hell!

Rosella, my love, let me feel how wet you are between your legs.

Feel it, my love. My fingers just slipped into your panties.

And entered your hot and wet vagina.

Your cherished sexy lips of ardent lust and desire.

And so flush in the springtime of your passion.

Can you feel my cock as your clitoris between your fingers?

Every stroke of yours, it gets bigger and harder.

Feel it, love, are you coming?

Respond, Rosella, tell me that you can feel it.

Yes, I am sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Slowly! Gently!

I can't take any more.

No! Come slowly too.

Gently, slowly.

What dominating fingers you have!

It makes me crazy.

Yes, like that, penetrate my yoni, please.

I love you deep iside. Take my bushy cunt, I beg you.

Don't stop. More cock inside.

Stronger please.

Take it. Push it, we are getting there, forcefully.

Yes, that's good. We are coming together.

Yes, that's it! More, keep it going!

Squeeze my balls, my darling.

That feels so good! More, more!

Come, how do you like the fucking!

Now you will feel my prick from behind.

Yes, do so my love.

Yes lend me a hand. Please give me a hand.

-Does your man never do that to you? -Never.

You are so right to be annoyed.

-He is a peasant, yes, a bumpkin.

Enter me, my love, from behind.

Pull my arse apart and hammer it.

Here we come. Yes, it fits well inside.

Dirty slut, one hand masturbates in the front... and the other from behind.

Say, that nobody ever made you enjoy yourself, ...

-like that. Made you come like me! -Yes.

Yes, nobody ever before you...

...made me enjoy it so.

I am coming! Do you hear me my love?

What is going on? What do I hear? Ahh!

Look, Mrs. Rosella sees my films as committed by her husband.

Very well. There is a secure future for... telephone operators of the ''hot Iine''. -The more confessors there are,... the more 'talking sluts' there seem to be.

And how do you react, when you see my films?

Obviously, it obliges me to please my boyfriend.

This was written by a man. By the name on the envelope.

Nothing of men! What a shame!


This comes from a woman from Turin.

I am an admirer of you and wish to tell you of an experience,... which might interest you. I am Francesca, 28 years old and... married to Paolo, seven years older than me.

It all started like a game of chance. One night, whilst we made love,... my husband whispered in my ear.

"My dear, would you like to do it with someone else?"

I felt offended, but on the inside my blood was boiling.

The idea of being unfaithful plunged me into a state,,, of a great sexual arousal.

You have never seen anythink like it.

Leave me at peace.

-Who can think of things like that? -Stop it, PaoIo.

This is nothing but a fantasy of yours.

It is not my desire.

But soon, the fantasies became insufficient.

So to prove that he had doubled my pleasure,...

I accepted, a little reluctantly, to go to a place where my husband... said, we would experience a different kind of evening.

What knickers are you wearing?

The one you bought in Paris.

You might be in for a surprise.

I've got the one to please.

You can insist for me to look sexy, but I repeat to you,... that I do not intend to do anything.

As you wish my dear.

Nobody forces you.

Each of us is free to behave as we want to.

You are wet.

It was true, my body had betrayed me.

Outside, I felt disgusted with my husband,... but I was really atrracted by it like flies to the honey.

Paolo took me to a residence,... where the practice was to swap partners.

-Yes, who is it? -Roberto.

Oscar sent me.

Well, we have arrived.

-Are you coming in? -One moment.

-Good evening and welcome friends. -Good evening.

Have you got something for the cloakroom?

Perhaps you don't need your handbag.

Do you know the local?

No, but others of the same style.

The ones that pay for drinks, will know. They'll see.

Let's go.

What would you like?

-What would you like to drink dear? -Nothing.

To watch, we must consume something.

-A whisky on the rocks. -One with Coca-Cola. for me.

-Here you are. -Thanks.

Here we go.

Have another?

-How much is it? -100,000.

-Thanks. -Thanking you.

Take it.

Come, we find someplace to sit.

Nothing is hidden in here.

And neither can one drink too much.

Sparkle as if you were in our house.

Enough, what are you doing?

What they all do.

We are going, just relax.

-Let it all come out. -Are you crazy.

Enough, I feel so ashamed.

No way, Francesca.

I know that you'll like it.

Can't you feel how wet you are?

Let yourself go, Francesca.

This is an opportunity to play it for real.

Don't be afraid my love.

I am here.

Where are we going?

Get up Francesca. Swap places.

We are going to another room.

But as in a mirror it all returned to be seen. Apparently... reserved and adaptable, but in reality the whoring of it all.

But seeing Paolo being possessed by another woman made me crazy with jealousy.

But this jealousy also made me cazy with lust and desire.

Yes Paolo! I am enjoying it! I like it!

Me too, Francesca. me too!

Yes my love - I do too.

And it was so shameful.

-You were once? -Where?

In the fields, one of the clubs of encounters.

Yes, sure I remember, I was.

In France and in Italy.

I would never swing like that.

Don't be so sure about it. You are too naive.

And too jealous.

As anyone would be, who loves the truth.

-Is your boyfriend also like this? -Like crazy!

He saves himself in everything. -And so he does.

-In saving himself for me? -No just in his jealousy.

Listen to this.

''Dear Tinto, my name is Veronica of 45 years.

My husband is an architect, we have two good sons... and a nice positive conjugal life in all... the senses and manners that interest him.

But as always, there is a 'but'.

Every day I come out of the house to make the daily purchases.

The subsaharan tram is full of people and forgive the language... and candor, I play the thing from the ass.

The thing excites me very much, but whenever I feel... of getting aroused, my playing gets interrupted.

What a swine, didn't she tell at least what tram she takes? -No.

What a shame!

Enough is enough!

Here is another read.

But hurry, tonight I should go on time.

My boyfriend is coming by to pick me up.

This letter does not want to appear pathetic, nor a... search for justification, but the story of how the lack of... illusion can be a reason for unsuspected satisfaction.

My name is Ivana of 33 years, and I am telling you, I have always been faithful to my husband Filippo.

But his vice is the card game and gambling and this is the cause of constant disputes... and makes him come home ever later and more nervous.

He had never deceived me, but for that night.

I always lost sleep and waited anxiously for his return.

The time passed, one, two. three.

One gets preoccupied and concerned with... the thought that something might have happened.

Telemessage, the person you called is unavailable.


Is it you?

Also drunk again.

You are unable to even vomit.

Come back to say you lost all your money?

I lost everything.

Who won now?

The dull.

The blonde.

I said to you, no more games.

So I played once again, so what?


It is not the most important thing in the world.

And how much did you lose?

All of it.

I've lost totally.


All of it.


I have nothing left.

You have your wife.

She is a beautiful woman, your wife.

-Only for one night. -Or pay the ten million, which you owe.

-Your wife is a precious woman. -And very lucky.


You also missed out.

You are just drunk.

We'll see.

Let's go to sleep.

No Ivana, it is true.

You also played and you lost.

What the devil are you saying? Are you crazy?

Waiting for you, I gave them security.

Waiting for you, I gave them safety.

I am expected to do what?

You said that I am expect?

You gave the security - of me?

By the devils, who do you think you are?

Unhappy cretin, miserable ruffian, traitor shit!

By me, they can very well wait forever to get their security.

To the devil, with you and your friends.

They are crazy Ivana, capable of anything.

Only to get it straight, the problem is yours not mine.

You and your gambling games, I am tired.

Perhaps, because for the want of Filippo, or by the perverse... pleasure, to see him totally dependent on me,... three days later decided to go to pay this dues,... this extravagant debt of my husband.

In addition, I confess, I was intrigued.

The blonde and the dull. What value for the both of them?

See, help me.

Get the dress.

Still beautiful?

Consider love and games?

-Answer me. Love? -Yes.

Telemessage, the person you called is not available.


Is this you Ivana?

Help me!

Help me. Assist.


Lift your legs.

And the panties?

And the bra?

At the games.

I played and I lost them.

Lost them.


Please help me!

And your friends.

The blonde!

The dull!

Is this enough?

-No, the debt is large.

-And you are very beautiful. Now drop for the behind.

Here is the soap.

This is precisely what I wanted to say.

The dull and the blond...

did so with the soap.

We'll see.

-FiIippo. -My love?

When will we get back to play?

Poor Filippo, lost in the game and also with his wife.

You think so? I, in contrast say that he has recovered.

-No reception for anyone! -I have an appointment!

What is happening? Go and look.

Maestro, I have something special and he won't let me come in.

-You cannot pass! -Go away outside.

I have something truly exceptional.

See, show the maestro.

Show it to the maestro.

-What is going on? -Can't you see?

I only see a cheeky one.

-In other words, two of those. -Look at it maestro. Well, look at it.

Is it not a loveliness? Show it. Show it to the maestro.

-Congratulations! What did I say to him? Doesn't she at least deserve a test?

Yes, I don't know. Perhaps.

At least it deserves the proof of the currency.

Show me how you move. Pick it up.

Is it like this?

Or is it so?

Well you have a future. So says someone, who knows.

-Thank you maestro. -Then you make her a star?

She can be. We will see.

You are more attracted by the comical gendre,... than by the dramatic.

By the master of erotica.

Back in your dress. You have a great future "behind'.

-What actress? -More. All of you!

Leave a photo with my secretary.

-Thank you, maestro. -Thanks.

We will keep a picture of yourself.

-Thanks, maestro! -Thanks.

Thank you miss. I told him that was exceptional.

Thanking you too. Here it is, I recommend it.

Archive ''A''? -How did you guess?

What are you doing tonight?

As I said.

I am going to the movies with my boyfriend.

You expect to get it outside of yourself?

I see what you're getting at! But why?

Because it won't let you go, before first telling you something about yourself.

Anything? What?

Something or the other. An adventure for example.

-I have nothing to tell! -Impossible!

At least something real, at most a dream.

Do you think it is nothing? The dreams are part of the reality.

Is this the only reality?

-Then it will let me go? I see.

Then you, wherever you want.

Well, I dreamt, that I went to a shoeshop with my boyfriend.

Is this the story, which I interpreted?

Yes of course, you deserve it.

It was the most wonderful shoeshop ever seen.

There was no customer.

Only a few women dummies, a shoeshine black... and the owner of the business.

I would like some red boots!

Suddenly I realised, that the owner was you.

Your final fulfilment.

As you would have expected.

Run along. -Yes, master.

But, Lucia! What are you doing?

Don't you you see? I am with Tinto Brass.

Aye, director!

Ripped by elcodigo and retranslated