Fan (2016) Script

Connection is a strange thing! Don't ask how it works

Our friendship goes back years Our connection is stronger than Wi-Fi, Bluetooth The best actor award goes to Aryan Khanna First time I'm getting an award, a major award in the film industry This one's for you, Ma Thank you very much Before I could walk, I learned how to jump like Aryan

Aryan? The moron!

Anyone insults him I fight

If I copy his style...

...l get whacked I don't think I've done enough work. It's just been 5 years I still have a long way to go as an actor and star I'll work hard and prove I'm a genuine superstar

I never compare What is better is to say you are the best, not bother about others You're the greatest. But I'm better Never met him. But I spend all day with him That's real connection Whatever he does, I cut, copy, paste, and ditto Tiny difference He became a star And I became his fan

And something else We live together In one cinema or the other

The real drama will start now!

None of my achievements are my own I am who I am today, I am where I am today It's all thanks to my fans Without my fans, I'm nothing Can't you even get 40% marks?

It's always Aryan, Aryan

My parents don't get it He's not just a star, he's my world But God bowled a great googly When God was making Aryan, some clay was left behind...

...God made me with that

He and I are different. Poles apart But we are one He is Aryan and me, Junior Aryan

I topped up your phone. 200 rupees Send the money tomorrow Don't worry Tomorrow is fine The shop is closing now Check your phone You're a gem. Bye, aunty Batman, Superman! Enough slaughter Shut down now. Kill the bad guys tomorrow Gaurav, what's this? It's only 5.30, bro Don't act smart. I told you. You're out by 5.30 Go home, kids Don't mess with me

All Well?

Miss Call Center, where were you? I'm closing So early?

I have a show 5 minutes. Please No. I'll be late Only 5 minutes It's urgent I need a recommendation letter for my US visa I have a costume trial Can you do it later? OK then Thanks

5 minutes You don't let us stay and for her...

Her work is urgent. You just shoot partridges I get what's urgent Come back tomorrow Get lost!

You losers

Sitting here dreaming of America won't help you But staring at Aryan's photo will help you?

Two minutes to go All done

Thank you How much?

Forget it. Can't charge you for 5 minutes Thanks Enjoy!

Brothers, the shop is closed So the action just left?

What's 30 minutes?

I put this notice up a week ago

“Due to the grand Dussehra show

“Organized by the Resident Welfare Assoc. Inder Vihar, DDA Colony

“AK Cyber Chat closes at 5:30 sharp

“By order Gaurav Chandna, proprietor AK Cyber Chat” See you again If I knew English well, I'd be a computer myself The shop won't stay open, even for the Prime Minister I said it's closed. You'll get extra time tomorrow You photocopy!

Don't be cruel like Ravan This boy needs to watch porn. He's upset

I don't heal upset minds at Cyber Chat No porn films allowed here anyway. Out, you guys!

You better outgrow Aryan Khanna. Sid Kapoor is the man now Get smart, photocopy The shop in Sector 28 is open Go there Don't you dare touch me!

Don't touch Here, I'm touching

Get out of here

Let go! They need a lesson Want to see porn? Huh...

What are you doing?

Nothing. I let you chat. So they made trouble I'm fine You can all go. Thank you!

The jobless morons They came to watch blue films. I whacked them Why play the hero? Why didn't you call for help?

But I did call you

My heart did So you came back Please, Gaurav. Stop talking like Aryan Drop it. Coming to the show tonight?

Too much to do. I don't have time like you Today's a birthday special No, thank you Welcome

How did you get hurt?

Who hit you? I'll complain to the association It's fine. Don't ruin my concentration Concentration? You can't move. How will you go on stage?

The prize is 20,000. Cash!

You won't give me 20,000 to go and meet Aryan My only chance to fulfill my dream I don't have money to burn on your silly dreams What about your Tuesday trips to the Hanuman temple?

Doesn't your 101-rupee donation go up in smoke?

Hanumanji is a God. And your Aryan...

He's important to me Every fool has met him, only I haven't Spray some scent on me

Careful If you can't do it, never mind My fans are waiting. Get ready Listen to your mother. Stop your drama The real drama starts now Hold on to your hearts You're about to see a performance...

...that the Western Union, moving money for better...

...Super Star competition can never do without You guessed right Here he comes. The two-year winner:

Our Aryan Khanna Junior

Jindal aunty!

Your pressure cooker on the stove?

The only whistle you'll hear today is right here My hattrick year Today I'll share something personal About me and Aryan I hide nothing from you I'm no ace at romancing But when I see her, my emotions go haywire Words escape me

Senior is an expert heart-stealer. So I asked him... help his Junior

It's delicate. I must tread carefully Don't forget The heart's job is to beat When you count the night stars...

...and yearn to etch my name on every star You know you're in love When you want to turn back as you walk ahead When you look for me in a crowd You know you're in love If you don't believe me Then hold my hand If your heart stops, then you know...'re in love

I don't have your style, Senior But if anyone insults you...

...l want to break their teeth Mummy says, “Calm down"

“Aryan is India's sweetheart” But he's a Delhi boy after all Come, Senior. Let's show them some Delhi muscle

Ma used to say: “Don't weigh the food you're eating

“Don't count the guys you whack”

Here Use this

I feel like just staring at the screen I have this dream Keep doing your thing with your heroines I've been your fan forever I think you owe me a dance We'll have a blast No one will tell who is Senior, who is Junior. Hit it!

One last thing before I go I am what I am today I am where I am today It's all thanks to my fans Without my fans I'm nothing

Brothers and sisters!

The Virat act did not impress us The Katrina act did not impress This year like every other year The Western Union, moving money for better...

Super Star competition's trophy goes to our very own...

Gaurav Chandna

Give him a big hand!

I want to thank my Mummy My Papa

My God The greatest actor in the world The Aryan Khanna

OK, go But why travel without a ticket?

Go later Later?

Aryan's birthday is in 2 days. And I must wait to book a ticket?

The ticket collector will catch you and belt you Remind her... Aryan travelled to Mumbai for the first time WT Without ticket!

You want to give him the trophy? Courier it. Post it Papa, count the cash again Phony fans cheer him from afar But I'll hug him and hand him the trophy myself Like this Have you gone mad?

Control the boy Here. 20,000 ls your spit on the notes?

Socks, in the outside pocket. Underwear, inside the bag Any extra underwear? I'll have no time to wash them Here. Give this to him from your Papa and me Sohan halwa Tell him your father got it especially for him From Chandni Chowk Why tell him? I'll show him I'll show Aryan a family selfie. Come, we'll get the background Mummy, hold the box. I'll hold the trophy Papa, hide those undies Cheese Cheese!

Shall I drop you at the station? No, you go to the shop Can you manage? Sure Don't overstay at Aryan's I've only four days leave. Can't extend Don't worry, Papa. By mummy Be careful, son

Where to?


Your parents throw you out?

Keep dreaming about moving to America I'm off to meet Aryan, face-to-face Told Aryan you're coming?

He's my Aryan, not America. No visa needed I'm going to America to make a new life. You'll get zero meeting Aryan

Forget it, you won't understand

Hello, uncle Hello, aunty

Your ice cream One vegetarian meal Seat number?


I'll get it

If you want to stretch your legs or your back, tell me It's only one night. We'll adjust

Allow me Now it's OK

Let me put uncle's plate down. Don't worry

We're coming

Without ticket?

Uncle, it's a long story Let me explain I'll do the explaining. Call Ratlam police station Let him spend two days inside. No more WT traveling Uncle, you don't get it. I could've bought the ticket I want to travel without one Come along I'm not a thief or a criminal You see tomorrow is Aryan Khanna's birthday No point if I get there late Aryan Khanna?

Right! He went to Mumbai WT Stayed at Hotel Delite. Room number 205 I'll be staying there too. Get the picture?

Let me get to Mumbai. You won't lose anything Here's the ticket money. Keep it But I'll travel WT Shut up!

You need a tight slap Take him. He won't listen Damn you!

Take me to Mumbai. Or I'll jump

You'll be answering the cops all night Want to die? Get back inside If I can't see Aryan Khanna on his birthday... point living Don't lose your head over these film stars He may be a film star to you. But he's special to me Give me your hand or you'll die Take me to Mumbai OK! Give me your hand One veg meal? Done. Give me your hand OK, hold me

ls he a relative? Do you really know him?

Is he family? What are you to Aryan Khanna?

A fan

Room 205 is occupied Why? I've booked it No bookings here First come, first serve. Pay cash, take the key

I'll pay double But only room 205 If you don't give it to me, just see what I'll do

Hey boy! Move the stuff from 205 to 209 Here, brother. Room 205 for you

Happy birthday, Senior

Let me pass, brother. I'm late. Move it!

What a crowd! By God Brother, move aside

The press over there

Let them come in A selfie! Smile

Thank you

These two-faced fans They moan about his films And come here to pose with him You can't go there I'm not one of them. Those FB types. Phony fans I'm Gaurav Chandna I've come from Delhi. WT. Rajdhani Express Guess where I'm staying?


Hotel Delite. Room number 205 Don't you get it?

I'll show you magic You'll enjoy it. Look!

When you count the night stars...

...and yearn to etch her name on every star You know you're in love When her breath is carried by the breeze...

Lets go press You know you're in love When you turn back as you walk ahead Check the press IDs Go inside Not you! Don't you get it?

I want to show him my trophy I just want him to see it. Then I'll be gone


If Aryan ever hears that you hit me...

...he'll thrash you

It's OK. It's nothing

Mummy sent you special halwa And this trophy...your birthday. Mummy sent special halwa

Yes, Mummy?

I'm fine Aryan is fine, too I haven't met him yet. You're talking like a child, Mummy He's a superstar. How can I just meet him?

There are thousands of people here to meet him They've built a 50 ft wall in front of him The poor guy is stuck alone behind it Scream as hard as you want, he can't hear

I'm hanging up. I'll call later

They say common sense deserts a man in bad times Seems that's Aryan Khanna's fate now In his twilight years, his films are bombing No surprise that he's on edge and snappy On his 48th birthday, he showed his irritation...

...through his gift to Sid Kapoor No star has matched Aryan till now But Sid Kapoor...

...has pulled the rug from under his feet The party guests said...

Sid Kapoor just hinted that...

...Aryan Khanna's days were over What did Kapoor tell Aryan Khanna...

...that made him hit Sid Kapoor?

I went to wish him happy birthday Look what he did to me! Totally out of order He's an elder. I respect him a lot I always say I've learned how to act by watching his films I don't know why I make him insecure What will you do? Take legal action?

I should I'll talk to my legal team Let's see what they say. It's my duty to do something So no newcomer is mistreated by a senior star That's all I want to say We'll talk after I've consulted my legal team

Liar! Cheat Playing the good boy on TV. Anyone can see through you You think he's insecure?

He's seen off dozens like you No one has touched Aryan Khanna for 25 years Do your worst, sonny!

No one can touch him Just you wait

Cut it!

Great shot Superb!

Liked it? Fantastic

Sid Kapoor! You swallowed Aryan Khanna whole

What dialogue delivery!

You've destroyed Aryan Khanna. Blew him away I am your biggest fan, sir At the contest back home...

It's my bad luck I look like Aryan, but I always impersonate you I win, sir I've even won a trophy. I love you, sir Let me show you my trophy, sir. Please...

You let the girls through Let him come Sh" says yes Sorry. Give me space

I'll show you my act?


The mind always outsmarts the face, Mr. Singhania YOU can ape someone But you can't ape his mind

When all doors are shut There's a knock at mind's door And when that door opens, you see a new road I have walked that road to you, Singhania

And through that very door you shall walk to your peril You're too good, fan Well done, man

Relax man, calm down

I have the same jacket you're wearing That's good. Very nice Sir's lunch break now One chance, sir

Santosh, bring me the salad in half an hour And this fan, come on!

Hear that?

Sit down No, thank you

Sir, a small suggestion from a fan Why fight with Aryan Khanna?

Why bother with the police and police reports?

That's nothing, bro I'll drag him to court Allow me Time's up for Aryan Khanna

I'll wring your neck Santosh!

To hell with Santosh Shut up! No one is coming

Close your mouth

Now listen... sit quietly...

Don't open your mouth again to insult Aryan. One peep and...

I'll crush your chocolate face with the wrapper

No fan will look at you again

Spouting pearls of wisdom on TV. Look at my camera Read! Here's the script. Learn the lines Do your rubbish acting

Your damn phone never stops ringing

Now I'll see Read it!

Sta rt

It's in Hindi, dude

You're a Hindi film hero and you can't read Hindi?

Where do they find you guys?

What do you film people say?


Dear Aryan sir I'm really very sorry My statement to the press was all lies I wanted to spoil your name No one can take your place. You're the best The greatest, the most evergreen super-duper star I apologise again Think of me as your kid brother and forgive me Why won't he play with you? Shall I tell him to?

Dad, he bullies me He bullies you because he's scared of you He thinks you'll win. We'll cheat!

Dhruv, let's play Dad, come on Play with lsha. I've trained her

I am so sorry Dad, you made me lose a point Now she's ahead of you. Try and win from her

I'm glad Sid realised his mistake. He's a great guy. Young and new Glad it got sorted

Ladies and gentlemen, last point, next point Nothing is sorted, it's a game Apology, say sorry - it's all a game You should've controlled yourself I tried very hard I gave him one slap. More a pat See the scandal it's created If someone comes to my house, drinks my expensive wine Flirts with my wife. Must I just stand by and watch?

You have no time Let someone else flirt with me Actually you're right But not this moron The video has gone viral. Social media is abuzz Join us for the stock market news after this short break

Aryan, wake up!

What happened?

Did you sleep here all night?

I was reading a script. It was so good that I dozed off Sunaina is here. She has something to wake you up with Good morning, Aryan It's too early, Sunaina I know. I'm really sorry. I have to tell you something Are you pregnant? Shut up, Aryan See this Come on. Look here and say your lines. Hurry Dear Aryan sir Look here. Look at the camera OK. I'll do it

Come on Did Aryan send you?

Aryan has nothing to do with it. Do as you're told. The camera If you want cash, take it. Just let me go Cash? I'll give you cash Stop! I'll do it What will you do? Scum!

A fan Calls himself Junior Aryan Khanna He sent a message

“A small birthday gift to the love of my life, Senior Aryan Khanna Call me once to thank me. My life will be set”


Junior Aryan Khanna?

You calling from Aryan's house?

Yes Where is Senior? Aryan Khanna?

He's busy right now. He asked me to call you How come he's so busy? No time to talk to his Junior?

I did so much for him I came to the house on his birthday, The crowd...

Yeah, yeah, hello


Aryan Khanna?

Gaurav this side. Your fan, your Junior Where are you?

Just guess

Delite hotel, in your room Room no. 205. Charm Road. Remember?

But if you're calling to say thank you, it won't do I deserve a hug from my brother

You want to see me? Sure I made a big scandal just to meet you Wait there. I'll send a car to pick you up

Done, Senior Thank you!

Mind blasting Really?

Go by taxi You're going to Aryan Khanna's. Don't go by auto-rickshaw He's sending me his personal car He's invited me home Don't forget to take pictures If he offers you any food, no pouncing on it like a pauper Food? I'm not going for the food. I'm going there to hug him Tell him to wear the clothes I had made for him at Diwali Make sure he takes the trophy As though he wouldn't Say hello from me And me, too OK. I'll tell him Phone me once you've met him The car's here. Call you later The car is there


Are you the driver?

Junior Aryan Khanna?

Did you act smart with Sid Kapoor? No You're mistaken Did Sid Kapoor send you?

I'll tell you later. Come I'm meeting Aryan. I won't go anywhere Like hell you won't I won't come Don't touch me No touching

Let me go!


Try catching me!

Stop! You rascal Please don't hit me

Don't hit hard. We have orders

Let's go Let me call Aryan Khanna Where are you taking me?

Sid Kapoor is evil. Don't get mixed up with him Shut up!

I did it for Aryan Khanna. His problem is my problem

If Aryan hears about this...

...he'll skin you alive Stop!

Think carefully. We'll be back. Let's go

Good evening, sir. Come in

We asked him why he made the video He says he'll talk only to you You told us to go easy on him Hardly touched him Thank you Usman Yes, sir?

This is for his expenses Keep him here for 2 days Get him a ticket to Delhi. Take him to the station As I said, don't beat him up too badly Just enough to scare him No one must hear about this No police record, no video statement. Please Sure, sir Where is he?

I want to meet him alone You stay here Yeah


Senior You're here I knew you'd come They hit me and hit me They broke my bones

I protected my face It's Aryan Khanna's face. Nothing must happen to it

See? Same to same

Everyone calls me Junior Aryan Khanna. But I say...

...there's only one Aryan Khanna


It's OK

I impersonate you at the yearly Super Star competition Always win first prize

The bastards took my bag. My trophy was in it I brought it to show you

I could show you my act

I'm nervous in front of you It's all right. Sit No audience here. Their screaming and cheering helps Are you from Delhi? West Delhi You're from Rajender Nagar, I'm from lnder Vihar Two traffic lights from the TV tower. Near DAV Park Listen carefully You did something nasty It's a crime A crime in the eyes of the law. Love in your eyes, no?

Not love, it's stupidity

Do you have family?

There's Papa, Mummy And you, too Have you thought what your parents would say?

They'd be sad seeing you in that sadistic video Why would we show it to them? It was for you Did you like my birthday gift?

Sid Kapoor? I beat the crap out of him

I don't understand how the cops discovered our little secret Our?

There is no “our” between you and me The police brought you here on my orders You made a mistake. You had to be punished So you won't mess up again

On your orders? I did so much for you

Who are you to do anything for me?

I'm your fan You're my star Fan? So you do as you please?

Thrash people? Murder?

If need be, I could murder for you

You're not my fan

Don't say that I risked my life to meet you I hit Sid Kapoor a little, so you'd meet me. What did I want... return?

To see you, a few photos, an autograph. That's all

Can't you spare 5 min of your life? It's my life Why must I give you even five seconds?

I am who I am today, where I am today My stardom

It's all thanks to my fans

If it weren't for my fans...

I'd be nothing

Gaurav makes Aryan

Without Gaurav...

...Aryan is nothing

Now you listen carefully When the police let you go, go straight to Delhi, get it?

I'll forget all about Gaurav And you forget you ever met Aryan

Stay in your life. I stay in mine This is your final warning. OK

Forget it You won't understand

Yes, Mummy I'll be home soon Everything OK?

Everything is fine Why didn't you take my call?

I was busy Gaurav, we're worried about you Don't worry You'll come home soon?

Tell Papa to mind the Cyber Cafe Are you eating properly?

The food is fine here

Thank you

Come, hero. Sir wants you

Whatever happened has happened. Put it behind you. Right?

Thank you, brother. I made a mistake. Sorry


Did you hug Aryan Khanna?

Didn't he meet you? Didn't spare 5 minutes?

Don't you feel bad It's not my loss. It's his He's happy where he is. I'm happy where I am

Mummy, make me some rice and beans tonight

Hello, aunty You're moving out?

Who knows what this boy wants Got a good price?

Don't worry, Papa. I'll invest wisely Too much time wasted on Aryan The shop is sold, Mummy. Let's go Hurry. You coming?

Let's go OK, come All well, aunty?

Fans chase stars Now a star will chase a fan Whenever Aryan Khanna's name is taken...'ll be in the same breath as Gaurav Chandna

1 Year later Welcome to Bollywood Café. 98.1 FM Do you know what's special about the weekend?

Guys, this weekend... the Aryan Khanna reloaded show presented by Hyundai Stars have a great life I want a life like Aryan's Full on, jet setter!

One day in London, Dubrovnik the next For the grand Bhutiani wedding Then back to the London show Wow!

Do you know London is one of his favourite places?

In fact he considers it his second home after Mumbai We have some good news and some bad news The bad news first, obviously The Hyundai Aryan Khanna reloaded show is houseful Oh no! What's the good news?

We have 20 free tickets for our listeners Who ever is the first to answer my question correctly...

...wins a free show ticket My question follows straight after this beautiful song

Here's your tickets. Enjoy your visit

How can I help you? One ticket please

Enjoy your visit

The real drama starts now

Aryan Khanna!

Mr. Khanna, Tim Baker, the Manager Aryan Khanna, the actor I hope it's not a bother Fans never bother

Sir, a photo with your wax figure Let me say this. It's amazing You've come all the way to London... take a photo with my wax figure Really, that's very sweet. Is this better?

Better now?

Let me warn you I was much younger then You like it?

Honestly...'s very scary So, does he look like me?

You look great in real life Exactly, darling I agree. What a fat nose he has My nose is tiny A phony face A fake smile All phony I don't smile like this Actually no one smiles like this His hair smells bad. Feels bad, looks bad

In fact, I don't look like him at all This is a fake Aryan Khanna is a fake I want a refund. Aryan Khanna is a fake

This isn't right. You can't do this to our property The white man claims my face is his property Mr. Property Agent. This is me My face, my property Stop now and leave, sir I won't leave

It's a joke. You guys can't take a joke

Come here. Come Who can stop me?

I'll shoot you all I don't understand what you're talking about You are gonna be in a lot of trouble over this Really?

You are in trouble too Stay out of my way! I'll shoot

You alright?



Come out What are you saying?

Arrest warrant for you

What the hell is this?

I didn't go to Madame Tussauds The Indian Ambassador on line I'm not talking to any Ambassador I'm here to arrest him Sir, Mr. Khanna did not go to Madame Tussauds...

Are you Mr. Khanna?

Then just shut up and let me do my job Excuse me. So you are doing your job and we are faffing?

Must say you have a very polite way of talking to women, Mr. Duncan Guess what?

It's my turn to be polite now This, sir, is nonsense

Where were you between 10 and 10.30 this morning?

I was at home And who were you with?

I was alone Did anyone see you at home?

I just told you I was alone Aryan, I'll call our lawyer Can you talk in a language we all can understand?

Let me translate it in a language you understand Lawyer Two options Handcuffs if you are nasty, without handcuffs if you are nice


Just five minutes You stay here Just five minutes sir, please Let's call Akhtar

What happened?

Lost your funny bone?

That's not me Behaves like you Looks like you Everybody calls this person by your name

I said that's not me You have any proof?

Say something, Mr. Superstar

Not to you, Mr. Small-Time cop Not a word without my lawyer Suit yourself

24 hrs remand for Mr. Khanna Till he comes out with the truth You can't do that Sure, I can

Sir, one photograph please?

You have a safe trip, sir Yeah, I will be

It's time. Lets go


In Croatian, we say - How are you?

I'm fine My name is Gaurav

Thank you

Vegetable sandwich... one Which one do you want?

This one?

OK. Here we go

No, no, more. Six more

It's OK. Here

Thank you


It's only bail We know you're lying Why would I waste my lies on you?

That was no imposter. You twisted psycho We'll have you back in jail in no time Please do that Maybe I'll earn some money suing you and the entire British police Aryan, control your temper It's their city, their country Don't make matters worse for yourself So we're done with all the formalities?

Thanks a lot Pathetic fool I'm coming with you to Dubrovnik in case of any immigration problem Hey! Not that way The press is outside

Aryan, this is Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Murthy Pleased to meet you Sorry you had to go through all this but...

We can't interfere very much This is a foreign country after all I know. Rules in every country are made to get the innocent Sir, we're diplomats, not detectives Before the case is solved, we have permission for you to travel Now we can only do that much It's a serious matter. A diplomatic issue So you must prove it wasn't you at Madame Tussauds Must I prove it? OK, I'll play cop I really appreciate your help Thank you Thank you, sir

In jail or dancing at a wedding...

...these stars are so arrogant

Your home CCTV footage has saved us. It's with the police It proves an impostor was at Madame Tussauds and you were at home Who is he? What's his motive Forget the London cops Find out. We need to get this guy We'll know more back in London So you know you can really relax now Wine? Champagne? Anything?

Everything Come on, Aryan. It's over now Sir, a call He says he knows the imposter at Madame Tussauds Give me the phone. I'll talk He'll only talk to sir He won't give me his name Give it to me




I won't let you forget my name It'll be taken in the same breath as your name What do you want?

The stage is set Tell everyone - admit what you did was wrong You'll never break a fan's heart again. Say sorry Stop this nonsense! I'm not apologizing to anyone I tried to make you see sense If you had agreed to give me 5 minutes I would have my life. You would have yours But you had to prove you had star power Now you'll see a fan's power I'm a star I took your pranks as childishness. Threw you inside for only 2 days If I knew the real you, you'd still be inside In 48 hours you snatched away my devotion of 25 years If you don't say sorry... the next 48 hours, your stardom is over Do what you want I've seen off dozens like you The higher you fly, the harder I'll make you fall But you must fly as high as me, Gaurav Chandna Impossible for you We'll see how far you get impersonating me I don't need to go far You're getting closer to me. In Dubrovnik

Idiot. He's in Dubrovnik

Unknown caller, unknown location Obviously, Sunaina. He won't call from a traceable number

Say sorry. It's no big deal

He's mad ls that so? And what am I?

Is the make-up team in place?

They are on there way Oh great. The props, fireworks, confetti all that We've done a couple of rehearsals. Everything's perfect OK. Thank you Aryan asked for a background check of all the staff members ls it done yet? It's going on right now OK. Thank you

Nicksi Jelopera

Medium? Medium size

You're so late, Aryan Khanna. It's just not done I apologise. I'm extremely sorry, Mr. Bhutiani I had a crisis, I'm sorry You celebrities always have some crisis But my daughter doesn't get married everyday I know. I'm sorry You've no idea That stunt you pulled in London has caused me great loss of face No, Mr. Bhutiani What happened at Madame Tussauds...

You know what? I'll make it up to you I swear. Your guests will always think of the grand Bhutiani wedding They better do After all I'm spending a bomb on you

Only you can. I'll get ready Sunaina, find out where the CCTV cameras are Usman, watch the guest areas, the bars, the toilets, the corridors Keep an eye on everyone Excuse me, sir I'm really sorry to interrupt but we just have 2 minutes I don't need two, darling. Let's go, I'm ready Good luck Payal, tell me the names ls Bhutiani's son-in-law called Amul Mirchandani?

It's Anmol Mirchandani Guys, all the best. Break a leg and do well And sisters Anushka, Deepshika?

That's for later, it's all here Second entry dance 5,6,7,8. You're giving it to me Sir, your shades Thank you, Payal OK guys. You have 30 seconds to go All the best, just kill it

Check all entries and exits OK, Sunaina

Find anything?

Not yet, sir. I've spoken to the team, no one enters without an invite Sir, your cue cards

15 secs to go Can you go to cam 4

When you count the night stars...

...and yearn to etch her name on every star You know you're in love When you want to turn back as you walk ahead When you look for her in a crowd, you know you're in love


Check the crew's photos He's not a guest. He's crew. Quick Got it


There. Zoom in Check the crew backstage COPY Payal, we need the crew ids. Photographs and bio-datas Anything serious, sir? Aryan wants to know

Sorry It's fine

The crew is local Except one guy. Half Indian, half Croatian

Akhtar is sending you a photo of him Keep a close eye

Round up all the crew

Any sign of him? Sir, nothing He's not responding Sunaina Can't see him on any camera But I'm at it What are you at it?

Where is there no CCTV camera?

Your make-up room

Careful, sir

“Gaurav makes Aryan"

You're very stubborn. You don't listen to me Why are you hiding? Talk face-to-face I stand face-to-face, Aryan Khanna But you never see me Now when I'm not there, you're longing to see me I know the feeling I felt it among the crowd in front of your house

Sir, the Bhutianis are waiting. The audience interaction...

Yeah. I'm coming I'll take care of it Thank you

I'll come back and see you. Hi sweetheart Hope you enjoyed the show Aryan, it was marvelous Thank you That's my daughter She's been practicing a step to dance with you for two months Actually we were both practicing How pretty is she You know what? Let me start with the young one

...and I'll come back for the experience

We've found Chandna In the corridor, across from where you're dancing I'm not dancing Chandna is on the dance floor

What the hell is wrong with him?

I was dancing. He started touching me here, there, everywhere I don't know. You'll have to do something Get him out I don't care

What the hell are you doing?

Mr. Bhutiani?

Where do you think you are? Calm down, Mr. Bhutiani What happened? That girl is like my daughter ls this how you film stars behave?

I'm really sorry, ladies. I'm sorry I'll explain. The guy who was here wasn't me Nonsense It was somebody else I'm Aryan Khanna I'm Aryan Khanna What nonsense!

You known me for years I love you guys. I'd never harm you people That person wasn't me I suggest you leave

Keep back!

Stop the car!

No one has given me the interaction script

15 minutes to show time. ls there a delay?


The show's canceled They've boycotted the show Sponsors have also pulled out

Nobody came, not a soul

Whats wrong with you?

You wimp Watch where you're going?

Media playing up the story The wedding video has gone viral

“Given Khanna's status, he must take responsibility for his actions

“ls he attention-seeking?

“Movie stars forget that one day they'll be has-beens

“Stars must go through traumas. Look at what his done

“lt's a crime if an ordinary man misbehaves...

“...if it's a star - it's a stunt. Why these double standards...

“...for stars? A criminal is a criminal”

Hello Hello, sir. It's me, Aryan. I’m calling from London I know you are in London, but what's going on?

A Delhi boy is impersonating me, committing crimes We have to arrest him But the crimes are committed outside of India We can't arrest him. It's not in our jurisdiction Must we wait till he commits a crime in India?

His name is Gaurav Chandna Find me his Delhi address. It will help You don't teach me my job But who shall we arrest? You're the accused, Aryan I just...

Come back to India Then we'll look into the matter with the proper procedure. OK?


What did he say?

Organise a press conference first thing tomorrow In Mumbai? No, here in London

You now have the video footage and all the documents, etc You have proof...

...that Aryan Khanna did not commit these crimes

You're angry with me, and you have the right to be But believe me That dangerous and evil face you see on TV is not me That person is not me So please give me time Time, so that I can prove I've done nothing wrong I'd never do anything that would make you ashamed... call me your star Whatever I am...

I just want to say, I would never do anything like this Thank you

Sir, do you know this impostor? Have you met him?

Sorry. We can't talk now. The case is under trial What about the imposter's name?

As soon as we have proof, you'll be the first to know Are you the real Aryan Khanna or the imposter?

You find this funny? A big joke?

If this happened to a girl in your family would you still be grinning?

A woman was molested and you find it's funny?

And one more thing This press meet is not to prove my innocence I want to warn you all The man who's impersonating me, spoiling my name He can hurt anyone, anytime So please be careful

Thank you everybody. Thanks for coming Aryan has a flight to catch, he's going back to India So have a great day and see you soon MUMBAI

Don't stop, go from behind

Open up!

One minute, sir. Madam said we must inform her Good. Hurry up Before the journalists outside mob me

Hello Ma'am, can sir come in?

No, wait a second Are you sure it's him? It sounds like sir Ask him to face the camera Sir, ma'am wants you to step forward

Hi, I am Aryan Khanna. Height 5'10. Black hair, black eyes A big nose School: Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi Hans Raj College, Delhi University Give me the phone, quick!

The press will surround me Let me in. Or I'll end up in their arms Why is your phone off?

Can I tell you inside?

Open the door

Guys. Dad's here

Aryan, you're back?

Hi Hi You're back Yes, I'm back

Are the kids asleep?

Yes. It's way past their bedtime Of course Let them sleep Let's relax and talk quietly in our room


What an entrance exam! You passed with flying colours I spent my life preparing for this moment Relax. Make yourself a drink. I'll run the shower for you Of course

She was crying. Not easy getting her to sleep again

It's better for us both if lsha stays asleep

I did say...

...we could talk calmly

Why do you need that?

Give I have nothing against you or your children Give me that

Senior ignores me You can't let him do that

Show me Aryan's study, he's always talking about it

Sound asleep Come, come

Sit. He lands in 20 minutes. I haven't much time Come on, sit down

This room has so many stories

Many stories behind these awards In these costumes Days that Aryan does not want to forget Memories he wants to keep close to his heart

I treasured his memories too Kept them right here

At home, on the walls of my room, in cupboards On shelves like these

Aryan Khanna filled every corner of my life But he ended it all Five minutes! I asked him for only five minutes Know what he said? “lt's my life Why must I give you even five seconds of it?”

I apologise on his behalf Why should you apologise?

I hit Sid Kapoor for his sake He was hassling Aryan What did Aryan do? Threw me in jail. Had me beaten Said: “lt's a crime!” A crime?

Crime is what I'll do now

Breaking hearts of fans who are devoted to you... a crime too

You tell me Am I so wrong?

When he fights with you, doesn't he say sorry?

So, why can't he say sorry to me? Tell me!

Don't do this. I beg you What do you mean “please”?

He left nothing for me. Why must I leave anything for him?

How can I? Impossible A sham. All lies Liar. He's a fake The rascal acts all the time An actor after all

I wanted to give him my trophy

A belated happy birthday, Aryan Khanna

Open the door!

I sent the children to my parents They were terrified. I didn't know what to tell them lsha asked me repeatedly: “Why did Papa destroy the study?

Don't worry. It's OK Why don't we call the police? The police will do nothing They'll ask for proof. They believe I'm the criminal I came this far in life on my own steam I'll handle it myself

Play rough like a street hoodlum I'll rip him apart. Send him back to where he belongs

Gaurav Chandna has seen my star face Now he'll see my real face I'm a Delhi man too

The dangerous and evil face on the news is not me That person is not me. Give me time I'll prove I've done nothing wrong I'd never do anything to make you ashamed calling me your star Aryan Khanna's press conference proves that he is innocent A criminal is impersonating him and committing crimes Who is the culprit? His name? His whereabouts?

No one knows the motives behind his terrible actions The police have informed us that they're very hopeful...

...this criminal will not escape them When he's arrested, he'll be severely punished

Hello, Gauru Mummy What's wrong with your phone? Where are you, Gauru?

Right here I'm OK And you?

Son, come home soon. We're in trouble

You've roamed the world, now return to your home


You barged into my home?

You can barge into mine, can't I do the same?

I came here to grab your parents by the throat To ask why they produced a nasty son like you But I am not a lowlife like you Don't drag my parents into this They did nothing What did my kids do?

I went alone into your fortress. Did you bring an army?

I am here alone, Gaurav Chandna No security, no secretary. No star, no hero If you have the guts, face me Settle the score The score will only be settled when you apologise Get on the stage at the lnder Vihar contest and say sorry And listen...

If you touch my parents with a feather even...

I know your mother-in-law's house, where your children are hiding Your daughter is very cute, by God

Your son is stubborn like you You rascal I'll bury you in a gutter here, if you dream of harming my kids

What will my parents think?

Such a big star...

...with such a foul tongue

Forget it See you at the contest

Your son has lost his mind He's crossed the line Our Gaurav was not like that He was a good boy He changed after meeting you What would you have lost if you gave him 5 mins?

Don't blame Aryan It's our fault We let him get obsessed by your glamorous life Not your hard slog. He would've followed your example Worked hard and become someone Then the call center girl could've become his girlfriend or wife

He has a girlfriend?

A one-way romance. Gaurav loves her but...

Enough. We have to accept things the way they are Where's the contest held? The other end of the colony Apologise. End this terrible situation You think I'm wrong too?

And I must apologise?

Arrest him

He must be punished lmprison him for years, if you must

But don't beat him Please

Hey Junior. Where were you?

Hello Uncle, Aunty Hello Have you been watching the news on TV about Aryan?

Never mind I have good news for you all I've got my American visa I knew it

Why is he standing with his back to me? It's not like him He's going on stage soon, he's just nervous Him? And nervous?

Has he done anything in life besides copying Aryan?

Hey Superstar, your make-up...


I have to talk to you

Super surprise!

Western Union - moving money for better Now for the last act of the Super Star competition Our favourite winner Our Junior Aryan Khanna

He's a criminal!

Get him off the stage

Calm down It's not the real Aryan Khanna It's our very own superstar...

Gaurav Chandna Give him a big hand!

I do a show for Aryan every year I know, Aunty. You cheer the loudest But this year's show...

The show today is for...

...someone else The girl over there who is...

...smiling at me. She's my friend Neha!

Come, babes

There's something I've kept in my heart for days

I love you, Neha

I love you too, Aryan Not Aryan Gaurav loves you

Gaurav loves Neha

What nonsense!

Get lost He's nuts Thinks he's real Aryan Khanna Get him off Wait! He is talking to me. I'll deal with it

I love you!

Drop it. You love only Aryan He can go to hell ls that you talking? It's not just talk I've sent him to hell I fixed Aryan Khanna for good First in London, then in Dubrovnik I made my way into his house too

Smashed everything in sight If you don't believe me, read the papers. Watch TV or the Net Your Gaurav is famous the world over I'm no less than Aryan Not at all lam a star in real life Not a star. A monster What?

They all think you're a star While you shamed lnder Vihar Listen to her I became a monster for her I don't want to know a monster A monster! Forget it Take my hand and say: “I love you too” Let go I won't

I'm very sorry, Neha Are you OK?

Thank you Aryan. He's a good guy


Get down!


Enough of this game Get up!

I am happy in my life Can't you be happy in yours?

Be a good son to your parents A good friend, a good boyfriend Stop being a fan

What's the difference between us?

I came from the same streets I had normal parents like you A regular house, regular school, regular friends

I made my way up alone

Not in anyone's shadow

I'm human I laugh and cry, get mad like you. I have a family. Responsibilities I don't have the time to meet all my fans

I'll say it again

I'll forget all this You do the same Start over Not as Junior Aryan Khanna

See how it feels like to be Gaurav Chandna


The joy of living as yourself...

...cannot be matched by living as another Stop now

Live your life Let me live mine

Where to, Senior?

You destroyed me and ask me to let you live your life?

And my life?

You took everything from me

My parents' love Neha's friendship

My neighbours' smiles

You were my lifeline, Senior

You cut the connection OK. I'll do as you say

I'll stop this game

I can separate myself from you

But you can never separate my name from yours

You said everything

But you never said sorry


No, Gaurav It's not over Think of your parents

Stop this madness

Forget it. You won't understand

Aryan Khanna has cleared his name completely But lnder Vihar's Gaurav Chandna...

...has tied his name to superstar Aryan's name forever A wave of love greets Aryan's on his birthday today Fans are singing his songs. They're here in their thousands It's time

Everyone is waiting