Fancy Dress (2019) Script


GOA The land of entertainment and Underworld Kings

'Narcotics is a dirty business'

You've clapped a lot for this dialogue For you, we introduce two contrasting high-tech Highwaymen

Even this time, we escaped from police Wasn't our outfit awesome? Really beautiful Sure to win if we had actually participated in the competition.

Leave it, now remove the barrel and get me the stuffs Chuck it down into this How kookish! Is this AK-47 ?

Are they less in quantity?

Break open that as well and get me the stuffs.

Hold it Heck with your slow motion. Hurry up!

It is Awesome, Poor Man's Ecstacy!

Break it open.

How BRAINY are we?

But, it doesn't work most of the times.

But this time, we did a blunder What do you mean?

If we had participated in this Fancy Dress competition, the prize money was 50,000.

This 25,000 and 50,000. Total 75,000!

Now, Didn't we loose that 50,000?

Damn Seban, couldn't you tell this earlier itself?

But, now only you told me about our marvelous dressing.

Damn! Heck!

Damn! I'm all tensed You fix one for me, Lemme damn smoke ONE full alone?

You really want it?

This Silly Billy body, its terrific capacity to smoke Now only I realised.

Dude, The famous Russian writer, Berny-Ignatius Do you know what he said about 'Sea'?

' Sea mother is international thief '


Means, Sea is a Lier Oh, that way?

Hey Dammy, It's my hitherto unseen Pappa, who is shining on the sky as a lovely star

Then, how many Dads do you think you have?

There are thousands of stars there. That's why asked He is the one shining at the center, My Sweet Pappa What about the remaining?

They're all my Pappa's..

Thick Friends Pappa. . . I love you Pappa.

He is on the loose, A full tilt Boogie He didn't listen when I told not to take a full, and just breathe the smoke I exhale.

Lemme soak him in tamarind Star Pappa.

Will gobble it for breakfast Don't leave me Pappa, Leave me not It's not your Pappa who's leaving, It's me who is carrying you in away Oops! The KICK will last for a week at least.

Sir, Balloon What?

Just Rs. 5/-

No, No Shove Off!

I don't want. Go away.

Please, just Rs. 5/-

I don't want, I say Get lost from here.

Sir, please.

Hey, go man.

Hey! Thief! Thief! Catch him Hey, Dammit! Stop there Catch him, catch him Stop there.


Why the heck did you show me up to him?

You're smart enough to escape, that's not my case He is even a bigger pickpocketer than us, I think Hey fere, All are 10 Rupee notes. He must be a Mallu

Dude, I'm a famous chap at Goa, See my photo?

You Dumbo, It's your purse itself.

Oh god! I didn't notice Even stealing is highly competitive now.

We need to think of some innovation. Very true

Bro, did he called you?


Be carefull, police be around here.

Thank you. Go, go You just go, I'm leaving.

Hey Seban, it's trapped Come fast Hold it, Hold it Big shot it is I told you know?

Is it for this you yelled?

This is the fish I pinned on the hook It was a big Shark. I lost it THIS is more than enough to drag YOU into sea-depths Don't bite off more than what you can chew Don't you see opiums worth a few thousands flying over?

I'd better give you a knuckle sandwich Anyways, we're out with this Fish catcher There's something that we can do with this What's that? You watch it yourself Com'on man Is he an angler who mastered fishing?

Hello, sir You want stuff?

Come on.

Hey Dammy!

A Customer!

Be careful

How is my instant idea?


The police can't find it out at a glance Thanks bro.

We're running long distances

The coast filled much lust in us The wave brought the gold that yet not seen.

The world is shining

We're running long distances

This time is now at the fingertips The sight of the eyes is changed by magic.

Here's with a little thread, like a kite in the wind Need to get rise up to the sky quickly Many of the stairs are now climbing

We're running long distances

Day comes after night Summer has turned to snow.

The shore of dreams now is like a lamp waiting to show light Now it should light more like fireflies Many tactics will continue

We're running long distances

Hey! Get up, get up Get up, get up Boss is calling you Com'on, get up Get up, get up Com'on Tell him to join us with a peg Get up man I'll bash you if you repeat this May be they understood that we're running out of cash to pay the bill

Sir, here What's the matter?

Please, sit down Did we make any fuss out here yesterday?

Anyways, better we find the EXIT Why is he turned aback?

May be Big wigs are like this They turn back before a dialogue Didn't you watch in films?

May be he is boozy, trying to balance on his feet Nope, he looks like a person of too much capacity

I'm Gabriel Jonathan.



Richard Dicrouz I know Too famous chaps.

Come to the matter Cool man, I'll tell you.

Janaki - Yes Sir Please Yeah, look at this.

Hey, our photos! Lemme see Are you our fan?

I've been following you for some time The things you do are silly billy These small stuffs will not fetch you big in life You should do bigger things Big things will get you settled in life pretty fast, But, you need to take risk What are we supposed to do? I'll tell you Do you know Goa minister, Zavio Arora?

We are ignorant of our Parents either Then how come, a Zavio Arora?

Kathir Sir Our plan right, detail it to them He'll teach you, okay?

All the best.

Janaki Why do you wanna dig to China?

At least, we can know what the matter is Dumbo, it's not wise to nose dive into things Don't think there is anything to worry about He looks like a gentleman The places we visited, the things we did, all are sketched in detail here.

We're trapped I don't think so God knows

Dicroo, Like what Gabriel told us, Shall we try something new?

What do you mean?


It's not simple as cutting nails Too kinda risky it is Whatever we have done so far were also risky, though at a smaller level By this single risky game, we' ll stop this If caught, we'll be in for this We'll face the SNAKE EYES on our paths I think, This is the key to the Kingdom of GOA Is it not OK?

Bro, stop here!

Hi, good morning

A few tiles are left, right? Nope, he cut it wrongly Aren't you the one who bring such illiterates here?

Bro, good morning.

Oh! Such a shame!

I had told you, he doesn't speak Even I knew it. I was just giving a try Kuttayi, don't ever let him cut it, OK?

No, no I'm not particular either It will be a nice idea to work here, today One has to be a Lucky Devil to watch this Oh god, let THIS be a unending work Get him, otherwise he will be finished today Aren't you coming?

You start off, I'll join You need not have funnies all alone If they work like us, they'll not have to do THIS There also, WE are the Poor Workers!

These people think that Securities are Guards For how long I've been applying horn?

Why the heck did you do that?

Do you think this is a Toll-bridge?

Don't you know that horns are prohibited here?

Then what else is allowed? BOOZE ?

BOOZE, right in this morning?

If you've a plan for a peg, never forget to call me as well Not a horn, a whistle will do Alright Ops! Don't go sir, wait, wait!

Isn't it today, the annual meeting of this Villa. Won't you come?

What a question?

Today, collections are going to surge Moreover, extra stocks might come tomorrow We ourselves are to find out the buyers Sir, good morning.

Good morning.

I'm out for Jogging.

Luckily, I got an auto.

Sir, see you tomorrow OK, OK Oh! THIS is your routine?

Nope, only on those days he gets out for walking Health is wealth, says Sisisly When I think of sleeping an Extra hour, she advices me to walk 4-5 Kms and breathe fresh air For This, you need not go for a walk every morning.

Buy a Treadmill, simple.

Then, what about fresh air?

Go breathe outside, stock some and work out inside.

Dear Joemon, it is profitable?

DEFINITELY! You can save this auto charge as well If you want a treadmill, I have one I'll get it tomorrow morning itself I'll discuss it with Sisily and revert tomorrow Okay Give him way Wanna ask his wife, it seems BONELESS fellow.

Hen-pecked he is. Scared of his wife.

He tied knot for having lump in his throat.

She looks like a Hangar.

What if he comes to know all these?

Who's gonna report him? Myself - By why?

Sir, I was narrating MY story.

Be careful. Your vehicle is a DUCHESS Ladies and gentleman as you all know . . .

We've gathered here is to plan our 7th Annual anniversary function of our association Regarding our future plans, our Secretary, Anandan sir will explain Dearies, the annual day celebrations of our association Just a minute, I wanna say something How long since we've been discussing to start a play school?

What about that?

Locking our children at home is truly a problem Last month, a boy at a flat in Kaloor, died falling off from balcony From the moment I heard it, I'm taut.

Whatever it is, children need a safe space to play and study See, we're running short of money for anniversary itself, In between this, if you demand a Playschool?

But we've our association's building Now, we need is just a playschool teacher For that, we'll give an advertisement.

That's an Idea Not just a Space is enough The other equipments, Chairs, toys.. also should be there, right?

That'll amount high

(Indistinct Chattering) I'm helpless for No funds Silence!

These chairs, playing equipments, also all other necessities for the playschool I'll get you those within a week You just gimme the purchasing charge alone I don't want any profit from this deal For kids, Is it not?

Joemon has put forward a very good proposal Let's all approve it with an applause Claps do not cost you anything, right?

Femi, Aren't Priya and Nandan sir here?

Yeah, I saw them going in their car in the morning It's one year since their son passed away May be they've gone to visit temple

Kiddo, Kiddo, eat

Good girl

Nanda, After the children finish their meals, We'll go to the Dormitory It would be convenient to take photos there Oh! Photo is not at all necessary

I'm here for the past 8 years Without cameras and stuffs, you would be the first one to visit here I didn't ask it since Priya was beside you What had happened to your child?

It was a school bus accident He had some Neuro problems since birth itself But, compared to others having the same problem, he was very much active Priya had brought him up so But, his sudden demise Priya got upset She had confined herself inside the walls for long That's why even I took a long leave She is just recouping

Let's go, Priya?

Bye Say goodbye See her there Come, dear

Say goodbye

We're leaving, father Alright God bless you

Let's pop out for a coffee?

Otherwise, Juice is better I'll order it

Sir, may I help you?

I've ordered your favourite item

Hey, Priya

Chill dear,

Good morning Good morning Jansi, Aren't you sizing down even after running a lot?

So is your Tummy That's also true Varma sir, Did you see today's newspaper?

Our ad for Playschool teacher is there Nope, I didn't see. Newspaper is outdated I don't waste time on those I had posted it on Facebook Did YOU see it?

I'm not much active in Social Media.

They are Time-killers Oldies don't like it, no wonder.

Social media is for freaks like us.

Yes! Yes!

Varma sir is reverse aging these days Is it? Everyone says that I'm a Babe-magnet Oh! I missed Jansi

Please call This Bio-data looks good Hey, come here Will it work out? Let's see A light tea for you, a medium tea for Madam, Isn't it a sugarless milk for you sir?

Not that, send those people here one by one Such calls remind me of my previous job Lemme see, Hey Oldie Goldie, get inside for question-answers Good morning, sir.

Good morning, sit Thank you sir Ramdas? Yes sir Previous experience?

I've an experience of 27 long years Oh, very nice!

Like an old transport bus painted new, He is just his OVERCOAT. Boorish fellow!

Please name your previous institutions?

Me.. Lkg, Ukg, 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

Not your academics, we're asking the institutions you've taught I remember seeing him somewhere else Do you go for Shingarimelam?

I'm its master.

Sir, throw him out, OUT!

Ramdas, I'll let you know. You may go now.

Please don't forget me, sir.

Sir, even YOU please recommend for me Yeah! I just shut my mouth saying it.

Please don't abandon me, sir.

Nope Then, Ok sir Good morning, sir.

Verify it

Sebastian, right? Yes Nice name Do you know the qualities, a kindergarten teacher should possess?

Lemme throw back a question to you, Initially AWE?

What do you mean by kindergarden?

He is asking you Can YOU answer me, madam?

When parents go for work, the place where children are posted, Isn't it?

Can you tell me THIS?

Not That Err.....

A 'KG' before LKG and UKG, That is this Kindergarten You're Right, as well as wrong The very idea of 'Kindergarten' is the brainchild of a German pedagogue, Friedrich Froebel Really?

Kindergarten means

' Garden of Children '

But, what are the thoughts it put forward?

What's that?

Excuse me?

It was the water under our bridge.

In this garden, children take up the role of Saplings and we teachers are the gardeners If they are watered accurately, you'll get fruits from it Great!

The teaching methods I use here, will be very different. That is how it should be.

Play, Love and Learn Awesome We teachers' effort alone will not do, even parents would be involved in this Because, parents are their role models Impossible!

Let's fix on him?

He is OK, but aged out I guess Dear sir, we needn't pay pension for him.

We'll fix on him Hey, A lady teacher would be ideal What?

She suggests Lady teachers God! It is since these ladies don't care kids, we thought about such an institution, initially That's true He is fine for now Do whatever is fine.

Mr. Sebastian, You're appointed as the teacher of This Kindergarten Congrats Thank you Marvelous!

I've just one demand Salary?

Nope, money doesn't matter at all But, Quality That is the most important As we do The Things needed for My Kindergarten, I myself will import them Hope you agree that.

How is that possible?

I supply things to This Villa.

They buy only from me Even if I agree, They'll not...

That's OK.

Let him supply for now We okay for that.

Okay, agreed.

Okay, thank you.

Do you wanna weed out ME from my garden ?

You bloody teacher!

If I took effort to learn This english, I would've passed SSLC I overheard a little bit You're an encyclopedia, right?

How shall I call you, sir?

My name is Prabha Varma.

Can we take a selfie together?

My Big wish it is A name that well goes with your looks and dialogue Is it? Everyone says so

'With the POT of knowledge'

This I'll tag it, like it and share it And spread viral A little mental are you? Lemme go?


What happened?

Nothing, feel like.. It's MY Balloon I'll not give it. Leave me

Kiddie, Are you all right?

Are you hurt?

Get up Slowly

How long should I carry this platter?

Oh, sir was here? Nandu sir, It's time for the inauguration, Let's proceed Where is Sebastian sir?

He'll not come, he wanted us to do it But, he was here Sebastian I didn't see, that's why Sebastian sir, let's start All of you, please come Come fast So, let's start off the ceremony So, with all your permission

Come, come Come inside By the news of our Kindergarten, The people in the next apartment have started inquiring There is no other good Kindergarten nearby

These are all our petty set up.

Nice it is.

Isn't it President?

They are all of imported quality Is it ? Yeah!

Dear, have a look See your kindergarden This school looks good, Isn't it?

It has almost everything that kids need Do you like it, munchkin?

No use of singing to a pig Excuse me, one photo please?

Smile baby What is this for? It develops kids' brain Varma sir, give them this book What is this?


Aunty, can you get me that balloon.

This one? Here it is

Mommy, I want a balloon Look at this, son What's this?

Eyes, Nose..

Nice set up, Isn't it? What nonsense?

These are all duplicate stuffs Look, This is plywood, sure to get termites Who told you, this is good.

These are Korea's low quality materials How come you know that? Can't you see this Dwarf chair?

Bog off with your kidding Don't you see these balloons?

They are duplicate ones. They blast on a punch Are you Damn Jobless now? Joemon, Hoky-Poky you are! Where is the mixi you promised?

I'll get the Mixi in the evening, there was an order..

Nandan, your leaves are getting expired, right?

Nope, a few days more Where is Priya?

She . . .

She was somewhere here Hey son,

Why didn't you say you're leaving?

Hey, What's wrong with you?

Listening to the chuckling and giggling of kids, just...

Nandetaa, can you just close this door?

Your problem is just these closed rooms It was the same at Goa also You didn't even get out once Is it that I didn't try?

I'm helpless You come along with me Everyone is asking you When you spend some time with those kiddies, you'll be relieved Come!

No need Seeing them, I remember our son

Stop it.

I'll chop you into pieces You are yet to know me Smuggling was my business in Goa

Did you utter anything like 'Smuggling' ?

Not smuggling I was telling children not to LIE Oh, is it? I heard it wrong.

Blame on my ears But, what is this knife for?

This is just a Magic Hey, you know magic and all?

I swear While I was going, you didn't have the knife While coming back, a knife and an apple.

This is simply superb This is what is called a magic Teachers should be like this only.

Magic should creatively be used for teaching Do you show any other item with knife?

There is an item where This is pierced into your tummy, shall I show it?

No, no, I know it Piercing the tummy, it comes out through the neck. That's an old item Not that. We don't take it back after digging in It won't be taken back?

No need, sir I'm not afraid of Death If you are banged up, Who's there for these little kiddies?

Forget about That piercing item I'm seeing such an foolish security for the first time Sir, sir.

Eden pooed there Heck!

Am I a poo-cleaner?

See Ashoka, If it is a he-elephant behind you, it is a 'SHE' behind me Look at her Oh, cool Whatever is meant to say at committee should be said there Is it not yet over?

Snails move faster than this It started long back, Isn't it?

It was just started Dear Joy, make it fast At least in the next meeting, Sisily ought to settle its account It is This Swimming pool that watered down my Treasurer position It is This Fatty who broke all the tiles inside And the blame upon the contractor, can you imagine?

Dear Joy, even you join them!

Head is breaking. Can't bare this hot sun Not Sun, it's your Laziness.

Only if this pool is ready, our kids can learn swimming.

Make it fast Didn't you hear what Sir told just now?

Sisily, monitor this well Otherwise, it will leak more from this I'll see to it Hey, hey, hey Paste the tile before cleaning it My dear Sisily aunty, there is no use of standing here Even my supervision is not working out with them Then is your's You fool, don't fix the tile on the pipe So, leaking is not from this Anyways, Seban sir's idea is superb Swimming is good for Childrens' health Otherwise also, He is smart Extraordinary I'm seeing such an efficient teacher, first time in my life That's true Hey, didn't I tell you all to sleep?

Step down, you! Go and sleep!

I get to sleep only at this time No one should get up, Sleep all of you Sir, can you tell us a story?

Agreed But, all of you should sleep instantly Yeah! Then, I'll narrate This is a story of a Slept Crow Crow means?


A black bird, Of conical beak Once up on a time, there lived a crow Once up on a time, there lived a crow One day, drinking, drinking, drinking... the crow was Off When it got up the next morning, It had such a dumb hangover and severe head ache You know, only a 30 (SMALL) can cure this headache What to do? It wasn't available anywhere It was a dry day.

When it was flying up, it happened to see a Toddy shop The crow became extremely happy Inside a big pot, there was a little alcohol But the poor crow couldn't reach there It has tiny beaks, right?

For a minute, he thought for an idea It was then he saw metals dumped on the roadside for tarring.

The crow then dropped the metals one by one inside the pot Thus, this alcohol rose up and up to the top of the pot The crow, using its beak, Sips alcohol, again and again...

By that, the crow became Off again That crow slept in front of the Shop itself It can booze instantly, if he still has the hangover It again got Off Yeah, exactly the same way

Stop winking your eyes and write kiddo



Not 'Ippo' sweety, ' Hippopotamus '

You write

Are you tired?

Better not to say It was a tight schedule today Moreover, severe headache You get me a cup of tea If it is a headache, a 30 (Booze) will heal it Crows' Idea!

Oh god! The fecking training in our Kindergarten

Sir, you know what When I was shooting in Tik Tok in the morning, My little chunky at home asked me, ' What poppycock I was doing'

I wonder from where the hell do they get such terrific language Nothing to wonder.

It should be from Varma Sir's FB Inbox Heck with my inbox Not that When I took my son's bag for cleaning, There was a cigarette piece inside it.

But I didn't inform my husband Is it true?

Nowadays, our children open their mouth only to say Bad Words Either he should be replaced Or we've shortlisted a few candidates, Select someone among them To replace him, There is a One-year agreement Lemme discuss it with the association and come to a decision Anyways, you don't get tensed

Dude, Open it!

Ops! Tired of waiting for you Hello?

Come, come, there's a hot news Stop, stop, stop , Lemme say, lemme come to the matter Even I heard it, A teacher has arrived at Kindergarten, to give you a company COMPANY?

A new teacher without my knowledge? Whose decision is this?

So, you were not informed? No It should be association's decision. Otherwise she won't come instantly I need to know the truth right now Then I'll also come. Let them know that there are Big wigs behind you Didn't you take your helmet?

When you go for such things, helmet gives you the REAL protection

( Indistinct chattering of children)

Hello... Hello...

Good morning Good morning So, let us get acquainted? OK My name is Tessa. What is your name?

My name is Aadhil Very true. Anyone would get annoyed When a Genius like you is here, How come a silly billy teacher come and teach?

Don't the heck leave it, Sir NEVER You should toss out her immediately Isn't THAT the real heroism?

One two three four five

Sir, sir, Please deal this soothingly.

Expect it, I'll show my cloven hoof

She's here. Com'on, ask her

My running has not wasted up Who are you? Anyone at your Majesty's pleasure What's it?

What is the matter?

I'm the Principal of this school Oh! I know!

Sebastian Sir, right?

Sir, you're deviating from our SUBJECT. Ask the other thing What Nonsense!

I'll hell decide what to ask to a person, for whom I've recommended Why the hell are you after me, doofus?

What's your name? Tessa Are you short-tempered? Nothing like that Sir,This is not our subject..

I only told the Secretary that I need a helper like you Is it?

Where is your house?

Here at Kakkanad Who else is there at home? Mom, Dad, everyone..

Joy bro, Is it not OK?

This is of 4 inch, right?

Ops! Was it supposed to be 4 inch?

Don't worry. They're in plenty Pal, get me one My dear buddy, Can you just put yourself in top gear and bring it fast?

Old Vehicle, sweets!

Is there any tile left?

No A Total Failure Tea for you

Abraham, The broken tiles in our bathroom, right?

How about asking them to replace those?

Where is it? I didn't see one That's true, sir Three are broken Looks weird in an Ariel view


Will he know it from this?

If so, this will be our last day here Then, better wash up the pots Yeah, better!


We heard it I've got Top Binoculars which shows everything clear Shall I sell you one? Nope Get one just for fun. I'll share the cost

You're right Three tiles are broken Replace it tomorrow itself Definitely, if you want it now?

This is for Sis

Congrats See, Which side from top did you watch?

This side or that side?

Come close

Work without loafing around Did he tell you the location? Yeah, approximately From where did we come? This direction Let's go then If he had brains, you could happily sleep in coffin

Read aloud and write kiddie G H I That-a-boy

Let's write once more? No no Your dedication, I like it.

Kiddies, Its time for play Go, go, go Yeah! Let's play Slowly, slowly Let them play

In my teaching life, I've not met an immensely dedicated teacher like you If you co-operate, This Kindergarten, we can fill it with children I don't understand Nothing, but..

I mean, not only from here.. we can admit children from outside as well

(Glass broken)

Gosh! You Freeze!

The glass pieces will pierce on your feet Even you be careful Move this side.

Bloody naughty Chaps! This is in middle of wooing her

When I see these glass pieces, I remember my HOME Why so?

There is a M.U.F.F. and dwarf bother at my home as well No matter what he gets hold of, he throws it away So, we've to be vigilant always

If so, Can't you bring your brother here?

That is not viable Initially, he is damn naughty The children here will get scared of seeing him Moreover, The association here doesn't allow outside children here Now, ain't I here? I'll take care of him I'll talk to the Secretary sir You dare bring him here

If you're interested, I'll bring him From now, your wish is mine as well Okay sir.

So, lemme go to the class?

Kuttayi, don't reduce our stage space Consume the maximum space My performance demands ample space If so, Kaloor stadium was better Away with you, security You know, Though there are hundreds of Villas here, Only around 30 people live here But, we should expect the guests of everyone It must be from there But you shouldn't decide it alone How along are the arrangements?

Can't you see yourself?

I'm always there at your wit's end Yeah true, for creating those!

Dear Thank you

Lalu, Greetings sir, what's this thing?

I'll tell you, now help me

What a lovely smile!


Who is this?

My brother Oh! Brother?

Good that you covered him.

Otherwise, crows would've plucked him away How old is your brother?

Turned 60 last week Is it?

These are all our people Wave them a Hai!

Hi What is he hauling up?

He's our Sebastian sir's brother BROTHER **?

Since he was abashed, teacher came to us for permission Unwell right, even President agreed to it If I had one brother like this, I would've placed him at Velankanni church and made some Penny Don't say that Not saying, I WILL do it.

Let's paint this colour

Show me Tessa, He is my little bro, BEN Now, our own little BEN Helloo She is your teacher Hello BEN Growing him is my aim Mission Impossible! Better look for some other job Say Hello Leave her hands munchkin, she'll get hurt Say Hello Baby Ben, Uncle'll shake your hands Hello Oh my God!

Bye Sir.

He beat me like Gabbar Singh! Too heavy it was Come, talk to your friends Eden, he is your new friend Shake his hands Good boy

You want it?

Since he's there, there are no dogs at home

**WHAT ** ?

He's scared of dogs Ben, You play with this, OK?

Look, let's talk to them?

Them, your new friends Will he turn out to be a headache for you? - No way Never But, For me I guess



What's it?

Nothing You're an English Post Graduate, right?

Yes Very stylish My English? Nope I mean, You're stylish

Now, for children Aren't there a lot of things to learn?

Even I wanted to learn English But later, It was just some Marshall arts and Injection that I had learnt What to say? Devil's hand on my Destiny!

So this Security job?

I don't sleep at night. So, Pappa will not let me sit home I'll stop this job post marriage Frankly speaking, It is now this became a Kindergarten The kids like small growing saplings and teacher the most grown up Mamma flower and me, the one flying over all these.. A giant WASP Who the hell are you?

Sir Why is security here in Kindergarten?

To learn some English basics from Teacher Didn't you learn it at school I don't remember them I guess basics can be learnt anytime Security is outside THIS, Go Get lost Gimme some space Bye Don't suspect me He thinks he is a Clean Chit All Thieves around, can't trust anyone Very true How much Two

Is it enough? (Milk man)

Yeah, enough.


Lemme help you?

Scared? Come, come, come, I'll hold Slowely

Now, children love to go to day care, right?

True They are verbose about Sebastian sir's brother Meera is right The only tension is Whether he'll attack our children Don't scare us Just told you a possibility He is a M.U.F.F.

Don't cry, Will buy you after the class

Crazy boy Isn't it my promise?

Will buy you after the class

I know what to do with him

Stop crying Didn't I tell you not to scream for things?

Zip your mouth Will you hell cry from now?

Sir, What the hell are you doing?

Isn't he unwell?

Unwell it seems!

MY Headache started since his birth Both at home and here Giving him, parents escaped in a plane crash They don't have to bother I'm the one to struggle Do you know, It's for him I'm not getting married Not because I didn't get a girl I'll take care of him Move a bit He wants Dora it seems Nice, Isn't it?

Don't dare to?

He'll bite once he's violent Didn't I tell you, I'll buy Dora Don't show your temper Don't cry my dear BEN, I'll buy you one Too adamant he is

What to do? My fate!

Look at it!


Do-oa sis!

Sister Do-oa sis, Too a surprise He doesn't go to anyone

Ta ta, ta ta Ta ta Do sis

At times, I think of giving him poison and having it myself Don't even think of it

Up, up, up, up That-a-boy!

Hi Priya Hi Priyechi is very happy now Not like before, there are changes Yeah, got reached


I wish if I could live more That is why I'm asking you Me.., Can you let me free from Capital Punishment?

Look, This is what even I wanna beg you Posting all these, can't you spare us from killing?

You're jealous If you see my mileage in Tik Tok, You'll be shocked Wow! I'll hell with it Will the Police beat us up?

Be careful Don't overact You too Your goat sound right, lessen it a bit

Cry, cry

What happened? Crying since morning Saying that he wanna meet Dora sis Seeing him crying, all at school started crying

Do -oa Sis, Come I know, I'm troubling you Nope, never! I think of locking him at home No need, I'll take care of him So, that's set!

How genius am I?

Hey, Sebastian...

Stay there When the heck did he land?

Why are you here? My insane bro was damn crying Is this the place to dump him?

He cried for seeing sis Moreover, isn't it a time pass for sis?

Lone at home right?

That's not needed, Take him back Without me, the children there would cry Lemme go, otherwise I'll have to take all of them here Shucks!


This Priya also

Hello? Yes, speaking Do you want it, baby?

BIKE So, I'll be back now OK?

Ben, did you like the bike?

You play little baby


Ben baby, Are you playing here?

Come,come, come, let's go?

Let's go?

Let's eat something?

So, in the initial stage itself, We found out the bag Dear Seban, This is risky What risk?

That Police is DANGEROUS But, we're experienced But he stares us with suspicion Don't I look like a kid?

Why not?

That sister is too much found of differently abled children Is it how you made me up?

Yes, like a differently abled kid How sad? That figure is what I meant It has come out well also Right?


Are you scared? You makeup me like this This way

Carefull Oh!

Good Baby, hold the swing properly

Tessa, You've learnt dance and music, Haven't you?

But not an expert Only an artist understands another artist Are you an artist?

Come, Kiddo I'll help you More than dance and music, I amassed Prizes for Fancy Dress, See!

This I've seen at temple fests It picks money lying on the floor, Isn't it?

It depends Which imitation is this?

This is not imitation, but my original looks Really I'm lucky Working with such a great personality, Isn't it a matter of pride?

An inherited Art, It comes out when needed, that's all When I see your nose, I remember my late grandma

Whenever I speak, it ends up in a blunder But Tessa, My grandma was a Super Glam You can stop bluffing. She left Good that you didn't claim Mother Teresa to be your grandma You were here? Yes, saw your act fizzling out Do you remember why have we come here?

To scoot as soon as we get the THING I know that You better lure that sister and get the Thing My work is intact That I saw it now, with that lady Height wise, You are a mismatch for her It's time to feed children Ne'er-do-well Tessa, don't we've to feed kids?

Seban, dear Seban When is he gonna come above the thumb?

I think snuggy is loose How hot?

Go, go Yeah Doh sis, Doh..

Hey, what a surprise?

Baby BEN?

Hi Why the sweets are you here?

What is it?

Did you tell your brother?

Want chocolate?


Then we'll sit there Come Want It?

I'll give you Sweety, you sit here I'll get you chocolate as well Here is your Doctor Lemme see you playing?

Just a minute, I'll come now I'll get you chocolates


Is it house no. 30?

Yes This is from electricity board There is a complaint regarding bill hike From here?

No one here has called up Not you, a male voice May be Nanadettan That I don't know Can you tell me your consumer number?

One minute

Hello, where are you?

There are fuses pending to be fixed Please wait, I'm looking up the bill.

1 1 5 5

What is the bill amount?


Hey, Rs.4250/- is not such a big amount This is normal Just to trouble us But, we're only two at house..

Priya, Priya, Ah! Nandettan, I'm coming.

Oh God! Just missed from getting caught Why have you climbed up here? Won't you fall?

Come You be here Where did you go leaving the kid behind?

Who would be responsible if anything ill happens?

Insane kid, right?

Shouldn't we care?


What is it?

Wanna open it?

I'll open it for you Shall I open it?

It's empty

Only butterscotch is there It's okay

When did you take all these?

Lemme see?

How is it? He's scared of you He waits for you to get out. After that slowly he jumps, runs, giggles... jumps in and out of the bed and... does all mischievous things Who took this? Our Sebastian sir Nice!

Nandetta, Our sons' Dora doll right, that we gifted BEN He lost it in the swimming pool Shall we buy him one tomorrow itself, please ?

Why not?

I forgot to take tissues, I'll take it and come

Deva, I've sent a few photos in whats app What's the problem?

They are new entrants to our Villa Seeing their behavior and mannerisms, I smell a rat May be an issue with my police mentality Still.., better to cross check.

Though officially on leave, you'll not cease working, right?

Anyway no issues. I'll take care, okay?

Thank you Okay

Little BEN, Which one do you like?

This one? or this?

Which one?

This one?

Okay Nandetaa, Nandetta...

Which is better?

You bought Dora's' right?

Dora is already picked. Which is better among these?

You take this one Even BEN went for this You people match in tastes Little BEN, What do you want more?

Do you want this one?

Hello. . .

Devaraj, tell me Your intuition is right Both are A Class- Frauds Can't take it light They are persons with solid Goan connection.

I've forwarded you some photos in whats app.

They've some intention for sure

Be careful Okay, thank you.

I sent those pics to Goa Seeing those pics, My friend, an S.I. Martin rang me up instantly They identified them on the spot He told that They are thieves based in Goa For sometime, there has been no information about them it seems So, I doubted right They stay at your Kindergarten, Isn't it?

Are they planning any Kidnaps?

Nothing but, Thinking of their Goan link, We can suspect child trafficking I don't think so Then?

Their target is Priya My wife Wearing costumes that my son used to wear, Like my son, Showing craziness towards Dora doll, and..

Using many such tactics, He tried to persuade her To an extend, he has won I don't think there is anything to worry about They are not hard core criminals A little bit of theft, pickpocketing and drugs business, Their profile is not bigger than that

You just have to nod I'll put them behind bars No use of doing it now Why?

The maximum we can charge against them is for Disguise Otherwise, we can pass the buck of some other cases on them That is of no use of it So, are you planning No action against them?

It should be there.

But not now Why do they target Priya?

That should be found out Okay Behind their Fancy Dress, There is some game You do one thing Try to get some more details.

That is risky both for Priya and the kids at Kindergarten?

Leave that to me All of their moves from today, I'll watch it

So, this is what you do here?

Without a booze, can't stand with these kids If you mix white booze in this water bottle, It's safe What are you up to?

That thing is on the top Wanna knit some idea to bring it down They don't suspect you, right?

No, as of now I think, it would be better to stay here itself for sometime with some stratagems Don't even THINK of it I'm tired of this sylvan wig and eerie tooth Do you know something?

For sometime, I've been pieing on sponge You are enjoying here, I know Chicks and booze!

And what not

You didn't add water?

Oh! I forgot Piss with this damn biscut I eat it everyday I don't want it. Do you've anything interesting?

Adhil, Bring your tiffin box here Here it is

Wow! Quail eggs?

How come this?

The list of things I need, I write them on the kids' diaries Is it?

What is for tomorrow?

What do YOU want?

'Chicken Chikka'

Chicken.. ? Tikka Can you gobble it through your darn tooth?

I've not eaten anything Yummy for sometime Write it Isn't it clear now?

Yes, it is clear now Stanley, that is Ok. Fix it there Cum'on!

Sir, Now all of them are clear?

Now, please tell association and clear my payment Don't haste, will do Stanley, make it fast It's over Dear Sir, why the heck do you need this?

No one can cross this gate without Lalu's permission By this, we intend to check whether you're working properly Joemon, we need to replace the backet camera also Stanley, That backet cam also What is up? Didn't you see, fitting CTV?

Its not CTV or ACV Fitting CCTV Only One 'C' is missing Awe! CCTV, Police, Security!

Robbers can't even think of this area When a policeman like Nandan sir is here, Which robber would dare to come here?

Yeah true. TIGER he is! Let it simply be there Isn't it?

This CCTV or police is of no use The Smart is always smarter That is also true So, lemme move Can sleep peacefully Yeah, you leave Is it over? Yes

OK then OK sir HELLO** Sir !!

No change at all If his smiling face appears on this CCTV tell me instantly I've a bet with him It traps smile as well?

I'll not let you live here for longer I'll hit-break you little monster I wanna sleep peacefully at the back bench

Sir is SUPER There's nothing in this world that you don't know This is simple, PETTY You wanna learn? It will not workout for me I don't know this Hold it Holding like this, slowly..

Slowly, slowly, slowly..

Then, it will be lifted up Doing this, it will come down Isn't it simple?

You see this?

They are my fingers I thought it is the Steering My Pappa and Mummy were in army - Really?

You're shocked, aren't you?

I've worked in Aviation Department for sometime That is how I learnt to fly it

I'll give you a knuckle sandwich. Beware What is it?

He is a bit much naughty Enough for now, go to your class Come, Let's go to the class Go to your classes.

Come, kiddo Who you told is there at army?


Which Pappa?

When you smoke a Big O, you see a Pappa on the skies, right?

My Pappa lies near to yours Lemme somehow woo her Wind your neck in Weird wig and pointing tooth Who's calling?


Hello Mr.Gabriel Hello Seban Within 7 days from today, If you don't produce the THING before us, It will be our dead bodies that you see This is my last warning Okay?

What rubbish is he saying?

Have you gone bananas going after a girl?

What Rubbish are you talking?

This is how all villains give their last warning Just that this time, I repeated Leave all those, Police, police, police No, Nandan Sir Hey, be BEN Now I'm Ben, man

God knows why they're coming here?

Where are you going?

Wanna invite you for lunch I'm so happy In fact, I hate my cooking Sure to come Anyways you come with your brother Do Sis Yes, Dora Sis Come

Let's go?

She cooks well Smells good You mean, her?

Sit well.

Enough, enough

Munchkin, are you not able to reach it?

Can I feed you keeping you on my lap?

Shall I feed you, chunky? No need I'll arrange it Poor boy

It's enough to make him sit on this pillow I'll lift No, no It's for lifting him up, I'm here Come Priya, get him his food There is a special dish for BEN Wait a second That'll not digest for you

Baby, What is this?

This is Cerelac Wow!!

Vindaloo for me, Cerelac for him. Good choice Nanadettan wanted to serve you something special She prepares only traditional items That's how I landed up in helping her Are you a cook in the police department?

Eat, eat It's after a long time, I'm eating from the police Means?

Nothing, there's a police by our house He serves us varieties of Vindaloos. Very lovable person Eat baby What is it?

Cerelac and Beef? Not a combo!

You can try it after growing big You eat this, kiddo Eat, eat It's after a long time, I'm eating such a tasty Vindaloo Last week, we had gone to Goa We ate a Vindaloo from there That's the Real VINDAALOO Drink some water It's when you loose your mind while eating, hiccups come Have you been to Goa?

He goes violent on seeing sea It's a very nice place.

At least once, you should go From where did you do this Kindergarten course?


But, the certificate you gave this association is that from Bangalore For higher studies, I went to Bangalore as well So, you've done courses by courses A pile of certificates as well

Martin is coming

Will meet at club tomorrow morning

You Eat


Nanadan, This is Martin Hello Martin Hi Pleasae sit Thank you How was your flight? Fine Anyway, thank you so much for your help.

Since you were there, everything went on well Not a problem sir.

So, What's the new information?

When you didn't want to say it over phone, It is a little complicated, I guess?

Not a Little sir, but a lot more complicated

From the photos Devan sent, I could identify them at a glance After when I understood its seriousness, I started tracing their contacts Few days back I visited all the places they went I spoke with the people they contacted And investigated their motive That lead me to the political King pin of Goan mafia.

Mr.Savio Arora

Namaste, please Dude Yeah?

Minister is coming there Is everything OK there?

OK, OK He'll come now

Hi Hi

You so beauty Thank you Did he reach? Yes Please sit baby

What is he doing?

Zip your mouth, Dumbo

Minister is there inside I'll update you

We are from the Police.

Come baby I need it.

Come Dude, That scoundrel Gabriel cheated us The reception is full of Mufti Police You somehow try to escape from there Shouldn't I take it?

Enough for now

I'm shivering. They're coming here You'd better get out from there What an alacrity the minister has?

Escape from there at the earliest You can take it later You don't worry, I'll come Okay

Hello Damy, Did you get out?

Yes, I'm out Try to keep the memory card safe Where shall I hide it?

Swallow it But it's a big card Can't swallow also?

Where shall I come, tell me?

Come down Hello sir?

Business Dealings going on Tired of phone calls Okay Sir.

Hello, speak something We'll be caught the moment, the police see us Are you sure they are coming up?

Let's go? Why are you silent?

There is a way.

Lemme try, not sure whether it will work out If caught, don't utter my name Very Funny! I need a company in Jail

Oh god, police!

Seban, we're mistaken They are here not to catch us Ops, the card is missing What? How?

I put it someone's bag who pass on this way.

Follow them and get it Come

Get into the lift

Two Seban, the lift has gone To where?

The lift's switch is far above me Should I come down?

A red shirt and a red bag, they'll be there now Block them Dammit!

Good morning sir.

Lift please Sure, sir.

Is it Red shirt and black pants?

With a lady?

Yes, it's them Block them

Hey, Hi Come here

Did you get the memory card from the red shirt guy?

How is it possible to take it amongst many people here?

Then, where has the memory card gone? It dived into the car and left with them What to do now?

That Gabriel's people are waiting there Shucks!

An idea Leave as if the memory card is there with us The remaining, I'll tell you. Come

-Dude Come fast Poor minister now will've to rework the whole thing!


OK, come, come OK, get in, Fast

We don't know the route, so you leave first

Hey, hey, they cheated us Call sir, call, call Gimme!

Sir, they fooled us They left some other way with the memory card I'm going to chase them Hold this

We're trapped. What to do now?

They're following, Fast, fast

You drive, I'm watching


Why are you laughing?

No use of shit crying, that's why kinda laughed Just call me, I'll come I'll come, just open the door Oops! Don't press there

The Chase!

How was it? Enjoyed?


Now you go in front, we'll chase YOU If you're not interested, leave it Damn lift them both into the car Walk waulk! I'm already lifted

Stop Just back Okay Sir Ranjan, play again.

Okay Yes.


Leave him Why do you punch him unnecessarily?

Sir, the card was there with us But we missed it somewhere Oh, you petty missed it, eh?

Do you know its value?

Do you know?

Sir, we'll somehow get it back You'll give, You'll give You'll definitely give But, within how many days?

One year Shucks!

Sir, One week, One week Pakka!

One week!

Hello? Gabriel Jonathan.

Savio Arora

Couldn't you tell this 'One week' earlier itself?

Just tried of getting some moratorium For moratorium, Is it a bank loan?

In half an hour, I wanna see you here Sure

Tell me an idea To get the memory card? Nope To escape from this Gold plated Demon

Come, come Hello Sir.

Sit Thank you So Gabriel, Are you fine? Yeah, I'm fine And you?

Good But not so good.

A confidential video of mine, got missing from this hotel MISSING?


It's someones' planned action I don't know whom You can watch it

Gabriel Sir No matter what, I want that memory card back Not only the card But also the one behind this operation Will do sir, but..

I need some time.

Hey! My Future and my career are at stake If something is not done immediately, I'll be finished.

Listen, I can give you any money Do this for me.

Okay sir, I'll definitely do it.

For sure Thank you Gabriel.

It's all upto you.

Yeah, sure.

Let's go?

Dear Dicroo, Yeah If you search internet, there're a sea of clips available I wonder why he needs the fishy clips of this antiquated minister?

I wonder if he has a Clips-library Can't say, why this well-off guy needs clips?

You Silly Billy, He's going to blackmail the minister and get money Eh? Then, can't we blackmail him directly?

Aren't you happy with whatever beatings you got?

That's true Anyways, after getting out from here, I'll settle the scores with them Definitely We should strike back on the same coin What is the Thing you've planned?

I'll pickpocket his purse Wanna see him wandering without a purseless squirrel

Damn! It's better you die Hey, sorry brothers. Sorry Hey, cool, cool I was a little tensed Now, my mind is free Can I tell you something serious?

But, please don't punch us The missing card, right?

I want the it back Understand?

All the details for getting the card, Kathir will collect it from the hotel and give you One more thing, If you get the card back, your level is gonna change LEVEL?

Both of your Lives would change Okay?

Think Jeni, come on

Gabriel's quotation to sneak money from Zavio, Unconditionally, the minister entrusts it with Gabriel itself It's really interesting.

Their target is not Priya Wooing Priya, get back the memory card That must be their aim With these proofs, can't we arrest them?

Nope Irrespective of their aim, his presence has brought about visible changes in Priya It's better to avoid arrest them in front of her We should trap them using other ways With card Anyways, we can't ignore their brilliance How wisely they managed to get into your Villa They can't do it without someone's help Either the villa mates or someone close to them has helped them Would they've got the memory card?

If so, they would've escaped by now May be their plan is to escape during the anniversary function Before that, we need to get the card That card is the trump card of OUR game Definitely

Can I throw up there Manoj, Today evening is the function Throw here

Untie the wires.

Enough of playing Now, uncle will tell you a story

Once up on a time, there lived two foxes A big fox and a small fox One day they got a quotation Entering into a Big cave, from inside a bag there, 'Steal a treasure'

The clever little fox somehow managed to get into the den But, he was not aware that, It was a lion's den

Dicroose, Where is that memory card?

It's better for you to give it back Where did you keep it?

Nothing, nothing Nothing baby, don't cry I was just playing with you Don't cry, cry not sweety Nandetaa, Why are you teasing him?

Nothing Priya ( Beating Nandan playfully)

Don't cry baby We'll leave this uncle with Jungle cats, OK?

Don't cry baby Just leave Nandeta Poor kiddie We sent uncle away, Smile baby BEN We will go out and play

Yes, Devaraj What's up, did you got that?

No Are they taken it?

That I don't know Anyways, card is missing Baby, see Let's check it The naughty Jackal is coming..

Little Jackal is coming The Little-Naughty Jackal has come To steal..


The chunky fox's gonna steal, Gonna steal, See, It's gonna steal..

Oops, It will steal now, It's stolen Jackal stolen it, Hey, STOLEN!

No, no, no, Nothing, Nothing to cry Here it is, OK, OK OK You have it kiddo What is it little baby?

What happened munchkin?


Bag eh?

* Bhaa-gg *

B-A-G That's too kinda big Just a minute, I'll get you one Wait Kiddo, wait B-A-G Look, look, look, 'A Bag'

Wow! You see this?

Micky Mouse

OOps! I'll give, I'll give Bag

Let's us drive it like a car?

Hey, the car is coming..

Someone has come I'll be back now You drive this and play, Ok?

Bag, bag!!

Bag, bag Bag, bag!

Bag, bag Bag, bag Bag, bag

Bag, bag!

Hey, little BEN, Let's play?

Oh God, What the hell did you swallow little BEN?

Spit it out. Spit, spit, spit You shouldn't put these inside your mouth

Let's hit him with this doll.

Is it?

Yes, I'll be here You can come now We'll arrest him now itself Okay

You pass the information to all Villa mates and collect the things from them!

You go that side!

You both be there!

Who's this sis?


Our TV?

Lemme take it?

Anyways, Shameful!

Weigh much


Grave cheating it is

Don't break it you Pig!

All are hard earned Stop it you fraudster!

Stealing someone else' Things, How can it be your hard work?

Stealing is too kinda difficult You try doing it if you want Zip your mouth How sad?

Now, Isn't it clear for everyone?

He is a PRANKSTER The THINGS he has stolen from many VIP's houses, we're recovering them now If he has given you anything, you must return it right now If not, you can see yourself in court and in police station Oh! BIG FRAUD!

Can't you earn decently you ass?

Just to spoil the name of this Villa Sir, small vehicle will not do, need a big one I've given this Sir, a treadmill Definitely need a bigger vehicle You shut your mouth He's telling you to shut your mouth Not to sir, I said. To you! To me Sir, you talk Sir, this is not stealing It's like playing chess Moving things from one house to another Even Viswanath Anand will fail Are you acting smart even after getting caught?

Sir, please leave me.

What did you think of us?

Did you think you can escape easily showing stratagems in front of police?

Tell me, what did you think?

Is it that we're Buffoons?

Get him into the Jeep Take him Walk there, you.

Fast, take him Does the vehicle have AC?

Get in


See him laughing What's this?

See everybody He is smiliing first.

Why isn't he stopping?

Anandan sir, wanna consult a doctor?


Till the function is over, You should not go out anywhere I'll take care of Dicroo Don't be over smart Understand?

Leave now

We've proofs showing that Joemon is the one behind their arrival If he is interrogated in a tough manner, We'll get the remaining details

Hi sir.

Even before the program started, his relay is out That's true Sir, this is that Villa They stay here in Kochi Wait

They've found the memory card But, there is a small problem We should go to Kochi today Book the flight tickets Yes, sir.

Once we get the memory card, Kill them No need of a double game You understand?


Sir The list of Invited guests should be taken Only after checking their personal IDs, They shall be permitted inside Understand?

He'll come, he'll come What happened? He is adamant Wanna see his brother, it seems BRO, BRO, He's gonna go to buy things for Fancy Dress Come, uncle will show you No, no, no OK, OK, OK Your bro will come back in no time cry not, baby

The Guys in disguise is up and up and up The rolling and gambling is on and on and on They cook up Plays of well knitted Scenes To fly up, winning over the world Fancy Dress

The role that one plays here There is an aim behind it To chase his fate, to clutch the treasure The ordeal for victory goes on Fancy Dress

To those who live in Lie castles The truth will rise as the sun do always How long and how far?

To hide yourself, you can go disguise Fancy Dress The Guys in disguise is up and up and up The rolling and gambling is on and on and on They cook up Plays of well knitted Scenes To fly up, winning over the world You stay here Baby BEN, Perform well, OK?

My prayers to you All the best

All the best to both of you Nandetaa, come Next program is theirs I'll stay with them Please come fast, Come! Come!

Didn't you see how Joemon was beaten up?

Heck with the card I wish if we could get out of this damn place That's only the way Next program is presented to you by our Kindergarten teacher and his brother, BEN

'A two-act play'

Something is wrong You go and close the main entrance You go and check why the power failed

What happened Sir?

Why are you here?

Seban Sir told me not to put on the lights till the poem gets over You move from here You'll say that. But, Seban Sir is short tempered I say you get lost Yeah, lights on

Devarajan, something wrong You come

Where the hell are you moving to? COME

Is he wholesale dealer of quotation? Can seen him on every districts.

Walk straight you scoundrel Fast, will you?

What is this?


That is a Fancy Dress Are you trying to fool me?

I was coming to see you Jumping over the wall?

That's a little bit easier Where is the card?

If you gimme a week's time, I'll get the card and come to you with Dicroo Did you invite us here to fool us around?


Who invited you?

Sorry Gabriel I messaged you from Seban's phone

Gimme your phone

A small fraud game

Not like your Goa police is The Kerala Police To arrest robbers, they use some tactics like this Am I right?

See, I can give you money.

No need We police are paid high Basically, we Mallus are too kinda hospitable Being the ones who gift our kids Pills and LSDs We've only one thing with us Yummy Chapatti and Chicken curry There in JAIL Ready to go?

Sir You double cross me, right?

No way This is Nandan Sir's Play Well played.

Well play But, You can't put me in jail for a long I guess you know my connections in Goa Your Double cross, Minister Zavio knows Also, You're not going to be in Goa from now It's here, In Kerala In the custody of Kerala police, you're safe YES! At least 10-15 years, I guarantee you Devaraj, take him Arrest them

Sir, Dicroo is missing I'm scared to be in jail without him Where it is?

He is not necessary for me As a witness, you're enough Seban? Has everyone left?


So, I fall from there.

Did he leave alone?

A child, Isn't she?

Is there no one accompanying him?

Poor girl

Who left her alone here at this night?

Are you scared baby?

There's nothing to worry What is your name?

Where did you come from?

Tell us your name, kiddie?

She is not talking Can't understand anything What to do without knowing her whereabouts My dear, I think she is unwell We'll entrust him with police That's enough Don't climb up there Come here Not how she appears She weighs some 100 Kgs

Straight! Straight! Put him straight, We'll drop him at Police Station

Worry not Let's go Gee Whiz!

She's bleeding That's OK, It's a small wound We'll go to hospital Nothing to worry, OK?

Gee Gee! What did you put in mouth?

Spit, spit, spit it out

Hubby, Lemme tell you something Will you get angry? Now?

Yes Tell me Let's take her home?



With that memory card received unexpectedly, BEN, without Seban started his journey to be the breach of someone else's peace The Journey will continue!