Fanfan (2003) Script




War... Recently became team sport the most practiced in the world, the war begins his career small.

Of course, we're losing our minds, but we continue to fight.

Thousands of years passed in neighborhood quarrels.

And then came progress.

Flint, throwing weapons and gunpowder.

That is to say, the artillery.

Serious things began.

We pulled harder and farther.

So far away that those who started the fighting could keep at a distance.

-These people passing by, are ours?

-Which ? -The Reds.

-Green helmet?

-Yellow. -Hanoverians.

-So... -Enemies.

-Of course.

Green helmets...

-Our Irish friends. -Of course.

Our friends from Ireland.

Hey, Greeks?

-Scottish, Sire. From the Mac Gregor clan.

Enemies. -Gregor, very enemies.

I can't see our colors anywhere.

- Shocking.

Exact. Blue on blue.

Royal blue on French blue.

-A shot of sky blue. -What are you gibbering, chaplain?

-Majesty, bless them.

-Are they not already ?

But, not by the King.

-It will be worth more.


-If I gave them, they wouldn't believe it anymore.

-Ah, ours.


I recognize.

Uh... Aquitaine. -Picardia.

-Yes, Picardy.

And there... Don't say anything.

Uh... Champagne!

-Almost, Roussillon. -Well.

This scope mixes everything.

And those, Marshal?

-I do not know.

-It's nothing.

It happens.

"Which victory doesn't have its share of mystery?"

-It's beautiful.


-Just remind me how it all started.

-M. de Chaville. It is our common memory.

-That good Chaville. Call him under my tent.


What's this ? -A try.

I would like a hymn for my regiment.

-I hated that we died without music.

But it seems to lack a shank.


Enough !

I want shank. Come to the Houlette.

Chaville waits.

-The origin is very simple.

-It drags on and I lost track.



Initially, Austria.

Upon the death of...


I do not remember.

His daughter, Marie...

-Marie Therese ?

-Not married...

Replaces it.

Immediately Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, claim the crown.

We, finally, you, Majesty...

We support Saxony.


-No no.


-We support?


-Well done !

Very well, my Louis!


We are against this Thérèse.

But this filth of England is getting involved.

Hanover. The Irish join us.

-Green !

-Prussia is back in the fray.


Feints... We breathe.




-So ?

-So, we are there, what.

-Yes, absolutely.



Well, I would like a chocolate.

It promotes concentration.


Workforce ?

-Workforce enemies in the last hours of last night, are 50,774 combatants.

-Too much.

It's too much and us?

-46,962, Sire.

More aids.

-46,000 how much?


- We must round up.


A good number.

-Our sergeants rake.

-Find 38 tomorrow.

My purse!

With this you will find.

38 breasts ready to die.

Do I have to offer mine ?

Cannon shots


- Recruitment office, urgent!

-The King offers 2 additional pistoles if you sign before noon.

I only have 28 places.

So, we decide quickly!

Aquitaine, the most beautiful regiment in the army.

Look at this uniform.







The stripes!

This is what awaits you. Live it, food and adventure!

-And the danger.

You will ravage the enemy!

You will enter its farms, its cellars and its women.

Finally, let's go!

Let's go !

The first to raise his hand, 3 pistoles.

Him ! -But...

-Come on, for the glory!


Are we not good here ?


We hurt no one.


Your daughter, your niece, what a shame!

- He's not ashamed?

-About what ? She didn't know she was beautiful.

-We know your songs.

- I was gentle with your ladies.

-What lady?

-His mother.

-And his aunt. -My wife !

-Each one his duty, the army depopulates...

I repopulate.

-Get it!

Catch it!

-Get down!

- We're looking for the adjutant's bride. -After.

-Welcome, the gendarmes!

Come on, I like it a lot.

Shall we pass the sponge?

-Shut up !

May he marry my daughter!

-Sorry, I never marry.

-So fight, you bastard!

Or we pierce you! I don't marry.

And no one pierces me!

-Nothing in the panties. -Too much or not enough?

- Make him fight!

- I was a marshal of arms.

I learned a lot.

-And U.S. too !

-Faced with so much ardor, here is a lesson for the jeans-fuck!

First, control his mood, hot blood confuses the mind!

We breathe!

Wide chest.

Then we relax.

And we go back, again, again!

Anger weakens.

Hatred blinds you, beware.

We rush.

You lose your lucidity and your distances.

Too short.

Too long !

And what inelegance, villain!

You are even awful.

You have to die nicely.

The fencer is a dancer. The duelist, an artist!


-The foot, the snitch!

Or the ass!

Gentlemen cuckolds!

Good evening at home.

-You'll see !

-We have it. -If he jumps, he drowns.

Otherwise... -We push him.


- Little bastard.


-The poor guy. -Fill up with this crap.

-Oh, ouh!

-You see what I see?

-Place, otherwise I jostle!

We push each other!

Is the bride ready?

-Quick or the priest will be too drunk to celebrate the wedding.

-We will postpone until tomorrow.

-Keep talking. I hold you, I marry you.

- By force, is it valid? -And how.

-And me ?

-I had promised to all. So I broke my word.

My darlings.

-Never !

No !


-Stopped !

-She does not want to.

-Tears of joy.

-I'm an expert in female tears.

I saw Lison cry for joy.

- Go ahead.

-More than 6, there is 1 / 2h left. -I know.

You picked up lame, drunkards and innocent people.

Where to find them?

If the King exiles me in Vaucluse, you in the Antilles.

We play "it will be fine"

It won't do.

It's better.

But no.

The King wants shank. Serve shank.

-Saved, my colonel.

Folk music The Aquitaine regiment, flagship of our invincible army!

Over here, hep!

Where are you going ?

-You are 19 minutes from the Antilles.

-Priest !

It's to get married!

Priest !

I go.

- I'm getting drunk.

-Curé, a wedding. -A marriage ?

It can't be like that. We need banns, announcements.

-It's just missing a priest.

-I can not.

-If we can ! If not...

-My God, where did it come from?

Me, I drink nothing.

-And that ?

-It's a found object.

-I know, Widow Pimpin.

-No, gossip!

-You marry my daughter or I speak to the bishop.

-Since I have a choice...

"La Madelon"


-Out of my sight.


Come back when you have military ear.

Where did this come from ?

-The hospice.

-Really, I... -A shot of schnapps and forward!

-Welcome, my children!

The count is good, let's go home.

-Is there one missing. -What?

We had 20, plus 7 pilgrims, 3 dumb, 1 dwarf, 1 Belgian, 5 centenarians, 37.

Is there one missing.

-So, the parish register.


I don't have the big missal.

Good then...

Okay, we'll proceed.

The names ?

-Lison. Daughter of Guillaume du Moulin and Perrine.

And him. -Fanfan.

-How? 'Or' What ? -I dunno.

- Born where? -I do not know.

-From whom? -Mystery.

-Can not.



-A keg of plum.

-And me, raspberry.

-Good, you put "Fanfan, "born in Paris."

The bells !

Bells are ringing.

In Latin

-Not so fast!

Ask us if we agree.

-Yes of course.

So, Lison.

Do you agree to take the so-called Nameless Fanfan as your husband?

-Yes of course.


Do you take Lison for wife?



-A bit stronger.

-Never !

-Prevent him from going out!

Catch it!

Catch it!

Catch it!

-Where is he ?

I don't see him anymore!

You let it go! All with me !

- I'm listening to you.

-My father.

-My girl.

-I'm not your daughter.

-Adeline. I'm listening to you.

-Not easy.

-Go for it.

-We want to marry me. -And you refuse?

-An adjutant.

-The bride?

-Yes, I'm not for sale.

Who wants to sell you?

-My father, finally my uncle. He raised me, it's complicated.

What are you doing there ?

- They want to marry me and I refuse captivity.

I want to stay free, forever.

-Give me your hand.

-I already refused it. I'm reading the lines.

I read the future.

-I hope to have one.



-Is that so ?

-I see him.

Soft hands. Sloth hands.

We will talk about you.

-Huge, some sort of general or more.

A powerful soldier.

You must have skipped a line.

-No, fold your hand.


-I see something more important.

I don't know if...

-Line of the heart, love.

- I already have some light on this chapter.

-What you have known is nothing.

Yes, the soldier makes a meeting.

You didn't know her this morning, the woman of your life.


-I see happiness, dreams, flowers, lilies.


-Lots of castles.

-To me ?


- You will marry, royal blood.

-A queen ?

- Or a princess.

-The King's daughter.

-Over there.

-Tell me the rest!

-I lost the thread.

Remember, military first, then princess.

He's there !


-He's there !

Catch it!

Catch it !!

-I offer the normal premium plus 5 pistoles!

Plus 3 weeks at double ration.

No more leave at Christmas, Easter and Saint-Louis!

Plus 6 embroidered handkerchiefs!

I have nothing left.

20 seconds.

Another 20 seconds, more than 20 seconds.

-Can I read in bed at night?

-And even all night. 10 seconds.

-Get it!


Eight... Seven... Six... Five...

So ?

-Me ! -High five.

Put yourself on a waiting list.

- Give back my son-in-law!

-He's my fiancé!

-What? -They are very upset.


-Insults ?


-A soldier of the King is like the King.

-He must marry my daughter.

-After the war.

7 years, remains 3 years.

-If she remains a girl, you'll see.

-You are too beautiful not to find.

Who wants to marry her?

You gave me an hour of pleasure.

Me, I offer your dowry.

Whoever takes the purse, takes the girl!

Go for it !


Is that your costume? -Yes.

-That color there? -Yes Yes.

-Sorry, that won't be possible.

I put yellow and orange.


-Where are you going like that ?

-But I remain in the service of the King.


Picardy or Seine-et-Oise.

But Aquitaine is no!

I hope you are ashamed.

-Come on, I'll give you absolution.

-You first.

But if, be nice.

I have a little pain.

I do not like that.

Ways of... -Go ahead.

-I love hands.

-She promises the moon.

-The moon is good for you.

She protects you bad people lying in wait for you.

-She has a pistole by commitment.

The army is a start.

Lily. - I can see nothing.

I lost track.

-The following.

-Does not insist. I'll tell you.

You want ?

You will be appointed general.

Comes a woman.


She becomes your wife.

And you discover that she is the King's daughter.


-The King's daughter!

She sings in Polish.

- Take her to the oratory.

The rest after.

It must be intact.

-Others ?

-You kill everyone else.

No witness.


-What's going on ?

Nothing good.

In Polish Ah!

-Who wants to be a little cuddly?

-Wanda, devote yourself.

We also pay you for that.

-Ah !!

Wanda is screaming.

-No, Henriette !!

In Polish


-You hear ?

Wanda screams.

-We are attacking a woman. Untie me!

- We're going to kill you.

- Untie me!

-And you, can't you hear anything?

Nothing at all.

Fair a few children.



- Leave me, leave me!

-Excuse their manners.

-These civilities are ridiculous.

Say your number. I have jewelry.



Attack helpless women!

I will teach you how to live and how to die!

-Not one to go to fight!

You, I know.

But those?

You are cowards!

-No one is going anywhere.

The right decisions meditate.

We look.

Screaming women


-Excuse me !

Warning. I know the boots.

Complete catalog!

From Nevers!




- My little one, there is courage and temerity.

Bold and simple military bullshit.



- Stand up, you killed me

3 men.

-I did the best.

OK, let's go ?


-Not bad.

-Not bad.

-So, we could ally?

1/4 of the catch for you.


I do not support let fools talk to me.

-Oh, boss...


-No !

I was picking up mushrooms.

That's all.

A fortune, it is worth a fortune.

The blow is gone alone.


You should not.

-You have disappointed me.

To intervene would have deprived him of a little glory.

I'm disappointed.

You are watching her.

Otherwise, the gnouf.

-It's over, he saved us.


Rebrake yourself.

We are watching you.


-Thank you.

Real cowards, your troops.

Our car.

Our horses.

-We are taking care of it. Our vehicle is yours.

Carriage !

-I'm confused.

Are these lily flowers?

- Indeed, it is very fashionable.

-An encounter.

-An honor.

-So, it's amazing.

It was predicted to me. The meeting, the flowers.

Do you have a castle?

In Polish

-The nanny of the child.

-We can ?

-Alas, we made a wish.

-Your name.

She has a name.

-Of course. And what is your name?


Very short.

I'll remember it. And if I can help you...

-You're welcome.

Sergeant the Franchise.

A little word to your relations...

When you only have your honesty and frankness, you vegetate.

Mr. Fanfan!


Here, for your courage.

-A lily?

Fanfan becomes Fanfan-la-tulipe.

-Two heaps, the dead, the dying!

-The soldiers, the meeting, the lilies, everything is true!

-It's a sales pitch that I've said 100 times.

On the stairs.

My uncle sends me to seduce the most naive.

I earn my living like this.

Fables, dreams. -Fables, dreams.

Thank you.

Me too I have a gift for you.

Again ?

Come and taste it!

- She's an escort.

Did you really swallow my fariboles?

-Where are the ladies?

-Saved by him alone.

-Stop them!

They stole this gem.

-It's not stolen, she tells the truth.

They saved them. Madame la Marquise gave it to him.


-Mrs. The Marquise? -Mrs. De Pompadour.

She drives Mme Henriette to his father.

-The King's daughter.

What happiness. -What a pity.


-Your guardian returns your dowry and you do not marry him.

-And I remain a girl?

-Beautiful as you are, you just have to choose.

- Would you marry me?

A Romanichelle, without father or mother, without dowry.

- But I am engaged elsewhere, you know very well.

-Yes, the King's daughter.

I repeat that I made it up.

-But everything was accomplished.

You didn't invent anything, you set off.

By the way, your gift.

Give me your hand.

This funny bird wanted to save his skin.

-It was their leader.

-No, he was looking for chanterelles.

He took me for a brigand. -You never see anything.

This man was the organizer of the assault.

- Did you read it in his hand?

Come on, take the war!

I offer it to you, don't refuse.

-No... I keep it.

In remembrance of you.

-Do you think.

Sell ​​it and pay your fiancé back.

-Which fiance?

He's not my fiancé.


What a bitch!


"God save the Queen"


-No, it's too religious!

It smells myrrh, frankincense, tea!

I'm not happy !

You don't like the army, Aquitaine.

And do you like music?

Audition tonight after the soup!


Oh, Sergeant.

I want to see my new recruits.

-They are coming, Colonel.

What a story.

In the forest, bandits.

30 or even 50!

I shriveled up everyone.

-Oh, tell me everything!

-I started with the chef first...

They sound the rally.

- Are we ringing the meal for my soldiers?

-Yes, Sire.

We say soup. -The soup, of course.

Set my table and bring in my eggs.

-The King's eggs!

-The King's eggs!

-The King's eggs!

-Have you found the right place, Marshal?

The Great Battle must have a great name.

-We study points strategic. -Yes of course.

-I had proposed a place that sounded good.


Flat, sad, dreary.

Dull plain.

But we will find.

Let's fix the day. -Lower, Sire.

-How lower?

-I'm afraid of leaks.



-A traitor.


You scare me. -The King's eggs!

His Majesty's Eggs!

-So, this one.

That one.

And this one.

No, that one.

And then no, take it back.

This unfortunate traitor has cut my appetite.

I need this one.

Mr. Corsini.

You know my relatives.

Conduct an investigation. -Good.

- Something that works well... That's enough.

I am broken.

But I want my battle before Thursday.

Wednesday will be perfect.

We're still ringing.

Is it dessert? -The meeting.

That of the recruits.

This brings our workforce to 47,000, as you wish.

-Well, that's good.

It's perfect.

Okay, call back my eggs!

-The King's eggs!

-Colonel Aimé Bonaventure Clodion Dominique de la Houlette.

I am a father to you and I love my children.

"Who loves well chatises as well."

Warning !

Adjutant Fier-à-Bras... with Adeline.

-Who spoke ?

Get out ranks!

-Registration number !

Is that you the sergeant got off the hook?

He's the protege of my best recruiter.

- Lack of respect... Let's not exaggerate.

Simple friendly advice. -A little kindness.

I already told him.

It's blue!

-A compliment, a flower.

-It doesn't make any more beautiful.

-Silence! -Oh, there you go!

So set an example.

Come closer.


Good teeth.

Healthy gums. Ears well placed.

Turn around.

Oh, pretty neck.

I really like.

I am a neck specialist.


Soldiers, we're going to work extra hard.

A battle is death.

I want impeccable deaths.

Well shaved, waxed boots.

May they be the honor of the regiment.

And who smile!

Mr. Adjutant, they are yours!

-We stand up straight, chin up.

Empty gaze, shoulders like my shoulders!

1/4 turn left!

One. Two !

One. Two !

-That's it dad, let's go?

-One, two, one, two, one, two!

One, two, one, two, one, two!

Basic exercise, walking!

Left foot !

Bend !



Fold, point, pose!

Fold, point...

Point, the go-de-la-gueule!

We point!

Lay, fold, point.


There we go!

Bunch of sissies!

We don't touch the leaves!


We open our mouths less, eh!

One, two, one, two !

It's big, but it's soft!

One, two, one, two !

One. Two !

One, two, one, two !

When we want to get involved, we get involved!

On guard to attack!


On guard, attack!

On guard, attack!

On guard, attack!

Go-de-la-gueule, we bring it less?

One, two, one, two !

Be careful, turn around!

One, two, one, two !

What are those blue cocks ?!

We double the stride!

In a circle! There is a hole !

He's your friend. We stretch it, we sharpen it!

A sheet must cut under the effect of its weight.

The carabiner is pampered!

It must be able to reach 40 toises...

-A leaf that falls in the breeze.


-You laugh ?


On the double !

One. Two !

One. Two !

Weapon in front of you!

On the shoulder, in front of you!

The shoulder!

Soi-paule, soi-paule!

Weapon at the foot.

Knee to the ground!

Knee in the air, on the ground!

In play!

Layer !

Standing !

On your knees!

Layer !

Standing !


Get up, lie down!

Ah, I was expecting that.

What are you doing ?

-I am leaving.

I have been very patient, but I don't like your game.

Your voice.

I don't like your ears.

But rest assured, I don't like anything here.

-In the row!

-My poor friend, I'm just getting out.

-You refuse to comply!

Mutiny, abandonment of equipment!

- Beware. I have plenty of witnesses.

And a stepfather! -Who is that ?

- His Majesty is marrying me.

-Her daughter ?




To the hole!

"The star-spangled banner"

-Is that music, Mr. Flageolet?

Out of my sight !

Out of my hearing. And you, in the kitchens.

They don't think what to do at the fair!

The children laugh.

-So him, what a neck.

-If it was just me, I'd stick a medal on you.

But you go to the hole.

- I have a long arm. -And he, an assassin.

How to stand up to him with them?

-They are beautiful. -The most beautiful of the regiment.

And even around.

Put yourself where you want.

The sergeant is in charge of the food.

Money and you order.

Or the mess tin.

A pig vomits.

-For what you have best.

Keep the rest !

-I get used to.


-The carabiner above of the head !

1st and 2nd lines!

One. Two !

One, two, one, two !

On one leg!

The other !

A leg !

The other !

Leg !

Leg !

Ah... there it is!

So ?

Release her and buckle her up. -I loop it or release it?

- Buckle it up.

And free her. And you make me

4 days !

Break up!


-Bring this tray.

-I have the soup to peel and a bottle waiting.

-I'm not your maid. So much the worse for the prisoner.

For once, a kind boy, pretty.

-Her name ?

-He sees himself as a prince.

He stood up to who you know.


Go make your bottle.


The rally is ringing.


"O sole mio"


- She is magnificent !

- I was offered fortunes. Including mine.

-You booked.

I'll give you the money back. -But no.

-Thank you, it's a nice gesture.

- We toped. I dropped 50 pistoles.

I'll have Adeline. -Let's go.

You are not buying a horse.

If still you would listen to the advice.

The charm, the manners.

Flowers ? -I can.

The rest is difficult.

Flowers, I can.

I found the water so beautiful that I bathed in it I have loved you for a long time I will never forget you I have loved you for a long time I will never forget you

Good night ?

-Excellent, like the alarm clock.


-What do you want ?

I have solitude, silence.


-In prison ?

-The ideal place. We remain motionless, our head on a pillow of dreams.

I'm hungry.

Which lightens the mind.

-You are crazy.

-Miss Adeline, the prisoner is incommunicado.

Let's have a conversation.


-Onions ?

-Tulips. -My flower.


Women love flowers.

Like you. You have to court them.

You are off to a good start. Very poetic.

Keep going!

-I find you... really...

You are beautiful. -Well done.

And clean too. She does the laundry well.

-And the dishes.

-The kitchen. -Sewing.

Fairy fingers. -For 50 pistoles, he will acquire the Adeline series.

Or a superb washing machine, a dishwasher, a sewing machine and a four-burner stove!


-What would you say, the smart guy?

-The truth, quite simply.

You are not only beautiful.

You are radiant, you are lively.

Like a young animal.

You are pure.

Free like air.

You will only be the wife of one man.

He will be happy.

So neither priest nor courtier.

Mostly, not a soldier!

- Show yourself, beautiful blackbird. Guts.


- Shot!

Quartered, hanged, depended, rependu!

Burned alive !

Slicer-mountain, name of a fly shit, on my boot!

Find me the key ring!


-It was very nice what you said. Very nice too.

I know it was to enrage him but it did me good.

You are wrong to provoke him. He is a man without imagination.

Killing doesn't make him hot or cold.

He has already murdered 2 recruits who winked at me.

Are you listening to me, Fanfan?


If you want to sulk, sulk. But I would have warned you.

- Come on!

Escape, alert!

Seal the issues!

Bayonet cannon!

The tocsin!

I go crazy!

On guard!

On guard!


- Don't stay there, come home!

-I'm fine here, I have a beautiful view.

I like it.

-You are too stupid !


-What are you doing up there?

-My saber?

- Yours, no. But mine!

Why ?

I am a gentleman.

-Here it is !

-We don't point fingers!

-He is paying your mouth.

-No, yours. He is very brave.

- Do I have permission? -From?

- To burst it, to emasculate it!

-No, that's too much.

Go ahead, but spare the neck.

-Ladder !

Too short !


-3 on the adjutant.

-5 on the Parisian.

-Twenty gods!

-Add sacredieu and pardieu!

-Farewell !

-OH !

-Come on, come on!

Hello !

The children laugh.



-Behind !



To laugh

-A bastard. -He is a warrant officer.

- Hurry up!

-3 better. -I am.

-Help ? -No !


Let me go !

-Is it regular?

-No, but fun. -So let's have fun.

-This brute is going to kill Fanfan!

-Or the opposite.

-Or both.

-It's an age when you die well.


-It's okay ?

-You broke everything.

-Pleasure ?

-And you want Adeline to marry you?

-Pleasure ?

-You forget Adeline and I forget you.

Okay ?

-Pleasure ?


-The match is a draw. -No ?

-They are alive.

- Mine is more... I ask for arbitration.

-Allowed. Draw.

-Correct Fier-à-Bras and save Adeline, a miracle.

And you make them laugh.


-I like noble causes.

-You are a prince.

And you won a friend. To life, to death.

-Colonel ABCD de la Houlette!

-It's me !

The rally is ringing.

"Order is given by us, Louis, to our troops.

"The Aquitaine regiment..." That's us.

"... is assigned to the protection of our Majesty.

"He will therefore move without delay, "at the castle of Villelune

"where we decided to establish

"our headquarters."

My children, on the way!



-Pleasure ?

"La Marseillaise"


-It's better !

But I would like it to smell of powder.

-They cure all illnesses.

And even the shameful.

-Place, place!

Get out!

-You saw ?

She's my fiancée!

-Without seeing his face? -The eyes of love.

-I lost my mind. -It feels good.

-What? -Pleasure ?

- Please, please!

Are we making fun of my temporary infirmity?

Very well.


The King's daughter is waiting for me!

-Ladies, finally!

We were very worried.

-An agression.

Your roads are no longer safe.

-All the money goes to war.

More fear than harm ?

-Thanks to a savior named Fanfan.

He fought all the brigands. You would have loved it.

Tell the King we'll see him tomorrow.

It's my cousin's crew, turn it over.

Henriette, to bed!

-But how she talks to me.

Are you looking for your star?

-No I...

-It's that one.

-How do you know ?

-It's mine.

I invite you.

At my wedding too, I invite you.

-At your wedding? -Yes, with the adjutant.

-Ridicule, he's a brute.

-I will have his pay every month.

They will greet me.

I will have my chair at church.

A name. -Madame Fier-à-Bras?


-How awful.

-Wicked people, we tame them.

-If it's your fate.

Mine is at one of those windows.

I'm sure there is someone for you somewhere. Keep looking.

Me, it fell on me all of a sudden, thanks to you.



-Everything is here.

-It's risky. We reveal all our plans.

Where are we with this traitor? -We are making progress.

We call him "The man in black" or "Black man".


But insufficient.

Dig some more. So, is it over?


Go to the doghouse!

I tease him, he adores me!

What do you suggest on the maneuver?

-Classic device, but with strategic imagination.

-I love strategic fantasy!

-Right wing, I put it on the left.

-Left wing, I put it... -Right.

-In the center. The effect will be surprising.

You got them! Finally, I have them. And that ?

-Line invincible.

Behind, we are out of reach of the artillery.

-It's certain ?

-Boulet of 16.

"PPP" powder. We use the same.

An English ladle shaves a 16-pound ball, range of 300 fathoms.

They are here.

301 toises from the line.

Behind, invulnerability. -Yes Yes !

Well done.

Before wishing us good night, pray to God for tomorrow.


-Wake up. -I sleep.



- I was in the middle of a dream. -Let's go !


A door slams.


A woman sings.

Come help me, it's heavy! -Halte!

They are there !


-HM hm.


-It's me, good evening.

In Polish


Remember. Fanfan, Fanfan-la-tulipe.


-Do not scream. I saved your life.

In the forest.


-It makes you wrinkles.


- Stop.



- We must get to know each other.


-Stop those guinea fowl cries!

You were adorable and...

I was your suitor, it's over!

I finished wanting you, understand ?



- Nothing stops him.

-M. Fanfan?

What's going on ?

- I came to visit my fiancée, she broke everything.

-She got scared.

-Usually, I'm not scary.

-We don't enter like that.

-It's over.

-Halte! He's there !

-Get down!

-Help me !

-We walk ?

- Do you think, Majesty.

-Who pays you?

-I never knew. You or the Houlette.

But... a small increase?

-I find it not very dark. -The soul, Sire.

In a dark... -Who comes in?

This one is more black.

Who will explain to me?

-Me, Sire!

Despite appearances, I am white.


- I saved your daughter. -About what ?

- From an attack by brigands in the forest.

The day before yesterday.

-My little girl ?

I didn't know. It deserves a reward.

-I entered here with the intention of asking for his hand.

- Marry him? -Yes, but in fact, no.

Howls, Poland, no.

-You refuse? -Navre.

I have no recognized ancestors.

I was wrong.

Youthful error! Without hard feelings?

See you soon.

The son-in-law becomes a spy again.

Hang them tomorrow.

-That's it !

That's it !

It is booked !

The spy, the man in black! Fucked the dung!


It's Fanfan, the famous Fanfan!

Tomorrow, squeak!

Ah, my colonel. -Pleasure ?

-You know me.

Performing it would be a great honor.

Without bonus and... -For honor.

-My two uncles were executioners.

-In that case, okay.


For a hanging, I want violins. Violins.

-I am demoralised.

I was going to settle down, a family, a job, a wife.

And then, nothing more.

These people eat, sleep when they want.

We're not going through the same life. -The cafeteria !

Those who are thirsty, take out the change.

-If it's not her, where is the woman of my life?

You? But yes.

Was that the way to go?

-I didn't want to say anything for fear of losing you.

I'm losing you when I tell you.

-Tell me ?

-I never liked.

So I don't know if I can call this thing that makes me so happy and so unhappy, of love.

-Too often I said the word.

It was nothing like what I am feeling.

Lightning hit me. She enlightened me.

-The rule, it's two minutes.

Stay a minute. -Not for me.

I knew your mother. Maybe I got you started.

So... Here, drink.

It puts ideas back in place.

-Why didn't I see you as I see you now?

-Perhaps the prison, the fear.

-We should age younger.

Fifty to 20 years old. We would know the main one.

-About what ?

-Of life. The good, the bad, the true, the false.

The women.

And his, unique.


My Adeline.

-My Fanfan.

-It's sad to die now.

If you read my heart you would see your image there, forever.

- "Always" ends soon.

-We have a few hours, the others are sleeping.

- They don't all sleep.

Hammer blows


-The show is for tomorrow.

-We're coming to see the murderer.

-Which assassin?

Get out!



-Without proof, without judgment.

-No ! -What do you want to do ?

-I want to live, live happily with you!

-We have so little time.

- Exactly, I want time.

Seasons, years.

I'll go see the King.

Beg him.


-He won't listen to you.

-It's also my fault!



- Couldn't we get some sleep?

-After, move!


He's not waiting for me.


-Madam, I want to save the man I love.

You named him Fanfan. -Oh, the tulip!

Tell me everything.

Even if I believe you, never Louis...

Finally, His Majesty, will not back down.

-Wake him up, where is he sleeping?

-No, it's the King.

Nobody can't disturb him.



Someone knocked.


-You? -A matter of importance.

I leave you.

Thank you, I will repay you.

-For a grace? -An audience.

-It's already huge. Nocturne, too.

And royal.

How will you release the King's spy? -It's not him.

I know it. -How? 'Or' What ?

-He offered a ring to Fanfan.

And Fanfan gave it to me.

-And you have it here?

Can I see her ?

I'll take it to the King. -No it's me.

- I'll buy it from you. Tell me your price.

-It is not for sale.

-Everything sells. The ring, you, me.

Your price?

-A gift. -10,000.

-A memory. -20,000.

-I care a lot.

- Tough in business.

I love to negotiate.

-The King's bedroom!

Adeline screams.

- We knock, Mr. Fanfan.

-I'm looking for my wife. -Three doors on the left.

In Polish -Oh, Poland!

-Oh, France!

-He is the traitor!

- Explain yourself, gentlemen. I am not in a good mood.

-A thief.

-I know her.

-She stole this ring from me.

-Offered in the forest.

-But what forest?

-Poor child.

-I gave it to you 2 years ago.

-For my birthday, Your Majesty.

-How? 'Or' What have you had it?


The man in black. -You?

Why ?

-Florins, books.

-When will the euro be?

-The traitors love gold.

-My cousin...

Between kings.


-I will be king if we lose.

And thanks to me, you will lose.

I sold the maps, the location, the passwords, everything!

-Stop him!

- I cut her throat!

You don't like me either.

- Let the guard surround the castle!

There is water ?


-Yah, yah!


On horseback!

On horseback!

-Where are we going ? You will be my queen.

Faster !


-Service of the King!

-Young woman sick!

- Clear!




-What will you do with me? -My queen.

-If I refuse? -To the Austrians!

-They'll shoot me. -They hang the women, go ahead!

-I will tell you the password of Aquitaine.

-And Picardy? -"God with us".


I know them all.

Champagne, "God willing".

Etc. I am a professional.

Don't stop!





-Calm. It's me, Corsini.

Von Gorzini!

Go get Koenigseck!

You do not put in this state.

Fanfan-la-tulipe. A flower.

It is plucked, breathed and thrown.

I am a man of the future.

- I don't believe in the future, except with him.

- You'll have to forget it.

Do not do that. You risk death.

-I'd rather die.

-Love blinds you.

-Why live if you can no longer see the one you love?

Have hands, if we can no longer stroke?

Give him a hug?

And if her scent is no longer in the air, why even breathe?

- Touching.

- Without love, you are lost Corsini.

-Not yet, I think.

- You will only have my tears!

-That's enough now !

You can die later.

I will kill you myself. Word of honor.

Finally, my word.



Bedi kalin mit matmoizelle!

-But not at all.


-A spy.


-Von Gorzini, danke schön, gut, für betrayal!

Komon, komon, krosse karte!

See you big business.

Étissy Cumberland, english.

Étissy Ingoldsby, Scottish.

Étissy everywhere Koenigseck!

Etissy? Franzousse!



-Kaput !!

You lanzé the mazacre zignal.

-You will kick off.

Blue... Overnight.

Yellow... Epidemic.

Red, let's go. Attack!

-And the white?

-Das weiss ubergate to the toilet, nein!

Forget about that rag!

-Capitulation. He will never want to.

- It will be necessary!

Paws in the air!

-Me ?


Swords down!

You tie them up. I love you.

I love to tell you I love you.

-I love that you say it!

-I'm taking you to Paris.

-Yes ! -We settle down.

-Paris costs a fortune.


-I know their treasure.

-We will have a hostel.


-Mein château is nicht ein moulin!

-My captain !

I took the traitor!

- I got you. - Pleasure ?

-No, it's him!

-Navré, my dear, he lost!

On my signal!

-Why are you here ?

You were chasing him.

And why ?

Who was before him?

I was his prisoner.

-He was in front.

-Who was chasing the other?

-We could be wrong... Geneva Convention!

Dragons, to the rescue!




-Where is the enemy? -Where he shouldn't be!

-The work of Corsini.

Cheers -The Scots, Sire.


-And us, nothing. Not even a hymn.

I think we are lost.

There is another word...


Screwed up?

-Cooked! -Ah yes.

We're done.

Mr. Marshal.

Let us attack, even if it means perishing, let us perish with panache.

-It is up to the enemy to send the signal from the tower.

Protocol 1028, revised in 1477 and recently amended.

- But I recognize him, that one.

Our good Fanfan.

-Von Gorzini.

-He sends the attack signal!

Detach the signal!

Fanfan, your shirt!

I need your shirt!

-Here !


-It's the end, Mr. Tulip. Yours.

Of your loves, of your king.

Of your army.

At three you will be dead.

Ein... Two...

-This thing is a flag?

He speaks Gaelic.

- Or rather a shirt.

And even... white shirt!

-It's a good sign ? Better, you are victorious.

-Like that, without a fight?

-Without even a single death.

-And that matters? -Unmatched achievement!

We will talk about it for centuries.

-To be conquered without peril, do we not triumph without glory?

She's not bad, write it down.



Cheers of joy


-Sir, you will be from our house until the end of this war.

You gave up our family.

-What a son-in-law.

-What a neck. -What a pity.

-Too Polish.

- You will be my private general.

With castle, car, pension.

You are not going to refuse yet?

-I think that man must remain master of his destiny.

Mine is to marry this woman, my queen.

She will rule over three acres, my heart and a few children.

-What luck to be able to do so.

Come on, music!

"Forward, Fanfan"

-My hymn!

-Ah, shank.

-Thank you.


-It swings.


With the end of this story, a period of absolute peace began all over Europe, which lasted 18 months.

Or 18 days, we don't quite know.

Everyone knows that peace never lasts long enough.

Except for Adeline and Fanfan who lived happily for they had many children.