Fangs of the Living Dead (1969) Script

Dr. Luciani, you have a phone call.

It's your girlfriend.

Excuse me, doctor. I'll be right back.

Hi, Sylvia. How are you, Piero?

Are you very busy? I have three broken ribs.

What happened to you?

I didn't express myself correctly. I meant three radioscopies of fractures.

I wanted to tell you about something marvelous that's happened.

It's something incredible. Can you meet me at Como's?

What do you know about me?

We know everything.

That you're the prettiest model in Italy.

And as if that's not enough, you'll be my lucky wife in 15 clays.

Is that enough?

No, I'll tell you something else.

But be ready to hear something shocking.

As you wish.

Behold, the Countess of Walbrooke...

owner of a castle.

What did you have for breakfast? Brandy? Silly.

Here. Read it.

What is it? My uncle's letter.

He was the executor of my mother's last will.

"Dear niece...

It's a great pleasure to inform you that according to your mother's will, this year you will take possession of the properties your mother left you."

What handwriting!

It looks like a doctor's handwriting!

Leave it, dear.

The rest says that the castle and the title are mine now.

Hey, Piero, you're marrying a Countess.

Sylvia, are you sure it's not a joke?

The thing is that I had never told you about this.

I didn't want to seem presumptuous.

But my mother belonged to an aristocratic family.

The Walbrooke.

Did your father tell you about it?

Only some things. He never wanted to talk about Mom.

They separated a few months after I was born.

Well, Countess, what do you think you will do now?

Well, right now... give Piero a huge hug.

Hey, lady, this is a respectable establishment.

And what are you going to do? I'm gonna go.

Where? To Walbrooke.

To take care of the castle and the rest.

I hope you're not planning on going just before our wedding.

Calm down.

I won't stand you up at the church.

I have time to go there, sort out the papers, and have a whiskey in the armory.

I'll be back home in time to try on my wedding dress.

Welcome to Walbrooke, miss.

Would you like a drink? I'll have a whiskey.

I'm sorry, we only have kirsch, vodka, Tokay, and first-class beer.

I'll have a beer, then.

That's what I always say. The best thing to clear your throat is a good beer.

No, thanks. One is fine.

If you don't mind, I usually toast with the strangers that come to the county.

Cheers. Cheers.

Did you travel far?

Yes, from Rome. Rome?

I'd give anything to go there.

You could go if you wanted to.

No, I wouldn't let her. She can't go in her condition.

What's the matter? Is she ill?

She's very weak. And you always imagine the worst.

How long are you staying?

One week at the most.

You won't find the comforts you have in Rome here.

Brugard, damn you, take the lady's suitcases up, and take her to the front room.

No, thanks. Don't bother. I'm not staying.

Where are you staying, then?

In the castle. It's my family's.

Good God!

What is going on?

Is this a joke?

Miss Sylvia Morel?

Lord Count is waiting for you.

What's wrong with these people?

They're all a bit crazy, aren't they?

Where is my uncle?

Lord Count never comes until night. At 10:00 p.m. sharp.

Go up, miss.

As you can see, I didn't bring too many clothes.

I'm just staying for a couple of days.

What is my uncle like?

You'd better not tell me.

I like surprises.

HE seems...

And it's all been so sudden.

I was alone, an orphan without a family.

And suddenly, bam. An uncle with a castle.

I like it. I mean, having an uncle.

Because this... it wouldn't be bad as a museum, but as a home, it's outrageous.

Too many stones.

Don't you think so?


No... Nothing.


My dear niece.

It's very cold outside.

You look great, uncle.

Why haven't I heard from you in all these years?

It wasn't the right time.

I'd never have imagined that my family had all this.

You can't blame me.

It was your father who took you away from us. Stupid man.

My father has died. I know.

He never told you about Grandma?


Or about Mom, either.

He would get in a bad mood if I asked about it.

You can imagine that after they separated, he drank too much.

Come and see this.

I can't believe it.

It's your grandmother Malenka.

Look at her mouth, her eyes.

She's your spitting image.

I'm sorry, you must be exhausted. Yes.

Aren't you having dinner with me?

I'm sorry. I have something to attend later.

That's an excuse to watch your figure.

Tell me, Uncle, you loved Grandma very much, didn't you?

She was a very beautiful woman, too.

And she would still be if those dammed scoundrels hadn't...

What happened to her?

Not now. I will tell you the story some day. And then... you will hate them as much as I do.

They used to be simple servants who humiliated themselves in our presence.

But soon the good old times will be back.

You'll see. You have to continue the family's tradition.

Uncle, I don't know if I'll be able to...

Didn't you get the ring? Yes.

But it is too big.

I'll have somebody fix it. Don't worry.

It belonged to the founder of this family.

Some say it's not an ordinary ring.

They say it has prodigious qualities.

But we are not superstitious, are we?

Your mother wouldn't believe it either.

What do you mean?

We'll have time to talk about all this.

Don't you think it's enough for your first day?

Tell me something about my mother.

What was she like?

What happened to her?

She was a little disturbed at the end.

She was obsessed with going to Rome to meet you.

Why didn't she?

I prevented her from doing so.


You prevented her from doing so?

I don't understand.

Of course you don't.

She couldn't understand it either.

She didn't realize her nature was totally different than that of the mortals.

How so?

I owe you an explanation.

But not today, Sylvia. It's late.

I told you I have an important appointment.

At least...

At least tell me how my mother died.

From melancholy.

Where did you bury her?


In the crypt of the castle.

Could I... see her?

Yes. Come with me.

Are the lights always on? Yes.

Yes, always. In her memory and as an homage. Worshiping the dead is a symbol of our yearning to live.

And all these tombs?

Your true family.

"Antoine Latour...


Who was he?

A very famous ancestor of yours.

He was official of cuirassiers of Walbrooke.

He was wounded in the withdrawal of Moscow. Then he came to this castle.

Here he met his future wife.

The Countess of...

Were they happy?

They separated soon afterwards.

She died, and now she rests in complete silence.

I don't understand.

Do you mean the others didn't die completely?

Is this Mom?

"Sonya la Tour de Walbrooke.


De Moral.

My father also counts, don't you agree?

I make the decisions here.

Our lineage demands it.

You must know I feel very proud of being Gaston Morel's daughter, even though he was only a poor painter.

You must be very tired.

That's enough for today. Go to bed.


Who's there?

Who are you?


The Count was in love with me a long time ago.

Do you live here with my uncle?

Do you really believe he is your uncle?

He looks young, but he is more than 100 years old.

A hundred years old?

I don't believe it.

Did you have to come in my room and wake me up to tell me that nonsense?

Calm down. Relax.

You really have a temper.

Just like your mother.

Did you know my mother?

Your mother was very... very sad.

Of course, living in this depressing castle is not exactly a great joy.

Did you ever speak with her?

He never wanted me to get close to her.

When the sun went down, he would lock her up in this room.

She died here? Yes.

She died like any other mortal.

And even though he tried to persuade her, he couldn't dominate her.

Sonya resisted to the end. It would have been different if I could have talked to her.

Why would he lock her up?

And now he wants you to do what Sonya refused to do.

What are you talking about?

You'll find out.

Don't worry.

I'm here with you.

Come on, sleep now.

I can't keep my eyes open.

Sleep. Sleep now.

Don't be afraid. I'm here with you.

Don't fear anything.

Blinka won't hurt you.

Sleep. Blinka is your friend, and she loves you very much. Sleep.

I told you to stay away from her!

I haven't done anything.

I haven't! Believe me!

I swear. Where are you taking me?

I won't go near her again. I promise.

No. Not downstairs!



What did you do to her? Answer me!

I told you I didn't do anything.

Liar! No!

It's true. I've never lied to you.

Let her go. She's been very kind to me.

Please, let her go.

Very kind to you, huh?

Did you hear that? She wants me to let you go.

You shouldn't have exposed me like that before her.

Now she'll be scared of me.

I wouldn't like that.

I think it's about time I told her who you are, Blinka.

And you? Yes, me too.

And how much she can offer us.


Good morning, miss.

Listen. It's very important that this is sent to Rome.

Could you send someone to the post office, please?


This is for you.

I insist. It has to be sent to Rome at once.


Good evening, Sylvia.

Hello, Uncle.

I've just realized my passport is missing.

Someone must have taken it.

I think this is yours.

Who authorized you to open it?

Must there be secrets between us?

Who is Piero?

A friend of yours from Rome? My fiancé.

We're getting married soon, and you won't prevent it.

You're just like your mother.

Temper, character.

Self-willed, although out of touch with reality.

You won't convince me with your words.

It is you.

You are the one that is out of touch with reality.

You and this sinister castle.

I'm warning you. Don't try to consider me as your prisoner.

I can't stand it.

I came here because I wanted to.

And I'll leave whenever I decide to.

Not when you say so, but when I decide to. Do you hear me?

I suppose you had a good reason to run away.

I told you.

Remember, I'm going back to my boyfriend in Rome.

You must break up with him.

No, I won't do that. We're getting married very soon.

There are more important reasons that oblige you to respect your blood.


You are wrong. I'm not obligated to do anything.

I won't comply with your crazy whims.

You caused my mother's misfortune. Since I didn't know you up to now, I can continue living without you.

Besides, I'm allergic to castles.

I see I have to explain some things to you.

When you came here, I told you about Malenka.

Do you know how she died?

She was burned at the stake!

She was burned in the village square, victim of an ignorant, murderous and cruel court.

Malenka... didn't resign herself to studying within the limited academic sciences.

She studied the rebel mysteries, the big secrets of forbidden forces.

Her experiments terrified the locals.

People talked more and more, and she was excommunicated.

From then on, the Walbrooke line has been cursed.

But I don't have anything to do with Malenka.

You are her descendant.

You have her blood in your veins. Look at you.

You can't marry that man.

Clearly, you don't know him.

He is a modern guy, a university student.

Piero is much above your prejudice.

If I told him that my great-grandmother was a witch, he would ask me about the broom.

Speak with respect.

All right.

Our ancestor dedicated herself to the cunning art of witchcraft.

She was trying to discover the secret of immortality.

And that big secret... cost her her life.


But before her tragic end, she subjected her husband to necromancy experiences.

And those experiences... how did they turn out?

They were completely positive.


Do you want me to believe that our ancestor is alive?

It's not that.

Now he belongs to the so-called nosferatu.

That is to say, the undead.

Uncle, I think... you could use a little getaway to a peaceful place.

In the country, on the beach... Wherever.

But you need a change of scenery, away from this castle.

You don't believe anything I said, do you?


Come with me.

Where to? Downstairs. Come with me.

No, don't bother. I've already seen the tombs.

You haven't seen them inside.

Is it necessary?

Let's leave it for another day.

I'm not a curious woman, really.


Come on.

Uncle, please.

Follow me.

Don't be childish. No!

That's enough. Let's get out of here.


That's an order.

There is nothing there.

Every night, he goes out of this grave.

He goes in search of the vital sap he needs to preserve his eternal existence.

Where is he now?


What? Here?

Yes. Here.

You are talking to him.


The first time we met, you gave me a kiss. Remember?

You noticed the coldness of the grave.

No, you're trying to scare me.

I don't believe you!

You belong to our family. Remember that.

I can show you a wonderful world.

A world where death never wins.

Don't you realize? You'll live forever.

But you will have to obey. Forget all your projects.

Contact Piero. Write to that mortal being, and I'll promise that letter will get to its destination.

Write to him!

"Dear Piero, I still don't know whether my experience here is real or a nightmare.

In any case, there are many reasons for our engagement to end once and for all."

Do you understand this? Forget about it.

Don't think about it.

It's clear that she wants to break up with you.

There is nothing more to talk about. She dumped you.

But she must have a reason.

You know how silly women become when you buy them an apartment.

Well... think that someone has bought Sylvia a castle.

Now she doesn't even remember you.

Sylvia is different. There's never been secrets between us.

"I still don't know whether my experience here is real or a nightmare."

I need to know what's going on.

Yes, but how? I don't know.

Going there. Confronting her. Asking her.

And if she wants to break up, she can tell me to my face.

Exactly! She can tell us both.

Are you coming, too?

Of course. You're not going on your own.

Real friends are always there.

But do you know where Walbrooke is?

I didn't know.

I was sure we would go to see her sooner or later.

And your business? Don't worry. Closed for the holidays.

I wanted to take a break, so tomorrow...

Hey, Berta.

I'm bringing you a doctor.

Sure! And to the hell with me!


Brugard, damned you, bring some food to these gentlemen.

Don't you see they are tired?

You'll have to share the room. There is only one left.

No problem.

While they're serving your dinner, would you mind visiting an ill woman?

What's the matter? Is it urgent?

It's me. I don't feel well lately.

Don't worry. It's nothing. Only minor anemia.

I don't understand. You should see how much I eat.

Take these vitamins and this tonic, and you'll get better soon.

Are you sure? It's the ABCs of medicine.

Thank God. That's a relief. Thank you, doctor.

Although I'll close the window just in case.

And I'll put up some garlic so that they can't come in.

Do you think that will prevent anyone from coming in?

It would prevent me, at least.

I'm allergic to garlic. I can't stand it.

Well, Berta. Sleep now.

You'll be better soon.

She wasn't looking very well.

It was getting worse and worse.

And you have seen her today.


I began to think... Don't mind me.

What did you think? Well...

I thought someone was hurting my sister Berta.

I don't understand.

Of course you don't. You are not from here.

But there is something horrific going on here, sir.

You shouldn't fear those ridiculous superstitions.

If you think about it, there must be an explanation.

Do you think so? I'll lend you a book which tells of horrible things that happened here some years ago.


It talks about Malenka, former Countess of Walbrooke, and her hideous castle.

No way! Did you hear that? That's where we are going tomorrow.

A doctor from another place has seen me.

He says he can cure me.

A doctor? Who brought him here?

I did.

You and your sister are causing me a lot of trouble.

Please, promise me nothing will happen to her.


I had never imagined people would fear the stupid things in this book.

Come on, it's midnight.

Tell me tomorrow. Sleep and let me sleep.

First, listen to this, Max.

You can sleep later. You'll see what it says is not normal.

What do you call "normal"?


It deals with such peculiar things like vampires, dead people who come out from their graves at night,

wooden stakes plunged in hearts...

Please, Piero... stop reading that, or I'll have nightmares.

It's a classic case of collective psychosis.

And you are a classic pain in the neck. Let me sleep, please.

Who needs enemies?

All right. I'll let you sleep.

I won't be so lucky.


What's the matter now?

I saw a bat this big outside the window.

It must have been a nightmare.

You're like a kid who's just watched a scary movie.

It's true. I'm too impressionable.

How ridiculous. I was going to throw a shoe at it.

Hey, I have an idea.

Let's talk about girls.

Come in.

It's my sister, doctor. Come at once!

Shut up, mutt!

I can't explain it.

She was very weak this evening, but she had enough energy to survive.

I know, doctor. Besides... nobody can do anything about this.

Not you, not medicine...

It's not the first case in this county.

Certify her death and plunge a stake in her heart before burying her.

That is outrageous!

Do it for her, I'm begging you!

Are you out of your mind?

Didn't you read the book? It's all in there.

I remind you I'm a doctor.

I cannot pay attention to those tall tales.

By the way, what does your local doctor say about this?

Dr. Harbinger... he never says anything.

It's true. I never say anything.

What could I say?

Apparently, you've had cases like this before.

Not quite the same, similar.

And what is your diagnosis?

Anemia... asthenia... weakness... exhaustion.

Dr. Harbinger, can I ask you a delicate question?

Go ahead.

Are you sure your diagnostics are accurate?

You are insulting me.

If you had told me this in different circumstances, I would have given you the answer you deserve!

But not today.

I understand your doubts.

No. I didn't certify the truth.


Let me tell you.

When I came from Germany, I was a young doctor, like you, willing to get on in life.

I was in love with my profession.

Time went by... and one day, horrible and inexplicable things started to happen.

If I had continued like that, I would have lost my mind... so I had to choose.

I had to silence the facts, or I would die like the others.

Like Berta. Like everyone.

I was dealing with such dangerous facts that not me, nor you, nor any wiser man could solve them. No.

But as an academic man, you know all facts, even if they seem illogical, have a rational explanation.


When I show you something, you won't speak like that. Neither will you.


Freya, I'm really sorry for your sister.

Could you bring us some strong coffee, please?

Yes, doctor. Right away.

Let's see what you think about what she has on her neck.

I'd say it's two pricks with a very small bruising.

Not so small.

I can assure you her life left her through those two small pricks.

Has she been bitten by an animal? No.

Something much worse than an animal.

An insatiable blood drinker.

Are you telling me a bat did this?

No, not a bat.

But something very similar to them.

My dear colleague, would you mind coming with me to my humble laboratory?

Of course. Thank you.

Max, stay here. Alone? With her?

Damned dog! He scared the shit out of me.

Good God, she's becoming very ugly.

The bat is the only mammal that can fly.

It flies at night and sleeps during the day hanging from its claws.

People usually find them repulsive because they see a certain link between them and dark forces.

On the other hand, you know that, except in some cases, life expectancy of animals is related to their size.

Elephants win the prize in longevity.

Men live for approximately 80 years.

Horses are considered old by the age of 16.

Dogs by 12.

Mice at one.

And butterflies only live for... a matter of hours.

And then... there is this ridiculous little animal that would astonish any cat that could catch it, which is impossible, and that according to logic, should only live for a few months.

It seems incredible, but despite their size, they frequently live for more than 20 years.

And there is something even more surprising.

Bats are the only animals that survive rabies.

Not many people know this fact.

Touch it if you want.

But its extraordinary characteristics don't end here.

I've confirmed that when they die, their arteries are as elastic as when they were one year old.

You would think it's dead now.

We can't perceive its heartbeat.

Nobody would say it's sleeping... and it'll go on sleeping for months, until winter is over.

Well, here it is.

It only takes a bit of heat for it to think it's wake-up time.

Hibernation is not only practiced by bats.

There are many other animals that bury themselves in the snow and resuscitate in spring.

A never-ending cycle.

Life or death. Hamlet's "To be or not to be," turned into a mysterious reality.

And what about transforming our sleep into death only two hours a day?

It's not impossible.

Some fakirs manage to do it through psychic methods.

What is yoga, then?

Achieving complete rest through stimulating exercises.

Yes, doctor, but I can't see the relation between sleeping and yoga with the current situation.

I told you all this so that you'd see that my life hasn't been as sterile and cowardly as you had imagined.

I fight by researching.

My means are scarce, but I've made important discoveries.

For example...

I know where the secret of longevity lies.

Here. In these arteries.

Maybe, but I still don't understand what it has do to with the Count and the practice of those theories.


So tell me how you are going to deal with a person who transforms himself into a bat whenever he wants.

Dr. Horbinger, I will only believe it when I see it with my own eyes.

How can Sylvia like this place?

We'll find out. If she wants to break-up with me, she should be more clear.

No stupid excuses or apologies.

Well said. And don't be soft or beg her. Be cold.

What do you want?

We want to see Miss Sylvia Morel.

The lady has ordered not to be disturbed.

I'm Piero Luciani. Her fiancé.

Her instructions include you in particular.

What shall we do now?

If it were up to me, I would knock this door down.

We've crossed half Europe to get here, and she doesn't even say hello.

I'm not leaving because of that man. Really?

What if she is kept against her will?

Do you believe those fantasies, too?

You read her letter. It was her handwriting.

She said she was leaving you.

Yes, but she wouldn't...

Nonsense. What happens is that the earldom has gone to her head.

If only I could find a way of entering the castle to talk to her.

There she is! Where?


Nothing. She's ignoring you.

Sylvia! Why won't you talk to me?

Our lord orders you to wear this tonight. It was the Countess's.

What is she doing?

What did I tell you? When she didn't have any money and was a simple model that posed with hardly any clothes, she was very caring and friendly.

Now look at her...

She's the owner of a castle and has become an arrogant woman.

I don't need you any more today.

You are dismissed. Thank you.

And don't come no matter what you hear.

Aye, Lord Count.


If it weren't for your hair color, I would say you were the Countess herself.

She would have loved to attend the ceremony.

Besides, you know that afterwards, you'll be eternally young.

Here. No.


Drink! No!



You shouldn't have come.

You promised to bring me with you.

But not today.

I have to complete a very important matter.

That is only an excuse.

Don't insist, Berta.

You must obey me. I will call you.

But when? Soon.

Maybe tomorrow.






Sylvia, open up! Can't you hear me?


OPEN up now!


He always treats me like this.

Whenever I do something wrong, he chains me up and tortures me.

Why don't you run away?

And where would I go?

I don't know. Far away from here, where that monster can't find you.

I'm staying.

Deep down we are both the same.

But you are different. You can escape.

You can still do it. But how?

There is a tunnel in the crypt that leads to the cemetery.

Good luck. Thank you.

You remember me, don't you?

Berta. The woman in the inn.

Of course I remember you.

But what are you doing here so late?

I love night time.

You look very pale.

You should see a doctor.

Nothing bad can happen to me now. Nothing.

Don't run away!


There must be a tunnel around here.

But I don't know where it leads.

It doesn't matter. Once we are inside, we'll move slowly and quietly.

Who could it be at this time?

Don't open the door, please!

Why? It might be a very thirsty person.

Or my sister.

What? Don't say such things!


I can't believe my own eyes.

Sylvia in Cleopatra's clothes.

It has been awful, like a nightmare.

Even Berta was chasing me.

I'm sorry, but who are you talking about?

Berta, the waitress.

Freya's sister? Are you sure?

She was trying to bite me on my neck... with those horrible fangs.

But that's impossible. Berta is dead.


We buried her in the cemetery this afternoon.

But I've just talked to her.

And then she started chasing me.

What? You don't believe me, do you?

Do you think I'm delirious?

Sylvia, your nerves are in shreds.

You need to rest. Take something to help you sleep.

We'll leave for Italy first thing in the morning.

If only I could leave this place, too.

Come on. You just need to set out to do it.

And abandon these poor people?


I must stay here and try to do something.

Which is not a lot, to be honest.

Attending a birth... putting a broken leg in a splint... bringing down a fever...

You are an idealist. Suit yourself.

I would go crazy here.

Guess who Sylvia saw last night.

You won't believe it.

Hear this! The late Berta!

I knew it.

We shouldn't have let them bury her like that.


Doctor, some neighbors say they saw Berta last night.

How do I look, Piero? I had to put on one of Berta's dresses.

So Berta...?

I told you.

What happened to that young woman is worse than death itself.

Let's go, Piero. Let's leave this place at once.

You are right, Sylvia.

But if all this madness is true, I feel responsible for Berta.

We have to make a decision.

Dr. Harbinger, what can we do for her?

Plunge a stake in her heart.

What are you doing with that?

It's a defense against evil forces.

What are you laughing at?

At the faces they are going to give me in Rome when I tell them about this vampire safari.

Excuse me, doctor.

If you don't mind, I'd rather test this phenomenon first.

As you wish. But if we don't do it now and let her out, when she comes out of her grave, it will be much harder to take her down.

It's up to you.

There is a good place there to hide and wait.

Pay attention.

Open the door, Brugard. Me?

Open the door, I said! I can't.

Where is she? Who?

Stop pretending. Where is she?

I don't know.

Where is she?


I don't know.

Tell me, or it'll be worse for you.

Upstairs. In her room.

I'm very nervous, doctor.

Let me drink from your flask.

I'm sorry, kid, but this time I've only brought holy water.

Stop there!

Did she do anything to you?


Go after her.

Go, don't let her run away!

The lady...

They've taken the lady.

We have a lot of work to do.

Do you still want to go?

Wouldn't you? Well...

You're ignoring my advice about the mysterious and diabolical forces of that vampire, -his... Don't bother.

I'm going there regardless.

I knew this interview would take place sooner or later.


What are you doing here, doctor?

See, I thought my presence...

Remember, my dear friend, that since you are practicing your profession in my dominion, we had an agreement, which was not to interfere in each other's business.


Where is Sylvia?

You'll see her soon.

But first, I would like to have that ring back.

With great pleasure.

Don't be mad.

It can only be worn by family members.

It could cause you some problems.

They are identical, aren't they?

Do you mean that woman is not Sylvia?

No, it's my wife. Malenka.

She died in 1835.

That's 134 years ago. Did you hear that?

If that were true, you would be...

More than 150 years old.

That's not possible.

It is.

If you want to see Sylvia, she's in her room.

First floor. You may go.

What's the matter, Dr. Horbinger? Are you nervous?

Until your friend comes back, you may wait in the dining room and have a drink if you wish.

Make yourselves at home.

That kid doesn't know what he is doing.

Yeah, and the Count said, "Make yourselves at home."


You shouldn't have come, Piero.

Go away! It's for the best! What about you?

I'm staying with my family.

What's wrong with you, Sylvia?

You still love me, I know.

That doesn't matter now.

Why? Because our love is impossible.

Now I know who my family is.

You can't believe those tall tales.

They deceived you. They want to separate us.

You can't deny the evidence.

Don't you realize I'm tied to these walls by something stronger than our feelings?

They've filled your head with ridiculous legends in order to break your will.

I'm begging you, Piero. Go away.



Don't make this even more painful.

Where is the Count? He stayed outside.

He'll probably be in the cellar.

You can go through there and there.

But I advise you not to go.

Do you want me to go with you?

Don't do it.

He is not thinking straight.

But he's my best friend... Even so...

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

You'll see. It's not too late yet.

Without Piero, there is no solution.

I've just given up the love of my life.

Well... you don't have to do that.

Don't you understand?

Piero is gone.

And I have to stay here forever.

Run away with him. It's not too late.


I can't marry... a normal human being.

But you are a normal human being.


That's not true, and you know it.

Since you don't want to believe me, I'll tell you a story.

As I suppose you are aware of your failure, you should go now.

I'll take Sylvia with me. Against her will?

Tell her it's all lies, or you'll regret it.

Could you kill a dead person?

I warned you. Stop this farce!

Did you see that?

Wow! She is gorgeous!

Don't get your hopes up. It's a corpse.

She is dead.

That woman? Come on, doctor.

You wish you were as healthy as she is.

Hey, Wait!

You are gonna catch a cold. What?

Aren't you afraid of catching pneumonia?

I already have the ice of my grave inside my veins.

You're overdoing it.

I need young blood to get rid of this cold.

You can have mine.

It's very warm.

I am Italian.

And you say I can have it? To the last drop.

It tickles!

Don't laugh. I'm a vampire.

Really? I love exotic things.

Are you serious?

If I set you up in a flat, will you come to Rome with me?

Whenever you want.

If you want to kill me, do it now.

Before that, you must understand the importance of your death.

Do you like it like this? Bring her here.

It's time for you to know my true intentions regarding Sylvia... and you.

You've finally decided what you are going to do with us.

Imagine for a moment that my niece appeared at a psychiatric tribunal and declared that she is a vampire, that she killed you with the only purpose of drinking your blood, that I am 150 years old.

What do you think would happen to her?

They would declare her insane.

A dangerous, mad woman. Believe me, I'm sorry I've involve you in my plans, but you made me do it.

Now you know everything.

Except for one thing. How did you manage to resuscitate Berta?

Very simple. She was never dead.

Her death certificate was signed by Dr. Horbinger, who, as you know, is an alcoholic... and therefore sees... vampires and bats everywhere.

How did Berta manage to get out through the cemetery?

The crypt of the castle has some underground passages that lead there.

They were very useful in times of war.

Since Sylvia is in love with you, it would be only natural that she helps you initiate a new kind of existence.

An eternal existence.

You mustn't believe him, Sylvia. He is a fraud.

It's time, Sylvia. You must obey.

I'm going to fulfill your wishes to join this man forever.

Go to him.

Bite him strongly on his neck.

No! Wake up, Sylvia! Don't do it!

Continue. Don't stop.

Sylvia, no!

Now, bite him! Strongly!

Bite him!


It's all a lie!

I told you not to interfere!

Berta! Get her out of here!

Don't you dare touch me.

That's it, Berta!

I was pretending. It was the only way to save us.

Leave her now!

I'm telling you to leave her!