Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Script

Last night, the FAA was forced to ground all aircraft, leaving thousands stranded... when electronic failures and mysterious power outages... crippled the western United States. But the big story today... the much-anticipated wedding of fantastic couple...

Reed Richards and Susan Storm will take place this Saturday.

Unbelievable. Bizarre anomalies... are occurring all over the world, defying every law of physics... and all the media care about is what china pattern we picked.

What did you pick? The blue ones with them little flowers? l like them.

Excuse me, would you mind? lt's happening again, isn't it? Yeah, sure.

No. We're not postponing anything, not this time.

This will be the wedding you dreamed of. L won't let anything get in the way.

Not even the mysterious transformation of matter at the subatomic level.

That's the most romantic thing you've ever said to me.

Which is really pathetic, when you think about it.

Dr. Richards, I'm very sorry, but we're overbooked.

We do have seats available in coach. Okay, here we go.

Smile! Awesome!

Look, Mom!

Let me get one more. That should be fine.

That's my seat.


Excuse me.

What if we get an endorsement from an airline? Get us a private jet?

L think we have enough endorsement deals.

That's funny. Seriously, Reed, it could help subsidize your little inventions.

No, thanks. Excuse me.

Consider it. Talk to you later. Where are you going?

L don't fly coach.

L hope it rains.

The snowfall came with no warning... and covered the pyramids in 2 inches of snow.

In Japan, some suggest the solidification of the bay... was due to underwater volcanic activity... though no such activity has been reported in the area.

Scientists have ruled out global warming... as the cause of the climatic events being reported around the globe.

With scientists unable to explain the events... some are wondering if the hand of God is at work.

In other news, Reed Richards and Susan Storm's wedding... has Manhattan all abuzz.

The guest list includes many of New York's power elite.

Hey, honey.

The city's charging us for three squad cars they say we destroyed... during that armored-car robbery. L only remember two cars getting thrown.


All right. I'm putting it away.

You were saying?

L have a fitting in half an hour. The musicians after that.

L haven't picked out the place settings or the flowers. There's too much to do.

Don't worry about it. Between the two of us, we'll get it all done.

And what were you doing when l walked in?

Inputting my to-do list. Really?

Scout's honor. Hey, guys.

New uniforms showed up. What do you think?

L think there's no way we're wearing that.

What do you have against capitalism?

What's this?

Just a little hobby of mine. Yeah?

Would it make a good toy, or is it something science-y?

A little of both.

I'm both impressed and disgusted at that.

Yeah. Sue says I'm addicted to it.

L wonder why she'd say that.

Hey, Johnny.

Keep it quiet, but I've cross-referenced and analyzed the global disturbances.

They're caused by cosmic radiation, not unlike the kind which gave us our powers.

Wow, that's really boring.

Listen, l have a very important wedding issue we need to talk about.

Yeah, of course.

Your bachelor party.

No. Seriously, Johnny.

John. Focus-testing showed Johnny skewed a little young.

Seriously, Johnny, no bachelor party. Lt's just not my kind of thing.

Then do it for Ben. lt means a lot to the big guy. You'll break his heart.

He does have some sort of rock-like heart.

L have too much to do before the wedding.

L think Sue might have a problem with it.

You know what Sue would have a problem with?

If somebody told her you were investigating... global disturbances and cosmic radiation... instead of focusing on the wedding, like you promised.

A bachelor party could be fun. Yes!

But no exotic dancers.

This is it? L don't know anybody here.

L would have invited your friends, but you don't have any.


Johnny, we had a deal.

They're not exotic dancers.

They're just hot.

You're Mr. Fantastic, aren't you? That's so awesome.

Wow, you're really cute.

I'll need a pitcher with the biggest handle you've got.

No problem.

Good evening, and welcome to the Baxter....

Could l help you? No, you can't use that elev...

Ms. Storm will be with your shortly.


Thanks, Roberta.

May l help you?

We're here to see Dr. Richards. He's not here. Can l help you?

Yes. You can take me to see Dr. Richards.



When the universe began, it was no bigger than a marble. Then, bang!

Lt exploded. And in a trillionth of a second... it expanded exponentially into what became the universe we know.

Wow, you're really smart.

Thanks, Candy. That means a lot to me.

L love this song. Wanna dance?

No, l don't. Yes, you do.

Honestly. Come on, you'll be great.

L don't want to embarrass you guys.

Just loosen up. Have some fun.

That's it.


That's it.

Guy really knows how to loosen up. You're not kidding.

There he is.



For him.

Shall we?

L think it might be clobbering time.

Sue. What are you...?

General Hager.

Let's talk somewhere private.

Unless you need to do Jell-O shots off someone's stomach.

L was explaining to the girls about how the big bang led to....

This was Johnny's idea. L just went along.

How does Reed know the general?

A few years back, the guy was pushing a new missile-defense system.

Reed testified that the technology wouldn't work.

I'm here on direct orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Personally, l don't like sharing sensitive information with a civilian.

Especially one who enjoys the public spotlight so much.

Always a pleasure to see you too, general.

What can l do for you?

As you may know, there've been unusual occurrences.

Officially, we've downplayed their significance, but we're concerned... these anomalies might pose a credible threat to our national security.

These were taken by one of our spy satellites three days ago.

What is it? We hoped Dr. Richards could tell us.

I'm afraid I've never seen anything like it. Ben?

L would say that it was a meteor, but the trail's all wrong.

Lt's giving off its own energy.

Take a look at this.

These have been appearing in remote areas throughout the world.

Field personnel estimate its diameter to be 200 meters.

To find out what this is about, we need a way to locate and intercept that object.

A sensor could be tied into the Baxter Building's satellite grid.

We can pinpoint the location of the object.

Good. You'll build the sensor for us... I'm afraid l can't.


I'm getting married this Saturday. L just don't have the time.

Richards, your country needs your help.

Call Professor Jeff Wagner.

He's head of the Physics Department at Brown.

L expected more, Richards.

Even from you.

John Storm, Fantastic Four Incorporated.

Ever done any modeling? Not interested.

You got an amazing complexion. Not interested.

Wow, and you just walked away.

L was definitely still talking.

L can't believe you just turned down a science project.

They can build a sensor without me.

The most important thing right now is our wedding.

No postponements. No interruptions.

Thank you.

And, look, about what you saw back at the bar....

Don't worry about it. l know you.

I'm glad you had fun.

Thank you.

Besides... it was nothing compared to what l did at my bachelorette party.

Talk about wild.


Come on.

Hey, what are you doing up here?

Nothing. Just needed some air.

You're making that thing for the general, aren't you?

I'm guessing Susie doesn't know anything about it.

Don't worry, my lips are sealed.

That is, they would be if l had any.

Look, don't tell Johnny.

Don't tell Johnny what? Great.

Are you building that thing? No.

If Sue finds out, you'll get an invisible kick in the nuts.

Hey, hey. We're keeping this quiet. L know.

Don't worry.

Lt's the wedding of the century. Reed Richards and Susan Storm...

Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman... will try again to tie the knot today in a ceremony in New York.

Look at these parasites. L know, it's unbelievable.

Have they no shame?

Hey! Hey, listen! Listen, everybody!

This is a very special day for my sister, probably the most important of her life.

So l just want to say to you guys, please respect our privacy.

Come on, Johnny.

Just kidding. We're auctioning off the exclusive wedding photos... to the highest bidder, so go online and place your bids. Thank you.

Johnny, are you planning...?

So, what's it take to date the Human Torch?

Fireproof lingerie and a lot of aloe. Thank you.

Are you all right? How are you?

Invitation, sir?

L should be on that list.

Name? Stan Lee.

Yeah, nice try, buddy.

No, really. I'm Stan Lee. Nice try.

This isn't how l imagined it.

Lt never is.

No, Alicia, it just doesn't feel right.

Sweetie... l think even superheroes are allowed to have wedding-day jitters.

Lt's more than that. Ls my life always gonna be a circus?

Do we really want to raise kids in all this?

Face it, we're not exactly normal.

Ben and l aren't normal... but we don't let it get in the way of us being happy.

Do you love Reed?

More than I've ever loved anyone.

Then you have nothing to worry about.

Thank you.


Oh, great. What?

I've got a zit.

Can't you put makeup on it? No, no, l got it.

Crisis averted.

Now all l have to do is concentrate on the area for the next eight hours.

Reed, come on. You're gonna miss your own wedding.

Just a minute.

Almost done.

General, I'm putting the sensor online now.

There. If there's a surge in cosmic radiation anywhere, you'll know.

Let's hope so. We've gotten reports of two more craters.

Here comes the bride All right. Just linking it to my PDA.

Reed. And that's it.

Good, that's great. Now shave and put on your tux.

You're getting married and you look like a bum.



I'm getting married.

Oh, jeez.

I'm getting married.

L heard of getting cold feet....


Hey, Johnny.

Does that amaze anyone else? How did she know it was me?

To be honest, you kind of smell like ash.

You're late. Let's not make today about me.

Lt's Reed and Sue's big day.

Let's give them the attention for a change.

Don't do that.

Okay, you're perfect. You're perfect.

I'll see you upstairs.

Bye, Johnny.

So seems like you and Alicia are doing well. Annoyingly so, in fact.

Yeah, I'm a lucky guy.

Yeah, you are.

Question for you, though:

How do you guys...?

None of your business! Okay, I'm just concerned.

I'd hate to find out she was killed in a rock slide.

I'll show you a rock slide!

What are you?

Thank you.


You shouldn't tease him so much.

Lt was a joke.

L don't know, l think it bothers you to see him really happy and in love.

L think you're jealous.

You think I'm jealous? Have you seen the women I've dated?


You can only fool yourself but for so long, Torch.

Hey. lt's the bride of stretchy man.

Don't start. Don't listen to him. You look gorgeous.

We'll see you out there, sweetie.

Come on. We're on. Okay. Okay.

You don't look completely ridiculous in that dress.

Ls that obnoxious-brother talk for "You look kind of nice"?

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Dad would be proud.


Reed, shut your cell phone off.

Actually, this is a...

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to....

Sue and Reed, congratulations on your wedding!

Where was l? Oh, yeah.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this couple...

Reed Richards and Susan Storm, together...

in the bond of holy... matrimony.

L can't believe you brought that to our wedding.

L know, but there's a good reason.

We have to do this quickly. That's romantic.

Should l continue? Yes, please.

There are many kinds of love. Could you skip to the end, please?

Reed. Excuse me?

What happened? What's going on?

We've lost power! We're going down! We're going down!

Lt's too late.

Pull up! I'm trying! I'm trying!


Johnny. This is Dolce.

Flame on!

Man, he's fast.

That is cool.

Hey, taxi! Oh, man!


Time to end this.

Can we talk?

Okay, you win.

Flame on! Come on!

Flame on!


Your herald summons you.

Another world awaits.

Let it be done quickly.

Lt looked like a man, but completely covered in silver, and it flew this, like... surfboard-type thing. L know that sounds crazy.

Oh, no, not at all.

Did you follow the shiny man to Lollipop Land or the Rainbow Junction? l know what l saw. Thank you. lt's all right, Johnny.

Whatever this thing is, it has the ability to convert matter and energy.

So it caused the anomalies?

Lt seems to radiate cosmic energy when it exerts itself... randomly affecting matter. Evidently, this entity, this...

Silver Surfer... didn't want to be detected. Lt destroyed the sensor. lt knew it was being monitored? And traced it back here.

We're dealing with something highly resourceful.

Are you feeling okay?

Yeah. l just.... l gotta walk this off.

We must destroy it before it attacks again.

Richards, find me another way to track it.

Sue, l am so sorry.

L didn't tell you, because l didn't want you to worry.

I'm not mad you built the sensor. You did the right thing.

Oh, great.

L wasn't finished.

Okay. Sorry. Please continue.

This proves what I've been saying.

Could you drop the force field?

We can't even... Sorry.

Even our wedding turns into World War III.

L know. But once we are married, everything will be back to normal.

We will never have normal lives as long as we do what we do.

How could we possibly raise a family like this?

I'm gonna go check on Johnny.


Hey, are you all right, pal?

Are you all right?


Johnny, are you okay?

L don't know. I've been feeling really strange since my run-in with surfer boy.

Maybe we should get you checked out.

Why did you do that? L didn't do anything!

Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop and roll!

Oh, my God, Sue! Just...

Just hang on! I'll get you, okay?

Flame on!

Hey, watch it.


Reed! Reed!

Help! Sue?

I'm on fire!

Sue! What's going on? I'm on fire!

You're on fire! You think?

Hold on! Pull me in!

Hey, it's the Human Torch!


I'm not Johnny! Sue, how did this happen?

L touched Johnny, and then this.

Where is Johnny? Here.

Try it again.

Nice. There you go.

Hey, get out of there.

Sue, your clothes.

Why does this always happen to me?

All of Sue's results are normal.

But Johnny's....

Johnny's are what?

Your encounter with the Surfer put your molecules in a constant state of flux.

Ls that bad?

Lt caused you to temporarily switch powers with Sue.

I'd like to run more tests and... Want a volunteer?

No, no, hey! No, no, no!

No, no, hey! This is serious!

L just wanted to give him a hug.

We don't know the extent of his condition.

Lt could be progressive. lt could be fun. No, Ben!


Hey. Hey, it's me! I'm back!

Oh, my God!

Come on! We just said this is serious!

Oh, yeah, serious.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

Hey, not bad. Incredible.

You better be able to fix this! I'm right on it.

Ben, stop it! L see why you like that.

Oh, no, no, no.


That's not funny. What am l supposed to do in the meantime?

Just try to keep your distance from us.

You and me are gonna be spending a whole lot of time together, pal!

My inside sources tell me unlucky bride-to-be Sue Storm... turned invisible and is staying that way... after yesterday's embarrassing fiasco.

Next, the Invisible Woman's greatest fashion blunders... and an impromptu dance routine from former scientist Reed Richards.

Why do you keep watching this? Just ignore it.

L can't ignore it, Reed. There's no getting away from it! l believe there is. How?

See? No answer.

Yes, there is.

What if, after this crisis is over...

...we leave it all behind? What are you talking about?

We move out of the Baxter Building.

I'll take a teaching position somewhere.

Get back to my research.

The two of us will live our lives and raise a family, like normal people.

You would do that?

Nothing is more important to me than our future together.

Oh, thank you.

What about Ben and Johnny?

They'll understand.

Besides, Johnny's always been more of a solo act.

Let's not mention it to them yet.

Johnny's got enough to worry about as it is, with his power problems.

You've been busy, my friend.

Your talents are impressive.

Can you understand what I'm saying?

Together, we could be unstoppable.

Anything would be ours for the taking.

All that you know is at an end.

What do you mean by that?

Wait! l said, wait!

They're breaking up the team. Reed and Sue, l overheard them.

They want a nice, normal, boring-ass life.

No more Fantastic Four. Well... what do we do? Keep going, just the two of us?

And call ourselves what? The Dynamic Duo?

When were they gonna tell us?

They'll tell you when they're ready.

Lt's their decision, not yours.

You can't be mad at them for doing what makes them happy.


We've got a serious problem.

L cross-referenced the Surfer's radiation through every astronomical database.

Altair 7, Rigel 3, Vega 6.

He's been to all these planets? And now they're lifeless.

Barren. Some even shattered.

Everywhere the Surfer goes, eight days later, the planet dies.

How are we gonna stop him?

We don't even know where he is.

What about the craters?

They appear in a numerical sequence.

The last crater was formed in Greenland... so the next in the sequence should be... latitude 51 degrees, 30 minutes north... longitude zero degrees, seven minutes west.

When he surfaces, move the fight away from the crowd.

He's too fast to contain. When l see silver, I'm hitting him!

You can't do that. We stick to the plan and work as a team.

Oh, we're a team now? News to me.

What are you talking about? You know what.

We were gonna tell you.

When? When you moved our stuff out? Johnny, this isn't a good time.

Kid's got a point, Reed. You should have told us.

That's enough! We'll talk about this later.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Lt's a whirlpool!

Oh, my God.

What is that?

Get out! Get out!

Don't let go!

Move! Come on! Go!

No, Johnny!

Guys? What are you doing?

Ben! Lift it higher!

I'll try.


Stay back, before you get somebody killed.

Oh, my God.

What the hell was that?

We'll make adjustments. Next time, we'll be ready.

Next time? There's no next time.

You can't handle this alone. I'm bringing in help.

Bringing in soldiers and weaponry will put innocent people in danger.

No more than you already have.


What's the matter? Afraid of ghosts?

Look out! Don't move!

Since you're a ghost, you won't mind if l break your neck.

Let him go. You know who that is?

Victor von Doom. He's here under my orders.

Ben, let him go.

How is this possible?

How are you still alive?

No thanks to you four, that's for certain.

Von Doom's made contact with the alien. He's got valuable information.

Information that might just help save the planet.

Now let's be clear about this... shall we? l hate you.

All of you.

But the world's at stake and we need to work together to survive.

General, we know firsthand, you trust Victor and you're gonna regret it.

So far, the only one I've regretted trusting here is you, Richards.

Reed, don't agree to this.

Let's see what he's got.

L made a detailed recording of our little encounter.

All that you know is at an end.


L like the part where he knocks you on your ass.

Look at where the energy levels surge when he attacks me.

There? See what happened?

The energy was channeled through him, but it originated from his board.

If we can separate him from the board, we can cut off his power completely.

That's what we have to do. How?

If l knew that, l wouldn't need you people, would l?

You two should get started right away.

I'm glad we have the opportunity to collaborate again.

I'll try to talk slowly so you can keep up.

How can we be working on the same side as Victor?

You got me. Things were simpler when l could just whale on the guy.

What's he doing? A fire.

Look at that.

I'll pay for that.

I'll tell you, Ben, I'm starting to feel like a complete screw-up.

Hey, hey, you're not a complete screw-up.

Thank you.

Look, kid, it's out of our hands. Lt's up to the eggheads now.

You think Reed's right about the whole end-of-the-world thing?

He's never been wrong about this kind of thing before.

You know, I'm not exactly a deep kind of guy.


But if Reed's right, and this is it...

how do you want to spend your last few minutes?

Part of me would like to go out fighting.

But the truth is...

I'd like to spend my last couple of minutes holding Alicia.

That sounds pretty good.

L mean, not the "holding Alicia" thing. She's your girlfriend, not mine.

Want nothing to do with her. Not to say she's not attractive.

She's very attractive. She's so attractive.

Even with the... l can't think of a guy that wouldn't want to...

What l meant... was that it's nice to have somebody.

Well, you got me, pal.

How's it going?

L can't find a link.

It'll be all right. No, it won't!

The whole world's counting on me, and l just....

Reed, you're gonna find the answer.

You always do. Thanks, Sue.

You just need to relax. Yeah, right.

You do. Reed, you need to relax.

Take a deep breath.


There you go.

Come on. Again.

See? l can already feel your pulse slowing down.

Do you remember that time...? A pulse.

A tachyon pulse.

L love you.

I'm glad l could help.

So exactly how does this thing work?

When we activate the field, it'll separate him from his board...

...making him powerless. Like a fish in a net.

Yeah. Yeah.

In theory, anyway. How long until it's operational?

Three hours. Three hours.

L can only go so fast, since I'm working by myself.

What do you need to make this happen? There are a couple of things.

Do your field engineers have a beryllium casing?

What are you doing?

Don't you knock? You're supposed to be helping Reed.

Tell him not to worry.

I'll be there to hold his hand and finish his little project for him.

Anything else? How'd you do it?

How did you come back?

Lt scares you, doesn't it?

The things l can do.

Did you know l could create a force field inside someone's body... and expand it until they explode?

Give it your best shot.

Just get back to the lab.

Mr. Storm?

We're heading to intercept the Surfer in 1 0 minutes, with or without you.

Were you waiting outside the bathroom to try and catch me in a towel?

That was a joke. l was joking.

Why are you so down on me? You don't even know me.

L know you very well. L read your personality profile.

Confident. Reckless. irresponsible.

Self-obsessed, bordering on narcissism.

Okay, so you do know me.

All I've seen is a guy that almost got his team killed.


I've been a little off my game lately.

This is not a game.

Sir, he's in position north of here. Good.

General, give us a one-mile perimeter. Forget it, Richards.

You had your shot and you blew it. This is a military operation now.

Jam the signal, get out of the way, and let us do our job.

You don't understand. No, you don't understand.

So let me make it clear for you and your pack of freaks.

I'm the quarterback. You're on my team.

Got it?

But l guess you never played football in high school, did you, Richards?

No, you're right, l didn't.

L stayed in and studied, like a good little nerd.

And fifteen years later...

I'm one of the greatest minds of the 21 st century.

I'm engaged to the hottest girl on the planet.

And the jock who played quarterback in high school... is right in front of me, asking me for my help.

And l say he's not gonna get a damn thing... unless he does exactly what l tell him to... and starts treating my friends and me with some respect.

Give him what he wants.

L am so hot for you right now.

Me too. Be careful, Johnny.

All right, let's go to work.

This is it.

You have your coordinates. Set up your posts and rendezvous back here.

First squad, move out!

Hey. You scared me there, Smokey. Look at you. You're cute.

Yeah, that's right. Keep running, Boo Boo.

Overgrown furball.

What's our status? Yeah. I'm good to go.

Same here. Almost there.


We have a problem. What's wrong?

He's here.

Get out of there, right now!

Why are you destroying our planet?

L have no choice.

Sue! Wait!

What do you mean, you don't have a choice?

There's always a choice.

Not always.

Why are you trying to destroy us?

L am not the Destroyer.

Come on, Richards. Jam the damn signal.

Maybe he needs a little persuasion.

Fire one over the top. Roger, out.

Open fire. Open fire.

Open fire! Repeat, open fire!

Fall back! Fall back!

Let me just... No, wait!


Come on, Sue.

All right, it's up.


Got him.

Not so tough now, are you?

Victor! Stay back!

You're the quarterback.

Eyes on! Keep your weapons trained!

Perimeter secure! Move him out.

Open the gate! Get him to the debriefing room.

We had an agreement. Calm down.

The enemy has been captured.

Where is he? Contained.


Mr. Sherman.

If you'll excuse us, we have work to do. l want to be there for the questioning. Not gonna happen.

Make sure our guests remain here, comfortably.

Yes, sir.

General, what about the board?

Lt's in a chamber which continuously scrambles the signal.

There are certain things I'm not permitted to do... because they're considered human-rights violations.

Fortunately, you're not human.

Are we prisoners?

How did that happen?

Apparently, they don't want us interfering with their methods.

L can't imagine what they're doing to him. l say he gets what he deserves. How can you say that?

I'm just saying maybe the general's right about this.

The guy was about to destroy the planet. He said so himself.

Lt doesn't make sense. He protected me from the missile. Why would he do that?

Maybe he thinks you're cute.

There's more going on. He said he wasn't the Destroyer.

Maybe he lied?

We need to get inside there and talk to him.

But under the radar.

Ls there any way we could get some DVDs... or popcorn or something?

I'll call it in. Great.

Thank you. Semper fi.

That's the Marine Corps. We're the Army.

Right, l know it's the Army.

Captain Raye. Access granted.


Von Doom wants to speak with you.

You should really be a little more cooperative.

Mr. Sherman, let's take a break.

L know you are there.

What's your name?

Come on, you must have a name.

I'm Susan.

You said you weren't the one trying to destroy our world. Then who is?

The one l serve. Who do you serve?

I'm trying to help you, but to do that, you have to tell me the truth.


Lt is known by many names. My people called it...

Galactus... the Devourer of Worlds.

Lt must feed on energy to survive.

Both thermal... and organic.

How can you serve this thing?

Because l must.

Doesn't it bother you, all the worlds and innocent people you've helped destroy?

My service spares my world... and the one l love.

Why did you try to protect me?

Because... you remind me of her.

Could you stop the Destroyer if you wanted to?

Lt is not l who draws the Destroyer here. Lt is the beacon.

What's the beacon?

The source of my power.

Your board?

Take joy in the last few hours you have left... for he is nearly here.

Well? l helped deliver the alien to you, as promised.

Now it's time to keep your end of the bargain.

You can do your tests on the board... but under armed guard and in my presence only.


General Hager. Access granted.

The board draws it here.

How do you fight something that eats planets?

We have to get to the board and lead it away from here.

Well, do you think the general will go for that?

He'll have no choice.

Thank you, general.

But I'm afraid... the truth is... sometimes Reed is right.


Hey, you. Come here.

Let me ask you something.




Okay, that one hurt.

Where's Reed? Back here.

My bad.


Victor. We've gotta get it back.

We need to get the Surfer. He understands its power.

Even if we break him out of this place, how are we gonna catch up to Victor?

Leave that to me.

Halt! Stay where you are!

Pal, this is the luckiest day of your life.

What the hell is going on? Where is General Hager?

He's dead.

And if we don't get him out of here, we'll all be.


the world is literally at stake here. You have to trust us.


We need to get to the roof. Lt should be here by now.

What should be here?

Holy crap!


This is by far the coolest thing you have ever done.

Hemi? Of course.

Okay, Ben, you get inside. Johnny, you fly behind us.

You gotta let me fly this. I'm the best pilot. l should drive.

Guys. You're lucky if it can carry you. l can fly circles around you. Guys!

Reed. Shut up! And move it!

I'm driving.

Flame on!

Okay. We're now officially enemies of the United States of America.

Victor is out there somewhere with unlimited power.

And we've got a giant intergalactic force... that's about to destroy our planet in less than 24 hours. Did l miss anything?

I've locked on Victor's energy trail. He's headed over Southeast China.

Hang on.

Norrin Radd.

What? L was once called Norrin Radd.

Norrin, we'll need your help to save our world.

Do you understand?

What the hell was that?

Victor, the board is drawing the Destroyer here. You have to give it up.

You know, I've never been the giving type, Reed.

Hold on!

We're sitting ducks!

We're gonna have to split up!

What? This ought to be fun!

Stay close to me, Sue!

He's really pissing me off!

Surf's up, metalhead!

Victor, only the Surfer can stop the Destroyer. But he needs his board.

Come and get it, Richards. Victor.

Let's all go for a spin!




Oh, my God.

Sue. Sue.

Oh, God. Johnny, don't touch her!

Oh, God. Oh, God.

You need to find a way to get the board.

Sue, l.... Okay.

He is here.



Victor's gotta have a pulse emitter linking him to his board.

We take it out, we can separate him from his board.

He's too strong for me.

L could whale on him if l get close... but he could see me coming from a mile away.

Lt would take all of us.

Or maybe just one of us.

We don't know what it could do to you.

Let's not make this about me.

To quote a friend of mine... it's clobbering time.

You ain't going down fighting, kid.

Not without me.

You've gotta go.

Treasure each moment with her.

And tell her she was right.

We do have a choice.

Thought you could use a hand.

Oh, my God.

Why isn't it working?

We were too late.

L will no longer serve.

This is the end for us both.


What did l miss?

Hey! Hey!

He did it. Great job, kid.

Hey, wait. I'm not changing.

Hey, that's right.


Okay, now you're making me uncomfortable.

So l guess this is it.

We all go our separate ways.


No? No.

No? If not for the team... the whole world would be gone.

We can't run away from our responsibilities. This is who we are.

That's what I've been saying. What about having a normal life?

A family? Who says you have to be normal... to have a family?

So are you up for another media-circus wedding? Fifth time's a charm.


L got a better idea.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Reed Richards... and Sue Storm together in holy... matrimony.

What is it? Venice is sinking into the Adriatic.

Oh, boy. That's a biggie.

Could we just skip to the end?

Yeah. The love these two share... No, the very end.

Yeah, great. You have the rings?

Oh, yeah.

L now pronounce you man and wife, and you may kiss the bride.

Okay. We should get out of here. Yeah.

Gotta go, hon. Okay.

L have to throw the bouquet.


Heads up, Johnny.