Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate (2018) Script

What's up, everybody, and welcome to the very last episode of our vlog.

We have Sarah, Hannah, Hannah's driving. Say hello, Hannah.

Hello, Hannah. We started this a long time ago.

We basically just wanted to help people who couldn't find it for themselves.

But this is our last entry.

That's very true. That is because I am leaving the country to do some traveling at the end of the month, and Hannah is joining the United States Marine Corps.

But that does not mean we can lose focus.

We are on a mission, we have a goal.

We're losing our minds in this car.

It's been a long ride, been asking a lot of personal questions.

What you heard in a previous installment was a letter from a man named Mark.

Now, Mark, he comes from Hope County, Montana.

That's where we are right now.

All the beautiful, well, cows and everything.

It's actually very pretty.

But he is accusing a group called Eden's Gate, of taking control of his town and taking people against their will.

Doesn't sound legal.

It's true.

A number of people have gone missing in Hope County recently, but that does not mean that Eden's Gate is abducting people.

It doesn't mean they're not abducting people.

Either way, I think there's a lot more to this story.

Police have told them that there's nothing to investigate.

That's where we come in.

That's where we come in.

We're on our way to see Mark, and we're gonna go try to see if we can find the evidence that he's looking for.

And if we do, you guys will be the first to know.

All right, stick around, subscribe, and we will upload footage as we shoot it. Bye.

Cool. Nice one.

ALEX: It's good.

Good, right? They're into local brewery called Whistling Beaver.

They started serving it a while back before everything changed.

All right, so, you made a lot of accusations about this group, Eden's Gate.

All true. They've been taking people, including my sister Lenny.

Are you saying Eden's Gate kidnapped your sister and the police did shit?

Well, she left on her own accord.

But she's been spending all sorts of time with this man named John Seed.

The Seed family run the Peggies.

ALEX: The Peggies?

MARK: Hey, that's what we call 'em. The Project Eden's Gate. P-E-G.

One day, she comes home, packs her bags and takes off.

I called her, finally get her on the phone, she was not acting herself.

Kept talking about some man named Joseph, the one I told you about? Father.

Is it possible she just got religion?

I know my sister, okay?

But when I talk to her on the phone, zero energy, zero life.

It was just zapped out of her.

Question is, what do they want?

MARK: They're saying that the world is coming to an end.

They're preparing for it. For the end of time. Do you believe that?

ALEX: Good. Yeah. Okay.

Joseph Seed is giving his sermon, at the Tala Ranch.

We're gonna go check it out. See if can get a closer look at Eden's Gate.

Perfect. We're good.

Is the light on? Do you see the light? No.

ALEX: Not bad. How does it look? No, looks good.

Are you guys ready?

Mm-hmm. SARAH: Yeah.

Then let's do this.

JOHN: You are here because you are scared.

Scared because of what you see on the news, and what you hear on the radio.

Deception. Divisiveness. Godlessness.

Who's in charge?

Who is accountable?

But there is an answer to that fear.

And that answer has a name.

And that name... is Joseph Seed!

JOSEPH: Thank you, my brother John.

I want you to all close your eyes for a moment.

And I want you to think about the world outside this tent.

And as you sit there alone in your personal darkness, can you see how sick our society has become?

Can you picture disease creepin' across the land?

Greed. War. Starvation.

Because people have turned away from God.

And there is a hatred brewin'.

It's like a slow-acting poising churning in our guts.

So I ask you, when you think of that world, do you feel safe?

ALL: No.


That's her, that's Lenny.

If somethin' is comin', you can feel it, can't you?

You wake up in the morning, you turn on that television, you look at those news headlines and it's all fear and confusion and anger.

JOSEPH: See, we're like frightened animals, just creepin' toward the edge.

And there will be a reckoning.

And it is painful.

I look right into your hearts and I see how much pain you have, because the world out there cuts you so deep.

But I'm here to tell you the suffering... well, that's a choice.

And you can choose a better path.

We love you. We want you.

We accept you exactly the way you are.

Every single one of you, and I stand here asking you to join us, and you will find your peace with us.

I am your Father, and you are my children.

And together, we will march to Eden's Gate.

Hell yeah!

That is not who she is.

She obviously loves him, Mark. There's somethin' about him.

No, I can get her out of here.

HANNAH: Hey! Hey! Hey!


I do believe you, that something is going on, okay?

I saw my sister, that's what's going on.

I know. We wanna help you. That's what we do, remember? That's why you called us.

Look, it's none of my business, but confronting her in a place like this, is just not...

It's not the way.

I just wanna know what's happening to my sister. What's happening to my home.

HANNAH: And the way to find that out is to expose them, but we have to do it quietly.

Can you trust us?


Okay. Okay. Uh, so we just tailed, uh, Mark's sister about, uh, 15 miles.

We're outside of the revival and now, we are trailing them on foot through this, um, forest.

Well, it's uh, getting a little strange.

LENNY: Stop!

JOSEPH: The road to atonement is buried in sacrifice and pain.

Admit to your sins, sister! Etch it into your blood and I will take it from you.

ALEX: Shit.

JOSEPH: You will drown in his presence!

You will drown in his presence, and when you rise, you will be worthy of atonement.

We must wash away our past. We must expose our sins.

What did they just do to her?

It's gotta be some kinda drug.

I knew it. I fuckin' knew it. Anyone who ever said yes to these bastards.

JOSEPH: ...stand in the light of God, and walk through his gates...

JACOB: Hello there, Mr. Pink.

ALEX: Oh, shit. Okay. Okay, okay.


Oh, God.

ALEX: Oh, shit.

What are y'all doin' here, huh?

JOSEPH: The road to atonement...

You are shocked by what you see?

God is shocked by what has happened to his world.

MARK: What are you doing?

JOSEPH: It's full of hate and sin.

We're gonna be a family again.

MARK: What Stop it!

No, please, stop!

We're not gonna say shit!

SARAH: What are you doing? What are you pouring in there? What is that?

Something to help you see.

God's will must be kept secret.

To threaten that is a sin.

Now you must atone!


Welcome to Eden's Gate.

JOSEPH: Can you see now, son?

Can you see the lies that have stolen your sight? See the bliss?

It is a serum that shows you the truth.

Because you'll be lost in the glow of your screens, the false highs of consumerism, indifferent to the suffering of all the souls around you.

But I will grasp your sin through your hand and I will tear it from your bones.

And I will return you to the angels you once were.

Your greed has made us blind.

SARAH: Alex!


SARAH: Alex! No! Alex!

JOSEPH: God has told me what will come.

Like Noah built his arc, I will build bunkers to survive the collapse.

And after God's wrath has blown through...

angels will once more walk the earth.

ALL: Father.

WOMAN: Father.

You see, men will resist, so we need to prepare for the fight. Yeah?

Sister Faith will help us. Hmm.

It's such a pleasure to meet all of you.

Where are my friends?


You are all safe now.

You're safe from sin.

Safe from the collapse.

You see, every moment, we move closer to our fate.

And here you are. You're delivered to me.

Now, you and your friends are gonna have to discover where you belong in this new world.

I'm gonna send each of you with one of my heralds. They'll guide you.

My brother John, Jacob, my sister Faith.

You will not be alone.

I'm not alone anymore. I found people that I love.

They've moved on now, haven't they?

I can see that truth in your eyes.

Where's Sarah?

I don't know.

MARK: You guys have anything on this?

ALEX: Hey. Hey! My minicam is still working.

We can upload more footage if we can get to a phone or a computer.

MARK: You can do that?

ALEX: Yeah, the raw footage automatically uploads to the cloud, and then all we have to do is transfer it to the website.

Well, we're all tied up and who knows how deep into the mountains.

There's no getting out of here.

She's right. We're deep out, man.

What the hell are you guys talking about? We're just giving up?

All right, look, we've been captured, almost drowned, drugged, we're tied up.

Who knows what the hell they're doing to Sarah?

We don't know what they have planned.

ALEX: We gotta get outta here.

SARAH: What am I doing here?

Well, when I saw you outside, it was your eyes.

So full of sadness.

We know what it's like to be alone.

You are so special, it shines right off you.

MARK: Hey. Oh, man.

ALEX: Okay.

I remember when I was... first put into one of those group homes.

I often had such a difficult time breathing.

Like you were drowning?


Like I was drowning. They took me away from my brothers.

I was preyed upon. I was abused.

I'm not ashamed to admit that now.

And then one morning I awoke and he was everywhere.

God's voice, and it was a terror to conquer all others.

And He was within me. He chose me.

He gave me his truth.

What did you do?

I listened to Him, Sarah.

MARK: Guys.

HANNAH: Come on. Give me, come on.

Listen to me. Yeah.

I may have an idea.


But there is a way forward. Will you let me show you the way?

Hello! Hello!


Holy shit.

Hey, you okay?

MARK: Yeah. Thanks, man. Yeah.

ALEX: What the fuckin' hell, guys. It was close.

There's no signal. I fuckin' hate this place.

Sarah, I swear to God that I will never abandon you.


You're home now, Sarah.

MAN: I'm out. See you up there.

ALEX: We should go. The sun's coming up.

MARK: Okay.

You're home.

MARK: What about your friend?

We're gonna still help her out.

All we do, is we upload the footage from the minicam and then we just bring in the motherfuckin' cavalry.

No, no. We do the cops first, and then the footage.


HANNAH: You okay?

This is the time. This is the end.

John? Jacob!

HANNAH: Come on, Alex. Shit!

MAN 1: Go, go, go!

MAN 2: Get down!

MAN 1: Come on, move! Go, go, go!

MAN 2: Move!

Hello Yes! Yes. Me and my friends are captured.

We're on the run at northeast Hope County in the White Trails.

We're headin' to the Veteran Center. Can you meet us?

We gotta upload the footage. The cops are hours out.

Those fuckers are everywhere. Come on, gotta go.

Alex, let's go!

I want you to flank them to the right.

I want you to flank them to the left.

Jacob, bring my children home.

HANNAH: Just go. I'll hold them off as long as I can.

MARK: Take it!

Alex, listen to me. This is the only chance we have.

You have to go. Go! Go, Alex!

I'm out.

HANNAH: You wanna meet God? Now's your chance.

Lower the steel, little sheep.

If you're watching this, then you already know what's happening.

Eden's Gate is here. Hope County, Montana.


Surrender, brother.

Surrender to God's will.

JACOB: Death is upon the world already. Let us not fight any longer.

Well, the fight's coming, whether you like it or not.

Do not fear, my son.

You will be cleansed of your sins, and you will join me in Eden.

ALEX: If you're watching this, you already know what's happening.

Eden's Gate is here. They're real.

I don't know what they're trying to do.

They're taking people, they have Lenny, they have Sarah.

Not very sure what's going to happen to us, but please, please...

Come. Come stop them please.