Far North (2007) Script

When I was born, The shaman looked at my face and had a vision.

He said that I was cursed.

My mother was told to abandon me, but she refused.

She lived away from the herders while she brought me up.

When I was of age, I was forced out by the elders.

The shaman said I would bring harm on anyone foolish enough to get close to me.


Come, baby.

It's okay.

How is the reindeer?



Maybe next time, we try one of the younger ones.

We have to go.

No one will find us here.

Come with us.

Lend a hand with the roundup.

Which hand?

It's beautiful.




Who is that?

I don't know.

Where did he come from?

I found him on the ice.

But.. He would have died.

I'm Loki.


That is Saiva.

You're lucky Saiva helped you.

She always told me, if I ever saw anyone on the tundra, I must never go near them, no matter what.

She told me I must chop off their head

and then ask if they needed help.

You try.

I knew it was there for a reason.

How can I repay you?

We'll see.

Bring us a reindeer.

We're hungry.

I'll try.

I promise.



That's Russian.


Why are you here?

Soldiers came.

They took all the fit men.

They marked us

and sent us out on the tundra to clear the land.

Women, children,

didn't matter.

We had to follow orders.

What happens if they find you?

They'll shoot me.

Once the sea freezes over, you must leave.


But for now, you can stay.

Such a mess.


Comb my hair?

Give me.

Get up.

You mustn't fall for him.

He'll hurt you.

One day, he will vanish into the mist the way he came.

I like him.

Seen any dirty herders around here?

Guy's in shock. Can't speak anymore.

Warn us before you take the gun.

I didn't think.

Loki, I need to talk to you.

There is something I must tell you about me.

When I was born, the.. What do you have there?

What is it?

I found it washed up on the shore.


Come inside.





No! No! No!

Hurry up, the food is getting cold.

Get ready to move out.

Dirt like you should never have been born on this rich land.

Once we have wiped out your kind, the land & all the coal will belong to us.

It's time for us to go, but we're lost.

Lead us to the mainland and I'll let you and the baby live.

Mess with me, and I'll skin him alive.


It's a girl.


Where were you? We were worried.

Come inside.

You all right?


I used to skate when we were young.

The river running through our village would freeze over.

Me and my elder brother, we would race each other to the market to bring food for my mother & my sisters.

What about you?

Where are the others?

It's just me and Saiva, always running.


She does not like to be near others.

She trusts no one.

Do you have your own family?

You mean a wife?

Not yet.

What? Is this a trick?

What do you want me to do?

Don't go.

Come close. I want to tell you something.


What were you going to say?


She's gone.

Come here.


What do you want to eat today?

Fresh reindeer, maybe?

I made a promise.

You have to tell her.

Your hair.

It's a mess.

It's fine.

We're leaving.

We want a family.

I want my children to grow up with others, to have everything I didn't.

You know nothing about him.

Who he is or what he's done.. He told me everything.

I know it will not be easy there, but I have to take this chance.

There has to be more than this.

If the sea has frozen over, we should leave tomorrow.

We must make use of the light while we have it.

We're taking half the food.

We need one of the dogs.

Do you want to come with us?

Let me comb your hair.

You must look your best for Loki when he returns.

I have to get on. He'll be back soon.



The sea is frozen.

We leave tomorrow.

This is beautiful.

She's really gifted.

It'll fetch a good price when we trade it for something useful.

I love you.

Oh, God.

God, no!

No! No! No!

No! No! No! No!

No! No!