Farz (1967) Script

All of you are betrayers!

Don't you know how many of you had gone...

...and how many of you have returned?

Didn't you know the enemies were shadowing us?

All you know, is to amass money and empty bottles.

Forgive us, sir. We will not repeat this mistake.

Let it happen again so that nobody survives!

Nobody to condone, and nobody to seek forgiveness!

I ask, what do we do about the danger looming...

...over us, because of you? Answer!

Meaning? Not us but that government spy.

He will not be able to reach the government with his report.

Talk less and act! Let nobody be spared.

Let there be no evidence that could spell death for me.

All of you go away from here!

Brother? After so many days?

What kind of job do you have? Which medical company...

...keeps sending you out constantly?

For days and months together. There's no time to eat or sleep.

What's the use of such a job, brother?

Perhaps, I'll find a nice boy for you.

Wherever I inquire about your job, you become evasive.

You never mention where you are going and why.

When you will return.

Sometimes, I even wonder whether you do any work or don't.

Do you think, I'm doing something that I shouldn't?

No, brother! It isn't so.

Kamla, I'm extremely pleased to see that you trust me.

You are the only one who means everything to me.

I only wish to hear your wedding bells chime.

And that you find a boy who will be able to keep you happy.

Happier than you are here. Who'll make you happier than I do.


I can do anything for my younger sister.

Sir, there's an urgent report. Shall I present it?

I have some photographs that show what our enemies are doing.

You'll know it all once you read my report. I'm sending it soon.



Brother? I'll back in a couple of days.

After giving my company's director the report.

You've come just today. Can't you go tomorrow?

No. Whatever my company is doing, is in the interest of the public.

You don't realize what a huge loss it will be...

...if my rival company's medicines reach the market.

I'll leave now.

Please help me. They are pursuing me.

Search him.

We didn't find a thing. Let's go.


Present Agent 116 within three hours...

...from wherever he is and in whatever state.

Is this a dream, Gopal? No, Mohini.

How often should I say that I'm not Mohini but Vasanti?

And how often should I say that, for me you are...

..."Mohini'(a celestial beauty) From head to toe.

Wow! Eyes so captivating, that one cannot look into them!

Lips such, that the thirst gets insatiable!

A laughter that creates a flutter in your heart!

No. Don't look at me that way, or maybe, I...

Or you? ...may get lost.

I may forget...

...where I am. Where are you?

Where I can stake my life ...for you... for myself.

Really? But there's a condition.

Say that... I am yours.

Say that this is called love. Love.

Love that cannot be expressed.

Love that cannot be left unsaid.

Love is all around.

"Foes of love who come near Kill them, let them not escape"

Oh, Mohan? It's you?

Yes, it's me. The boss has called you right now.

Shame on you! You always come at the wrong time.

I think, all the world's maidens will die in agony for me...

...because of this job!

What's the matter, Gopal? There's some bad news.

My grandfather has suddenly taken ill.

He wants to write his will before departing... Right?

He wants it written in his name. I have to go, Vasanti.

When do we meet next? Next?

What do I do? My grandfather found time now, to depart.

Let me stop him before he does. Then you and me...

Sharp eyesight, strong physique.

A strong-willed heart, yet vulnerable.

Bad habits - Working.

The enemies have murdered our Agent 303 with a sharp weapon.

The enemy is a foreign spy who is sabotaging in our country.

With the help of a few Indians.

Don't say Indians but traitors!

Less zeal, more level-headedness!

We have to destroy the enemy's hideouts.

303 had some incriminating evidences and photographs.

You have to acquire them first.

You'll have to go out of Delhi today itself.

And listen. Our man will be at the place where you're being sent.

His name is Shantaram. His actual job is to help you in every way.

What's his job otherwise? See the file and understand.

303 has a sister named Kamla.

She is not aware that her brother was a government agent.

I understand.

But don't you understand that she could assist you?

How could you find them? He isn't foolish like you.

He must have surely given it at a photographer's studio for developing.

And you are searching for it on trees, fields and rivers!

Go. Don't leave out a single photographer's studio in the city.

If you return empty-handed, then I'll slice your hand!

Go! Why are you staring at me?

Why are you looking at me that way?

I do not know what your parents must have christened you.

But your face says that it must be "Mohini'(a celestial beauty).

Yes. From head to toe... in my eyes.

If you don't believe me, then ask an artist.

Wow! Eyes so dazzling, that one cannot look into them!

Lips such, that the thirst gets insatiable!

A laughter that sends flutters in the heart!

I'm embarrassed.

Hey! Listen to me, Miss Mohini. ...Miss Mohini!

Look, my name is not... ...Mohini. It is Sunita, right?

Hey, how do you know?

An apt name for an apt face.

You are the only child of your parents.

Only your word holds weight at your home.

And everybody dances to your tune, am I right?

Oh? So you know everything? Then you must know who my father is?


What about what you just said? That's psychology.

By watching your gait, color and face.

You entered the plane late. Yet, your face was devoid of worry.

Implying, you have every kind of freedom.

A single gesture, and a man's life becomes an open book.

This is called psychology. But I call it art.

Oh, so you are an artist? Thanks.

If you'll oblige, then I can even read palms.

A palm should be like this. The lines on it show...

...that your heart is exactly like the way your hand is.

So where did you just say, you were staying?

I didn't say a thing. You know palmistry, psychology...

Find out for yourself.

It's not very difficult. But once I find out, will you meet me?

Yes. Why not? If you find out the address, then I'll surely meet you.

My car has broken down. Please help me.

Let's take a look.

My name is Gopal. I had sent you a telegram. Did you receive it?

Yes, sir. Your room is booked.

Room number 40 on the fourth floor.

It will be nice if I could get the adjoining room, too.

Yes, sir. You could. Thank you.

Hey, blind man! What are you seeing?

Hey, give my spectacles! Hey, don't joke!

Give it to me soon. Give it! Caught you!

Hey, give me my spectacles!

Who are you? Is Mr. Shantaram at home?

What work do you have? Is he there or isn't he?

Your name? Is he there or isn't he?

What work do you have? Is he there or isn't he?

He is! Not here but inside.

Can I meet him? What for?

Can I meet him or not? Name? - Can I or can't I?

You can!

Wait! Where are you going? Hey, Brother Raju!

Look at this trouble. He doesn't divulge thing.

How can he go in? What's the matter?

This gentleman wants to meet our father.

Why? I don't know. - Ask him.

He doesn't know. He should. - But he doesn't.

Then ask him to return to the place he came from.

Yes, sir? I will not go.

Ask him to go to where he came from. Ask him to go in.

Please come, sir. If not outside, then come inside.

Hey, blind man! Wear your spectacles... This is me.

Oh, it's you?

Please come in.

Yes, sir? What can I do for you?

I want to do business with you.

Will you buy jaggery? No. I'll sell ginger.

At the cost of Rs.116.

The price, the last time? 303.

I'm glad to meet you. I am Gopal.

Please sit. I'm Shantaram.

This man appears an impostor to me.

Everything appears like a shady business.

Dear Raju, please come in.

I'll be there, father.

What's it, father? Raju, do you know who he is?

He is here today, gone tomorrow; he wanders from place to place.

Shall I say some more?

To dig wells and draw water.

Shall I tell you more about his professions?

No, son. There is no need... Shameless man!

You rattle a visiting card like a parrot.

Give him his purse.

Give it to him quickly! I will!

Shameless man! I'll give... Take this.

My Raju is a number one pickpocket.

No. He is number two. That's an insult to me.

Indeed! This cannot be. It is the truth.

Ask him where his purse is. Remove your purse, son.

Is this your purse?

He has turned out to be my guru.

He sure has! There will be somebody to outsmart you!

Tit for tat!

This means, government agent 116.

I mean, 116.

Do you know, the enemy had made elaborate preparations...

...for his welcome...

But the maneuvers he made, foiled their plans.

Tit for tat! An eye for an eye...

We'll hit the bullseye, father.

You have to prove that. Pardon?

Go and find out who they are.

Assume, I have found out.

Ask without hesitation for whatever you need.

This is a big company. Many people work here.

And all my sons work here.

Your sons?

Losses are few when your own people work.

There's no fear of a takeover. You saw Raju, didn't you?

He is my first wife's fourth son.

And Lamboo, who was outside, is my 4th wife's second son.

Fourth wife?

What are you still doing here? I am sniffing, father.

I mean, I am thinking. Do that on the road! Go!

Hey, where are you going?

What are you doing? Just making the sofa.

What a sofa! This is called a real sofa-cum-bed!

It's more a bed than a sofa. There's no need to go far.

It's an office-cum-bedroom.

What a smart son!

Where are you going? I'm taking a short cut.

Short cut, indeed! Go away from here!

Have you shut this path, father?

Lmpertinent boy! You argue with your father!


You surely suspect me. No, father. Certainly not.

If you do, then open the door. No, father.

I say, take a look. No.

I'll open the door. No, father.

What are you doing? Father... - What?

Father... Yes, she is...

Let me greet my new mother. I say, get going!

I had told you to make yourself sparse.

How could I, in the dark?

Indeed! You should use your head! Come on.

Mr. Shantaram, I'll immediately go and meet 303's sister.

If you have any man who is loyal and obedient...

...even if he isn't very sensible, it will do.

What are you saying? Everybody in this home is sensible.

Except me. Please wait.

Lambu, please send Nikku.

Every demand of yours can be met in this house.

From a hairpin to an elephant.

He is my fourth wife's... third wife's...

He is your son, isn't he? No.

He is my sister's son; he is my nephew.

Do exactly what Mr. Gopal says. Pursue him like a shadow.

Wonderful! I too have work now. Thank you, uncle.

Watch how I'll hoist the flag!

First, stand erect. Then hoist the flag.

Attention! Stomach in, chest jutting out, head held high!

I'll leave. Good day. Good day. - Good day.

You have to go with him! Greet me!

Bless you. Please come.

Please come in and sit, sir.

Why are you stunned? Obviously, I will be!

Somebody has addressed me as sir for the first time.

Really? Yes.

Stop addressing me as sir. From today, you are guru...

...and I am Nikku. If you accept...

...then I'm with you. Else, I'll back out.

All right, I accept.

What are you looking at?

I am looking for some uninvited guest who may have come in my absence.

Had he come? Not yet.

Don't worry.

Stop talking gibberish! There's very little time.

Telephone all the photographers here...

I understand, guru.

My name is Nikku. What's yours?

What's the matter? Nothing. It's a nice name.

But you haven't said what I'm supposed to ask.

All you have to ask, is whether a man named, Amarnath...

...gave a film for developing. I'll go and meet his sister.

I too am deeply grieved, hearing of Amarnath's death.

Do you also work at the same place where brother...

Knowing what I do or don't, is pointless.

Only remember that your brother's killers are still at large.

They are still here. Who are they?

If I find out, then... No. Don't get angry.

Vengeance... Seeking vengeance is essential.

I've come to know that your brother had evidences...

...a few photographs that he had clicked before dying.

Is there a camera here?


That camera is very important to catch the enemy.

Perhaps, the enemy will come to you to acquire it...

...as your brother's friend and sympathizer.

Would he dare? That's his profession.

Deception, fraud, murder... what will you do if he comes?

I shall seek vengeance... immediately.

No! Not immediately.

He is very shrewd.

Let your brother's wandering soul rests in peace.

Then you tell me what I have to do for my brother?

When the rogue comes, then ask him to come the next day.

On any pretext. Okay?

I'll keep calling you. We'll see what happens.

But even I will want to see whatever happens.

Certainly. But until then, act sensibly and be on your guard.

Are you Amarnath's sister?

I am his friend.

I deeply regret his death.

We used to work together, in the same government department.

Government department? Perhaps, you forget that...

No. He used to work for the C.I.D.

He died a martyr, fulfilling his duty.

We have to seek revenge for that... with your help.

Help? How can I help you?

Try to remember. Did he have a photograph... or a camera?

Damn! Forgive me. I've hurt you.

But what do I do? I am helpless.

Our loss is as great as yours.

But we will seek vengeance. We and you.

As soon as possible. Yes. As soon as possible.

But I'm not feeling well today. I can't answer your questions.

I understand very well.

Don't worry. So when should I come?

Tomorrow? Tomorrow? Yes. That will be fine.

I'll phone and ask. Pardon?

I mean, you phone me and ask before coming.


I'm at your service.

Mr. Amarnath has sent me. He must have. It isn't my fault.

I've heard this name for the first time... no, the second.

He had come at a very wrong moment the first time.

Wrong moment? Yes.

But why should I tell you that he had come at night?

You shouldn't even tell. Therefore, I forgot the name.

Forget about it. Did he give you anything?

Yes, he had. But why should I tell you that it was a film?

But after that, neither did he come nor did he send anyone...

...or telephone.

How could he come? The poor man met with an accident.

I understand. Then you also know...

...why I've come here. If I can get the film, then...


Here it is.

Fine. Thank you.

Take this. Don't you have change?

Wouldn't I have given it you? Wouldn't I have taken it?

Had Amarnath given the film? Yes. But why should I tell you?

Is it with you now? Maybe.

But why I should you that it isn't now?

Answer properly, or...

Or? No, please don't!

Hey, you? What are you doing here?

You had said, you'd find out my address and come here.

I had said many things... anyway, I want to give you something.

Of course, it's yours. Mine? What is it?

Try to remember what you have lost.

I don't remember. You don't?

This. Oh, this?

Perhaps it isn't expensive. Such carelessness isn't good.

At least, now I've come to know that even if I lose...

...the most precious thing, then I'll find it somewhere.

You are remarkable and so is your style.

Assume, I don't give something of yours to you, then?

Then I'll laugh. If someone likes it so much...

...then what's the use of taking it back?

Very good.

Then quickly lose some thing.

I lost it long back, and you were not even aware?

What happened to your psychology, palmistry...

...and your confidence that you'd find my address?

Suppose I find out, then? Then come and meet me.

Certainly not. Why? What's the matter?

I won't even go to God's abode uninvited.

Oh, that's it? Yes. It's my habit.

I too have a similar habit.

Unless I don't call, nobody can come.


I'm having a birthday party in my house at 6 tomorrow.

You'll come, won't you?

It's your birthday party? Then, I'll surely have to come.

You know that it's the golden jubilee of our club today.

On this joyous occasion...

...a special program will be presented to you.

The dances which you have hitherto seen...

...emphasizes only on rhythm.

And it is said that the dance has come from the west.

Implying, it is related to western music.

But it isn't so. Even in our country, there used to be...

...such dances based on rhythm since 1000 years.

They would be based only on Indian music.

Miss Suneeta will present such a dance before you.

You will see the lovely union of dance and music...

...from the Occident and the Orient in Miss Suneeta's art.

You hit me?

Hey, you hit again?

2+2? 3.

2+2 = 3. Yes. It's three.

Three? 2+2 = 5.

2+2 = 3?!

Is Mr. Shantaram inside? Yes, he is.

Can I see him?

You certainly can.

Oh, Gopal? Please sit.

I wish to seek your advice. Sure.

There's no smoke without fire, right?

Cars and trains get flung only when detonated with bombs?

That's also right. This means, the enemy...

...is using handmade country bombs.


Suppose we find out to whom that hand belongs to, then?

Then we will find out about the enemy's hideouts.

Absolutely right! Later.

First, find out about the one who makes the bombs.

What's the need to find out? I'll present him to you with the bomb!

Very good! Come, Gopal.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Go through the secret door.

Father, there's no... fragrance being emitted today.

What has the world come to! The son doesn't heed the father!

He has become smarter than the father... There's no fragrance!

Nikku... stay here. Keep your eyes open.

I'll even keep my ears open. But shut your mouth!

Damn! Why should I shut my mouth?

Thank you for not disappointing me.


Let me introduce you to my father.

Father, he is Mr. Gopal.

I'm very glad to meet you. Same here.

How about you?

May I ask, what you do here?

What business? Just like yours.

And I always meet big businessmen like you.

But let me tell you one thing.

When I enter the field of business, no one dares to confront me.

What optimism!

I am a seasoned player in this field.

Some people tried earlier, but incurred losses.

Now let's see who incurs losses.

Hey, you are still standing here? Come in.

Keep an eye on him.

Such infidelity. No. It's helplessness.

Or else, this beauty, this night, this gathering...

Who would want to leave all this?

But what do I do? My grandpa has suddenly taken ill.

"You are, where the heart is And life is, where you are"

See you again.

What's the matter, Nikku? Three butlers came out.

Three cars sped out. I suspect something fishy.

You go ahead. I'll take care ...Hey, give me the keys.

I'm sorry, I didn't see. Where is my room?

I'll surely find it.

Where's my room? It must be downstairs.

Am I climbing the stairs or alighting?

Who is it? Your husband.

Open the door.

Your husband is here. My husband?

You call yourself my husband?

What happened?

My wife will not hit me with her hand but with a shoe.

Who's she?

I'm sorry. You are not my wife.

Is anybody here? Where is my room?

This is my room! Open the door!

Will you open or not? ...Hail Lord Hanuman!

Tell me who has sent you! Answer!

I see! You are preparing to consume poison.

Yes. I shall destroy all traces of that government agent.

As well as the incriminating evidences against us.

Yes. I hold all the strings now.

Now, why are you standing with your head bowed?

Go and lie below a goods train! Useless men!

You can't do a thing, and I have to pay for it!

You mess things, and I am accused!

Who's it? It's me speaking.

Oh? Inspector?

Yes. Did anybody come?

Yes, he did... as soon as you left.

I left? I understand.

Do one thing... Ask him to come at three.

At 3 o'clock? Yes. At the dot of three.

My men will reach there at the dot of 2.30.

Talk to him politely and lovingly.

Pardon?! Yes.

So that your brother's wandering soul rests in peace.

Do you know what this contains? Poison.

A drop and you will be dead. Take it.

Take it to Kamla's house and tell her that it will induce sleep.

Give her a small dose, too. So that the enemy does not suspect.

Then watch! I'll hit two birds with one stone!

One bier and two corpses! Understand?

Yes, sir.

It's going to be 12 o'clock. He is going to be there at three.

You be there at 2.30. Else, it will be this bottle and you together!

Yes, sir.

I apologize for not being able to talk properly the other day.

I was unwell. Will you be able to come today?

At 3'o clock. We'll talk openly.

So, you are coming, aren't you?

I want to forget my brother.

Yet, without doing so...

...can't we talk about something else... about yourself?

About myself?

Yes. At the dot of three.

All right. I shall come alone.

What fortune! What luck you have!

A man should be born with luck like yours, not like mine!

Let alone a love letter, nobody has ever sent me even a piece of paper.

Oh, Maker of Destiny!

Did I say something wrong? No, I smell a rat.

Until yesterday, this girl could not talk properly.

And today, she talks so sweetly ...at the dot of three...

Let's go. Yes.

I can't understand. Neither can I.

But you too are smart. If they've planned a ploy, you've done the same.

She called you at three, and you've left half-an-hour early.

Hats off to you!

What are you looking at? How is the truck?

Very nice. But I need a resourceful driver.

Look at me! What am I for?

Hey, blind man! If the steering comes in your hand...

...then the truck will be over us!

That will be great! Indeed!

You go and play tip-cat! It's not your job to drive trucks.

Let's go.

Nobody has yet come. I'm feeling claustrophobic in this truck.

Perseverance pays.

Guru! Who is he?

What a disguise!

Such evil men always wear disguises, Raju.

Look! Another man has come. Birds of the same feather!

Do as you are told, or it will be the end for us.

Ass! This is why the fools get caught.

He left without paying! Fool!

He thinks, we are fools!

Guru, look! He is also in a disguise.

I cannot fathom what their scheme is.

Listen, as soon as this man leaves, you take the truck...

...near that house and wait for me.

I'll tackle all of them and be there within 5 minutes.

And if I don't return, then you fulfil your job. Understand?

No, You will surely return. God is with you.

Take! We'll handle the rest.

How's business?

It hasn't yet begun, sir.

Don't worry, it will.

Anyway, whose house is this?

Isn't it Amarnath's sister's house, the one who just met with an accident?

Yes, sir. She lives alone.

Why, sir? What is the matter?

Nothing is the matter. She has called me.

Anyway, forget it... take this.

Your business has begun now, hasn't it?

He has come.

No! No!!

I want to talk to you, but not here. Come with me!

Leave me!

Hey, what's wrong?

Where are they?

I'm speaking the truth. Trust me.

No, I cannot, irrespective of what you say.

You have killed my brother! You are deceiving me!

I am not! Why don't you try to understand?

Stop! Have you gone mad? Will you shed the children's blood?

If you shoot, you'll have to go to jail.

All right. It's up to you and the boss. Let's go.

What to do? We erred.

Your police force is useless. They let go of an enemy!

They let my efforts go down the drain.

I'm the only one who know how much grief I have.

I know about the extent of grief you hold.

I also know that your heart is on fire.

I saw him and smiled. Then I flirted with him.

He caught my hand.

Fortunately, your men came at the right time.

Or... or...

Is there anything these people can't do?

Even I am prepared to do anything for my brother.

I plead you to give me a chance to seek revenge.

You will get a chance. You surely will.

If we seek revenge, then it will be through you. Be assured of that.

I suspect, Kamla is being kept in Damodar's house.

It's important to trace Kamla. Yes, it is.

I'm going out. Take the mike.

Hide it amongst the balloons and go to Damodar's house.

And be there till I return, okay? Yes. - What did I say?

Your orders will be carried out.

You go.

Gopal, you?

Where have you been? Why have you come stealthily?

I had to. How else can I come when your daddy is at home?

So what if he is at home? Come in.

No. I have some important work with you. Let's go elsewhere.

All right but come inside... Come on!


Sit, Gopal. I'll be back soon.

What's the matter? Aren't you feeling well?

Yes. Then why are you standing?

Why do you look so worried today?

What do I say? Sleep has evaded me since the time I've come.

And even if I do sleep, I see strange dreams.

What dreams do you have? About trains being detonated.

And about a dam, which traitors here wish to detonate.

I understand. It's nervousness.

But there's no need to get so worried.

I have a medicine that will drive away all worries, on consuming.


I've set straight many such cases like you.


Will I have to swallow it directly?

No. With water. But this medicine is effective only for a while.

But if you wish that all your worries be wiped away for good...

...then there is another medicine. What?

Girl. Name?

Meaning? Marriage.

What's the reason for this favor? Suneeta is my only daughter.

Any other reason? Yes.

The man who marries Suneeta will inherit all my wealth.

Any conditions?

You will have to quit the business you are doing.

If I say, I also have a condition, then?


You will also have to quit the business you are doing.

I am helpless. Fine. I am also helpless.

It's your wish. Have this pill.

Will I have to swallow it directly?

No... with water.

Let it be. I'll have it after I reach the hotel.

Or I may start having nightmares right here... worse than before.

And I may become a problem for you.


Gopal, what is the matter? Nothing.

Something is the matter.

There's a big question before me. Same here.

It isn't what you think. Then?

I have a friend.

Let it be. What's the use of worrying about others?


It isn't the question of others but of those who are in love.

Like us.

Yes like you... Like me.

Then what's the problem? Ask them to become one by marrying.

It isn't so easy. Why?

The girl's father. Is he a barrier between them?

No. He is a snake... a poisonous snake.

A traitor. There isn't a crime that he has not committed.

Does the girl know about this? No.

She ought to know. Yes. But who will tell her?

The man who is in love.

He is in love, but... But?

That man is me, Suneeta.

You? And that girl?

That girl is you.

And that criminal, the traitor... No! I can't believe it.

Even I could not. I didn't want to. But when I saw for myself...

No! This is not possible.

You love me, don't you? Yes, I do.

Then brace yourself and go to your father.

Tell him fearlessly that you know about all his schemes.

No! If you want to be mine...

...you will have to unmask the lie!

For the country's sake, for your sake and for your tears!

That is, if you want me to consider your tears as mine.

Why fear? Yes...

Do as I say! You will have to!

Father. I know what you have done until now.

What happened, dear? What has not happened?

Infamy, embarrassment, falling in my own eyes!


How can a murderer's daughter earn respect in society?

How can a criminal's daughter lead a noble life?

What nonsense are you talking! I've learnt of your true colors.

Are you crazy? Me, a murderer, a criminal, a culprit?

Who has misled you?

Ask, who has opened my eyes?

You are mistaken. You forget how much people respect our family.

We have a status, a high standing in society.

How could you even believe that I commit all these crimes?

Even I could not believe it.

But... father... Look here.

Up... at me. Now tell me what the truth is. Swear by me!

Why did you pull away your hand? Say that it's a lie.

Swear by me!

No! You are the apple of my eye, a piece of me.

I'm living, looking at you ...for you, my dear.

No, I cannot swear by you! I cannot lie.

So, what I've heard, is the truth?

I am indeed a sinner, dear.

I was not one. No one is born a sinner.

I have become one.

But whatever and whoever I am, it is to see you happy.

For me? We were very poor.

To see all of you happy, I stole...

...for which I had to pay a great price.

Not by going to prison but by living.

Your mother died even before forgiving me.

I badly wished to wash these sins.

And nurture you like a respectable father.

But the people who knew that I had escaped the police...

...with my shrewdness, compelled me to do more crimes!

What could I do, my dear?

My dear, I feel that there's someone else other than...

...those people who are pursuing me...

...who know my secret and who wish to destroy me!

I don't know what to do. I'm in a dilemma.

On one side, is the law; on the other, is them.

Who are they? They are...

Tell me! No.

You cannot tell me? No, dear.

Is there no way you can escape from them?

If there was, wouldn't I have know? Would I have led such a life?

No, there is none.

There is a way, father. What?

I'll die before repaying for your sins.

What? Commit suicide? Yes.

No! You will have to remain alive! You will remain alive!

The one who divulged my secret to you will die, not you.

When I've committed so much of crimes, then I'll commit one more.

Who is he?

Where blood is shed, flowers do not bloom there.

Swords are raised.

Of what use is that joy which stinks of blood?

This sin, the taint... the token of this sin which is me...

...can be destroyed only when I am.

No, Suneeta. Don't speak like this.

If you say, then we'll go elsewhere and begin life a fresh.

Let's leave these sins and the wealth here.

But you too promise me, dear that you'll never talk of dying.

Really, father? I swear by you.

My assumption turned out to be true.

It has been proved that Damodar is a puppet in someone's hands.

But we have to find out who makes this puppet dance.

So we'll have to keep an eye on him.

Yes, guru. We will have to keep an eye on him.

Go and ask Raju to trace the bomb makers. I'll go to the hotel.

Okay. I'll go.

You may come now.

We need that thing again.

Keep it ready within 4 days. Yours...

Gopal? What's wrong with him? He suddenly fainted.

We're taking him to the hospital. Oh, my God! Hurry!

I came to give you some good news. My father has changed.

But... but...

Where are you going? This path does not lead to the hospital.

I know where it leads to. You be quiet!

Make him sit here.

Has he regained consciousness? No.

He will regain consciousness as well as come to his senses.

Who is this girl? Damodar's daughter.

I see! What's happening?

Why have you brought him here? I'll tell you right away.

Take her out. First, we'll squeeze out this scoundrel's brains!

And then, tackle her, too!

No! I won't go! Leave me!

So, you wanted to squeeze my brains?

I've come to do precisely that. I too know to operate the machine.

Tell me. No, never! Not even if I die!

What will you say after you die?

If you want to be alive, then tell me right now!

No! Certainly not!! No?

No. Fine.

Now answer! Who is your boss and where is his hideout?

I do not know a thing! You do not?

No. Fine.

Oh God! Oh God!!

No... No!

I'm only a toy in his hand.

A servant. All of us have only one boss.

He exerts all the powers. Where can I find him, and how?

I know nothing... nothing!

Who knows if you don't? Does Damodar know?

Yes. He has a hidden phone in his house.

To talk with the boss.

But he too is a servant just like me... a toy.

Show the way out.

I am coming out.

Drop all your weapons, or I'll shoot you.

Hey Raju, you? Yes. Amazing!

Sometimes, I longed for you, and sometimes, you for me.

What trouble has befallen?

Not trouble but problem.

I have found the one who prepares bombs.

All that remains now, is to catch him...

...and present him before father.

Not now. First, reach Suneeta home.

Hey! Take Suneeta on this piece of junk?!

No. The scooter has already given way.

Take her in your car.

I'll repair this and come in a jiffy.

Hurry up!

What a problem!

No! No!!

For letting go of an enemy and sending Damodar's daughter...

...with him, this is the minimal punishment...

...as per Supremo's orders.

Forgive me, Supremo! This mistake will not be repeated.

Damodar's daughter knows about our secret.

You'll have to cover-up whatever she has seen...

...as per Supremo's orders.

Damodar's intentions are not good. Keep a keen eye on him.

As per Supremo's orders.

Let the new plan to teach a lesson to the ones who meet the C.I. D...

...and help them, be executed.

I've already told you, I shall not do such work again.

My daughter Suneeta? Where is she?

I'll be there in a jiffy... at the same hideout.

Your life is in Supremo's hands! You'll have to do as he says, okay?

Gather your men again... as per Supremo's orders.

No! Now, I shall gather nobody! I shall commit no crime!

I've promised my daughter that I'll quit that life now.

I have sworn by her. I shall not do anything now!

Do you know what will happen to your daughter if you refuse?

You'll get 24 hours to gather your men.

Only then will your daughter be set free.

Else, she will be destroyed.

No! I shall gather all my men again.

And have them bow at your feet.

But let no harm befall my daughter.

I accept Supremo's orders.

Tell me! Answer!

I know nothing. I'm innocent. I'm a watchmaker.

A watchmaker! I know very well what kind of watches you make!

You think, I am a fool? You place time bombs inside watches.

You don't know that I have your letter.

Yes. And that too, burnt. No! I didn't burn anything.

If it was burnt, then how did you find the letter?

How did we get it? Fool! We aren't any ordinary beings.

We have an incantation that will even revive the dead.

I'll show you in a while.

Isn't this the letter?

Don't tell anybody. Not even them or they will kill me.

I became a fool... for the sake of money.

I know that you sell your conscience for money.

Aren't you ashamed? Traitor! Anyway, what's done, is done.

I can save your life if you help me.

Really? So I will be saved, won't I?

Yes. Can you tell me where they will be taking the bomb?

I don't know. I'll take it to wherever they ask me.

When will you take it? I've been given 4 days time.

The new order must be on its way, either today or tomorrow.

You will inform me as soon as the order comes, okay?

But remember, it will be better if this matter is only between us.

If the beans are spilled, then they'll spill my brains out!

Don't worry. I'll take care of your brains.

Take this. It's your tip.

If you tell me about the place, you'll get double this amount.

But how did they read the burnt letter?

It's a lie! An outrageous lie. No. I saw it for myself.

Shantaram kept that letter in the safe.

There must also be many of my other secrets in it.

This spells danger.

What do we do about all this? I don't know. I can't understand.

We'll think about it later. What's there to think about?

The enemy knows everything about us. There's only one way left now.

All right, but...

You forget that your daughter is still in Supremo's clutches.

And if you don't heed him, then...

Fine. Do whatever you please.

Even I should know whatever Shantaram does.

Hello, Mr. Shantaram! I was going to come to you.

No, don't come now. I'm going out for some urgent work.

After that, I'll come straight to you.

What? You are coming here? In an hour's time.

You won't have to wait long.

Okay. I shall wait for you.

Who's speaking? It's Gopal.

Oh? What's the matter? You haven't yet come?

I'm waiting for you. I was coming to you?! No.

No? You had phoned me a while ago, saying that you were coming.

I did not telephone.

You didn't? No. You had called Raju.

He was saying that there is a new guru.

This surely is a new scheme. Be alert. I'll be there soon.

Kamla, pick the pistol.

Traitor! You've joined the enemy?

Not an enemy but a friend. What!


You going to the hotel, singing, dancing...

...and giving the medicine, was all a pretense? A ploy?

No, it was vengeance.

You made a ploy, taking advantage of my helplessness.

You made a ploy, disguising as policemen.

Oh, so you know everything? Yes!

To acquire her help, I had told her everything.

And proved it to her that I am the government agent.

Therefore I pretended to be with you, to foil each of your plans.

Traitor! Lowly woman!

Now shoot!

You want to kill us? Let me see for how long you survive.

Now shoot! Leave me! - Come on!

Hey Guru, you? Amazing! You sent us there, while you came here?!

Some people came in a car and scurried away... what happened?

Whatever happened, was extremely unfortunate.


Listen to me. I'll do exactly what you want me to.

But don't touch her... Yes, I will do it.

Certainly... whatever you say... for her sake.

Are you shocked to see me? Because I am alive?

You have lost. I know everything that you did.

Murder, arson, fraud, treason!

Just assume, that whatever I'm doing, good or bad...

...is for my daughter's sake.

Really? You killed Shantaram so mercilessly...

...despite swearing by Suneeta. Was that also for her sake?

Not mercilessly but because I was helpless...

...in the hands of those who have imprisoned my daughter.

What! They have some conditions...

...for her release. What conditions? Tell me.

To kill you and your associates.

Or they will kill Suneeta.

Kill Suneeta? Where are they?

Where is their hideout?

Even if I know, I cannot say. I shouldn't say.

Or my Suneeta's life...

I won't tell!

Mr. Damodar, we know that you are a criminal.

If we haven't yet arrested you, then it's only because...

...you could help us in apprehending the enemy.

If you yet don't help us...

...then you will be arrested right away.

Mr. Damodar, right away!

Right away? Yes.

Can't I be granted some time? For only a day?

Why? Do you still have to do something good for Suneeta?

No. I have to settle an old score before dying.

You can't get it.

Fine. Come on.

Open the door.

After you.

What's the matter, sir? Has Gopal done something again?

Shall I set him straight? Certainly not.

Gopal shouldn't be harmed.

I'm going on an important work.

If I return alive, then we will meet again.


If I cannot return, then quit this lowly life.

Gopal is lying unconscious at home.

When he regains consciousness, let him go. Don't stop him.

Have you brought all the bombs? Yes, I have.

Except for acid bottles. Why?

Because if acid and bombs come into contact, it'll be explosive.

All right. But how will you take them?

I'll bring it. You go.

Look, he is signaling thrice.

Guru, he is the same man who had killed my father.

I shall not spare this scoundrel!


I shall not spare you alive!

Quickly put him in the boot. Hurry!

I should come there?

Hey! Come here!

Who are you? Nobody.

Hey blind man, open your eyes! Guru, you? I was scared.

Go and quickly start the car. I'll tackle them and come.

Okay. Go carefully.

Eureka! Our research is a success.

The poisonous grass that you wanted, is made. Look!

An ounce is enough to destroy one acre of fields.

Damodar has come to the factory.

Get set to die. What have I done?

Your father has done more than you, and is here to save you.

But even your God cannot save you now.

Stay here. I'll be back soon.

Do whatever you please. I don't care about myself.

But spare my daughter. Where is she?

Let me see my daughter. Just once.

What?! You killed her?

Amoral man! Murderer! You killed my daughter Suneeta!

If I forget my promise and heed you, you wouldn't harm her?!

I heeded you, gathered my men again.

And stained my hands with blood. For my daughter's sake.

I trusted your word!

But no. One can't trust people like you or your word!

Blood for blood!

Beware! If you move even a little, Supremo will be dead!

Drop your weapons!

Hands up!

Face the wall!

Suneeta, this isn't the time to cry.

The time bomb is going to detonate within 20 minutes. Hurry!

Yes, a time bomb. Your factory and your den will explode!

But you will die so easily? Certainly not!

Come on. Move ahead!

Come on!

All of you go and diffuse the time bomb. Go!

You will save your skin?

And you'll push others to the jaws of death! Let me see how!

What happened, Gopal? What happened?

What's wrong with you? What has happened?

Kamla, are you also imprisoned here like Suneeta?

No. I am not the same Damodar now.

What's this? Blood! It is nothing.

There's very little time. Come with me. I'll tell you later.

What happened?

Nothing. Current passes through that net.


I found the time bomb!

I found it!

Fine! What should happen, is happening. What I wish for!


This is my repentance... this time bomb that will detonate the factory.

Time bomb? Then don't go close. Come on!

No! We have to blow this factory and our enemies!

You don't realize what you are saying. Let's go out!

Even if I escape from here, what will happen?

Death won't stop pursuing me. But you go away from here.

Why are you killing yourself? No, I won't go alone.

Go away, Kamla! No!

Did you find the time bomb? No.

It's our prime duty to save our factory.

The bomb is going to detonate. You save the factory if you want!

No! Come with me! No!

An enemy's death! An enemy's score!

Supremo has escaped. What!

Yes. I saw him escaping. Where?

Look there!

Take Sunita away. I'll be back soon.

We could trace the enemy's hideout due to you.

The country is grateful to you, and I congratulate you.

This isn't my victory alone. It is our victory.

It is the victory of the whole country.

Permit me to leave. I have some urgent work.


Write your address at the office before leaving.

Then you can go ahead