Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) Script

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to violence... the word and the act.

While violence cloaks itself in a plethora of disguises, its favorite mantle still remains sex.

Violence devours all it touches, it's voracious appetite rarely fulfilled.

Yet violence doesn't only destroy, it creates and molds as well.

Let's examine closely then this dangerously evil creation, this new breed, encased and contained within the supple skin of woman.

The softness is there, the unmistakable smell of female.

The surface, shiny and silken.

The body yielding yet wanton.

But a word of caution... handle with care and don't drop your guard.

This rapacious new breed prowls both alone and in packs, operating at any level, any time, anywhere, and with anybody!

Who are they?

One might be your secretary, your doctor's receptionist... or a dancer in a Go-Go club!

Go baby, go!

Go, go, go!!

Go, baby, go!!

Come on, let's go! Go baby!


Girly, let's go! Let's go, girl! Harder! Faster!

Woooo! Ah, this is a gas!

Aaaah! Ooooh!


How long you going to let that kooky broad showboat like that?

Go get her.

So I gotta get wet because Lady Godiva wants to swim?

Hey Rosie baby! I got it all warmed up for ya!

Go ahead, the sponge, soak it up. I'm gonna love squeezing you out.

You'll never make the Olympics, baby!

You got a real problem, eh?

She wears the pants alright, but somehow she always strips her gears.

Alright! You washed, now I'm a gonna spin dry you!

Ooh! Get off!

Now! Natural, huh? You on your back, huh?

Your heels didn't get round from walkin'!

Alright, knock it off! I've seen better fights on a light show!

You wanna prove something chickies?

Let's see who the real chicken is.

You know, you sure do have a funny way of gettin' your kicks... real funny.

But then you never were dull, Varla.

Easy baby, you're almost a fire hazard.

Break out some sauce so Rosie can clear her throat.

You're all shook up, aren't ya baby?

Here Rosie baby, pop the top before you blow your own.

Hey, don't you get enough of that at the joint? There's no audience here, give your hips a rest.

My motor never runs down, baby.... And besides, you're such a wonderful audience.

We just got out of that place and she's still got to go into her routine, eh?

So? Working up a new routine.

Hey, can't be my agent, he couldn't afford the gas.

My desert fan club, no doubt.

Uh, they went that-a-way, partner.

How could they with you here?

I told you girls I had a fan club out here.

These things just are not made for long rides.

Nice set of wheels.

Would you like to look under my hood?

Been running some timing trials?

We know how fast we can go. You could time that heap with an hourglass.

Someone mention my figure?

In that outfit, what's to mention?

Shall I set up shop here, Tommy?

Do you girls mind if we run some timing trials? This is about the best measured strip around.

Be our guest... might be kind of interesting.


You're sure we're not, uh, crowding you, eh?

Oh no, I'm glad you're here. Uh, would you like a soft drink?

You're putting me on, no?

A soft drinks yet. Honey, we don't like nothing soft. Everything we touch is hard.

All set hon. Clock me from when I hit that marker there, 'til I finish at that one.

You'll see a puff of smoke from my exhaust when I cut in the motor. That's when you hit the magic button.

He's such a nut about that car and driving fast...

Driving fast is fun, honey.

I don't know why I worry about him, he's the champion of our car club... and first in safety points too!

I'm sorry... I seem to be using up all the oxygen. What's your story?

You heard the questions girls.

Uh, this is what we do, at a hundred and twenty five per, less taxes and social security.

Really? You got it made. I do that for fun.

Well then let's have fun, baby.

Hey, the kid's alright!

If I ever get a severe case of love sickness, you know who can fill in for me at the club.

Oh, I forgot to time him, he'll be so disappointed.

Well, make up a time. You know, a time like you know. A record.

How'd it go babe? It felt fast, real fast.

I forgot, honey. I didn't clock you.

We all started talking... or I guess I did. I forgot, I'm sorry.

Oh... okay, forget it. I didn't hurt anything except my motor.

Here buddy, relax.... The sun's still high, you can try it again.

I'll even time you this time... and I got a perfect movement.

What's so exciting about racing against a clock anyway? What's it prove?

Well, it's like a runner trying to improve his time.

He trains his body to get the most out of it.

I work on this baby the same way... trying to get maximum performance.

What's it mean if you don't beat anybody?

But I do, I beat their time.

Is that how you got cutie pie over there? By beating some guy's time?

No, you're not the type.

You're, uh, the All-American boy. A safety-first Clyde.

Are you trying to say something?

I never try anything... I just do it.

Like I don't beat clocks... just people. Wanna try me?

I don't have to prove anything.

His car is okay, just the color needs changing. Like maybe yellow?

I think you're all being unfair. What's so important about beating people?

And what's so wrong with a friendly race?

Now she makes sense. How 'bout it kids? A nice friendly little rally, just once around the circular marker. Just three little curves.

Sounds like fun, I'll be the starter. No gun, but I got a whistle.

How 'bout it, handsome? I'll bet you're a real tiger in disguise.

You got a deal.

C'mon! Hurry!

C'mon Tommy, hurry! Just a little more, c'mon!

Tommy, Tommy!

What happened out there, is he alright?

He's alright, he just lost control of his bomb. Nearly creamed us both.

What's, uh, our hero doing out there? Saying his prayers?

He should, he's got a lot to be thankful for!

Look, I better go!

What's your hurry, honey? He's not gonna run away!

There's no hurry, only I belong with him now. It's all my fault, he didn't even want to race.

Look, I better go!

I know, honey, we understand. You wanna take your little stopwatch and go home.

Those are very sensitive, they break out of balance very easy!

Like Clyde lost control?

You're overdressed! You won't be needing this anymore and I think your boyfriend's had his gut full of races!

Listen! Give it back!

That's Tommy's, he values that. He won it!

Good! Now let him win it back!

Tommy! Tommy!

Let's just time Lancelot as he comes charging to the rescue!

What's going on here? Three and a half seconds, champ, you were great!

What's the matter?

The watch, she won't give it back to me!

Let's have it.

You've got a weird sense of humor.

Try again, I get funnier.

Look, I don't know what the hell your point is, but I don't...

The point is of no return... and you've reached it!

You can still climb in that kiddie car and take a hike... unless you can fight better than you can drive!



You'll kill him, stop!

You can still drive away, buster!

Yeah... maybe you're right.

Stop it! Stop it!

C'mon babe, let's get out of here.

Turn around!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Plot this stiff in his heap. He's had a bad accident.

Go help her. We've gotta move, and fast.

Yes, ma'am! What can I do for you today?

Just your job, squirrel. Fill it up!

Yes, ma'am.

Right fender, Einstein!

Oh! Yes, ma'am.

I, I ain't never seen one of these kind before, heh.

Just passin' through, huh? Boy, that motor's sure hot, you gals really must've been movin' on these little machines.

Yes sir, the thrill of the open road. New places, new people and new sites of interest.

You know, that's what I believe in, seein' America first.

You won't find it down there, Columbus.

Heavy sleeper, huh? Boy, she's sure got a nice tan.

You know, with them new suits they're makin', I bet they helpin' the sun tan oil sales... all that skin to cover.

Yes sir. Man, the world's sure movin' fast. Topless suits and pop top cans...

We got two more cars to go, eightball, don't make a career out of it.

When the Goldilocks wakes up, we're in trouble.

We're in trouble whether she wakes up or not. What's keepin' her out?

I gave her a pill, she's good for another two hours.

Ah, you should have stuffed her in the car with the friend. She's the only eyewitness.

Not the only witness.

But then you two couldn't really be called witnesses.

Willing, helpful witnesses. People who could have stopped something from happening but didn't!

In California they're called accessories to the crime!

Oh, you're cute. Like a velvet glove cast in iron, and like the gas chamber, Varla, a real fun gal.

Not so loud, eh? Chester's dense, but not dead.

What now? We've got gas, where do we go?

That'll be $13.50.

You can leave the oil.

What a hunk of stuff! Woof!

Hey, he's a big one, ain't he? Got muscles all the way to his ears.

They call him "the Vegetable", he's kind of a nut, and his old man's a bigger one.

Hey, there's the old man now! That's him.

The old man, he's a cripple. Railroad accident, sliced him up real bad.

Tried to save a girl, kind of queered his mind too. Specially about women.

Course they gave him a big hunk of money for a settlement. Don't nobody know how much it was.

Never has deposited it. Like I say, he's a nut. Don't believe in banks.

My guess is he hid it out there in the desert someplace.

Hates everybody though, hates everybody. Course with all that money he can afford to.

Don't nobody like him neither. Why he could leave town tomorrow and nobody'd even stir.

It's kind of sad, though. All that money and nobody to enjoy it.

Let's split, but don't follow too close.

Hey! Hey! You forgot your stamps!

Oh well. 297 more books and I'll own the station.

You dig the muscle or the scratch, Varla?

I'll never knock muscle, but it's even better when you've got bread to enjoy it.

And it's in there... enough to buy ourselves a lot of swingin' miles.

Enough money to lose somebody, eh?

A perfect place to lose anybody, but this little doll's our cover story.

Her boyfriend was killed in a racing accident. She flipped... ran away from home.

Her family's big socially, and doesn't want any publicity, so they asked us to find the girl.

We found her.... Just like we're gonna find a big hunk of that long green.

Oh, that is so phony, it's almost believable.

You don't have to believe it, honey, just act it.

Now let's move, but let's take the back door.

Cool it! Or you're gonna get the same thing your boyfriend got.

There slim, now you can get as vocal as you want.

Boy, that old character mut be a kook.

All that bread and livin' in a dump like this. Smashed cars, busted-out buses... but all good stashes. Great place to hide a hunk of loot.

I'm gonna start checkin' it out. You keep an eye on sweetie pie.

She gets too physical, give her a pill. They're in the glove compartment of my bomber.

White ones for the nod off, and yellow ones for the big wake up.

Ah, what you got for sin, Varla?

That depends, boom boom, on what you got in mind. When you decide, let me know.

You'll go too far. Just once you'll go too far and you'll find your hide tacked to a tree.

Sometimes I see her try and figure me. I can't even figure myself.

Your brother Kurt's growin' away from us, boy.

Cooks a meal, and then to readin'.

Fifty bucks for three lousy books.... There ain't a picture in one of 'em.


He forgets easy what that money cost me.

Just waitin' for me to die... or maybe just kill me and take it.

But we won't let him though, will we boy?


Wh... what do you want me to do, pa?

Git another girl?

No, it's too soon for that.

You were too rough the last time!

You gotta be more careful, boy!

When you hurt somebody the authoriites get aroused.

What do they know about hurtin' and pain?

We're payin' 'em back, boy.

Each woman a payment.

You see anything interesting?

What's with the strong arm bit? Or couldn't you tell I was a girl?

Ain't no doubt about your gender, girly.

The question is what are you doing here?

Seems like a week can't go by without somebody messin' around.

Well alright, what are you doing here? 'Sides trespassin'.

My girlfriends and I have been driving all day.

We thought this was a deserted ranch.

Spotted the water tower and we were running a little hot, so we thought we'd take on a little water.

We're not used to this desert driving.

They let 'em vote, smoke, and drive, even put 'em in pants. So what do you get? A Democrat for President.

A lot of smoke up your chimney, Russian roulette on the highway. You can't even tell brother from sister...

... 'less you meet 'em head on.

I've been gone a long time. If I'm not back soon my friends'll start worrying and go looking for law.

Well, they're gonna have to yell damn loud. There ain't a phone within five miles.

'Side, uh, if anybody's gonna notify any law, it's gonna be me.

You best be movin' along. The desert's not a safe place for girls alone.

We'll be out in a hurry. But could we use a little of your water?

Help yourself.

Just remember, uh, there's a meter on that tank and it's still workin'.

Boy, she's a cold one alright....

More stallion than mare. It's too much for one man to handle.

Then again, you never can tell. She might just gentle down real nice with the right halter.

Oh, this is such a gas!

Okay cupcake. We're gonna let you have a little freedom so you can wash up.

Any tricks and I'll be massaging your back with a club.

Why do you bother with her, eh? She's nothing but trouble.

I got my reasons!

I'm gonna take the gag out. One loud sound you get enough pills stuffed down you to sleep a week, you understand?


What're you gonna do with me?

Nothing if you're smart.

All I wanna do is go home. Oh please let me go home!

Oh I bet you do... and then 10 minutes later every cop in the state'd be after us.

Plus the FBI. A small matter of, um, kidnapping, eh?

Oh god, I promise I won't say anything.

I'll tell 'em it was an accident. That's it, I'll tell 'em it was an accident!

Oh, but please just let me go home. I'll tell them anything!

Sure kid, we understand... and we believe her.

As soon as we finish a little business here, we'll drop you at the nearest bus. Okay?

Why don't you clean up if you want to? Billie!

Oh, it's wonderful!

Take care of the girl!

Oh, I needed that.

So what happens now, eh?

I think the kid will go along to a point.

We've gotta keep her thinkin' she's got a chance. The moment she comes out of shock, she'll wise up.

So why don't we get the hell out of here before she does. Before the old man blows the whistle, eh?

That old man is a sick character. He ain't blowing the whistle on any broad under 50.

He's got a thing for women.

And here's where our screenplay starts to unfold right now.

Hey girls, we got company comin'!

Billie! Watch that sweet young thing.

Let's meet the enemy halfway. The less the girl hears, the better.

Just cool it, honey. Nothing's gonna happen to you.

As for that lecherous old creep out there, he wouldn't help you if he could.

You're safer with us.

Well, I see you've made yourselves at home.

We used a few gallons of water and 20 square feet of sand.

That isn't exactly living it up.

You girls a bunch of nudists? Or you just, uh, short of clothes?

Why'd you have that girl tied n' gagged?

You get around on those wheels pretty good.

Anybody uses my land and my water, I'm around.

Nobody's tied now.

You didn't answer my question.

Should I ask the girl?

Her boyfriend was killed in a racing accident. She flipped and tried to kill herself.

Her family's big socially, and doesn't want any publicity. We're takin' her home.

Sounds, uh, like a matter for the police to handle.

Her old man's a politician. They don't want any publicity.

We're just following their instructions.

Besides, we're all members of the same car club. They asked us to bring her home and, sort of like friends of the family.

Sort of takin' the long way, aren't ya?

Bringin' her home in the middle of the night wouldn't help anybody, especially her.

My son Kirk's gone to town for supplies.

Might as well all have lunch together before you fix to leave.

I wouldn't want anybody to think I wasn't hospitable.

Oh, now who would think that?

See you at lunch, sweetheart. Oh, is it formal, or can we stay comfortable?

We never was one to stand on formality. Let's go boy.

That big phony. He'd take any story I laid down.

He wants company.... Our kind of company.

I don't trust him. Just one call and we got our ticket punched for the joint.

Look around, dummy. You see any wires?

He told me there's no phone within 5 miles. We lucked out like mad.

Now don't panic and blow it. Right now we gotta start checkin' the back roads for a way outta here.

And just maybe we might run across the old man's stash.

If it ain't in the house, it's out here somewhere.

And we may just have to make him tell us. And I'll take care of that problem.

So who do I get to take care of, the muscle man?

Rosie and I are gonna take a walk. As soon as we get back, we're all havin' lunch at the house.

Crazy. Like what's the old man plannin' for the main course... us?

Knock it off! And you watch that girl!

She's liable to go any time. If she gives you any hint, you tie her up and gag her again, you understand?!

Alright already, I'm hip!

Jack and Jill. They make the mafia look like Brownies.

You really don't like them, do you?

It's kicks, but I'm not under contract to 'em and I got a strong feeling option time is right around the corner.

Don't let it bug ya. You just be a good kid, otherwise we're both in big trouble.

What do you think of our guests, boy?

Boy, listen to me!

Fate threw us this package. Now all we gotta do is untie them pretty ribbons.

And we know how to do that, don't we boy?

Yeah, all that land to hide them ribbons in when we're done with 'em.

That young 'un...

Tender as a cottontail. And we gotta save her from those girls, boy, you hear me now? We got to save her!

Save who?

Well... the young ladies. You're, uh, early. It's, it's two hours yet 'til feeding time.

We ain't hungry... not food hungry anyway. Uh, we're just lookin' around.

Lookin' for what?

Oh you know, checkin' the lay of the land.

He's really fantastic. Now he just wasn't hatched that way, was he?

He's always been big. Always.

I mean he must work out a lot, huh?

Yeah. Yeah, he does a lot of that. Show her, son.

Show her how you stay strong.

Maybe some other time. I gotta stay with her. But thanks anyway.

Well, I reckon the little lady and I'll be safe together.

Hey, it ain't all that nervous. She ain't going nowhere. Are you, baby?

Then you'll be okay.

So show me already, huh?

C'mon, rest awhile girl.

That's better.

Now we can converse a mite together... and you can tell me all about your friends.

You got yourself quite a playroom here, buster. What you need now is a playmate.

I may not be much in the muscle department, but I got a few things goin' for me too, you know.

What you need is a manager.

Yeah. Ten percent of your action be enough for anyone.

I never took no course in anatomy, but from what I can see... you got two of everything, and some left over.

I don't know what you're trainin' for, but as far as I'm concerned, you're ready.

Look! Me Jane, you Tarzan.

Now why don't you drop that tree you're holding and let's grab a vine and swing a little, huh?

What the hell was that?!


What happened?

Where is she? Ah, she's gone.

Ah, that little girl is dangerous! She nearly tried to kill me!

Oh, I'll bet. She's real dangerous.

You got a shotgun in her belly and she's dangerous!

C'mon, I gotta find her or I'm in big trouble! C'mon!

Yeah, you bring her back now, you hear me? You bring her back!

Yeah. Yeah, we got unfinished business! Her and me.

Thank you for stopping, you saved my life!

Take it easy now, girl, easy. You're gonna be alright.

So who's after you, huh? The cottontails, maybe? Or did your boyfriend make you walk home?

My boyfriend is dead! He's dead!

Just relax for a minute and then tell me all about it.

Please just get me out of here. Help me!

Of course I'll help you. Now grab a hold of yourself so I can understand how I can help.

Just get me out of here before they get me, please!

Look, I don't see anyone, so relax! You're safe here, believe me, I know.

Now what's the matter? What are you running away from?

Don't you understand?! They're murderers!

They kidnapped me, and killed my boyfriend! They're vicious killers!!

Wait a minute! Who are vicious killers?

Those girls! Wild drivers, sports cars!

Well how did these girls kill your friend?

With her bare hands, she just chopped him down!

And then she grabbed him by his neck, and then she pulled... the noise it made... and it snapped!

There, that's right.... Just let it all out and then we'll see about getting you where you want to be.

Where is everyone?! Billie and the other girl's missing!

The girl escaped... the other one and my son are looking for her. She won't get far.

She won't get far?! What the hell happened?!

She damn near killed me, that's how! She's a demon, that one.

She knocked me over! Me, a cripple.

And what caused that? Her pushin' you out of your chair. Nothin' you did of course!

Nothin' gave her no reason.

What could I do? I am tied to this chair for life!

Better you should be nailed to it! How long has she been gone?! How long?!

That's my other son.... He knows this country best. He can help us.

But I just escaped from here! Don't you understand? Those girls, they're in there!

Look... I told you to just trust me. I promise you'll be safe, I promise.

That's them! Please turn around before they... please!

Look... I live here, do you understand? This is my home.

You... you live here?

And that old man?

Is my father.

You're one of them, let me out!!

You're crazy! All of you!!

Nice of you to bring her back, we've been worried. She's a sick girl. You need rest, honey, a lot of rest.

Don't you understand? They'll kill me! I'm alone! Help! Help!!

Do you tell me? Or do I ask them?

What's to tell, son?

Don't be foolish, old man. I wanna know what's going on. Who are they?

Well, it's a simple story... it ain't an easy one to believe.

But then the truth ain't never easy.

You're wasting yourself on this kid, then hanging us up for nothing.

For nothin'?!

She's got nothing to do with the money!

She is the money! Didn't you see the look on the old man's face?!

And what do you figure the old man's layin' down to number one sone right now?

It's a political thing... her folks are nervous about publicity.

They want her back quiet-like. Now she's going back today, soon as we give 'em a full stomach to travel on.

So why don't you and the Vegetable fry us up a nice batch of chicken?


Well I guess I better unload the supplies. Where's brother?

Lookin' for that girl yet, I reckon.

You know he's not supposed to be alone.

Oh, he ain't alone. Now you reckon he needs some chaperonin'?

Hey.... It's only a choo choo. Don't lose the beat, hon.

C'mon, don't like it drive you off the track, Atlas. We aren't even halfway home yet.

What ya got, some big thing for trains? I'll buy you one.

C'mon, we've got our own schedule to meet.

It's a b..b..bad thing!

You really are afraid, aren't you?

They make him..him angry. He gets crazy when they go by.

Oh, your old man, he's nuts anyway. Why should a train flip him out?

There are... reasons.

I gotta go!

You better straighten your tie, Samson! Or poppa'll spank you!

You thought you done good, she'll get us all killed. Did you hear me?!

Yeah, but you aren't sayin' anything!

And you're not doin' anything!

The water's great! You oughtta try it, it might clear your head.

She's gagged, but that don't mean she's deaf.

We're gonna dump her, but it's gotta be miles from here... one stiff is enough in this area.

When, eh?

I want a crack at Kirk first. He's no idiot, he should know where the bread is.

We'll be in the house having lunch, but we won't all be eating.

You were a long time coming! You're telling me.

Did you have fun? Or did you wear yourself out looking for our girl?

Both. Where did you find her?

We didn't. The old man's son ran across her driving into the ranch.

One more slider, flake, and it's wipeout!

What's next on the agenda? Lunch!

Plus I'm gonna work on Kirk!

Well what're you gonna do with her?

Take her with us! She can keep the old man occupied.

The sacrificial lamb.... You really do have the hots for the long green.

It's a little early for that, isn't it?

The train's late.

What's that got to do with it?

Nothin's on schedule today!

Some..some things never change!

Sound your warnin'. Send your message.

Huff and puff and belch your smoke... and kill! And maim! And run off unpunished.

Who you talkin' to?

Ghosts! 50 ton highballin' ghosts.

And runnin' late as usual.

I though it was brother.

Brother.... Brother to what?

You proud to have that animal for kin?

What he is now, you manufactured. What he could be is your son.

Yeah, he's my seedlin'... I can't deny that.

But he ain't no son to me. He's a..a piece of mutton, a blob of flesh. He's no use to no one!

Well you seem to find him useful.

Hell, he's an instrument, he's a means! He's for usin' in things that humans can't do...

Or won't do! Alright, have it any way you want!

I'm not for talkin' anymore. I'm for eatin'.

Well if you don't see it, we ain't got it.

Everything we're gonna be eatin' is on this table. When it's gone we're done feedin'.

Pass the chicken. Alright son, start passin' that chicken 'fore it loses its juice!

What you got, another shift comin' on when we're done?

Breast or thigh, darlin'?

Why don't you take on of each, son? They, uh, both look tender.

Forget about the other shift, I didn't know about Goliath here.

Oh, he's got a big motor to feed!

You done real good, son. He cooks better than his ma!

He doesn't sew too, does he? Only his wild oats, honey!

Hey, you better eat somethin'... all that runnin' you did this mornin' must of made you weak.

And you might, uh, wanna run again.

She's had her exercise for today.

Nice of you to pick her up for us. Her parents will be grateful.

Oh, it was a lucky accident.

I guess it was lucky... she doesn't seem to think so.

She's not really thinking... but once she's home she'll come around.

Doesn't seem to pleased about going home... if that's where she's going.

Oh, she's the quiet type, you know how they are. You're kinda that type yourself.

Quiet types interest me. Are you really that quiet?

Only when I'm eating.

I like men with big appetites.... Only I could never find one to match mine.

Uh honey, you uh... what you eat seems to settle in the right places.

But then, uh.... You look to me like a gal with a big appetite for everything.

I try to think big.

Mister host... I'm of legal age for whiskey, votin', and lovin'.

Now the next election's two years away, and my love life ain't gettin' much better, so how 'bout some of that good one hundred percent? I'm glad for the company.

Good whiskey's meant to be shared. What'll we drink to?

Oh, let's drink to trains. They're big, fast, and strong. And they make a lot of noise.

That's a mighty strange kind of toast.

She's a strange girl, pop.

I've got a toast... let's drink to, uh, making new friends.

Crazy, Varla. I'd rather make 'em than kill 'em any day.

Old show biz saying... you know, when you got 'em in Frisco, it don't mean you got 'em in Debuque.

Could I have some more food?

He must keep you on overtime.

Well he works hard, he eats big.

You haven't touched a thing. Is something wrong?

She's, uh, in great shock. She's had a terrible experience.

Uh, it's an interesting case.

I'd appreciate your advice before we leave.

Oh, well I'm no psychiatrist.... She looks to me like she needs professional help.

I think he's right... and we should get her home where she can get it.

Her parents will certainly be looking for her by now.

They know she's safe. I'm sure they're not too worried.

Probably not, hon, but somebody else's folks will be... all that sand to brush off.

Don't! Oh, God, don't! She'll kill you! She'll kill you! She killed him! She will!

You're listening to a sick girl! She's lost her fiancé, she's a long way from home.

She lies. She killed! She killed with her bare hands! She did!

Oh, she did! She did!

Oh, she did, she did!

This house knows what killin' can do. And how easy it can happen accidentally.

He killed when he was born... without knowin' it.

You see he was big then, even then... and he killed his mother, and he doesn't even know it.

And I can't tell him or explain it.

I just hate him... and he's my blood.

My son.

Brother, take him to his room.

Well, I think lunch is over.

I want to talk to you. It's important. Let's try some of that clean desert air.

Excuse me.

That was a short lunch.

Whaddya tryin' to do, make it a short day?

Leave the juice alone, we got a lot to do yet. Look at you, you're already stone.

Yeah, that's right.... I'm drunk.

And it feels good, Rosie. That's why I do things... to feel good. I can turn myself on a dozen different ways.

But you? You've only got one channel.

And your channel's busy tunin' in outside.

You really should be AM and FM... you one-band broads are a drag.

You're a fool, you're bagged-out with sauce.

But I always leave myself a choice.

Oh, I've made some bad picks, but that could even happen with the horses.

Nobody owns me... yet.

If the money's here, the son knows. And if he knows, Varla will know soon.


Oh, she'll know somethin', son. That's for sure.

You watch the girl. I'm getting our things ready to move.

Ya know, Tiny Tim? When I've had enough of this stuff, it's been known to be passin' out time... and it's just about passin' out time!

I knew you were more than you looked.

And you... I didn't think that you could....

Why do you stay here?

It's home....

My father likes it here. This is where he wants to die.

Will he ever? He seems indestructible.

You hate him....

But you're like him in most ways.

If you believe that, how could you be with me like this?

'Cause you're a beautiful animal... and I'm weak.

And I want you.

Badly I want you.

What's weak about wanting?

Everybody wants... that's what makes things run.

Your father, he wants revenge. You want me.

And you... what do you want?

Everything.... Or as much as I can get.

Right now you're first on my list... and I always start at the top.

You did want.

You wanted big... real big.

Oh, you're unbelievable, you're....

Whatever you want. Your cup to fill.

To overflow.

So much of you... so damn awful much.

Don't talk it, do it. Just do it.

Where are you going? What's your hurry?

The girl's gone. Your friend passed out in there.

But how could.... How ain't important, but catchin' her is!

Move it, boy!

Seems like an awful lot of action around here.

Sounds like my motor being revved up... which makes twice today.

Somethin' wrong with your car? it's not as fast, and we need speed!

What's your hurry?

Your little playmate's gone, and I suggest we do the same. How long?

I don't know, the old man and the kid are already looking for her. Billie's passed out.

Passed out?! Get her sobered up and ready to go!

What're you gonna do?

C'mon Kirk, we gotta find her before the old lech does.

Oh, you know about that too, huh?

Old man, I hope you get there first. You'll save us a lot of grief if you do.

Keep watchin'.

She's on foot, she can't be far.

We don't wanna miss her, boy, we wanna get there first.

Oh, I tell you, boy, she's so like the one I... saved that day I got hurt, I thought it was a ghost when I first seen her!

She's just as pretty, boy, only I ain't savin' this one.

She should be easy to spot, it's awful bare country around here.

Not necessarily, this country plays tricks with the eyes.

I hope it dulls your old man. What's with him? The revenge bit, the hatred for women?

Young girl was trying to make the platform of a moving train. She was late.

My father tried to help her. They both fell.

Did something to his spine. The girl caught the next train.

That's her! That's her.

Yeah, I knew if we kept our eyes peeled we'd spot her. C'mon boy, let's get her, don't let her get away this time.

C'mon boy, you know what to do now. Just like before!

That's it boy, we got her now. Go on boy, get her! Get her good!

That's it, boy! Get her!

Cover up her mouth!

Are you with me, boy? Your daddy tells you!

Go on boy! Don't let her scream again, cover her mouth!

You hear me boy? It's your daddy tellin' ya, your daddy in pain, boy!

Boy! Go on!

There they are, they must have found her!

I wonder how we'll find her.

Don't tell me you're worried.... Why do you stay with a freak like that when you know what he is?

Everyone has problems. My brother means a good deal to me, he can be helped.

Not as long's your old man's alive.

Now there's a thought.... What?

Hey, like he's sitting on some bread. You know, money?

He's of no use to no one, including himself. So? So what?

So look out there! That's what you're living with, a couple of real boy scouts!

Go ahead, I don't care! Go ahead, get it over with!

Just leave me alone! Leave me alone!


Ba..da..I can't do it....

I'm..I no m..mean to.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Easy, brother. Easy now, everything's gonna be alright.

You're doin' fine, you're doin' just fine.

I'm... s..sorry.

You... believe me?


I... don't know.

Nothing's... right.

Nothing's... ever right.

You're gonna be alright.

Everybody's sorry... ha, I've made some funny scenes before, but this cops it.

You got to win it, the big award!

What's it called, Gulliver? "I love everybody?"

Or "something from my childhood?" Ha ha ha....

Are you nuts?! Protecting two kooks?! They tried to rape this girl! Do you hear me?!

I can't help but hear you! It's over now, nobody's hurt!

You alright?

After I take her home, I'll tend to my problems.

He'll have to be committed....

He can be a person yet, it'll take time.

Too much time! We could have made it.

I don't think so.

Come on, Linda.

It ain't all that easy, son....

You're gonna have to walk a bit, where you're goin'.

I mean you're gonna find it kind of hard to drive without any keys.

Where's the keys, old man?

Old man, give me the keys!

I threw them away.

You fool! You miserable fool.

You'd destroy us all to satisfy your hunger for revenge.

Well I've had enough of your self-pity.

You can rot for all I care.

C'mon, Linda. We're gonna walk.

Wait a minute, hero.

I don't care if you wanna walk yourself into a sweat in the desert, but what about the frail?

C'mon, use your noodle. I'll drive you both back. You must be beat, honey.

Don't you touch me! I don't care how long or far it takes, I'd rather crawl than....

Please, let's go.

C'mon, pop, I'll give you a lift. You too, buster, no sense in us all goin' noble.

That is unless you've got somethin' else in mind besides walkin', stud!

You're a very sick girl.

I was healthy enough a half hour ago... or do people look different to you when they're not horizontal?

It's an awful big desert!

What's he tryin' to prove?

Maybe that everybody in this world ain't as... twisted up as we are?

You comin' or not?

No... I'll take the scenic route by foot. My son here needs the exercise, but thanks for offerin'.

You're a real bunch of kooks. I'll see you again, old man.

Yeah, in hell you'll see me... and we're both better than even money to make it!

Alright, c'mon son, let's get movin'. I don't aim to have that threesome prowlin' my property no longer.

Alright, here's how it works....

Everybody's gotta go. This way we're all safe and we can all go back to our gigs.

This'll be just another deserted ranch house.

Deserted?! With all these stiffs layin' around? You must be kiddin'.

Kill four people for what?!

For mister big pill they give you in the state.

I'll take my chances with the gas. I ain't sleeping good as it is, and a girl's gotta have that good eight hours.

You'd rather have a permanent rest, then?

Not really, but I'll take the gamble. Who knows? I might get a judge with a thing for blondes.

Get out then. Get your car and split!

Well, I hate to break up the act, girls, but I always did wanna do a single. See you in church, huh?

Let's have it.

Give it to me!

Much later, Billie!

Let her be. Looks like act two's arriving.

What now?

Just like we planned... only there's just the two of us.

Alright, you gals had better make tracks.

We can tell when we're not wanted.

[under breath to Rosie] You drive, and don't miss.

Besides, this desert climate's not too good on a girl's complexion.

What do you mean?

I mean nail the old crud right where he sits.

Are you out of your skull? You wanna get the same as Billie? Move!

Alright, boy, get me that shotgun.

Boy, you in a trance? Get me that shotgun!

She weren't a bad little blossom, kinda full of life.

Treat her gently, son.

Put her in the house.

And you! You better be movin' fast. 'Cause I'm gonna be notifyin' the Sheriff real soon.

So that's where the old raunch kept his stash!

Get the knife while ! collect the scratch! What about him?!

Don't sweat it! Just get the knife and follow my dust!

Go on! Go back and get the knife!

Don't you think we should take that knife out of her? want... the knife?

Sh..she... doesn't... move... or laugh... anymore.

Yeah, too bad.

The knife.

Is... the knife... yours?

Oh, no no... but we should pull it out. It's not right to leave it in there.

I'll... give... you the knife.

The knife.... yours... to... keep now.


That's two out of three falls.

That's our truck.

My brother must've found the keys.

What does he want?

Relax, he'll give us a lift.

That's strange, my brother can't drive like that.

It's her!

We've really gotta make tracks or we're dead! C'mon!

Your old man's been blasted out of his wheels.

And your king-sized brother's been twisted like a pretzel.

You're all that's left, lover, and you ain't gonna be around for long.

I don't believe it!

You'd better believe it. Ha!

She'll get you!




Watch out!


Easy. Easy now, it's okay.

I killed her! I killed her like she was an animal. Like she was nothing!

She was nothing... nothing human.

A real Jekyll and Hyde. Hey you saved my life, so stop crying, huh?

Me to.... I guess I saved my own.

C'mon. Let's go.

Are you gonna just leave her there?

Well, she's not goin' anywhere.