Fateful Findings (2013) Script

Look, Leah, a mushroom.

Look what I found... a treasure.

Leah: It's a magical day.

It must mean something.

It's buried treasure.

You can't leave the box empty.

It's bad luck.

I'm not afraid.

I'm gonna make a bracelet out of these.

It's a magical day!

Hurry up.

We're going to be late.

We're going to miss the plane.

Don't worry.

The plane's not gonna leave without us.

Leah: Where's Dylan?

Where's Dylan?

Come on, Leah, we have to go.



Dylan: Leah and I had a fantastic summer together.

But Leah's father got transferred, and they had to move.

I never heard from her or saw her again.

A Yeah.

Are you on your way home?




No, nothing.

Nothing special.



Can you hear me?


Dylan, what's going on?

Talk to me.


What's going on?

Dylan, talk to me.

Dylan, please.

What's going on?


Dylan, talk to me.

Talk to me.



Call 911.

Call 911.

Is he dead?

Is he dead?

It's the Rolls-Royce that hit him.

I saw it.

I'm a witness.

Is he breathing?

Is he ok?

Is he ok?


Ok, calm down.

I'll be right there.

He's in critical condition.


And it does not look good.

We were on the phone when he was hit.

Can you hear me now?

No, he can't hear you.

He suffered extreme head trauma.

He's my good friend.

Our director of neurology will be here in a minute to see him.

Excuse me.

He's very weak.


It's very serious.

He isn't my patient, but let me know how he's doing, and I'll check on him later.

Don't stay too long.

He needs plenty of rest and quiet.

Dr. rosin?

Yes, this is Dr. Allan.

I'm at your patient's bed, and he's not here.

Did you discharge him?

I didn't discharge him.

He should be in his bed.

I'll check on him.

What are you doing home?

You're supposed to be in a hospital.

I let myself out.

Help me.

Help me.

Well, he seems to be fine.

As a matter of fact, he's working at his desk on his next book.



Leave me alone.

I've got work to do.

I know, I know, your deadlines.

I've got deadlines.

I'm not signing it.

That's it.

Leave me alone.

Do not call me anymore.

I'll call you.

Dylan: I have a damn master's degree in computer science, and I turned out to be a writer of novels.

All that's coming to an end now.

Can I offer you a drink?

No thanks.

Are you sure I can't offer you a little drink, huh?


We don't have sex anymore.

Do you realize that?

Where did that come from?

It has been months.

What's happened?

Where did that come from?

You're my wife.

I want to share that with you.

I love you.

I'm very busy.

My back is killing me.

My office at the bank is having major problems.

Anyway, be quiet.

She'll hear you.


You mean your stepdaughter?

Well, maybe she should hear this so she doesn't make the same mistake.

You bastard!

I'm out of here.

You bastard!

Where are my pills?

Where are my pills?

I'll get them for you.

I've got your pills.

Here they are.

Thank you.

I don't need these.

I'm not going to take these anymore.

No more.

No more.

Don't do that.


What were you just then?

You were mumbling something.

I feel like something's inside me.

You're still not well.

Did you take your meds?

I congratulated you on the success of your first book when we first met.

I told you I could help you then.

You were not making progress on your second book.

I offered you medication that would help you.

I'm feeling less stable.

I'm still recovering from the accident.

I need time.

I understand.

I'll call you when I'm ready.

It will be soon.

Thank you.


Do you care more about that car than me?

You would rather be drunk in here than with me?

Right now.

Gives me more pleasure than you did the past few months.

Screw you!

Amy, why don't you and Jim come over for dinner?

He could do some company and love to see you.

We'd love to come over.

We could really use the break.


See you then.

I'm so glad you could all come for dinner.

We're glad to visit.

I want you to try this new wine.

I'd love to try your wine.

I still can't believe you're up and around so fast.

That is amazing.

When you were in the hospital, you were really bad shape.


Even the doctors didn't think you were going to make it.

I'm still sore but feeling much better, thanks.

Dinner will be ready soon.

I'm hungry.

I can't wait for dinner.

It seems like it never happened.

I've had great family genes.

But I'm still in pain.

Can I have some wine please?

How's school?

Almost done.

But I have this really interesting project about elephants in Africa.

I'm sure Dylan doesn't want to hear about that, now.

I want to hear about her project.

Can I be excused?

I don't feel so well.

I've got so much to do, I'll never get done.

I'm going to continue hacking into these government systems to see what I can find out.

About all this national and international corruption I know is going on.

Can we talk now, please?

He stopped taking his meds.

Can you get some for me?

You had confidence.

But now you're sliding backwards.

Why you keep saying that?


I know I have issues.

Aren't our sessions rewarding anymore?


I want to help you.

I can help you.

You know I can.

I don't need any more.

We've gone through the good times and the bad times together.

I've given it my all.

I've gone out of my way to make you happy.

You know I've never intended it to turn out this way.

I've tried to get off the pills.

I just can't do it.

Your pill-taking for pain relief has gotten out of control.

I told you this was going to drive us apart.

I want you to go into rehab.

I need them.

I realize that.

But I'll be lost without them.

I'm sorry for that.

But it's my choice.

It's the wrong choice.


No rehab.

I've got to get this work done.

My job sucks.

I don't like the people I work with.

I've got to get this work done.

It's going to shock the world.

I've hacked into just about all the information I need.

They have no idea.

It's going to change the world as we know it.

It's going to change everything.

They have no idea.

The bank is failing.

Pills help.

I need something stronger.

I need a stronger medication.

It's a crutch.

Get off the pills.

Straighten your life out.

Maybe it's because of you.


I've been so supportive of you.

So supportive.

You heard what I said.

I hate seeing you this way.

You're not the same girl.

I want that girl back.

She's not coming back.

Don't turn away.

Let's talk!

I'm done talking.


Even doing the writing of your first book?

You were doing so well.

You had a peaceful sense of yourself.

We were given a power.

It's in the wind.

Be careful.

They will harm you.

You know about it?

How do you know?

They want what you have.

I never asked for this.

It was meant for you.

It's yours forever now.

I'm sorry!

I... I let you down.

You didn't let me down.

Let's try and start over.

We both got problems.

I think... I think I'm beyond that now.

I'm going.

I'm gonna get some fresh air.


You go!

Jim: I'm not running away.

It's late.

Come to bed.

You need your sleep.

I'd love to, but I can't.

I have too much to do.

I'm sorry.

I'd love to.

But I need you go away now.

I have too much to do.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry for pushing you away.

Are you having an affair?

That's it, isn't it?

You are, aren't you?

No, I'm not having an affair.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'm with you.

I'm just frustrated with writing.

I haven't told you the truth though.

I knew it.

There is another girl.

No, that is not true.

I have not been writing another novel.

I've been hacking into government and corporate international secrets all over the world.

And I'm going to expose them all.

And no one knows I'm doing it.

No one knows.


Are you crazy?

That's dangerous!

Don't tell anyone.

Don't tell anyone.

Let's invite Jim and family for a nice quiet, peaceful barbecue at the pool.

Sounds great.


Call Amy.



The doctor at the hospital.

It's nice to see you.

I'd like you to meet my fiance, Tim.

Very nice to meet you.

The doctor at the hospital.

I'd like you to meet my fiance, Tim.

I'll go get us a drink to celebrate.

Excuse me just one moment, please.

Is this yours?


It's just something I've been carrying for good luck.

Dylan: Oh my god.

Is that you?

It is, isn't it?

It's you, Leah.

It is me.

And you're Dylan.

It's been so long.

I had no idea.

I couldn't see your face.

Gosh, I never thought to look up the name on the chart.

I can't believe it's you.

I think of you every day.

I think of you every day.

I think of you.

I've never forgotten.

Here's to new and old friends and finding each other.

I've known her since she was eight years old.

Well, well.

You're looking very special today.

Get away from me, Jim.

You're drunk!

And stay there.

Well, it was so nice to meet you all.

Um, we're going to have to go.

But cheers!

Very nice.


Hey, Emily.

You're home early.

Please stop.

You can't do this.

Please, don't do it anymore.

You're going to stop?

You can't do this anymore.



Was that ally?

What is she doing in here?

You should know.

You're the one who invited her over here.

Oh, you can come over and use our swimming pool anytime you want.


I just found her swimming topless in our pool.

Then I find her taking a bubble bath in our tub.

I told her never to come over again unless she called first.

I'll call her mother.


I apologize, Emily.

I'll tell her never to do it again.



Another hard day at the office?

Damn it, yes, as a matter of fact.

I'm trying to relax.

Leave me alone.

Have you seen ally?

Let me tell you about ally.

Ally's been sneaking over to Dylan and Emily's house and jumping in their swimming pool.


It's your turn to watch her.

Stay away from me.

I'm gonna shoot this damn car all full of holes!

No, no, no!



You killed him.


No, ally. Dad!

Don't go in there.

Don't look.



You didn't see anything.


You know how he was.


Go call 911.

Go call 911.

He killed himself!

He killed himself!

Call 911.



Call 911.



How could you have done this?


I can't believe you committed suicide.

I cannot believe you committed suicide.

How could you have done this?

How could you have committed suicide?

I can't help you out of this one, Jim.

With all we've been through, I can't pull you out of this one.

Goodbye, my friend.


I drove him to suicide!



How could Jim have killed himself?

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it.

It's just not like him.

How could he have committed suicide?

I'm so drained.

I'm so tired.

I'm exhausted.

Emily, you know I'm here for you.

I'll support you.

I'll do anything for you, anything to help you.

Jim's suicide was not your fault.

You can't blame yourself!

It was not your fault!

I overreacted.

I pushed him at the barbecue over the edge.

He wasn't a bad person.

It's all my fault. Coupled with the problems we have between us at home.

It hurts me to see you this way.

That's not what I wanted.

You're better off without me.


No, don't say that.

Don't say that.

Please don't say that.

I'm not better off without you.

I'm here for you.

I'm here to support you.


I'm working.

I'm very busy.

What deadline?

No, I'm not... you know what?

After giving it some thought, I am not going to sign the book deal with you.

No, I am not signing the contract.

I'm under no obligation to sign with you.


You never gave me a retainer.

I never asked for one.

I am not obliged to sign any contract with you.

I don't owe you any book.

No book.

That first book made a fortune for you.

And I don't know owe anything.

In fact, I'm not going to give you the next book.

That's it.

Don't call here anymore.

No more damn books.

No more books!

I can't go on like this.

I'm so out of my head.

I can't go on like this.

I think I'm losing my mind.

Dylan: I lost my first real love when I was nine.

She was beautiful.

She was my love.

She is still with you.

In your heart.

She knows you're thinking of her spirit.

I've always kept this with me as a reminder of her.

But there's so much more.

Tell me about your dream.

Is it her?

We can increase the dosage if you want to.

You do want to?

You do, don't you?


No, I can.

This dream you're having... what is it?

Are you really writing a book?

Or is it something else?

Tell me.

Our sessions have filled a void in your life.

Haven't they?


Lee: Don't worry.

I can help you deal with the outside pressures.

Oh, by the way.

Are you seeing another therapist now?

No, no, no, no.

There is no one else.

I am not seeing any other therapists.

There are no other therapists.

How is your, uh, research coming along?


What research?

He isn't writing another novel.

He's writing about government secrets.

Is there anything else you can tell me about, uh, Dylan's research?

It's great to see you.

You too.

L, uh... I broke up with Tim.

The engagement's off.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Shh, no.

It's better this way.

Besides, there was someone else anyway.

Ever since I was a kid.

I love you.

I knew I loved you when I was eight years old.

I fell in love with you that day when we were walking in the forest and finding the black cube.

And I love you.

It was magic.

It was a true childhood love story.

You're everything I've ever wanted.

Dylan: It's a magical day.

It's a magical time.

A place where dreams come true.

I'm sorry, Dylan.





Wake up.

Wake up.



It was you.

I know it was you.

I know it was you.

Emily's dead.

I've gone in a deeper, much more profound direction this time.

Deeper than the first book.


It's not a book.

It's research.

Research that will make a strong significant difference to people all over the country.

There should be no void in your life.

Keep a clear mind and soul.

Don't let the outside world poison your spirit.

It will help you to write, to inspire you.

To give you strength for this one important act for humanity.

All this time, I haven't been working on my next book.

I've hacked into the most secret government and corporate secrets.

The most secret.

And discovered corporate and government cheating, lying, corruption, and hypocrisy on a massive level.


Much more than has ever been seen before.

These documents are going to change the world.

You're going to get yourself killed.

Someone's going to find out.

They're going to come after you.

No one knows but you now.

But I think you're right.

Others have found out what I'm doing.

I can't wait any longer.

I'm not ready for this!



What are you doing?

No, no!






Leah, hi, it's Dylan.

I just pulled underneath the driveway, and I'm right at our front door right now.

And your purse is laying on the walkway.


Leah, are you there?

Yeah, pick up.

Leah, where are you?

I've gone into the house and looked for you.

You're not there.

Your purse is here laying on the walkway leading up to front door.

Leah, where are you?

Pick up.

Are you ok?

Are you ok, Leah?

Leah, where are you?

I'm worried.

I'll find you.

I'll find you, Leah.

I'll find you.

Don't worry.

I'll find you.

Where is she?



I don't know who that is.

Give me the keys to these locks.

I don't have any keys.

Give me to the lock.

I don't have a key.

I don't know anything.

Give me the key!

I don't have...






It's Dylan.

It's Dylan.

Everything's gonna be ok.

I'm so glad I found you.

Everything's gonna be ok.

Don't worry about anything.

I'm going to get you out of here.

Who are these people?

I don't know who they are.

Let me untie you.

I want to go home.

It's ok.

Let's go home.

Don't worry.

I won't let anything happen to you.

I need you.

You're all I have.

It's ok. - They won't...

Trust me. Trust me.

I don't know.

We're going to get out of here right now.


But I need to put the blindfold back on.

Trust me.

Trust me.

I'm going to do something.

But you can't see.

I'm going to put the blindfold back on.

Trust me.

We're going to get out of here, but you can't see what's about to happen.

I'm going to put the gag back in.

Please be very quiet.

Don't make a noise.

Everything's gonna be ok.

Let's go.

Leah: What's happening?

I'll tell you later.

Let's go.

You cannot come here again.

But I thought you liked when I came here.

No, I don't like it.

You've got to go.

Go now.

You cannot come here.

The police are at my house talking to my mom about my dad's death.

You know he didn't kill myself.

She shot him.

She killed him.

I saw her.


She planted the gun on him to make it look like a suicide.

You have got to go to the police.


Dylan: Thank you for calling.

I'll be back in a minute.

Please leave a message, and I'll return your calls shortly.

Dylan: Leah, hi, this is Dylan.

I just got out of bed.

I'm sorry.

I've got to go out of town for the day.

I'm sorry for not telling you.

I had no idea this was going to happen.

I'll only be gone for a day.

I promise, everything is ok.

Everything is ok.

Do not worry, please.

I'm sorry I had to sneak out on you like that.

I love you, Leah.

I love you, Leah.

I'll be back soon.

Don't worry.

Everything is ok.

Should I be afraid?

Should we be afraid?

Good morning.

What are these?

Where'd they come from?

A friend of ours left them for us last night.

I'm worried about him.

Nothing's gonna happen to him.

I can't let anything happen to him.

I want to be honest with all of you.

I've been hacking into government and corporate systems all over the country.

All over the world.

I have discovered more information than any hacker ever has.


What I have found will shock you.

Here are the files and supporting documents.

And supporting truths.

The factual documents.

I'm releasing these files to the public today.

Money, payoffs, and greed were always the priority of my company, like many companies.

I'm afraid of going to prison.

They now know my crimes.

I am resigning today as your senator.

The people who elected me deserve someone who cares about them and the country.

Many of my other fellow incompetent senators must resign now also.

My releasing these files today will not endanger any innocent persons.

But they will identify governments and corporations that have committed fraudulent and criminal activities against mankind.

These people must be punished and eliminated immediately.

I resign today as President of the bank.

For their lying, their greed, their injustices.

We were all under pressure to operate in a deceiving way and cheat the customer.


Today I am submitting my resignation as congresswoman.

I and other insurance companies are about to be indicted for crimes we've committed.

The people deserve much better.

Our crimes are about to be disclosed.

Politician 1: Lying, cheating of our customers, fraud.

Me and many of my fellow wall street brokers have been lying, cheating, and scamming investors out of their money.

We cannot continue to let them slip through our failed justice systems.

Politician 2: I'm leaving now rather than going to prison for the rest of my life.

These files will prove to all of you... all of you...

The political and corporate dishonesty that exists.

Their systems that are there to undermine society's best interests for the purpose of greed and fraud.

You will be shocked and amazed at what I have here.

It will scare you.

But you should be scared, because it is the truth.

You now have all the truths... the real truth.

Act now on your old, outside of their corporate systems and these incompetent politicians.

Act now.

It's our only hope for the future.