Father Hood (1993) Script

I guess not every girl in the world has to wait in the hot sun for her father to get outta jail.

But I didn't care about that.

I just wanted us to be together again.

I used to be pretty angry at him.

Eddie was too.

We figured he kind of dumped us, but it wasn't that simple.

We've all done a lot of growing up since the bad old days.

Ya see, the thing about Jack...

I don't know. He kind of grows on ya.

Where is he?

Are you sure this is the day? I don't think this is the day.

He's comin...

There he is.



Come on!



Look at us, the perfect, happy family, right?

Well, trust me. It wasn't always like this.

Xm Jyou can run for cover jqyou can run for help 2 jqyou can run to your lover j but you can't ever run from yourself.

J no, no, no how many times have I told you about this?

I am not gonna tell you again.

Shut up!

I didn't do it! It wasn't my fault!

Jno matter how far you go 2

jno matter how far you go 2 jno matter how long ya stay jyou can run forever 2

2 but, darlin', you will never j

You're goin' on a trip.

You're kiddin' me.

I've got this big deal goin' down, and I'm outta here.

Far away. Not alone.

Yeah, New Orleans. It ain't no hop, skip and a jump.

So I mean, this is real good, right?

Well, well...

Over all.

I mean, please, Celeste, don't be tellin' me no negative stuff.

I can't be havin' nothin' drainin' my energy right now.

Draw another.

Hai just gotta think positive.

[ Male I aw, come on.

He's got a couple of kids and no wife to look after them.

Now don't that mean anything to you?

All right, all right, all right!

I'll talk to my client.

Don't be usin' her for your games.

Jack, if you hadn't put your kids in foster care, they would have knocked six months off your sentence.

I didn't put 'em nowhere.

Linda died, and the state took "em.

Now I ain't happy about that, but they're doin' just fine and so am I.

Now what's the deal?

Well, considering everything, we did pretty well.

The d.A. Says we can plea bargain it down to two years.

Two years for what? I robbed drug dealers.

That's right.

Until you robbed an undercover cop posing as a drug dealer.

Look, I'm gonna tell you somethin...

I ain't goin' to jail.

I am this close to doin' a deal where I'm gonna see more money than you can imagine, and I ain't lettin' nothin' mess it up, you got me?

Jack, this is so easy.

If we do go to trial, I call the kids in, we put them on...

Leave the kids out of it, all right?

The best thing I ever did for them was keepin' out of their lives and keepin' them outta mine.


We see the judge in two days.

Now you think you can stay outta trouble for two days?

Of course.

» how sweet it is to be loved by you yes, baby ooh-o0oh-0o0h

» how sweet it is to be loved by you ooh, baby \

I needed the shelter of someone's arms dd and there you were 2 who is it?


Kelly who?

Very funny. Just open the door.

Hl... daddy.

2 Oh, you've changed.

Yeah, well, you haven't.

And I'm runnin', right? And then the alarm's going off.

I'm like, "Kelly, you better get over this fence, man."

Do you know what they do to kids who try and get outta that place?

Bigelow hall.

Well, I tell you what, you oughta look at it a little more positively; Like, uh... a little bit like, um, prep school.

It's really sick in there.

Kids are getting hit all the time.

I mean, hit really hard.

You do one thing wrong, and someone's comin' after you with somethin' or slammin' you up against a wall.

And lazzaro, the guy who runs the place?

He never uses his hands.

But he knows what's goin' on and he just lets it happen.

You are outta here, little girl, 'cause this is gonna be the first place they look for you.

Then get me transferred.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

They have to listen to you, Jack, it's the law.

Finish your pizza and you're gone.

What about Eddie? Remember Eddie?

What about Eddie?

They're putting him in bigelow tomorrow.

No, no, ma'am.

He is in humboldt with that foster family.

No, he's not.

They're putting him in bigelow tomorrow, like a prisoner.

He has never done one thing wrong except to have you as a father.


Little girl, you back off now.

Ya know, when they put him in bigelow, they'll put him in handcufes.

Just get into that, why don't you?

Your own little boy in handcufes.

Seven years old.

I thought he was five.

[ Shower turning off I



Yo, hello?

Hey Jack, is that you? Hey, Jerry.

Did I wake you up?

No, man, I been up for hours. What's the deal?

Go call him.

I'm in.

You sure it's a quarter of a million?

Just sittin' there waitin' for us.

Oh, baby, okay. Well, sit tight, stay cool and I will be in New Orleans before your rice begins to boil.

Okay, later.

[ Hangs up phone I

xm You know, we could go pick up, Eddie.

I mean, then it just wouldn't be the two of us, and, I don't know, we could all have a lot of fun.

» true love, baby that's what you give to me dd your love, your love \ where are we going? This is the way to bigelow.

You can't do this to me, Jack. You're my father.

Look, face facts. I was never your father.

You understand me?

I hate all this family crap.

I'm gonna jump outta this car.

Be my guest.

Fine! Get in here!

2 and to me, baby you mean so much you're gonna get me killed!

I don't care!

Are you crazy?

Look, I'm gonna tell you somethin...

I am outta here. You got me?

Why can't you just get me transferred?

I mean, what about, Eddie? Are you even gonna talk to them?

You're just gonna let 'em throw him in bigelow?

Hell, yes!

True love, baby that's what you give to me aaah!

All right.

If 1 get them to put you someplace else, will you stay put and stop hassling me, huh?

You give me somethin', baby I can't forget jqyou give me your love mt stay put and don't touch... oh.

Need another day in court like a hole in the head.

So since his mother died, I have been very concerned about, you know, their welfare, and that's the reason we gotta do somethin' about it, at least until we can come together again as a family 'cause as far as I'm concerned there ain't nothin' more important than a man's family.

You're the boy's father?

Well, um, we never did blood tests, but...

Mr. Charles, do you know what these are?

Uh, I believe those are folders, your honor.

No, these are lives, very young lives, and it's my job to make a hundred judgments a day about what would be best for each of these lives.

Well, excuse me, your honor, but you know, I know a little bit about young lives, too, alright because, you know, I grew up in these places, and what I know is I can't have them running around, trying to find me all the time, and that's the reason I want them out of this bigelow place and into this...

Well, bigelow happens to be one of the finest institutions of its kind in the country. Pardon me, your honor, not that I want to get into this here with you right now because, you know, I'm a positive kind of person, but this bigelow place, man, I'm tellin" ya; They're abusin' the kids, they got 'em runnin" away, and I'll tell ya one more thing.

Well, I can hardly wait.

They're handcuffing these children; I'm tellin' ya, little kids in handcuffs; They're cuffin' these kids.

I'm serious.

Mr. lazzaro, would you approach the bench, please?

Your honor.

Mr. lazzaro, would you please tell the court and Mr. Charles, is it the policy of the youth services administration to use handcuffs or any other form of restraint on children?

No, of course not, your honor.

They're handcuffing these kids.

Mr. Charles.

Their wrists are scarred.

Mr. Charles, may I remind you you're in a courtroom?

Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry, but this lasagna dude's lyin'.

Just look at him. Your honor, Kelly Charles has been missing from our facility since last night.

Mr. Charles, although he has abandoned her, may be giving her safe haven.

Is this true?

Your honor, all I'm tryin' to ask is this San Diego place any good?

If you don't mind...

Young Edward Charles, who is right now in our Van...

Probably in handcuffs, no doubt.

Mr. Charles. I am sorry, your honor.

Look, can I at least see the kid?

As a reward for your exemplary behavior in my courtroom?

I said I was sorry.

I mean, if this dude could see him, I could see him.

I demand to see him now!


I say, get down, yeah.

[ Banging on window pane I


[ Door opening I


This is your father.

Yo, uh, Eddie. What's happenin'?

You, uh, doin' all right?


Yo, hey, yo, b-be cool, kid.

You come to take me home?

Uh, you know, um...

Uh, you eatin' enough?

Looks like you'd be bigger or somethin...

Dad, please. You gotta take me home. I hate it in there.

Alright, that's it, you're upsetting the child.

Hey, hey, wait. I'm talkin' to the kid.

Your honor, I cannot stand idly by while Mr. Charles agitates the child.

His visit is detrimental to the child's welfare.

Hey, what do you know about it... he's my kid.

Correction, Mr. Charles; It's my kid.

You gave him to me two years ago.

Get your hands off of him, jerk.

Please, you asked to see your son.

Nobody, nobody messes or takes from Jack Charles, you get me?

You get me? I'll seal your fate, baby.

[ Footsteps approaching I

that boy just messed with the wrong guy.

What happened?

Why'd you lie to me about the handcuffs?

I am not lying.

Who are you going to believe, them or me?

[ Starting engine I

There he is.

That son of a... he lied to me.

He lied to me! See? I told you.

Oh, shut up.

All right, baby, cover your face.

All right.

Put on your seat belt, now!

Hey! What the hell is this about?

Hello, baby... get in there. What is this?

This is visiting hours. Dad!

Hello, class, I'm your substitute teacher and our first lesson today is how to mess with a real scumbag: Sit down!

Unlock him.

Dad, I knew you'd come for me.

Yeah, sure. Jack, the driver!

Unless you wanna get hurt, I'd sit down and shut up... now.

Okay, all right.

Sit down!

Mister, I don't wanna have my baby in this place.

I look like a halfway house?

Take her, Jack. She's a friend.

You get in the car now!


Unlock her too. Hurry up!

Poor little civil servant just tryin" to do his job, huh?

Come on, let's go!

Well, it's your turn in the barrel.

Pucker up, sweetheart.

Eat it. Hmm?

Right now, eat it.

Now swallow it.

Mmm-mmm, good, and it's so good for you, good boy.

Did you see that sucker?


Who is this guy?

He's my dad!

In your dreams, kid.

Hey, dad.

Hey, Jack, we got company.

Uh-oh, hang on!

Jack, he's right behind us.

Here we go!


[ Siren continues I watch out! Watch out!

That sucker ain't followin' us now!

Radical, dad!

Don't call me that!

So, we're gonna dump you, whatever your name is.

Whatever happens, I am never going back to that place.

Just wait a minute, okay?

You're gonna be fine.

I know, I love you.

Come on! We ain't got all day!

Bye. Hurry up!

Geez, Mr. impatient, what are we in such a hurry for?

So, are you takin' us with you?

They're never gonna transfer us now that you kidnapped us, Jack.

Yeah, dad, what are we gonna do?

[ Laughing I we're goin' to grandma's house.

Now what?

Your grandma likes to play here.

Stay put and don't move.

I'll be back.

Ladies and gentlemen in the gambling hall area, place your bets right now.


That's right, playin' parcheesi.

Now I win if I get a seven?

Yeah, that's right, ma'am. How are ya?

Okay, I'm gonna roll now. You might win, young man.

It's good to see you, aunt Gladys.

Okay, here we go.

Come on, seven! Here we go.

Yeah, take them chips!

Yeah, you won, you won sweetheart.

Land sake's alive, if Henry could see me now.

Ha-ha! Mom, I've gotta talk to ya..Now.

Not now, I gotta put these little winnin's in here.

And, yeah, put these right here.

Beginner's luck is amazin' isn't it.

On the field?

On the field, yep, yep, yep.

She's gettin' down, isn't she?

A little backup there. All right.

Okay, okay, go, go!

Okay, now blow, blow. All right, here we go.

Okay, go, baby. All right, here we go.

Yeah, come on, baby, come on, baby, come on, baby, yeah!

Yo-ho! Lady pulled a nine.

Oh, you chip off the old block you, hey.

Excuse me, excuse me, lady.

I need to talk to you.

Oh, no, she's on a winnin' streak, man.

What's wrong? I got a pain here.

It hurts, it hurts. Oh, god! Oh!

Somebody help... Get somebody to help her!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Lady, lady, lady! Help!

Call 9-1-1.

John, get 9-1-1!

What in the hell did you think you were doin' in there?

Didn't I teach you nothin'? Comin' in there dressed like some hood when I had those suckers set up this close to gettin' me some serious money.

This close? I'll tell you what you were this close to.

Goin' to jail, sweetheart.

I rescued your butt just like I always do.

Oh-ho! Rescued my butt?

Yes, ma'am. Goin' to jail?

Please don't tell me you're goin' to jail again?

I got somethin" more important to talk to you about, okay.


I brought your grandchildren to see ya.

I thought they were in foster.

Nope, they're here to see their grandma.

Say "hi" to your grandma.

Hi, grandma, I'm Eddie.


Deal with it.

Sugar, gimme some sugar.

How are you, you cute thing?

So how 'bout it?


One night.


Doo-loo-loo-loo... yeah.

Ha-ha! Let's go!

Let's rock, we're goin' to grandma's house, ha-ha!

Hi guys, you're gonna love my place.

So what do ya think?

Not a lot.


Are you coloring in your sideburns?

So what if I am?

I got a image to keep up.

And I got gaps.

Yeah, well, where are you going anyway?

It's late.

So what am I supposed to do, baby-sit?

Yeah, well, if you spend all of our money on a hooker, I'm gonna kill you, okay?

You are treadin' on thin water, sweetheart.

It's thin ice, Jack.

I mean, you are comin' back, right?

You're not just gonna leave us here.

Now how can I leave somebody when I ain't with them in the first place?

[ Laughing, kissing noise I

Go to bed.

You're not my mom.

Will you move?

Ah-ha! I knew I[T! What is your problem?

You were going to run off and leave me with your kids, weren't you? Admit it! I was not.

I'm in major party mode. I'm goin' out playin...

You are not going to lay your responsibilities on mother's shoulders.

You gotta take these kids, mama, just for a little while, please.


I got a major deal goin' down in New Orleans.

This briefcase comes in once a month, and it is filled with cash.

Just a minute, Jack.

This is the first time in my life that I can think about me.

Itis my turn.

This is my big chance, mama.

If 1 don't get outta here, I go to jail.

You are going to work this out yourself.

I give up.

I can't talk to you. I can't ever talk to you.

Jack, wake up!

Get your backside outta bed! Jack!

I said wake up!

Xm [ Reveille playing on TV I want you to look at this.

Read this.

Well, look at it. Oh, my...

You see it?


Hey, dad, did you know we're close to the hoover dam?

So what? So I'd like to see it.

Where did they get this picture of me?

I look like a total geek.

Let's see.

Mine ain't bad.

Hey, Jack, this says you been in jail three times.

I thought you only did time twice.

They don't know nothin". Dad, I'm hungry.

Listen to this: "Charles terrorized the children on the youth services bus. He then..."

That's not true. Those kids liked ya, dad.

Does anybody here like egg mcmuffins?

"Armed with an m-16 automatic assault rifle"?

M-16? Let me see that.

God! They're gonna get me killed!

Now they're gonna shoot to kill, they're gonna bring out the helicopters.

These jerks will do anything for a headline.

Who's writin' that crap?

Um, Kathleen Mercer? I'm gonna handle her case.

First thing I gotta do is dump this car.

Oh, no, I like this car. Oh, shut up.

Well, at least they got one thing right.

"The mental state of this individual is highly unpredictable."

Let me see that. That's cute.

My turn. Get off me!

You've had it for a long time.

Oh, back off.

Get off of me!

My turn! You've had it a long time!

Give it a rest.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

You stay on your side of the car and you stay on yours!

You mess with each other again, I'm gonna mess with you, all right?

Well, I hope we get caught so I can get rid of you.

Look what you made me do. I was speeding.

You guys are bad luck.

Well, maybe he's just gonna give us a warning.

A warning?

Girlfriend, our picture's in the paper!

Now sit that thing under the seat so he doesn't see it.

I didn't tell ya to speed, did 1?

Well, maybe he didn't see the paper today.

Okay, dude, let's play, baby.

Come on up here.

Come on, come on.

Let's rock! [ Car accelerates I

2 Well, the news of the saucer's been a-flyin' around 2

2 havin' a walk seen it on the ground

2m first thing I seen when I saw it land

2 cat jumped out and started a band j j flyin' saucer rock n' roll 2

2m flyin' saucer ®a®rock n' roll 2

2 I couldn't understand a thing they said or the crazy beat just a-knockin' 'em dead, uh 2

So, we havin' fun yet?

Yeah, dad! Floor it!

2 well, them little green men they were real hep-cats rockin' and a-rollin' to the crazy flats.

Faster, dad!

Brought out the drums and he started to roll 2 j flyin' saucer rock n' roll 2

2m flyin' saucer ®a®rock n' roll 2

2 I couldn't understand a thing that they said.

Get off me, sucker.

He's still comin"!

Dad, go in a zigzag or somethin"!

Don't tell me what to do!


Okay, sucker, now it's my turn.

J flyin' saucer rock 'n roll

2m flyin' saucer ®a®rock 'n roll 2 oh, shit!

2 I couldn't understand a thing they said

We did it! We did it!

I haven't seen Jackie in, say, oh...

I guess it's been two years.

Uh, "Jackie"?

Does he go by any other name than "Jackie"?

He gets so upset when I call him Jackie.

But you know how boys are. You know what I mean?

Get off of my side! Get... stop it!

Dad, she's on my side of the line again.

Just sit down, please.

You're always on my side of the line.

Get off me.

Jack, would you please make him stop jiggling his foot?

I'm not jiggling! Yes, you are.

You jiggle all the time. You're so stupid.

At least I have the sixth-grade reading level.

Get off my side.

Jack, I'm hungry.

Too bad, too bad. I have low blood sugar.

Mom had that too. I do too.

You don't remember her. Dad, I gotta take a piss.

If 1 don't eat, I'm gonna pass out.

Shut up, shut up.

Dad, I have to go to the bathroom.

Shut up! Cut it! Just shut up!

Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out!

Get out of my car now!

Dad, what are you doing?

I can't take you! Are you nuts?

Dad, where are you going?

I'm not your father!

Where are you going?

Snotty little dirt bags!

Jerks are gonna get me killed.

You're drivin' me crazy!

Oh, great! What are we gonna do now?

I don't know.

They deserve to be in that juvenile home.

They're animals.

Little jerks.

Good riddance.


2m [ "You really got a hold on me" I ddl don't like you \ jbut I love you \

j thinkin' of you 2 though-whoa-whoa you treat me bad, baby.

2 I love ya madly you really got a hold on me 2 dad?

Don't even think about it.

Oh, we're so close to the hoover dam.

Please, dad, just once, I wanna see it.

Come on, Jack. Just stop. He's never gonna shut up.

We could get a car there.

Jbut I need you I was already plannin' on doin' that.

Don't wanna kiss you but I need to 2 though-whoa-whoa you do me wrong mm Kelly, check this out.

What for?

It's amazing.

Dad, do you have any more quarters?

Yeah, can I speak to Kathleen Mercer, please?

Jimmy, I need that copy!

Okay, I got it!

Kathleen, you have a Jack Charles on one.

Jack who?

He says it's important.

Oh, right.

What are you tryin' to do, get me killed?

What is this crap you're writin', sweetheart?

What do you have to tell me, Mr. Charles?

What do I have to tell you? Okay, point number one, I didn't have no m-16; point number two, these are my kids.

You got me kidnapping my own kids when I'm tryin' to save the little jerks!

Mm-hmm, hold on for a second. City desk, Mercer speaking.

H-h... what?

I don't believe this.

Savin' them from what, Mr. Charles?

What is your problem?

What, you think I'm some nobody to put me on hold?

You call yourself a reporter? Let me ask you somethin...

Where did you get this rubbish?

Did you just make this junk up?

Look, do you have anything in the form of information that you'd like to tell me?

Yeah, I got somethin' to say. I am tryin' to save my kids.

You are not helping.

So the blood is gonna be on your hands, sweetheart, but I'd like to ask you one thing; now you got kids?

Aw, come off it, Mr. Charles. You abandoned those kids and you didn't visit them once, and now you're facin' 10 to 12 years in jail.

And because of you, it's gonna be 50!

Look, if you've got something real to say, then say it.

Real? Let me ask you somethin...

What is real to you?

I have been tryin' to bust this foster care racket for over a year now, but it's against the law for a journalist to talk to a minor, so here's somethin' real.

Ask your daughter if she's ever taken a field trip to yosemite national park.

And then ask her how many times a week she ate meat.

W-what are you talkin' about?

You tryin' to give me some kind of runaround?

Just get me some details, all right?

That's how you get a story like this: You follow the money.

Jack? Jack? Are you listening to me, Jack?


Go, go, let's get over here, get over here.

Hurry up, get over here, fast, fast.

What's goin' on? Look behind you.

Now you guys stay here, don't move.

I'll be back. I'm gonna get a car.

The sooner we do this, the sooner you people can go, so, please, everybody out.

How is he gonna get a car with all those cops there?

I don't know.

It's your stupid idea to come here in the first place.

Leave me alone.

We have five units on scene right here.

[ Starting engine I


Psst! Yo!

Jack! Dad!

Shut up! But you're alive.

Come on, let's go. Let's party.

Come on.

[ Murmuring I those suckers are so stupid.

I hate foreign cars.

Did you see that sucker? Dra-kaboom!


What is the crybaby crap?

He thought you were dead, okay?

Dead? Dead?

It was the coolest thing I ever saw in my life.

Did you see it? It was like Schwarzenegger.

It was like TV. It was amazing.

Yeah, it was real great.

Now instead of a couple cops after us, there are probably gonna be a hundred.

You guys are wet blankets. I can't take this.

I gotta be around somethin' more positive.

This is Andrew's unit five, we're in pursuit.

We'll notify on contact. Unit five out.

Please, just leave me alone. Shh! Hey, hey, hey.

You know, I looked for you last night.

Don't you disappoint me again, sweetheart.


Mr. macdougall?

May I have a word with you?

What's up, chief?

I got a call from "the L.A. post."

Jack Charles phoned in.


This woman reporter has been trying to smear our facility for a year; She's totally irresponsible.

Sometimes I just don't understand what makes people so vindictive.

You know, I'd love to say to her, "miss Mercer, "if you think you can do a better job with these children you are welcome to take several of them home with you."

Well, in the meantime, Mr. macdougall, uh, just try to keep everything ship-shape around here.

Did you love mom?

Dad, what are we gonna do past flagstafe?

Well, uh, they'll figure Mexico, but we're gonna go east and fool 'em all.

So did you?

[ Sighs I what are you tryin' to do, make conversation?

Forget it.

We can take the 180 right into Texas, okay?


So, Kelly, when you were at bigelow, did, um, you ever go to yosemite national park?

What are you talking about?

I don't know.

Steak, what about steak? You ever eat a steak?

You'll talk about anything except what I wanna talk about, won't you?

Just answer me. We never went anywhere.

I don't wanna go to yosemite national park anyway.

The only time I ever saw a steak was when I had to clean up the custodians' dining room, okay, happy?

Now answer my question.

Did you love her?

She was a good-lookin' woman.

We'd walk down the streets of Reno and every head would turn to look at her.

She was a tough cookie, though.

And legs, girlfriend. She had legs up to her chin.

Actually, you look a lot like her.

Well, who could tell, though, with those dumb-lookin' high-water pants and army boots.

Problem was her legs were a little too long.

She sure liked the good life.

Good morning, I'm Chad Carter, and here's what's happening.

Here's Tony mosdy with news 91.

Stop it.

The search for L.A. mobster Jack Charles continues.

Oh, not again.

The search has widened to six states and personnel from over 30 local police forces as well as the e.B.I.

On the weather front, morning...

The f.B.1.?

Cool! The whole world's looking for us.

Gangster, mobster, the way these squirrel-peckered, numb nuts use the damn english language makes me wanna puke.

I gotta pull in and make a call.

Hey, dad, could you grab me somethin' to eat?

I'm starving!

Girlfriend, you ain't doin" Jack about gettin' 'em off my trail.

You're not exactly doin' Jack about doin' anything to help me either.

Okay, okay, she ain't never been to no yosemite national park, and she ain't never ate a steak.

Well, now, isn't that interesting?

I've got reimbursement sheets, and lazzaro's charged the state for two trips to yosemite this past year, and he was given money for steak dinners on Tuesdays and Saturdays for the past three years; That's another $30,000.

So now, are you gonna change your stories and get 'em off my butt or what?

He's been in there a long time.

He probably snuck out the back.

Cut it out, Kelly. He's our dad.

He took us.

He didn't take us. We took him.

I don't care. I love him.

You don't know what love is.

You'd love a dog if it licked your hand.



Who's that? A friend in New Orleans.

Ooh! Kelly's got a boyfriend.

You better not say anything, and you better not tell him I know he's goin' to New Orleans, okay?

I told you about the trips and the meat, right?

That is the information that you really needed to know!

So, you got it, go with it.

Jack, was your daughter... Abused in bigelow hall?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

You're her father.

You can ask her that.

What do you know about bein' a father in today's world?

You're a... y-y-you're, you're a scrawny little Irish chick who pushes pencils and lives alone and eats take-out and has a cat named ginger.

How'd you know that?

Y-y-you live on streets, you pick shit up.

One thing: I'm allergic to cats.

Hey, I know, I know, when I rescued these little shi...

When I rescued my kids, I rescued a girl named Dolores.

You talk to her, she'll back up everything I'm saying.

Dolores what?

How should I know? You're the... Dolores.

You're the reporter. Find it!

Uh-uh, I'm in no mood for cowboys and Indians.

Now, just put it on the counter, sir.

I don't want any trouble.

I knew that, I really did.

Here ya go.

Thank you, sir.

Now... let's do a little negotiatin'.

Here, wrap these around you.

Whoa, how much did these cost?


He robbed the guy. No, I didn't!

Kelly, just give him a break.

You're always so negative.

Lou, is that you?

Hey, listen, man, that outlaw from Los Angeles, the one that took the kids.

Yeah, he was here in my place, man.

Yeah, I'm sure it was him.

Mm [ "Time on my hands" I

2» come on give me one more dance 2 before this night is through.

2 I'd love to watch the sunrise with you dd got time on my hands.

2 got a pocketful of money 2

Kelly, wake up.

Kelly? What?

Get up, take over.

Take over what?


I can't drive, I'm a kid.

Everybody in our family can drive.

There's nothin" to it. Get out.

K-101 fm, your favorite all-night station in Santa fe.

There's the wheel, there's the brake, there's the gas, there's the road. Just don't overload.

Nighty-night, sweetheart.


Above is a summer moon \ children will be sleeping soon 2 this is cool.

2 we drink by the fire slow I'm definitely driving next.

Not a chance.

You can't do this!

Get back in the house, lady!


For god's sakes, leave her! Don't do that!

No! Don't do that!

Get in the house, lady!

She's just a little girl!

No, please!


Get in the house!

Hey, dad, we just crossed into Texas.


Hey dad, after New Orleans, we're gonna have plenty of money, right?


We're gonna have lots of... What do you know about it?

Who said anything about New Orleans?

I did.

I heard you say it back in L.A., okay?

It doesn't make one bit of difference 'cause as soon as we get there you're going back into foster.

Look, let's not fight, okay? I'm sorry.

Who's fightin'? Who's fightin'?

What kind of a way is that to talk?

He is a human being.

He is your son. Oh, shut up!

No, you shut up! You're mad at me, not him.

Kelly, look out!

[ Truck horn honking I

I didn't see him, I swear, I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I've banged up a hundred of 'em.

That's it? That's her punishment for wrecking a BMW, and I get yelled at every time I have to go to the goddarned bathroom?

Will you lay off her and be cool?

You folks all right? We're fine.

I put a call out on my cb for some help.

You did what?

1 put a call out for help on my cb.

Uh, could you please call them back and tell them not to come?


Thank you.

[ Car sputtering I Jack, it won't start.

Forget it. We're outta here.

Let's jam.

What is happenin' to my luck?

I'm sick of this.

Stupid kids.

Where is Dolores, Mrs. Carter?

It's very important that I speak with her.

Did she ever speak to you about bigelow hall?


They took her.


I don't know.

You are her aunt, aren't you, Mrs. Carter?

I'm not her aunt.

She liked to call me that, you know, but...

You see, Dolores was my foster child years ago.

And then, they took her away from me.

How come they did that?

Didn't you try to adopt her?

Yes, I did. I most certainly did.

But it's hard with kids in foster.

You know how it is.

I mean, they wanna keep them.

Once they get their hands on them, they wanna keep them forever.

It's all... it's all money to those people.

It's all money.

Car 7252 to dispatch.

We found the car stolen by the kidnapper from California, over.

This is, like, the most fun I've ever had.

Yeah, yeah.

I thought this was Texas, the land of wide open spaces.

Oh, lord. I wish I knew where I was.


Cool. Look at that.

I ain't got time for this.

I got a day and a half, and we ain't stoppin' to breathe.

Hurry up.

Stay here.

One of life's sweet moments:

When you're just about to take what you want.

In the car.

I'm going in that cave.

You ain't... get in the car or I'll kill you, kid.

The third largest in America. I'm going.

Look, look!

My life is runnin" away from me before my eyes like a cockroach up the wall and you wanna go in a cave?

Get in the...

Out of the car.

Out of the car now, out of the car now.

Go that way. Go, go, go!

The more we know about caves, the more we can tell about geological history.

And also, the more we see what nature has done and the time involved, the smaller we seem.

Awesome, dad. Can we live here?

Oh, shut up.

Silt mud and shale on the bottom of the sea.

The police are here and they want all the people back upstairs.

Folks, I'm sorry. We gotta cut it short today.

The police want us upstairs.


Come on, folks, let's move it out. Come on out, folks.

Leave very carefully and watch your step.

Watch your step, folks.

Very good, folks. Watch your step.

Watch your step, folks, be very careful and watch your step.

[ Door closes I turn on your flashlight.

Got any bright ideas, oh fearless one?

Oh, Kelly, please, not now.

1 ain't in no mood.

Move, go, go. Hurry.

Jack Charles.

We know you're down here.

Come out and you won't get hurt.

You wanna try and calm down, bill?

He's got kids with him!

Come on, guys, this way.

Where are we going?

Hurry up.

I'm hurrying.

Come on, guys.

This way.

Look, you guys, I found a door!


Come on, hurry up!

Oh, no.

Oh, yes!

I can't deal with this. I'm afraid of heights.

Come on, just follow me.

Okay, go on.

Come on, dad.

Yeah-yeah, I'm comin...

You're doing great, Jack.

Come on.

Oh, no, my flashlight.

Forget about it unless you wanna get shot in the butt.


Let's go.

They're everywhere.

There's millions of 'em!

There, there, there. Go, go.

What are we gonna do?

You guys get seasick?


Come on, come on, come on.

Go, go, go, go, go, shh, shh.

Come on, come on, come on, get up there.

I'm on it! Okay, shut up.

Whoa, ah. Mmm.

Let's see here.


We're gonna have ourselves a little Thanksgiving dinner.

Um yum-yum-yum-yum!

Good. To the good life.

To the good life.

Whatever that means.

Hey, dad, tug it with me.

No way. Somebody made that up.

Come on, dad, please?


Come on, please, just tug it with me?

Oh, I knew it, I knew it.

Yes, I won!

I can't get a break.

Doesn't mean anything. Forget it, keep eatin'.

I remember the last time we had Thanksgiving.

No, you don't. You were two years old.

Yes, I do.

You know what?

I remember one Thanksgiving...

Well, there was a Turkey, it had to be Thanksgiving.

Um, Rita and my old man were fightin' again, as usual, this time about the Turkey not bein' ready.

Rita couldn't cook anyway 'cause she was drunk on her behind.

So my old man slammed her against the wall and he says, "I'm going out to get take-out chicken."

And I know. Right then, I knew:

He's gone, he ain't never coming back.

I decided to play hero.

I run out the house, run around the house, jump in the trunk and decide to wait for him 'cause I'm gonna bust him when he tries to split.

So, I'm waitin' and nobody comes.


I'm waitin" and waitin' and still nobody comes.

I wound up havin' to stay in that trunk all night long.

I peed all over myself and I had to wait until the cops came and found me the next morning.

That's sorta depressing.

No, it ain't depressing.

Everything that's ever happened to me in my life has taught me something.

You just gotta remember to think positive.

You could use a little of that.

Eddie, go up and check and make sure we're headed east.


Yo-yo-yo-yo, wait, sit down.

Now what?


You know that bigelow place you were in?

Did anybody, you know, ever touch you?

Touch me?

Why would I ever tell you something like that?

Why don't you just stop asking me questions!

Okay, just stop pretending you're my father!

Yo, yo, yo! I told you somethin...

You-you're drunk.

I am not drunk.

Anyway, I didn't wanna know. It was this reporter that...

Look, no one ever touched me, okay?

No one touches me!

They wouldn't dare.

No one.

Kathleen Mercer.

Yo, it's me.

Jack, they caught Dolores and put her back in bigelow.

I'm gonna try to get by to see her, but they probably won't let me.

Listen, I think they abused my daughter in there, okay?

Jack, what would you say if I asked you to come back here, bring yourself, bring your kids and tell your story.

You're crazy. No, Jack, really.

I think I can cut a deal.

A deal? Deal?

I'll tell you about my last deal somebody tried to make for me.

I was lookin' at hard time.

Well, this deal is gonna be different, okay?

Hey, hey, hey, what was I doin'?

I was robbing drug dealers.

What's he doing?

[ Truck engine starts I he's still talking on the phone.

Well, make him hurry up.

Make the guy stop. Make him stop.

Dad! Dad!


I'm comin'! Hang on!

Dad, come on!

You can do it, I know you can.

Hurry up, come on!

Come on! Hurry up!

He stopped running.

Not even Jack can catch a car, Eddie.

Uh, who owns the truck with the antlers on it?

I'm telling you, man, this is the greatest watch.

Are these diamonds real?


It's just a great watch, man.

Why do you paint yourself like that?

It's just to get women.

They're good luck symbols. My mother does 'em.

All right, when we get up here, I want you to jam on his tail and stay right behind him so he don't see you, okay?

I just gotta tell ya, you look real familiar to me.

I'm real good with faces.

I mean, I know that I don't know you, but I know you, you know what I mean?

Do you do television or something?


You remind me of a guy I know on television.

Well, I don't know him... There he is, there he is.

Go, go, move it!

Get up behind him! Don't let him see you, go!

I got it! Got it!

Get behind him and stay behind him.

Okay, closer.


Okay, I got it I got it. Easy, easy.

What do you got on this boat anyway?

My kids are on that boat. Easy, easy.

Wait a minute. I know who you are.

You're the hit guy, you're the guy from California.

I know you! You're the hit guy!

I know you!

Xm [ "Shot gun boogie" I j shot gun boogie 2 all right. Give 'em hell, Jack!

Ta-da! Ha-ha! I'm back.


How could you do that to us?

You're just blabbin' away on the phone.

Are you crazy? I'm gonna tell you something.

I lived through a bar full of rednecks. I jump off a truck onto a boat, I risk my life.

Let me ask you somethin', are you perfect?

You never miss a busted appointment or nothin'?

Look at your son, just look at what you're doing to him.

What am I doin' to him? I ain't even talked to the kid.

I ain't been nice to him.

You're making him fall in love with you.

It isn't fair, Jack. You're gonna break his heart.

Stop it!

You're gonna make him go away again!

Where are we?

Let me see your map.

Where are we?

We're right there.

This is takin' a lot longer than I planned.

Well, at least we're on the right road and it feels like my luck is back.

You really believe in that luck junk, don't ya, Jack?

In my business, you better believe in somethin', sweetheart.

I believe in luck.

Only because he does.

No, I've always believed in luck.

Ever since I was a kid.

I believe in luck and I believe in mom.

You believe in mom? You believe in a dead woman?

Yo, back off. That's what believing is.

If it's starin' you right in the face, you ain't gonna believe in it.

It's about believin' in the stuff you can't see that you gotta believe in.

It was a good idea gettin' that map.

So, can I ask you somethin'?


Why ain't you ever called me dad?

[ Dishes crashing I what's happening?

Son-of-a-bitch just launched us.

Give me a hand.

Yeah, glad to.

Can you unhook that? Yeah.

Thanks, buddy. There you go.

[ Boat engine starting I what the hell...


Hey! Stop!

That's my boat!

What do you think you're doin'?

No! Stop!

Come back!

That's my boat!


Jqyou are so wonderful 2

2 a-being near you is all that I'm living for j you've shown me more kindness in little ways than I've ever known in all my days

2» tell me we'll stay together 2 djqlet me love you forever 2 j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2 oooh and you...

This is great, isn't it, dad?


Can I steer?

No, man, if I'm late, I...

Yeah, come on.

Yeah. Get over here.

Got it?

Hey, look, now look. No hands.

You ask for nothing, baby, in return.

You're really more than I deserve from my heart I mean these words j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2

2» oooh you're a wonderful one 2 j» baby you're a wonderful one 2 sweetheart you're a wonderful one 2

[ helicopter whirring I

Shut off your engine.

This is the Louisiana state police.

It's party time. Stop the boat.

You're ordered to turn around and follow us.

He's gonna kill us, dad.

Be cool, kid. They can't even land.

Stop the boat!

If you don't comply, we will open fire.


Shut off your engine immediately.

Maybe we should stop, dad?

No, don't stop! Just go faster!

What do you want to do? Get us killed?

Dad, they're gonna kill us! Turn off your engine, now!

Shut off your engine.

He's right on top of us.

Check it out! It's the news dudes!

Whooo! Yeah!

I told you to be positive.

Ain't no way they're gonna shoot us on national TV.

We're gonna be famous!

You havin' fun yet?

Hey, look what I found.

What the... put that down!

Let it go, Kelly! Drop your weapon!

Let it go! No!

You're gonna get us killed!

You're gonna get us killed, girlfriend, drop it!



We could've died.

Yeah, but you didn't... swim.

This is gettin' ridiculous.

They had guns!

We could've been killed.

Why do you have to be like this?

Why can't we be like a regular family?

Oh, shut up.

Why do you have to be like this?

Why can't you be like other people?

What do you think, I want this?

You think this was my idea? This has been one big screw up.

You're the one who took me off the Van.

You said you wanted to go home, kid.

That's when I thought you were my father!

Will you just shut up, all right?

We're gonna get caught. God!


2» whose shoulder are you gonna cry on what are you gonna do on the day 2 j when I turn my head and just walk away j now, what are you gonna say to your friends

2» when the talk around town begins 2

2 will you tell them how you treated me bad

2 will you tell them how you made me so sad j 'cause you make some people 2

2 but they just don't know you 2

2 and what they see isn't what we've got j we're happy in the public's eye j j they think you're such a wonderful guy 2 djbut they don't know...

Whoa. Okay, everybody out.

Xm [ Dixieland I come on, hurry, let's go. Thanks, man.

Which way? This way.

Come on, Eddie.

Come on.


Yo, Jerry?

What is this place?

Shut up.

Whoa, look at that.

Shhh. Jer?

Anybody home?




What are you doin'? Jack?

It's you.

Yeah, it's me, you stupid.

Ahh... I mean, you made it.


I'm here, man.

Oh, god. Oh, Jack.

You've been all over the news.

Yeah, I'm famous, I'm famous.

What are they doin' here? Haven't you dumped them yet?

I'm workin' on it.

Don't touch that!


You guys go find something to do and don't touch anything, okay?

Come on.

And I don't need grief from you, alright.

What I need is a shower and some whiskey; You got?

Aye. My man!


Collect call from Jack Charles.

Will you accept? Yes, operator, I will.

Jack! I just talked to your lawyer.

You're never gonna believe this.

We managed to make a deal for you.

You did what?

Oh, my god, that guy couldn't deal his way out of a paper bag.

You gotta understand something, I am this close to gettin' what I want.

You, you, you!

Jack, I'm sick and tired of hearing about you!

For once in your life why don't you do something for somebody else and come back here and do something about this? Something about what?

Lazzaro and this whole foster care system.

That's your job, girlfriend.

Well, I can't do it alone, Jack. I need someone to come forward.

Look, get somebody else. If I come back, it's gonna be ten years plus whatever else I've racked up on this little trip.

I need you, Jack. Yeah, I can see it now.

"Stickup man turns self in to expose foster care system."

Yeah, something like that.

What's in it for me?

Tell me this.

I don't have a life like you with medical and pension plans.

What's in it for me? Please tell me.

All right, look, they're offering you a reduced sentence.

Two years and you're out. Good behavior, 18 months.

Get out of town, girlfriend.

Jack, I know you think the system is totally...

What do you know about the system?

You live in an insulated, middle-class, little dreamworld.

You write about the system, I live the system, sweetheart.

And in case nobody's told you, the system is broken, so I can't believe you're asking me to do this.

I thought you were my friend or at least understood.

[ Groans I

[ hangs up phone I

[ woman screaming on TV I

what are you packing?

.38 snub-nosed, same as always. My baby.

Ah, that's not a gun.

Get outta my face, "that's not a gun."

This is my baby.


Whoa-ooa! Whoa-ooa!

What are you gonna do, start a war?

The automatic will get you killed.

What about those revolvers over there... the black one...

Is that a .357 with the two-inch barrel?

Let me see it.

Yeah, that's my kind of gun.

Now, nine times out of ten, the last ferry from Algiers is always empty.

So it's just us and them? Absolutely.

It's gonna be easy, right? Easy pickings.

I wanna Rob guzman.

I want a new passport.

And I wanna live the life of ease in Belize where the ladies are lovely, the beer is cold and they ain't got no extradition treaty with the U.S. of a.

That's what I want.

Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.

Yeah, I sure hope so.


[ Giggling I

yo, Eddie.

Yo, Eddie!

Yo, Eddie!

Xm [ Music on walkman I Eddie!

Xm Where is your sister?


What'd you say?

She's out.

Where'd she go?

She... she went to see her boyfriend.

Boyfriend? She ain't got no boyfriend.

Yes, she does.

That's why she wanted to come here.

Let me tell you somethin', we are hot in this town.

People know we're here.

It's very dangerous for her to be walking on the street!

Now, tell me where she went!



So, been readin' about you anyhow and I saw you on TV.


Andy? Yeah?

Back at the bigs, you were my best friend.

You were the best friend I ever had.


That was pretty weird there, wasn't it?

I saw your picture in the paper, you know?

You're in a lot of trouble.

You know, when my dad told me that he was coming to New Orleans, I made him take me with him.

I really wanted to see you.

Kelly, look...

I was only trying to be nice to you.

I mean, come on, hasn't anyone ever been nice to you before?


Oh, hey.

What are you doing here?

You want me to break his legs?

This is none of your business, okay!

This is my life, so just leave me alone!

Yes, yeah! Baby, baby.

Who you calling?


Did you get a good one? 1 sure did, absolutely.

What if the guy you're robbing has the same horoscope as you?

[ Hairspray spraying I I told you, think positive, kid.

Yeah, famous last words.

You know, I wish you weren't goin...

Well, this is who I am, this is what I do, I ain't got no other profession.

We can run around the country all we want and play little games and have funny times, but that sure as hell don't make us a family.

Yeah, well, what if you don't come back?

Bad vibes, sweetheart.

I told uncle Jerry to give you my take.

He'll keep the money and throw us to the gators.

Probably will.

Yeah, and what if uncle Jerry don't come back?


Then I guess you're on your own.

I never made you no promises.

That money ain't gonna wait, Jack.

I'll see ya.

Come on!

I'm comin...

He's not comin' back, you know?

Yeah, I know.

Let's go.

Did you get gas?

Yeah, of course.

Full tank?

That's a start.

Look, what'd I tell ya, huh?

Just sittin' waitin' for us.

It's so close I can taste it.

Well, be cool, man, 'cause it ain't over yet.

Belize, here we come.


This is it, baby.

What's that?

What? I don't hear nothin'.

Where's it coming from?

It's comin' from back there.

No, no, no, be cool, man, be cool.

Dad! Cahhi what is he doing here, huh?

Let us out of here, dad.

I gotta get them out of there. I gotta just pop the trunk, man.

Pop the trunk are you crazy? No, man, no!

They see you, it's over. I can't breathe!

They ain't gonna see me, man, just pop the trunk I gotta get...

No, a quarter million dollars, man, it's on the table.

Just keep your mind on the money, man.

I ain't blowin' nothin', I ain't blowin' nothin...

It's my deal too. No, no!

I said pop the trunk, Jerry. Do it now.

I can't leave the kid in there.

Your priorities are all screwed up, Jack.

I ain't got nothing screwed up... pop it now!

Be cool. Yeah.

Oh! That was a stupid idea.

It was your idea. Get out of the car now.

I gotta go pee. Come on, come on.

It wasn't my fault. It was Kelly's idea.

Listen to me.

What the hell is goin' on back there?

I don't know.

Something's wrong! Go, go!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, ahh!

What's going on?

This way, go, come on, let's go.

Look out!

[ Hood of car thuds I dad! [ Groans I

Ah, ahh!


Get the other guy! Get that bastard!

Hey! Come on!

Get that son of a bitch!

Come on, let's go, let's go! Get him!

Let's go.

Come on.

Get up!

Right behind you.

Let's try the topside.

All right, let's go.

Over here!

Cover me.

[Door slams open I

You wait here.

Where are you goin'?

Xm [distorted guitar I

[ uncocks gun I

Forget about it! We're docking.

Let's just get outta here.

We didn't get him though!

[ Car doors closing I what have you two done to me?

So, where's the money?

Oh, shut up.

No, no, I know those charges have been made.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wanna assure you that nothing of that sort has ever happened.

Kelly Charles was a runaway.

Her reason for running away, it's come to our attention, is that she developed an obsession for a young summer intern...

Geez, will you come on?

This lazzaro has been doing his razzle-dazzle...

I got this lazzaro dude's number, okay?

No, no, this is no joke, Jack. Let me ask you somethin', how many deals have you made for me and how many worked?

Aw, don't bring it up.

Now we've been working our chops off for this!

This is a dumb idea.

This is not a dumb idea. Jack, you're late!

Kathleen Mercer, the world-famous Jack Charles.

You're not Irish.

So I lied.

What else did you lie about?

Is this deal going down or what?

Absolutely, Jack.

As long as you tell the truth, the plain simple truth.

I always tell the truth. Let's do it girlfriend.

You better tell the truth. Just keep it straight, Jack.

[ Lazzaro I you see, this whole thing finds its origins in the fantasies of a disturbed child, the arrogance of a career criminal and a media circus ringmastered by an irresponsible reporter.

[ Door thumps open I

Jack, she's right. Just tell 'em the truth, huh.

Don't worry about it, man. Relax, I got it down.

So there I was trying to get my life straight, trying to do the right thing and put my kids someplace decent.

You know, but I always was thinkin' of the kids.

I never thought about anything else.

And then they're ripped from my arms.

So, naturally, like any good father, I was upset.

And then, like magic, they come back into my life, and we're forced to try to cram years into a few days, but we managed.

We got to go to Vegas, we got to go to hoover dam, the desert, some caves, the mighty Mississippi...

You've had your difficulties with the law, isn't that right, Mr. Charles?

Uh, madam chairman, if I may...

You may not.

Yo, yo, sit down, man. I got it under control.

I'm cool.

Uh, your hon... uh, madam, at least one of those convictions was highly questionable.

What about them? What did they do wrong?

Where's their crime?

The man kidnapped his children.

Doesn't that mean anything to anyone here?

You know, now look, I don't know anything about the other homes for kids around this city, but I do know that in bigelow hall these kids are bein' hurt.

[ Lazzaro I madam chairman, bigelow is not on trial here.

Mr. lazzaro, please.

Maybe bigelow hall should be on trial here.

Madam chairman, I've got evidence.

[ Lazzaro I what evidence?

Gleaned from disturbed children?

Look, these kids did not hurt anybody and you had 'em locked up like criminals!

Where's the justice in that? I gotta ask you that.

I mean, handcuffing 'em, abusing 'em, making money off 'em...

There were no handcuffs. There was no abuse.

What about Dolores and her baby? What about Eddie?

Have you forgotten about your friend Travis?

Whatever might have happened with my staff, happened without my consent and knowledge.

That is a lie! What about me?

You were there.

You saw it.

You just walked away.

You just walked away.

May I ask you something, sir?

What did she do that was so wrong?

Tell me, please.

Bein' a kid is not a crime, man.

You can't get punished for just bein' little.

And she could... She can be sassy.

Kids think they know everything, but they don't.


It's scary because you gotta watch 'em, man.

You gotta... You gotta talk to 'em.

Y-you gotta raise 'em.

You can't just throw 'em away because if you do, this is what you get.

Oh, please.

The man has no idea how to raise children.

Maybe I wasn't worth beans as a father and actually, maybe I probably was the worst father that ever hit the planet.

And I didn't know my kids.

And I didn't never do nothin' for 'em.

And maybe I-don't know, maybe I mean...

Maybe I should stop the excuses, huh?

It all comes down to this...

I didn't know you.

I didn't know I had a son.

I didn't know I had a daughter.

But now I do. Now I do.

I just...

I just wish that I could be your father.

This is outrageous!

He is not their father!

According to transfer form 33-11, these children still belong to me.

Leave me alone! Could we have some order here?

Get your hands off my children now!

Could we please have some order here!

You touch my kids again, I'll kill you... sorry.

I pray that when they put you away, they put you where I am 'cause we're gonna dance.

[ Door closes I

I love you, Kelly.

I love you too, daddy.


Be good to yourself, okay?


Come here, little fella.

Give me a hug.

I love you, dad.

I love you too.

Hey, hey, hey, think of it this way:

I'll get to make the license plates for your first car.

Jack? Jack!

I'm sorry.

Come on. We gotta get goin...

Hey, check in on them every once in a while?

You know I will.

I'm proud of you, Jack.

Thanks for everything.


Deal, my ass.

Oh, hey, don't start.

I did the best I could, and you know that.

W-why do I feel like I've been here before?

Because you have.

You know what? There's a difference.


Now I know where to find you?

You're a funny man.

Ah, you'll be out in no time.

Dad! What?


Jqyou are so wonderful 2

2 a-being near you is all that I'm living for j you've shown me more kindness in little ways than I've ever known in all my days

2» tell me we'll stay together 2 djqlet me love you forever 2 j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2 ooh, in you there is a rare quality

2» your love, baby it means the world to me.

For me you're always concerned and you ask nothing, baby in return you're really more than I deserve from my heart I mean these words j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2

2 ho you're a wonderful one 2 j» baby you're a wonderful one 2 sweetheart you're a wonderful one 2

2 my darling you're a wonderful one 2

2 ho you're a wonderful one 2

2» ooh you're a wonderful one 2 j» mm-mmm you're a wonderful one 2 j» baby you're a wonderful one 2 you're really more than I deserve from my heart I mean these words j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2 sometimes I'm up 2 oh, sometimes I'm down j

2 but your love you're always around words of confidence you speak to me, baby

2» then you place a tender kiss on my cheek x

2 it makes my burden a little bit lighter 2 makes my life a little bit brighter 2 j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2

2» oh you're a wonderful one 2 j» baby you're a wonderful one 2 you're really more than I deserve from my heart I mean these words j» 'cause you're a wonderful one 2 jqyou're a wonderful one 2

2» oh you're a wonderful one 2 j» baby you're a wonderful one 2

> wonderful, baby