Fathers & Daughters (2015) Script

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MAN: Potato Chip.

Potato Chip?

GIRL: I'm here!

Here I come! I'm hungry now! (GIRL SHRIEKS)

WOMAN: Go! Run, run!

I want the Potato Chip! (KATIE GIGGLES)

Guess who's home.


TRICIA: You know, I saw the way you were looking at her.

Come on, there was a room full of writers. I was just talking to her.

Oh, come on! I know the difference between talking and flirting.

I wasn't flirting. You shoudn't've had that third glass of wine.

Oh really? Yeah, listen, once you've been betrayed...

...there's no way in the world that I would ever...

Once, Tricia, once! Seven years ago.


Once is enough for me! And... (HORN BLARING)







(WEAKLY) Potato Chip...










The problem now is that now you're experiencing...

...a manic depressive psychosis brought on by the accident, the brain trauma, the loss of your wife.

What concerns me, Jake, are the seizures, because those seizures are definitely a sign of something far more serious.

And if you don't at least try treatment and give yourself a chance, you will end up with a much worse condition.

Like what?

Psychotic breaks.

I would like to strongly suggest that you consider staying at St. Francis.

I know doctors there. I really recommend you get treatment for a few weeks.

Maybe even a few months.


A mental hospital?

Come on.

I can't do that. I have a... I have a daughter to raise.

And that's exactly why you need to, because you have a daughter to raise.

Still your favorite, isn't it?




I have to go away.


Just for a little while.

How long?

I don't know, just a while.

I wanna come.

Not this time, baby.

You know... the accident's made me a little bit sick and I have to get fixed.

I need to be stronger so I can take care of you.

You do!

Not the way I need to, baby. Okay?

You're gonna go stay with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle William and your cousins ​​in West Chester.

(VOICE BREAKING) But I don't want you to go!

When I come back it'll be for good, forever.

It's gonna be fine.

Hey. Hi, sweetheart!

Jake. Hi!

Oh, I'm so happy you come to stay with us.

Say goodbye.

I have to go now. No!

I'll be back soon as I can.

You're my Potato Chip, You and nobody else, okay?

I love you so much.

Okay okay... He'll be back, sweetheart.

I love you, Katie!


Go ahead.

Please drive.

7 Months Later.

NURSE: Jake, it's time.

DOCTOR: I'm proud of you, Jake.

You need anything, you know where to find us.

Let's get you out of here.


Goodbye, Jake. Good luck.


You look good.

I guess electroshock agrees with me.

Oh, they'd better not have scrambled those wires.

You got a Nobel Prize in that head of yours.

You mark my word.

If Bellow can win it, so can you.

Thanks for the pressure. It'll be out in five minutes.


Oh, you know, I've made an effort.

Well, it hasn't been an effort, it's been a great joy for me.

I've seen her, at least once a month.

(FADING) Sometimes even more.

You're gonna be absolutely...

Gonna see Katie later?


Now you nervous?

She's my daughter. Why would I be nervous?

You want me to come with?

You really are a full-service agent.

I'm a friend.

We'll be fine.

Yeah? Yeah, thanks for picking me up there.

Thanks for the lift.

Take care!



Daddy! Potato Chip! Hey!

I missed you! I missed you! I missed you too.

I told you I'd come back and now I'm back, you see?

Well, I know. But I waited for ever. I know.

Are you here for good? For good.

For ever and ever. A big yeah.

ELIZABETH: Hey, Jake. KATIE: I love you!

Hey. Welcome back.

Love you too!

I have coffee and cake on the inside.

Do you drink coffee? Come on in.


Well, I'm glad to hear you don't drink coffee.

But you eat cake? Yes.

Okay. So let's go and have some to take.

Hey, William. Welcome back, Jake.

How's the law? Oh, always good.

And she's been doing better and better in school.

We're very proud of her.

Dottie. Yes, ma'am?

Could you please take Katie to her room?


We're just gonna have a little chat with daddy, okay?

It's okay.

Boys! Not in the house. Go up to your rooms.

What's up?

WILLIAM: Almost a year away.

Seven months.

Look, I, uh... I wanna thank you both and let you know how much I appreciate you looking after Katie. She looks terrific.

I'm indescribably grateful. Thank you.

Well, we have a safe, happy home here. JAKE: Yes.

I guess it's been quite an ajustment, like being back.

Well, I missed her terribly.


Miss Patricia? (GLASSES CLINKS)

Being back doesn't solve that.

Did you know that we were gonna have lunch the day of her funeral?

You're finally going to discuss some of the things that have been keeping us apart.

Elizabeth... And...

...there's not a day that I don't think about that, Jake.

She was my only sister and I never got the chance...

Look, Elizabeth... I...

We'd like to make a proposal, Jake, and just hear me out.

We'd like Katie stay here tonight, and you get settled.

You'll get you sea legs, so to speak.

And then, you know, in a week or whenever you're ready, then have Katie come with you.

That won't be necessary.

Well, it's no hardship for us. We'll be fine.

We enjoy having Katie here. We like having her here.

You got late.


We'd like to adopt Katie!


Elizabeth, God damn it!

Listen, I don't want the kids to hear us. Let me just...

What are you talking about?

Look, Jake, I've never been comfortable hiding our intentions.

Look, Katie is happy here. She loves Andrew and Michael.

I mean, you should see the way the three...

Katie is my daughter!

Well, yeah, of course she is. But we're very comfortable.

Staying at St. Francis for a year, I imagine you ran through most of your money.

You could see her whenever you want, and this is gonna free you up to concentrating on your...

Katie! Jake.

Come on, we're going. BOTH: Jake! Jake!

JAKE: Potato Chip.

So I thought we rehearsed this.

He killed my sister, not yours. (WILLIAM SIGHS)


Say thank you. Thank you.

Say goodbye. Bye.

Honey, I love you. Bye.

(MUSIC PLAYING) 25 Years Later.

EVAN: Hey, Katie, wait up.

What's going on? Studying.

I Can't believe you're getting a graduating degree in psychology, sitting around listening to people whine about their problems all day.

I like helping people.

You can help me.

I'm lonely as hell.

What could I possibly do to help you, Evan?

I don't know. We could go out for a date sometime.

You're a confident man, huh?

Am I? I think so.

So tell me, what do you really want?

Do you wanna date me, or do you wanna fuck me?

'cause I'm fine either way.

What happened to your confidence? (EVAN CHUCKLES)



Can I see you again?

No, man.

Why'd you do that if you don't wanna see me again?

I didn't have to time to work out today. (LAUGHS)

See you around, Evan.

Hi, Mariah. MARIAH: Hi.

You staying out of trouble? I'm trying.

All right.

A case just got transferred to us.

A 12 year old girl.

Lucy Carter.

Her father died when she was an infant. Drug overdose.

His mother was a prostitute murdered by a John almost a year ago.

Where's she living?

Foster parents' on 133rd.

She hasn't spoken a word since her mother's funeral.

She hasn't spoken for a year?

How was her speaking before?

Just normal.

Any physiological?

Not a thing.

Thought you might be interested.



Which one's your favorite?

You can just point.

I like the cat. But that's just me.

Lucy, I know you're scared.

But you're in a really safe place, okay?

And I wanna be here to help you.

I promise you that.



...don't love.

THERAPIST: But you have loved.

Yeah, a long time ago once.

So you know that you can love?

I'm... There's nothing in here. There's nothing.

It's like... It's an empty well. It's... just dry and barren.

Is that why you sleep with all these men?

No. So what is it you want?

I don't want anything. Well, you must want something, you continue to do it.


THERAPIST: So how does it make you feel?

Happy? No.


No! So what?

It makes me feel...

It makes me feel... something, because most of the time I feel nothing.

And these are men that you don't even like.


So what would you do if you met a man that you actually did like?

I don't know.

Probably make him regret the day he laid eyes on me.



How are you doing? What's your name?


Katie, I'm Brian. Nice to meet you.

You study here? I think I've seen you around before.


Awesome. What are you studying? Psychology.

No way! I got a buddy over there.. who's just shooting pools also studying psychology.

I just took an intro course once. I love that shit, it's like... pooh.

You know.


So what are you drinking? A Beer?

Can I get you a drink?

I may get you a drink.

Hey, can we get two beers, One for me, one for Katie over here?

BARTENDER: Got you. Thanks.



Three beers already, Katie. (KATIE SCOFFS)

Brian, you must be a math major.

(CHUCKLES) That's good, that's good.

So tell me Katie, what's your story?

Well, Brian, I have very self-destructive tendencies.



MAN: Hello...

TIM: William. Hey, Tim.

Thank you, sir.

Jake. William.

Scotch, neat. Right away, sir.

Elizabeth can be difficult. Nobody knows that better than I do.


Jake, it hasn't been two years since she lost her sister.

I mean, they were very close.

Tricia hated Elizabeth.

Well, sisters sometimes say things...

Out-of-controlling, selfish, judgemental.

Yeah. Okay. Right. Well, listen, we're both fairly bright guys.

Let's just be frank.

We proposed something that you've got us know you had no interest.

I'm not gonna bring that up again.

But the reason I asked you here today is...

Thank you.

Worthington called me, and they said you're planning to pull Katie out of the school.

Well, that's a mistake.

I mean, if there's a better girl's school in the country, that'd be news to me.

I simply can't afford it.

Please, that's our pleasure. You're never gonna see a bill.

I promise. It's the least we can do.

You've done enough already.

Well, the public schools are a jungle. Is that what you want for Katie?

I'll figure something out.

Well, like what? There's public and there's private.

Those are the options.

You all right?

I mean that...

You know how difficult it is to get a kid into a good private school in New York?

Everybody's rich that applies, and they're connected and underhanded.

I'll figure something out. Let me buy you a drink.

You'll not... Jake.

You'll not be raising my daughter by committing.



You like my bike?

I used to have a pink bike when I was a little girl.

Do you know how to ride?

Do you know how to ride a bike?

Do any of your friends have bikes?

If you want, one day I can take you out and teach you how to ride.

We could go out to the park one of these days.

It could be fun.

So how's it going with Lucy? She talking?

It's a process.

So she's not talking.

Look, I'm going to transfer the case to Dr. Weinberg, she's a very experienced psychologist.

I just need more time.

And I need something to put into her sixty-day report.

Look, this isn't about trying to impress the state agency that just so happens to fund us at a time of severe cutbacks.

It's about helping this little girl... who's suffered such severe trauma she can't even speak anymore, and will live an unbearably bleak life if we don't connect with her, and soon.

Now we've failed her, and we have to fix it.

We've not failed her.

Katie, you're a very bright young woman.

You're gonna be an exceptional psychologist someday.

But you need to know when to admit defeat, and move on.

Let me take her to the park, okay?

I think a different environment should just... There's no environment, as therapist.

You know we can't let you take her off grounds. But you got your week.


Katie? A week is a week!



Jake! Hi. Hey.

Ah, it is so good to see you again.

Pleased to meet you again. Yeah, of course, of course.

Why don't you come on back?

I just wanna tell you again how sorry we all are about Patricia.

That was a... It was just a big loss for our whole community.

Thank you. Yeah.

How's Katie doing?

She's fine. Yeah?

When she left Copen, she moved in with her aunt and uncle?

Yeah. Yeah?

But she's back with me now. Oh, good, good.

And, uh... I would really like her to come back to Copen.

Well, it's the middle of the year, you know.

Do you really think pulling her out of Worthington is the best thing right now?

I already did.

Oh! Uh... Gosh!

Look, Jake you know we would really love to have Katie back with us, but... we're completely full.

Always room for one more.

(SIGHS) Ah, it's just, um...

I'm sorry.

What about faculty?

What about them? The faculty get priority for admission.

Ah, yes and free to...

I will teach creative writing for seniors.

Ah, okay. Well, I don't think we're budgeted for something like that.

For a dollar a semester.

Jake, I appreciate it, I really do.

Um, the craft of short story?

We'll focus on student work, study of the masters, Twain, Hemingway, Roth and... maybe a piece I'm currently working on.

Okay, you really wanna teach creative writing to 12th graders?

I really want my daughter to go to Copen.

And you'd write recommendations for the college applications?

If any student shows, then talent them.

Talent being generously defined.

Katie can start next week.

Can you start next semester?

I can indeed.

Thank you.

Do you know what my favorite part of the day is?

What? This part, taking you to school.



I'm working.


ELIZABETH: (ON PHONE) Hi, Jake, it's Elizabeth calling.

Hey, Elizabeth.

Hi. Um...

I'm calling to invite you and Katie over for dinner.

What day would work for you?

(STAMMERING) How does Thursday sound?

Uh, no. Look, Thursday I'm on a writer's panel.

What about Saturday?

Dottie's making her meatloaf, it's Katie favorite.

Yeah? Oh, she would love that.

You know, but Saturday, you see, we're going to the park, she's gonna get really tired afterwards.

Listen Jake, stop playing games with me, all right?

Katie lived with us for a year.

The boys miss her terribly, as do William and I.

Now are you going to come to dinner or not?

I said yes.

All right then, we should set a date that works for you.


Elizabeth, look, I'm writing at the moment. Can I call you back? Thanks.


Come in.

Hey. Well, hey there.

I have a gift for you.

But that's not necessary.

You didn't think I spent the whole time in the hospital basket-living, did you?

Bitter Tulips?

Hmm. I like it.

Any good?

Best thing I've ever written.

Really? Mm-hmm. I'm sure of it.


You son of a gun!

I'm gonna get this sold by lunch.

Good, because I'm broke. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)

KATIE: I thought it'd be nice to take a break from the office.

Sit here and watch the ducks go about their day?


In my next life, I wanna come back as a duck.

You can fly, you can swim.

You can quack.

Pretty nice.

She sat there and held my hand.

She held my hand.

Where did this happen?

In my office.

But... she didn't speak? No.

So I'm transferring her to Dr. Weinberg.

We are on the verge. What does "on the verge" mean?

A week? A month? A year? What?

It means that we are making progress.

I'm sorry, Katie.

That's not fair! It's completely fair.

Now you're to inform Lucy that Tuesday's session will be your last.

And at the end of the session, Dr. Weinberg will come in and introduce herself.

We're done here.

Will you please put this back on the shelf?

Thank you.


Um... Lucy, I've had the best couple of months with you.

Oh boy! It's been such a pleasure to get to know you, and to read, and play and draw pictures.

It's been so fun that I told my friend Carla who works here, she's super nice, how much fun it's been.

And she want's to play with you too. So she's excited to meet you.

She's actually gonna come by in a couple of minutes to say, Hi.

And... next time you come here, you're gonna hang out with her, instead of me.


I wanna stay with you.


YOUNG KATIE: Daddy! Daddy!



How are you doing?

I've got some great news. What?

Daddy sold a book today.

Is that good? Is that good? Are you kidding me!

It's the greatest news in the world!

That means you can have any toy on the entire planet.

I want a bike, pink with a basket and bell, A bike! Pink! Basket! and streamers dangling from the handlebar. Those streamers, Okay!

Let's go and get that! That's what you should have!

Keep your balance. Keep your balance by looking forward.

That's it!

You're going great!

It's all you. It's all you!

Now accelerate.

Here you go!

Here you go. Keep your eyes up! Keep looking where you're going.

That's my girl!

Oh, yeah! She's got it.

She's got it!

Go, Katie!

Go faster!

Go, Katie!

That's my girl!

KATIE: (SING-ALONG) ♪ Why do birds suddenly appear ♪

♪ Every time you are near? ♪

♪ Just like me, they long to be ♪

♪ Close to you ♪ KATIE & JAKE: (SING-ALONG) ♪ Why do stars fall down from the sky ♪

♪ Every time you walk by? ♪

♪ Just like me, they long to be ♪

♪ Close to you ♪

♪ On the day that you were born the angels got together ♪

♪ And decided to create a dream come true ♪

♪ So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair ♪

♪ And golden starlight in your eyes of blue ♪


♪ That is why all the girls in town ♪

♪ Follow you all around ♪ What are you writing?

I am writing a new book.

What's it about?

It's about you.



I've called her Potato Chip for as long as I can remember.

I've no reason why I like the name.

What do you think? You like it?

Could it be about us instead?

Can it be about us? Yeah.

You know, kiddo, you are a genius!

My daughter is a genius! (KATIE GIGGLES)

Yeah, it can be about us.

♪ So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair ♪

♪ And golden starlight in your eyes of blue ♪



You know...

Normally I would never approach someone like you, but...

I heard a rumor.

What rumor?

Um... That my literary idol and your father are the same person.

I don't know if that's true.

So they lied to me?


My friends, they're liars. You're not Potato Chip?


I can't really hear you. Can we move?



What were you babbling about?

Nice. Um...

Jake Davis, he wrote my favorite book, of all time, "Fathers and Daughters".

Wow. It's a popular book?


I know. It's just been with me ever since I was a little kid.

It... literally changed my life. So...

Hi. My name's Cameron.

I'm Katie.



As in, "Kate Davis"?

You're the real Kate Davis?

How close is the book to what actually happened?

It's a lot funnier in the book.


Is this your thing? You go out, alone, no friends?

Yeah. Yeah?

Sometimes I really just... I prefer being alone.

It's a lot easier.

So what do you do?

(CHUCKLES) I'm a social worker. I work with kids with problems.

Wow. Yeah.

I like it.

So how do you get by?

I'm a freelance writer for a few newspapers and starting my first book.

What's it called?

You really wanna know? Yeah.

Uh... "Two is the Perfect Number."

Two is the Perfect Number? Yeah.

Is that a love story?

Uh... Yeah. Kind of.

This is me.

This is you. Yeah.

Wow, this is really nice!

Perfect for a Potato Chip.

Well, you're never seeing my apartment.

I'm... well, not the would... This is a... date or... anything but... uh

What are you doing tomorrow?


Well, so we can continue this conversation.

I was, you know, running.

I can run.

Would you like to join me? Yeah, I would.



Meet me up here at four.

Four? Okay.

Um... Sweet... Sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams to you too, Cameron.

Good night. KATIE: Night.

JAKE: (NARRATING) The rising moon draws the youthful eye, rising and shining, full of grace and hope.

Yes, the tulips are beautiful, for now.

Everything lives and dies, rises and falls, and loves and leaves...


You can pre-order "Bitter tulips" downstairs.

And Mr. Davis is also graciously agreed to sign copies of his previous books, which we've conveniently made available to you. Thank you.




JAKE: With a C?

With a K. Okay.




Thank you!

Make it out "To Nancy".

I need a minute.

Just a minute.

Just a minute.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Mr. Davis, are you all right?


Mr. Davis?

It's alright.


Is this how a princess dances?

Yes, it is. Exactly how a princess dances.

It's called waltz. And when you're a little bit older, I'll show you how to do it.

So if I'm a princess, Am I gonna meet a prince one day?

Yeah, absolutely.

When? When?

I don't know when. When the time is right.

What's his name gonna be?

His name is gonna be...

Prince something. (BOTH LAUGHS)

I don't know what his name's gonna be.


This guy is saying ten years from now everyone will write on computers.

The typewriter will go the way of the horse and buggy.


Jake, some of the reviews of the Tulips have come in.



A book so bad it makes you wonder if Jake Davis was really ever that good.


This is awful.

Well, you've had bad reviews before.

Yeah, but not like this. This is just... personal attack.


This is uh...


It's a...

There's got to be others, right?

He just didn't get it. No.

So incomprehensible. All that matters might as well be written in aramaic.

Or better yet not at all.


I've had better times Who wrote it?


He's just a little prick, right? Yeah.

I wouldn't do the blurb for his novella.

See? He's just getting some revenge.

Knopf's gonna cut initial run in half.

But I mean if it starts to sell what, marketing, I think they're probably gonna cut that too.

Well, if they don't support us, it's just dead in the water.

What can I... If they are not paying for ads, if they're not putting a platform, I can't do anything.

I fought like a bastard.

They do not care what you have done.

Just a bunch of bean counters.

They're just reviews.

It's just you know...

I don't care about reviews Right.

All right. I'll see you later.



(SINGSONGY) An arm, two arms...

You know... Mm-hmm?

If you don't wanna go to aunt Elizabeth's birthday, you don't have to, you know.

I know, but I wanna go.

Really? Yep.

Because we could go and do something else, like anything you want.

But daddy, I wanna go.

Really? Yep.

Is bribery gonna work? No? No.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.






I missed you so much!

Look who's here, kids!



Ah, thanks for coming.

I'm sorry. I hear about your book.

It must've been rough the way the criticism pegged down to you.

Yeah, well, you know...

I don't know why God invented cockroaches or literary critics. I'm sure he had his reasons.

Well, you know, I mean, they just hated it.

I mean, they actively hated it. How do you get passed on like that?

Well, you know, pick a cellphone, the self-affluent.

That kind of thing.

You know, have you even noticed... that you're shaking.

The last time we met, it looked to me like you were about to have a seizure.

And I... I admit, I mean I was disturbed to see you still wrestling with an impulses you can't control even after all that time in the hospital.

The book's prove, Jake.

You're not ready for the real world. You're not cut out to be a father.

You just give Katie to somebody actually can take care of her.

Tell your kid that you love her, and then you can't do what's best for her.

That's hypocrisy at the worst.


Carl, just not so much left-hand.

That's funny, man. That's funny.

You're in deep shit now.

Nice move.

You'd better mind. He's mannerless.


KATIE: Daddy, Sit here and read me a book!

Yeah, baby. I'll be right there.


Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!

Katie, your dad's here.


Sorry. The train got stuck at Park Street Station.

Somebody pulled the emergency ring. Hey.

You said you would set the alarm when you're working!

I hate being the last one picked up!

Potato Chip.


There seems to be a very grumpy child here.

Trying to take away the grumpiness one layer at a time.


Yeah, that's a little bit of grumpiness gone.

I still see some grumpiness.

Gone! It's all gone.

Here I'm a pretty good doctor.

KATIE: Okay. I'll stay with you, okay?

All right, I'm gonna give you a big push and let you go, okay?


Go! Go!

Go, Lucy!

Yes! Go, keep going, Lucy. Go!

That's my girl!

CAMERON: You wanna know what made me decide to become a writer?

Really stick to it?

Well, when I was in Kenya, one morning I woke up and jumped out of the car, to pee, and... I was face to face with a lion.


Yeah, I know, for real.

I mean, a male lion about 15 feet in front of me just staring straight at me.

I mean, he was clearly telling me that I was his.

What'd you do?

I didn't do anything. I was frozen.

I mean, I physically could not move.

You know, he stared at me for a few more moments and he just... walked right past me.

I will never forget that moment, you know.

I realized that no more plan B, no documentary, no veterinarian, no Harvard.

I just wanted to do what I always dreamed of, you know?

I wanted to write, you know?

I wanted to write as if every page I was writing on was the last page before I die.

You know? I wanna...

I wanna leave something behind.

You know? I wanna...

I wanna leave my mark, because you know what, sooner or later, in one form or another, a lion is just gonna come and get us all.

I'm so glad that he let you live.

Yeah, so am I.

So am I.

Coming to bed?


I have something for you.



What is this?

It's the original.

To Katie, My Potato Chip, who I love more than the last number.

Katie I can't accept this.

I want you to have it.

It's a good luck charm.

It's for you.

You can't catch me. Yep.

No, you can't.

I'm on this side.

Well, I bet I can go faster than you. No, no. I'm on this side.

I go faster than you.

Come on then.



Yeah! Up the bridge. Up the bridge.

Come on!

Daddy, wait!

Come on baby. (KATIE SHRIEKS)

Up the bridge.

I got it!

Right. Don't forget to round that.

We're gonna go round the turn.

Okay. Here we go.

Around the turn.

And another time.

I can't believe I have a daughter who puts ketchup on a hot dog.

You don't like ketchup?

On hamburgers, on French fries.

On a hot dog? Ridiculous.

Well, I'm my own person.

Yeah, you are.

MEN: (SINGING) Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday. Dear, Katie.

Happy birthday to you! (KATIE LAUGHS)


Thanks, guys.

Make a wish? Yeah.

Happy birthday, Katie! (CONTINUES APPLAUDING)

Happy birthday, Potato Chip. I love you.

Wow, look at those teeth.

I bet you all the other dinosaurs didn't wanna bump into this guy at dinner time.

Miss your mom?

Me too.


You know you were the great joy in light of your mom's life, just like you're the great joy in light of mine.

(CRYING) I really miss her.

Ooh, of course you do.

Of course you do.

But you know what?

Your mom is wherever you are.

She's in this room right now.

She's watching over us.

She's looking down.

She's got a big smile on her face and she's so proud.

She's so proud of you baby.

'cause she can see the intelligent, caring, beautiful little girl you are.



Are you going to die?

Not for a very very long time, when I'm an old old old man.

How old?

Well, probably about... a thousand.


Yeah. Maybe a million, if I stop eating hot dogs.


I will be such an old man, all right?

You'll have your own house and your own husband.

You'll have a whole bunch of kids.

You'll have a dog and a cat and everybody will be running around putting ketch-up on everything.


I promise.

Pinky swear?

Pinky swear.

MAN: Jake Davis?


You've been served.

I have to admit I was shocked when Bob shared your case with me.

It's unprecedented for an aunt and uncle to sue for the custody of their niece when the biological father is not only alive and well.

The famous author of The Boot.

Jake, John Wilton is the best custody lawyer in the country.

I can't tell you how happy I am he sent us your case.

Sometimes these cases more about hurt feelings than a geniune desire to obtain custody.

First step is for you to sit down with William, try and talk him out of pursuing this.

And if he refuses to drop it?

We'll file a motion to dismiss, argue the case is completely without merit.

And if that fails?

We'll kick their ass in court.


Scotch, neat.

WAITER: Right away, sir.

I'll start.

Look, I want you to know it's not a vendetta against you.

We don't blame you for what happened to Patricia and we're not retaliating because you kept Katie away from us after we took care of her for a year in your absence.

Our only concern is Katie's welfare.

And if you asked her, she tells you in a heartbeat she wants to stay with me?

Well, she's eight.

It's inadmissible in court.

It still matters.

You're a reasonable man, William.

And you're a father.

I know that in your heart you know what you're doing is wrong.

Now I admit, I was angry when I came to pick up Katie and you talked of adopting her out from under me.

And perhaps, at the party I overreacted.

Perhaps, you overreacted?

I'm truly sorry for what happened at Elizabeth's party.

You provoked me, but that still doesn't justify my action.

And I would welcome you and Elizabeth being more involved in Katie's life.

Jake, I...

Hey, I didn't file the lawsuit as a bargaining chip.

You know my lawyer John Wilton.

He's a great attorney.

He's not cheap.

He tells me you don't have a shot.

He tells me they'll never separate a daughter from her sole biological parent.

You know you're gonna lose, why do this?

You spent a year in a mental institution which did nothing to relieve you of your psychotic breaks.

3 dozen people witnessed you attack me in my home at a birthday party

'cause I didn't like your last book.

You gave testimony to the Connecticut state police that you were having a heated argument and speeding at the time of your wife's death and while they didn't charge you with reckless endangerment that is how it's gonna appear to the custody judge.

Your last book tanked, critically and commercially, putting into doubt whether or not you can even provide for Katie.

And I've got a feeling you're running out of money.

But I'll know soon enough when I subpoena you for national records.

I got more money than God.

If we lose, we'll appeal.

If we lose the appeal, we'll appeal that.

How are you positioned to handle a prolonged legal battle?

You are a very good lawyer, William.

I'm trying to be a very good uncle.

No, what you're trying to do?

Is you're trying to separate a little girl who's already suffering deeply from the loss of her mother, away from the father she loves and who loves her.

That is what you're trying to do.

I would hope there's a special place in hell for somebody who would do that.


That did not actually happen!

No, impossible. Yes, it did.

Really? Yes.


We need a drink. Okay.

You want another one? Yeah? Yes, please.

Okay. I'll be...

(LAUGHS) I'll be back.

JOHN: Hey.


How you doing?


You look beautiful.


You don't remember me, do you?

Yes, I do.

What's my name?

Um... It's John.

We met at Walker's Pub, like a year ago, you remember that? We had drinks.


Do you still have that place with that incredible view of the park?

I do.

Really? Yes, same place. let's go there, tonight.

Okay. You see, actually, I gotta tell you someone is sitting there and I need you to...

You had fun, didn't you?

Listen, can you go?

I mean, 'cause he's gonna be right back, and...

All right. You're like one of those girls who just into the one night thing.

Right? Is that you?

Can you go, please?

Well, I just... I don't give a shit. I can pay you for it.

All right. Here, I'll help you. You want a hundred?

Come on, thanks.

Thanks a lot. Thanks, man.

You know what, you're a bitch.

Here you go. Just take that with you.

You take that, bitch.

CAMERON: What's going on?

She's a one night kind of girl.

And tonight's your night, so enjoy.

'Cause I did.

Who's this guy?

JOHN: You know I banged you on your kitchen floor, you could at least remember my goddamn name.

You want a hundred?

Get out of here!

Get your hands off me.

Get out of here! Get your...

Get out!

You ever hear you thought you were getting potato chip and you wind up with some cheap piece of ass.

Hey, stop that.


Kate, the woman I'm crazy about isn't Potato Chip, it's you Katie.

Okay? You.


There are ways that I came up to help me cope with my situation in life that I know aren't healthy.

I know they're not good for me.

(STAMMERING) but, it helped me fill this void.

And you know what? I'm like pretty shamed of...

CAMERON: Hey, Kate, come here.

It... It's not....

Come here, okay?

Hey, all that is just behind you now, alright?


These cupcakes are really something.

I'm really ridiculous.

I'm trying to feel sick but it's worth it.

(CHUCKLES) It's so worth it.


Hey, um...

So it's my mom's birthday this week, and my dad is throwing her a dinner Saturday night up in Greenwich.

You wanna go?



Only if you want to.

It'll be fun.



Oh, wow, we should've left earlier.

Excuse me.

Come on, we're gonna miss the train.

What's wrong?

Hey, what's wrong?


Uh... I'm not ready.

Hey, it's just my parents, okay?

And a few good friends, most of whom aren't horrible, just rich and boring, all right?

My parents, they're gonna love you, I promise, they'll eat you up.

Come on. Come on.

I can't.


Katie! I'm sorry.

Hey, Katie!


Hey, watch out!



TAXI DRIVER: Where you headed?

Uh... Brooklyn, please.

What the hell are you doing?

Hey. I'm sorry.

I don't know what happened.

You got a PhD in psychology.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means it's pretty obvious what happened.

You chickened out.

What? It's because you...

What, you thought that my parents weren't gonna like you?

Or you thought my parents are gonna like you too much didn't you?

What? You'd be even deeper than you are now, is that it?

How deeper am I in?

I don't know.

I don't know, Katie. I don't know what we're doing here.

I'll tell you something.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of...


I'm just... I'm tired of trying to figure out what this is, what we're doing.

What are we doing?

Look, if this is just hanging out and that's all it is, then that's fine, because you know what, it makes me happy.

Will you please look at me when I'm talking to you?


Hey, Katie!

Oh, I'm sorry.



My God!

Hey! Kate...








Talk to me.

This is not hanging out.

Good! Good!

'Cause everything I just said back there was a lie.


I don't know how to do this.

Do what?

Be the girlfriend.

It's all right.

It's all right.



Jake, John Wilton. How are you?

You tell me.

The motion to dismiss was denied. I'm sorry.

Now this doesn't mean that the judge is taking their side or even that he feels they have a particularly strong case.

It just means he believes there's enough there to bring into trial.

It's a setback, but they still have a high burden of proof to establish.

Listen, this is a highly unusual case, sorting through the relevant case law's gonna be a major undertaking.

I'm gonna have to ask you for a $25,000 retainer to start.


Jake. Hello?

I'll have to call you back.

You understand that the interest rates on your second mortgage will be

3,75% higher than your original load.

I went broke two ways, gradually.

And then suddenly...

What was that? The Sun also Rises?

It's a good writing, yeah.

The thing about writing, you know, you hit a line of truth, if you can do that.

Should we be concerned about your ability to pay 2 mortgages?


Well, you just take my house anyway, right?


Hey, come on.

We're a little bit late.

Goodbye, have a great day. Okay.

Love you Potato Chip.

Love you too. Okay.

Oh wait, my lunch.

Sorry, here.

Okay, yes.

Bye. Bye, daddy.




Hey daddy. Hey.

Hey, you should be in school.

School just got out.



Well, lucky I was here all day. (LAUGHING)

Dad, you haven't eaten anything.


You know what Julie said to me today?

She said that when we're older, we're all going to...

Kate, I got to concentrate. Why don't you get ready for bed?

Is there a book tonight?

Not tonight, no.


Because daddy's working baby.

You're always working.

Ah, you'll just have to get used to it for a while.

Well, Julie's dad reads 2 books at a night.

Well, you got ripped off in the parent department, what can I tell you?


Damn it!

Hey, you know why I'm working?

For you.

'Cause we need money for lawyers, money for food, money for clothes, the school, give a roof over our head, because we live in the United States of Money!

Art, friendship, love, none of that matters, only money!



You got any money Potato Chip?

You got like 60 grand stashed in your piggy bank? 'Cause that'd be great.

Hey, you.

Come on, get out.

Come on.

You know, you are gonna have to change your hiding place if you don't wanna get found so easily.



I'm doing the best I can. I swear to God.

I love you daddy.

I love you too.

What do you think about when you think about your mom?

It's just me.


Scared, why?

I miss her so much.

And I'm so...

KATIE: Mad at her for dying?

CAMERON: I love you Katie.

I love you like I never loved anyone else.

You know, not everyone that loves you is going to leave you.

I know that here, but I don't know it here.

You should go and find some uncomplicated girl to love and stop wasting it on me Oh.

I like wasting it on you.




You okay?


You sure? Yeah.

Okay, I'm gonna wash up.



What is this?

What is this?

Katie, what is this?

Why would... Why would you do this?


You wanna, you wanna... how is that... with this?

Hey, hey here, you're out. You're out, you're out!

I don't want out.

I don't want out. Get off.

Listen to me, please.

I don't know why I did that.

I... Please just listen to me.

Get off of me.

But... Cameron, please just look at me, please!

Please, please, just look at me.


I don't know why I did that.



Just give me a second to explain myself please.

Please I'm so scared.

Of what Katie?

Of what? What are you so afraid of?


Tell me what?

Of us!

You know what, I'm really trying to understand you.

Kate, I'm really trying to give you all of my love, but you know I can't, I can't do this anymore, okay?

Stop, just stop.

Please, Cameron.



Wait, please.

What did you think would happen Kate?

What? Huh?

Listen, I don't know how to do this. What? What?


Do what? Do what?!

I'm sorry I made a mistake You made a mistake?

You let some guy come between your legs!

This's not a mistake, Kate!

All right? We're done!

We're done, stop, God!






Oh, no.


You should come back with me and Janine.


I'd like that.

(JANINE LAUGHING) Cool. Let's go.

MAN: Are you coming?

I'm coming.


Are you coming?


Oh, okay.


I miss you.

Can you call me a cab?



What're you doing up?

It's morning.

It's morning?

Could you read me just one book?

Why don't I read you all of them?


You wanted to see me?


We have some...

We have some great news.

Lucy's leaving foster care.

She's been adopted.

Oh my god!

By a loving stable family in Queens.

They have two other children, it's a perfect fit.


Takes over an hour's subway to get here.




You can't see her anymore.


She'll continue therapy with a social worker who helps integrate her into her new community.

She needs a clean break from us.

You've done great work with her.

Honey, we're all very proud.

But, she can't start her new life holding on to you.

This is standard procedure.

There's got to be a way...

This isn't like taking Lucy to the park.

There's no way for me to fudge this. I'm sorry.

Hey, this is great news.

This is what we hope and pray for.

(SIGHS) We have enough a lot to talk about huh?

New family.

New school.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I promise.


I don't remember my mother much, but...

I love, love, love, my father.

He was a writer.

He was actually quite famous.

He wasn't so, uh... mentally, but he stayed up all night every night, finishing one last book.

That book was about me.

But really it was about life, and how he never gave up on me.

It was his way of... telling me how much he loved me.

And goodbye.

That's what this book is really about. It's... never ever give up.

Life's gonna be really challenging and unfair, and sometimes painful.

I mean, you've been through a lot already, but we can never give up or stop moving forward or looking ahead, no matter how hard the experiences that we've been through are.

All I can do is tell you that.

I love you.

And goodbye.

I love you too.

(VOICE BREAKING) You be good, okay?

You have great things in front of you.

I will.

I promise.

Congratulations, Jake.

What for?

You're gonna be an uncle again.

It seems your brother-in-law William has been having an affair with his secretary.

Who's only 24.

And she's pregnant.

And she's keeping it.

Elizabeth's filing for divorce.

They dropped the suit.


Fathers and Daughters.

How do you write a novel in three months? Usually takes you years.

Is it any good?

No idea.

That's what you said to me when you brought me Living the Dance.

I brought you what?

When you brought me Living the Dance, the book you won the Pulitzer prize for.

Oh, God!




Do you wanna say something to your father?

You're my Potato Chip.

You and no one else.

Hi, sweetheart.




Hey. Hi.

I miss you.

And I love you.

God I love you so much.

I should've said it a million times.

Yeah, I really should've.

I was so afraid of you leaving me.

And I know we both know that I'm not easy.

I know I'm not.


You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

And you know what, I can't...

I don't wanna live without you.

WOMAN: Cameron, I can go.

It's my friend.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.




It is a great honor to accept this Pulitzer on behalf of my client, the late Jake Davis.

That Fathers and Daughters has won every major literary award and been perched to top the best sellers' list for a year is every agent's dream.

That I never got to buy Jake a drink and slap him on the back is my own personal nightmare.

Katie, I think you're the only person in the world who will miss him more than I will.

Thank you. Thank you. (CROWD APPLAUDING)


ELIZABETH: I've had a hard life.

I suppose I was hard right back.

I'm a grown woman who's never known love.

Isn't that something?

My parents were just the same, my mother was a terribly mean woman.

And my father, someone we saw at the occasional Sunday dinner.

You know Katie.


...they can survive without love.

but not us women.

Come here.

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