Faultline (2004) Script

(dramatic orchestral music)

(reggae jazz music)

(ominous orchestral music)



Excuse me.




No no, not now, Greg, no, I'm late, I'm late.

I'm a couple of hours out.

You got a couple of hours.

Somebody help me please!

Help me, help me please.

Help me.

(dark electronic music)


[Woman On Phone] No, I'm serious.

Look, is this some kind of joke?

[Woman On Phone] No it's a body, we need the police right away.

I'm on my way.

Where are you rushing off to?

Got a call from the beach.

They found a dead body.

Not another tourist, that's all we need.




I'll call you as soon as I get there.

Hey Kevin.

Hey Lynn, I thought you were going out of town.

Working on it.

How's the basement coming?

Oh you mean our crocodile hunter friends' subterranean tunnels?

Be nice.

I just don't see the point.

It keeps the maintenance work out of sight, Frank does it at all his theme parks.

Well great, maybe we should build a roller coaster around the ninth hole while we're at it.

I am just the architect.

But speaking of the golf course, what does the demolition crew say about the warehouse?

Well, they said they'd knock it down in about two weeks.

Frank's not gonna like that, why are they so far behind?

Those warehouses are supposed to be the fairway.

[Man] Hey!

I'll work on it.

I'm gonna make some photocopies.

I'll catch you later.


(dark electronic music)

[Man] I thought you were going to call me?

I'm sorry, I got caught up.

There's so much going on.

Well I enjoyed our dinner.

I was hoping we could do it again.



No one's going to notice with all this racket going on.

It was just a business dinner.

Was it?

I'm married.

You're separated.

You already filed for divorce.

Nothing's been signed.

Well I don't see a ring on your finger.


I can't, it's my son's birthday.

Let Anthony take him.

Anthony, he's lucky if he remembers what day of the week it is.

(horn honking)

Speak of the devil.

Can we talk about this later?

Lynn, hey.


Where's Ben?

My mother already picked him up.

They're probably halfway to Orlando by now.

I thought you were leaving tonight.

She left early.

My mother took Ben with her when you didn't show.

What are you talking about?

I'm 15 minutes late.


You said you were gonna make this work.

I did, I am, here I am.

All he wanted was to have lunch with his father for his birthday.

So you didn't take him along the other night when you had dinner with your boss?

How did you know about that?

It's a small island, Lynn.

It was a business dinner, that's all.

Now if you don't mind, I have to go back to work.

Yeah well, so do I.

But here I am making an effort.

Every day, I wake him up, I dress him, I feed him breakfast and then I take him to school.

[Anthony] You knew what the deal was.

And then after work, I play with him a little, I feed him dinner, and then I put him to bed.

Lynn, they need you on the patio.

But don't worry, I'll let him know you made an effort.

That went well.

He drives me absolutely insane.

It's just that he's late, again.

Which is why I left him, he drives me insane.

Lynn, you know the building code requires that these be GFCI outlets.

Can I have the phone?

The inspector will be here tomorrow.

I'm calling the electrician right now.

Well it's important that we show them.

Don't worry Frank, it'll be taken care of.

What does it take to get a signal on this island?

That reminds me, I've got to talk to someone about getting a tower out here.


So you'll make sure you have this all done.


Oh, and tell him to install the new circuits before you leave.

I can't.

Lynn, the inspector.

I understand, but--

Do you know what kind of strings I had to pull to get him to come out here before the weekend?

This could hold everything up.

I told you, I'm taking my son to Disney World for his birthday.

We made these reservations months ago.

Push it back.

It's four hours away.

Lynn, you're the architect, I need you here.


I'll be in the office.

All right everybody, back up please.

Back up, go ahead and sit down, and back up.

Please give us some space, we've got this all under control.

Thank you.

So what happened?

Girl came running out of the water, screaming about her boyfriend.

I've been around the water all my life, and I've never seen anything like that.

Ma'am, what's your name?

I'm Donna.

Hi Donna.

I was wondering if you could tell me how this happened?

My boyfriend and I were snorkeling up over the reef, we were there, and all of a sudden there was this smoke, and it came up and it started to get hot.

I could feel it getting hot.

Rob tried to get away but he couldn't.


What in the hell caused that?

I don't know, you got me.

(workers talking)

Hey Allison.

It's about time.

Nice to see you, too.

And you wouldn't be seeing me at all, if you did it right the first time.

Hey Allison, you know I was thinking maybe after work--

I have plans.

I didn't say what day.


The least you could do is let me specify which day.

You know I'm going away to college up north in a couple of months.

I'm gonna be stuck here like the rest of the town, isn't that it?

You think that's all I'm good for?

Helping the old man wire hotel rooms?

That's not what I meant.

Don't worry about it.

It's cool.

I understand.

After you.

(phone ringing)

Pajaro Island Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Larson speaking.

Dad, you have to sound so formal?

Hey, what's wrong?

Anthony didn't show.

Oh sweetie.

Well, are you leaving soon?

Traffic's gonna be rough on that turnpike.

I'm gonna have to work late.

[Sheriff] Oh no, not again.

Seems like there's always something around here.

Why don't you come with me?

I'm sure mom wouldn't mind.

Sweetie, she still hasn't forgiven me for moving to this island.

Well, if you change your mind I'll be off work by six.

Dad, I gotta go, my battery's dying.

You know one of these days you're gonna remember to charge that thing.

I will, I will.

I'll see you soon.

I love you baby.

Have a good time.

I love you too dad.

(ground rumbling)



You gotta look at this.

Not now.

You gotta look at this.


Look at those peaks.

That's 2.2 on the Richter scale.

2.2, please, my Uncle Harry gets more than that getting out of bed in the morning.

Those tremors are moving up the coast, through faults to a single point conversion.

I think they're foreshocks.

Get in, come on.

(Jeep starting)

When did this start happening?

It was before you left.

There, GFCI.

Thank you for coming on such short notice.

No problem.

Ali, wait.

You gotta be fast to catch up with her.


Come on, let's go process your invoice back in my office.

(soft orchestral music)

(phone ringing)

There's no answer.


What about the Sheriff?


Yeah, call him.

(phone ringing)

Anthony, you've got a lot of nerve, missing your own son's birthday lunch.

Do you realize how much stress you're causing my daughter?

Do you have any idea?

It's for you.

Hey Carl listen.

No, you listen.

Lynn has worked her butt off for everything that she's got, and she doesn't need you coming around to make things harder for her.

Why don't you just leave her alone?

Carl, listen.

This conversation is over.

He's real charmer.


Coming together quickly.

Not quick enough.

Have you seen the golf course?

It's a giant mine field.

Still rushing for the summer season?

Come hell or high water.

That's tough for the water.

(ground rumbling)

(people screaming)


(people shouting)

Hurry up, hurry up.


Get out of the water!

Get out!

Come on.

Look out!

Go back to your homes.

Everybody calm down.

Try to stay calm.

We gotta get out of here.

Which way?

This way.

Come on.

Hold on.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Just stay calm, no sudden movements.

I'm calm, I'm calm.

Hold on, hold on.

Hold on, I've got an idea.

I'm gonna put this thing in reverse.

But on three I need you to lean back.


Hold on.

One, two, and three!

[Man] Get it off me.

All right, we're gonna get this thing off you.

I need a lever, quick.

Get me that pipe over there.


Grab his arms.

Now, on three, we all pull.

One, two, three.

You two gonna be okay?


Donny, where are you?

Everyone go back to your homes, and check up on your families, all right?

We'll be okay, we're gonna get some help.

Sir, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

All right, what hotel are you at?

I don't know.

Well, walk safely.

Everybody go back to your homes, check up on your families.


Will? Will are you there?

I'm here.

Are you all right?

Yeah yeah, I'm okay.

All right, I've got chaos.

Listen, after you've secured things there, I want you to check out the chemical plant and make sure everything's okay.

[Will] You think there might be a problem over there?

I just want to be sure.

[Will] I got you, over and out.

I gotta go.

What are you doing here?

Have you talked to Lynn?

Phone's out, why?

The epicenter, it's out at the resort.




Can anybody hear me?

(soft piano music)

Farell? Farell listen, it's Carl.

We're gonna need some help on the mainland.

Ambulances, fire trucks.


How badly?

How long will it take?

All right, keep me posted.

Damn, the bridge is out.

Hell, we're cut off.


Hello, can anybody hear me?



They say when you have an earthquake, you're supposed to stand in a doorframe.


It fell over on me.

Where the hell are we anyway?

The basement.

These utility tunnels run all through the property.

[Woman] Help!



Allison? Allison, where are you?

Over here.

Allison, hold tight.

Hang in there, sweetie.

We're here now.


[Harland] Ow!

[Lynn] Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

We need some light.

Hold on.

Hey are you okay?

Come on.

[Allison] I'm okay.

Thank God you found me Lynn.


I'm trying.

God, does anyone charge anything around here?

All right sweetie, hang in there.

Okay Allison, we're gonna get you out of here.

I'm so worried about you.

I came down here, 'cause it thought it would be safe.

Everything was falling.

I was so scared.

I know, look, are you okay?

Do you think you can stand up?

My kit, my kit, anyone see my kit?



Shit, is that all of it?


Can you make it?


I can try.

[Lynn] All right, come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

Good God.

I've never seen anything like this.

It's bad.

This has got to be an 11 on the Mercalli scale.

Mercalli scale?

It's a rating system for destruction.

If this is an 11, what's a 12?

Total destruction.

Excuse me.

Have you seen my daughter, Lynn McAllister?

No, man.


Where's Lynn?

She was going over to the patio with Mister Martell, the last time I saw her.

(siren sounding)

Be careful.

So how long have you two known each other?

Be careful.

We just went to school together.

There's someone else there.

[Lynn] What, what?



Hello, it's Frank.

Oh Frank, thank God.

Get that bloody light out of my face, dammit.

Oh Lynn.

Are you okay?

I'm glad you're all right.

This is it, huh?

Just the four of us?

I haven't seen anyone else yet.

Well, I guess the exit should be this way.

No, the exit's blocked, we have to try another way out.

(ominous orchestral music)


Have you seen my daughter, Lynn?

Pretty blonde girl, the architect?

Sheriff, this is Will, I'm out at the chemical plant.

Sheriff, are you there?

Do you copy, Sheriff?


Copy, Will.

It's bad, we've got flames inside.

I think you should get out here.

Will, I'm handling a situation at Tierra del Sol, I have to stay here.

Call Randy.

Randy? In that old truck?

Will, it's the best we've got.

Just get over there.

Roger, over.

I don't understand it.

Where we reinforced this foundation, we used plenty of rebar.

I mean, see those steel reinforcements there?

They should have absorbed the shock.

Hey, don't you think we should be trying to find a way out of here?

Whoa whoa wait, wait wait wait!

This structure is incredibly unstable.

My point is, I don't think we should just go poking around in here.

We haven't the faintest clue of what we're doing.

Excuse me?

Well, you're liable to cave the bloody roof in on us.

I designed these tunnels, remember?

Well stop,

listen, nobody touch anything.

Oh no. (ground rumbling)

Not again!

It was just an aftershock.

How many are there gonna be?

I've no idea.

Where's my phone?

Anyone get a signal?

You're not gonna get much of anything down here.

Well there should be some radios in the storage room.

How far do these tunnels go, anyway?

Past the warehouses to the old plant.

You got supplies?

The tunnel's full of everything we're going to need.

We designed it so the workers could stay down here, instead of running upstairs all the time.

Out of sight, out of mind, eh?


So, Professor, since when do earthquakes happen in Florida?

Look, fault lines run across the entire United States, even on the east coast.

It's rare but--

You know one of the biggest earthquakes in history happened in the Caribbean, in Jamaica.

[Sheriff] Jamaica?

Yeah, Port Royale.

Once it was the biggest city on the island, until June 7th, 1692.

66% of the city was submerged.

2000 people were killed instantly.

Now it's nothing more than a tiny fishing village.

Well that's it.

We searched the whole perimeter, and she's not out here.

Carl, where are you going?

Well if she's not out here, she must be in there.

Carl, wait please.

Greg, I want you to go back to the office, call Doctor Winslow at the USGS--

USG, we don't have time.

Carl, please, we are gonna get Lynn out.

We just have to, go get my equipment, bring it back here, we need to establish an urban search and rescue unit ASAP.

Carl, I want you to round up a bunch of volunteers.

I need overhead lift equipment, and I need dogs, preferably bloodhounds.

Overhead what?

Cranes, something to lift the debris off.

Dogs, crane.

Right, and a doctor.

What about a doctor?

He's on vacation in the keys.

Anybody else?

Doctor Saul, but he's a veterinarian.

I don't care, get him down here.

If he can do a suture, we need him.

(ominous orchestral music)

I was sitting down to dinner when it hit.

I spent a half hour looking for my cat.

Whoa, that's a hot one!

Remember that fire down at the marina?

Now that was a fire.

Would you mind Randy?

Please, come on.

I lost 15 boats on that one, you know one of them was mine.

[Man] I've got sound and rolling.

Sources at the USGS are saying today's quake measured eight on the Richter scale, making it one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit Florida in history.

Relief efforts are now being centered here at this construction site, as word gets out that several people may still be trapped inside.

All the press has arrived.

Who, Pajaro Public Access?

Cute, what about other missing people?

What did you find out?

I asked around.

Apparently there's some others, a couple of welders, Lynn's assistant, an electrician, the developer.


Hope something sharp falls in his head.

Friend of yours?


This is ridiculous, what is taking so long?

Why aren't we going in there?

Carl, we have to be careful.

My daughter is in there, and all we're doing is studying blueprints.

We have to be prepared.

That takes time, time we don't have.

I've been Sheriff on this island for 15 years, I think I know something about emergency response.

Every second that you waste, pouring over your precious diagrams and schematics, lessens our chance of pulling them out alive.

Is that a fact?

I say we get that crane over there, and start lifting.

You know what happens when you try a vertical rescue on a partial collapse?

You threaten the voids that are keeping those people alive in there.

Threatens doesn't mean it will.

You gotta think of that foundation like a house of cards.

In between each card is empty space.

In that empty space is where those people are, that's what's keeping them alive.

You pull the wrong card--

The house collapses.

Thank you.

We're not talking about bricks and mortar here, we're talking about lives.

Your daughter, my wife.

Please Carl, we're gonna get them out of there.

Look at that.

We spent a fortune on reinforcements, electrical foundation, rebar, everything I could do.


Especially after what Anthony said.


Never mind.

What did he say?

Come on Lynn, I mean what was I supposed to think?

I mean he is the town--


Earthquakes in Florida? Please.

Wait a minute, you mean you knew?

Knew what?

That there was a fault running across the island?

So what?

I have a resort in Catalina, I have two in San Francisco.

You don't think I know what I'm doing?

Maybe if you'd done a little bit more doing, we wouldn't be stuck.

[Frank] I did what was necessary.

You did the bare minimum.

I did what was necessary.

Hey, you want to save some batteries over there?

It's gonna be difficult to get out of here in the pitch black.

(dark orchestral music)

This is Sheriff Larson, if there's anyone in there, anyone can here me, please respond.

Hey, did I hear that something's going on over at the chemical plant?

A small fire, but I think Will and Randy have it covered.

Wait a minute, I thought that that plant was shut down.

It was, Frank thought that the plant would hurt his resort business, so 50 islanders were put into the job, because some international developer decides he wants to swoop in and make a buck.

You think it still poses a threat?

Hard to say, but we're taking precautions.

Look, I know, but I've seen Randy's truck.

That thing is an antique.

It's the best we've got.

Look, you remember that plant fire up in Tallahassee last year?

That blast blew out windows up to 10 miles away.

This plant is at least twice as big.

The bridge is out, help is hours away by ferry.

What do you suggest I do?


What? People are trying to get their homes together.

Just Rossin Hill, you've got to give that plant at least a two-mile radius.

Oh man.

Carl, better safe than sorry.

Will, do you copy?


See I told this was a room.

Does it have a radio and walkie-talkies, cell phones?


This is Sheriff Larson.

If anyone can here this, if anyone is in there, please respond.

Carl, we don't even know if they have a radio in there.



Don't you guys ever recharge?

One of them has to work.

This is Larson.

If anyone can hear this, if anyone is in there, please please respond.

Dad, Dad is that you?

It's Lynn!

We're in the basement.

Say again, you're breaking up.

[Lynn] We're in the basement.

They're in the basement.

How many are you?

Four, we have a diabetic, and we're gonna need medication.

What was that?

We have (static) with us.

Sorry sweetie, is breaking up badly.

Just stay where you are, sit tight, because we're coming to get you, baby.

Thank God.

Here it is.

The basement.

Isn't there access tunnels running all over this place?

Yeah, that's right, that's right.

What this over here?

That's the chemical plant.

The chem--, one of the tunnels leads to the chemical plant?

Frank was tearing them down.

That can't be the other way out of the tunnels.

It isn't, there's an access shaft somewhere around the warehouses.

The old food warehouse.

No no no no, that's too far.

We gotta go in the front.

So, we just gonna wait here?

Yeah, don't worry honey, they're coming for us now.

I hope so, I'm starving.

You want to get something to eat when we get out of here?

We'll see.

[Frank] Don't you ever sit down?

You make me nervous.

I don't like tight spaces.

Yeah, well I don't like you pacing around.

Just trying to work off energy.

Harland, just relax.

I can't stand this waiting, I say we get out of here.

Didn't you hear the key, we're going to be rescued.

Yeah I heard, I also heard the aftershock.

How many of those is it gonna take before the roof collapses, huh?

The roof is not gonna collapse.

How do you know that?

Because you built it?

Damn straight.

Well that didn't help with the rest of your little resort, did it?

You son of a bitch!

You can't face up to your own mistakes, can you?

Hey, knock it off, both of you.

We're not getting anywhere by fighting.

Now maybe Harland's right, maybe we should try to get out of here.

And how exactly are you planning to achieve that?

The warehouse.

That's half a mile from here.

What's the matter, out of shape?

Well do you think I'm gonna climb through half a mile of that crap in the dark?

I can try to wire the emergency lights.

[Frank] I'm staying right here.

Lynn, I don't know if I can make it.

Look, anything down here could potentially become a hazard.

All right, the best thing is to sit tight, and wait for the professionals to get here.

I'm staying right here.

Do you really think you can do this?

[Harland] Easy.


(tense orchestral music)

Is there a stairway that's open?

There's a set in front of the building that's not blocked too badly, but--

But what?

If they're in the tunnels, they're on the opposite side.

And Harland said, let there be light.


Brandon, one of our welders.

Let's get out of here.

We can't just leave him here.

Why? You want to carry him out?

You are a jerk.

Ah, for cryin' out loud.

There's nothing wrong with a little respect.

Ah please?

Come on, come on.

I'm staying.

We'll send someone for you.

(ground rumbling)


Greg, you know you don't have to do this, right?

But I can't let you have all the fun, can I?

Kev? Yeah.

I want you to guide us through.

You got it.

So, how much experience do you have with this anyway?

Rescue? Yeah.


Could you tighten up my harness?

(ominous orchestral music)

What is this?

It's a sinkhole, the island's full of them.

All we have to do is cross it.

Is that all?

(tense orchestral music)

I, I can't do this.

Remember when you did the balance beam in gym class?

You got a perfect score.

Yeah, but that was in the fourth grade.

I can't do this.

You can do this.

Come on.

(tense orchestral music)

A local professor and one of his students are currently attempting to enter the site, in hopes of rescuing some of the people trapped inside.

Apparently survivors fled to an underground tunnel system when the earthquake hit.

It's currently unknown how many survivors rescuers are hoping to locate.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Hey, I can see the stairs from here, they look pretty clear.

Give me about 30 seconds, I can make it down there.

When you get to the bottom, you'll see a hallway that'll lead to the basement.

[Anthony] Roger that.

(ground rumbling) (screaming)

(suspenseful orchestral music)




Can you see anything?

Yeah, I see him.

(screaming) You all right?

No, I'm not bloody all right.

He's all right.

Hold on, I'm coming.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

I climbed the rock wall at the gym once.

This is a little different.

Hold on Frank, I'm on my way.

(Frank anguishing)

[Anthony] We're almost there.


Be careful.

So do you think this is gonna work?

The professor thinks so.

You all right?

(ominous orchestral music)

All right, it's not much further.

Hold on.

(Frank crying)

Give me that handkerchief to wrap it.

(ground rumbling)

Oh my God.

Aftershock, hold on.

(Frank yelling in pain)





Give me your hand.

I'm getting them out of there.




(dark orchestral music)

You were right.

The rock wall at the gym is easier.

Come on, Frank.

Give us your hand.

(Frank yelling)

So, what's next?

There's gotta be another way.

We could try it again.

We could dig another hole.

Have you been listening to me?

Tony, we've got to do something.

You don't get it, do you Carl?

He's dead.

All right?

Greg my student, he is dead.

Look, I want to get Lynn out of there just as bad as you do, but we don't even know if she's still alive.

Look, I can see it in your face Carl.

I've known how you felt about me since the minute I married your daughter.

Not mature enough, not responsible enough, not good enough, not for you.

I'm gonna tell you something, and you'd better listen to me.

The day that I walked my daughter down that aisle to marry you, was the happiest day of her life.

That smile, that look of enthusiasm in her eyes, I'd never seen it before.

And I would give anything to see her smile now.


Now you can quit on me, but don't quit on her.


(dispatch chatter on radio)

I've got everyone off the hill, how's it going here?

It's not working, I don't have enough pressure.

How much time do you think we have?

Half hour, give or take.

That's not enough time to put this fire out.

Can't we empty those vats?

Not without accessing the valve house.

And how do we do that?

Start digging, the only way in is underground, unless of course you want to go in that way.

(ominous orchestral music)

[Harland] Frank, is this the right way?

Be careful.

It's all right, come on.

Almost there.

[Lynn] How's your leg holding up?

[Frank] It's just a scratch.

Used to do worse back on the farm.

[Harland] Farm, what farm?

Back in Queensland, where I grew up.

Why, you didn't think I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, did you?

Went to work for my uncle's construction company at 16, and never looked back.

What happened to your uncle?

I fired him.

He was a lazy bugger.

What's your plan?

Follow your father into electrical work?

Hell no, just trying to raise money for college.

(ominous orchestral music)

Wait a minute.


We've been going in circles.

That's impossible.

I don't know, but it's pretty evident to me.

Maybe we should leave breadcrumbs.

I could have sworn it was a left back there and not a right.

Could've sworn?

Hey, don't blame me.

Why not?

This was your idea.

My idea.

Yeah, I wanted to wait.

Well no one forced you to come.

Hey, just stop it, all right?

Look, we're not gonna get anywhere by fighting.

We'll just go the other way next time.

While things seem to have stabilized here for the moment, it looks like there's more trouble on the horizon.

Rumor is they've started evacuating Rossin Hill, the area near the Ettinger Chemical Plant.

This action is leading to speculation that there may indeed be problems at the plant related to today's quake.

How much further?

Oh, about 100 feet?

(light piano music)

Come on.

Come on.

All right, okay, all right.

We're running out of time, that plant won't hold up very long.

How much time do we have?

Half an hour at the most.


[Kevin] The warehouse should be right up ahead, but none of these roads go there.

Who said anything about roads?

(light orchestral music)

(tense orchestral music)

(light orchestral music)


How in the hell are we gonna get up there?

There's gotta be tons of stuff around here.

Let's just pile it up and climb.

Come on, give me a hand.

Oh honey, don't worry.

Look, we're gonna get you a shot just as soon as we get out of here, okay?

I promise.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Kevin, you find that access shaft.

What's that for?

Just in case.

The access shaft is in that building.

Give me the harness.

This is the most stupidest idea I've ever heard.

You could try to jump it, mate.

Over there.

Tie me off.

Hold on.

Wish me luck.

You all right?

(tense drumming)

Can you see anything?

Not yet.

I'm telling you, this is not going to work.

Go ahead Professor.

You keeping your eye on that needle?

Never was one for technology, Professor.

Damn it, please call me Anthony.

[Kevin] Okay, Anthony.

Look, then don't worry about that thing.

What am I supposed to do with it?

Look, as long as that needle doesn't move, we're fine.


Hey wait a minute.

Wait a minute, I think I see something.

Be careful.

(tense drumming)

I'm telling you it's not high enough.


Lynn, is that you?


Look, I found them.

I can see Lynn.

She's with three others.

She's okay.

Oh, thank God.

They're coming, we're being rescued.

Anthony honey, come get us.

(ground rumbling)

Professor, we've got movement.

You better get out of there.

Get out Professor.

Quick, get out!





Lynn, get out!





I'm sorry Carl.

She was right there.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, we'll try something else.


Anyone hear me?


Can anyone hear me?

Should have never let them run out that way.

I should have seen this coming.

It's my fault.






Oh no.




Ali, where are you?

Look, I am not qualified for this.

We gotta call FEMA.

And get somebody down here that knows what--

That's not good enough.

Those people in there aren't gonna wait for FEMA to send an ambulance.

Look Carl, you didn't see what happened in there, they could have been killed.

I have seen you do things today, that I never dreamed I'd see you do.

And I'm damn proud of what you're doing.

Don't give up on my now.






Anybody hear me?

Oh no.






Please God, I want to get out of here.

Please God, I don't want to be down here any more.

Please, I want to get out of here.

Oh God, help me get out of here.

Allison, Allison.

Get off me, no, get off me.

It's me, it's me, it's me, it's me, it's me.

It's okay.

It's okay.






Lynn, over here.

Is everything all right?

I thought that was it.

I thought that was the one that we were all dead.

I thought there was--

Okay, okay.

It's all right, we're all here.

We're still here, okay?

Come on.

It's okay.

Thank goodness, you're okay.

So, where to?

I don't know.

Well, what about the chemical plant?

What about it?

It's our best shot, isn't it?

Come on.

You're not giving up now, are you?

You tell them, we're coming.

Hello, is anybody there?



Lynn, are you there?

Thank God, I was so worried about you.

Anthony, hello?

What is that?

Probably time.

No, we don't have a lot of time.

We're going to the plant, we can get out at the tend of the tunnel.


No listen Lynn, don't go that way.


It's dead.

Let's go, let's go.


(ominous orchestral music)

What is it?

Good news, they're alive.

And the bad news?

There's only one way out of that tunnel.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Randy, come on.

Well I don't have the equipment to fight this.

We need help.


Will, are you there?


Go ahead.

How's the fire?

Not good.

We need reinforcements.

I already told you, we don't have any.

It hasn't hit the main vats yet, but it's only a matter of time.

We're on our way, let's go.

Smell that?

What is that?

Somebody turn the oven on?


Hear that?


Steam pipes.

Steam pipes?

What in the hell are those steam pipes?

The plant has strict climate control settings.

What are they?

Roasted and extra crispy?

That's just brilliant, bloody brilliant.

Frank, we can do this.

We can get to the other side.

Sure we can.

Look Frank, it's a straight shot.

We'll be fine.

How far apart would you say they are?

Five, maybe 10 feet?

I think we can do it.


It's the only way.

I'll go first.


I'll be fine.

Be careful.

One, two.


Okay I'm through.

I'll go next.

Piece of cake.

Piece of cake.

I told you, I told you we could do it.


If I get through this, I'm going to Vegas.

'Cause I'm feeling very lucky.

Next up.

It's easy, all you gotta do is run.


No way, I, there's no way I can do this.

Then I'll go with you.


You're going one way or another.

You never give up, do you?


Come on.




You're doing all right.

You're doing all right, you're doing all right.

One, two.

Yeah, come on, come on.


(tense drumming)

Hey, are these the steps to the plant?

Come on.

This is it, this is it.

Come on.

It's about time.

Hey, can we get inside?


We shouldn't be anywhere near this place.

We got survivors trapped underneath the building.


Yeah, there's a whole system of tunnels that runs underneath the buildings.

Lynn's down there.

Look, I gotta get inside.

Nobody's going in there.

Look, we gotta get 'em out of there.

The building's falling apart.

The temperatures have reached the critical mark.

We had to evacuate the whole area.

[Anthony] Okay, what about the valve room, where is that?

It's through the fire.

I'm going inside.


You haven't been exactly lucky today.

Let me do it.

You've done everything you can.

It's time I did something other than watch.

Besides, you've got my grandson to think about.

When this is all over, remind me to find you some funding to buy you a new truck.

Let's shoot this with fire in the background.

Come on, come on.

This is Sandra Black reporting live from the Ettinger Chemical Plant where today we've had an earthquake.

(tense music)

It's on fire.

Let me go.

What are you talking about?

The valve controls are in that room.

If I don't turn off the flow out to those tanks outside, none of us are gonna have a chance.

But it can't.

All right, let me do this.

We don't have much time.

Believe me, that's all I'm thinking about right now.

Good luck.


You know, I knew there was a reason I wanted to get rid of this place.


Anyone there?

Carl, is that you?


It's your father.

Carl, stand back.

Frank, careful.



There's nothing we can do, it's too late.

We gotta get out of here.

Lynn, look at this place.

It's gonna blow.

No, (muffled) when we only have a few more feet.

Come on you guys, we can do this.

Come on.



You made it baby.

We have to turn the valves off.


The valves.

We have to turn them off.

Get out of here.


I'll take care of it.

Go Angel, please!



Let's get out of here, go go.

Come on.



Do you see anything?



You have to help him.


My dad, he's trapped inside.

Be careful.

Make sure they're okay.



Carl, where are you?


Over here.

Oh God.

I thought I told you to stay outside.

You know I always had a problem with authority.

Can you move?

I'm good from the back, forget it.

The valves.

We've gotta cut the flow off to the tanks outside.

Got it.

You gotta help me out here.

Look for pressure.

Something that controls the pressure to those tanks.

I got it, I got it.

Oh come on Anthony, honey, come on.

I got it, it's coming down.

[Cop On Radio] As soon as we get these reinforcements I'll send then out to you, Randy.

We're gonna get you out of here.

(dramatic orchestral music)

All right, on three.

One, two, three.


It's holding, yeah!

I was so worried about you.

I was worried about you too.

Feel better?


Thank you.

Well, you did good today.

Does that mean you were wrong about me?

Hey, I said you did good today.

Let's just take this one step at a time.


What was that?

You asked me what I was doing after work.


I thought you said you were going away to college in a couple of months.




That's a long time from now.

Anything could happen.

What an incredible day for our small village, a day that luckily, thanks to the bravery of our citizens, ends on a happy note.

This is Sandra Black reporting live from the Ettinger Chemical Plant, for Pajaro Island news.

So, are we even for my missing Ben this morning?



No, I think you should come up to Orlando and make it up in person.

That's my reward, I get to Disney World with your mother.

There is nothing wrong with my mother.

She doesn't like me.

That is not true.

Oh yeah.

So you know, I never signed those papers.

No, no, you didn't.

Do you know where they are?

I don't know, I think I lost them.

What about yours?

I think I lost them.

(reggae jazz music)

(dark orchestral music)