Feardotcom (2002) Script

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Feardotcom (2002)



Thanks for the present, Bennie.

I guess we're in the same business.

Okay. I'm on my way.

Don't want to keep the roaches waiting.

-Hey, Mike. Watch your step. -Yeah, yeah.

-These tracks are still live? -Williams, over here.

Jesus Christ. What happened to him?

I don't think he got electrocuted.

What's going on with his eyes?

Don't know yet. We'll have to wait for the autopsy.

What did this guy see to leave an expression like that?

Any witnesses?

Not to the accident. A guy went to grab a paper out of the newsstand.

When he came back, the victim was like this.

According to this guy, his eyes were bleeding prior to the swan dive.

-Must have been into computers. -His name's Polidori.

He and another guy wrote the book.

Must have tried to stop the train with it. Had to pry it out of his fingers.

Now all we need is the leading lady.

-You want one? -No, thanks.

Give it up, Mike. The Feds are covering that now. It's over.

The Feds haven't done shit.

Not hearing from him doesn't mean he's stopped.

You're pissed off because this Doctor guy keeps sending you love letters.

Everyone has cases they can't crack. Don't let it fuck with your head.

What now?

Get him out of here. Put him in a holding pen, an empty one.

And get someone to translate whatever language he's speaking.

Jesus Christ.

Check him for a passport, an ID, something in fucking English.

It says he's a German exchange student, Dieter Schrader.

Lives over in the Village. Here's the address.

Call the health bunnies, DOH.

Find out if there's some bug going around, something with bloody eyes.

They can send someone to meet me at his apartment.

Sykes! Leave the doughnut shop here. Let's go! Come on.


Know any German?

-I can sing "She Loves You" in German. -Great. That'll help.


Anyone here?


-I wouldn't touch her just yet. -Jesus.

Actually, Terry Huston, Department of Health.

-Detective Reilly. You got here fast. -Yeah.

Goddamn it.


-What do you make of this? -This is really fascinating.

She's displaying possible signs of a hemorrhagic virus. Something like Ebola.

Excuse me.

-Reilly. -"Reilly, we got a problem."

Sykes! Hello? Sykes? What are you doing? Call the coroner.

Yeah, right.


What is it?

You better get back to the station.

I got a dead girl, a woman from DOH saying we have a serious problem.

-I'm not going anywhere. -"I think you better get back here."

And bring the DOH with you.

Do you have a plastic bag?

-That's evidence. -Yeah.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

-That's German. It means "murderer." -I got that. What's with the 48?

Don't know.

Barlow, what happened here?

The guys said he was talking to himself. That's it.

We'll know more when we get him to the morgue.

All right, stand back.


Should we be in one of those suits they're wearing?

-We're probably already infected. -So we could all just be dying here?

What is it with you people? You just let this shit run wild?


Serum panel is all clear. It's not a virus.

So we're back at square one.

We've got the camcorder.

Sorry about the space patrol, but we had to be sure.

No problem. I love needles stuck in me. It's a hobby of mine.

So you like working with bugs and viruses?

Someone's got to do it. Otherwise, disease spreads out of control.

You do the same thing.

At least I can see what I'm dealing with. This other shit creeps me out.

I hate germs and....


What about bugs?

I pretty much hate them too.

-You know you sleep with bugs? -What?

You sleep with bugs.

No, I don't, actually.

Yeah, you do. Everyone does.

Dust mites. They're in your carpets, in your bed.

They look like little lobsters. In fact, they're distant relatives.

-You're enjoying this, aren't you? -I just don't get out much.

I can see that.

I'm sorry.

I'm being inconsiderate, making you uncomfortable.

I'm so used to seeing through a lens, I forget how intimidating a camera can be.

I'm doing a little film at the Wilton Theatre, and....

You know, I can't say this without it sounding like a line, but....

I was filming you because you happen to be the perfect leading lady.

Do you mean that?

I can't promise anything...

...but come by the theater tonight...

...I'll put you in front of the camera, see what happens.

You have to punch this button. Then you can record us.

Hard to believe that's the same guy.


-I can watch this later. -Wait a second.

The guy's losing it.

Oh, my God.





The sun's out.

Another storm coming.

Shit! I got a ticket.

I think I can take care of this for you.


So I'll see you later?


Terry, could you come in here?

Mr. Turnbull?

Did you want something?



What happened with the German kids? Is it Ebola?

No. I don't even think it's a virus.

-What, then? -I don't know.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just tired.

Let me know if you hear anything, okay?


-Where did your computer go? -Broke.

I sent it in for repair.

-Playing on the Internet too much? -Yeah.

Well, I'm gonna go finish my report.


Cause of death appears to be a stroke brought on by a surge of adrenaline.

No signs of violence except the bleeding.

Hi, you must be Terry Huston. I'm Thana Brinkman.

One moment.

Severe rupturing to the ocular blood vessels. I can't account for it.

Heart is completely engorged.

There's a massive hemorrhage to the cerebral cortex.

Death was instantaneous. End report.

-So it was a stroke. -Unless lab tests find something else.

There's no known virus, bacteria or virulent protein.

Excuse me.


We have another one.

Oh, my God. It's Eddie Turnbull.

Did your husband have any medical problems?

Any condition that would contribute to his sudden death?

Other than the chain-smoking and the chronic stress?

I tried to warn him. It never bothered him until these last couple of days.

He got kind of sick, started seeing things.

-What kind of things? -Crazy things.

Said someone was watching him.

Kept talking about a little girl. There was no little girl.

I think he worked himself to death.

Always working. Always on his computer.

You know what's odd, though?

It was like he was afraid of it.

Mrs. Turnbull, do you mind if we take this?

Now, you and I share a great responsibility...

...to them.

They've come to watch but also to learn.

We will provide a lesson...

...that reducing relationships...

...to anonymous, electronic impulses...

...is a perversion.

But here, we offer intimacy.

So tell us about yourself, who you are, where you're from.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Did you dream of being a ballerina when you grew up?

You're gonna kill me, aren't you?

Of course I'm gonna kill you.

The Internet offers birth, sex, commerce...

...seduction, proselytizing, politics...


Death is a logical component.

An intimate experience made more so...

...by knowing the victim.

So, Karen...

...tell us your hopes and dreams.

Nothing. Nothing in common.

Polidori had a bad childhood, some juvenile stuff.

Cleaned up at tech school.

German kids seem clean. One was arrested for weed, big surprise.

Turnbull didn't even have a traffic ticket. I don't know.

Let's start over. We gotta be missing something.

They all had the same pattern of bleeding, right?

They all had burnt computers.

Maybe this guy was trying to tell us something.

We gotta get these computers checked out.

I know a forensic programmer, Denise Stone. She's worked with me before.

She might be able to help.

We need to find a common link on these computers.

-They look pretty fried, and this one.... -You think you can do it?

The data should still be retrievable.

Unless the files have been corrupted.

I'll see what I can do.

-You're the best. -I know.

Turn around, Bennie.

I don't want you watching this.

Forty-eight hours. 48.

Do you like to watch?

Okay, I think we get the idea.

I'm waiting for you. Denise.

Come and find out.

Don't you want to play with me?

Do you want to hurt me?

You're lying.

How enticing the smell of cheap perfume can be.

Or is that fear?

I'd like to say I can feel your pain...

...but I can't.

I can't feel anything.

I've been deprived of that somehow.

I know what I should feel.

I just can't feel it.

You can end this lesson whenever you wish. Simply ask me to kill you.

She wants to live.

Very well.

Let the lesson commence.

-Denise! -It's you.

-Hi. -What's wrong?

I'm fine. I just came to give you this.

-Where did you get this? -I was there.

What do you mean?

Denise, tell me.

The one thing all the victims have in common...

-...is the Fear site. -That doesn't make any sense.

-He wouldn't use the same site twice. -Who?

The Doctor.

-Who's the Doctor? -A skeleton in my closet.

It's a live-cam death site.

That's not like Turnbull. Why would he watch that?

People love to see death.

Why do you think the ratings are so high on reality disaster shows?

Maybe it's a way to find out about death before it's your turn.

I gotta go.

Wait. Do you think you can trace who's running the site?

-Sure. -Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Fine.


Be careful. We'll see you soon.

-Hey, come on. -Where we going?

I did some reading last night.

-We're looking for Frank Bryant. -Over there in the back, hon.

-Last table. -Okay, thanks.

Frank Bryant?

Are you Mr. Frank...


-How can I help you, officers? -How did you know we were cops?

Nobody ever says my name that way except cops.

We're not here to cause you any trouble.

We read your book, the parts we could understand.

Really? I didn't realize my book was still being sold.

-We found it on a dead man. -A guy named Polidori.


Polidori is dead?

What can you tell us about him?

A good guy.

A decent friend.

Why would he be clutching your book as if it were the Holy Grail?

I couldn't make much sense of it myself.

That's because it was a load of shit.

I needed a new car, so I wrote the book.

I was driving along one day, looking at the telephone poles and the wires...

...and I came up with this idea.

What would happen if you connected a whole bunch of computers together?

You'd get one big computer. Like a supercomputer.

A neuronet.

Polidori and I used to spend long nights talking about it.

He came to believe that the Web could receive energy...

-...store it, send it out. -Energy. What kind?

-Here you go. -Thanks, doll.

Fuck if I know. I mean, you know....

Negative energy, magnetic fields...

...psychic energy stealing your soul. You know?

-And? -Polidori believed he knew...

...where that site existed.

But then again, Polidori was fucked up.

And now...

...he's dead.

Do you remember the name of the site?

-No idea. -Do you think he was right?

I never believed a word of it.

But then, I'm drunk by 8 p.m.

It's noon.

Hey, I'm ahead of the game.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Bryant.

-If we need to reach you.... -I'll be here.

-I have no reason to leave. -Okay.

Oh, my God.

She was the first. Jeannie Richardson. He killed her on the Fear site.

He tortures his victims till they beg to die.

-This is the Doctor, right? -Yeah.

His name's Alistair Pratt. He was thrown out of medical school.

Nine months, he fucked with me. I never even got close.

How come?

After every killing, he'd change the site. We couldn't trace it.

What time did Polidori die?

-Three a.m. -Turnbull was later, about 6, right?

6:1 5.

Based on that, these victims died two days to the minute...

...after they logged on to the site. The German kid was trying to tell us.

Shit. Denise.

Come on, Denise.

-You trying to get a hold of Denise? -Why?

She was supposed to drop something off. She didn't show--

Get units over there now!

-What you talking about? -I said get units over there now!

-She's not there. She's not answering. -Keep trying.

-Just dial it again. -I am. I just tried. She's not there.

I should never have gotten her involved.

I should have fucking warned her.

-It's not your fault. -I still don't get one thing.

Everybody died 48 hours after they went on to that site, right? Everybody.

Denise doesn't fit the pattern.

Maybe it was easier to die than face whatever is on the website.

What do you mean?

Eddie Turnbull was terrified of car crashes.

It was a childhood thing. He was manic about it.

I did some research. Did you know the German girl was terrified of drowning?

-But she didn't drown. -She died in water.

Maybe she died of her greatest fear.

I don't know, Terry. I don't know, I think you're reaching.

-Maybe. -Denise got too close.

Someone killed her. It's as simple as that.

Can you promise me one thing?

That you won't visit that site?

God, Denise.

Do you like to watch?

Do you want to see more?

Do you want to hurt me, Mike?


I know who you are, and I know what you really want.

Time to play. Time for us to become one.

How do I play?

Find me.

You have 48 hours.


What happens if I lose?

You die.

Do you want to play?

What are you afraid of?



Sorry, did I scare you?

Miss, your glove.


The website. I saw her.

-Who did you see? -The dead girl.

-What dead girl? -Jeannie Richardson.

I saw her.

Bryant was only half right.

-What do you mean? -It's not just energy.

-I don't understand. -She's out there, alive in the wires.

If the will is strong, it can live in the objects around it.

You don't go there, all right? Promise me.

Tell me you won't go there!

Don't go there! Promise me you won't go there!

Forty-eight hours.

Hello, Terry. Are you ready to play?

Why are you killing Mike?


Guilty of what?


Are you ready to play?



-Hey, Sykes. -Hey.

I need to take a look at the Doctor files.

Let's go in here.


The Feds are covering this now.

I suppose you think you can do better?

Mike doesn't like people fucking with his-- Stop! All right!


Knock yourself out.

Jeannie Richardson.

Yeah, she was beautiful.

Yeah, Jeannie. I checked out her addresses. Shit holes.

Artist/model, my ass.

You, though...

...you're a different story.

Will you shut the fuck up?

Oh, my God.

Joseph Stalin said that the death of one person is a tragedy...

...the death of a million: a statistic.

Your death will give meaning to all us sad, little lives out there.

See? The audience is never wrong.

Mrs. Richardson?

Do you have a moment to talk about your daughter?

This is Jean Marie on the day of her First Communion.

This is the Jeannie I know, not what they said. They didn't know her.

So beautiful.

She was a happy child despite her condition.

-Are you okay? -Yes, I'm fine.

Condition? Did you say, condition?

Jean Marie was a hemophiliac.

Without medication, she could bleed to death from just a scratch.

Left her scared to death of anything sharp.

-Scissors or knives. -Yes. That ball....

She always had that thing with her. Willful child, wouldn't give it up.

It wasn't until she discovered boys that she finally left it behind.

Could you take a look at these pictures for me and tell me...

...if there's any places that you recognize in them?

It's the old Poelzig steel mill two miles down the road.

Jeannie used to play there as a child.

What are you watching?

You seem like you were expecting me.

Where is she?


Mike Reilly, where is he?

Excuse me? Can I help you?

Just tell me where he is!

Please calm down, or I'll have to ask you to leave.

Yeah, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I just-- I really need to see him right now.

Okay. First door on your left.


Hello, Terry.

Are you ready to play?

-Goddamn you, what do you want? -"Play the game. Find me."

Where are you?

Time is running out.

Leave me alone! Where are you?

Oh, my God.

Do you like to watch?

I am waiting for you.


Come and find out.

Don't you want to play?

Do you want to hurt me?

You're lying.

Oh, my God.

I found you. I found your body. I did what you wanted.

I know who you are.

And I know what you really want.

Time to play.

Time for us to become one.

Find me.

Oh, my God.

What time is it?

You shouldn't leave your front door open.

-Oh, my God. -It invites illegal entry.



What did you do?


-You just ran out, didn't you? -More like a slow trot.

You gotta go back.

No, they can't help me now.

-I'm drifting in and out more and more. -Okay.

-I'm running out of time. -We gotta go.

-Where are we going? -The morgue.

Are you two okay? You don't look good.

You should see it from our side.

I just thought once we found the body, that would be an end to it.

No, there's got to be more to this.

She had a reason.

Someone performed an autopsy on this body a long time ago.

-Look at the incisions. -It's Alistair.

He cut her open while she was still alive.

Textbook procedure.

He cut out her viscera. Then he bagged them and sewed her up.

What's that?

She must have swallowed it before he killed her.

"The guilty must be punished."

So she didn't want a burial.

She wants revenge.


Two days.

Two days is how long Alistair tortured Jeannie before she died.

Knives, Mike.

She died her worst nightmare.

Shit, Terry, I'm losing it.

-I'm having trouble staying here. -Hold on, okay?

Wait here.

Come on.

Electroshock, as it is sometimes called....

Electrodes are attached to the patient's head....

Oh, my God!


I found him.

Are you in, or what?

-Two. -One.

-It better be important. -"Sykes, I need your help."

What? I'm winning here.

-"Look, I found the Doctor." -So? Call the Feds.

There's no time for that. I need backup.

All right.

-Where is it? -"A cooling tower. Poelzig steel mill."

I love watching these old tapes.

Jeannie Richardson.

She was my favorite.

You see, I believe death should be repulsive...

...so we don't grow too fond of it.


...all this could be avoided...

...if you're ready.

No tears. Take joy in the fact that you've done great good here.

You asked for death...

...so I'm no longer your murderer.

The time has come, Karen.

Drop it now!

-Drop the fucking knife now! -Bless my soul.

Reilly, so glad you could make it to the party.

-You brought a date. -Get away from her.

I'm not gonna fire a warning shot!

Guns are so impersonal and artless.

If you want to hurt someone intimately, you have to get up-close and personal.

You already tortured her. Shooting her would be doing her a favor.

You won't shoot. You suffer from the curse of hope.

Yeah, I got hope. I hope my first shot blows your fucking head off!

If you kill her, you'll have no one to hide behind.

I don't want to spoil things, but if you're...

...expecting the cavalry to save the day, you're gonna be disappointed.

The cavalry's right there.

Oh, my God!


Not a very nice person, Mr. Sykes. Appalling eating habits.

Too bad this show always has the same ending.

No, not this time.

Someone wants revenge.


I guess the fans love a comeback.


Look at me. Stay with me. Hold on. Hold on.

Stay with me. Mike. Mike, look at me.

Hold on. Hold on! Look at me! No!

Attractive women like you sell through the roof.

Just like Jeannie.



You're dead! I killed you!



...time to feel.



Time to die.

Oh, my God.

No, Mike.



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