Fearless (2006) Script

I.O.C. event Presentation Shanghai, China

Wushu, the chinese form of martial art, should be an olympic event.

It isn't about killing and vengeance, hatred and anger.

Then what is wushu?

In chinese, wushu means "The way of combat".

Avert. Conflict.

The true definition of wushu is the way to avert conflict.

It's about continually seeking to better oneself.

Still, it begs the question, why?

Why allow wushu as an olympic event?

The olympic creed stresses that the most important thing is not to win, but to take part.

Just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

You believe this ideal embodies the spirit of wushu?

Yes. The answer lies over one hundred years in the past... beginning with one man...

come here.

Get off if you have no money.

Set off.

30 years ago, Huo clan, Tianjin

Young master, we must leave!


How dare you!

Who gave you permission to come in?

I was bringing you tea.

How many times have I said, you are not allowed in here!

Go practice your calligraphy!

Go on!

I do your homework everyday.

You'd be in trouble, if your father knew.

Don't say anything and no one will know.

I want to show you something.

Jinsun! Come on!

I'm coming!

Come on! - I'm coming!

I'm coming!

Why do you take me here?

No one of other clan is allowed here.

Don't worry, I'm here.

Follow me

Declaration of Life and Death.

Every time my dad wins, he gets one of these.

You see how many dad has won!

But your dad is not number one in Tianjin.

My father will be tomorrow.


Don t ask. You come with me tomorrow

Today's match is between...

Huo Engdi of the Huo clan... and zhao zhongqiang... of the zhao clan.

Why are you two here? Looking for trouble?

Your father will lose today.

Our Huo wushu will beat your zhao wushu.

You wait and see.

My dad will let your dad have a taste of zhao's blow.

The Death waiver has been signed.

Win or lose, it's up to you.

Live or die, it's up to god.

Gentlemen, let the contest... begin!

Zhaojian, now your father has tasted... the Huo wushu!

The winner is... zhao zhongqiang! - Thank you!



Yuanjia, let's go home.

Yuanjia, let's go home.

Look who's here?

Has the cat got your tongue?

Act like a man. Don't be a wuss.

Get up!

Zhao, you've gone too far!

You shut up!

You're won'thless. Your Huo wushu is more won'thless.

Fight me if you dare.

Then you'll know the zhao wushu...

Get up there!

Yuanjia, stop!


Now that you've tasted my wushu you can shut up about yours.

I won, I won!

Yuanjia. Get up, Yuanjia.

Yuanjia, let's get out of here.

I, Huo Yuanjia... swear never to be... defeated again!

Jinsun, if you are my friend, please help me.

Hurry up, hurry!

How much longer it is going to take you?


Get out of here!

Please help me copy it.

Let's go.

Oh, yes, you copy it here and take the copy home when you finish.

My dad will beat me if he sees it.

Come back as soon as you can! - I will!

Be very careful when you copy the last page on the Exterminating Blow, would you?

Young master, why are you in the master's library?

Are you beaten?

Hurry, the master wants you. Come on.

Are you ok?

Kneel down!

You are fighting again!

I ask you to study, but all you do is make trouble outside.

Laifu, bring the rod! - Yes.

Look how he is bruised. There is no rush to punish him.


Laifu, - Yes, Madam.

Take the young master back to his room.

Copy confucius' The Analects ten times and give it to me before dinner.

Do you understand? - Yes.

Let me put some medicine on it.

Lai. You may leave.


Why are you upset?

Mother, why doesn't father teach me wushu?

Because he cares about you.

You have asthma.

The training is too much for you.

But it can make me strong.

You want to learn just to be strong?

When I'm good enough, I'll take revenge.

I want zhao to fear our Huo wushu.

My child, wu Shu is not about winning.

It's about discipline and self-restraint.

One practices wushu... for... inner strength... and to help... the weak.

Wushu... is not for revenge.

Respect must be earned.

If I'm really good, everyone will fear me.

Fear and respect... are not the same.

Now do your penance.

Don't make your father angry.

Have you finished your calligraphy?


How come you do it so slow? - Don't bother.

I'm not going to do it if you keep bothering me.

Ok, I'm going to bother you. Hurry up.

You dare to sign?

Thank you for preparing all this.

This is also what I want to do.

After you, sir!

You win...

Now you have your revenge and can study well, right?

Your zhao's kung fu is nothing but bungling oafishness.

Today you have a taste of our Huo's kung fu.

Remember, never brag about zhao's kung fu again.

Let me help you, zhaojian.

Get away!

I won!

I won!

Fly... fly... fly...

You're falling down, falling... - I'm not falling.

You're falling down, falling... - I'm not falling.

Then father knocks you down...

I'm not falling down.

Be careful with her.

Good morning, Mother.

You didn't take your medicine again.

Mother, since I began training, my asthma has gone.

Look at your daughter.

You've spoiled her since her mother died.

Your daughter needs a mother.

You should marry again.

Mother, I'm too busy building up the family reputation.

Soon everyone in Tianjin will respect the Huo name.

There's no time for marriage.

Father, I want to go see you fight.

All these years, you haven't lost.

Your most formidable enemy... lies... within you.

Oh, I get it.

Young master... oh, yes.

Mother, why not go take a rest?

Father, your fist wasrt fast enough... and your heart wasrt hard enough.

Rest assured, as long as I live, the Huo family will never lose again.

I'll be the champion of Tianjin.



For me? - No.

Please! - No.

When do I get it?

When you win.

Really! - Yes.


Tianjin 1900

Master, you always win.

Master Huo. When you will be the champion of the world?

I don't know. What do you think?

Today! It'll be today!

Hi, zhao!

Where have you been hiding all these years?

I've fought in 38 cities in 17 provinces.

My skills are so good... that I remain undefeated.


You're bullshit!

The Death waiver has been signed.

Let the contest begins!

Come! Come on up!

What's the matter? Scared?

Afraid you'll fall and hurt yourself?

In your dreams!

Great! Master!

I am unyielding like a mountain. My legs - the firm bedrock.

Today, Huo wushu becomes history.

Fine! You'll have your chance... to lose!

Cat's paw? - Tiger's claw!

Give up!


You think you'd win so easily?

Cat's paw! - Tiger's claw!

You've lost!

Be careful!


Are you oK? - I'm fine!

So, you're still alive!

Don't touch me! - Master!

The winner is...

Huo Yuanjia!

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Master, Thank you.


Thank you.

This way please, Master Huo.

Thank you.

Yuanjia! - Hey, Jinsun!

You've just arrived?

Your usual table is ready.


Thanks, thanks.

Come on! Drink up!

Jinsun, your restaurant is... more popular than ever.

Thanks to all my friends, it's getting by.

When we were young... you were such a nerd!

Who could imagine you'd become such a great business man?

No one will pay me to read books all day.

But being a businessman?

It's a living.

Yuanjia, you must try these.

I've recruited the best chefs... from across the country.

Have a taste. Tell me what you think.

Come, come, eat!

Master, after you.

I'm xia xiang. - I'm xu DaShan.

Please take us as your disciples we want to learn Huo wushu... and we'll devote ourselves to you!

Good! You look tough enough.

Give them drinks!

Bottoms up and we'll all be brothers.


Master Huo, congratulations!

Thanks, master.

Today is ajoyous occasion.

Everything's on me!


Have a seat!

Come, come, eat!


It's time for bed.

Go tuck her in.

Miss, it's time for bed.

Be a good girl, come on.

It's bed time. Come on...

what's this? It tastes horrible!

It's called "coffee."

A western thing. Not used to it, are you?

These are turbulent times.

Our country has grown weak.

The west is dominating us.

People like me must not... be concerned only with money.

People like you should not... be concerned only with fighting.

Our country deserves better.

Politics is for intellectuals.

I'm just a fighter. To be the champion of Tianjin is all I care about.

It's that important to you?

Come, let me show you something.

Jinsun, you've only... watched a fight from below.

Now you're standing up right here. Do you feel the difference?

What difference?

When you are down there... life and death up here has nothing to do with you.

It's all entertainment.

But when you are up here... you must not lose. You have to win!

But you can choose not to be here.

Jinsun, listen!

To what?

I don't hear anything.

I can hear you...

Master Huo, you're our hero!

Great! That's great!

Master is the champion of the world.

Iron head kungfu!

Thanks a lot.

That's great!

Hey! This is taking too long.

Get everyone who has signed a waiver to come up all at once.

All you challengers, get up there!

Huo Yuanjia, when will you be the champion of Tianjin?

What do you think?

Today! It'll be today!

Let's eat.

Yes, Madam.

You must be hungry.

Here, eat some of this.

What's the matter?

We seek to be your disciples... and devote ourselves to you.

Fine! You may join.

Come on. Give them drinks! A round for everyone.

Bottoms up and we'll all be brothers!

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on. - Master Huo...

Master Huo, congratulations! You're the true champion of Tianjin!

See you. Have a good day.

Come on, you're not drinking?

Master Huo's bills are long overdue.

Alright. Alright.

A toast!

Bring a biggerjug!

Hey, you're not drinking? Now You must drink two more!

You have not fought my godfather Master chin.

Come on...


You've won 38 contests in a row, and defeated every fighter in Tianjin.

There's no one left.

No, you're wrong.

There is still one left to beat.

So you are not going to stop?

I want to be the true champion of Tianjin. I must fight.

What about elsewhere?

Beijing, Guangdong, Hunan?

When will you stop?

I know what you're saying.

But I cannot stop now.

I need to prove that I am the best... the strongest.

For what? You will always be you.

You'll never become someone else!

Yuanjia I think you should take a break and reconsider.

What's this?

These... are your bills.

I'll take care of it.

All your so-called disciples, only come for the free drinks and food.

You don't understand our circle.

Our circle...


I will settle the bills tomorrow.

Yuanjia, I am not here for your money I only want to remind you Please be careful with the people... in your inner circle.

Judge them by their integrity, not their drinking.

Good morning, Good morning, Master Huo!

Good morning, Master Huo!

Good morning, Master chin! - Good morning

what a coincidence to run into the... self-proclaimed champion of Tianjin!

Master chin, it's been a long time.

At your age...

I thought you'd retired.

Too many disciples.

I cannot retire even if I wanted to.

Oh! Is that so?

Then this big coffin is a gift to yourself?

Enjoy it soon!

You're too kind.

Actually, this is my gift to you!

Your master needs help!

Master chin, this way please!


If you want to learn wushu, you need to work hard at it.

Work hard?

The perfecting of skills needs time and determination.

Tell me... Stand off!

Stand off!

Stand off!

Give it two or three years, and you will only have some superficial knowledge.

Well, this is twenty year's practice.

Can you handle this?

Go on!

Young master, the income of the wushu school... barely covers the household overhead.

Your disciples have incurred a large expense.

What about the household reserve?

It's been depleted three months ago.

Depleted? Depleted.

Master! Master!

How many times have I told you to hone your skills.

No one listens.

Who did this?

Master chin!



We celebrate Master chirs birthday.

Wishing him good fortune.



We wish you good fortune... and great health.

Wish you a prolong life.

Great! Great!

Master Huo, today's my godfather's birthday.

These tables are reserved.

As a favor to me, please drink somewhere else.

Master Huo, please do me a favor...

You don't qualify to speak to me.


I'm not in the mood to fight... on my birthday.

Maybe some other time.

You injured my disciple.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I'm here to settle the score.

What do you want?

It's signed. Do you have the guts to sign it too?

Otherwise, get on your knees and apologize.


You've crossed the line. Don't be... so rude in front of his guests.

If you've got a problem, let's talk tomorrow.

My disciple's hurt. I must do something.

I don't care what happened, But you mustrt spoil their celebration.

I'm not here to spoil anything.


You think I might trash your place.

I'll pay all damages to the last penny!

How can you talk like this?

You should go.

Forget that we've ever been friends!

You're asking me to leave?

You're willing to throw away... our friendship?

Everybody out!

My sword seeks vengeance!

Stay at your own peril!

Master! Master!

The Master has won!

Let's drink!

Master Huo.


You got your wish.

You're finally the champion of Tianjin.

You might like to know...

Master chin died two hours ago.

Huo Yuanjia!

When will you be the champion?

It'll be today!

It'll be today!

Huo Yuanjia!

It'll be today!

It'll be today!

Huo Yuanjia!

Champion of Tianjin! Today is the day!

Yes, I killed your family!

I am responsible.

Godmother, take good care.

Tell the Master the truth.

Master, it's all my fault.

I'm very sorry.

I was drunk...

I insulted Master chirs wife.

He was teaching me a lesson.

All the brothers knew, but nobody told you.

Master... Master!


Come along, Yuenjia.

He is burning up.

Let me make some herbal medicine.

He'll feel better.

Drink, my dear. You'll feel better afterwards.

You woke up.

I will bring you some warm congee.

He's awake, Grandma.

That's good.

Leave it. He's going to sleep. Let's go Go.

He's going to sleep. Go.

It's time for lunch.

When I was 13... my eyesight began to fail.

Everything turned blurry.

I cried a lot.

My Grandma told me... cry if you are sad.

When there are no more tears, life will go on.

I can see everything in my heart.

Do you believe me?

I'll wash your hair.

Your hair will get knotted... if you don't wash it often.

Grandma always says... cleanliness brings purity to life.

Every knot can be untangled.

Huang, you've been through It's not easy, is it?

So many years with us.

Grandma, Huang doesn't seem to be alright Everyone has this day.

It's time for Huang to rest.

What about him? He also needs to rest?

He needs a long sleep.

When he wakes up, he will know what to do.

I found this in your clothes.

Let's go and let Huang rest.


You sleep a lot!

You slept as much as our ox... that's why we call you ox.

Come this way.

Ox, you've waken up?

Let's catch some dragonflies. Let's go!

Let's catch some dragonflies.

Let's go, Huang.

Huang, let's go home.

Come on, Grandma here Huang, no need to come to the field today. You can rest.

Grandma knows you have tried your best.

Come, come with Grandma.


Huang, come with me.

Huang is used to coming to the field everyday to work.

It's so endurant and hard-working

Now it knows that it wouldn't live very long and yet it still wants to help.

It has done so much for us and never asked anything in return.

Eat something, my dear. Everything will pass. Eat something.

The men in the city go to the exam.

They will grow if they succeed in the exam.

Eat something.

Eat more.

Tomorrow, you should take him... to work in the fields.

He'll feel better.


ox... ox... come... come, quick.

Look! Moon told me not to say anything.

You did a bad job.

She is re-planting for you.

Seedlings are alive.

If you plant them too close together... they will not grow.

Just like people... they need to respect each other... in order to live together peacefully.

I'll always remember.

I want my Huang...

I want my Huang... I won't let it go.

I want my Huang...

I want my Huang... I won't let it go.


Gui, you are too young to understand.

Huang leaves this world in peace, since he had done what he needed to do.

Everyone dies, So does Huang.

But one only leaves in peace when there is no regret in one's life.

Don't cry, my boy.

Gui has a problem!

What happened to him?

He missed his bull so much that he stole one from the Siam clan.

He got caught over there and they are about to punish him according to their law.

Let's go to save Gui!

Help me...

Help me...

Beat him.

Help me... help me...

Help me...

Are you coming for a fight?

Gui made a mistake and should be punished.

You have already punished him enough.

I'm here to make a formal apology.

The boy doesn't know any better.

Let us take him back.

Indeed he is a child.

But even for children in our village, we beat them for the burning time of an incense so they will remember the lesson.

Go on. Beat him.

Help me!

The child can't take it. Let me take the beating for him!


Let me take the beatings for Gui.

Well, this punishment is for children.

Adults should be punished in another way.


Take on my iron fist.

If I am still standing when this incense burns out, you will have to release the child.

Sure! No argument about life and death?

No argument!

It's settled then?


Grandma, what's wrong with him?

Ox, ox!

You don't want to hurt others, but you should let others hurt you, son!

How can we stand this! Let's help him.



The incense is still burning.

Stand up, stand up...

Keep beating... beat him.

The incense has burnt out. You lose, you lose...

Let him go!

Let's go home, Gui. Go.

Time to go home.

I want to stay a little longer with ox.

I don't go home.

Gui, aren't you hungry?

Are you not hungry? Ox might be hungry.

No, I am not hungry.

I can stay here a little longer with Gui.

Ox, you are the best.

So what does that make me?

Aunt Moon, can you ask ox a favor for me?

You and ox are so close, why do you need my help?

Because, you are the dearest to ox.

Don't talk nonsense.

Gui, you can ask me yourself.

You keep refusing to teach me martial arts, but I really want to learn.

I also want to learn!

Gui, why do you want to learn martial arts?

So the others won't bully me.

What about you?

I want everyone to be afraid of me.

What if Ning bullies you, what will you do?

I will hit him back what about you, will you fight Gui back?

For sure. I will fight Gui until he's scared of me.

What if you can't beat him?

Then, I will learn from a master Then what will you do?

I will learn from a master and then fight him again.

You beat him up, and he beats you up.

When will this end?

It's not that I don't want to teach you.

I also need to think about why we learn martial arts.

Let's go and catch the dragonflies!

Grandma, let's eat.


Grandma Moon... - Yes, Grandma.

In a few days, we should visit your parents' graves.


I am going to... visit my parents' graves.

Hey, ox.

Have a drink of water.

Can we talk?

You are leaving...

I was thinking... maybe I should visit my parents' graves.

You should go. Family is important.

I'll come back soon.

You've been here for many years.

Yet I've always known one day you will leave.

The truth is, I...

Take these clean clothes for your trip.

You don't even know my real name.

You don't have to tell me.

I don't need to know where you're from... or where you're going.

You will always be "ox" to me.

My name is Huo Yuanjia.

I'll always remember.

Late Qing Dynasty Various strong countries invaded china Tianjin became partly colonized

Believe in God, and you'll have everlasting life.

...his words are written here.

God's words...

Huo Yuanjia!

Champion of Tianjin!

Huo Yuanjia!

Champion of Tianjin! Huo Yuanjia!

Huo Yuanjia has returned to the ring.

Huo Yuanjia has returned to the ring.

Young master! - Lai!

You've finally returned!

Good, good...

Let me take your bag.

Please forgive me... it was not easy maintaining this house.

I did my best... trying to keep everything... the way it was.

It must have been very hard for you.

I'm sorry for not doing better.

Young Master.

After you left... the creditors came... to collect money.

Tearing this place... apart.

The house was almost foreclosed.

We would have lost... everything... but someone sent money.

I later figured... it was your good friend Mr. Nong Jinsun.

I don't need these anymore.

Neither do... my parents.


I... finally realized... why you held back the last blow.

You are the true champion.

Mother, you taught me how to be a good person.

I was too arrogant to understand.

Rest assured I will not disappoint you again.

My dear Jade, I was not a good father.

And because of me, you suffered a horrible death.

I was never good enough for you.

Let's have tea.

Sir, I am sorry.

My boss does not want to see you, but he wants you to have this.

Watch your way.

Leave a way. Excuse me...

Mrs. Chin, I am very sorry for what I have done.

Please allow me to pay my respects.

Mother. Mother.

Get out and kneel down.

You'll gonna have a hard time if you come again You dare to come with no money?

Get away?

Don't come again or you'll have a hard time.

Get away...




Master, we are sorry! - We are sorry!

Master, I learned kung fu with you since I was a child.

I don't know another way to making a living.

Now you are back, and...

Master, please forgive us!

Stand up...

Fresh pork, reasonable price!

Fresh pork...

Madam, come here, madam... It's great for making soup.

It is really cheap today.

Two catty (or one Kilogram) Of pork please!

No business with you!

Extra release!

Hercules o'Brien...

32 plays without losing one

25 fighters seriuosly injured.

Challenges all chinese fighters.

Vows to defeat every...

"Sick Man of Asia."

No one dare to callenge him.


I'm so sorry for what I've done.

I realized my mistakes... only too late!

It hurts to think about it.

Let's forget about the past.

That chapter is over.


I don't know how to begin, but you're the only one I can turn to.

I need to borrow some money.

What? You still want to fight?


You cannot go down that path again.

I will not give you any money.

Young Master.

Master Huo, my master wants you to have this.

Who's your master?

His name is Nong, Nong Jinsun.

The Shanghai Race club 1909

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Brace yourself... for a man who can move a train with one hand... and punch through the Great wall.

He can kill a chinese fighter... with his little finger.

Now. Welcome the 9th wonder of the world... the strongest man in history... o'Brien!

Today's challenger is...

Huo Yuanjia of Tianjin!


Sign the Death waiver.

Please inform him, that taking a life in a competition... is a cruel and backward tradition.

May I suggest that we compete with honor and civility.

He wants to kick your butt.

Come on Let the match begin!

Come on

come on


Good! Good!

It'an honor.

Thank you.


Chinese Martial Artist Defeats US champion o'Brien chinese Fighter Defeats western Boxer.

Victory Shocks Shanghai!

Huo Yuanjia Says wushu Schools Must Unite Fighter Founds Jingwu Sports Federation.

Recruits country's Best Shanghai Foreign correspondents club

Thank you.


You've received a dinner invitation.

I never dreamed it would be you.

I've been waiting for this day, Yuanjia.

Am I still your friend?

Your friendship... is very important to me.

How can I not?

I always knew that you would not disappoint me.

But I did, for a long time.

Let's not talk about the past.

Come, have a seat.

Here, your favorite wine.

Come on.

What's the matter?

I stopped drinking. A long time ago.


But you loved to drink.

I've learned from my mistakes.

That's wonderful.

Let's have tea instead.


Your victory gained respect for all chinese people.

The foreigners have bullied us for too long.

Someone should stand up.

If that hadrt happened, they would have continued to see us as the sick man of East Asia!

My friend...

I'm really proud of you.


Chinese must get strengthened.

The westerners despised us partially because we've been busy fighting among ourselves.

That becomes a laughing stock for others.

Foreigners see us as the sick man of East Asia!

What they call us is irrelevant.

What matters is if we are really sick,

or, if we are not attempting to cure the disease even when we know it is there.

They still flaut their superiority.

I didn't expect you to be so insightful.

Compared to you, I am kind of bookish.

Jinsun, when do you return to Tianjin?

I'm going to stay in Shanghai.

Who about your restaurant?

I sold it.


But it was so profitable.

The Jingwu Sports Federation needs... start-up funds.

But the restaurant has been your life!

My restaurant means little... compared to... your vision.


I do not know wushu.

But I do know how to help.

I hope it will enough.


I was gone for quite a few years.

Everyday I asked myself why I learned kung fu, and whether or not it was only for fighting.

Have you had an answer?

Only the weak need to prove their power through force,

but what force leads to is endless hatred.

I want to change kung fu into a sport, with which one can shape oneself both physically and spiritually.

That's a good idea.

You should let more know about it.

I don't know how much I can achieve, but I will try my best.

Did you hear that?

Yes, I heard a voice calling.

Now what we hear is the same voice!

Jingwu Sports Federation


Zhaojian I was wrong to disrespect you, Master Huo. I hope that...

I am so glad that you are here.

I was going to pick you up.

Laifu, Master would you please show Mr. Zhao around?


As we've discussed, the Jingwu Manifesto.

Take a look.

Our motto:

"Body, Mind and Soul".

Wushu is a way to cultivate one's body, mind and soul.

All wushu disciplines are respected equally.

By working together... we can better ourselves... and stand strong as one nation we influence others through... cooperation, not intimidation.

Through this ideal, we will always...

Stand Strong!

Jingwu Sports Federation 1910

Shanghai Foreign chamber of commerce well, gentlemen, it's too rich for me, I only bet on sure things.

Then perhaps you'll be interested... in joining our little wager against this...

Huo Yuanjia fellow?

He'd better lose this time.

It cost me 6,000 francs when he beat this o' Brien.

Mr. Mita here... will ensure that you win back everything that you lost... plus a little bit more.

I've suggested a competition of four matches... between our countries' best against him.

We beat him and leave the chinese with nothing to brag about.

Four against one?

What makes you so sure he is going to accept that?

Pride? Honor?

The prestige of his school?

It's of no importance.

He has already accepted the challenge.

Then, gentlemen, I'll take you up on your wager.

And to make it a little more interesting...

I'm going to back the chinese.

Mita... you are certain Huo Yuanjia will lose?

With what I have in mind... our victory is guaranteed.

Yuanjia one of the contestants Tanaka, the Japanese fighter... wishes to meet you.

I heard he remains undefeated. He is one of the best.

Good, one can always learn from the best.

I suspect that the Foreign chamber of commerce... might have a hidden agenda.

How can they set up... a 'one against four' contest?

It is... an attempt to humiliate us, and undermine our position.

You're right.

One against four is unfair... plus I have to win each match.

But not everything in life... is fair.

For the sake of the Federation,

I have no other choice.

What if?

Jinsun, I want to ask you to do something... what is it?

After this fight, you should head the Sports Federation.


I want to visit Moon and Grandma.

I made a promise.

Do you know anything... about teas?

I don't really want to know... because I don't like categories.

Tea is tea.

Each has its own characteristics hence different grades.

What's the purpose of grading?

All teas are grown in nature... with little discernable differences So you really don't know teas.

Once you learn you can tell the differences.

Maybe you're right.

The way I see it... the tea does not... judge itself.

People... judge the tea.

As for me, I don't want to do that.

Why not?

When you are in a good mood, the grade of the tea... does not matter.

I've never seen it that way.

In your opinion, is one style of wushu superior... to another?

I don't think so.

If no particular style is superior... why have... so many competitions?

I believe... no single style is superior.

Only different skill levels.

It is through training that... one discovers one's strength.

Perhaps, the most formidable... enemy lies within onself.

Competitions can lead us to a path of self-discovery?

You mean... our most important battle... is actually fought within?

Your words are poignant.

Let's... enjoy the tea.

Please enjoy. - Thank you.

Shanghai 1910

French concession Pierre Theatre

The Fight Arena

Today's battle is between four fighters from the Foreign chamber of commerce and Huo Yuanjia of the Jingwu Sports Federation.

Whichever side falls first or signals to admit defeat will be considered to have lost the match.

This is unusual.

Four against one?

You never told me.

Both the chamber of commerce... and the Federation agreed.

Don't be concerned.

This is not a competition.

This is murder.

Tanaka, you're overreacting.

Huo Yuanjia fought the best fighters... from around the world.

And won each time.

The rules... he set them up.

Mita, what's your deal?

Is this really for the pride of Japan?

Or did you place a large bet?

The spirit of wushu... is the most important thing.

To compete is to win.

Now the first round! Huo Yuanjia against the British boxer!

British Boxer, Peter Smith


Belgium Royal Riding coach, Hanks Herzog

Great job, master!

Fencing champion of Europe, Antony Kasia

This is our embarrassment. We can't let him win.

The fourth and final contest will now begin.

The competitor to represent the Foreign chamber of commerce... is Tanaka from Japan.



This is an unfair contest.

If you wish to re-schedule... that's fine with me.

You're very kind.

We started the fight... we must finish.



Master, that's great!

This round is a draw.

Please set down your weapons, gentlemen... and prepare for hand-to-hand combat.

Mita, where have you been?

This is embarrassing. He's going to lose.

Don't worry, gentlemen. I have it under control.


Time out!

What's going on? - What is he doing?


Tanaka! - Go now! Go! Go!

What happened? What happened?

What happened?


Poison? What poison?

How did this happen?

What do you need? - Tea...


Where's the teapot?

The tea is laced. But it's gone!

We're going straight to the hospital.

Too late. The toxin is... in my blood!

Let me take revenge.


we... must not.

Revenge only... brings more bloodshed.

No more revenge.

We must strive to better ourselves.

Forget the competition.

We're going to hospital.


It took me years to understand... the true meaning of wushu, and its purpose.

The competition must continue.

One cannot choose... how one's life begins.

But one can choose... to face the end with courage.


What are you doing? Finish him off in the next round!

Why do you say that?

It's not for you to decide.

I must win this fight!

Whatever it takes. Just win!

We... Stand strong!

Stand strong! Stand strong!

You really want to win?

Let's stop.

Treasure your life.

Listen to them... it's not just about me.

If you wish to continue, I won't hold back.

It is my honor.

Young Master...

He's down! He's down! Huo Yuanjia's down!

Go! Go! Go!

Make the announcement!



Yuan... Jia!


Huo Yuanjia! Huo Yuanjia! Huo Yuanjia! Huo Yuanjia!

Tanaka, you son-of-a bitch.

What is this?

I lost!

Who said you lost?

I know it in my heart.

I lost. Fair and square.

Who do you think you are?

You have no right to decide.

You can't be Japanese.

You are a disgrace to Japan!

Huo Yuanjia! Huo Yuanjia!

Huo Yuanjia died from poisoning at the age of 42.

"The spirit of wushu" as espoused by Huo Yuanjia continues to spread and thrive long after he passed away... today, the Jingwu Sports Federation flourishes around the world, with branches in over 50 countries.

To commemorate Huo Yuenjia's spirit.

Inscribed by Sun zhongshan, Father of the nation To uphold the spirit of wushu by Sunwen

Excuse me! Miss. Yang?

What are your chances?

I did my best. That's what's important.

Is it enough?