Felicia's Journey (1999) Script

Do-do-do do-do-do

do-do-do do-do-do do-do-do-do-do-do

do-do do-do-do

do-do-do do-do-do do-do-do-do-do-do

what a wonderful world we would live in

with hatred and love reconciled

if we only showed each other

the faith in the heart of a child

what a wonderful world we could make it

what a wonderful place it would be

if we had the faith of a child to act

and the eyes of a child to see

then trust would replace suspicion

and hope would replace despair

our tears would turn to laughter

and wishing would turn to prayer

what a wonderful world we would live in

with hatred and love reconciled

if you and I had the simple faith

found in the heart

of a child

We try, Mr. hilditch. We do try.

I've told you before, Sidney, it starts with the stock.

Don't rely on cubes.

What's for dessert? Raspberry jam steamed pudding.

I'd give it a few minutes yet. I'm afraid I've got a meeting.

I could bring it to your office when it's ready.

That would be so kind of you, iris. Thank you.

A pleasure. Thank you.

Morning, Mr. hilditch. Morning, Jimmy.


Have you means of identification? Identification?

What's your name? Felicia.

Do you have a driver's license? I can't drive.

Have you any form of identification?

No, I can't think that I have.

No letter? No documentation of any kind?

Could you step aside?

Are you a resident of the United Kingdom?

No, I'm from Ireland.

I'm here to see a friend.

May I look through your bag for a moment?

Every minute I'll be thinking of you.

Every minute you'll be by my side.

The coach to london/victoria, is departing from bay six.

Would the supervisor please call maintenance.

Sorry. Excuse me. Could you tell me where the lawn mower factory is?

Lawn mower factory? Sorry. Yeah.

Okay, thanks.

Excuse me. Could you tell me where the lawn mower factory is?

Lawn mower factory, my dear? No, sorry, can't help you.

Okay, thank you.

No, lysaght. Johnny lysaght.


Hello. Could you give me the phone number for the lawn mower factory in Birmingham?

No. A place that makes them, doesn't sell them.

By installing food machines, you could dispense with the canteen staff.

The machines back directly on to the kitchens like this.

The prepared portions load straight in.

And at a drop of a coin, the dishes emerge when and how they're required.

What do you mean, "how they're required"?

Piping hot or chilled or anything in between.

Come in.

Here you are, Mr. hilditch.

Fresh from the oven.

It's better, iris. It's better. Good show.

Thank you, Mr. hilditch.

I'll let the others know.

It can serve drinks as well.

Just load the machine with tea, coffee, chocolate, softs.

No more than ten minutes labor a day. You can't lose.

But I would lose, Ted.

I would lose my staff.

I would lose the way iris takes the bother...

To bring me up a dish of raspberry jam steamed pudding.

Food must be served by caring hands, not by machines.

It keeps our spirits up.

It makes us feel...


Can I keep this?


Can I help you? Is this where they make lawn mowers?

I'm afraid not.

Lawn mowers? Why?

I have a friend who works in a place that makes them.

The only thing is, I'm not certain where it is.

You could try the black barrow industrial estate.

They've got a garden center there. They might know.

Go over the bridge, turn right, and go until you see the signs.


Good luck.

Hello, sister.

Yes, I know Johnny lysaght.

And you went out with him? I did.

You hear certain remarks made about that boy, Felicia.

I'm not saying it's gospel.

All I'm saying is there are certain statements made.

What statements? He joined the British army.

But Johnny went to england because he couldn't get work here.

There's better boys than that around here, Felicia.

Irish boys belong in Ireland.

Johnny's not in the army. He works in a factory.

Lawn mower parts.

How about you? Would I know your brothers or sisters?

No, just me. Yeah. No? Just you?

Just you and your father and your mother?

My mother passed away when I was four.

But there's my father and my great-grandmother.

She must be a ripe old age. Yeah.

She's about a hundred now. That's incredible.

But your mother passed away when you were four?

I'm sorry to hear that.

angel, angel


you are my special angel

sent from up above

my fate smiled down on me

and sent an angel to love Sorry, there's no lawn mower parts around here.

Best of luck anyway. I hope you find it.

Okay. Thank you very much.

I know that you're an angel

heaven is in your eyes

a smile from your lips brings the summer sunshine I'm sorry. There's no one with that name on site.

Okay, thank you. Good luck to you.

I feel your touch your warm embrace

and I'm in heaven again

you are my special angel

through eternity

I'll have my special angel

here to watch over me you didn't have any luck?

It's not there. But a man gave me the name of another town.

Yes, I thought of Thompson's casting five minutes after you left.

It's a bit of a distance.

You won't get a bus in that direction tonight. I'll stay here.

Have you got a place? I'm just going to look for a place.

Marshring. There's a lot of accommodation there.

And it's reasonable. You're after somewhere reasonable?

Yeah. Right.

You go straight up the road, take the second right, turn left along the canal and that's marshring.

I'd give you a lift.

I've just done me shopping. Thanks.

You looked beautiful the other day.

Has anyone ever said that to you?


I'm saying it now.

You look beautiful now.

more than ever more than ever

doo-do-do-do more than ever bon. Let me give you an important piece of advice...

About buying a good loin, or about buying anything for that matter.

The late georges escoffier, one of the greatest French chefs, says in his important book, le guide escoffier, is a matter of provisions.

No matter what you buy...

The cheapest is always the dearest in the end.

So, get your butcher...

To chop well down between each bone.

And trim each chop as for cutlets, but do not separate.

Roll the joints in the form of a crown...

With the meat inside.

Then attach them together.

Take this needle.

It's very scary, I know, but it is so practical.

You tie them together.

It's really fun to do too.

There. Voila!

The crown roast of lamb...

May be filled with ordinary poultry stuffing...

Or filled afterwards...

With mashed potatoes sprinkled with parsley.

Or, and this is my favorite, with pureed turnip and a pickle.

And what better way to puree your turnip and a pickle...

Than by using your new gala chef processor.

Let me tell you a few words about your new processor.

It is amazing. There are all these possibilities.

To add the right ingredients, you can fold...

This fresh Rosemary will be the perfect garnish for our lamb.

Let's go inside and see if the roast is ready.

Isn't it perfect? Last touches.

Now, let's put these lovely little hats.

It makes it very festive, you know.

But also, it's fun with kids around the table.

Sometimes they can pick it up and fight over it, etcetera.

Here we go. I think we should taste.

Let's have a taste...

And see how marvelous this is, no question.


No surprise.

Listen to me, Felicia.

You'll not live in our house...

And keep company with a member of the British army.

This family knows where it stands, and always has done.

Think of your great-grandmother.

Her husband, your blood, was executed by the brits, may, 1960.

Sacrifices have been made, and they will be honored.

We have a duty to remember these things.

Time will not allow us to forget.

This fellow will be back, Felicia.

But associate with him again, and you will leave our house.

You're at the beginning of things, Felicia.

One of these days, there'll be work for you.

Felicia, when you're a child, you take advice.

But I'm not a child, dad.

Not anymore.

I've said what I have to say. We can leave it.

You're goin' out, girl?


My wife and I were worried about you.

I was afraid you might have left already.

It seems that Thompson's casting would be a waste of time.

But I've tracked down the place you're looking for.

It's about fifty Miles away.

A lot of people who live locally make the journey every day.

No reason why your friend wouldn't.

Ada's up there in the hospital.

We had that phone call last night, see, about you.

Ada's poorly.

You see?

But what I wanted to tell you is I've got to drive up that way...

Tomorrow morning, on account of ada.

What I'm saying is, you'd be welcome to a seat in our little jalopy.

I don't think I...

No, naturally you wouldn't.

You probably want to get up there today.

Good luck. Toodle-oo.

Could I have the lift?

Of course!

It's 6:30 sharp, though, on account of ada.

But... I like to pop in and catch her before her morning tests.

6:30's all right.

I'll pick you up outside your b & b.

All right? See you tomorrow.

It won't be long till you're back again?

No, it won't be long.

Can I write to you?

I'm not much of a one for letters.

Come here, look.

Every minute, I'm gonna be thinking about you.

And every minute, you're gonna be by my side, all right?

I haven't got your address.

How are you doing? Nice to see you. How are you?

Not too bad. She's nice, isn't she?

Yeah, not a bad bike. Were you involved the other night?

Me friend Greg, broken nose.

Took some belt. He did indeed.

How are you keeping? Yeah, I'm good.

Good-lookin' belt.

I'm back off to england. England, for what?

Just back there. Gotta go back to work. How long have you had this?

Three weeks now.

Don't kill yourself on it. I won't.

Be careful. Yeah.

I remember giving you a go on a bike before.

Yeah, that's right.

See you.

He didn't see we wanted to be alone.

You didn't tell him.

Your address.

I'll send it to you. First thing when I get there.

I'm a friend of Johnny's, Mrs. lysaght. Yes?

I was wondering if you had his address.

What do you want with Johnny?

Just to write him a letter, Mrs. lysaght.

My son wouldn't want his address given out to all and sundry.

He wouldn't mind you giving me his address.

He didn't give it to you himself then?

No, he said he'd send it.

I was wondering if he sent it to you to give me.

All I want to do is contact him.

You've had enough contact with him.

My wife and I were worried about you.

It seems that Thompson's casting would be a waste of time.

But I've tracked down the place you're looking for.

It's about fifty Miles away.

A lot of people who live locally make the journey every day.

No reason why your friend wouldn't.

Ada's up there in the hospital.

We had that phone call last night, see, about you.

Ada's poorly.

But what I wanted to tell you, I've got to drive up that way tomorrow morning on account of ada.

Mrs. lysaght.

Mrs. lysaght?


Mrs. lysaght, please!

I imagine your eyes as you read these words.

Your eyes are what fill my heart, and give me hope in these confusing days.

Our days together seem a long time ago.

I miss those days.

Are you receiving these letters, Johnny?

Your mother said she would send them on to you.

I need to see you as soon as I can.

You seem like a nice person.

I'm all right once you get to know me.

Are you married?

It doesn't matter. I was just asking.

I'm not married, but I have to look after my mother.

She's getting old now. Is she?

Are you the only person she's got?

You are a nice man, then.

You haven't told me anything about you, how you think, how you feel.

I don't even know if you've ever been married or you've got children.

You haven't told me anything like that.

I'm not saying what we had wasn't special, 'cause it was.

I probably wouldn't be here now if it weren't for you, but you know, things are different.

Morning. Well, here we are.

Was it all right, the b & b? The what?

The bed and breakfast. Yeah, it's fine.

I'm glad of that. I wouldn't like to think I'd misled you.

Has lysaght got you pregnant?

We're both responsible.

How long are you gone?

I've missed a few times.

How many?

There's no doubt about it.

Carrying the enemy within you.

Thank God your mother isn't alive to see it.

You're a whore!

You're a whore!

And you're worse than that!

Damn you to hell!

The first time i met up with you...

I could see you were in a bit of an upset.

You're fond of the boyfriend, are you?

It's not difficult to believe that he's fond of you.

I said, it's not difficult to believe that he's fond of you.

I'm having his baby.


I'm pregnant.

You're going to be a mother.

We'll see everyone who arrives from here.

Going to get out and look for him? Yeah.

Go on then.

- May I help you? Is this where they make lawn mowers?

We make lots of things here.

Do you know if Johnny lysaght works here? I've not heard of that name.

He's about that tall. He's got blond hair.

Let's just check the register. Okay.

This fresh Rosemary will be the perfect garnish for our lamb.

So let's go inside and see if the roast is ready.


Joey was in the shot again. I know! Go sit there.

Could we do one more? Yes, of course.

Next time, when you pick the Rosemary, could you really roll it in your hand?

No. He doesn't work here.

He said he loved me.

That we'd be together forever.

Then he left without giving me his address.

I need to find him! His mother's trying to keep him away from me.

Mothers can be difficult.

I don't want to bother you with it.

Another person's trouble can lift the mind.

Do you understand me?

Don't be ashamed.

We understand exactly how you feel.


We've had experience.

I'll drive you back...

After I visit the hospital.

I'll just pop in, dear. Find out the state of play.

I'm sorry.

I've got to stand on my own two feet. Surely you must see that.

I was weak before.

You've helped me strengthen everything about my personality, and I feel like I'm ready to go it alone.

I'll always remember the conversations we've had, and the way you've helped me, but... that's it now.

I'm not even a body, I'm not even a person.

I'm just a part of a woman that men want to use.

I've got nowhere to go.

Excuse me. Could you tell me where I might find the lavatory?

Down there on the left. Thank you.

You're fine. You're not hurting.

You're the strong one. Why do you need me?

Why do you need my stories?

I needed you. You don't need anybody.

You've got your mum.

You've helped me back to myself, I'm all right now. That's why I wanna go.

I can't get attached to people in my profession.

You should be happier for me. Why aren't you?

You've been wonderful. I can't explain.

And you've helped me get to where I am now.

I've just got this strength and this spirit, and I just want more.

I didn't want interviews. I didn't want all this crap.

"Who are you? What's your name? What did you do?

Who's your boyfriend? How did you get into this situation?"

Hi, my name's gaye, and I'm a prostitute.

My name's Sharon. Bobbi. My name's Beth.

My name's jakki. Elsie.

You'll find other people that you can relate to the way you've related to me.

You'll find other people that you can connect with and talk to...

That are special to you.

I guess I'm just another ordinary person.

There are lots of people that would find your personality endearing, and they would love to speak to you.

I'd give half my kingdom now.

No. Give me the head of the baptist.

Stop it. Please don't do that. It's really scary.

I'd like to go back, please. Where are we now?

Please can I go? Will you just stop the car?

Please will you just stop the car?

I'd like to stop. Don't just ignore me. Will you say something?

What? What is... Wrong with you?

What's wrong with you? Why don't you just let me go?

I might see... Just...

My God! Get off me! Help me!


How was that? Fine.

Should we do one with Joey?

Sure. We could have him pluck some Rosemary, then run to follow you inside.


Is something wrong?

Ada's not so good.

They had to do an emergency at 5:00 this morning.

She's not so good.

I'm sorry.

I'll be all right in a minute.

You get a shock like this, you don't want to be alone.

Both of us with a shock, Felicia.

I'm glad you're going to have a baby, Felicia.

It's a help to me, that.

A help?

Another life coming.

Ada going in at this particular time, and you here.

And ada concerned about you...

When I told her.

"Young Irish girl," I said.

She wanted to know what you looked like.

I told her you were going to be a mother.

I hope you don't mind.

I thought it might give her a lift.

We never had kids of our own.

Yes, you told me.

A great disappointment.

A child is a blessing, Felicia.

Never forget that.

A blessing.

Are you thinking of having the thing terminated, Felicia?


Do they have that over there? Abortion?



There's difficulties.

Difficulties. Of course.

We'll make our way back, shall we?

My father... Yes?

My father says...

Johnny joined the army over here.

It can't be true. Of course not.

Johnny wouldn't lie to me. No!

Johnny wouldn't lie to you.

He wouldn't join the army over here.

Come inside. We'll make some inquiries.

The girl I have at the office is very good at tracking things down.

I'm sorry. I can't be a nuisance at a time like this.

Never a nuisance, Felicia.


I don't want nothing.

Of course you don't. Course not, honey.

Today I have brought the Bible to you. I don't want no Bible!

This is the paradise earth.

This is the promise and the place of the father lord.

You hear of the flood? Noah and his ark? You hear of that?

Yes, I have. Child, we live in a miracle!

Look here at this garden, honey.

The father lord is gathering all things in.

I have to get a room for the night.

I can offer you a room. No charge made.

What I'm doing now is pinching the Turkey...

So that I can loosen...

Who's making inquiries about this soldier? I'm a friend of the family.

I'm afraid there's been an emergency.

The young man's father's had an accident.

What are you asking me? Well, the family's uncertain...

Which barracks the lad's stationed at, owing to his father being unconscious in hospital.

We're ringing round all the barracks in the area.

Name and rank? Lysaght, j.

A squaddie, I would say.

A what? A private.

We have a lysaght here.


We'll pass the message on after fatigues. No.

It would be better if the family brought the news to him.

Now we know where he is, we'll, contact him pronto.

Thank you.

Now, this fine young man...

Will help me demonstrate a novel way...

Of stuffing your Turkey without untrussing it...

And then trussing it back together again.

No, no, no. Too complicated.

I take the stuffing and fit it into...

A nylon icing bag...

With no pipe affixed, of course.

Like this. Fill it up.

Now, go in. Et voila.

Now, Joey, why don't you show everyone...

How easy this is.

You just squeeze it...

Until the bird is full.

Joey! What a mess you made!

Here is a piece of liver that managed to escape. Open your mouth, Joey.

Joey! Open your mouth!

It's very good for you, the liver.

Liver is a delicacy.

Go get the towel to help mama clean up.

What a mess, Joey.

One, one, one, one.

One, one, one, one.

One, one, one, one.


It's quiet in the gathering house this time of day.

Each and every one is out and about.

Do a lot of people live here? Black and white, child.

Young and old. All that are called to gather in.

You are not amongst us by chance, for there is nothing that can happen...

But by the commandment that began...

In the garden of pleasure.

Adam was taken from out of the ground of the paradise earth, and the commandment...

Was drawn in the dust.

Look close.

See the serpent spit.

Where did you find this?

She was quite a sensation back then, wasn't she?

Gave fannie craddock a run for her money.

Not that I understood a word she said.

What was the name of her little boy?

Jimmy? Does it say?

Here it is.


What is it, child?

I've lost some money. Money?

It was in my bag. What you saying to me, child?

I had money with my clothes. It was hidden away in my bag and it's been taken.

Not in this house. Never that, child. It's missing.

Stolen! You're saying stolen.

No, not at all.

Only, I left the bag when I first came in.

We provide you with shelter and true belief, and now there is accusation?

I didn't say it was stolen. I just want it back. I've no money now.

You're asking for money, child?

No. I'm sorry to wake you. There's been a terrible confusion.

The child has lost some money.

If one of you might have seen it... maybe I took it out by mistake, or it slipped out of the bag. She says it has been stolen!

Are you working? I say, are you working?

Give me a special price.

Are you working?

Suit yourself.

Nowhere to settle, dear?

Come. Keep me company.

We meet again.

No luck with your searchings?

You're soaking wet. Come in, come in.

Give me your bag.

Look at you. Go through. It's warm in there.

Yesterday, you said, could you help me that day.

And I was wondering...

I was wondering if you could lend me the fare to go home.

You want to go back?

It was a mistake comin' here.

I shouldn't ever have come over.

What about your friend, though? Sit down.

I'll never find him.

You can't give up, Felicia.

Not this easily.

If your friend knew all this, he'd be doing his nut with worry.

I've had experience of this.

If he knew what you've been going through, looking for him in a country that's so strange to you, poor fellow would be beside himself.

I want to find Johnny.

And that's what we'll do.

I'll ask the girl at the office to ring round, like I suggested.

You remember I suggested that, Felicia, before you...

I'm so sorry. I...

No, no. It's completely understandable, you scuttling off like that.

I passed that incident on to ada...

When she had a bright moment.

She said it was understandable.

Hmph. I only mention it...

'Cause I wouldn't like you to think there was any offense taken.

Is your wife getting better?

Ada died, dear.

God, I...

I'm sorry.

This morning.

I've just got home.

As a matter of fact, we have to say it was a blessed release.

We have to use that expression, Felicia.

You need something to eat. Come to the kitchen.

There's a place I've heard of...

Where the Irish boys meet up of an evening.

It's called the barton arms.

Have you checked out the barton arms at all?

It's a pub.

I have high hopes of the barton arms.

I've a feeling in my bones.

Tell you the truth, it'd give me a lift to go out.

No go, dear? No?

They aren't even Irish.

Happen the Irish lads come in later.

We'll give it 20 minutes, Come on, sit down.

Bear with me a minute, Felicia. It's just occurred to me, I know a bloke who employs Irish labor.

He's a manager of a smelting works about a mile off.

I'll give him a ring. I'll get us some drinks as well.

Did you want a cup of tea? Won't be a minute.

As many flowers as are available.

As long as they can be delivered immediately. Yes, tonight.

Right. Yes. Well, I'll leave the selection up to you.

Yes, it's a funeral.

No dice.

Out for the evening seemingly.

We'll move on, shall we?

But... We haven't had our drinks yet.

I hope it's not a presumption on my part, Felicia, but, have you considered your condition at all?

It's only I'm thinking, whatever the outcome of tracking Johnny down is, you don't want to let yourself get caught.

"Don't let it go too far," was always ada's advice.

And my own as well.

Enough to say, you've lost it.

I don't want to do a thing like that.

Now, now.

Drink some of that tea while it's warm.

The goodness is in the warmth, they say.

I only mention it because...

Ada mentioned it before she went.

But you're right. It's best left for now.

I'll get the girl in my office to make her inquiries...

First thing in the morning. She won't find him.

If anyone can find your friend, that girl can.

By tomorrow, we'll have master Johnny in our sights.

I'll come back in a few days.

A few days?

What are you talking about, Felicia?

I forgot about the funeral.

Listen, dear.

Army life taught me something very important.

You carry on.

Chin up, and march forward.

As far as Johnny is concerned, by tomorrow night...

We'll know the score.

I'll come back tomorrow night, then. Any time after dark.

You'll find somewhere tonight, will ya? I'll manage.

You all right in the toilet department before you set off?

Yes, all right, thanks.

You're welcome, of course, to lay your head down here.

I'll get you a blanket, shall I? Yes, please.

My favorite thing was to run a bath, you know, like a bubble bath and have scent.

Candles all around.

I'd walk around in her robe while it was running.

And then I'd just sink away.

And then, when I'd finished, if I had time I'd go into their room...

And I'd dress up in her clothes.

Pretend that I was needed...

And wanted, not just for my body...

But for me.

For who I was and what I could do.

That was my little fantasy.


Now, you will stay in the house, won't you, dear?

We don't want the neighbors to get ideas so soon after ada.

Well, you know.

No answering the door, no phone calls.

I'll be back around 6:00.

Bye. I dreamt that you met Johnny.

That you knew where he was.

With any luck, Felicia, that dream might come true.

Let's see what my girl turns up with, I'll pray for her. Who?

Your wife.

Thank you, Felicia.

Morning, Mr. hilditch.

Morning, Jimmy. Better spot of weather, Does your heart good, Mr. hilditch. What do we have for lunch today?

Rissoles in batter, or pork.

How was the COD yesterday? Tiptop.

I'm glad to hear it, Jimmy.

Morning, iris. Good morning.

Smells champion, that pork.

Mr. hilditch? What is it?

Double sausage roll. Won't you try it?


That's a beautiful tie you're wearing, Mr. hilditch.

I've not seen you in black.

Did you not like...


Morning! Hello.

I had an abortion six months ago.

I had to get rid of it.

And it had to be quick. I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe, because every day it was growing inside me, and it was becoming...

It was becoming a person, and I just...

It made me feel ill. I didn't want it.

It reminded me of what I did.

What I do.

So I had to go private.

I looked in the phone book. I found a clinic.

Nice place. The gishford in sheffield.

The staff were really nice. Friendly. Didn't ask many questions.

An immediate would be wonderful. Yes!

Right. Thank you. Thank you for fitting her in.

Thank you. Bye.

Johnny's different.

He'd want our baby.

And you came here to ascertain that.

To make sure. Is that right, Felicia?

But you never got an answer.

You have to look at it like that.

If the girl in the office had struck lucky today, then it would've been a different kettle of fish.

I'm not saying it wouldn't.

But she didn't.

And I'm definitely of one mind with you now.

We won't find Johnny.

Johnny'll be over St. Patrick's day, or easter.

I was thinkin' about that the entire day.

It'll be all right when I'm there, and we're together again.

There's no doubt that Johnny loves you, dear.

Nothing you've said to me contradicts that.


The point I'm trying to make to you is...

The situation, like you and Johnny are in,

could all too easily be affected by misfortune.

Ada said that, Felicia.

Ada had a considerable insight into matters of the heart.

The thing is, Felicia, you're over here now.

This isn't Ireland.

And we have certain facilities available.

What I'm saying to you...

Is what I'd say to any daughter ada and myself might have had.

I'm giving you the benefit of long experience.

There isn't a doubt in my mind, Felicia.

I've thought of nothing else since I rested poor ada in the ground.

There's some would call it murder.


We're not in this world to cause pain, dear.

Of course, you have to think of yourself on occasion.

I'm not saying you don't.

But there are other people too, which is something you're daily more aware of as you grow older.

What are you talking about?

No one's denying you've been through it, Felicia.

But so has your dad, and your great gran.

Imagine them trying to hold their heads up.

There's that to think about too.

We all have to do terrible things, Felicia.

We have to find the courage sometimes.

You're a young girl.

When you find Johnny again, you can both make the choice...

To have a child.

But the circumstances have to be right.

A child...

Needs to be surrounded by all the love it can.

The love of the mother.

Of course he'll have that.

But the love of the father, and the grandfather, and the great great-grandmother...

Why deprive this baby of that?

I've, um...

I've put by a little that I'd gladly donate...

In order to do the decent thing by your family.

Anything you lend me, I'll send back.

Every penny.

I've no doubt, Felicia.

They can do an immediate at the gishford.

A what?

It's a clinic.

They can do it at once.

I asked the girl to put a call in to them.

You could be back across the water by Monday.

Back a free spirit, Felicia, with the whole thing...

Lifted from you.

It's what's right, Felicia, believe me.

It's what's meant.

Come on, then. Put your coat on.

Yeah. That's it.

Come on, let's get you home.

Thank you. We're very much obliged.

See she keeps nice and warm.

We've a little journey, they I'll tuck her up.

Just a minute.

Doctor said she wasn't sleeping too well.

Thank you.

Come on, dear. Take it easy.

We'll have you home in a jiffy.

I'll go in the morning.


Forty-two pounds.

If I could borrow that.

I doubt if that's sufficient, dear.

One little mishap... It's terrible to be short.

You've had experience yourself, of course.

I'll send every penny back.

And every penny it cost today.

Today was my treat, dear.

I was happy about today.

Ada would've liked today.

But you're in no state to travel, of course.

I have to go.

You weren't at all well in the car, dear.

You certainly can't set off on a journey in this condition.

I shouldn't have done it.

What's done is done, dear.

No one ever grew rich on regrets.

What about the bright side,

For as long as you want it, Felicia, there's a welcome at number three.

You have your own little room now.

The sensible thing would be if we took it day by day.

I had dreams.

The whole time it was happening, I had dreams.

I dreamt that I saw him, Johnny and me...

Walking with our little boy.

A boy, was it?

I often remember being a boy.

Drink up your cocoa, dear.

I'm sorry if I'm fatherly, Felicia.

I can't help being fatherly.

I've grown fond of you.

The first time I saw you, you were there with your bag, woebegone and bedraggled.

You were different from the rest.

What rest?

The others.








All on their own journeys.

Lost girls.

I was the world to them.

In their time of need, they counted on me.

But then they wanted to go. Just like you.

But none of them ever came into this house.

It was never that.

Then... What was there?

A chat in the car.

I like the chats.

Then... sleep.

They were always asleep when it happened, Felicia.

When I laid them to rest. No.



I couldn't lay you to rest, dear.

Not until you'd taken care of your little one.

I couldn't do that myself, Felicia.

You are

my special angel

sent from up above

my fate

smiled down on me

and sent an angel to love

you are my special angel

right from paradise

I know

that you're an angel


is in your eyes

Good afternoon, sir.

Thank you for welcoming us.

Today we bring you the word of our father lord.

I myself am from Jamaica, and this is miss marcia tibbits.

May I inquire, sir, if you are familiar with the writings of the Bible?

I'm afraid I'm not interested.

If we could just step inside your home, my friend would offer you her own experiences, how she was gathered in.

Ten minutes of your day is not much sacrifice to make.

The father lord gives us time eternal.

We live in a miracle, sir.

There is a future for the one who dies.

Look at this garden, sir.

You see the fruits of the trees, and the people of all nations?

Look. No iron bars are needed, sir, for all the animals are at peace with the happy people.

Look at these brightly colored birds as they flit here and there.

Imagine their beautiful song, and the children's laughter...

Filling the air.

Look, sir, as the father lord...

Is gathering all things in.

Look here, I'm busy. I've things to do.

An Irish girl mentioned you, sir.

I remember that now as we stand here.

"A good man," the girl said. A helpmate to her.

"Duke of Wellington road," she said.

Big and bighearted was maybe the description.

She said you seemed troubled.


I know no Irish people at all.

The girl make a song and dance that she is stolen from.

Nothing better than a common thief.

Soon, the folk will come from all over...

For our prayer jubilee.

May I ask you, sir, if you have rooms going spare in your house?

Rooms? What are you talking about?

Sir, the folk come to rejoice.

For the future is written in the writing of certainty.

There will be fruit for all heavy on the trees.

And the green hills stretch to the horizon.

And the corn is lifted from the land.

See the foxes, sir, tamed in their holes, and the geese happy in the farmyard barn.

Hear the cries of the children at play, and the voices raised in song for the father lord.

That is the promise. That is the future for the one who dies.

None of us can flee the one who dies, for the one who dies awaits us...

For when we, too, have been cleansed, and are ready for the paradise earth.

There is a solace for the troubled, sir.

What's she doing? What's she writing down?

This is a private house, you know.

What is written, sir, is the address.

Three Duke of Wellington.

And the number of folk you have room for when the jubilee is at hand.

Sir, with the folk around you, you will soon discover a heartsease.

We understand your troubles, sir.

- We have put two and two together. What two and two?

The Irish girl brought pain to our people, sir, as she has to you.

You helped that girl on her way.

You did not pass by on the other side.

Sir, you are at one with our church.

Sorry, I must get on. This is not my kind of thing.

The girl was chattering. It came out like that.

A confidence trickster, it turns out.

Sh-she asked me the way.

We would've shown her the way, sir, as we can show you right now!

Parthians, and medes...

And elamites! Lord!

And the dwellers in mesopotamia, and in judea.

We hear them. Some from their gardens.

Some from the deserts.

We give you thanks. Get up from the ground.

We offer thanks! For God's sake, get up!

Put that girl out of your mind, sir.

The pain will wash away.

I'm not in pain. I don't know what you mean by pain.

The healing will commence.

I'm a catering manager.

I have lived in this house all my days.

I'm a respectable man.

Hilditch I am called.

We have come to gather you, Mr. hilditch, as we come every day to the houses of the other folk.

Mr. hilditch, we are concerned for you.

Why not kneel down with us, sir?

Why not permit us to ask for guidance?

We mention the girl to you only to compliment you on your charity.

You are not yourself, sir.

I have seen that, and have said it.

I took that girl's money.

To keep her by me.

I am the thief.


No, no.

I am lonely sometimes...

In my house.


I am lonely.

You talked about me.

To others.

You told them...

I was troubled.

You said this to complete strangers.

I'm sorry if I upset you.

I didn't mean to upset you.

No one's blaming you, dear.

Things... happen.

Things... take a turn.

We live in a miracle.

That's the promise.

That's the future.

The pain...

Will wash away.

The healing...

Will commence.

what a wonderful world we would live in

with hatred and love reconciled

if we only showed each other

the faith in the heart of a child

what a wonderful world we could make it

what a wonderful place it would be

if we had the faith of a child to act

and the eyes of a child to see

then trust would replace suspicion

and hope would replace despair

our tears would turn to laughter

and wishing would turn to prayer

what a wonderful world we would live in

with hatred and love reconciled

if you and I

had the simple faith

found in the heart

of a child

Your grandchild wasn't born, Mrs. lysaght.

Did you tell Johnny?

Did you give him any of these letters?

Wherever Johnny is, i want him to know I'm all right.

The pain can wash away.

Healing can commence.

Lost within a man who murdered...

There was a soul like any other.

Purity itself it surely once had been.

I remember the names of the ones he took away.








I remember these names with every new face I meet.

May we all rest in peace.