Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972) Script


...for serving as a model to others and for your generous contribution to society...

...namely the preservation of safety...

...and harmony...

...in the community through...

...the re-education and rehabilitation of our nation's convicts...

...over a period of 27 years since the war's end.

We commend you!

This isn't any normal commotion.

It's a breakout. Someone's escaped.

Not in broad daylight!


...even in broad daylight.

Only one person would try to pull it off, though.



What's the matter?

What's wrong?


Don't worry, it's just your period.

You didn't have it for a long time because you've been locked up.

Come on...

They're close.

All right, let the dogs loose!

Everybody split up!


Go afterthem!

Take one more step and...

I'll blow you away.


"You're a beautiful flower" ...his words flatter you today.

But once you're in full bloom, he'll just toss you away Foolish, foolish, foolish woman's song...

Her song of vengeance.

"Sorrow is my fate" ...so you've given up on men.

Show him yourtears and he'll bring you grief again.

Tearful, tearful, tearful woman's song...

Her song of vengeance.

"You cling to your dreams" ...they scorn your world of lies.

So you try to wake up, but you can't open your eyes.

A woman, a woman, a woman's heart is her song...

Her song of vengeance.

Is this a joke?

While we're being commended...

...allowing a prison break to occur?

It's a fucking outrage!

We are charged with the custody of our nation's convicts!

How do you expect to fulfill that mission when you're so goddamned slack?

From now on...

You're to make doubly sure that nothing like this...

...ever happens again on my watch, is that clear?


Everybody, listen up!

As punishment fortoday's incident...

...we're cutting back on everyone's meals forthe next seven days.

Now get in there!

Kitchen duties are to be stopped at once!

Get out of the way!

Everyone shut up!

You think if you keep up that racket they're going to serve us soup?

We're being punished, ladies.

We're fucked because of Matsu.

If you're bitter, blame Matsu!

There's no way to escape!


If you are not thinking of busting out of here...

...pick up your chopsticks.

Go on, eat.

Well, that's odd.

If you're not eating, we would assume you're thinking of blowing this joint.

Is that what you want? What's the matter?

Go on, eat!


Just look at you now, Matsu.

I've brought you a feast.



Eat like a dog if you don't want to starve.


Don't give me any attitude.

All right.

Let's see you lap it up.


You're trembling.

Are you feeling cold?

Is that it?

Okay, I'll make you nice and warm...

What a lovely sight...

How's Matsushima doing?

Sir! Still no sign of remorse.

Prisoner 701!

Because of your bullshit attempt to escape...

...all of your fellow inmates are being punished...

If you want us to spring you from this hole...

...promise us neverto pull shit like this again and...

...get on your hands and knees and apologize!

Got it?

Well, no hurry.

There's plenty of time.

Three years ago...

I was just an ordinary, happy woman.

I was desperately in love with one man.


He was a narcotics officer on the marijuana squad...


I want you.


There's something I'd like you to do for me.

He wanted my help in a sting operation.

To seize information on smugglers' routes...

I infiltrated a nightclub owned by...

...a yakuza organization called Kaizu Enterprises.

I never felt any danger.

Because all I could everthink about was Sugimi.

Don't fuck with us.

We know you're in with the cops.

Who put you up to this?


If you're not going to talk, we should ask your body!

It's the cops!

Don't move!

If you resist, I'll shoot you for obstruction of justice!

Looks like I've got you by the balls at last.

You're under arrest for trafficking in marijuana.


...for rape, as well.

It all went according to your plan, didn't it?

You win.

So it's all co-existence and co-prosperity from now on.

Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!

He had deceived me.

Sugimi, the man I loved with all my heart.


...thanks for yourtrouble.

Hey, how about you?

I really miss the outside world.

You miss sex, you mean.

How's this?

Do I look okay?

I'm sure you'll have to beat off the male guards with a stick now!

Are you off to see Matsu?

Try taking the lid off.


Well, I'm off.

See you later.

You go and take really good care of her now, okay?

You must be hungry.

I'll give you plenty of nice...

...hot miso soup.

Thanks for your patience.

I've got something special on the menu for you!

What's that, you want more?

Okay, hold on!

Help me!

We know that lmune's burn was no accident.

Come clean!

Give it up!


Shutting up is not going to get you anywhere!

Are you listening?

You can remain silent when you're with the cops...

...but it doesn't work that way here!

Damn you!

Spit it out!

So you have no intention of talking, do you?

Goddamn you!

Talk to us!

Talk to us!

If you talk we'll go easy on you...

If you talk we'll go easy on you!

Spit it out, dammit!

Spit it out! Spit it out!


You're a stubborn little bitch!


How the hell did you burn lmune with miso soup...

...when you're tied hand and foot?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

The Beautiful Soul and Harmony ofJapan.

So you are...

...the mole who fed us information about Nami Matsushima?

I see you're as perceptive as ever.

He reminds me of my long-ago self.

I see your reach is as long as ever.


...nothing can surpass the business going on between you and me.

You're on the fast-track to promotion at the Department.

I'm sitting on the top floor of this building.

By the way...

...did the prison break really fail?

That's right.

But she's an enigma to me.

I still don't understand why she didn't testify against us at hertrial.

Because she was still in love with me, that's why.


Her hatred for you was so overwhelming she could...

...barely contain herself, never mind testify.

So why did she try to escape from prison?

Is she gonna try to knife me again?

Hey, calm down.

Whatever her reasons, she could jeopardize our business.

Let's get rid of her.

Should we use that guy who was just here?


...a woman.

Her name is Katagiri.

She worked for me years ago as a drug mule.

Actually, it was you who nabbed her!

I remember now.

This one would make an ideal assassin.

It's raining, but they won't give us the day off.

We're like factory workers in a sewing plant.

Shit, I'm beat again!

I'm on a losing streak.

Who's playing me?

What are you rolling?


Here goes!

There's my stake.

Okay, it's odds.

Odds! It's odds!


Those your final bets?

Let's call it!

Two, six, even!



I bet these dice...

...aren't clean.

So now...

...you're suddenly so high and mighty?

How badly you're losing...

...you don't talk to me like you don't owe me.

You owe me big time, bitch!

We're not playing with anyone who's broke.

Come on, roll, roll!

Gimme another chance, will you?

But you have nothing to bet!

Hey you...

You've been giving us a lot of attitude since you got here.

Why don't you pay up forthat while you're at it?

Okay, I got you.

Remember what you just said now.


Then do you wanna play fortonight's dinner?

If you win...

...l'll cancel all the debt you owe me.

You're on!

Don't do it.

If you lose your dinner, it'll take its toll tomorrow.


There's no way you're gonna win...

You see?

If you bet odds again, you'll win this time!

That your final bet?

That your final bet?

Yes, that's final!

Trying to take advantage of a nai've amateur...

...by alternating odd dice and even dice, huh?

How the hell do you mean to settle this?

Fine, I'll settle it now!

Take that!

Fuck you!

I'll kill you!

How many people have you killed on the outside?

Why don't I show you how it's really done?

Stop it right there! Drop the knife!

All right, next!


Hurry the hell up!

Hurry up!

Shit! That bitch.

Who does she think she is?

I'll show you some fun.

If we're caught with this on us...

Just stick it in that bitch's uniform.

The guards will take care of the rest.

Only you could come up with that.

It's a great scam.

Let's go!

Oh Teacher...

...it's all right if we freshen up too, isn't it?

Well, hurry it up!

Well, well...

...things are going to get interesting soon, huh?


Look what we found in your uniform!

You were planning to make a run for it, weren't you?

No, no...

I wasn't.

That's ridiculous...

Matsu again!

I should've known that...


Stop it!

Knock it off, Masaki!


Masaki! Knock it off!

You will stop at once!


Get the fuck off your asses!

I'm disciplining you all!

I wonder how long we're being punished forthis time?


What did we have to do with it?

But I heard those bastards got demoted.

That's something to gloat...

All right.

Now I want you to fill those holes.

Fill them!

Come on, fill 'em up!

Fill them!

Start digging again.


It's been a while.


What are you doing here?

Depending on the outcome...

...I could do to get you out on parole.

What the hell do you want me to do for you?

Nami Matsushima...

Kill her.


Waste her?

Well, don't be so surprised.

Of course, make it all look like an accidental death.

You're a cop. Why?

You don't need to give a shit about why!

If you want to get out of this place...

...just do what I tell you. No questions asked.

So what's it gonna be?

Are you going to do it or not?

You have no choice either way, you know.

Just so you know, that man was just talking to Katagiri.


You wanted to see me?

Throw Nami Matsushima into Solitary.

Yes, sir.

My name's Kitoh.

They threw me in here the minute I arrived.

Well, I guess you can't blame them. I've got five priors.

I can see they've really roughed you up.

You're Nami Matsushima, aren't you?

I heard the guards talking about you just now.

They say they had you hogtied for days...

...but they couldn't break you.

Plus you somehow managed to spill a bucketful...

...of boiling hot soup all overthe woman who was torturing you.

And to top it all off, you had something to do with the warden...

...getting stabbed in the eye.

I'd never guess you were...

...ballsy enough to pull off that kind of shit.

Well, how about it?

Was it really you who did all that?

You talk too much.

What's the matter?

It hurts where they beat you, doesn't it?

Let me rub your back.

If you're the woman they say you are...

...I don't see why you're whimpering over a little pain.

What do you think you're doing?

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it...

Stop it...

...stop it...


I want more.

I want more...

I see...

...so she wouldn't budge, would she?


...that was a lot to ask of a rookie like you.

You gave it a good try.


Please let me try again!

Thank you.

I commend your enthusiasm.

But it's all right.

You can go home and rest Please, Warden!

Let me go back to Solitary!

There's no need for you to assume any responsibility here.

Don't worry.

I'll come up with another way...


I'm going back to Solitary!

Kitoh, what's gotten into you?

You don't have to give me time off!

So please, please send me back...

Send me...


Inspect her!

Give herthe once-over!

Please let me go back...

Please let me...

Please let me go back...

Please let me go back...

Just as I thought.

You slut!


If you call yourself a police officer, be ashamed!

I don't care how you go about it.

Break Matsushima down!

All right, stop digging.

Everybody climb up!


You're going to keep on digging.

The Devil's Punishment!

The Devil's Punishment!

The Devil's Punishment! The Devil's Punishment!

It's the Devil's Punishment...


Get up!

Who said you could sit?

Over here!

Come on, hurry it up!

Come on!

Hey, you.


Now are you ready to confess to everything you've done?

Oh, so...

...you don't want me to give you a break, huh?

All right then, you can just keep on digging that hole until you die!

Listen up!

All of you are going to keep Matsu company until she croaks, got it?

You're all going to fill up this hole!

Fill it up!

Get to it!

Hurry it up! Fill it up!

What the hell are you doing?

Hey you!

What are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?

What's your problem?

Hurry it up!

Fill the damn hole!

Fill it up!

What are you doing?


For chrissake...

Get to work!

Do it!

Get to work!

Come on!

Next shift!

Come on, bring on the next shift!

Now, it's yourturn!

Can't believe how stubborn that bitch is.


The way this is going we're going to collapse before Matsu does!

The blisters on my hands hurt like hell!



What's going on?


Hey, you...

What is it?

Don't stand there gawking.

Get back to work!

No breaks!

Keep digging!


No slacking!


Hurry the fuck up!

It's too soon for you to die!

Dig until you die!

Get up!

Get up!

You're going too far.

Please let us stop!

The hell I will!

Get back to work! Stand up!


It's way too soon for you to die.

Goddamn you!

Get up!

Don't move!

Everybody stand back!


Stop this commotion right now!

If you keep this up...

...we'll shoot you all dead!

Let's riot.

We'll take these bastards hostage and...

...hole up in the warehouse!





Come with me.


Yuki, you have to hold on now.


You took those bullets for me, didn't you?






All right everyone.

We've got to build a barricade!

Come on Hurry up!

It's futile for you to resist. Surrender at once!

If you don't come out from there now, we'll kill you all!

Surrender at once!

Cut the shit, you bastards!


Everybody, shut up!

Leave it to me.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I guess you don't give a shit about the hostages, huh?



Stop it...

It's too early to provoke them.

Stop it right now.


The one-eyed gorilla!

You showed up, huh?

You're gonna listen real carefully to our demands, asshole.


Are you the ringleader of this?

What difference does it make?

Listen up!

Bring us enough food for 60 people!

As for all the slave labor...

...torture and beatings...

...there's gonna be an end to all that from now on, got it?

If you don't give in to these demands...

...we'll stick it out for as long as it takes!

Fucking bitch!

No way are we going to cave in to those demands!

We'll never give them their demands!

Give me a break!

I can't breath...

It's still not too late.

Give up your guns and come out from the warehouse.

Some of you are close to being released from here.

If you surrender now we'll overlook this transgression.

Otherwise, it will only add more time to your sentences!

As if we'd really fall for a lame offer like that!


If we panic, we lose.

There's no turning back now!

Hey, you...

...are not gonna fuck us over, are you?

Don't give me that now.

Oh yeah? You're full of shit.

Who the hell was flirting with the guards...

...and putting on airs as if she were our goddamned leader?

You're attacking the wrong person.

Hasn't anybody noticed yet?

The bitch who started it all isn't even here.

Nami Matsushima!

That's right.

All of this shit came down because of her.

So why didn't she take part in the riot?

Wait a minute.

Just whose fault is it that she isn't here, I wonder?

Don't listen to her!

That bitch is in deep with Matsu!

We were all nearly worked to death because of Matsu!

We can't ever forget that!


Let's get her in here.

We'll beat the living shit out that bitch!


Are you all with me?

Hey guys...

...working hard in the rain?

Aren't you forgetting something very important?

Where's our fucking food?

And while you're at it...

...why don't you send in Nami Matsushima too?

Give us Matsu or else...

...we'll rip off the balls of our hostages!

All right.

Send in Prisoner 701 like they've asked, but...

...no food yet.

But sir!

Let the prisoners vent their anger...

...on Matsushima.

That way, at least some of their frustration should be diffused.


It will teach Matsushima a lesson!

Get in there!

We're going to pay you back big time.

Brace yourself, now!

All right everyone!

Let's kick the shit out of this bitch!

String her up!

Bring her down!

Pull her up!

Bring her down!

Come on, you guys!

Kicking and punching is kid stuff.

There are more amusing ways to hurt someone...

Pull her up!

How do you like that?

Is it hot?

Doesn't that feel good?

I bet it feels so wonderful!

You're going to kill me, aren't you?

Kida told me just before she died.

Everybody's watching, you know!

I'm going to get them all stirred up and...

...have them torture you to death.


Wake up! She's going to burn us alive!

What the hell is going on?

The bitch was about to set the place on fire.

That's not true!

I was just going to set Matsu on fire...

But you wouldn't be doing that in the dark on your own.

Did you think we'd be able to get away...

...when the place burst into flames?

No, you were going to burn us all and...

...make a run for it, just you...

What the hell?


They're sending food!

The food's here!

Prisoners in the warehouse?

The Warden has arranged for you all to be provided with...

...breakfast this morning.

However, this is a one-time-only offer.

As long as you show some signs of remorse for your actions...

We are willing to...

...sit down and listen to what you have to say.

That is all.

Don't move!

Throw down your guns!

You fucking bitches...

Throw down your guns!

If you come any closer...

...we'll shoot the hostages!

Please don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Please don't shoot...

Don't come any closer!

Don't come...


Get in!

Arrest anyone who's left alive!


Take everyone outside now!

Hurry up!

You've got to hurry!

I'm burning!

Help me!

I only tried to kill you because...

...Sugimi put me up to it!

I just...

...fell for his scheme! Please help me!

To be deceived is...

...a woman's crime.

If you're going to run, now's your chance.

No. 325!

No. 215!

Please repeat it again.

No. 233!


No. 322! Check.

No. 145! Check.

No. 212! Check.

Are all the bodies accounted for?

No, sir.

There's one missing.

Just as we thought. It's No. 701.


...we must notify the police, so they can bring...

...in Matsushima...


If we do that, they'll find out...

...about the riot, the fire and the deaths...

...the whole story will be blown wide open!

We'll have to bring in Nami Matsushima ourselves no matter what it takes.

I know where she's headed...

A bright red rose has thorns that you might not see.

I don't want to pierce you, but how else will I get free?

Burning, burning, burning woman's song...

Her song of vengeance.

Shedding blood once a month should help and yet...

Try as I might, I can't ever forget.

Unfulfilled, unfulfilled, unfulfilled woman's song...

Her song of vengeance.

I cannot die before I fulfill my fate So I live on, driven only by my hate A woman, a woman, a woman's life is her song...

Her song of vengeance.

Takenaka, is that you?

Oh, it's you.

Sorry about that.

I called a meeting with my executive staff...

...but no one's shown up yet.

Of course, everyone's dead!


What happened?

It's still under investigation, but...

...my gut's telling me that...

Nami Matsushima is behind all this.

That's ridiculous!

There was a disturbance at the prison.

I'm sure she escaped then.

But my mole would have notified me by now if she'd escaped.

And even if she did escape...

...wouldn't she be coming after you?

That woman is a terror.

I'd say you've finally become obsessed with a vision of Matsushima.

You're just imagining things...

Still, it's pretty shocking that...

...three of my executives are dead...

Okay, I'll...


What's the matter?





What happened?



To the right!

Yes, sir.

Follow him.

So he's taking refuge in his own castle, eh?

There's no safer zone for him after all.


It's Matsu!

Let's go after her!

Let's go after her! No...


Unfortunately, there's no way that we can show our faces in there.


Matsu, you bitch!


So you're going to provide me with yet another collar, are you?


You're under arrest for murder.

Throw down that knife!

So you really hate me, don't you?

The more you hate me...

...the more you can't forget me.

After all...

I'm the one who made you a woman!