Fen bei ren sheng (2017) Script

Is there any water?


Like this.

Come on.

Very ugly.

Very ugly?

What are you doing?

I am drawing a cat.

Is this a cat?

Yes, of course.

No... it's a tiger, oh a tigress.

A cat.

A tigress it is.

A cat.

A tigress as fierce as you.

Now you are hitting me!

Your pen stabbed my hand.

It's a tigress without a doubt.







Have a look.

Twinkle, twinkle shoes.

Hey, we need to hurry up, and you are singing?

Twinkle like the fireflies. Go home, let's go home.

Who taught you the song?

Ahmad downstairs.

Why you'd want to learn Malay songs?

I will be learning all these when I go to school one day.

Hurry up. Help me with this once you are done.

Close it.

This one is Red.


I just wash it why it's dirty again.

Mum is talking to herself again.

Must have forgotten to take her pills.

See! She's thrown them here again.

This is for Mum.


This is for me.


Mum, this is a really delicious candy.

Why it's dirty again.

Mum, this is a really delicious candy.

This is a really delicious candy.

Be good Mum.



She's spitting it out.

You think the medicines are free?

I took already.


Yes, I did.


Your tongue.

Swallow it!

I've brought back the water.

Go shower later. I'll cook.

Mum, teeth won't fall out after drinking water. Be good, Mum.

Good girl, Hui Shan.

Hui Shan is back home.

Mum let me help wash your hair.


Mum, I've learned a new song, let me sing to you.

Twinkle, twinkle shoes, twinkle like the fireflies.

Go home, let's go home, let's go home together.

You are amazing.

Hui Shan.

Dinner is ready.

Please eat.

Mum, please eat.

Didn't you work?

I did but I was off early today.

Remember to pay the electricity bill.

All right. I'll do it tomorrow.

If not, the electricity supply will be cut off.

Why is the egg in red?

Because it's your birthday today.

My birthday?


Why didn't you tell me?

I did. I told you.


You must have forgotten.

Eat the egg.

Where are you going? Better finish the meal first!

Brother, is the red egg for me?

Yes, it's made for you.

Even Mum doesn't get it. Come on.

How come Mum doesn't get it?

Only for the birthday girl to eat.


So you grow taller.

You are a shortie!

Eat it now.

Hui Shan, come.

Hui Shan, Mum did not forget...

Thank you Mum.

Awesome! You've got the red packet.

Mum, you play favorites. I don't get one on my birthday!

Mum, here's a red egg for you. May you stay healthy.

Thank you Hui Shan. You are now six years old.

Mum, when can I go to school?

Li Jun, I am here to pick up my clothes.

Hi Aunty Mei.

Qiang, where is your mum?

I'll pass it to you.

Are you having your meal?

Go collect money from Aunty Mei.


Thank you.

Goodness, I sent this for alterations two months ago!

She's just had them altered.

Your mum is incredibly slow.

Is she having fits again?

I am telling you, a friend of mine also suffered.

Mum has asked me to collect money from you.

Pay? Pay for what?

The clothes are not done yet.

Those in your hands.

These ones? These were sent for alterations.

I paid long time ago. Really.

Let me tell you, taking too much of Western medicine is bad for health.

A friend of mine suffered the same conditions as your mum.

But he took Traditional Chinese medicine.

And he is cured now. Completely cured.

Time to eat, time to eat!

Why are you not at the motorcycle repair shop? Are you not working?

Time to eat!

Your sister is so cute.

Don't touch me.

I am sorry.

How arrogant!

They are saying that you are arrogant.

Sister Chuan.

Hi Hui Shan.

It's been a long time!

What brings you here?

I am delivering rice to Aunty Mei How is it going? Have you eaten?

Yes we have.

Are you taking the trash out with your big brother?

That's very good. You are a good child.

Oh, you are holding a red egg, whose birthday is it?


Happy Birthday to you!

I will bring you a birthday gift the next time I come, all right?


Who made the red egg for you?

My brother.

Wow, it is impressive that you know how to make red eggs!

How's work in the motorcycle repair shop?


You are lying.

Stop bothering Sister Chuan.

Let's go.



Eh, what the heck are you flashing the light for?

Hurry up!

You do it!

Are you bored?

Didn't I tell you not to follow us?

Why is Brother Fei taking so long?

How much longer?

Shut up!

Give me back my Qi Qi!

Haha, try to take it back yourself.

Grab it here!

Watch out! Someone's coming!

Bao Tou.

Damn it, why are you going so fast?

Are you so afraid?

Are you not afraid? You are really fast, too.

You are such a wimp.

That motorcyclist was just passing by.

You told me to signal you whenever anyone is passing by.

Why were you so afraid? We were there.

Precisely because you were there!

My sister is with me.

Hui Shan, see how lousy your brother is.

Hui Shan.

You are too noisy.

That's you!

That's both of you!

Qiang you are a coward.

So lousy.

Boss, as usual!

Brother Bao Tou, what happened to your hair?

Why, I look real good huh?

Not at all.

See, kids never lie.

You don't know a thing.

Hui Shan, this is called Fashion.

You won't know about this, you are too young.

I am 6!

I am 18!

You are a pathetic 18 year-old.

You shut up.

How's your job hunt going?

No point hunting.

All jobs require a high school certificate or they go to the migrants.

Told you to follow me. You are so stubborn.

He's right! See how well we make a fast buck.

Is it that good?

What do you do? Isn't it car washing?

Us doing car wash is better than you working in the motorcycle repair shop!

Didn't you say you would steal some spare parts? Where are they?

What for?

For keeping watch just now.

No. Take it back.

Didn't we already agree on that? Stop harping on about it.

Hui Shan, is it your birthday today?


Let's go buy a cake together.


Let's go.

Dude, what the heck were you thinking?

We are still waiting for our food.

Boss, be quick! We are starving.

So, which one?

How about this one?


That one will do.


Which cake would you like?

Hi beautiful! Any cake as beautiful as you?

Darling, are you the birthday girl today?


What flavor do you like?

We have chocolate, vanilla, fruit...


Jayson, please take the one on promotion out.

Thank you.

RM35, please pay here.


Hey Stella.

When is your birthday?

Why don't you join us for the celebration?


What time are you off?

Come on, let's go. Stop flirting with the girl.

There is another seat on my motorbike.


He is a bad guy.

My name is Bao Tou.


I'll come to you for my birthday.

Is this the highest mountain on earth, or is there a place higher than the sky?

Hui Shan, want to go to the beach for your birthday celebration?

That would be great. There is no water these days, and it's damn hot.

Crazy! Where is the closest beach nearby?

I want to go!

There is one in Port Dickson, just one and a half hour away.

Shit, that is so far.

Say goodbye to them.

Wait a second, hold on...


Happy Birthday to you.

Incredible! You even have this.

Happy Birthday to you.

Be careful not to burn me.

Happy Birthday to Hui Shan, Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday.

I love you Hui Shan.

What's up? Don't move around.

Where is Qi Qi?

Where is Qi Qi?

It's not with me. Weren't you holding it yourself?

You took it.

I did not.

You were holding it in your hands just now.

Could it be in the bag?


Did you leave it in the cake shop?

It must be. Go back to take it.

You are such a troublesome child. Keep leaving things around.

I tell you, it's best that it's lost.

You should not say that of Qi Qi.

Why don't you leave it in the toilet?

It's so hot recently, why not just strip it and thrust it into the toilet let it make a poopie there.

Anyone home?

Anyone home?



Hello Aunty!

Are you the mother of Zhong Zi Qiang?

Something happened to your son. He is now in the hospital.


Please open the door.

Aunty, please open the door.

Hospital informed us to look for you.


Your son had an accident.

He is now in the hospital. We are here to bring you there.

No. My son is fine.

Listen, please.

My son is fine!

Aunty please open the door.

You open the door first, is that all right, Aunty?

Aunty, don't be afraid.

We are police.

This way, Aunty.

Aunty, please calm down.

Don't be afraid.

It's okay.

Your son is inside. Do not fear.

Aunty, be careful.

Aunty, stand up, please.


Don't be afraid.



Where is Hui Shan?

Where is Hui Shan?

Are you feeling unwell or pain anywhere?

Let me check.

Have you seen my younger sister?



Blood pressure is normal.

Where is Hui Shan?


Yes, whom are you looking for?

I'd like to see my younger sister.

When was she admitted?


Yesterday, I see...

Her name is Zhong Hui Shan.

Zhong Hui Shan.

Is it yesterday?

She died in an accident.

I am sorry to hear about it.

Where are her parents?

They didn't come today.

Go back and ask your parents to come and bring along the birth certificate.

Only then we can help you.

If there is no birth certificate, can I still see my sister?


You must bring the birth certificate.

Why not? I am her brother.

It won't take long.

I understand.

You are in the hospital, you should not be too loud.

You need to ask your parents to come and bring along the birth certificate.

I will help you then.

I am her brother! Where is my sister?

I want to see her!

Stop yelling here.

I tell you what, I am calling the police to speak to you.

Hold on.

What are you trying to do?


You'd better sit down.

If not, just jump out of here, or you sit down.

I want go home.

Where is Hui Shan birth certificate?

You didn't get her one when she was born?

Told you not to bring her along all over the place.

Now she's become a rouge like you.

What do you need her birth certificate for?


Don't touch my stuff What are you searching?


I am asking you! Where is Hui Shan's birth certificate?

There is no birth certificate.

What's the point of keeping all these?

For what?

What in the world's come over you?

These are his.

Don't touch his things.

Are you out of your mind?

These are his.

Don't try to take his things away.

Am I taking your things?

I just want the birth certificate.

Bad boy! Bad boy!

Have you gone nuts?

I am tying you up, that's what you want huh?

I am tying you up.

Go to hell!

Come on, hands.

Your hands, your hands.

Give me your hands!


Let go, let go!


You must not have been taking your pills.

Are you trying to poison me?

Are you going to poison me?

You are going to poison me!

Scoundrel, you are a soundrel!

You are not taking your pills, right?

I'll go get them for you.

I'll go buy the pills. You stay at home.

I am getting the medicine now!




Miss, I am getting this medicine.

For mental disorder.

Please line up and get a number.

Ng Li Jun, it won't take long.

My mum's had an attack, she needs the medicine.

Are you listen to me?

Line up, get a number and get the medicine My mum's had an attack. She needs the medicine now Do you think you are the only one that needs medicine here?

Will you line up please!

Shut up!

Damn it this is none of your damn business.

Go line up!

It is going to take seconds to get the medicines, please.

It'll take seconds only.

I have made it very clear.

Line up, get a number and get the medicine.

Regardless of what you are suffering from.

You either do it, or just leave.

Dad can't be admitted here, let's go to another one.

Li Jun, my goodness! You can't go on like this.

Didn't I tell Qiang to take you to TCM practitioners?

Didn't you go? Poor soul.

What are you doing here?

Nothing, I am just asking whether the clothes are ready.

Once done, we will send to you.

Li Jun, where is your daughter?

Get out of here, nosy parker!


I bought you your favourite fried rice noodles.

Do you want to eat rice noodles first or the pills first?

Mum, come take your pills.


Take your pills.

Drink some water.

Drink slowly.

Mum, are you feeling better?

You want some rice noodles?

I bring some for you.


...Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 has gone missing since.


Did you witness any of the accident outside here last night?

Last night?

Yes, by the time I went out, the car had gone really far away.

I saw one guy and one little girl lying on the ground.

Then the ambulance arrived.

Do you remember the car plate no?

It was too dark for me to see it clearly.

Even if I was able to see it clearly, I wouldn't remember it at all.

You see, it was said previously that MH370 had crashed into South China Sea.

The team went and searched there but nothing was found.

And now they said it had gone to Indian Ocean.

However advanced the machinery, still the search was in vain.

Water van is here!

Be quick to collect water!

The van won't be coming for the next two days.

I thought you guys had forgotten about it.

Your sister didn't come along with you?

Can I get a chocolate cake?


Do you want the same one as yesterday?


Oh no, no. Please give me just one piece.

All right. It's RM6.90 per piece.

Morgue Unit.

You are trying to destroy the corpse! No autopsy should be done.

We will force a way in.

Slow down.


What are you doing here?

I am looking for my younger sister, Zhong Hui Shan.

Have you registered?

Yes I have.

Where are the doctor and nurses?

Where is Zhong Hui Shan?


Where is Zhong Hui Shan?

You are not allowed to come in here without permission.

You need to first register. You understand?

Can you please leave?

If not, I will have to call the police.

What's happened here?

Don't make trouble here. Leave now.

Leave now. Take your things.

Anything else?

Leave now.

You need to wait.

Excuse me!

Why did he come out from there?

Mr. Ridzuan.

What are you doing?

What is it?

Stop it!

What the heck is this about?

Shut up!

If you didn't suggest to buy a cake, my sister wouldn't have died.

If I manage to find the bastard, I'd kill him.

We definitely can find him.

The most important now is to take her body out.

Just the birth certificate would do, right?

We'll fabricate one.


Get someone to do.

We just need to pay.

Brother Chang.

Brother Chang.

Brother Chang.

Brother Chang.

What's up? Where have you gone missing these days?

It's not as fun without you.

All the other idiots don't know how to play games.

Who are they?

They all lousy, I'll play with you again next time.

Brother Chang, I came today because... there is something we need your favor for.

What is it?

You mentioned that you know people who can fabricate fake birth certificate.

My friend needs one very urgently.

Why is it so urgent?

He's got someone pregnant?

My younger sister died.

We don't have her birth certificate and are not allowed to take her out.

Here you go.

Tell the boss I recommend you.

Thank you Brother Chang.

Thank you Brother Chang.

Thank you Brother Chang.

This is for your sister.

Thanks Brother Chang.


Recommendation from Brother Chang.

RM1,800 Prepare the information.

The birth date, location and parents details.

Can it be cheaper please?

Go somewhere else for anything cheaper.

We need this urgently for our friend's sister.

Everyone needs it urgently.

Everyone wants it cheaper.

Tell me, how will my business survive?

Just pay for it if you want it.

Once we pay, will you do it immediately?

I'll get it done in 10 minutes.

The fastest way is steal a car and sell it.

If you manage to steal one.

You have other ideas?

Too bad I don't have a rich dad.

There would be no problem money can't fix.

Shit, cut the crap will you!

I will figure it out myself.

Where are you going?

The backhoe is here again today, which house will it tear down now?

Don't worry, I have spoken with the persons-in charge.

They promised not to send you away.

You were not here the last time the excavator came.

It just rampaged right through. and the few houses at the front were brought down almost instantly.

Look, the one with the red-painted door is now being torn down.

Very soon it will come to our turn.

Didn't you say that parliamentary would help us last time?

He came visit us during the election campaign. and assured us that we would not be sent away.

Yes, he did say that.

Yes, he won't send you away, that's for sure.

Those kind of people... would only come during the election period.

And now, they don't give a shit about us.

What do you all think?

That's right.

It will soon be our turn to be sent away!


What the hell are you back here for?

You haven't paid me for last month.

You think I don't know? You have been stealing my spare parts to sell.

And how dare you coming back here, asking for your salary!

I worked and I am here to get my salary.

You have been stealing for however long you have been working here.

Your skimpy salary can't even begin to compensate for the loss!

If it wasn't for your mentally ill mother...

I would have called the police long ago.

My mum is not ill!

What's that yelling for?

You'd better get off now, if not, I am going to call the police.

Damn you, all the things to be learned, you learned to have sticky-ass fingers, and have no sense of responsibility at work.

You should be grateful that I allowed you to work this long here!

Open the door!

Are you pretending that you can't hear us?

Don't you think you can get away with stealing our water!

There will be no water for two days!

What do you all want now?

Your mum stole our water!

The water van will not be here in two days' time. We don't have water now.

Give us back our water!

How about I steal it tomorrow and give it back to you? All right?

Steal from others again?

What kind of attitude is this?

Such a big bully! Having stolen all our water.

Why so puffed up about stealing water?

What is wrong with these people?



We have water.

Where you get this water?

Those people outside are making a fuss over you stealing their water.

I didn't. I collected it myself.

Where is the key?

Where is the key for this?

What is it now?

This is mine.

Where is the key?

This is mine.

Bad boy!

Bad boy!



No, don't do it Qiang don't




Why are you behaving like this?

Will you listen to me?

Hui Shan is dead!

And cannot be taken out of the hospital.

I need money to make a birth certificate so I can bring her home.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?


Do you get it?

Where is the key?

I will bring Hui Shan home.



Bring Hui Shan home.

I promise you to bring Hui Shan home.

Hold it.

I will bring Hui Shan back, you wait at home.

Kuala Lumpur is always with you.

Whose car is this?

Whose car is this?



Don't run!

Let me go!

Be quiet.

Be quiet.

Eagle no. 15, calling over.

A male suspect is caught for smashing a car.

Let me go!

Hello, Qiang.

Hello, this is Aunty Mei.

Note down this phone number...

When Qiang is back, ask him to call.

Big mouth yenta! If you call again, I will ask the coffin guy to deliver a coffin to your house!


You brought money?

It's on the way.

Coming soon.

I am closing now. Please come back tomorrow.

I've just called my friend, he said he's coming over now.

What the hell are you trying to do?

Get out of my way!

Please boss.

It's a matter of life and death.

I am opening tomorrow at 8:30am, come again then.


Boss, just wait for a little longer.


Thanks Officer!

Zhong Zi Qiang, 19 years old.

Why did you smash the car?

You had a lot of guts huh, running away from the police.

Do you know that vandalism is against the law in Malaysia?

You must learn to take responsibilities for your actions.

You must be responsible for yourself.

My sister was hit by this car and she's dead now.

Can you catch this hit-and-run driver?

Qiang are you home?

Are you looking for Qiang?

I've been knocking away for ages, but no one has answered the door.

Qiang is not at home?

I really wonder where he has gone.

His younger sister who is dead now and her body is still in the hospital.

I think he will just let his mum die as well before coming back.





What's up?

I am not mum's daughter.

How many times do I have to tell you, of course you are.

But I've heard so many times, mum said I was not her own child.

That's not true. You are not believing that, are you?

I think so.

That's why both of you love me so much. All right, it doesn't matter now.

All right... then why are you jabbing me?

If you don't stop, I'll use this to draw your face.

And make you into an ugly monster.

You see!



I am sure you are not used to this.

What crime did you commit?

I know a lawyer quite well who can bail us out together.

I can offer a cheaper price for you, are you interested?

Hey, do you want to be bailed out?

Is this cat or tiger?

Those outside don't know that cat and tiger share a common ancestry.

You know their names don't you?

When human beings name something.

They will no longer feel afraid.

Once the name is given, the fear is gone.

Shut up!

Zhong Zi Qiang.

Raise your hand please!

Zhong Zi Qiang.

This is the current situation.

We will call you anytime to come back to assist in the investigation.

Let's say if we have found the car owner.

Qiang, please sign here.

Qiang, don't you dare running around.

The police will contact you if there is anything.

You may leave now.

Thank you, officer.


Can you lend me some money?

What you need the money for?

For the birth certificate.

How much?


You knew that it's no use for you to fabricate a fake one.

You see, it's no use trying to smash the car.

Even if you've found the owner, what is the point?

Then what should I do?

Do nothing and wait at home?

Certain things cannot be hurried.

Of course you are saying that, it's not your sister!

My younger sister is stuck in the hospital and cannot be taken out!


I didn't mean that.

There is this parliamentary who might be able to help you.

They are having a party tonight.

I've planned to go see him tonight.

Why don't you come with me and check with him?


Where are you? You not on your way here?

Where the hell have you been? ...trying to call you.

Are you both there?

Of course!

The boss has left. This place is awfully deserted.

I am with Chuan.

Why are you with her?

She said that a parliamentary might be able to help me.

Let's go together. We'll go get both of you.



Is this their private garage?

You should steal this type of cars...

There is even a water wagon.

Rich people get anything they want.

Let's go, they are waiting for us.




Why are you so late? We are all waiting for you.

Sorry for being late...

Let me introduce to you: Qiang, Bao Tou and Fei.

I have mentioned their case to you before.

All right.

Mr Tan is over there. Let's go and say hello.

I think there is no need.

Just to say hello. Come on. Let's go.

Please help yourselves with the food.

Mr Tan, Chuan is here.

Let me introduce Chuan to you.


We are talking about the fund-raising event last time.

Are there not many actors who came?


I found that they especially liked fried chicken and roast suckling pig.

So I asked them on the spot, I said:

If you need to interpter a chicken that is being cut alive at the throat, how would you feel?

Therefore, don't do unto them as you would not others do unto you.

We need to feel for others.

Bro, I am talking about you. Stop killing.

You love teasing me.

Just look at my stomach will do.

I can't survive one day without meat.

You are kidding me if you ask me to turn vegetarian.

Human taste buds are found on our 3-inch tongue anyway.

Once the food reaches the throat, can you still taste it? No, right?

Therefore, becoming a vegetarian will not only set the animals free, it is also being truly eco-friendly, both mind and body.



What you'd say, is he more like his dad or his mum?

Chuan seems very close with them?

I don't care how close, as long as she can help us with the problem.

It's better to be like the mum, it is no good to be like the dad.

I am leaving.

So fast?

Is she doing anything to help us?

Should we let her know?

Know what?

Let's go.

How damn lavishly they are using the water!

I'd pull it out and leave them with no water.

I am up for it..

Let's do it.

Do you want this one?

I think this one.

You'll do it.

Of course it's you.

How do you steal that one?

I thought no car was too hard for you to steal.

Hurry up! Are you choosing your wife?

All right, just take this.

This is a good one.

Come on, be quick.

Keep watch for me.

Qiang, hop on.

Hello, Uncle Cai, it's me Fei.

I've got a car for you, it's big Mitsubishi.

All the parts are still new.

Can you give us the best price?

Anyway, this is our first car.

No, I can drive it over to you now.

Did he say how much?

He said he needed to look at the real car first.

But I think we'll get at least RM5,000.


Marvelous! Way to go!

Go! Fei.

Run, Fei, You hit someone.



Did you hit someone dead?

Did you?

No, not possible, he is not dead.

Did you see anything?

Qiang you were looking backwards, what did you see?

Say something!

We'll just leave this here.

Nothing happened just now.

Wipe away the finger prints, quick.

Wipe thoroughly.

Bao You, the door.

Let's go. Go.

Let's go.


Get on.

Whose car is this?

My friend's. There is air-con here.

I've packed some food for you. Come on, get on!

Do you feel the cool air? Here's some food.

Qiang, where is Hui Shan?

Hui Shan... I'll bring you to see her tomorrow.

We'll bring Qi Qi along for her.

I have made a new uniform for Hui Shan.

Is it nice?

Yes, it is.

Come, eat.


Qiang, why didn't you tell me that you left?

I thought you were busy.

Where are you now?

Kuala Lumpur.

I have spoken with parliamentary.

He promised to think of ways.

But it may take some time.

Hello? Qiang?

Ok. Bye-bye.

Is it good?

I have eaten. Go ahead.

Qiang, it's raining.


It's raining, Qiang.

I have eaten.

Twinkle, twinkle shoes, Twinkle like the fireflies.

Go home, Go home, Let's go home together.

Good bye, Good bye. Until we see each other again.

All your worries, all your problems, let them all fade away.

All your worries, all your problems, let them all fade away.

All your worries, all your problems, let them all fade away.

All your worries, all your problems, let them all fade away