Ferdinand (2017) Script

Show me what you got!

Come on, guys! I can do this.

Ha-ha, didn't hurt!

Ha-ha! You got nothin' on me, Bones!

Hey! I'm the best!

I'm goin' get ya now!

All right, let's do this thing.

You can't catch me!

Yeah, run away!


Get outta my way! Watch it!


That was close.

Is that all you got?

Hi, buddy. I told you I'd be back.


The truck! Whoo-hoo!

Out of my way, losers! Hey!

Guys, check it out. Wow, cool!

Yes! The winner's truck.

It's happening today?

What's happening today? Ugh.

Don't you know anything, Ferdinand?

If that truck's here, it means the matador's gonna pick a bull.

Who do you think he's gonna pick?

Duh, my dad.

And when my horns come in, it'll be my turn.

People will come from all over Spain just to see me, the great Valiente!

The fiercest bull of all time.

I'll take him down big time.

Man versus bull.

Will it be pretty? No.

Will it be awesome? Heck yeah!

The crowd will go nuts, making me a champ.

I'll spend the rest of my days living like a king.

Dream on, Valiente.

I'm the one who's getting selected.

I'm already working on my victory smile.

Hey, the matador's here!

Where? Where? Oh, no.

I feel sick. Oh, Mama.

There's no matador, Guapo. What?

What a wimp.

Forget it, Guapo. He's gonna pick me.

I'm the fastest, baddest bull around.

I'm so fast, they won't see me coming.

Bones? Yeah?

You're never gonna get selected.

You wanna know why?


'Cause you're a puny bag of bones, Bones.

You okay?

I don't need your help, weirdo.

I'm fine!


Oh, what do you got there, Ferdinand?

Uh, nothing.

"Uh, nothing."

Hey! Don't you guys have some more headbutting to do?

Nah, this is way more fun.

Can you believe this guy?

The matador is gonna pick a bull... and all he's worried about is a dumb flower.

Cut it out, Valiente!

Make me.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

I'm not gonna fight you, Valiente.

Aw, flower bull is scared.

I'm not scared.

Then fight. That's what bulls do.

You can hit me if you want, but leave the flower alone.

You're just gonna let him smack ya?

What? Where's the fun in that?


Have your stupid flower.

The big bulls are going in.

Wish me luck, Ferdinand.

Good luck, Dad.

Go get 'em, Dad!

Come on, guys, let's see 'em over here.

Out of my way!

Go, bulls!

Whoo-hoo! Whoa!

It's the matador. He's gonna pick!

I feel sick. I think I'm gonna hurl.

You'll get 'em next time, Dad.

Who asked you?

What are you looking at?


Ah, there you are!

He picked me. Can you believe it?

Your dad is gonna fight for glory in the ring.

You really have to go?

Yeah, of course I have to go. Come on, Ferd.

This is what every bull dreams of, right?

I guess.

Is it okay if it's not my dream?

Well, uh...

Look, Ferd, you're still a kid, you know.

When you grow up, your dreams are gonna change.

Everything's gonna change.

I'll tell you one thing that's gonna change... you're gonna be bigger and tougher than your old man, that's for sure.

No way. Yes way.

Yeah. And then you'll see... you're gonna get in that ring and you are gonna be the champ.

Can I be a champ without fighting maybe?

Oh, Ferdinand.

I really wish the world worked like that for you, I do.

But that's just not how it is for us.

You understand?

Okay, it's time.

You're gonna come back, right?

What? That matador doesn't stand a chance, okay?


And after I win, I'm coming back here, and I'm gonna show you all my moves.

Even my secret ones.



I called it.

That bull was soft.

And the soft ones always go down.

You better bull up.

Oh, hey, what are you doing out here?

Come on. Get back, get back.

Come back to the stall.

Come on, little guy.

A calf is out! Get him!

Get him!

It's okay.

Shh. It's okay.

Hi, there.

Don't be afraid, little big guy.


You like flowers?

I'll take good care of you.

Come on.

This is your home now.

Go on. It's okay.

Always out of place I knew I needed something new for me I never knewjust what that was Okay, your turn.

Finding something safe was just like Trying to catch a bird in flight I knew that I would never touch Who's my good boy? You're my good boy.

Hey, I thought I was the good boy.

Good night, Ferdinand.

'Cause I'm happy to call this Home No more running I'm good knowing That I belong Happy to call this Home I got loving Ferdinand!

Don't care who knows it Happy to call this Home Oh, yeah, oh Ugh!

Being me was hard enough So being someone else was too much All I want is something real Now I won't let go

'Cause I'm happy to call this Home No more running I'm good knowing That I belong Happy to call this Whoo-hoo!

Oh, eh, oh Oh, yeah Oh, eh, oh Boy, I'm happy to call this Whoo!

Home is where you're happy

Good night, Ferdinand.

Find where you're happy

'Cause I'm happy to call this Home

Jorge, rise and shine, buddy.

Come on, Jorge, wake up! Let's go!

Music to my ears.

Ah, it's gonna be a good one.

Oh, I can feel it in my horns.

Hey, Paco!


Pac-attack. Hey, dawg.

You stoked about the big day?

Stoked? Have you ever seen me stoked?

Look, I've got some bad news.

Gonna stop you right there.

No bad news allowed

'cause today is Flower Festival day.

Only the greatest day of the year.

Okay, that's the thing.

This year... Hold that thought.

Hey, Maria. You ready to put those wings to work?

Hey, hey, hey. I just finished herding those chickens.



Oh, no. Maria?

Congratulations. Maria!

You shot Maria into the sun.

Oh, way to go, Maria.

Who says a chicken can't fly?

Uh, the laws of nature say it. I say it.

Chickens are chickens. Here we go.

Dogs are dogs, and... Bulls are bulls.

Yeah. Right. Normal.

Hey, if was a normal bull, I would have never found this farm.

And we wouldn't be brothers.

A dog and a bull can't be brothers.

That would be weird.


Then why does your tail wag when I call you brother, Brother?

Hey. Stop that. Hah!

Looks like weird is the new normal, buddy.

Come on, before everybody takes off without us.

Ferdinand, wait!

This is what I've been trying to tell you.

There you are.

You ready to go?

I'm sorry, Nina.

Ferdinand can't come to the festival this year.

But he goes with us every year.

I know, but he is not a little calf anymore.

Then I won't go either.

Listen, honey. It's for his own good.

But, Dad. It's just Ferdinand.

But outside this farm, they don't know him like we do.

Sorry, little big guy.

I'll bring you back the prettiest bouquet in town.


Hey, cheer up, buddy!

Flowers are overrated anyway!

Hah, you couldn't pay me to go to that festival.

Hey. Why don't we bring Paco? Fun, right?

I guess.

I am not stoked about this. Not stoked at all.

This doesn't make any sense.

I'm not a little calf anymore, so what?

More of me to love.

And besides, bigger bull, bigger helper.

I'm going.

No. No, no. Juan said no.

Juan said no, I'm not going. It's settled.

But Nina will be miserable without me.

She needs me.

Ah... But I need to go, but I need to stay.

And go. Stay. Go.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

What do I do?

If that orange doesn't fall by the time I count to three, I'm going.


If that rock is still there by the time I...

What could you possibly need that for?


If that egg doesn't hatch by the time I count to ten, I'm going.


Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Whew! Didn't hatch. Flower Festival, here I come!



Hey! You forgot your bike. I'll leave it right here.


Oh, wow!

This is some next level stuff.


Huh. That was odd.

You don't like the little piggy balloon?

We'll get you another balloon, okay?

Gracias, señor.

Oh, nice.


All yours, little guy.

Ferdinand. You shouldn't be here.



Oh. Now he acts like a bull?

We have a situation here.

It's okay. It's okay. He won't hurt anyone.

My baby. The beast got my baby.

A beast? Where?

Ow! Ow!


I'm coming, little baby.

Out of the way!


Got you.

He's a monster.

Keep him away. Stay away, scary beast.

Ferdinand! Paco!

They think I'm the beast.

Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Get back to the farm. I'll hold them off.

Hey, I'm not done with you people.

Let's go this way.

Oh, no.



Think thin.


Step light.

You are a feather.

A 2,000-pound feather.


There he is!

Cash or credit?

No! This is not necessary.

You don't have to do this.

It was an accident. Ferdinand!

Stop! You're hurting him.



Stop! No, no, no.

Stay back. Stay back. Please. Let me take him home.

He's gentle. Gentle?

He's a wild animal. Look what he's done.

We have to take him away, honey.

Señor Moreno.

I think I have something you need to see.

No! Wait. Nina. Nina!

Stop! Please!







Oh, no. No, not back here. No, no, no.

This can't be happening.

I need to get outta here.

Stop the truck! Stop the truck!

There's been a mistake. Stop!

Oy! He's going to tear that truck apart.

What did I tell you, Señor Moreno?

He's a beast.

Get the calming goat.

Where is the calming goat?

Get the calming goat.

Ow! Ow! Jeez Louise!

Real classy, guys. Way to treat a lady.

Who's that?

Hey, big guy. Name's Lupe.

I'm going to be your calming goat.

My calming goat? That's right.

I'm here to soothe you now.

So you can maim and gore things later.

Let's try some deep relaxing breaths.

In. Out.

You're not helping.

Oh, yeah? Well, maybe you're not helping.

You ever think of that? No.

Because no one ever wants to help the stinking calming goat, right?

Okay, now I got to calm myself down.

In. Out.

I need to get out! In. Out.

Whoa! He is a monster.

I think I fell on something sharp.

Move! What?

Goat. Oh!

Oh, sorry about that. So sorry. So sorry.

Here you go. Here you go.

Watch it, buster. You could have ki...


Holy beefaroni! You're ginormous!

Listen. It's Lupe, right?

There's been a huge misunderstanding.

I really need your help here.

Well, well, hold the phone. You want my help?

Yeah! That would be amazing.

I've been waiting for this moment my whole flea-bitten, tin-chewing life, mister!

You have?

Oh, yes, I have!

Yes, I have.

Believe it or not, I'm not the world's best calming goat.


My true destiny is to be a coach.


Whoo! Look at those pecs.

It's like two little baby bulls inside of a bull.

Moving on down the flank.

Flank looks good. A- plus on the flank.

Mama like that. Mama like that. Whew.


Terrible reflexes. We gotta work on that.

What are you talking about? Work on what? Whoa!

Getting you ready for the bullfighting ring, my friend.

That's why you're here, right?

No! Listen, I really need to get back home.

This is your home. You made it.

With your raw talent and my coaching expertise... we're going from hola to olé in a day!

No, that is not gonna happen.

Oh. Stop it with the modesty.

You're the bull who destroyed a whole village, right?

Wrong! It was an accident.

And did you really eat a baby?

You think I ate a baby?

Not denying it. Interesting.

Denying it! Definitely denying it.

Whoo! He's a brick, uh, house I can't wait to show you off to the rest of the guys.

They're going to fertilize the yard.

No, no, no. Lupe, wait.

You really don't have to...

Oh. Uh...

Hey, guys. How ya doing?

Lupe in the house.

You suck, Lupe!

Oh, yeah? I used to suck, but not anymore.

Let me introduce you to the new guy.

He's a monster and I'm his coach.

And did I mention that he is my closest and dearest BFF...

What did you say your name was?

Ferdinand? Is that you?

Hey! That is a ridiculous name.

Tell him your real name, killer.

Yeah, it's me, Ferdinand.

Hey, guys.

Wait a minute. You know these chumps?

Whoo! Little Ferdinand.

You've had a growth spurt.

Suddenly I regret every time I called you weirdo.

Don't sweat it, Bones. We're good.

My gosh! What have they been feeding you?

Oh, hey. Guapo?

That's right. The one and only.

Ah, I get it.

You try to come back here and intimidate us?

'Cause let me tell you something.

I am not intimidated by your freakish hugeness!

Oh, mama.

I don't know you... but I'm not scared of ya, you sorry sack of meat.

You're an affront to my nostrils.

Angus, you're talking to his butt.


I will not take any lip from the flea-bitten likes of you, you wee goat.

Now you're talking to my butt.

Aah! Go and boil your head, ya bunch of bampos.

I'm away.

Uh, a few new faces around here since I left, huh?

Hello, Maquina. Hi!

He was created in a lab. A Franken-bull.

Says nothing, feels nothing.

You seem fun.

Look what the goat dragged in.

Hey, Val.


He remembers. Oh, I'm touched.


Oh. Didn't see you there, Bones.

What do you mean you didn't see me? Oh, I get it.

'Cause I'm small.

You know what you are? A sizeist.

Guess some things never change.

Look at you. All grown up.

When you ran away with your tail between your legs...

I never thought I'd see you back here.

That makes two of us.

Nah, I get it.

Now that you're a big tough guy, you think you're better than me.

What? Correction, Valerie.

Actually, he knows he's better than you.

Ain't that right, F-Bomb?

I didn't say that.

You said it with your eyes.

Well, I'm glad you're back.

You are? Oh, yeah.

Good to have a real bull around here for once.

It'll make me look even better when I beat you to a pulp inside the ring.

Welcome back, Ferdinand.

Wow. He really hates you. That was insane.

They all hate me.

Yeah, they hate you. They hate me.

They hate each other. A lot of hate.

It crushes your soul if you let yourself think about it.

Oh, well.

Come on, pal. Let me show you your new digs.

This is the one. Ooh.

Get that big butt in there.

Oh, that's heavy. Get in!

Ow! Isn't this great?

It's smaller than I remember.

Oh, you don't like it?

You know where I live? A bucket.

And there it is.

Took the liberty of moving my stuff in, hope you don't mind.

Wait! I know what our place needs.

Little feminine touch.

A little something from me to you.


Little bit of regurgitation.

Nighty-night, bestie. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

No, seriously, there are bed bugs and they are vicious.


Wow. You weren't kidding about the bugs.

He saw us. Stay still!

Hey! Why would you stop?

Go back. We have to do something.

All right, let's do it old school.

Um... Are you trying to steal my stuff?

Oh, no. We'd never do something like that.

Nope. Not us. You have offended us, sir!

I'm sorry, little guys. I feel terrible.

Ow! Don't fall for it, Ferd.

They're filthy weasels.

Hey! We're not filthy weasels.

We're filthy hedgehogs.

She knows what we are.

Yeah. Beady-eyed, little thieves.

We're not thieves. We're survivors.


Let's roll!

No, wait! Hold on! The flower!

Please don't chew on us!

My greatest fear is death by chew.

Step back, beast! Come on.

You wanna dance? Let's dance. Oh, hey!

Don't tempt me, pinecone.

Will you stop? Eat quills!

And you, I'm not eating anyone.

Ha! Wait, wait. Hold on.

You're not like the other meatheads, are you?

Don't be fooled, sister.

Where do you think the word bully comes from, hmm?

It ain't from chickens!

No, no. Look at him! He's soft and sweet.

Like butter.

Thanks. I think.

Let's start over. I'm Una.

I'm Dos.

And I'm Cuatro.

Oh. What happened to Tres?

We do not speak of Tres.



Look, you can take the food if you want.

I'm not hungry.

Oh, really?

Whoo-hoo! You don't have to tell me twice.

Ah-bup-bup-bup. The flower stays.

Good-bye. For now.

Let me give you a boost.

Oh, thank you!

Nah, I don't know. Ow! Okay, fine.

Ooh! Free ride!

Great to meet you!

What a nice bull.

Oh, yeah.

Sucker won't survive a day in this place.


I gotta get back home.

Get back. Get back! Ow, ow, ow. Get back!

Where are my teeth?

All right, I'm going home!

I'm going...

Holy cow, that hurt.

Face is on fire.

Klaus, Greta, look!

Looks like somebody wants to come to our side of the fence.

Silly moo-moo. He doesn't know the rules.

Hey, can you guys help me out?

How do I get to the other side?

Hmm. How do you get to the other side?

Oh, let me ponder this question a little bit.


Spoiler alert! You don't!

Hoof bump. Hoof bump, Klaus. Hoof bump, Greta.

See, this is the beautiful horsey side.

And that is the stinky bull side. Yeah.

Beautiful horsies stay here, and you ugly beasts stay there.

Don't even think of coming over to our side.

Or we'll alert the humans.


Sucks to be you.

There is no escape. Nothing gets past us.

Never ever never.

Never ever, ever, ever.

We have eyes on the back of our heads. Yeah.

The nose of a kitten.

The flexibility of a monkey.

Ears like that of a cocker spaniel.

Good one.

Shoo! Shoo, shoo! Go on, stinky one.

Have a nice day smelling terrible.


I bet his parents weren't even related.

Wow. People around here are pigs. Aah!

Aah! Sardine can!

Oh, that turned.

El Primero is coming.

El Primero is coming. Come on!

What? El Primero is coming here?

El Primero? El Primero!

El Primero! Oh. Here?

El Primero!

El Primero! El Primero!

El Primero! What?

El Primero. El Primero. Ow, ow, ow.

El Primero.


El Primero.

Oh! Hey. Uh, sorry about that.

El Primero.


Big P is in the house!

There are many great bullfighters in Spain... but there is only one El Primero.

You got this, Guap. You got this. You got this.

Hey, Guapo. No pressure.

Oh, mama!

Don't let that jerk get in your head, Guap.

Where is he? Show me!

Point me in the right direction.

Excuse me. Goat coming through.

El Primero.


El Primero! Love you, man.

El Primero, señor! Welcome to Casa del Toro.

What an honor to have you here at my humble home. Es un honor.

I do not shake. My hands are my instruments.

As are my arms, legs, chest, feet.

And buttocks.


Uh... Of course, señor.

I am here to select a bull.

¡Uno! One?

My final fight. One bull.

The best bull. Against the best bullfighter.

No, of course. The best... for the best.

Sí. I understand. But we have...

The best against the best. No, we will...

To see who's the best-est-est-est.

I have a new bull. I think will be perfect for you.


Only El Primero knows who is the best.

Sorry. I meant no disrespect.

And yet, I felt disrespected.

Now, what is the best bedroom in the house?


Mine, I suppose.

I'll take that one.

Let me know when the bulls are ready.

Get the bulls ready for Señor Primero.

Vamos! Vamos!

Okay, listen up, F-Train.

I've got exactly 30 seconds to teach you everything about bullfighting.

Number one. Don't get hit.

Number two. Destroy anything that moves.

And number three...

Actually, that's it. It's not that complicated.

Oh, trust me, Lupe.

This is not for me. Relax, buddy.

It's a slam dunk!

El Primero is going to take one look at your big beautiful hugeness and boom!

You're on your way to the big show.

I can already hear the crowds in Madrid chanting your name.

Lupe! Lupe! Lupe!

I want the new bull out first.

Well, well.

Looks like someone's the teacher's pet.

News flash! No one likes the teacher's pet.

You know I've been waiting for this day for a long time.

It's gonna get messy, Ferdinand.

This is it.

Come on! Bring it on!

Let's go! Let's go out there and give it 110%.

Hey, that better not be my bucket, Guap.

It's definitely your bucket.

Ugh, gross.

Hey, hey, buddy. You feeling good?

No. Not really.

Okay. Cool. Try to have some fun with it.

I'll be sitting in the front row.

I call it the splash zone.

I'll see ya later.

Impress me.

Release the bulls!

Nope. Nope. No, no, no. Get outta the way!

I'm gonna sit this one out. Get out there!

Let's go! Get in there. No, I'll pass, thanks.

Let's go. Move! You guys go ahead.


For the glory of Scotland!

Whoo-hoo! Smash them in the head!


Watch out.


Up high. Down low. Too slow.

Outta my way, Bones!

Ha! That didn't hurt.

Ferdinand, El Primero is watching.

You gotta hit something.

Nope. Actually, I'm gonna pass on the violence.

Well, if you don't hit them, they're going to hit you.

Gangway! Whoa!

You finally ready to fight? Come on!

Guapo with the hit.

Take that, Valiente.

You think you got what it takes, Guapo?

Then show that to El Primero.

Oh, I will. I'll show him who the real champ is around here.

Keep it together, Guapo.

Bull down!


Hey! Get off me!


The bullfight is a battle of wits and strength.

These bulls have nothing.

Espere, señor. Give the bulls another chance.

My final fight is in two days.

If I do not find the best bull for the best bullfighter by then... no bullfighter will ever use your ranch again.

What did you think you were doing back there, you numpty?

Are you trying to make us look bad?

Because you made us look bad.

You made us look real bad.

I was just trying to help Guapo.

Help? There's no helping.

Oh, you are the worst fighting bull I have ever partially seen.

Well, that's because he isn't a real fighter.

Oh, little Ferdinand had a growth spurt.

But he's still the same scared little coward he always was.

Why does not wanting to fight mean I'm scared?

Yeah. That's ridonculous. Look at him.

My boy is a killing machine. Right, Ferd?

No, I'm not a killing machine.

I've been trying to tell you, Lupe.

You didn't destroy a village?

And I didn't eat a baby.

Not even a nibble?

Eh... Are you trying to tell me that you don't want to fight for glory in the ring?

I'm not a fighter.

I don't understand that at all.

Yeah, me either. What else is there?



Look who got picked by El Primero.

Who's the bull now?

Uh-huh. Guapo going to the big show, that's right.

What in the blazes?

I have no idea what happened back there.

No clue.

But it must have been epic!

What in the deuce is happening?

Somebody narrate.

I'm gonna be famous! Whoo!

Oh, no!

So long, suckers!

Wait a second. Where are they taking him?


They're taking Guap to the chop house.


You messed with his head. This is on you.

Oh, please.

Guapo was never going to make it to the ring.

We all knew that.

And so, because of that, he deserves to go there?

Listen to me, Flower Bull.

Things have changed around here since you ran away.

Now, you're either a fighter or you're meat.

Later, meat.

Bones? Ferdinand!

I'm not... You okay?

Why wouldn't I be okay?

I just have, uh... allergies.

Oh, yeah, sure.

You know, there's a lot of pollen in the air this time of year.

That's right, a lot of pollen.

Makes my eyes water.


I'm really sorry about Guapo.

I know you guys were friends.

Bulls don't have friends, Ferd.

Guapo was my competition, okay?

I'm fine.

Oh, okay.

I mean, how many times did I tell him...

"You gotta get outta your head, man.

"You gotta control your fears," you know.

But he wouldn't listen.


It's okay to feel bad, Bones.

You won't tell anyone about this, will you?

I won't say a word.

But if you ever wanna talk about, I don't know, allergies?

I'm around.

Thanks, Ferdinand.

You're okay.

Hey, Ferd, look... if you don't wanna end up like Guap... you gotta get your horns in the game, man.

That's the one thing Valiente's got right.

I'm comin' for ya, you bleedin' barrel!


And the barrel wins another round!

Give up, dude.

Hey, big guy, you're on. Mr. Matador is watching.

I got this. Uh-huh.

I'm ready. Let's go.

Come on! In. Out. In. Out.


Come on, Klaus. Come on, Greta.

Und up! Two, three, four. Pirouette!

Oh, jealous?

Good prancing, boys.

Oh, yes. That's the one.

Look alive, F-Stop.

We got 24 hours to whip you into shape for El Primero.

From now on, you're not soft.

You're not a flower bull. You're a killing machine.

I'll finally get you this time, barrel.

Say it with me.

I am a...


Bunny? No, not bunny.

Barrel death!

Stop! Angus, look out!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Oh, no!

Come on, little guy! Come on! Come back!

Don't go into the light!

Live, bunny, live!


Sorry I almost killed you. Ow.

You're not helping your reputation here, pal, apologizing to the bunny rabbit.

But taking out another bull... that's an energy we can use!

Who did that?

Who pushed me?

Ooh! It was you, wasn't it?

Actually, Angus, it was me.

Oh, I'm doomed, I'm doomed, I'm doomed!

Primero picks a bull tomorrow... and I'm talking to a bloomin' tractor.

That's just your nerves talking, Angus.

You're gonna be fine.

No, I'm not.

First Guapo, now me. I'm next!

Can I tell you my terrible secret? Hmm?

Can I whisper it in your ear?


I cannot see very well. Shh!

Once they find out, it's all over for Angus.

I'm a dead bull walking. Done!

Finito! Kaput! Angus, wait. Whoa!


What a surprise. I can see.

Look, a rock! Another rock!

And the world's most ugliest dog.


And there it is.

My nemesis!

I'm coming for you, ya wee wooden devil!


I did it!

I finally beat you! Beat you, beat you, beat you!

Oh, look at that.

That's spectacular.

You've given me a fighting chance, Ferdinand.

Why would you do such a thing?

If we don't look out for each other, who will?

Besides, it wasn't that big of a deal.

It was for me.

Excuse me, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to kill the mood.

Can I steal you for a second?

I got tears, honestly.

Really did a good thing out there, pal.

Yeah, come here.

Somethin' I wanna tell ya.

Stop helping the competition! Ow!

What, are you gonna give Valiente a hoof massage now?

Lupe, I'm not some... I get it.

You don't like the bullfighting.

It's because you're hung up on the blood and the guts and the maiming... and the gore and the senseless violence.

Do you have a point?

My point is, it's about more than just smashing heads.

It's about rhythm and footwork and grace.

Don't just think of it as a fight.

Think of it like a dance.

A bull dancing?

Is this some kind of hilarious joke designed to make me laugh?

You see, horses, we have the beautifulest legs for the dancing.

Bulls have short, stubby legs.

Yeah. Look at me.

Moo, moo, moo.

Go eat a schnitzel, you pasty-faced glue stick!

It's okay, Lupe, they're right.

I mean, how could a big, clumsy bull ever do something like this?

Whoo! Check out my boy cuttin' a rug.

Yeah! That was good.

You call that dancing? Ha!

Nein! This is dancing.

Three against one is hardly fair.

Lupe, get my pipes!

Well, put that in your kilts and smoke it!

Don't celebrate yet, you rump roast!

Try this!

Ooh, I hate those horses!

It's show time.

I'm going in!

All hooks to the coatrack Why, why would I hold back?

Click-tack like a Kodak Just try and stop me Try and stop me, whoo Long time to the climax Fine dime, girl Let me shine that Oh, no with the hold back Just try and stop me Try and stop me, whoo I'm on a new trip A rocket to the moon ship

Watch me

Whoa! Yeah!

Watch me, watch me

Watch me A rocket to the moon ship Hey, watch where you're stepping, dummkopf.

Who are you calling dummkopf?

You have four left hooves.

Watch me Yeah!

I've fallen and I can't giddyup.

We did it, lads!

Oh, yes! Yeah!

Nice one! Nice one!

That's right, 'cause we're bulls.

Go on, horses, prance. 'Cause you can't dance.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Aw. Why didn't we do that sooner?

Felt good to put those show ponies in their place.

I haven't laughed like that since ever.

Maquina, are you smiling?

That's what it is!

A smile!

Laugh your way right into the chop house.

That's where you're headed.

No, no! Not if we get outta here, guys.

There are places out there where you don't get pushed around... or shipped to a chop house for being yourself.

If it's so great out there, why did they send you back here?

Yeah, Ferd, why did they send you back here?

Well, because... Because you're a bull.

You think you're different, but you're not.

Our only way out is to beat the matador in the ring.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

But by all means, ballerinas, keep dancing.

Tomorrow, I'll be on the winner's truck.

Don't listen to him, guys.

He's right. We're bulls.

This is the only place for us.

Sorry, Ferd. I gotta get back to training.

You should, too.

Guys! Ferd, pal...

I think they got a point. We're running outta time.

They wanna stay, I get it.

But I'm leaving here tonight. Let's bust outta here, Lupe.

And go where?

This is it, Ferd.

It's a dog-eat-dog, bull-fight-bull, everybody-hate-goat world.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I'll take you to my home.

It's different there.

And Nina... Nina will love you.

Who's this Nina?

And what's love?

So you'll come?

Do you really think...

I'm just gonna throw away my three-day dream of training a champion bull? Oh.

Of course I am! It was a stupid dream!

I have a new dream.

Busting out of this stink hole with my best friend!

Just one problem, this joint is locked up tight.

No one gets outta this place.

Actually, that's not true.

A bull wanting to escape Casa del Toro?

Hah, good luck with that, amigo.

Look, I could really use your help.

Do you know a way outta here?

Yeah. We might know a way.

But what's in it for us?



Excuse me, you're re-gifting my gift to the gerbils?

First of all, hedgehogs.

And you will never, ever buy us with a cheap piece of junk.


No, don't do it! Resist!

I can't help it!

Mmm! It gives me the happies.

Okay, yeah. Way to play hardball, Cuatro.

That's the plan?

You want me to go through the house?

If we get caught inside that house, we're toast.

Oh, I love toast.

You wanna get out of here, don't you?

Okay. Let's do it.

All right, just do exactly what we do.


Yeah, maybe don't do exactly as we do.

Now, you go through there.

Me? Through there?

Uh, have you seen these hips?

Where there's a will, there's a way.

I can't! I can't!

I'm stuck! Wait!

Get your hoof... Squeeze in!

...out of my mouth.

It's not working. It's not working.

Okay, all right, we gotta do something, guys.

One, two, three, four Uno, do', tres, cuatro

Whoa, look at the cute squirrels.


We are hedgehogs!

Okay, it's a straight shot through the kitchen to the front door.

And then, you're home free.

Piece of cake.

I love cake.

He's coming down, he's coming down!


Can you just try to be a little more quiet?


Yikes on a stick.

What are you doing with 53 swords?

Is that...?

My dad.

Oh, Ferd.

He was the bravest bull I knew.

He really believed he could beat the matador.

All of them did.

The bull never wins.

Come on, Ferd. Let's get you home.

The door to freedom.

Ferd, what are you doing?

Come on, we gotta go now!

No. I can't leave.

What? Ferd, this is your only chance!

The guys back there still think they can win.

Just like my dad did.

And I can't let them end up on that wall.

Guys? Everybody up, come on!

We have to go now!

Have you lost your bloody mind?

We have to get outta here tonight!

El Primero's selecting a bull in the morning.

We're not going anywhere. I'm gonna take his butt down.

No! You don't wanna get selected.

Trust me, it's a death sentence.

Rubbish! Not if you win. That's just it.

No bull wins. Ever.

I was in Moreno's house, I saw it.

Jings! Crivens! And help ma boab!

And there's a lot more where that came from.

A lot more.

There's really no way to win?

You get to fight in a big fancy arena... but I'm telling you, it's just another chop house.

Why would I believe a coward... who thinks the only way out is through the back door?

Are you crazy? Did you not hear what I said?

Bulls fight or they go down. That's how the world works.

There's nothing left for you here, Valiente.

Come with us. No!

What are you so afraid of?

I'm not afraid of anything!

Come on, fight me.

I'm not gonna fight you, Valiente.



Valiente, stop!

You're soft.

Like your father.

And the soft ones always go down!


What's going on?

That one is the best bull.

I'll fight him in Madrid tomorrow.

Oh, this is bad.

You got selected by El Primero.

Do you know what this means?

A sword through his melon!

Horns on the wall.

Exactly, Maquina.

We gotta get you outta here now!

Oh, no. I know that look. No, no, don't say it.

I'm not leaving.

Oh! You're killing me!

Not unless everyone is coming with me.


Sign me up! I'm in!

Okay, you happy now?

I said everyone.

Klaus, Greta...

I'm sorry for the things I said about your terrible dancing.

Nein. Nein. Hans...

I am the horse that is full of the shame and the regret.

I cannot stay mad at you.

Kommen Sie, you sons of stallions.

Let's Häagen Dazs it out.

What is the meaning of this?

How did you get in here, stinky bull?

Stinky hedgehogs.

I am blinded!


Greta, Klaus, where are you?

Hedge for one...

And hog for all!

You messed with the wrong hogs.

Okay. Let's go!

Hurry! Keep it moving!

Get to work, Ferd.

This is an outrage! Open the door!



What are you doing here?

What do you think I'm doing? I'm getting you outta here.

Come on! We don't have a lot of time.

Don't you get it? Look at me! I'm already done.

Oh, sure. That makes total sense.

You're either a fighter or you're meat, right?

That's right.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You're more than just a set of horns.

Come with us.

So I can... sniff flowers and pal around with goats?

No, that's my thing.

You can live your own life now.

But not if you give up.

Oh, Mama!

It's Guapo!

Valiente, come on!

Go away.

Wow. I thought you were a fighter.

I guess I was wrong.

Where are they?

Open the door! Get back in there.



Guap... Whoa!

Oh, Ferdinand!

I did not get picked by El Primero!

I know. And that's a good thing, trust me.

I'm gonna get you down.

Thank holy goodness.

I didn't think I was going to make it.

Oh, no.

Ahhh! Help me!

Hang on!


Hold on, Guapo!

Don't let go! Don't let me go!

Hang on! Don't let me go!


Thought you could use an extra horn.


What? What's the problem?

Nothing! You look great. Oh!

So, we getting outta here or what?

Over here, guys! Help!

That wasn't so bad.

Yeah, quite relaxing.

Watch out!

What are you guys doing?

We're trying to help you!

Well, you're doing a terrible job!

Anyone got an ice pick?


Here they come!

Holy cow! Hey, guys.

Guapo lives!

Okay. I deserve that.

Everybody in!

You better know how to drive this thing.

We're about to find out.

Okay, guys. Think thin!

We got company! Hit it!


Bull overboard!


Wait for me! Wait for me!

Are you seeing this, too?

If you lose my bull, I'll fight you in the ring.


Your turn.


Come on, Angus. You can do it!

I'm a bull, not a doctor.

They're getting closer. Speed up!

I'm pressing as hard as I can!

Which way? Hard right.

I don't feel so good.

Yeah. Been there, buddy.

I said right!

I thought you meant my right.

We have the same right!

A convertible!


Get over there.

My hand!

Take the wheel. Who? Me?


I got ya, hedgehog.

Whoo! Yeah!

Nothing can stop us now!

What part of Scotland is this anyway?

This is lovely.

Come on. Move it, people.

I'm starving.

Come on!

Let's go!

What now, Ferd?

That's it.

We gotta get to the train.

Guys, we gotta hoof it.


Do what I do.


Yeah, right.

Sorry. Oop, my bad!

I'm free to do what I want And have a good time Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say I'm free to do what I want And have a good time Now somebody, anybody, everybody, say Miami We were born to be free UK We were born to be free Spain Let's escape and feel free

Oh! Hello, handsome.

Oh, they're coming!

Bahamas We were born to be free Cuba Can't wait to live free Yeah I'm free to do what I want And have a good time Watch it, Ferdinand.

Oh, yeah!

Smile, Dad.


Watch out!

I got this.


That's it.

The train! Are you blind, laddie?

That's a bloomin' bus.

That's it. Track eight.

Come on, follow us! Hurry!

Move it, Guapo.

I don't wanna die looking at your butt!

There they are! Get them!

Come on. Give me a boost.

Hurry! It's leaving!

Go, go, go!

Come on, guys!

We can do this, bulls.

Go, go!

Move it or lose it!

I'll keep pushing. You guys jump on!

Push, bulls. Push!

Come on, guys.

They're coming fast!

Okay, hop on!

They want you. You go first.

Just go!

Whoo! Yeah!


Chaos in Madrid today... as a group of runaway bulls stampeded through the city streets. the fiercest of the bulls was handpicked... to face El Primero in his final fight.



Listen, okay.

You are the bravest bull I know.

You can do this.

But you're gonna have to fight.

Just this one time, Ferd.


El Primero!





Just great!

I can't see.

There, Nina!

Let him live!

Spare the bull!

Let him go!

Save the bull! Let him go!




I thought I'd never see you again.




Flower bull did it.

Holy moly! You've multiplied.

Hey, Pac-Man! I missed you, dawg.

Well, I didn't miss you. Not even a little bit.

The tail don't lie, brother.

I have got to get that fixed.

Goat! Goat! Can't breathe.

Jeez Louise!

Haven't you brutes ever heard of "ladies first"?

Aw! You're adorable.

Is this love?

I love love.

Always out of place I knew I needed something new for me I never knewjust what that was, yeah Finding something safe was just like Trying to catch a bird in flight I knew that I would never touch But now I won't let go

'Cause I'm happy to call this Home No more running I'm good knowing That I belong Happy to call this Home I got loving Inside this island Don't care who knows it Happy to call this Home Oh, eh, oh Oh, eh, oh Happy to call this Shedding all that insecurity I kind of found a new me I'm okay with how that feels yeah Being me was hard enough So being someone else was too much All I want is something real Now I won't let go

'Cause I'm happy to call this Home No more running I'm good knowing That I belong Happy to call this Home I got loving Inside this island Don't care who knows it Happy to call this Home Oh, eh, oh Oh, eh, oh Oh, eh, oh Oh, eh, oh Oh, I'm happy to call this Home is where you're happy Home is when you're right where you should be Find where you're happy

'Cause I'm happy to call this This was fun. You know what, the only thing that would make this better...


Home No more running I'm good knowing I'm good knowing I'm good knowing I belong, I belong Home I got loving I got loving Inside this island Inside this island Don't care who knows it Happy to call this Home Oh, eh, oh I'm happy to call this home

I just want to see you smiling

I don't wanna see you crying

Through all the ups and downs

Long as we're under the sun

And if you're feeling alone Come lay your head on me If you feel pain in your soul

Come lay your head on me

I just want to see you dancing

I don't wanna see you damaged

Through all the ups and downs

Long as we're under the sun

And if you're feeling alone Come lay your head on me If you feel pain in your soul

Come lay your head on me

Long as we're under the sun

And if you're feeling alone Come lay your head on me If you feel pain in your soul

Come lay your head on me Long as we're under the sun

And if you're feeling alone Come lay your head on me If you feel pain in your soul

Come lay your head on me