Ferien (2016) Script

Why did you do it?

I saw the mirror and then...

I just took it...

...spontaneously. Hmm, spontaneously?!

Well, did you have any tools with you?

No, why?

Well, I mean, did you intend to commit that crime?

Uhm no, I did not intend to. How would I even intend to do that?

So, why did you take the mirror?

You know, that this is theft? Yeah, shit. na ja, na ja.

Well, well, well. Yes, I give the floor to the attorney, please.

Please. The attorney.

Excuse me! Do you want to have a look? there, we're in conversation...

Yes, very good. Come over here for a second.

Have you ever seen something like this?

Do you have something like that at home?

Well then, you should give it some thought.

Always in here, always the smooth movement, like you used to it in the olden days, on the playground.

Simply clamped into the apparat here. Spin it quickly.

That's fun. That's nice. That's an easy movement.

No chef is capable of doing this.

No chef is capable of doing this, even if he had the sharpest knife.

Young lady, may I for a second... there, we're in conversation...


Well, this is from the house of Schacher. Til now, Schacher always...

Have a look, how beautiful: until the last piece, everything is gone.

...and at the end, just eat the vegy left overs.

Sit and stay! You are supposed to sit!

I talked to Adam, he told me that you have to work.



Come, let's go outside in the yard.

I put a chair out.

It'll make you feel better.

What's wrong with you? Hmm?


I... I think you should get a child.

Why? Sorry for saying that...

...but honestly, you always worry about yourself.

That's nothing really.

Especially for women. That is bad.

Mom. No, it's true.

You got your state examination. And you know so much.

Vivi, you can't just move into our living room.

That is nonsense.

My estrogen level is declining...

...and I don't have the need to constantly care for someone. I'm sorry.

Vivi, Dad is taking you to an island I was just supposed to tell you.

Vivi, you are dragging us all down!

Welcome to the island in the North Sea with happiness-climate!

The whole crew of the MS Florida wishes you a relaxing holiday.

The island of your dreams says: "Moin, Moin."

Yes, I am actually reaching a stage where I put my socks on with my feet.

Without your hands? Without my hands.

What about your cake? Go for it.

You're picking there.

First, you want to have it and then you don't.

What are they even doing on this island?

This could be something for you. Aqua-Fitness in company.

Kitesurfing. But you have to be sporty for that...

...this isn't for you, I think. Maybe, I should try it.


Actually, I just want to sleep for a bit, Dad.

Where is the Hotel? Too much sleep isn't good either.

Why did you never get rid of that thing?

What thing?

Well, the thing, there... the wart. That's a birthmark.

Nonsense! That's not a birthmark. Yes, it is! -No!

Call it what you want. But...

...every time one looks at you, this thing stares right back.

Maybe people want to look you in the eyes and not always right at the wart.


You don't need to be afraid of me.

Now he's running away.


So, Miss Vivi! let's see here. Just as we discussed, it's not going to hurt.

It's going to belike Ricky-tick, two, three seconds.

Now we only need the patches, the eye patches, please.

Relax, relax.

Relax, relax.

Just relax.


Done. Love it.

Changes are good.

Now, we only need a little patch and then you're clear to go dancing again tonight, young lady.

I actually need to get going, sorry. But it's nice here. I'll pay outside, right?

Yeah, hello...

Now, they want to thrust a baby on to me...

I can take it.

This is Konstantin.

What did I use to say?

Smile when it's good, life isn't going to get any better than this.

Hello Sorry.


I... I can fix the bed later.

I have clean towels and...

...I'll just vacuum later.

Sorry, there is dirt everywhere, huh?

I'm sorry. Bye.

I can't move in with you.

And you didn't think of that earlier?


Yes, you could have!

You could have said something way earlier.

Sorry. You're risking our relationship, you know that, right?

You could have just gotten a dresser.

I just don't understand, why you can't even get a dresser.

Sorry, but I don't understand. That's the least you could have done.

I can get myself a dresser. No, you can't, otherwise you would have already done it.

Maybe, I just don't want to buy a dresser.

Oh God, what happened here?

Well, a dead pigeon fell right on my waffle.

I am deeply embarrassed. That never happened before.

Could I please have a napkin? My god!

The pigeon is probably sick. Don't touch it!

Let me cover it first. Yes. you must not take it likely


The island of your dreams says: Bye bye and see you later."

We hope, you had a pleasant stay.

Come back later!



I wanted to ask, if I could maybe stay with you?


Really? Yes.


My crafts group is coming any time soon.

Biene... we talked and we decided that,... well, that may sound a little harsh. but...


...a couple days ago, we heard about another course. Dancing with body sticks.

"Dancing with swinging body sticks"... "Nordic Dancing".

That rotates through the entire body Short, well, we don't have much time left.

And... No, I didn't mean it like that.

We all have some years left.

We have to see, how we manage everything.

Would you like to join us? Join you where?

Well, at the Nordic Dancing.

Maybe. Why not? Sounds exciting, body sticks.

And Dörte is going to lead the group...

I have something new.

Long moss!

It's great for beards, for little pelts, maybe little hair dressings...

Biene... Yes?

We don't want to make those figures anymore.

We said, we wanted to be sensitive.


I didn't know that you didn't have fun here anymore. I didn't know that.

We have been doing this for a long time now.

Yes, that's right. Right.

Mom, what's for dinner? Just look in the kitchen.

I already did. Just look closer.

Well, somehow, the whole thing is a little like "Desperate Housewives".

Biene, you went to college! What does that mean?

So, do you still want to try something with the moss today?

No. Look, they are tasteless, really.

I don't even know where to put them anymore.

I hung mine.

Good. No problem. Then... ...we'll just stop here.

We can share the moss... and I'll strike you off from the list and then...

...maybe other people will come.

Cool. Good. Okay. Bye.

I constantly start new things, and...

...and everyone else is already...

...done with everything.

That's okay.

I like to be herewith you. Yes?



How did the coconut get here?

Where is the coconut? Where is the coconut?

Who stole the coconut?

Where is the coconut? Where is the coconut?

Who stole the coconut?

Hello Vivi?! Yes, it's Mom.

Listen, I was thinking... maybe you should get your thyroid examined.

Yes, I had the feeling, you're throat has gotten bigger.

Yes, that's what I wanted to tell you. Do it. Soon!

Get that checked. Or you'll end up with a goiter, just like grandma A very big goiter.

That goes together with your sleepiness and you gaining weight.

Just do it, okay? Ja!

Did you ever see grandma's goiter?

No, I don't think so. Okay. I have you... Now stop!

Stop Pepe. I said stop. Listen, I have to hang up, the dog.

Give it a bone! Love you. It's fine. Love you too.

Bye, Mom.


Hello. I'm here because of the sign outside... You are looking for a temporary help...

Because of the sign...

Uhm yes. Uhm,

do you have any contagious diseases?

The flu? No, I'm healthy.

There might be something wrong with my thyroid.


Sorry that I asked, but...

I actually can't afford it.

I am the only one responsible for research around here.

What kind of research?

Oh. Yeah. I'm on to something really big.

Very... significant.

Well, it may be interesting for you too.

For me?


Uhm. So, can I start working here?

Are you looking for a temporary help?

I could start dusting.

Is this an eel?

Eel. Yes.

Mr.... What is your name by the way?

Mukitz. Otto.

Mr. Mukitz Otto Otto Mukitz.

I'm Vivi. Vivian Baumann.

Just follow me.


What happened to you?

Body sticks. It's just not for me, I guess.

I saw your son.

What's his name? Eric.

He's sweet. Yes?

He looks sweet. Cute. Yes?

Hey Vivi?

I'm actually invited and I promised Bettina to make some noodle salad... and then I also made a pancake pie and...

Eric knows how to get there...

You don't have to do it, but it would be great...

I look awful and I just don't want to be around other people like this and..

You'd only have to take the food and say "Hello".

I'm Vivi. I'm not talking to you. You're crazy.


The Schnitter-Song from Schuman has a strong country feeling, right?

You can even play it a little more pronounced.

A little more energy would be nice, but it was pretty good.

You were good. You played good.

Torben, do you want to hang out later today?


Tomorrow, maybe? Can't do tomorrow either.

The day after tomorrow?

I've plans with other people.

Then maybe another time?

Eric, I just don't want to hang out with you anymore.-Huh? Why not?

We just grew apart.

And what about Sunday?

We wanted to make our pond on the weekend.

Don't know.


Oh God!

Where did he come from?

This is a very special store, right?

Listen Vivi, I was thinking, maybe you could work at our agency.

You know, that would be something new for you, and it's easy to get in.

Or another country? Chrissi, our intern, she went to India to see how she likes it there.

The Indian people are really open-minded, always quick... that's awesome.

Vivi, I remember, when you were a little girl, you always wanted to jump over big obstacles.

Big stones, not one was too big for you.

You've always had a strong and big voice, you know. And now? You're squeaking!

You're actually squeaking.

We'll just call Chrissi.

She can tell you about life in India, you know.

She is really cool! you can just chat with her for a bit.

Watch me.

She is usually on the phone.

What do you want me to do?

Hello? Yo, hey Chrissi!

Hello! Yes...

Hey, listen, I'm sitting herewith Vivi... - Okay. and maybe you can tell her a bit about what's happening in India.

Because she hangs around here...

...and she's actually thinking about stopping by in India.

Yea, super cool.

Definitely, tell her she should come!

Yes. - Yea, super cool.

There's a lot of stuff going on. So many things that you can do here.

It is super crazy... Super.

...it's great that you cheer up Vivi a bit.? She is a little tightened up right now.

She Definitely has to stop by. Maybe we can facetime soon, ...so we see each other again. - Yea, great!

Old chap! - Great. Would love to see you again.

Bye. Bye bye.

With you, it just takes a little longer, but you have Grandezza.

Yea... Grandezza.

Yes! I'll just go for a walk, okay?

I guess, you have stuff to do.


How's your research project going?

Yea, the research.

Yes, it's going really good.


That's great.

Are you interested in books?

Yes. Look...

This is a very nice book.

There are 1000 fish in this book.

You're welcome to take it.

You are interested in eels, aren't you?

Hmm Yea

Eels are in there too, I believe...

This is a giant red kangaroo.

Well, you'll probably find eels in there too, if you look closely enough.

That's nice. The pictures are very pretty.

Yes. You can... Do you want that too? Yes, please.

Mint? Yes please.

Thank you.

This is very good peppermint.


From Italy.


I think, that's not in Italy.

Well then...

...see you tomorrow. Yes.




I made a fire. Do you want to come outside?


Ok, then, sleep well, okay?

Good night.



Biene? What are you doing?

Are you leaving? Yes.

I wanted to tell you, I absolutely wanted to.

And I wanted to ask, if you maybe could watch Eric for a bit.

I actually don't know, for how long I even wanted to stay here.

Actually, Eric doesn't need to be watched anymore.

Where are you going? Research!

But for how long? I need to hurry.

I really need to hurry.

Biene! I need to damn hurry.

Just wait a second...

Hello. Hello.

Is someone in there?

Eric, right?

Can we talk? I think your mom just went... on vacation or something.


What are you doing in there?

I'm just a little confused, because your mom ran away from me with a backpack.

Do you know where she went?

To a friend. To a friend?

She had a huge backpack.

Where does her friend live?

Close to here. Okay.

She's at a friends then. What are you doing?


Okay. And what are you doing?


Do you have a credit card?


Can I have it?

Why? Well, I would like to order something.

Okay, what do you want to order?

A tool shed. A tool shed?

Yea, I have to think about that. Okay?


Okay. Your mom is at a friends? Yes.

Good. Bye. See you later. Yes, maybe.


Mr. Mukitz. Hello. What are you doing there?

I thought, I'd clean everything, dust it all and put it back, okay?

I can take the garland down, it's silly anyways.

That is the problem with garlands: you have to take them down eventually.


Yes, would you comedown now?

Mr. Mukitz, Otto. I am sorry.

I can be unobtrusive...

...almost invisible.

I can be also bea really nice person. I am sorry, I...

I could do an inventory, count everything or something like that.

I just love this store... I love you too...I think And I love the books anyways.


But, you know, I don't think that I can give you a prospect here.

I actually don't need a prospect...

... I think.

You know, this is...

...this place is like a terminus.

A terminus? Is that something like the terminal station?

No. more like a... dead-end road.

You know, at the end of the dead-road is the end.

Do you want me to go?

It's over with Harald.

His teeth, it's a shame.

Those scruffy things... that's not necessary. No.

I'm as hard as granite. I don't need to have that.

I vote for teeth out, prosthesis in.

Sweety, you can't settle for compromises.

I'm telling you.

Yes, It hurts.

Would you like a Schnaps too?

No, thank you.

Do you want me to? Yes, but don't screw it up.

Not possible.

Has your mom been gone before?

I don't care. Aha.

I'm able to be by myself. So, you can go.

Yea? Yes, go.

Wait a second, you didn't even finish. Leave me alone. That looks like crap.

No, it doesn't look like crap. Yes, it does.

Ouch. What was that for?

Before removing the wasps'' nest completely, please reassess, if you might be able to come in terms with it.

Where is your mom?

Where is yours? Mine is a foreign correspondent.

I think, mine moved out.

And now leave.


Just leave me alone already.



Is someone here?

The vision is the most important.

It's on the last card, but...

...actually it's the first thing.

The vision. Wish. Dream, whatsoever, yes?

Then, the red card, what's keeping you from reaching your vision, yes?

And the yellow card is your ability to reach your super-power which you need to reach your vision.

Let's assume that you could fly.

It doesn't need to be realistic. That's the thing. It's a game.

You just have to go with it to actually get somewhere, that you...

Yes, okay. So, what is the first thing...

... that pops into your head when I ask you now: what is your wish? Your vision?


I don't know. Health? Or Luck?

No, Vivi. Come on!

You need to be more concrete than that.

That sounds like a transfer picture from a newsletter.

Health. Luck. What is luck?

Vivi, it needs to come from you.

It's almost like a stereotype!

Dad, can we just talk for a bit, okay?

I can make some coffee No, I quit coffee. Plus, it makes my whole body turn sour.

Yes? Well...

For me... visions are bursting old structures, look at RCP, a totally new spirit.

You need to approach it with rhythm. You just have to go with it, stay on the ball. or you're out. You're laughing but you're out.

That's stupid. What do you mean with "rhythm"? It means being flexible...

...or going abroad or to find a new girlfriend.

I mean, that there are people around who understand you.

Aha! -Your mom, she understands me... New girlfriend he? -Yes!

Your mom understands me... Do you understand me?

I'll write something on there and then you make fun of me.

Dad, I don't kid you Your obstacle. This is the card that hampers you. You hamper yourself!

This Adam-guy... No human has the right to make you feel small!

Dad, I think I don't want to do this game. That's just not for me.



It's just a game anyways.

You can just open it up.

Maybe, I'll just leave it here and you can do it by yourself.

Alone. What about you?

I have the feeling, you're going crazy Did you dye your hair or something?

No, it's summer.

I'm fine. Yea? ok?!

I'm not here. But, you wanted to belong gone.

Yes. You're still here. because I wanted to approach you.

I'm not stuck.

You're stuck here, like a prisoner in a shack!

In a mess, in a dump I'm not stuck here!

I don't even know you want to do here?

I can do a lot of stuff here.

You do nothing. Nothing.

Not one thing.

You sit there, and you don't even look at me. Good, we'll do the game then.

What am I supposed to do?

Here, the yellow ones. What is that, green, obstacles. What do I have to do?

What do I have to write? You didn't get it.

It's not about doing stuff. Yes, it is! Why not?

Now, I want to do it! It's what we wanted to do all the time.

But you didn't understand it. I did! I want to write something down.

You need to pull yourself together first!

I don't want to pull myself together You need to get an idea of what a vision is Why is that? I don't even need a vision. You don't even have an idea for a vision.

So, let's just do the thing with the cards. You can't just do random things.

You're not listening, that's your problem. You don't know what your vision is.

I actually do know my vision! I want to be alone.

That is your vision? I just want to have my rest at last.

That is your vision? Yes! -That's a great vision!

Yes, it is! You're right upfront!

Just go into your shack and have your vision.


Crap here.


Mr. Mukitz?

Good morning Otto.

I brought you some flat cake, because I wanted to talk to you, because of the problems yesterday.


That's for the nerves.


Cheers, girl.


Can I give you a hug. Of course. Come here, sweetie.

Have you ever been married?

I was...

You'll get rid of all of your energy. And gone! Great!


Do you want to talk?

I need to go to bed.

But you're on school break.

We could smoke too.

I don't smoke.

I know.

I have a wasps' nest in my room.

Yes. Good night.

Good night.

I have the credit card. Didn't you want it?

I did. So..

I have it here. I can go and get it.



Night. Night.

You have three messages. Message 1:


It's A dam. I just wanted to say that I gave the moving boxes to you mother...

I'm doing good. Well, you probably have...

What are you doing there?

Romans eat while laying down.

Today is the party and kind of invited, but not really.

Where's the party?

At Torben's place, this asshole.

Where? At Torben's!

So, are you going? I'm going and so are you!

Hello! Hello.


Hello, how are you. Well, it's nice that you came.

Looks pretty. Great. Hello, how are you.

Come in, everyone is here already.

Thanks. Cool, thanks.

So, there's the bar, help yourself.

My brother is the DJ for tonight, so yea.

You're Vivi, right?

We had 50 pages per script. Just imagine that.

Hmm crazy, yea. We have to memorize everything... and that's not it, there are also the practical things, for example dancing and gymnastic and yea, I'm always totally exhausted.

It's so strenuous, and I don't know... Can you do a backflip?

Damn it, I didn't even want to go to this party.

You wanted to go because of this Friedemann.

That's not even true! You wanted to go!

You told me to come with you.

Who is Friedemann anyways? The guy you made out with.

I didn't even know his name was Friedemann.

Damn it!

I'm totally on my own. Nonsense, you're not all on your own!

Yes, I have to take care of myself.

Well, then just be chill about it. You have the whole place to yourself, isn't that awesome?

I can't live like that! What? You can't live how?

Well, like this! What do you mean? Eric?


I can't even swim. That's totally not normal!

Really? Yes!

Why not? Ask my mother!

But that's not even that bad! Yes, it is that bad!

Whatever, you can ride your bike or something.

You're only 13.

You can still learn how to swim. No, I won't learn it.

You learn that when you're six and not 13!

You want to see, how I cannot swim?



The animal is alive. We need help.

Attention! The onlookers, please step back!

Everyone who is not involved, go back! Go back!

I am Hermann from the Bavarian Broadcast. Hello, you are?

Pete. Pete. Hello.

Pete, hello. We heard that it was you, who found the whale. Your first impressions?

Well, I was at the beach and it was just laying there.

Aha. Hmm.

And then, what did you do? What were your first reactions?

I showed my friends where it was.

There's my Dad again. Dad!


So did you do the thing with the cards? Did you do that?

No. No.

It's silly anyways. Yes.


It's not that bad.

I mean, it's all good now, I think.

I'm too scared of swimming out shore.

I had a panic attack once when I was in the middle of the sea and ever since I've had a bug.

I always think I'll drown.

I don't know what..

So at the edge, but that's it.




I hope, you're all hungry. I brought so many great recipes.

It's so good to be back home with you.

So, where exactly have you been?

I did research for my doctoral theses.

I lived here and there. I don't even want to know where you were.

But I want to know where you were.

In Frankfurt.

I used to live there. At the Main river.


In the red light district. Really?

Wild times.

I liked it there.

I think, I still need to study something.

Do you want me to quiz you? No.

Well, actually one would just have to go. I mean, the world is the best school, right?


Come, let's dance.

Nice to have you back.

Do you maybe want to go outside for a bit?


What's going on here?

Biene! A fire.

Biene. Fire. Damn it! What are we gonna do? Oh God!


No, no.



Biene, Eric probably thinks...

...that you're insane.

I just wanted to make a small fire and finally throw out all those old documents.

The pretty tool shed.

That was a tool shed? Yes. He bought it.


I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Hello. Hello.-Hello.

Hello. What happened here?

Yes, we...

I underestimated a small bun fire.

Oh. I am sorry.

And the house was all new....

Now, it's old.

Yes. Yes, now it is...

... it is gone.

Can we go to the whale?

Let's go to the whale.