Few Words (2012) Script

Candide is a real character.

At school or skiing, he was always full of energy.

He raced down stairs, fell off bunks...

He always had bumps!

He tried everything, he loved hockey.

He'd be the only one lying on the floor!

He'd be wiped out, sweating, that's how we recognised him!

Candide started skiing at the age of 2.

On mini skis, skiing over little moguls.

When he was little, Raymond took his son skiing.

I saw him with a little camcorder, maybe a Fuji...

At the end of the season, I filmed his progress.

It was fun seeing all that again.

We soon saw that he was in his element.

He competed and enrolled in acrobatic skiing.

Slalom was never his thing.

Tormented He was a big Olympic hope, incredibly talented.

He won everything, and skied like no one else.

Seeing Edgar Grospiron made me want to try... and it worked!

He never followed his coach, always hung back.

Out of sight, he'd do jumps, discretely... He did it all the time.

Candide was like an extra-terrestrial.

Even as a kid, he was amazing at freestyle.

He had an incredible imagination.

I think anything creative starts with the imagination.

It was an L1 fracture, what we call an expansive fracture.

Not only the back part of the spine was broken, but also the inner part, making the fracture very unstable.

It was amazing that he didn't have neurological issues, since it was in L1, right by the spinal cord.

A few millimetres more and he could've had neurological issues.

He was incredibly lucky.

The surgery involves an arthrodesis: we lay the broken spine supporting it from above and below and re-align it on the table, by introducing bolts and stems to restore the spine to its normal height.

He made it because above all Candide is not a freestyler or freerider, he's a skier!

That was amazing!