Fidelio (1956) Script


The last notes, written by Beethoven.

You men! Can you give in?

Love alone - yes only love is capable of making life happier.

Can our love survive any other way except by dedication?

Do good whenever you can. Love freedom above all else.

Never be anything other than truthful, even before the throne.

Farewell and do not forget me when I am dead, I deserve this from you for during my lifetime I thought of you often, and of ways to make you happy, be so.

Heiligenstadt, October 6th, 1 802 Ludwig van Beethoven

A change of horses! A change of horses for the Governor!

Pizarro! Still rules.

In spite of the new government.

Such a man cannot be removed. Don Florestan nearly managed it. That is why he disappeared.

What will he do next?

Let's go!


Jaquino! Keep the men here away!

Where is Fidelio? I don't know.


Is Fidelio not back yet? No, father.


Fidelio ...

If only I were already in union with you and could call you husband!

A girl can only admit half of her thoughts.

but if a passionate kiss does not make me blush, when we are quite alone together ...

Already hope fills my heart with indescribably sweet longing, How happy I want to be!

Who are you thinking of, my treasure?

Not about you!

About Fidelio?

Perhaps ... -The skinny lad, that no one knows anything about.

That your father took pity on, picking him up at the city gate. - Who's knocking?

He has never had to work for a living! Just look at those soft hands!



You've taken a lot on, my lad.

Is that so!

The chains are heavy. Yes.

You're a clever lad, Fidelio.

You've only been with us a couple of weeks and already you buy produce cheaper than I do.

I think you will have a very capable husband, Marzelline.

I feel wonderful,

my heart is bursting.

It is obvious, he loves me, I will be happy.

How dangerous it is, how frail hope seems!

It is obvious, she loves me, oh indescribable agony!

It is obvious, she loves him.

Yes, maid, he will be yours!

A fine, young couple, they will be happy.

My hair stands on end, the father gives his consent.

It is obvious, she loves him,

he will be her husband.

And you, Fidelio, will get a capable wife.

You have no confidence in me. No confidence?

Yesterday I saw you come out of the underground cells.


Why won't you accept my help?


If the Governor finds out!

He must realize, that you cannot manage all by yourself!

It won't be for much longer. Why?

The Governor has given orders, this last month he only gets two ounces of bread and half a measure of water.

He must have committed a terrible crime.

Or he must have important enemies.

The Governor!

The letters!

The letters!

The Minister has heard, that in the State Prison victims of arbitrary violence are kept.

He will look into the matter himself and is already on his way.

Man the ramparts immediately! Keep watch over the road to Sevilla!

As soon as a coach with riders appears, sound the trumpet!


Go on with you, make haste, old man!

It's your lucky day, you will become rich!

A very, very rich man.

I will give you that up front.

Tell me, how I can be of service!

You are cold blooded ...

from long years of service.

What am I to do? Tell me! Tell me!

Murder! What?

Just listen to me! You're shaking? Are you a man?

The State wants, to get rid of a bad subject as quickly as possible.

Dear, Sir!

Would you be ready?

No, Sir, to take a life, is not among my duties!

Then I will kill him myself, if you have not the courage.

Go to the man immediately!

You know ... you know ...

The one that can barely move, lives like a shadow? The very same! Go down to him!

I will wait quite near, you dig a grave in the cistern very quickly. And then?

Give me a sign, and I will slip into the cell with covered head.

One thrust! And he is quiet forever.

He will die in his chains, Starving in his chains he must be a devil! he endured endless suffering.

Only his death can save me, To kill him, means to save him, then I will be satisfied. the dagger will free him.

What a moment!

My revenge will cool you down, your destiny calls!

To bore in your heart oh, what joy, great gladness this day!

I was nearly at your mercy, I was to end in disgrace.

And you wanted to see me in the dirt!

But it was not the end of me, you must die yourself today!

By your hand, I very nearly ended in disgrace!

And you, you saw me in the dirt already!

In your last hour, With the blade in your wound, I will shout in your ear:

Triumph! The victory is mine!

Horrible man! What is your plan?

What's your aim with that fierce expression?

The call of pity, voice of humanity ...

Does nothing touch you in your madness?

But anger and wrath rage in your soul like a tempestuous sea,

and so a rainbow lights for me, bright across the dark clouds.

Shines down so peaceful, so quiet, reminds me of times past.

My blood soothed now begins to surge.

Come, hope, don't allow the last torch of the weary to fade!

Come, lighten the way to my goal as far away as it may be.

Love, will succeed, yes, love will succeed.

I follow an inner instinct, I don't flinch, I feel strong in my duty as a loving spouse!

You, for whom I suffer all if only I could get to the place, where evil has laid you in fetters, and bring you sweet comfort!

Why such a hurry? Jaquino, you could help me!

Help? To unlock the prison door.

Did you forget?

It's the King's name day! Master Rocco promised.

And the Governor? He comes in the King's name.

You think so? Open up!

Open up!

Mr Jailor!

It's the King's name day! Open up!

I believe my husband is alive. Florestan?

Oh, how glorious, to breathe fresh air so easily!

Life is here only!

Prison is a grave.

We will trust in God and our good cause!

Hope whispers to me gently:

We will be free, we will find peace!

Oh Heaven! Saved! What happiness!

Oh Freedom, have you come back to us?

Speak softly! Be cautious!

The spies are listening to us.

Fidelio! In spite of my orders!

What will I say to the Governor?

Are you not supposed to do him a good turn? - What do you mean?

You had a long talk with him. You listened in!

He will not be so strict.

Yes, I spoke with him.

You may help me. Down there.

When? This day!

This day! This day!

If I could only find him! How great is your joy!

Come here, Fidelio, I need your help.

For what reason?

We will go to the man, that I have given little to eat for some weeks now. Tell me? What was his crime?

Be quiet! - Tell me! I don't know.

Today, he must be buried, he is hidden at the moment down in the cistern, we must bury him. Shall I do it?

No, not yet! Is it your duty to kill him?

No, good lad, do not shake Rocco doesn't murder for money.

No! No!

The Governor will come down personally.

We both are just digging a grave.

Perhaps digging the grave of a spouse, We must dig it today. what could be worse? Yes, yes, we must do it today.

What ... Father!

Father, Father hurry! What has happened?

Get away from here quickly! What has happened!

The Governor is looking for you! He's beside himself with anger!

The Governor! - What's to be done? We must get away! - It cannot be!

It's all his fault! It's not true! l saw the guard bring the message! Quick, let us get the prisoners!

Who knows what might happen, when he is so angry!

Whatever happens, I will not loose faith!

We can only avoid his anger if we are very clever!

Reckless old man!

What powers do you take upon yourself?

Does it behove the hired man, to let the prisoners free?

Oh, Sir! Now then!

The good weather, the bright, warm sunlight ...

Then: Have you forgotten, most gracious Sir, that today is a special day?

The King's name day is today, we celebrate this way.

He will die down there, you can be quite sure.

Come when I give you a sign.

His grave will be ready.

We cannot loose any time.

So be quick, to dig his grave.

Lock the prisoners away, may you never be so rash again!

Farewell, warm sunlight, you quickly disappear again.

You hear the word, do not delay! Now, Rocco, do not delay!

Go down to the cells again. No, my Lord, I do not hesitate!

Go down to the cells! I go down quickly.

My joints are shaking! You will not return before, Oh hard, bitter task! I have done what I want.

Night is already falling, Fear runs through my veins. and morning will not come so fast. The evildoer will not get justice soon?

God, how dark it is here!

A terrible silence!

All is bleak around me.

Nothing alive except me.

Oh, terrifying ordeal!

But God's will is just!

I will not grumble!

The measure of suffering is your decision.

In my young days of spring my luck left me.

I dared to boldly tell the truth, and earned myself chains.

I patiently bear all pain, but the end is near.

Sweet comfort in my heart, I did my duty.

And do I not feel a gently, stirring breeze?

And is my grave not suddenly bright?

I see a rose perfumed angel standing comfortingly by me.

An Angel, just like my wife, Leonore, guiding me to the freedom of the heavenly realms.


There he is!

Perhaps he is dead.

No, he's sleeping.

We have no time to loose!

Here's the place!

Give me the hoe!

Here, take it! Are you afraid?


Let us be gone fast, let us dig anew! The Governor will soon be down.

You shouldn't have anything to complain about, you should be satisfied.

Come, help me to lift this stone.

Be careful! Be careful! It is heavy!

I'm helping don't worry. I will do my best.

A bit more! Patience!

It's coming. Just a little more.

It isn't easy. Just a little more!

No matter what happens, I will save you.

By God, you will not be a victim.


You will get a reward in a better world, Heaven sent you to me.

I thank you! You have sweetly revived me.

I cannot repay, never repay your goodness.

The poor man has earned it, he is nearly done for.

You are mine again, Florestan.

Pray God, that I can save you.

I see this youth here is moved.

And this man is also touched. Florestan!

Oh God, you send me hope. I do what duty requires.

This piece of bread, yes, two days I have carried it around with me.

I would do so willingly, but I tell you, that might be too much to risk!

Here, take this bread, you poor man!

Oh, thank you! Thanks! Oh, thanks!

Oh, my love, return to the living!

I was often moved by his suffering here, but I was never able to help him. Then I will be well rewarded.

He has earned it, the poor man, he is nearly done for. You are mine again, Florestan.

Oh, that I cannot pay you! Oh, more, than I can bear!

Is everything ready? Yes.

Who's the lad? My assistant. - Send him away!


Undo his chains.

He will die!

But first he must know, who is lacerating his proud heart.

The darkness of vengeance shall be lit up.

Look here! You were not successful!

Pizarro, that you wanted to overthrow, Pizarro, that you should fear, Stands before you to take his revenge!

A murderer stands before me!

Once again I call upon you, to take back what you did.

This dagger shall requite it! Kill his wife first!

Yes, look here is Leonore! Leonore?

I am his wife, I swore to be his comfort.

May you be doomed! Am I to fear a woman?

You shared a life with him, You must first bore through this breast! now you can share death.

Another sound and you are dead.

Ah, you are saved. Ah, I am saved. - Oh, what is it?

Almighty God! - Hell and death! Merciful God! - The Minister!

Governor, Sir!

The Minister awaits you.

The hour of vengeance has come! This hour is cursed!

You shall be saved! The fraud makes jokes at my expense!

Courage together with love will free you.

What did you do for me? Nothing.

Oh, indescribable happiness! Oh, indescribable happiness!

My husband in my arms! In Leonore's arms!

After such unbearable suffering such immeasurable joy!

You are in my arms again!

Oh God, how great is your mercy!

Oh, thank you, God, for this joy!

My husband, my husband, in my arms! My wife, my wife, in my arms!

It is you! - l am here! Oh, heavenly delight!

It is you! - l am here! Oh, heavenly delight!

Leonore! Florestan!

Oh, after such unbearable suffering!

Such immeasurable joy!

My wife, my wife, in my arms! You are mine again, in my arms!

Oh, thank you, God, for this joy!

Greet the day, Greet the hour, longed for, long in coming!

Justice and good fortune appear together at the door of our grave!

At the high command of our King I come to you, poor people, to look into the iniquities, that have heavily burdened you.

Yes, I give you your freedom again, far be it from me to be a severe tyrant.

A brother looks for brothers, and if he can help, he will do so.

Now then, help! Help the poor! What is this? Away!

Does it move you? Away there! - No, speak!

Your Grace, it will be granted to this man.

Don Florestan! - Said to be dead? The noble man who fought for truth?

And who suffered terrible tortures.

My friend, my friend! You are alive!

In fetters, pale he stands before me.

Yes, Florestan, you see him here.

And Leonore ... Leonore! I introduce the best of women!

She was such a good lad, that I chose her as my son-in-law.

Oh woe is me! What's this I hear!

This brute, wanted to murder Florestan, this very hour!

Execute him!

You want to capture me! Only your arrival drove him away!

The villain shall be punished, who oppresses the innocent.

Justice shall keep the sword of revenge at the ready until court!

You opened up the noble grave, now take his chains away.

But wait! You, only you, noble woman, it is up to you, to free him completely.

Oh God! What a moment!

Oh, sweet happiness beyond expression!

Justice, oh God, your judgement is just!

You test us but you never leave us alone.

He that can boast a good wife, Come rejoice with us!

Enough praises can never be sung, of a wife who saves her spouse!

Your constancy kept me alive, Love helped me in my goal, virtue triumphed over evil. true love is never afraid.

Praise Leonore's courage with fervent joy.

Such wives should sing with us for joy!

The praise of the wife that saves her husband, can never be sung high enough!

Love enabled me to! Free you from your chains!

Let it be loudly sung in love:

Florestan is mine again!