Fields of the Dead (2014) Script

Are you having fun?

You know, he wrote this song for her. Of course.

There is something romantic. Of course.

Because you never touched it for me. He had not finished bunny.

I wish it was super too. -You Like it? - Yes.

Yes? - Yes. Maneiro.

And ... it found me. You're so sweet.

Where did she get that? I do not know, I think he saw the grass.

Ahh, let's go.

Bunny, where are you?

You're so bad. I know.

His soul is with me.

Oh, I hate the damn woods. -This Is a shock.

Trent, could not have found a place closer search of civilization.

Yes, where is this place again?

It is an abandoned farm that university bought 10 years ago.

In fact, achieved very inexpensively. Oh, is it? - Yes.

Well, there are probably a reason for that.

It was perhaps her boyfriend murderer, an Indian massacre, and do not forget the bloody death cult.

Someone must have spent some time on the internet last night.

Yes, I had time to get things More interesting than that.

What, breasts and vaginas? On the fly.

Hey guys, begin to behave. You have chosen to research.

Yes, because it is mandatory for graduation. Mandatory much?

What you are, pre-lawyer? Oh yeah, it'll suck a dick, Trent.

Cool. -Mandou See. Look, it will be a difficult journey, right?

But it can also be fun.

We do our research during the day and play at night.

Do not let that bother you, dear. Will be a good week.

The best week ever.

Cool, my purse.


Cheryl is ready with the tent poles?

Here it is. Thank you.

Want to help me with this please?

Thanks for the help, these things always give me problems.

Ah, no problem. Furthermore, this should come to my part of the rent.

How the rent? Yes, roommate.

I do not think so. In addition, you do not want a room with Ashley?

Ashley is not the kind of woman I would like to cohabit.

You want a room with Ashley? No, decidedly not.

Well, I guess it solves everything.

In fact, Linda and I share a tent.

Well, okay, I do not care to share.

The tent, Cheryl. God, not imagine things.

In fact, it is quite logical, when you think about it.

I mean, Trent and Randy, obviously. Linda and me.

Obvious. You and Josh.

Of course. - Ashley has her own tent, ... then we are complete.

Yes, I think that's right. Yes.

So it's like, right?

I have three days to take her to bed.

Hey, idiot, what the hell do I do with it? Sits on top.

It's not funny.

All that corn was infected by this disease earlier this year.

Yes, you can see there.

We go to the barn. collect all and get ready, let's go in the morning.

How early? Very early.

Remember, I'm useless before seven o'clock.

Useless as the opposite ... porcelain. Hey, no shower here.

Do not have a shower here.

Well, I have to bathe at least once a day.

Seriously? Come stay a week. I know, a week without bathing, that's disgusting.

Wow, seriously? Ahm, met us there. It's okay. Good luck with that.

Let's find a shower.

So I'm not interrupting anything here, right?

It's a little overcast here, right?

Do not really care, but do not let Trent do it.

I'm telling, he acts totally fine, trying to get in good with you.

But this is her thesis project. If this goes wrong, he's capable of killing someone.

So, will you give me a ball?

That's disgusting. Not so bad.

What do I do? Gotta stay clean.

I have a plan B, I brought a hose, connect the drain side of the barn, go to the barn will be clean water. There will also privacy.

Be cold.

I know, take in the morning, the sun will heat the water, but have to bathe in 40 seconds.

40 seconds of hot water, you can with it?

40 seconds to take a shower? Yes, an effective shower.

Are you an idiot?

Oh well, you like it wood?

Hi brother. This still works?

This is an incredible machine. Well, now we have wood for tonight.

Lamp shit fucking.


Jesus Jones, scared me. - I've been looking for you everywhere.

I thought I was back at camp without me. - What? No.

I came here looking for you, I was looking for you.

Yeah, well, there are seven, what was there 45 minutes ago.

So how long until the camp? Within an hour, more or less.

So we have time. A little, yes.

Let's use this time.

Yes, we can do snow cones or something ...

Steven would kill me if saw me eating it.

Yes, be scared of see you neglecting.

Because his arm're so big as my belly.

Knows that he is training to be boxer, right? Is in very good shape.

It's just that I'm in good shape too.

So that's going to be? The five of us doing all while the two lovebirds do God knows what.

Well, I bet you can guess what they are doing now.

Idiot. I'm just saying.

You really think they are doing in the barn? It is so dirty there.

God, I would never do that out there. Not with Steve.

Well, technically, there is Trent. Oh, what a fool you are.

They're back. Hey gang, how are you?

Randy, shines. Hey, man.

You left the equipment in the barn? you know, got wood for the fire?

I do not know what that means. You had sex with her?

I smell sex.

Cheryl this is very tasty.

Well, I think she only has eyes for a person here. So good luck with that.

I tell you, I do not see this as an obstacle, but as an opportunity, my friend.

I thought I had already chosen his partner sexual. - What?

Ashley. I've been there and I tried.

Stay away. -Respect. All the time.

His beer, love. They are talking about? Nothing.

Linda has a great voice. It would be a good American Idol.

Yes, you should do a test.

You should tell her. I understand.

But it is not a small fan of Linda. Yes, it's too much.

Like to see that.

Well, one more, an encore. No, I think we're done.

Before Cartwright Downhill settle, residents had a relationship tense with the natives.

So these groups traveled in the region to prevent attacks.

However, the traces of travel passed by the most holy land of the Indians.

They are Native Americans. Multiculturalism. I'll drink.

They were here first, idiot. Any other person, Ashley?

I'll take that as a yes.

Anyway, two days later, Jack and Emma Cartwright disappeared.

Their bodies were found in the forest, mutilated, scalped.

Raleigh Cartwright immediately formed a group of war to get his revenge.

Later that night, the inhabitants massacred a neighboring tribe.

Men, women and children. No one survived.

That's the official story, but According to Indian legend ...

Jesus, Trent, is Native American legend. Shut up, Ashley.

Several days later, the tribesmen were hunting and found his slain brothers.

And they put a curse on those who were responsible.

Anyway, the worst curse, the most contemptible of all beings.

That good. Wonderful piece of land to search, Trent.

Yes love, I am one little frightened.

It is a history of the camp, I trying to have fun with you.

Ok, how does this end?

The curse did not allow their souls to rest, bla bla bla, end, fuck it.

This story sucks.

I scare you guys. Where's the beer, Alex?

Forgot beer? I forgot.

Hey, Linda, Linda.

"Brothers, we must avenge the others."

"We have been cursed and my loved ones were taken from me. "

"It's your fault, unless the person is not born a man. "

"You and Jack did not should leave me. "

Cheryl, lift, Trent wants we do the work today.

Come on, get up, Trent wants to see us in shape.

Hey, you're fine. Yeah, I'm fine.

I did not sleep very well last night. He drank too much? You seem stunned.

I had a bad dream about this woman who spoke Trent.

God, it was so stupid. everyone here knows this stupid story.

I know, do not be so dramatic about it.

Do not worry, I will not tell anyone how pathetic you are. What's up?

It is very hot. I know, it's too hot here.

Ended? Ashley, why not catch the shovel for a while I have to write the report of the day. I do not get caught in the blade.

Ladies do not use shovel.

Are 13:20 Ashley is listening, it means 1 after 20 minutes in the afternoon.

Temperature: hot fucking.

Humidity: 80% likely to Judging by the way I'm sweaty.

I hate them, they make me puke.

You can not be approved without give your ass a little.

Hey, are you guys? Hello.

"August 16, 1843, am near the end of my pregnancy. "

"I counted the months and I fear that this child does not belong to Raleigh. "

"September 9, 1848, Jack has 5 years'

"and looks less like Raleigh and more with his real father. "

"Raleigh's looking doubtful way and think we're starting to suspect the truth. "

"May 3, 1853, have sure Raleigh knows. "

"Is Jack more like a servant than a son and cruelly punishes. "

"I do not believe let it go for too time because Jack's father's face. "

"And people in town already notice. I fear for our lives, we must flee. "

Hello class. Preparing to go. And Josh?

Doing 5 to 1. Not for 20 minutes, we go get it.

Josh. Hey, stop jerk, off you go.

That was not what I had in mind. No? Sorry.

You're an idiot. I'll pick you up, BRB (be right back).

TTYL means that we talk later.

What about Randy? -How Idiot.

Seriously? That was funny.

Josh. Josh. Jesus, man. Was looking for you.

Hey, I'm 3 feet from you. Hey, man. Hey.

A good literature? Yes, I think this is so fucked up.

You're really focused on it, have to go, go.

Good personal work, good job Today, even Ashley.

Are we finished? Yes, we finished.

Thank God, I'm disgusting. am gonna take a shower, do not follow me.

You heard.

How drunk was I when I thought this would be a good idea?

I'm an idiot. -Estava Thinking of me.

I have to stop thinking with my ... zezinho.

40 seconds, you can.

God, no one deserves. 34, 33, 32, 31 ...

Is anyone there? Alex, I'll kick your bag.

What an idiot.

30, 29, 28, 27 ...

Shit 40/2.

"Let the truth be told."

Hey, did you hear something? -No.

"Let the truth be told."

Cheryl, Cheryl. -What Is it?

You hear that? -Cheryl, Cheryl.

I can not. we can see how they are?

You have to be kidding. -Just A minute.

Please. Just to see if they are.

Wake up, idiot.

What the hell is that? Jesus, Linda, what the hell?

There is something wrong with Cheryl, is something or talking to someone in his dream, I do not know what is. Wake up it. I tried, I could not. - I will go.

Cheryl, stop. -What Are you doing?

I do not know, it's crazy. -Cheryl.

Trent, come here. I do not I know what hell is.

You could stop Christ.

Cheryl, are you okay?

Say something, you okay? You scared us.

What the hell was that?

Everyone back to his tent, back to sleep. Go back to the tents.

Cheryl, hey, hi, you will grab sample or what?

Sorry, I'm a little off today I'm sure Ashley would best research partner.

You scared me a lot last night. This is A4.

Then the two told me and beautified each other?

Yes, it would be the best time to meet Posh Spice, my new best friend.

Yes, the scene of Linda Blair did you last night, definitely perfect.

It was great. We talked about the subtle power of pink. And the majesty of issue of Cosmo.

It was incredible.

Hey, one of you can help me with my pau ... lestra, my talk. No. Okay.

Second day of sampling. Local 4.

Clear Sky. Normal temperature of 30 ░ signs bites everywhere, oh, shit.

It was just a bug. Randy and Trent: Relationship status: strong.

I still wonder if I will be able to sleep with Cheryl.

The prognosis is currently unknown.

Hey Ashley, will be taking sun all day or ...

Alright then. -Steve Will take me in her cousin's wedding in two weeks.

And I have to be tanned, so I leave her alone. And do not block my sun.

Personally, I think I found something.

Dude, what the hell is that? I'm studying agronomy, I'm not the fucking Indiana Jones. Looks like a religious artifact.

I wonder if they were here Native Americans buried.

Listen, to make sure that everything back to the same place.

This land means a lot to someone, so we have to respect it.

Idiot, do not snore.

Damn sick.

Curse. where this asshole hid the beer?

I've never been more sober in my life. What the fuck?

"Josh. We want you."


Someone saw Cheryl? She was walking in the early morning.

-Sozinha? No, Josh was with her.

Oh, cool. What horrible.

Why Josh would be with her? -I Do not know.

Why two people go alone to forest? Randy? Trent?

So we look for them? Maybe.

I hate to agree with perverts but Alex is right.

Turn to them and tell them that 5 are in place.

The rest of us out in 20 minutes with pants. - Great.

Will be a good day. A good day.

Hey Cheryl, I am. I dont know where you are, we're leaving.

Let the local 5 is on your map.

Call me when you hear it. Right.

Are you okay? -Our Ferocious leader is an idiot.

And you're no better. Look, he stressed.

He tries to be cool, inspire us, but not know how to work under pressure.

Seriously, it's a combination five years of work.

Look, how about we move forward the work now, lest he get so angry and then we slip to search for these lovebirds.

Do not think they're doing ... right? I do not know, a research trip like this in the forest, makes strangers bedfellows, eh? Maybe?

We'll see.

Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl.

You missed this morning. Beautiful tried calling 4 times.

Where were you? -here.

And this morning? -In The barn.

With Josh? Yes.

Where is Josh now? Said he was going to meet you.

I felt bad, so I was sleeping here. He found them?

No, I'll have to report this to Dr. Foy and three will solve this.

I know, sorry, it was stupid. -Can Be sure it was stupid.

July 15: Second day collecting samples.

Are 13:20 Ashley is listening, it means 1 after 20 minutes in the afternoon.

That's what she said.

Soil samples look promising today, and despite my best efforts things are progressing well. "Why do not you listen to me?"

"Why do not you listen to me?"

"Please, please listen, I do not have much time. "

This is stupid. - "I'm stuck in this place forgotten by God, and we can not leave. "

"Please help us, this is our purpose. "

"Your secrets are be revealed. "

"Raleigh should be known as he really was. "

"Please help us, not We can handle it anymore, "

"I fear for our lives when he finds out. "

"We should run now, we must flee."

"We have not much time, Alex please listen to me. "

Here's your water. Thank you.

Can I talk to you? Yes, please.

I do not remember that happened last night.

And not remember anything until you found me today.

What happened to Josh? I do not know, was ...

Want to know? For sure he's okay.

Let's make dinner. Why do not you go to the barn and looking Alex?

"Please help us, not take this anymore. "

"I fear for our lives when he finds out. "

"Alex, please, listen." Alex.

Dinner is ready. Thank you.

Why Josh has your phone? Who does that?

He probably thought no would sign here. - What is it?

This? It is a book that Josh was reading yesterday.

He was acting very unfamiliar with it. - What is it?

I do not know, at first I I thought it was a map of the treasure and was in a expedition or something, but when I read, it seems the diary of a woman.

"I think Raleigh knows, the fear our lives ... we must flee. "

Alex, what was that? -This Sentence, I can sworn I heard on my recorder some damn voice recorded random or something.

A voice, what the hell are you talking about? Let me hear. - It's nothing, okay.

I came back to check and there was nothing.

But he heard a voice. -I Thought it was a voice as well, not sure.

I'm exhausted. I can not sleep with all this shit going on.

So this is your plan, Emma. What?

Well, what do we do then sit here, and hope he comes back. No, seriously, something is happening.

Oh, Josh is an adult. -You Know, Josh is well.

He's probably somewhere else place, I think we had this conversation with it, we would finish elsewhere.

Now it's getting dark, it will be here any minute. Nothing happened.


It's getting late. Josh should have been back.

Yes, it will be time enough late to start looking for it?

About half an hour ago.

Well, have to stop it, Seriously, this is fucked up.

Josh're alone in the woods and you do not go look it up because it's dark?

I'm tired.

Shit, I will urinate, you has 1 minute and 25 seconds to organize a search party. That's it.

Here there's a spider, there is no a nest spider.

There are three, not pee there.

The problem is that I am trying do something good with my life not depend on others and others do not disappoint me.

Sometimes, you're a boring, ie, we can have fun.

But you understand that fun has no place in my career. am under a lot of pressure.

My mother has two doctorates, My father was also in chemistry.

They are people very intelligent.

It is very frustrating when I'm trying do the same, but why stop a guy want to leave forest for a while.


Oh God. Guys, guys. Run. It's Linda, who the hell is this?

I think it's just a skunk. -We Have to get out of here.

Right. We have to go back to camp ...

No, get out of the forest, the middle of fucking nowhere.

Everyone has to come with me. Wait, we can not let Josh here.

Fuck it, I'll walk.

Have a good time. 'You signed up for four days of research.

Honestly, you want to suspend me because I want to quit before?

Someone did something terrible with Josh. See this.

Everyone has to come with me. This is crazy.

You signed up for four days of research. You can not go, I need all that appeared to me help in my thesis. This is my life.

When Josh back, and he will, I will eat his ass, but you will not go away.

Hey Linda. -What?

Look, I talked to Trent and he agreed to te give credit for what he did and let you go.

I can take it back Cartwright for Downhill and there is a bus stop where you can catch a 11:30 for the city.

You do not have to do that.

Linda, you're afraid no one will blame you if you are.

I know I'm not. But I do not I drank so much, so I can take you.

Want to get Cheryl? No, I do not know. No, I do not know.

I do not know what is happening. I dont know. I gotta get out of here.

I have to go. Okay? Let's get your things.

Take care of yourself. -I Will.

Where is Cheryl?

So'll miss Trent when you go to Chicago?

Yes. -I Also.

You want me to wait while buy the ticket?

No, I'm fine, I'm an adult, although of my recent actions.

Really, do not be ashamed. You got scared, no big deal.

Scared? You have not seen Cheryl in tent that night. Did you see that scalp?

Seriously, something terrible is happening out there.

The girls are very scared, huh? I'm sorry you have to see it.


This is very cool.

I'm sorry. - You know, you can go to to bed, I'll wait for Randy.

Are you sure?

See you in a few days.

Let me help you with your things. No, I'm fine.

Well, I was really horrible to you. us last days or since I met you.

I'm so sorry. Thank you the support tonight.

-SÚrio, I am grateful. -From Nothing.

Well, come back soon, it looks like rain. Care, Randy.

Yes, take care.

Cheryl, what are you doing?

I do not want to be alone after ... Yeah, ok. I understand.

You do not think he ... No, no. Josh is well.

We will find you in the morning.

Oh, have to be playing, fucking.

Shit, God, I do not see anything.

What the fuck? God ... Shit, shit, shit.

Well, what was that?

Do not let him do it.

I know what it hides. Do not let him do it.

Randy, hey, I'm worried about you. You should already be back.

Looks like a storm comes, please hurry up.

Here is Josh. Hell, I'll kill him.

Josh. Seriously, stop playing.

Cheryl? Are you sure? Yes. Come on.

Cheryl, this is somewhat unexpected, but it's good.



Trent. Is there someone here?

I'm ...

Do you understand now?

The story that counts, that