Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Script



You silly fucking twit!


You are one stupid fucking bitch, you know that?

Shut the fuck up!


There you are.



You're a little shit. No!


Anastasia Steele?


Yeah. Got it. Thank you.

Good morning, Mr. Hyde.

Ana, please, it's Jack.

Tea, right? Weak, black.

I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to get this for you, but thank you, Jack.

Barbados is amazing;.

It's all coral and turtles and booze...

Oh! You should be here. Why aren't you here?

Yeah, and tell that douchebag brother at mine to take a day off for once, would ya?

All right. Bye, Ana. Bye!

So, how's the new job'?

It's good. My boss has me weighing in on submissions.

That's exciting. Great.

Have you heard from Christian?


He sent me flowers.

To wish me luck.

Sweetheart, are you ever gonna tell me what happened between you?

Fundamental differences, I guess.

It wasn't gonna last.

Are those for me?

Nah. They can wait.


Look nice. Going out tonight?

Oh, um, a friend of mine has a photography exhibition opening tonight.

So, gonna go.


How did you make out with those manuscripts?

Oh, really great, actually. This one, um...

Boyce Fox.

I couldn't put it down. It's so sharp.

And relevant. And I think he's really got something.

You think? Yeah.

All right. I'll check it out. Great.

Have fun tonight, Ana. Thank you.

Thanks for today.

Good night, Hannah.


Glass of chardonnay?

Thanks. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, my God.

Jesus Christ.


You made it.


This is, like, so much of my face in here.

Well, if I had asked, you would have been like, "I'm too shy."


But you...

It's my best stuff.

That's so.“ Do you like them?

They are super large.

Hold on.

All the portraits have sold to one man.

You're kidding! No.

Well, somebody likes them.

They just bought all six.

All six?

Dinner's on me tonight, okay?

I'll be right back.


It was you, wasn't it? You just went and bought all of these?

I don't like strangers gawking at you.

Why are you here?

For you.


Can we talk somewhere private?


Look, I'm not very good at this. I've never had to...

I've never wanted to try again.

Christian, I don't...

It's not a good idea. Let's talk.

Okay? Just talk, please.

Have dinner with me.

Okay, fine. I will have dinner with you.

Because I'm hungry.

But we are only talking and that is it.

Hold on.

Hey. I'm gonna take off.

Already? Your photos are so stunning, José.

Thank you. Thank you. I'm proud of you.

Christian, I can't. I can't do this.

Christ, Ana.


I have a proposition.

Just come to dinner. We can talk.

Would you like some more time?

No. Two steaks' medium. Fries. Green vegetables.

Um, actually, I'm gonna have the quinoa salad.


And two glasses of the Barossa Valley Shiraz.

We only sell that by the bottle, sir.

A bottle then.

Yes, Sir.



Let's talk.

I want you back.

I'd like to renegotiate terms.

But I don't see how.

The things you want, you said that's the way you are.

But what happened last time, that's not gonna happen again.

How can you say that?

I know that I asked you to show me how far it can go,

but you were getting off on the pain you inflicted.

That's still in you.

I'm working on it.

Working on what?

I can't do this if you won't talk to me.

What do you wanna know?



Yeah. We'll manage.

My birth mother died when I was four.

She was an addict. Crack.

You can fill in the blanks.

Why didn't you tell me that?

I did.

But you were asleep at the time.

Okay. Well, um...

Generally, a key part of good communication is that both parties be conscious.

I'm really sorry about your mother.

It's in the past.

Now, I brought you here to negotiate.

You're open to new terms?

No rules.

No punishments.

No rules, no punishments and no more secrets.

I can do that.

You want a...

What do you call it?

A vanilla relationship?

I mean, we only do what you're comfortable with.

But you need all those things.

I need you more.

Miss Steele.

Thanks, Taylor.

No strings attached.

This is spiky.

I like it.

I'll call you tomorrow.


Good night.

Ana, I've been hearing a lot of good things about you.

Oh... Told you, Liz.

This one actually reads.

Hey, Jack.

What's the head of HR doing lurking around? Are we in trouble?

Not at all. I'm just here to encourage.

Really? Well, I think a round of drinks at Lori's would do the trick.

Sorry. Meetings. Otherwise.

Who's Lori?

Oh, it's a bar around the corner.

Fridays are a bit of a ritual.

You should come.

Absolutely. Go network.

Oh, no, I would. I have plans tonight.

So have your plan come along. Just for a quick one.



Have fun.


I'm sorry. Have we met before?

It's okay.

I'm nobody.

Hey. Lori's is this way.

Come on, I'm buying.

All right. Here we go.

Mmm. Thanks.

Where is everyone?

You know, it's still early.

Your comments on Boyce Fox were interesting.

I'm not usually into political thrillers.

Yeah, well' I think the parallels with Dante's Inferno are amazing, but...

No. You convinced me.

I'm reading.

Oh. That's great.

Hi! He!

Um, uh...

Christian, this is Jack Hyde.

I'm the boyfriend.

I'm the boss.

What will you have, Chris?

Thanks, Jack.

Another time.


Another time.

I can't believe you just talked to him like that.

He wants what's mine.

What's yours?

That's a little presumptuous.

He's my boss, Christian. You gotta calm down.

Calm isn't really my forte.

I know something that could help.

You know, this is not what I had in mind.

When's the last time you went shopping?

Houston. A week ago.

What'd you buy?

An airline.


Your new favorite flavor.

Excuse me.

Do you need a hand with that?

I'll manage.


I know what you're doing.

What? I'm being a culinary mastermind.

You only have to ask.

I think we should take it slow.


Okay. Okay.

Tell me about SIP.

How's it going?

It's good.

Jack seems genuinely interested in my opinion.

What's morale like?


You mean, like, do we all sit in a circle and sing the company song in the morning?

Is the firm well managed? Are people happy?

Oh, my God.


You're buying SIP?

No! You can't do that. That's my job.

You can't start interfering in my career.

It's not about that I've wanted to move into publishing. They' re the best fit.

But you're gonna be my boss.

Technically, I'll be your boss's boss's boss.

And I'm gonna be sleeping with my boss's boss's boss.

Right now, you're arguing with him.

Yeah, because he's being an ass.

An ass. Really?



You know that's off limits.

I'm gonna need a road map.

I thought you wanted to take it slow.

What do you want, Anastasia?

If we're to communicate, you have to tell me.

I want you.

I'm too dressed.

Keep going.

Kiss me.

What do you want, Anastasia?

I want all of you.

Why do you think you waited?

For sex.



I was reading Austen and Bronté and nobody ever measured up to that.

I guess I was waiting for something exceptional.

And then I met you.

Would Miss Austen approve of this?

I was being romantic, and then you just go and distract me with your kinky fuckery.

"Kinky fuckery"? Mmm-hmm.

I don't know what that is, but I like the sound of it.

You looked so peaceful. I didn't wanna wake you.

There's not much for breakfast, unless you want cold stir-fry.

No. Mmm.

Here. The check you gave me for Wanda, you should have it back.

Keep it.

Keep it? It's $24,000.

Yeah, I know.

I make that kind of money every 15 minutes. Keep it.

Andrea? Good morning.

Could you please transfer $24,000 into the account of Miss Anastasia Steele?

No! What are you doing?

That's fine. Thank you.

Why do you have my bank account details?

What's good for breakfast around here?

Christian, how do you have my bank information?

Thank you.

Gotta be quicker than that, Grey.

My parents are hosting a charity ball tonight.

I promised I'd make an appearance.

Want you to come with me.

I've never been to a ball.

I don't have a dress for that.

Also, what am I gonna do with my hair?

I know a salon.

And you don't need to worry about a dress.

It's all gonna be taken care of.

What is it'? Um...

There was just a girl over there.

And she was outside my office yesterday.

And she knew my name.

And she had a bandage on her wrist. It was really strange.

We should go.

Just now.


Keep me informed.

You know that girl, Christian?

I'm handling it. What does that mean?

I don't want you to worry about it. Trust me.


Hey, how are you doing?

Good, okay. So, uh, my girlfriend's here...



Was that Mrs. Robinson?

Her name's Elena Lincoln.

I don't care what her name is, Christian.

Why would you take me there?

Why would you take me to meet the woman who seduced and abused you?

Our relationship ended years ago. We're just friends.

And business partners.

Business partners? Are you kidding me?

Would you take your Subs there?

Oh, my God! For what? Her approval?

What? What is this?

No. It's not like that.

That girl that I saw this morning was one of them, wasn't she?

Let's discuss this back at my place.

I can have someone come by, do your hair.

Christian, I don't care about my hair!

Explain to me what's going on.

I'll explain when we're there. Come on.

Okay, you can either walk or I can carry you. Your choice.

You wouldn't do that. No, it's your choice.

Okay, fine. Fine. I'll walk.

Her name's Leila Williams.

She was my Sub for a while about two years ago.

What happened to her?

She wanted more. I didn't.

So I ended it.

She left. Got married.

I thought she moved on, but then her husband died in a car crash.

She had a breakdown.

What does she want now?

When you and I were in Georgia together, she turned up here and tried to slit her wrists in front of Mrs. Jones, my housekeeper.

Oh, my God.

Gail took her to the hospital, but by the time I got there, she'd taken off.

My people have been trying to find her.

Your people?

Is that who put this together?

Is there one on me?

Let me see it.

"Subject works part time at Clayton's Hardware, Richmond Road."

You know, they didn't time my bathroom breaks.

You should probably get your money back.

I had them drawn up on any prospective Submissive.

Nice. Jesus.

I had no idea what this was gonna become.

I didn't know you'd be different.

Different? Really?

Is that why you brought me to Mrs. Robinson's, where you brought all the other women? Because I'm so different?

That was wrong. I admit.

It's all wrong. All of this is wrong.

You put money into my account that... I don't want it.

You bought the company I work for.

This isn't a relationship, Christian. It's ownership.

I'm trying to understand you.

I am just wanting to get close to you.

But it's really difficult to do that when you keep doing bizarre things like this.

And it's really difficult to do that when you won't let me touch you.

Come to my bedroom.

Sex is not gonna fix this right now. Are you insane?

Ana, please.

You wanted a road map?

Start here.

Those are my boundaries.

I can live with that.

Then I'm all yours.

Mr. Grey, your appointment's arrived, Okay. Send him into Ana's room.

He's here.

Who's here?


Hair up, I think. Yes?

Your neck is beautiful.


Ciao, Bella.

You're just gonna stand there gawking?


Yeah, I think I might.

So I was thinking tonight might be more stimulating if you wear these.

How am I supposed to wear those?

Well, you have to get them wet first.




Open your mouth.


Now turn. Bend over.

No, you're not putting those in my butt.

They don't go in your butt.

Stay still.

Stand up straight and turn around.

How's it feel?



But good.

What do they do?

You'll find oui.

Wear the silver satin.

It'll go well with these.

Don't worry. They're for your ears.

Did I mention it was a masked ball?


Your new bodyguards need to wear these, too?

I'm just being safe.

You won't even notice they're here.

Come on.

The way you wear your hat.

The way you sip your tea.

The memory of alt that.

No, no, they can't take that away from me.

The way your smile just beams.

The way you sing off-key.

Everybody's looking at us.

Not us. You.

Christian! I'm so glad you made it. Mother.

"Mother" is so formal. Honestly.

Ana. Hi.

How you doing?

These things are beautiful, and they are mysterious, but they're a pain in the ass.

You look spectacular.

Thank you. So do you. This dress is so beautiful.

Thank you, Ana.

I'm so glad you're back with Christian.

He was lost without you.

Oh. Can I have my date back, please?

By all means. Spoilsport.

See you later.

No, no, they can't take that away from me

Ana! My God!

That dress, it should be illegal. Monique Lhuillier.

Yeah. Mia.

Mia, you know I barely recognized you.

Yeah! The new me. Okay, what do you think?

Well, it's very, uh, blonde.

How do you put up with him?

Do you know he was an even bigger pain as a teenager?

He got expelled from four different schools for brawling.

That's enough. Yeah, totally out of control.

Mia, enough. Mia?

I'll be right back.

Hi! How are you?

Hmm? Ana?

You will be sitting here, darling. Right next to Cary.

Christian, you over here.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our annual ball.

As you know, proceeds from this evening will go to the charity that Grace and I founded so many years ago...

Coping Together.

Working to make fife better for the children... of parents addicted to drugs.

Everything okay?

And now, thankfully, I will be handing off my speaking duties to our master of ceremonies, Mr. Nomad Paul.

Thank you, Mr. Grey, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


Let's start the bidding with lot number one.


Do I hear $10, 000? Ten!

Now you know what those silver balls do.



Going once, going twice...


That's a great start, ladies and gentlemen. New, lot number two, a week's vacation at' a luxury chalet in Aspen, Colorado, donated by Mr. Christian Grey.


Let's start the bidding off at $10, 000.


Thank you, ma'am. $10,000.

I didn't know you had a place in Aspen.

I have a lot of places.

Boy, we have some ski lovers in the room tonight.


$17,000. Thank you, sir. 18?

$18,000. $18,000.

Thank you. Do I hear 19? 19?


$19,000. Thank you, sir.

A week of luxury in America's finest ski resort.


New blood! $24, 000 I am bid.

Do I hear $25,000'?

That money was for you.

And now it'll go to someone who needs it.

I don't know whether to worship at your feet or spank you.

$24,000. Going once...

I think... Going twice...

I'll take option two.

Sold! To the young lady in silver.

Your generosity realty makes a difference, ladies and gentlemen.

Let's go.

You want this?

I want you to spank me.


If it gets too much, you have to tell me to stop, understood?


Hold still.

I want you to come, Ana.

Come for me.

Is this your room?

Once upon a time.

Who's this?

Is that your mother?

You know you can just say you don't wanna talk about it.

Yeah, I don't wanna talk about it.

Let's go. They'll be missing us.

Uh, I just need a minute.

I'll meet you downstairs.


Don't forget your mask.

Under my skin.

I'd sacrifice anything come what might.

For the sake of having you near.



Comes in the night And repeats and repeats in my ear.

Don't you know, little fool You never can win

Christian has a date.

I'm impressed.

I'm sorry.


I wanted to meet you.

I can't say the same. Excuse me.

Hey, I'm not the enemy.

I know what you did to Christian.

All I did was lead him to the truth of who he really is.

Without me, he'd be in jail or dead.

And he would say the same.

I'm not listening to this.

Do you think you're the first woman he'd hoped would save him?

He needs a Submissive in life.

Not just in the bedroom.

No, he's changing that.

It's not what he wants anymore.

But it's what he needs.

And you don't strike me as the type of woman who wants to be owned.

If you really wanna make him happy, if you wanna be happy, you'll let him go.

There's no way that someone like you could ever understand what we have.

I've been there.

Nothing lasts.


Whatever happens between me and Christian is none of your goddamn business.

So you stay the fuck away from us.

Hey, we should think about going soon.

I wanna go now.

What did Elena say to you'?

Nothing I didn't already know.

Will you just take me to my house?

Stay with me tonight.

Hey, wake up. We're home. Hmm.


Stay here.

We'll have the car towed.

What happened?

That's my car! What happened to my car?

Check the apartment. Call me when it's safe.

Yes, sir. Right away. Copy that Smith, you stick with Mr. Grey.

Where are we going?


Do you think it was Leila?

You really think she would do something like that?

I really don't see why we can't just go back to your apartment.

That place is like a fortress.

There's no way she could have gotten in there.

She shouldn't have been able to get into the garage, either.

I'm not taking any chances.

Good evening, Mr. Grey.

Hey, Ed.

The rest of the crew will be here in the morning.

If something were to happen to you because of me...

It won't.

Nothing's gonna happen to me.

Can I wash this off?

Don't stray from the lines.


Are these burns?

Who did this to you?

Go on, it's over.

I know how difficult it is for you to open up to me

and tell me these things.

But it means the world to me.

It means you love me.

Yes, I do.

So this is where your knot-tying expertise comes from.

Good morning.

Sleep well?

I did.

This boat is really beautiful.

This is from my yard in Seattle.

You built it?

I had some help.

It's called The Grace.

After your mom?

You sound surprised.

Well, you're always so cool towards her.

I owe everything to Grace.

She saved my life after my birth mom died.

Do you remember your birth mom?

I try not to.

What happened to her?

She overdosed.

They found her body three days later.

Where were you?

I was with her.

Oh, my God.

Took her away. Took me to a hospital.

Grace was there.

Thank you for telling me.

Look at that house.

That's beautiful. The view's probably amazing.

I wonder who lives there.

It's an old sea widow.

Lost her husband years ago.

Sits at the window every night waiting for him to come home.

Did you just make that up?


You wanna take the helm?


Yeah, you. Come on.

I can't do that.

See where I'm looking'? Yeah.

Right there. Just hold.

Okay? Okay.

No, you're fine, Ana. I'm still here.

Don't let go.

I have to let go. Don't.

Oh, my God. Okay. Okay?

You ready? Okay.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I'm steering it.

I'm doing it. I'm the captain.

Oh, my God!

Hey. Hey, Jack.

Personal calls on your own time, okay?


Um, did you get my message?

You had a phone call this morning with Ruth Carusi at 9:00 a.m.


Loan just reschedule it. I'll ask them.

Did you book our rooms for New York yet?


New York. Book expo. This Friday. It's in the diary.

No, yeah, I know. Yeah, I booked your room. Of course.

And you.

It's expected that my assistant also attends.

I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

Just get yourself a room.

Unless you'd rather stay back with your boyfriend.

I mean, ifs not like you need to work.

I'll sort it out.

Eric, hey. It's Jack. How was your weekend?

No shit.

Mine was great. It was fantastic.

Yeah, 'cause I read your new pages.

No, they're amazing. Amazing.

No, I couldn't put it down.

We'll be accessing state and federal grants of course, but more than 70% of the funding... will come directly from Grey Enterprises Holdings.

We'll be making cutting edge renewable energy tech that will more than repay our investment.

Provides a solid consumer base.

For our products.

We're aware that you have other bidders and some of them may offer what look like better terms, but...



Oh, my God!

Oh, excuse me, Miss Steele, I didn't mean to startle you.

No, no.

You are very quiet.

I'm Mrs. Jones. Mr. Grey's housekeeper. May I?

Oh, um...

Sure. Thank you.

Um, I'm Ana.

But you knew that already because you said my last name.

Mr. Grey is in his study, just finishing up a call.

I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. Okay.

See anything you like?

Oh, fuck.

The door was, um, unlocked.

I'll have to talk to Mrs. Jones.

Does she come in here a lot?

Does she dust in here?

Those are nipple clamps.

Come here. Give me your hand.

It's even more intense when you take them off.


What's this?


That's enough show-and-tell.

What's this?

Let's learn to walk before we run.

I kinda like running.

Ana? Mmm-hmm?

Last time we did this, you saw another side of me.

And you left.

Last time was different.

All right. But not here.

Mrs. Jones.

Oh, my God.

You're mine.

I'm yours.

You okay? Yeah.

You know at some point we're gonna need to talk about New York.

We have talked about it.

You forbidding it is not us talking about it.

If you wanna go to New York, don't go with Hyde.

Let me take you. I have a place there.

Of course you do.

This isn't some sort of vacation.

It's a work trip with my boss, who I would like to impress.

You know he's had three assistants in the last 18 months, all of whom have quit without notice?

You don't think I can handle him?

That's not il.

That's what it feels like.

Ana, I know full well that you can handle anything.

And, uh, if you really wanna go, then I can't stop you.

But I'd like to take you there myself.




I mean, of course I would rather see New York with you.


I hate it when we fight.

That wasn't a fight.

That was a conversation.

It was, you know, when somebody talks, and the other person listens, and you resolve an issue.

That's how it works.

It's crazy, isn't it?

Night, Ana.

Good night, Hannah.

You leaving?

Um, I was actually just about to come talk to you. Uh, about New York.

There a problem?


I'm so grateful for the opportunity, Jack, but with such short notice, I made plans that I can't change. Huh.

But I will have my phone on me all weekend.

So if you need anything, I'm available.

Ana, have a seat.

I'm really... I'm sorry.

I think you have tremendous potential here.

But I don't wanna waste my time training someone who doesn't take this position seriously.

I do.

This is my dream job.

Then shouldn't going to New York and the book expo be part of that dream?

It is.

It is.

It was just a misunderstanding. It won't happen again.

Because there are plenty of qualified people who would kill for this job.

I mean, look, I don't wanna brag, but I'm a pretty great teacher.

I'm sure you are.

I'm just not seeing the initiative on your side of it.

I've read more than you've asked me to.

And I'm on top of everything...

I'm talking about going the extra mile.

Unless you want me to compete with Christian Grey for your attention.

I apologize that Christian was so curt with you the other night.

Is that what this is about?

Your boyfriend has a reputation for being a little ruthless.

Is that what you like?

If you have a problem with my work, then you should take it up with HR.


Why are you being so serious?

What do you think I'm gonna do'? Make you fuck me?


I just think...

I just think if you're gonna fuck your way to prominence, then you should do it with someone who can at least make you smarter.

Not just richer.


Don't... Don't what'? Hmm?

Look, this is a serious, serious question.

Do you wanna be kept

or taken seriously? Hmm?

I would like to leave, please, Jack.


I can make you come like nobody else has.

Not him.

Not anyone.


Ana? Ana, what happened?

Jack Hyde tried to touch me.

I'll kill him.

No, no, please don't go. Don't go. Don't leave me.

Okay. Go.

It's okay. Hey...

I left everything. I don't have any of my stuff.

Taylor will get it. It's fine, okay?

I'll take you home, come on.

And his pass has been cancelled?


No. Thank you, Jerry. Good night.

Well, at least that's dealt with.

Hyde's out. He's been fired.


How? That's...

But I thought your deal with SIP hasn't been finished yet.

It's not. But I know the CEO.

I told him what happened.

You'll never have to see him again.

Am I still gonna have a job now that he's not there?

Well, if you don't, you can just...

Christian, you know I love working.

You can't keep me locked up in your penthouse.

What if I gave you a key?

I mean, what if you had a key, and you kept some of your stuff here?

Keep all of your stuff here and you slept, you know...

Not at your place.

Are you asking me to move in with you?


Are you sure?


I want you here all the time.

As soon as possible.

What happened to learning to walk before we run?

That's just one of the many things that we could talk about over breakfast.

Can I think about it?



Liz, hi!

Ana, don't know if you heard, but Jack resigned last night.

In kind of a hurry.

SIP isn't recruiting right now, so we're screwed.

So you don't need me anymore then?

I'm gonna try to find you something temporary.

Could you fill in for Jack at this morning's meeting?

At the senior editors' meeting?

Just for today.

You're the only one who knows Jack's entire slate.

Well, yeah, but, I...

You're right. It's too much.

No, I can do it.

It's fine. I can do it.


Call me when you're done.

We need to print fewer titles.

Stick with established authors.

Focus on our core readership.

Expand it.

I'm sorry.

Um, uh... So, Ana, what do you think we should be publishing?

Um, newer voices.

Along with your established authors. Mmm-hmm.

Boyce Fox, for example, got 80,000 hits last week.


Online hits don't automatically translate to print sales.

Well, but they could.

His online audience is an 1840-24 demographic, and those are exactly the readers that we should be chasing.

Urn, I mean, lean show you the stats. I think he's worth taking a risk on.

Maybe we should take a look.

Great idea.

Uh, Ana? Ana, just...

Mr. Roach, I'm really sorry if I was out of line.

No, don't be sorry. You made a lot of sense.

No, so, uh, what are you doing now that Jack Hyde's gone?

Um, well, Liz mentioned something temporary. I don't know.

Okay. So why don't you fill in for Jack temporarily?

Good? Um...

Great. Okay. That's settled.

To SIP's new fiction editor.

Acting fiction editor.

Till they find out how good you are.

Christian, did you have something to do with this?

No. Hey, it was all you.

What? You don't believe me?

I don't believe it myself.

I asked you a question last night.

About moving in with you? Mmm-hmm.

I just think that I'm probably...

I need to get some things from my apartment.

That can be arranged.


Now, maybe we could take this celebration home.

The check, please.

Take off your panties.

Do it now.

Right in here?

Yeah, right here. Now.

Go on.


Excuse me.

Don't come.

Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm. No.

Two minutes. Are you kidding?

In the bedroom. Are you joking?

Two minutes.

What are you doing in here?

You made me wait, so now it's your turn.

Are you any good?

Hmm. We'll see.

Maybe we should make a bet.

If I win,

you take me to the red room.

And if I win?

Your choice.



Mmm. Solids.

Oh, dear.

Side pocket.

Red room, here we come.



I hope you're not a sore loser.

That depends on how hard you spank me.

I want to be very rough with you.

So be rough with me.

And Jada needs someone to sign off on the new Carusi.

I kept asking Jack to do that.

Yeah, well, Jack was kind of lazy.

Didn't you notice?


I believe he called it "artistic: Temperament."

Thank you, Hannah.



It's great that you're doing this, but...

It's totally weird, I know. I know.

I mean, am I expected to call you Miss Steele?

I expect you to call me Ana.

And I don't expect you to fetch me coffee unless you're getting some for yourself.

And the rest of it, we'll just make up as we go, okay?


Miss Steele.

Damn it.

Take it. I'm just gonna grab some stuff and check the mail.

I should go up with you.

No, it's okay. I'll be two seconds.

Take it.

Hey, Ros.


Christian is downstairs.

Do you wanna see him?

I came to see you.


He told me what happened.

I know you're in a lot of pain.

I'm so sorry.

He lets you call him by his name.

He talks about you all the time.

He cares about you.

Don't lie.

Tell me what you have that I don't.


I'm nothing.

He'll get tired of me.

Master sleeps in your bed.

How do you know that? I saw you.

I watched you.

I know you love him.

I do, too.

We all do.

Why don't you put the gun down?

You don't know him or what he likes.

You don't give him what he wants. He's pretending with you.

No, Christian.



Go to Escala. Wait for me there.

For once, just do as you're told.

Taylor, get her out of here.

Miss Steele.

Miss Steele. Ana!

Stop it, Taylor.

I don't care.

She's been gone for three hours, and she doesn't have her cell or her purse.

Forget it. She's here.

Where the fuck have you been?

I told you to come straight here.

I've had people out combing the streets, looking for you.

I'm sorry I don't always do as I'm told.

Maybe you just really need someone who obeys every command.

Don't be ridiculous.

I saw you, Christian.

I saw the way you were with Leila.

She had a gun, Ana.

I would have done anything to subdue her.

Where is she now?

Is she here?


No, of course not.

She's in the psych ward getting the help that she needs.

Look, I know she scared you...

Yeah. She scared me.

But you scared me more.

Seeing you like that with her'

I'll never be able to give you that kind of submission and obedience.


Don't crowd me. I need space.

No, please don't do this. Christian.

Don't give up on me. I just need to think a little bit.

Don't leave me.

What are you doing?

Get up.

What are you doing?

Look at me.

Look at me.

I'm scared.

I know you say that I'm enough.

But there are certain things that you are used to getting that I will never, ever, ever be able to give you.

And it might be fine for right now, but what's gonna happen when you start needing them again?

I won't.

How do you know that?

How can I believe you?

I don't even understand your need to dominate.

I'm not a Dominant.

I'm not.

The right term is a sadist.

I get off on punishing women. Women who look like you...

Like your mother.


And I know how fucked up that is.

When you left, I swore that I would stop it if that's what it took to get you back.

But I'm done with it.

You mean more to me than anything else.

I wanna believe you. I do.

But I can't.

Ana, give me your hand.

This is me.

All of me.


And I'm all yours.



Hey. Hey, hey. No.

It's okay. I'm right here.

I'm right here.

Marry me.


I want you to marry me.

Christian, I think you're dreaming.

Good morning.


Sleep okay?

I did. You?

Like a log. Out all night.


You didn't have any weird dreams or anything?

Or, like, wake up at all?


I mean, none that I can think of.


I mean, there was a little thing of asking you to marry me, but aside from that, no. Nothing.

Don't mess with me like that.

No? How should I mess with you?

Like this? Huh?

Is that better?

I meant it.

I wanna marry you.


Because I wanna spend every second of the rest of my life with you.

I don't expect you to say yes right away.

I know I'm complicated.

Just a little bit.

You have an assistant?

I thought you were an assistant.

It's a long story. What's going on?

What do I get Christian for his birthday?

The boy already has everything except a sense of humor.


His birthday? When is his birthday?

Sunday. He didn't tell you? He is so weird.

Mom and Dad are throwing him a party.

Didn't they just have a party?

Jeez, you're as bad as he is.

That was a ball.

This is just family, friends, music, fireworks.

No biggie. Hey, what about a tie?

Uh, uh...

Christian has a lot of ties.

Socks, suspenders? Throw me a bone here?

Um, oh...

God, Mia, I gotta go.

Okay, okay. But Sunday, or I'll hunt you down myself. Bye.

Ooh, perfect.

Do you have a gift box?

One second.


Miss Steele. Hmm.

How was your day?

Looking up, Mr. Grey.

Where's Taylor?

He went to get my bag.

Your bag? Where are you going?

Ros and I have to go to Portland for some meetings.

I'll be back tomorrow night.

Come on.

When were you going to tell me about your birthday?

Your parents are throwing you a party.

Were we just gonna stay home?

They do this every year.

Um, yeah. Birthday.

My, uh, arrival in the world isn't something I feel like celebrating.

Well, I feel like celebrating it.

Can't open it till the day though.

Then why give it to me now?

Cali it delayed gratification.

Is that... ls that Mount St. Helens?

I changed the flight plan, get us home sooner.

Great. You realize that's a volcano, right?

Relax, Ros. If it goes up, you'll have a ringside seat.


Lucky me.

Christian, what is that?

Don't worry.

Oh, my God! Christian!


Shit. Christian, what is going on?

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! What is happening?

Damn it. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, Christian!

Stop it!


There. There, there, there, there!

Oh, you remember this guy?



Oh, my God! You're so tan and glowy.

You want a beer, Ana?

Yes! Please. Please.

Hi, José. Hey.

Hi! How's it going?

So? Congratulations, Fiction Editor.

Right? She's a big deal now.

And how's, uh, your hottie?

Uh, Christian is good.

Um, uh...

He asked me to move in with him.


Ana's moving in with Christian.

Oh, that's great.

You know, we could use the privacy.

He's so subtle, it kills me.


So you're serious. But are you happy?

'Cause that's all I care about.

I mean, it's complicated, but I've never been happier.

Hey, Mia, what's up?

Did you hear about José's show? It was incredible.

Really. He was amazing.

He got rave reviews. I gotta check it oui.

Wait, wait, Mia. Slow down.

Shit. Okay. Yeah, yeah, we're on our way.

Um, Christian's chopper went missing on the way back from Portland.

They're sending out search parties right now.

Come on, let's go.

For more on this breaking story, Rat's go out to the field and our reporter, Rachel Taylor.

Rachel'! Thank you, John.

I'm speaking to you five from the private helicopter terminal at Seattle...

They'll find him. He'll be okay. It's Christian.

The helicopter was an Airbus helicopter H-130.,.

Is there anything we can do?

And Christian Grey, although only 27 years old, had extensive flying experience.

All right' bye.

One of Seattle's youngest billionaires, Grey's the charismatic head of Grey Enterprises Holdings, a multinational conglomerate.“...

Jesus! Will someone shut them up?

No, please. Leave it on.

Just turn it down please, José.

Thank you.

You're shivering. I'll get you a sweater, okay?

Ana. Tea.

He's gonna be fine.

He has to be okay.

We haven't had any time.

We need to have more time.

You're going to have plenty of time.

We're so glad that you're here with us and in Christian's life.

You've made such a difference to him.

He never let anyone get close until you came along.

Grace, he adores you.

I know, but children grow apart from their parents, and that's fine, as long as they're happy.

And he is happy with you.

And that's all I ever wanted.

Turn it up.

Christian Grey and his colleague Ros Bailey have been found safe and wen' and are, at this moment, on their way back in Seattle.

What the hell are you all doing here?

Christian? Oh, my God!

Christian! How did you get here?

Later, Mia.

What happened? Oh, my God! Why didn't you call?

I had an accident. I lost my phone.

We know. It's been all over the news.

I'm fine. Ros is fine.

Dad, he's here. He just walked in.

I'm okay. He looks like shit, but he's in one piece.

No, he doesn't. Yeah, he does.

Guys, relax. I'm fine.

Come here, man.

Okay. Need to say hi to my girl.

Come on, Mom.

I need a drink. Me, too.

Miss me?

Oh, my God.

I thought... Hey, hey, Ana...

It's all right. Ana, I'm here.

I was so scared. I was so scared.

I thought I lost you forever.

Not a chance.

I'm here.

That's when all my instruments lit up.

Had a fire in the tail, lost both engines. Both of them?

Yeah. Thank you.

I tried to find somewhere safe to land, but it was all trees.

We hit them pretty hard, but luckily we were both able to crawl out of there.

Thank goodness.

Thank God.

Sorry, guys, but I gotta take off.


José, thanks for being here. Means the world to Ana.

Of course. Hey...

Welcome home, Mr. Grey. Christian, please.

Well, it's late, and these two should get some rest.

Grace, shall we'? Yes.

Yeah, I think we're gonna head home too, bro.


We'll walk you guy's.

Kinda hate to say this, but your guy's all right.

I'm glad he's okay, and I'm glad you're happy.

Thank you. Will we be seeing you tomorrow at his party?

Don't push it.

Come here.


I know.

Mom. Okay.

We'll see you tomorrow, Ana.

Good night.

It's after midnight.

I'm not tired.


It's your birthday.


Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Do you still have that gift I gave you?


You know you didn't have to.

All I want is you.

Just open it.



Turn it over.

Does this mean yes, yes?


Yes, yes, yes.


So this whole time I had the answer in my pocket?

Anastasia Steele...

What am I gonna do with you?

Take me to the red room.

Take me...

Take me to the red room.

Are you sure? Yes.


I love you.

Well, I love you.

Hello? Mom? Hi.

Ana, sweetheart. Where have you been?

I know. I've been... I'm sorry. Work has been so crazy.

I hope they're not overworking you?

No, no. It's actually... It's going really well.

Urn, but I was calling because I, um... I wanted to talk to you about Christian.

Christian? You've heard from him?

Yeah. We got back together.

Honey, that's wonderful! This time it's going to last. I know it is.

I hope you're right, because, urn...

He asked me to marry him, and I said yes.


You're not... No, no, I'm not pregnant.


I know that we haven't been together very long,

but I love him so much.

He's the one.

Oh, sweetheart! I'm so happy for you!

You are? Of course.

You've always known your own mind.

If that man is the love of your life, you grab him with both hands.

Thanks, Mama.

Have you called Ray? Um, no, not yet.

Um... Christian did, though. He asked for his permission.

He asked for your hand? That's so chivalrous.



Champagne, Mr. Grey?

Thanks, Gretchen.

And can I just say, happy birthday?

Sure. Thank you.

Christian. Mom.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

And Ana. Hi.

It's so good to see you again.

You saw us last night.


And because of that lam never taking anything for granted. Ever again.


I heard about the crash. Are you okay?

I'm fine, Elena. Thank you.


Ana, let me introduce to you, my good friend, Elena Lincoln.

We met at the masquerade.

Yes. Nice to see you again.

Excuse us.


She's fantastic.

Ladies, gentlemen. Mia.

I wanna thank you all for coming here this evening.

I was expecting a small family gathering.

Thanks, Mia.

But I'm happy that you're all here because I have an announcement to make.

As most of you know, yesterday Ros and I had a narrow escape.

And something like that reminds us of what really matters and how important it is to seize the day.

We should cherish the people we care about and who care about us.

Mom, Dad, I know I haven't always been the perfect son.

But I owe everything to you both, so thank you.

But that's not the announcement.

Ana, come up here a second, please.

So, a while ago, I was lucky enough to meet this amazing young woman, Anastasia Steele.

And very quickly, I realized that she was the one I wanted to share my life with.

So I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.

Oh! That is so...

lam thrilled, Ana.

Welcome to the family. Thank you.

If I cry any more, I'm just going to dehydrate.

Oh, my God! Don't do that.


Stop crying, Mom.

Can't help it. I love you so much.

I love you.

Hi! Well done, big brother!

Ring! Show me the ring.

Oh, we're gonna choose it together.

No rock. Christian Grey.

Oh, my God! I have a sister!

I leave you alone for a couple weeks, and this is what happens?

I know! I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Oh, please. Come here.


So, how does it feel to bag Seattle's most eligible bachelor?

It's a little scary, but...

Well, if anyone can make it work, it's you.

Hey, sis-in-law!

Congratulations. Christian's a very lucky guy.

You, however, are certifiably insane.

I'm sorry to interrupt Mia wants to taste one of your killer cocktails.

Oh, well, coming right up.

I see you heeded our little talk.

What makes you think I would ever listen to you?

You don't care about Christian.

He'll see that.

I'll make sure of it.

He'll see right through you.

It's over for you, Elena.

You're just a mousy little thing after his money.

He's not capable of marriage.

Thank you, Christian.

Why are you even here, Elena?

She's not right for you.

You don't know what's right for me.

You taught me how to fuck, Elena.

Ana taught me how to love.

She's just the next one in line.

Get out of my house.

Leave my children alone, and get the hell out of my house.

Ana, darling...

Would you give us a moment alone' please?

I'm sorry about that

ls your mom okay?

Furious. Hmm.

Elena's gone.

Like, gone, gone?

I'm done.

The business. Everything.

I'll have my people sort out the details tomorrow.

I know she was important to you.

I'm sorry.

Are you?

No. No.

What's that you got there?

Come with me. There's something I need to show you.

Last time we came down here, I was over your shoulder.

Oh, yeah.

After you.

Oh, my God!

You wanted hearts and flowers.

Oh, my God!

It's okay.

It's okay.


This is amazing.

Be mine.

Share my life with me.


Marry me.

I'll marry you.

Give me your hand.

Did you do that?

Great, isn't it'? That's so pretty.


I solemnly vow to love you faithfully and to keep you safe for as long as we both snail live.