Fight Valley (2016) Script

Alright, I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Tommy, I gotta go. Shit came up.

Brady, it's the same shit every day. You gotta go, you gotta go, you're done!

Hey, Kate's in trouble. We gotta go do a little lumpy bumpy. You in?

Say no more.

Don't you ever learn? When are you gonna stop this shit?

What the hell happened, Kate?

We just went to the mini-mart to get some smokes and they jumped me.

Are you sure you weren't fighting in the yard?

No, I swear. They took my purse and it's got all my shit in it.

Get your ass in the car.

Shit, it ain't shit. What you got, Stakes?

What you mean, what I got? My house, my week.


You think I got the name Stakes for nothin'?

You got that Cirque du Soleil shit. Come on, let me see it. There you go.

What you do now, Gracey?

What else you got? What I got?

That ain't shit. Yo, Jabs is outside, we got a problem.

Problem, there's a problem.

Fuck you, bitch.

Calm the fuck down. What's wrong with you?

You know we gotta get the fuck out of here. What's wrong with you, it's our fucking money.

Fuck that bitch!

Is that how you run shit up in here now, Stakes? You let them go around robbin' people?

Jabs, I'm sorry. I had no idea.

I'm sorry, Kate.

Hey, yo! Bring them over here right now.

Grace, come here.

Gracey, come here. Bring your ass, woman.

Tell them you're sorry. Sorry.

Tell the bitch you're sorry. Stakes on his bullshit again.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't knock them motherfucking teeth out.

Man, that's for you.

You're doing a good job, alright? Making quite a name for yourself, keep it up.

Alright, let's go, people. Fight's over.

50 bucks? What the hell is this?

Like Gamble said, make a name for yourself and you'll get to the yard.

Look, these people just ain't that into you yet, girl.

There's only like 25 people here. I prolly made less than you.

Look, take your money, get on the bus, get the fuck up out the Valley, okay?

Pretty little white girls with cash don't last long around here, you know what I mean?


Not bad for a knock around girl.

What the hell are you doin' here?

Got your ass beat, didn't ya? Hungry don't lose.

How do I look though, for real? You look like you got in a fight.

The fuck is wrong with you, huh? You fuckin' lie to me about where you are?

One of these days, one of these big ass bitches is gonna kick your fuckin' head in...

...and I don't want that, 'cause I fuckin' love you, alright?

You gotta quit this shit. Alright? You do look really fuckin' sexy though.

Alright, none of that. Fight starts in 30 minutes.

Jabs is fighting Payton and I ain't missin' that shit.

Now you gotta pay our fee. And what fee is that?

The fee to get past us. Oh, yeah?

No more! Let's get the fuck out of here.

Your fee, huh?

Let me know when you wanna come get it.

Here's your fuckin' fee. Girls, let's fuckin' go.

Come on, Payton, you got this. Do you mind, asshole?

No, I don't mind. Jabs is gonna get that ass whooped tonight.

About time somebody knocked that bitch out.

Hell, she's not.

Yeah, Jabs, get it! Come on, Jabs, you got this!

You wanna make money, girl? This is where you gotta be.

This the pay lode right here.

Maybe we should be saying the same to you guys.

I mean, clearly you're not the promoters on this one.

Maybe you two need to step up your game some.

Ain't no more fighters around here anyway. When there is, believe me, we'll be on that.

Speaking of real fighters. What's up, Church? What's up, Gracey?

What's up? You owe me a thousand bucks, what do you mean what's up?

You're right, I owe you money. Come by tomorrow night and you got your money.

I ain't gonna stiff my meanest fighter... Exactly, don't forget that.

What are you looking at?

Yo, you're in my seat.

You're in my face. I'mma need you to move.

What the hell's your problem, Gracey, could we watch the fight, really?

Am I interrupting your show? Guys, ignore her.

You know what she's trying to do. Ignore me?

Yeah. You can't ignore me.

Gracey, can you back the hell up? Can we please watch the fight? Is that possible?

Can you go one single day without being the biggest pain in the ass in this town?

No, you got it all wrong, that's me. Sit your bitch ass down.

Come put me down. I'm too crazy to be scared of you.

Enough, damn. I can't believe I paid 30 bucks for this shit.

Oh, that's how much you made at your last fight?

Hell with this shit! Outside now! Bitch!

You don't want that.

Jabs, back, come on, Jabs, come on, calm down.

Who the hell are you? I'm Tori Coro.

I came into your gym for a lesson about a year ago.

No idea, but in case you haven't noticed, I could use a little privacy.

Teach me how to fight like that. Like what?

Like you.

How old are you? 22.

And you're a knock around girl? How did you know?

Because I know everyone in the Valley. Besides, your knuckles, they're way too pretty.

Well, put me on the inside. Teach me.

Look, I didn't learn to fight at 22.

I have been beating the crap out of girls since I was six years old...

...because little Suzie didn't want to share her dolls with me.

Now you wanna learn how to throw a punch? Go to L.A. Boxing, I am not interested.

Why do you run a gym? Because I can.

Now get it through your head. I don't train fighters.

I fight for all the wrong reasons because I'm pissed off when I get out there.

You don't see me smiling and hugging my opponents.

No, all I see is a piece of meat and a meal ticket.

Now get out of my locker room.

In this country, you gotta make your money.

That's the thing though, Jabs always been like that, like cold as ice.

Took a lot of balls to do what you did. You sure you ain't a dude?

My baby definitely ain't a guy, I can vouch for that.

Jabs is turning you into a monster.

Alright ladies, it's been real, but I'm heading out.

I'll walk with you, I'm going that way anyway. Bye, baby girl.


Hey, how you doin'?

Again? What the hell happened to you?

Were you down in the Valley fighting again? I'm fine, Dad, it's nothing.

Nothing? You look like you got dragged down the street by your feet.

Dad, I'm good, I swear. Just some girls were talkin' shit...

...and I did what you always tell me to do, stick up for myself, right?

Well, did you win at least? Of course she won, she's a Coro.

You taught her well, G-Note. G-Note?

It's Gino, alright? Do I look like some sort of rapper to you or something?

No, but Gino sounds like G-Note, so I thought I'd switch it up a little bit.

Relax, homie, but you do look like one of them gambino motherfuckers.

Remember whose house you're livin' in, whose roof you're under, who's feedin' you.

Sorry. You better chill out.

I'm just messin' with you, Gino. It's all good, pops, don't worry.

Yeah, go inside. Get out of here, leave me alone.

Is that you, sweetie? No, it's a robber, and I demand food.

Aunt Windsor's here! Yes!

What's up?

What's this? I drew you a picture, do you like it?

I love it, thank you. Did you see dead bodies today?

You and your questions.

I saw your story, crazy stuff. And right down the road, no less.

Remind me to call Tom in advanced securities and check on the security system.

Yeah, I will.

My book came?

Oh, my gosh. What is it?

This is a book on profiling.

It has great reviews, but this guy's technique is awesome.

What, is he a magician or something?

No, you know what he does?

He can tell if somebody's lying to you or not... analyzing their nonverbals, their body language, eye contact.

So I could tell if you're lying or not?


Oh, by the way, is Dale coming for dinner?


You're lucky I'm tired!

No, Mom, I just... I need some space right now.

Actually, I don't know what I want. I just... I know I don't want him.

Sweetie, you can't dump Dale. He's one of the richest men in...

Richest guys, Mom? What's that got to do with anything?

I don't care if he's rich or poor. What about just good old fashioned love?

Windsor, you need a man to take care of you...

...someone that can provide the essentials in life.

Mom, Mom. I don't need a man in my life.

I'm 30 years old, I can provide money for myself.

I don't need a man, I want someone that I'm attracted to...

...because honestly, if I don't have sex very, very soon...

Windsor, I am your mother and your nieces are here.

My bad. Listen, I'm gonna go freshen up, I'm starving.


What now? Why do you always have to say what now?

Because every time I ask how are you...

...there's some smart ass comment like, do you really care?

We both know I care how you are, or I wouldn't ask the question.

I just figured what now gets right to the point.

So, what now?

I need to borrow some money. No.

Come on, Windsor, why the fuck not?

Because you chose to live with Dad, that's why the fuck not.

Look, I just wanna get out of this place, okay?

Duke and I are trying to get an apartment down in Cherry Hill...

...all we need is the down payment, that's it, Windsor.

And since when do you have something against Dad?

No, I happen to love Dad very much...

...but taking you into the heart of gang world...

...knowing that he couldn't support you wasn't a very smart decision, was it?

And him drinking his life away, not even making it a priority to go get a job... that you don't have to call your older sister begging for money.

I'm sorry, Tori, I love Dad, I do...

...but he has made some bad decisions.

Yeah, and having you was one of them. Thanks for nothin'.

So what'd she say? She said no.

Just being a bitch like always.

I mean, that's why I moved out here in the first place.

We only need like two grand and we could get out of here, you know?

What about your mom? Why don't we ask her? Absolutely not.

She's still pissed at me for taking sides with my dad.

Honestly, they don't give a shit about me.

They could care less if I was dead. Speaking of money...

...I'm gonna go run to the consignment shop, see if I can make us a couple bucks.

You wanna come or you wanna stay here? No, I'm good, babe. I'm just gonna...

...stay here and clear my head. Okay.

I love you. I love you too.

Yanni's gonna stay with you, okay? See you later.

So you fight? Excuse me?

Just asking. Do you know this guy named Stakes?

Yeah, I dealt with him.

You one of his fighters? I've thrown a couple punches, why?

Ever been to the yard? What yard?

You don't know him very well then. That's where his big fighters are.

That's where you're gonna make the money.

Is there anybody that she borrowed money from or loaned money to?

No. Mom?

What's happening? I'm Detective Mackler...

...this is my partner Detective Tillman. Unfortunately we have some bad news.

We found your sister's body a couple of hours ago.

I don't understand.

How did she die?

Looks like she was in a fight with someone.

They're still trying to investigate it.

A fisherman had found her body next to some brush down by the river.

Ms. Coro, we'll contact you if we have anything.

We'll leave you to be with your family.

I never got to tell you that I was... proud.

You grew up so strong, stubborn...

...but strong.

Tough as you were...

...someone still took your life...

...and I can't trade places with you.

But I promise you this...

...I'm gonna find out...

...who did it...

...and I'm gonna take from them what they took from you.


Do you mind if I have a word with my daughter?

Don't you mean our daughter? I beg to differ.

You really gonna stand here and argue me over Tori's body now?

How could you let this happen, Gino?

Wasn't it your idea to leave me?

Oh, so I'm just supposed to work my ass off every day...

...while you sit around playing cards, doing lines and drinking beers with your buddies?

Incidentally you smell like a goddamn brewery, Gino.

Well, I'm done, okay? I was done three or four years ago.

Now give me a word with my daughter. Have your word with your daughter.


That's right.

I'm Duke.

This is Jamie and that's Yanni.

You're Duke? Yeah, um...

...I'm your sister's girlfriend.

I wish we could've met on different terms and I'm truly sorry.

So you're Duke? Yep, I'm Duke.

Do you guys have any idea what happened here?

I mean, we have an idea, but... Wait, what do you mean you have an...

Is there somewhere quiet we can go and talk?

Think she was fighting for money.

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Can't you guys just get jobs like everybody else?

And my mother! She sent her money like every week.

You keep saying you guys, like you think we're some kind of minority or something... you're better than us. Yeah, you ever been around here before?

There are no jobs. Not good ones anyways.

So what we do is what we have to do to get by.

Not with my sister you obviously didn't. She's fucking dead.

Yeah, we know, we were at the funeral, remember?

You piece of shit! You think this is funny? She's dead!

Get her out of my face, Duke. I don't wanna hurt this girl.

Back the fuck up. Don't do anything, Yanni, not here.

Chill out!

Do not say another fuckin' word.

Do not do anything.

You're just gonna listen, okay?

She was our best friend.

My life.

You have no idea what it's like to live every day where we do.

You're not the one that had to hold her...

...every night when she was crying.

You're not the one...

...that had to convince her not to fucking kill herself every day of her life.

You're not the one...

...who had to watch her struggle and try to feed herself, we were.

But you are the one that had the money and the power to save her.

You're the one she called for help.

Now I'm not saying that this is your fault...

...but what I am saying is...

...what that poor girl needs is closure.

And to find that fucking son of a bitch...

...that did this to her, that's what Tori needs.

I live with your father.

Tori and I shared the basement together.

I'll call you if I hear anything. I'm sure Gino's got your number, right?


This was Tori's.

She always said fight for what you love.

What are you gonna do?

Why was she fighting for money? I don't know, I have no idea.

I didn't have the cash flow to give her the materialistic things...

...that you and your mom have, but she had what she needed.

We have that stuff because we worked for it, it wasn't just handed to us.

And I, maybe, get to see Mom for like two hours at night...

...when I come home from work. How's it goin'?

Hey. Hey. What's up?

What's up, Yanni? Gino.

Hey, what's up? What's up?

'Sup? Hey Jamie, how you doin', sweetie?

Good. Everything alright?

You girls alright? We're good, thank you, Gino.

Alright. How you holding up, Windsor?

You know, one day at a time.

Whoa! My bad.

What, you've never seen a naked girl before?

No, it's just you're my sister's girlfriend.

So wait, are you guys all like, um...



Look, we're all friends.

We change in front of each other, we hang out 'til four a.m. every night...

...but we're not all lesbians.

Not Yanni anyways.

She walks me home at night.

Number one rule of the knock around girls, make sure the other one's safe.

Besides, I love Tori very much.

But you gotta watch out for this one, Miss Out and Proud over here.

Knock around girls?

It's a term they use down in the Valley.

If you not from there, then you one of us.

You a knock around girl. I don't follow.

You ever get your ass kicked before?


Been knocked around by four or five girls at once?

No. Stabbed?


Okay, well, that's what happens to outsiders who wander down to the Valley.

So you might wanna make note of that. I see.

You seem pretty proud of that.

So this is it?

This is where you guys spent your time?

For the most part. We didn't really go out that much.

Maybe to go meet Jamie or grab a pack of smokes, you know, just normal shit.

But you said you're always banging knuckles?

That does not sound normal to me.

You're gonna need to rethink your idea of normal.

You did at least bring a taser, right?

That was Tori's prized possession.

She loved taking photos.

She always talked about freezing time.

Saving moments.

I'm off to bed. Yeah, I hear that, wait up.


Welcome to the hood. See you around.

Seriously, get a taser.

You motioned for me to come down here.


I wanna know why you're here.

It's my house. No, uh-huh, it's my house.

I wanna know why you're here.

You're living with my father, it's...

I'm sorry, you look... you look so much like her.

So where you staying?

Well, I'm gonna be staying here...

...until I find out who killed Tori.

Have you heard anything?

I don't know. We think she died in a fight with another girl.

Wait, what? Who?

Word on the street is she died in Fight Valley.

What the fuck is Fight Valley? Take me to them!

Okay, listen, princess, this isn't your little royal kingdom...

...where you say fetch me my chariot and you got little rose bearers...

...throwing rose petals at your feet, okay?

This is Camden, New Jersey, the number one murder capital of the US... you can leave that take me to him bullshit back at your castle, okay?

This Fight Valley, where is it?

It's about a couple miles down the road. In Camden.

It's one of the neighborhoods that got its name from this guy they call Stakes.

It's where you go to fight if you got a problem.

They give you a bunch of money and you work out your problems.

But you said someone told you that she died at Fight Valley.

Can't that someone tell you where it is?

Everybody acts like they don't know anything.

Plus Valley people don't talk to outsiders.

You gotta start beef with somebody, do a couple small fights...

...earn some respect and guess what?

I'm not about to become an underground fighter.

And Tori? She never mentioned this to you?

Nope, not a word. Prolly because she knew I wouldn't let her do it.

Half the time she was fightin' I had no idea.

She'd tell me she's gonna go grab a pack of smokes...

...come back a couple hours later all bruised up, saying she got jumped.

But what I do know is apparently you gotta get invited to one of these things.

There's a guy I'm gonna go talk to tomorrow.

Tori did a couple small fights for him for some cash.

If anybody knows, he does.

Alright, that's what I'm gonna do then.

Where do I start?

Your pretty little royal ass... step foot on that street and they're gonna eat you alive, Cinderella.


Guess they'll let just about anybody in here, huh?

What the hell happened, Jabs?

It's called fighting, not ballet, princess.

Stay the hell out of my cage, you're not a cage fighter.

Stick to the streets where you belong. Hell, you're not even a professional.

In case you haven't noticed, uh, it looks like you're in a situation... can't control right now. Might wanna go.

Anytime, anywhere.

This place smells like a litter box. There's nothing but shit in here.

You know where to find me. Good. See you soon?

Oh, one thing's for certain, you'll see me soon.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there...

In the balls? Really?

What can I get you? Um, cranberry juice, please.

Thank you.

Are you lost?

No, I live right down the street.

No, you don't. Yes, I do.

I'm actually headed over to Fight Valley after this.

Wanna go?

Fight Valley, huh?

Yep. Ever been?

Supposed to be a pretty good fight tonight.

Never heard of it.

Yo, what's good, mama?

Hi, how are you?

Not bad, how about yourself? What you getting into tonight?

Nothin, just killin' time.

Waiting for my girlfriend to text me back the address for Fight Valley.

Yeah, we were supposed to meet there, but...

...she forgot to send me the address, so...

...thought I'd just pull in here and...

...hopefully she gets back to me. You wouldn't...

...happen to know where it is, would you?

Fight Valley? Yep. Good ol' Fight Valley.

Nah, I'm good. So you can't help me?

Hey. Nah, I said I'm good.

Yo, I could help you. You can?

Yeah. I can help you walk your pretty ass the fuck up out of here, bitch.

For a small fee though. See here?

You don't pay to get in, you gotta pay to get out.

That's right. Look, I was not trying to...

I don't give a shit what you was trying to do.

Just don't do it here. Got it? Now get the fuck up out of here.

Ah, don't touch me. What's your problem?

You say something?


Oh, my God. What's that?


I, um...

I'm sorry, I don't want any problems.

Actually, no, I was just, um... Leaving. She was just leaving.

Yo, Gracey, it's cool. She just got lost, she's with us.

I thought you were in bed. Move your ass.

You better put a chain on your poodle. Fuck you, Gracey.

Yo sis, you good?

Yeah, you know me. I can handle my own, big bro.

You have got to learn proper hood protocol if you're gonna go snooping around.

And the first rule is you don't go out alone.

Not after seven...

...and certainly not in the Valley.

How'd you know where I was? Actually I didn't.

I came to see Neeko, you just got lucky.

Neeko? My brother.

He works down in the Valley at Jabs' gym.


So are you like your sister?

What do you mean?

I mean, are you like your sister?

A lesbian?

No, definitely not.

Have you ever been kissed by a girl? What? Ew! No.

I was the same way and then I was kissed by a girl...

...and I gotta tell you, it's, uh...

What? Well, I don't know...

...I just never thought the touch...

...of a female's lips...

...would feel so...

...incredible. Hey, you cool?

You need to talk to me about anything? No, I'm good, Neeko.

Just another night in the hood.

I'll see y'all tomorrow, I'm taking it down for the night.

I should be going as well.

I'll give you a call tomorrow.

You guys have fun last night?

Oh, yeah. She's becoming quite the Tori.

Really? Like sister, like sister, huh?

Hey, Neeko?

You know about this?

God, I miss her so fuckin' much.

Wait, what are you talking about? Oh, nothing, I'm working on it.

Hold up, come here.

You sure you wanna take this girl in here? I'm telling you right now, it's a bad idea.

Come here. Rule number one when we get in there... keep your mouth shut, I do the talking, okay?

What, so I'm not allowed to ask questions? Let me explain to you how the Valley works.

Those that are from here are entitled to a certain amount of respect...

...those that aren't are entitled to a certain amount of ass-whoopin's...

...hence the name knock around girls. And you my little royal gem, can't fight.

And... you ain't got no ass either.

I mean, like, it's aight, but it ain't no hood ass, so...

...back to rule number one, keep your mouth shut.

You know what? I'm getting sick of this royalty princess shit. It's annoying.

And I thought rule number one was keeping each other safe.

Exactly, which is why we told you to keep your mouth shut and you'll be safe.

Ah, shit.

Mornin', ladies. What's up, Jay Jay?

What up, babydoll? What's up, Yanni?

Where's Stakes at? Whoa, slow down.

I'm sorry about your girl. Shit's crazy.

Thanks, I miss her, man. When's the last time you saw Tori?

Whoa, who are you?

You know who I am, let me back to see Stakes or Gamble.


White girl here to see you. What's your name again, pretty?

Tori. Lori.

It's Tori, you dumb ass.

It's a white girl, says she got a problem, she don't know captain.

What's the problem? I need you to get me in.

I wanna fight at the yard.

Like I said, what's the problem. I need money, Stakes, come on.

Ain't that easy unless you got a serious pro...

I do have a serious fucking problem. I need money.

Just want to get out of this shithole. Can you help me or not?

Enough with this what's your problem bullshit.

Who the fuck you think you're talking to? You know where the fuck you're at?

You might up missing around this motherfucker.

Hey, shut the fuck up with all that loud ass shit.

Who said that? Who the fuck said that?

Tori, sit your whack white ass down before I put you down, bitch.

And I ain't even in the mood to be beating on your ass today but I will.

You better believe that shit.

So, who the fuck said it?

Angry white girl lookin' for a fight, that's every day.

No, no. He's lying. You would remember Tori.

Slow down, ma, I remember you, that's for sure.

Okay, alright, let's go. Whoa, first you got a nickel bag?

Fuck you, Jay Jay, let us in. Get the food stamps going, you know.

Jay Jay, open the door.

Alright, you guys, stay right here. Right here.

What did I tell you? You're gonna keep your mouth shut.

She's not your sister today, got it? We're cousins.

I got it. Yeah?

Don't look at anyone, not here.

What is this place?

The city therapy center. People come here to work out their problems.

It's where fight starters hang out. Fight starters?

Yeah, fight starters. You got a problem with somebody... come here, you talk to a fight starter.

Tell 'em who you're beefing with and they set up a fight.

It's a way to earn money and solve your beef at the same time.

If they think your fight's gonna bring money, they'll book it.

Or you could just get a fuckin' job. How do the cops let this happen?

Cash, mija.

What's the problem, ladies?

How you gonna act like you don't know us? What's the problem?

Tori's dead and you ask what's the problem? Come on, man.

My bad, you're right.

Look, I didn't mean any disrespect. I'm really sorry about your girl.

Yeah, Tori was a cool chick. How you doin' baby, you okay?

Tori was a cool chick?

You say that so easy, man, that's all you got?

Hold up, who's this?

It's my cousin, she's staying with me for a couple days.

And you bring her here? What the fuck is your problem?

What the fuck is wrong with you? You know we don't allow that shit.

I wanna know what happened to Tori.

The cops said she died in a fight, you control the fights.

Listen, there's fights going all around the goddamn Valley right now.

Somewhere out in those streets someone's getting an ass whoopin' right now.

I'm not controlling that, am I? Listen, I'm really sorry...

No. Tori never, ever fought without your permission.

And you and I both know there aren't a lot of girls that can fight like Tori.

So whoever killed her fucked her up bad, and maybe you didn't control that fight...

...but you know who did. I don't know.

Bullshit! Don't fuckin' lie to me, Stakes.

I don't know what you think we are, but I'm a business man...

...and unless you have a problem with someone in particular...

...I strongly suggest you leave before you get yourself into a real serious problem...

...that you can't control, like right now. So what's up? What're you gonna do?

Get her out of here. Oh, no, no, no, I'm staying.

I'm here for this.

You better run, stupid skank.

What is this, Charlie's friggin' Angels? Get the fuck out of my way... bitches ain't gonna do shit.

Really? In the back?

Take her shirt off, I wanna see some titties out.

Yeah, I like that shit, yeah.

Is she okay? What's going on?

She's pretty banged up, guys, but she's Duke, she'll pull through alright.

Girls, what the hell happened in there?

Who the hell are you?

Um, you know Tori Coro?

I'm her sister.

Who said that?

Who the fuck said it?

Tori, sit your whack white ass down before I push you down, bitch.

And I ain't even in the mood to beat on your ass today, but I will, believe that.

So who the fuck said it?

I did. You ain't bad enough, bitch.

Isn't there anybody tougher in this place?


Fight Valley, huh? Yeah, that's what Duke said she heard.

She was fighting there? Well...

...I suppose it's possible.

But you need to understand, if you're gonna try to fight in the streets...

...shit gets serious fast. People get hurt, it's not a game.

What are you even looking for? Well...

...for starters, my sister's killer.

It's that simple? That easy?

Let's say you find the person that killed your sister, then what?

I would kill them.

Then you're not seeking closure, you're seeking revenge...

...and there's a big fucking difference, sweetheart.

I guess I am.

If you don't stop poking your nose around...

...and asking stupid fucking questions in all the bars around here...'re gonna get yourself killed, do you understand?

I don't think you understand.

Go throw those gloves on over there.

Go, hurry up, get 'em on.

Got it? Yeah.

Hit me.

You want me to hit you?

That's the idea.

It's just so much easier when I'm mad, this feels awkward.

Somebody just killed your sister. And you know what?

You're gonna find them and you know what's gonna happen?

You're gonna get your ass kicked because you don't know how to fight.

How much madder do you need to get? Your sister's dead.

Now tell me what's wrong with this picture.

You're on your ass, that's what's wrong with this picture.

Damn, you're good. Get the fuck up.

I own you. No more midnight strolls... more sticking your face in every goddamn bar around here...

...and asking your dumb ass questions...

...until I say you're ready.

Are you gonna train me to fight?

No, I'm gonna train you to survive.

Stay with me, good job.

Out and proud, huh?

This isn't even my shirt.

Honey, why don't you go tell Neeko we need some water.

Get out of my gym.

Why, because of my shirt?

Because you're late. Look, I didn't even wanna help train you.

I offered to help you so you wouldn't get yourself fucking killed...

...and you don't even have the decency to show up on time?

Listen, wait, there's... Get out!

You got that $10 for me? I'm not giving you my money. Excuse me.

Don't touch me.

Now it's $100, bitch.

Enough, enough! Get the fuck off of me.

Get the fuck off my girl.

He's got you, bitch.

You're gonna need to learn to fight, and fast.

You don't have years and years to wait.

So I'm gonna help you learn to fight.

I am done playing your games.

I have enough shit going on in my own life...

...I don't have time to be babysitting your ass all the time.

This is your last chance.

Do you want to fight?

Then believe me when I tell you, you're gonna hurt...'re gonna bleed and you're gonna feel pain like you've never felt before.

You know what, honestly? You don't even know what hurt is.

I'm ready.

Yeah, well, we'll see...

...but I'm telling you now...

...every time you say no...

...every time you say you can't...

...and every time you stop because you're out of breath...

...I'm gonna punch you square in the face.

Now in a street fight, you're not gonna have the luxury of wraps and gloves.

And the first thing everyone tries to do... swing wild for the big knockout punch, and that's the worst thing you can do.

Really, why?

Let me see you try to knock me out.

I thought you said you were ready.

I am, I just... I don't know, I can't...

What the fuck? What the fuck was that for?

Quit wasting my goddamn time, now get up.

Now hit me.


With anger, somebody just killed your sister.

That's why it's your biggest mistake.

Because you're a fuckin' rookie, and any fighter with any experience... gonna pick you apart like the amateur you are.

You break your hands, you're done. These are your most valuable weapons.

Drop 'em.

You know, my father taught me a lot about street fighting.

I remember one day when I was in our garage, I had my gloves all wrapped up...

...and I was beating away on the heavy bag and I thought I was so tough...

...and he said to me, "If you're gonna be punching girls in the streets...

"...then why the hell are you hitting a soft bag?"

And I had no idea what he meant at the time...

...but a few years later it clicked and I realized...

...I didn't need these fancy gloves and beautiful heavy bags.

I needed to condition my bare knuckles to break bones.

Now push the car.

I can't.

Everything bends, everything moves, and everything breaks.

And the last two weeks she's been having really bad pains in her stomach... I'm just getting a little worried.

Can you show me where it hurts?


Hey, guys.

What do the doctors say? Just that, uh...

...she took a lot of trauma to the head and...

...she has a pretty bad concussion, she just sleeps.

She's gonna be okay, right?

This is all my fault.

Everyone around me is getting hurt, killed...

Stop it. Not your fault.

She loved Tori very much, okay?

And she was gonna search to the end of the earth just like you... find out who killed her.

But you just happened to come along.

Hey, hey.

Ow! Jesus, what the hell did you do?

Nothin'. Jabs is just giving me a few lessons.

Lessons? Like what are you doing? Punching walls?

No, I'm pretty sure it was a 2x6 piece of pressure treated wood.

Wow, you're really doing this, aren't you?

You know you're just gonna start more fights, right? More drama.

That's what they want, it's a business. I know you don't wanna hear it, Windsor...

...but you're not gonna... You're not gonna change anything.

I know this all seems so dramatic to you because you're new to this lifestyle...

...we deal with this shit every day.

And you're not gonna change anything or anyone.

I'm not looking to change anyone.

I'm looking to kill someone.

Remember when we used to run five miles?

Yeah, but we were 15.

So do you miss it?

Miss what? Fighting in the Valley?

Kicking some ass?

Careful what you wish for.

Come on, let's get out of here.

What's Stakes say about working with the outsiders, Jabs?

It's aight, I don't wanna beat up on old washed up white chicks anyway.

You take the one on the right, I got the two on the left.

Just like old times.

You know, I did miss this shit.

Fuck. Windsor.

Why does something tell me this ain't a good thing?

Whatever happens, stay behind us, Windsor.

You ladies know where I can find Fight Valley?

You lost.

No, I'm not lost, you guys just happen to be on the wrong side of the tracks.

No, sweetheart, I mean, you lost.

How's Dyke?

It's Duke, and she's fine.

What can we do for you, Gracey? You can't do shit for me, Yanni... back the hell up. I came to talk to her.

She ain't got shit to say to you, and you're on my street right now so you can talk to me.

Whatever. Don't touch her, Gracey.

Or what?

I guess we don't know what until it happens, now do we?

Oh, shit, that's my girl.

See, you're lucky I don't crack you in your motherfuckin' head right now.

Yeah, you stand tall even though you know damn well I'll whoop that ass.

I'll like that. You rep us well.

You don't touch her 'cause you know I'll take that damn weave off your head...

...and strangle you with it. You can get out of her face and off my street.

First off, they're twists, hoe. Keep tellin' yourself that.

Who are you? I'm Duke's cousin.

Bullshit, who are you? I just told you.

Lookin' for a fight, Duke's cousin? What's your name?

You know what it is. I might be.

I got this, Windsor. We got a tough girl.

What do you know about Tori Coro? Never heard of her.

Why are you in my face? Why are you on my streets?

I believe it's our street.

Looks like we've got ourselves a problem. Back the fuck up, Gracey.

Bitch, back the fuck up, don't you ever get in my face.

I told you not to touch her.

You know Church gonna fuck you up for this. Out here trying to play captain save-a-hoe.

You tell Church I said she's a fucking amateur, any time, anywhere.

You wanna fight this girl, huh? You wanna fight this girl?

Please, my street cred would go down fuckin' around with that hoe.

I ain't trying to catch a murder rap and end up like Tori. Hell no, she ain't worth it.

You worried about street cred? I'm right here.

Can't get no better than me. What the fuck did you just say?

You know who killed Tori... Windsor! Not here, not now.

You tell Stakes there's a problem, Gracey. Set it up.


Set it up, Gracey.

No, I mean, it wasn't a rape, she was definitely in a fight.

Well, that's what the cops are for, Windsor.

Go to the police, tell them everything you know, okay?

That's just the thing, I don't know yet.

I mean, not who anyway.

But I'm close, I'm close.

How are you doin'? You okay? I'm okay.

I don't know, look, I just saw Duke and she doesn't look so good.

What the hell have you guys been doin', Windsor?

You know I can't deal with this kind of shit right now.

Dad, everything's gonna be fine, I promise you.

I just... I need your support right now.

Um, Dad, I'm gonna be staying at Jamie's. I'll give you a call tomorrow?

Alright, sweetie, bye.


How's he doin'?

He's okay. He just wants this over as bad as I do.

So what happens when this is all over?

What do you mean? You goin' home?

Yeah, yeah. Oh, that's cool.

What's the saying?

Once a knock around girl, always a knock around girl?


Jabs, Jabs, listen, I know I owe you money, I owe almost got it all, I promise.

You know you're lucky I don't kick your ass right here.

Super fuckin' disappointed in you. You're one of my best damn fighters.

You're about to pay up right now.

What do you mean? What do you want me to do?


What's up? I heard you're looking for Fight Valley?

No. Get the fuck out of the car.

No! Get the fuck out of the car.


Punk ass sister Tori would've got out of the car.

What the fuck did you just say about my sister?

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

What the fuck, Jabs? You need me for somethin'?

Get your ass in the car.


She's ready, she's good.

You know, I don't even recognize you.

You've got all the tools, the rest is up to you.

But I want you to keep something in mind.

What you're about to do... much as it feels right...

...could always be wrong too.

Only two fighters are gonna walk into that circle.

One of you has to break... of you has to lose.

But no matter how many people are affected by it... never stops.

It just recycles and recycles.

I'm taking the training wheels off, you're free to ride.

Hey. Hey.

You're awake. I wanna go home.

Yeah, you will, you gotta get a little better first, right?

Doc said they wanna keep an eye on her a little bit longer.

She tryin' to go home tonight. What the hell happened?

You guys are all so squeaky clean and I'm laying in this hospital bed.

That's 'cause you had to be Duke. This isn't over.

No, Duke, it's over. You don't even have to be thinking...

She's right, this isn't over.

First of all Windsor, none of this would've happened if you hadn't...

If what? If someone hadn't killed my sister?

Like that was my request.

What would you guys be doing if I hadn't come here?

Just forgetting about it? She's gone.

You need to watch the way you talk to me.

Duke was almost gone and you're just gonna stand...

I'm just gonna what? You're not from here, you don't know how this works.

She died at the yard.


The yard?

That's where Stakes puts on all the big fights.

Do you mean to tell me you knew about this the whole time?

What would you have done if you knew about this four weeks ago? Huh?

You would've ran up in there and got yourself killed.

I'm not about to have that on my shoulders.

Who killed her?

Her name is Church.

Windsor, wait!

What the fuck are you talking about, Jabs?

Please tell me you had nothin' to do with this.

You're a piece of shit, you know that?

If anything happens to that girl...

...I don't care who you are, I'm coming after you.

Hey. Wait, where you going?

You can't just can't come up in here like that. What you want?

I wanna book a fight. Why're you trying to fight?

I'm trying to make love. We can combat racism in Camden...

...roll up a little weed for the three of us.

If this door doesn't open in three seconds, I'm fighting her.

Whoa, you gonna fight her?


Yo, white girl here.

She don't look happy.

Look, I've been thinking, right.

We need to relocate, shit's gettin' hot.

Need one more big... Hey.

Talk. That's not the question, asshole.

Okay, what's the problem? I got the biggest fight in history for you.

You can retire after this one.

I'm listening.

I'm not Duke's cousin.

I'm Tori Coro's sister. Oh, shit.

Okay, um...

I see.

Gimme a few days. Now.

It's not that simple, takes time, it takes...

Now! $50,000 cash plus $10,000 for the other fighter.

I gotta check with the other fighters and see if they're interested in your proposal.

Plus I gotta have a sit down with my man, Gamble.

We sittin' down now. 60 Gs? Take it.

Tell Church she has 24 hours to make a decision, or I'm coming for her.

Consider it done.

Church? Really?

You have no idea what you got yourself into.

Careful, Gracey...

...the next time I come in here, I'm comin' for you.

Let's go.

I sure hope you know what you're doin'. What the hell did Jabs do to you?

Look, we know now. It was Church that killed Tori.

But she couldn't have done it alone.

Someone drug her body into the woods and left her there.

Fuck, she still could've been alive then.

Somebody else had to have been involved, I know that.

I can't believe this is happening.

If you ask me, we're still just adding fuel to the fire, but what the hell do I know?

No, Yanni, it's called putting the fire out.

Is that what you still think this is?

This girl don't get it.

Either way you look at it, Windsor, it's a fight.

And with one fight comes another fight comes another fight and it's not gonna stop.

Well, thank you for updating me on the proper statistics.

What's your problem? Guys, calm down.

My problem, since you so respectfully asked, is that after this fight... get to go back home to your mansion and your little Rolls Royce...

...or whatever bullshit ass rich people car you have...

...and we gotta stay here and clean up your mess.

Guys, enough. It's okay. Excuse fucking me...

...nobody ever said you had to be my friend. Would you guys just stop!

Oh, no, no, no, no, it's okay, rich girl finally got somethin' right.

She's right, I don't have to be her friend and I don't have to fight her battles...

...and deal with her bullshit, and you know what? I'm not going to.

Let her figure it out for her damn self.

I'm sorry about Tori.

Yo. Jamie said she booked that fight.

Hey, you prepared to carry that weight on those shoulders?

I mean, you trained them both.

Hey, yo!

Jamie says she booked a fight.

If I would've known she was gonna use it for the wrong reasons...

...I wouldn't have trained her.

Are you with me, or not?

What's up, bitches? You're out?

They let you out? Jabs called... guys don't answer your phones? Damn. What'd she say?

She said the fight's off. Bullshit the fight's off.

I don't get it.

The invitation said this was the address.


Yanni. My girl!

Oh, straight from the bed to the yard, baby, that's how we do it!

They let me out. You know I ain't gonna miss this shit.

I don't know, you think they're fuckin' with us?

Somethin's not right. Yo, who's this?

$60,000 please.

It better all be there. Get in.

Okay, listen up.


Whatever happens, happens.

This is a fight, deal with it.

She's gonna fuck you up and you're gonna fuck her up.

Now anytime one of you decides you wanna call for your mommy... hold your hands up.

If you opponent claws out, get the hell off of her, got it?

Gloves or no gloves?

Well, alrighty then, let's begin.

All you need to think about is Tori. Hey, glad you ladies could make it.

It's gonna be a damn shame.

Fuck this!

Neeko, we gotta find the girls. Nah, fuck that, you stay right there.

I'm gonna find out who did it...

...and I'm gonna take from them what they took from you.

Does your little ninja know the truth yet, Jabs?

I bet you don't tell her how you help me hide her sister in the woods.

You have to help me, she's dead.

Jesus Christ, Church.

I don't know what's happening. We just fight and I lose control.

Please, Jabs, you have to help me.

I don't know what to do.

You killed her, I was just trying to help you.

Oh, yeah, you helped me all right. You said, "Let's make it look like a rape."

I will fucking kill you!


I'm sorry.

What is it? This is a book on profiling.

You can tell if somebody's lying to you or not... analyzing their nonverbals, their body language, eye contact.

So I could tell if you're lying or not?


I want you... tell my sister...

...that you're sorry.

I do every night.