Figlia mia (2018) Script

Welcome to the next competitor. Are you ready?

Do you have what it takes?

Here's your horse. Go!

Are you ready?

And the next! Come on!

My love, what's up? Look!

Shall we go home? And dad?

Let's go find him.

There you are.

It's too hot for popsicles.

But they're for when it's hot.

If you brought them inside, maybe they wouldn't have melted.

But you always bring them in.

First the popsicles in the fridge and then shovel the crap.

Take this.

I don't drink, you know. A bit. You do like it.

What is this?


What is that?

Some guy came this morning.

The legal officer? Yeah.

I owe him... twenty-eight thousand seven-hundred thirty-three euros and seventeen.

Or I'll have to move out in a month.

Have you got 28,733 euros and 17 cents?

What do you think?

I have thirty-five euros in my bag.

And your husband? No.

Tina! Tina!


Everything ok? Yes. I'm sorry.

Add the delay to the next shift. All right.

I'm sorry.


She got an eviction notice. Eviction?

Can we do something?

28,733 and something.

It had to be paid when it was due.

We always did what we could.


Are you happy?

Is that so wrong?

My first kiss was when I was 17. I was in high school...

He's so hot... I love him.

Shut up! He wouldn't go with you, even if you were the last chick on earth.

Should I open my mouth at once?

Straightaway! No, just at the end.

My cousin opens it bit by bit.

What do you mean, bit by bit? It's not the front-door.

I think right away, but not too much, otherwise how can he do it?


Forget her, she doesn't have a clue.

Let's go.

Hi Mimma.

Hi sweetheart.

What a pity, Mimma.

A real pity.

Mother most chaste Pray for us.

Mother ever virgin Pray for us.

Mother immaculate Pray for us.

Mother worthy of love Pray for us.

What are you doing here?

She's a real red-head.

Yes. But it'll get darker after a while.

Do you say so? Yes.

Isn't the organ a bit sad for an eight year old?

She'll be ten in two weeks, on the 21st, right?

Yeah, the 21st.

She likes the organ, it's beautiful.

It's dedicated to the Madonna.

Ah, well...

I'm selling the animals.

And then I'll go away forever.


Of course.

Me too. Very much.

Don't you eat?

I've eaten.

Who was that woman in church, Mom?

She was... a lost soul, a poor thing.

She lives far from the village, she never comes here.

She was at the rodeo too.


Wash your feet well.

Between your toes too.

You always leave them filthy there. Good night.

Good night. Good night, Daddy.

Throw it away, it'll be sour by tomorrow.

I'll bring it to work.

She came to church today.

She was looking for her.

You think she wants something?

She says she got a ticket for the mainland.

But she asked me to take the child to her place.

Just once.

That's alright, take her.

All these years living nearby, if she wanted something she'd have said.

Wait, sweetheart.

Close the door.


Whore! You're just a whore.

I know it's not your fault.

I forgive you, but I can't take care of you and your bastards.

You know that? You're a whore.

Go away! You have to leave!


You're here.

Hello Vittoria, I'm Angelica.

What? Why is she looking at me like that?

Say hello!

She was supposed to mate with Savino's dog.

For 15 euros a puppy.

Instead she got herself knocked up by a stray runt. Get it?

You should've seen how happy she looked when I found her.

I can't keep her anymore. Get it?

I've got to leave!

Do you want to keep this? Put it in the small box.

This one? Yeah.

And these too.

Don't touch the owl, it's sacred.

Hey, she's getting close to the horses. Vittoria?

She's obedient.


Come on!

The last one!

Good girl.

My love.


Give me some cashew nuts.

But what are cashew nuts?

Crippled peanuts?


The teacher called me monkey.

So, I was the monkey.

After that, everybody called me monkey.

Mom, tell it to the teacher. the tomb, there are a lot of pieces.

If we could reach the deepest tomb...

The hole is too narrow. But it's full of stuff.

The hole is too narrow! We can make big money.

We must go there. How much money?

More than 28,733 euros?

Much more!

Only someone as thin as a twig could get in.

Only a twig. Nicola...

What are cashew nuts?

Cashew nuts!

I like you, because you say things as they are. Buy me a drink, love.

Go home. You've had enough. But I haven't paid.

You know I'm leaving soon.

I'm leaving the house, I'm leaving everything.

Think only of me for a moment, you won't see me anymore.

Love me.

Buy me a drink.

The last one, then you go! Giacomino!

Nicola is paying for me.

Ah, Nicola's ass...

Shall we talk about it?


Dog, come on dog!

My little whore, you're back!

Oh, my little whore.

I'm sorry.

You want a popsicle?

You want one?

I called the dog Luciana, like my mother.

She was a bitch like all mothers.

It hurts!

What should I do, madam?

Can't you see I'm bleeding to death? Put water in!

You're not so smart, right?

I like ''madam''.

Hurry up.

Don't you have titties yet?

Come on, help me.

Clean that.

What small hands you've got.

How tall are you? I don't know.

One meter thirty-four last time.

And how much do you weigh? Twenty-five kilos.

You're... a twig.

Do you ever run?

You look like one of those dolls on English biscuits boxes, those butter biscuits they sell at rich people's supermarkets.

Do you like those biscuits?

Mom says to wash between the toes

'cause the dirt goes all there.

Dirt goes everywhere and we can't help it.

If you come back, I'll take you to a place you've never seen.

It was beautiful and unexpected.

When I invited you to the sea I didn't think my dream would come true.

I've always loved you. And it doesn't matter if we have to lie.

My love...

I want to go back where it all began. Without fear.


What's wrong?

I can't go down. I'm afraid of the void.

What does it mean "I'm afraid of the void"?

Can't you see, there's nothing in the void, it can't scare you.

Come on.

You go back alone.




What's wrong?

Did anything happen? Are you all right?

I'm so happy to see you.

Me too, my great love.

Do you want Mom to make you meatballs? Aren't you tired?

It's not a big deal, you can help me.

They'll be ready in no time.

Dad isn't home?

Were you there when I was born, Daddy?

No, sweetheart.

We gave each other a kiss And it still sticks!

Hands off this love!

It's always an adventure to come back to you I'm not afraid, I'm the king of porn

A king without a crown, but with a load of neurosis A king who'll slap you if you turn me down

So don't be afraid and leave

For if you stay, worse for us

Making love one more time

Would be like not doing it Hands off... this love!

Did you go to Supramonte?


Did you go to Supramonte?

I thought you didn't like the mountains. I don't.

I've never been to Supramonte.

I'm even afraid of it.


I was sure I saw Vittoria a few days ago.


I thought you were behind her.

Actually, you were working!


It wasn't Vittoria. I'm sure it was her.

There aren't many with that hair.

It was Vittoria.

Now you're a beautiful female.

Hold them tight.

Do you know what happens to a lame horse? -No.

It gets shot in the head.

If they go lame, it's your fault and I'll shoot you.

I'm joking, I don't even have a shotgun.

Is Tina happy you're coming over?

A bit. Yes?

What did she say?

She didn't say anything.


Mom! Vittoria?

She left a note, she went out with Marcella.

With Marcella?

How cute...

She even drew me a heart.

She went out the other day too.

Why didn't you tell me, Mom?

Come on, my little horses!

What are you doing with my horses?

What am I doing?

You sold them well, right?

Here you go.

Take this.

What the fuck...

The dead rest, the living trouble themselves instead of resting.

Bye, love.

Get in.

Come on, let's go.

Where the fuck are you going?

You owe me two-hundred euros! I'll pay you back.

Two-hundred euros.


Now I owe that asshole two-hundred "euros".

These are my horses, asshole!

And that's my house, assholes, right?

Yes, assholes! Oh!

You shouldn't swear.

I can't even look at you!

You owe me 200 euros, sweetie. Got me?

What is it?

Let me see if you've got angel's skin?

I don't.

You shouldn't tell lies.

Get up.

I'll do it on my own.

Take those off, they're worn by... They look good on me, I'm beautiful.

Did granny give them to you today? Yes.

Buy me a drink, you promised.

Still trying?

You never feel ashamed?

Thanks a lot.

He's my boyfriend, he's joking.

Just joking, right?

Tina... Tina's here!

First they never want to kiss you, then they suck you as strong as a mule as if they wanted to swallow you.

That's what love is, isn't it?

Giacomino, give me a shot of myrtle.

My friend's paying.

She's paying.


Giacomino doesn't like to talk.

He likes other things though. Right, Giacomino?

But he always cries after, because of his wife.

Maybe that's why he can't love me.

We could've been happy together, right?

Giacomino's had a wife for 16 years!

I've got nothing against his wife.

Has she got something against me?

She's the wife!

We should be friends since we want the same thing.

You can't see Vittoria anymore.

Why can't I see her anymore?

Because we had an agreement.

We also agreed you'd always help me.

I've always helped you.

But they're taking away my home.

You know there's nothing I can do.

Vittoria's mine.

Because I gave her to you.

That's right.

That's right, you gave her to me.

It was the right thing, for everyone.

You know.

It's better like this.

You've never wanted her, never.

You've never wanted her.

She came on her own.

She came to look for me.

She said you knew.

And she also came back.

She came back because she likes being with me.



Buy me another shot? Yes.

She's paying for another.

When's your ticket for?


Listen to me...

Listen to me.


Go to a beautiful, different place, a fun place.

You know what you have to do?

What did I tell you?

I have to sell the animals.

Yes, sell them all!

Make some money before you go.

Umberto and I will always help you.


You see, I love you.


You love me. Yes.

Do you want me to take you home?

I don't have a home anymore.

They're taking it away.

I owe them 28,733 euros. I know.

I know.

I don't want to leave.

I don't want to leave.

What would you leave behind?

I'm leaving, I am.

I'll leave.

A new life...

A new life, right?


Let's toast to a new life!


Make these weeks pass.

Bring everything back as it was before.

Bring everything back as it was before.

Go on. Mom is watching.

Hi, Tina! Good morning!

It's so hot!


Are you sleeping?

Is this how you guard? Come on, we're fishing. Quick!

Show Angelica how to do it!

Come on, it's late!

Come on! Faster!

Hurry up, please!

Are you working here now?

I'm doing a few days for Savino.

I don't want to sell my little horses.

You said you were leaving.

Why aren't you nice to me?

You promised you'd always be nice. I am nice.

Maybe I found a way to keep the house.


If she stirs at night, I feel it.

For nine years I've felt every cough, every flu, every drop of sweat... of my daughter.

She knows I'm always there for her. If she turns over, I'm there.

It's what she needs.

It heals her.

I beg you!

Why do you have to heal her?

Is she sick?

You're afraid she's like me.

Tina, you know that if she wanted to, she could...

Everything's changed now.

Don't you understand?

I shouldn't have taken Vittoria to her. Never!

It's your fault.

You can't keep her locked up.

Why didn't you tell me she works for Savino now?

Are you happy?

Say you're happy.

So I'll start sleeping with you again.

You could never accept what's between us.

It's not true. I love Vittoria.

You wanted a boy who looked like you.

With those ugly ears, that crooked nose.

What did your father use to say? "She isn't one of yours."

I never said that.

I love Vittoria.

Did you want to punish me?

You wanted to punish me.

Why don't you let me closer?

You keep me hanging on like a dog wagging its tail.

While you two keep hugging and talking.

Is she my daughter or not?

The kid is suffering.

I think she has the right to know her mother.

You tore my heart out and gave it to that bitch.

It isn't true, my love.

We have to give her something.


We have two-thousand euros and the money for Vittoria.

You can sell something. No.

Why not? Why?

We're not paying for Vittoria anymore.

Doesn't it die on the ground? Does it look like it's dying? Help me!

Did you see?

The smaller ones are males.

This is a female.

And it's really swollen.

When it's ready to spawn, it changes.

It turns black on top with a silver belly.

At night the females, the swollen ones, come out of the water.

They slide down to the sea and swim for days and days to that big sea in front of America.

The Atlantic Ocean?

Who are you?

Good morning. I caught an eel all on my own.

Good girl. And who gave you permission?

Angelica. But I'll give her 10 euros.

Whose daughter are you? She's Umberto and Tina's daughter.

Ah, right.

And what are you doing with Piras' daughter?

Go, you'll be late, go!

She looks like you.

Listen, I'm sorry for the eel.

Angelica says they give birth far away in the ocean and the babies return to the place where the mothers came from.

Is it true?


Will it also leave soon and die?

I think so, it's swollen.

Why does it have to go that far?

Why not stay here with the babies?

Doesn't it want to see them?

They say man is complicated and nature is simple.

But sometimes nature is complicated too.

I knew it would end.

But you can't leave me this way. You can't!

I only dream about our kisses.

But I have to go now. Forgive me!

The ticket... the money.


Take it. The ticket is there too.

Aren't you coming to pay me off?

Tell Vittoria you wanted to pay me off.

Tell her!

Tell her she wants to pay me off.

Did you tell her that it's all the money we have?

That we'll send her more when we can. Did you tell her?

As long as she doesn't see Vittoria anymore.

She only wanted two-hundred euros. Did you tell her...

There's nothing to say.

She's different.

Let's go away, let's leave.

We'll leave.

Where do you want to go?

She can always prove she's her mother.

Come, hold on to me.

You have to breathe inside.

Not with the nose, but inside, understand?

Breathe inside.

Did you breathe like I told you?

Yes, inside.

Good girl.

Don't be afraid when there is less air.

Usually the most beautiful things are near the dead.

But you shouldn't wake the dead. Why not?

Maybe they like a little company.

It's just bones, don't be afraid.

Everything goes round and everything returns to how it was.


You see there?

Down there in the back.

That's where they found the statuette of that fat woman.

It's this big, but it's worth a lot of money.

You're my mother, aren't you?

More or less.

Did you leave me because I was ugly and stupid?


But you're getting better.

Can I ask you a question?

An easy one.

How do you hold your mouth when you kiss?

Listen, I don't know why I left you.

Who knows?

I was just back in town after years.

I was really pregnant.

I was late to my mother's funeral.

Tina got there while I was about to give birth.

I'd have died if it wasn't for her.

And she helped you into this world.

You were, you were something, you were so very small and dirty.

Everyone says I'm no good at anything.

But Tina took you and cleaned you.

All those things.

It was clear she wanted you very much.

You can do so many things. She's a liar. No!



Don't say that about Tina.

You're a liar as well.

You said she was happy you were coming but I know it's not true.

She's good.


Give me a drink.

It's not good for you.

Give it to me.

Just this one, ok?

That's enough...

Did you tell her?

You told her!

You don't understand.

She doesn't look at me in the same way.

I used to hold her so tightly at night.

I sniffed her little feet.

Nothing could ever happen to her.

Now I can't hug her anymore.

Why? Why did you do this to me?

Why did you do this to me?




She could've been better than the two of us.


She's the one who said it.

I hate you.

I hate you.

Do you hear me?

Did you bring the money?

What day is today?

What? I said, what day is today?

The 20th.

Yeah, right. The 20th.


Look at her.

A drunkard, just a poor whore.

Leave her alone! Vittoria! Don't touch her!

Take the kid away.


Calm down, stop it. Go away.

Are you hurt?

You're crazy! Fuck!


Let's go home.

I'm not coming with you.

Why did you bring her here? You bought me.

You don't care about me or about what I want.

You hate me because I'm not like you, you don't like me.

I don't hate you. I...

Don't touch me. I love you so much.

And don't touch her either! Liar!

You're the most important thing. Come with me. Come!

Go away!

Go away!

Did he hurt you?

Swear. I swear.

Your knees?

He isn't bad.

He was excited because he wanted me so much.

He's... my fiancé.

And you... sent him away.

I'm here now. Let's go home, Mom.


Move away, I stink.

Sorry if I made you make a mistake.

We have to eat breakfast and all.

I don't have a lot at home, I almost never have breakfast.

I have this, it's good, it tastes of orange.

Look, it bubbles.

Go sit there.

Don't you want this?

It's good.

That's enough, thanks.

Don't you like beans? Very much, thank you.

I do too.

Enjoy your meal. Enjoy.

What a belly! When are your puppies coming out?

Luciana, get out!

Luciana! Get out.

Come on, Lucianina.

Look at this, Luciana.

Come Luciana, let's play.

Luciana, look at the stick!

Look at this, Luciana.

Lucianina, come on, let's play.

May I call Mom?

Yes... Sure.

Stay there.

Go away!


Mom... Vittoria! Have you eaten?

Yes, I have eaten.

May I call you Mom?

My love!

Did you watch "Hurricane of Love"?

No, we'll watch it together when you come back.

Everything's ready here.

Your friends will all be here soon for you.

Nobody will come.

Sure they will. They're all coming.


I have to go now. Bye. Love...

Where is Vittoria? She'll be right here.

She turns ten?

Yes, don't you know that?

A little higher.

I don't think she'll show up!

I tied the horses as you asked.

Let's go.

Where are we going? Shut up.

Are you all right? I told you to shut up.

My head's bursting.


Here it is.

What's in there?

I don't know. A treasure, they say.

Do we have to go in?

You're going in.

I can't get through, it's too narrow.

I taught you everything you need.

Zero fear of void. Hold your breath, breathe inside.

Then push and you'll get out again.


Has anybody ever gone in? No.



What's the matter?

What's the matter? What did you expect?


This is what I am. You shouldn't have expected anything from me!

I'm like the earth when it rains, the closer you get the more you sink.

I need money. I've got nothing, I've got nobody.

I can't lose the house as well.

I wanted to sell the horses but you made that face, so nothing...

What now? Shit, it's your fault! Get it?

Go, go away! Go away!

Go! Tina's right.

I never wanted you, never! You can't do anything, you can only cry!

Cry, little Madonna, cry!

You're ugly, stupid, useless!

Go! I hate you and I curse you!

I curse you all! Liars!


You're useless!

You useless kid!

You can't even go into a hole!

I don't have your money. Let me go!

You all make me sick, you and your shitty money!

Stop it now.

What are you doing?

No, no... If you don't pay me, they're mine.

No, they're... They are mine!

They are Vittoria's horses, don't touch them.

I said don't touch them! Stop it!

She loves them.

Stop it!

What happened? Vittoria!

What happened? Where is Vittoria?

What happened? Where is she?

I asked her to go into the hole... A hole?

At the necropolis.


Excuse me!

Have you seen a girl?

A little girl with red hair?

My daughter Vittoria is in danger.

Are you all right?

I went all the way down the deepest hole.


You did great. You're always the best for me.

Happy birthday.

You've really grown up. Sweetheart.

Here we are.

It hurts.


Did you really get in? Yes.

I also got out, but there was nothing down there.

Come here.

It's water.

It burns. It's water.

Let's go!

Let's go!