Final Destination 2 (2003) Script

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary since Velez Sir Flight 180 exploded and crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK airport.

It's a disaster that's affected many.

None more so than Mt. Abraham High School, which lost 40 students and four faculty members in the crash.

But it was the events after the crash that has turned this tragic story into something even stranger.

The survivors who managed to get off the plane before it crashed died soon thereafter in a series of mysterious and bizarre accidents.

Now, to some, these deaths are just tragic coincidences, but to others, they're an indication that there are more sinister events taking place.

That's the contention of tonight's guest.

Thank you for joining us this evening.

Thank you for having me.

And I appreciate you using the word sinister.

Most people say supernatural because they think I'm talking about ghosts and witches and stuff like that.

Here's your chance to set the record straight.

Great. Okay.

I believe that there's a sort of force, an unseen malevolent presence...

That's all around us every day.

And it determines when we live and die.

And some people call this force the devil, but I think that whole religious thing is-- so I prefer to call it death itself.

So I'm surrounded by death?

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Every day, everywhere, all the time.

And that's what I want people to understand-- that death has this grand design that we all fit into.

So when Alex Browning got off that plane and took the other survivors with him, he basically screwed up death's plan.

And that's what I'm trying to warn people about.

And the fact that all of the survivors have died is your evidence of this?

Well, it's not so much that the survivors died, but it's the way that they died.

I mean, there were so many weird, seemingly random things about the way they died.

It just didn't make sense.

And that's the proof there's something out there--

Wait, that's not proof. That is your interpretation of events that can't be proven in order to support your ideas.


You should be more open-minded about--

What happened after that was just coincidence.

May I finish?

Mere coincidence would have one or two of these kids die.

But not all of them including their teachers.

Yes, but people die all the time, so why should this be any different?

It forced people to question these so-called everyday coincidences.

What if they were something more?

What if you could do something about it?

Please, are you listening to yourself? This is crazy.

You're saying we should be on guard every morning when we leave the house?

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Exactly it.

And in order to survive-- the only way to survive is to look beneath the visible world.

Because in the end no one can escape death.

And today may be your day to die.

Okay, I'll call you.

Kimberly, are you sure you've got everything?

Credit card, cell phone, triple-a card?

Dad, it's Daytona, not Somalia.

All right. Fix-a-flat, road flares, sunblock, mace?

Condoms, whips, chains.

Just kidding, Mr. Corman.

Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her.

That makes me feel a lot better, thanks.

Okay. All righty.

Can we go get the guys? I'm getting horny.

Go on.

Okay, I'll call you.

Whips and chains. That's nice.

Whatever, your dad's cool.

Buckle up!

Watch it!

Oh, easy, Kimmy. First year of driving? Sorry.

- Oh my God. Fucking freak.

Yo, Dano, shouldn't we help your mom?

Good one, man. You're hilarious.

You're not getting any of my weed. Nothing.


What are we going to do in Daytona?

We're going to see lots of honeys there.

We're gonna get drunk, we're gonna smoke this big "El gagerero," we're gonna have this awesome party...

Pileup! Pileup!

A candlelight vigil to mark the one year anniversary of the crash of flight 180 will be held at 8:00 P.M. tonight at the Mt. Abraham High School auditorium.

♪ Highway to hell...

Oh my God.

- Hello? Hey, Kimberly, it's dad.

Hey, what's up?

Listen, your car's leaking transmission fluid.

So I want you to get it checked right away.

Okay, yeah.

I'll do that.

I mean it. Take care of it.

- Is that someone coughing? Yeah, okay.

I'll take care of it. I'll talk to you later.

- I love you. Bye, honey.

What did you do? Look at those titties!

Shut up. You missed that?!

That's too bad. That's too bad.

Oh, shit!

Fuck man, there's a fucking cop behind us!

Pull in the right Lane now!


Seriously, put it out.

Put that thing out. All right.

Wait, wait, wait!

Get rid of it. Shit.

Hey, it's Kat.

Listen-- what the hell?!

Just wait. Not you.

I think we better pull over and check the car, because--

Kimberly, the car is going to be fine.

Your dad's going to be fine, you're going to be fine.


Look at that guy.

He's drinking a beer.

Oh, yeah, that's real responsible.

You ever hear of the ozone layer, asshole?!

♪ When it comes to this drug shit I was made to play ♪

♪ don't come around if you ain't got no cocaine to bring... ♪

what? I'm wearing my seatbelt.

You're gonna bust me, bitch?!


Son of a...



Oh my God! Watch out!

Stop! Oh my God!

Watch out! Aaah!


I can't get out of here!

Help me!

Oh, easy, Kimmy. First year of driving?

Yo, Dano, shouldn't we help your mom?

Good one, man. You're hilarious.

Pileup! Pileup!

Oh my God. What?

There's going to be a huge accident.

We're all gonna die! I just saw it.

That's it. My turn to drive.

No, I'm serious. Kim, what's wrong?

What are you doing? Oh my God.

...Of flight 180 will be held at 8:00 P.M. tonight at the Mt. Abraham High School auditorium.

"Highway to hell." "Highway to hell..."

"Highway to hell"?

♪ I'm on a highway to hell... ♪ okay, Kimberly, you're scaring me.

- Green means go, Kimmy. Yeah.

Are you out of your mind? What the hell are you doing?

What the fuck, Kimberly?

What's this?

Kimberly, you just got to breathe.

Oh, shit, shit. Five-o is coming.

Let's fucking roll. What?

Oh my God.

Do you know how much fucking weed I have on me?

Huh? Dano, just shut up!

Just stay cool.

Oh, fuck. I'm going to jail. I'm fucking going to jail.

What's going on here?

I think there's going to be a huge pileup.

I saw it.

There were bodies everywhere.

There were logs-- I saw it.

It just happened.

All right, miss, I'd like you to please step out of the vehicle.

Just pull over!

I know, mommy's hungry, too.

Come on.

Come on!

Oh, fuck this.

I'm going to get this and we're going to go.


What the hell is going on up there?

Excuse me!

Is there any way that we could drive around?

I have a delivery--

You need to get back into your vehicles.

Just move it-- now!

That's it!

That's the truck that's going to kill everybody.

You need to stop that truck!

I told you again, you have to calm down!

- Why won't you listen to me?!

Fuck! Oh my God.

This is unit 13 requesting medical assistance and backup for a major traffic accident...

Kimberly, what's going on?


Listen, sir, this girl is really freaked out.

In fact, all of them are scared as you can imagine.


These people are the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet.

Get this guy, Evan Lewis-- yesterday the kid wins the lotto.

Today, some loony bitch blocks traffic and he avoids the worst pileup in years.

I should be so damn "unlucky."

Go babysit the rest of them.

I'll be done with Lewis in a minute.

Hey, excuse me--

We're trying to do the best we can.

We're going to get you out of here as soon as possible.

I just think it's a bunch of bullshit.

Listen, I know you've gone over all this with detective Suby...

But would you mind telling me what happened?

It was like I was there.

I knew something bad was going to happen even before it did.

I just felt wrong, just like...

Just like what?

Look, I know this sounds crazy but...

You guys all heard about flight 180, right?

The kid who got off the plane?

Well, it happened a year ago, today.

My premonition was just like his.

- What are you talking about? Come on.

You must have read about the kid who had a dream about a plane blowing up, so he got all his buddies off the plane and then the thing blew up just like in his dream?

Yeah. But did you hear what happened after?

So a month goes by, right?

Everything seems cool.

But then all the survivors start to die one-by-one.

'Cause when your number's up, your number's up, right?

You know, some people even say that death itself was stalking them, hunting each one down until they were all... Dead.


There was one survivor.

Clear Rivers is in a padded room at the Stonybrook Institution.

Well, that's encouraging.

Okay, you want me to believe this is true, that this is happening all over again?

I don't know why we're even here.

What do you want from me?

But if I was never meant to pull over, we all should have died in that pileup.

Which means death could be coming for us.

Yeah, like...

What if we're all getting that "different strokes" curse or something?

I think you're all are certifiable.

I can't believe I've been listening to this crap.

Let's go. Let's go, Tim.

Mrs. Carpenter, please.


Oh baby!

Are you okay? I'm so sorry.

Shh, shh.

You can all go now. Thank you for your patience.

Could I ask you something?


Did mom ever have any...

I don't know, weird feelings about anything?

What do you mean?

Like visions or premonitions.

Sweetie, are you sure you're okay?

Dad, I know this sounds crazy, but I'm really scared for the others.

I don't know, I have this really bad feeling.


It's not over yet.

Jesus Christ!


Hey, Evan, it's Tawny.

Sorry I haven't called.

Hey, listen, I heard about your lottery win.

Let's hook up. Call me.


Hi, Evan, it's Nikki.

We met at Tucker's party last year?

I know it's been awhile, but I've been thinking about you.

I just wanted to say congratulations.

- So give me a call.

555-0123. Bye.

You little bastard.


Come on. Come on.

Fuck. Fuck.

Come on!

Come on.




Hey, this is Evan. Leave a message.

If you're looking for Rick, I don't know where he is, and I don't know when he's coming back. Thanks.

Evan, call me when you get in, you lucky fuck!

Come on! Come on! Come on!



Come on.


Shit, I'm lucky.


Jesus Christ!

No, mother, just turn on any station.

Well, I don't know how you missed it, it's been on all day.

Yes, mother, channel 4 is fine.

Okay-- here it is! I got to go, okay?

I got to go!

To recap our top story, route 23 was backed up for almost nine hours today.

A record-breaking pileup killed an estimated 18 people.

Emergency crews spent hours sifting through the wreckage hoping to recover any survivors from this tragic collision.

So far police are refusing to release the names of the victims until the families are notified.

The camera of a highway patrol car managed to catch this shocking footage.

- A semi comes... Oh my God.

And smashes into a red SUV.

- The driver of the SUV... No, um...

Leave it.

...may have saved her life.

He pulled her back at the last second just as the semi plowed into the vehicle.

The passengers inside the SUV...

Oh, oh, oh! You guys see that?! Shit, I was there, baby!

In other news, a freak accident took the life of a lotto winner.

- Friends say Evan Lewis... Hey, shh.

Was on top of the world after recently winning $250,000.

But in tragic turn of events, Lewis died today while trying to escape a fire in his apartment.

He managed to make it out of the building, but somehow the ladder on the fire escape slipped and impaled him.

Investigators believe Lewis died instantly.

Come in.

Hey, buddy.

I want you to take this so you can get some sleep.

And then tomorrow it's off to the dentist, which I know you love.

Now, get some rest.

Mom. Yeah?

You think those guys were bsing us today?


Some people just need some rewiring, that's all.

Lights out.

At the request of the patient, you'll relinquish any sharp objects such as: Nail files, pencils, pens, safety pins, bobby pins, your necklace, matches, lighters, belts, belt buckles, earrings, hair clips, glasses, shoelaces, paper clips, watches, money clip, pocket knives, food, drinks, keys, cell phone-- you have a cell phone on you?

--poisons, pills, medications.

Great. And let me see your nails.

Good. Then I think we're all done.


Is she dangerous or something?

No, honey, she expects you are.

Get him off me. Get him off me!

How long are they gonna keep her locked up like this?

Depends on her, I guess. She's voluntary.

Clear Rivers? Don't come any closer.

They told me you had something to do with the crash on route 23.

Look, I don't know how to explain it, but I saw the pileup before it happened.

And I saved some people.

And now you think death is after you.

Nice work.

Maybe if you're real lucky, you'll wind up in here with me.

Anything else?

One of the people died in a freak accident last night.

What if the other people are in danger, too?

If you put them on the list, they're already dead.

List? What list?

Death's list.

The survivors of flight 180 died in the exact order they were originally meant to die in the plane crash.

That was death's original design.

The list.

I was supposed to die in that crash with my friends.

So you're telling me that I'm next?

You said someone else died last night.

That means someone must have intervened.

Officer Burke pulled me away from the crash that killed my friends.


You'll be the last to go.

But don't worry, once the others are dead, it'll come back for you.

It always does.

This doesn't make sense.

You said that you die in the order you're originally meant to.

But my friends died last in my premonition, not first.


Dead last?


Are you sure?

In my premonition that Nora woman and her kid died.

Then Evan, then me and my friends.

Why is this even happening to me?

That's what Alex used to ask himself.

So, what am I supposed to do?


Watch out for the signs.


Have you ever seen anything creepy or ominous?

An in-your-face irony kind of thing?

The songs on the radio.

Yeah, the guy in the beer truck, everything on the road.

Well, don't ignore it.

Recognizing those signs usually means the difference between life and death.

You got to help me.

I don't have to do anything.

But you beat it.

Take a look around.

What did I beat, Kimberly?

If you were smart, you'd save yourself and just forget about the others.

How can you say that? You have a responsibility.

My friends are dead.

That's how I can say that.

This is what happened to Alex when I was responsible for him.

Get out.

Before you hurt me or yourself.

All right, you know what? What?

I think you're a coward.

You hide out in here because you're too damn bitter and selfish to help any other person.

In my opinion, you're already dead.

I tried calling you last night, but your father said you were sleeping.

Evan Lewis is dead. Yeah.

I've been getting calls all morning from everyone who was on the on-ramp.

We're meeting tonight at my apartment.

Wait, so... You believe all this death stuff?

Well, at first, no, I didn't.

Until last year when I was dispatched to clean up one of the flight 180 survivors.

Clean up, I don't--

did you see that? See what?

Pigeons. Pigeons?

It's a sign. A sign of what?

If Clear's right about the order, then Nora and Tim are going to be attacked by pigeons.

I'm not following you.

They're next on death's list.

If we don't find them, they're going to die.

The doctor's ready for you, now.

If he gives me the gas and I wake up with my pants unbuttoned...

We ain't paying. Tim.

There you are.

What happened to you yesterday, Tim?

We missed you in here.

We got hung up by that accident on route 23.

Good lord. How lucky that you're okay.

Your mom says you've been having some pain lately.

Not really.

I'm a bit disappointed, Tim.

Does your mom know you've been smoking?



Yeah, that one's going to have to be filled.

Damn those pigeons.

How many times am I going to have to replace those goddamn windows?

We can't do it, boss, we can't do it!

This will only sting for a moment.

Open big.

Little bit wider.



Oh God.

How do they expect me to...

Would you rather just have the laughing gas?

Yeah. Okay.

Jean, I'm going to need you in here.

You're have to speak up, there's too much noise.

What?! I can't hear you!

Excuse me, what?!

Yes, the sixth at 2:00 P.M.

Jean! Let me get this started.

Tim, you'll be awake and a little groggy, but you're not going to be able to move much.

Okay, great, thanks. All right, turn around.

The cleaning lady said they're at the Ellis Medical Complex off of 14th.

Goddamn it anyway.

Okay, I got it. I can't find a box!

Not again. Careful.

There we go.

Jean, how is Tim doing in there?

What did he say about your tooth?

Did he say-- I can't remember.

Nora! The pigeons!

What? Pigeons?

Hey, whoa, whoa! Kid, kid!

No-oo! Tim!

Look out!

Stay back, stay back! No! Please, no!

Nora's not coming. She won't leave her son.

No, but she's next-- Right now I don't think she cares.

This is really happening again, isn't it?

I hoped we'd get there and they'd be fine, and Clear Rivers was just full of shit, and Evan Lewis' death was just some freak accident.

But we're all going to die, aren't we?

I'm so scared.

I know you didn't ask for any of this...

But I don't think you have it in you to quit either.

A second one just died.

A 15-year-old kid.

I hope you're ready for this.

It's this way.

How is this guy going to help us anyway?

He seemed to know a hell of a lot more about death than he ever told us.

Shouldn't we knock first?

He probably already knows we're coming.

Hello, Clear.

I've been expecting you.

Oh my God.

That's Evan Lewis. Come to pick my brain?

Just a simple question and we'll leave you alone with your new friend.


Yet still fresh.

Look, we drove a long way to get here, so if you happen to know how to stop death, it would be really great if you told us.

You can't cheat death.

There are no escapes. Bullshit.

You told me death has a distinct design.

But Alex and I cheated death, not once but dozens of times.

The design is flawed, it can be beaten.

Such fire in you now.

People are always most alive just before they die.

Don't you think?

Look, please...

If you know of anything that could help us, what harm could it do?

Only new life can defeat death.

What the hell does that mean?

Some people say there's a balance to everything.

For every life there's a death, and for every death there is a life.

But the introduction of life that was not meant to be, that can invalidate the list, force death to start anew.

You have to follow the signs...


How do you know my name?

- Whoa! Wait a second.

"New life defeats death"? "Follow the signs"?

Where did you find that guy?

I thought he was supposed to help us, not freak us out.

What the fuck are you thinking?!

I'm thinking suck on my junk, bee-atch.

Little punk.

What is it?

- What did you see?

You have to tell us, what did you see?

Kimberly, look at me! You have to tell us.

What did you see?!

I was driving a white van.

I don't know, I must have lost control, because I crashed into a lake.

And I drowned. You were there?

I can practically taste the water in my mouth.

Wait, remember, the on-ramp?

There was a pregnant woman in a white delivery van.

He said only new life can defeat death.

If she gives birth to a baby that would've died in that car crash-- a brand new soul that was never part of death's design-- it throws the whole list out of whack and we start over with a clean slate.

It seems like a bit of a reach, don't you think?

What else could it mean?

We have to find the pregnant lady's number.

I don't have it. She never came to the station.

We have to find her and warn her about the lake so she can stay alive to have the baby.

That'll be an easy conversation to have. How are we gonna find her?

There could be thousands of white vans in the state. - Hey!

I'm a cop, remember?

Wait, that's it.

Got it.

With the plate number I can put out an apb.

Here we go.

The vehicle is a delivery van registered to Marcus and Isabella Hudson.

We should pick them up pretty quickly.

Come on, let's get to the meeting.

Hey, hold the door!

Hey, let go of my shoe!

Give me my shoe!

I wrote to management two weeks ago about these friggin' bumpers.

Is that dogshit, dude?


Oh, you got something on your...

It's still there, bro'. Here, I can get it for you.

No, it's all right.

I'll do it if you want me to do it.

Just let-- I'll-- let me do it.


Hey, man, how you doing?

Listen, any word on that white van yet?

Okay, keep checking.

Does anybody have a valium?

Oh, yeah.


You're just going to want to take half of that.

Keep 'em coming.

If what you're saying is true, that means I'm next.

This is crazy, people, come on.

First death is stalking us, and now premonitions? What?

You're not next, Nora.

Nobody has to be next. That's the point.

We need to help each other in order to get through this.

This cannot be happening.

See, because my career is at a peak and I finally met a quality guy.

I just bought a house.

Maybe if you shut the fuck up, you'll live.

Like I'm going to take advice from you.

Okay, look, if you know what to look for, you have a fighting chance.

If I call and say, I don't know-- subway-- get to a high-rise fast.

A place where no subway could ever possibly go.

Get it?

Okay, you guys, listen-- just because Kimberly has these visions, it doesn't mean we're not all capable of seeing signs to some extent.

Okay, okay, look.

I gotta call bullshit.

I mean, I've sat here and listened to all your theories and all your stories, and I think it's just all bullshit.

Call it what you want!

It'll keep your ass alive. Darlin', my ass is alive!

Has been all day.

There is nobody after us but you, trying to make us all crazy.

I should have seen that coming.


If death is out to get you, why don't you get the hell away from us?

She's the only one that's dealt with this before.

We need to look out for each other from now on.

Sleep in shifts.

We need to safe-proof this deathtrap.

Get you to step out of the van, miss?

Are you kidding me?

- What did I do? This vehicle's been reported stolen.


Screw this. I'm going for a smoke.

No, no, no, it's not safe out there.

So, Nora's got to bite it before me anyhow, huh?

Oh, you people have no sense of humor.

Nora, you okay?

Four years ago my husband died.

Now Tim. There's nothing left for me.

Don't say that, okay?

If it is my time to go and be in heaven...

With my family, I can accept that.

You got to trust me. We can fight this.

If we just stick together long enough for her to have her baby-- if you'll excuse me, I have a funeral to plan.


What do you think you're doing?

I'm finished. I'm out. Don't leave, Eugene.

Look, look.

I control my life, all right?

Not some crazy list death has put together.

I'll be sure to carve that into your tombstone.

Whatever. You may be able to scare these people, - but I'm not buying that shit. Be careful, man.

Hey. What?

Even if you don't believe, give this to Nora.

I'm just going to put this in the...




Man with hooks?

Man with hooks.

Hey, I think I see a man with hooks.

Is that...

- A sign? Oh my God.

Do you guys see that? He's right.

The phone. Shit.

Hello? Nora!

Who is this? Can you hear me?!

Officer Burke, I can't--

I can't hear you! What?!

What does he-- what?!

A man with hooks is going to kill you.

- What, what? Oh...

What is it, Nora?


Wait, wait! Let go!

Wait, wait, Nora!

Get me out of here! Will you stop it?!

Let me help!

Let me go!

Let go of me!


Help me!

Wait! I don't want to die!


I got it, thanks. They found the van.

Isabella's being held at the Greenwood Lake Sheriff's station.

I'm in control of my life!

Kiss my ass! Eugene, what is it?

I control my life! What happened, Eugene?

- You hear me, you reaper cocksucker?! Calm down.

What happened? Where's Nora? Back the fuck up!

Whoa, whoa, okay! Back the fuck up!

Eugene, what's wrong? Just tell us what happened.

All right, give me the gun, Eugene.

Give me the gun. No! Fuck no!

Eugene, you just got to relax, bro', okay?

You just got to calm down, man.

Give me the gun. Give me the gun, Eugene!

No, no, no, no! Don't do it! Don't do it!

I ain't going out like that. Hey, Eugene, no!

On my terms! Oh my God!

You hear me!

- God!


You don't keep it loaded?

Maybe they're all duds. Six in a row?

Never. That's impossible.

It wasn't his turn to die.

Can we find the pregnant woman, now, please?

Is this safe, guys?

I mean, someone in this car is about to get whacked.

Do the rest of us really feel like sitting next to him?

Or her?

Hopefully her.

Okay, guys, let's not panic.

Isabella's safe. How do you know?

You said she was going to drive into a lake.

How can she if she's in protective custody?

Look at me.

Come on.

Does it look like I'm in the condition to commit grand theft auto? This is insane.

Look, hopefully the district judge will have it all sorted out by Monday morning, okay?


Marcus, Marcus.

When I get out of here, I am going to sue his--

Oh my God. What, what now?

My water just broke.

- What? My water, it just broke.

I'm gonna have my baby. No, not here.

No, you can't do this to me. Don't just stand there!

Get me to a hospital! Give me a second to think!

I am not going to have my baby in a jail cell!

Get me to the hospital!

Okay, okay!

Sheriff Perry, this is Deputy Adams, come back.

God, I need the car! Sheriff Perry, I need the car!

My van! My van! Take my van!

Okay. Okay.

Yeah, we'll go. We'll go.

Yeah, we'll go.

Come on, come on!

Y'all want to hear something crazy?

It's not the first time I cheated death.

A kid came to school with a knife-- killed his teacher.

Teacher would have been me, but I was transferred to another school two days before.

That's fucking weird, man.

You want weird?

Last year my partner and I were heading out when a call came in about a train wreck.

Frank decided to let me handle it alone.

He died that night in a shootout.

If that call had come in just 10 seconds later, I'd be dead, too.

Oh my God.

I'm sorry.

It's just I got one, too.

Okay, so last may I'm supposed to go and stay at this cheesy little bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania.

Anyhow, there's this major gas leak no one knows about, and all the guests suffocated during the night.

So what happened? I don't know.

I never made it.

The bus I was on splattered some girl over the road.

Was that in Mt. Abraham?

Yes. How did you know?

That bus you were on killed Terry chaney.

She was supposed to die on flight 180.

Hey, do you guys remember that theater in Paris that collapsed last year and killed everybody inside?

Well, I had tickets to go.

But one night I'm in Paris and I'm just tripping on acid and sipping lattes and such.

And then all of a sudden this dude out of nowhere just gets whacked by this falling sign.

Carter. Wait, wait, wait.

The teacher I replaced, her name was Val Lewton.

She was from Mt. Abraham. She died in an explosion.

Shit. The call about the train wreck that saved my life...

That was the night I scraped up Billy Hitchcock.

Wait a minute. Who are these people?

The people who got off of flight 180.

They were my friends.

Kimberly, tell us what happened.

About a year ago my mom and I were at the mall.

I was supposed to meet her outside, but I got caught up watching this news report about some kid that committed suicide.

I kept thinking, "how can you strangle yourself in the bathtub?

That's stupid."

It felt wrong.

And yet...

I heard some gunshots and I ran outside.

Some kids were trying to steal my mom's car.

She tried to fight them off, she was a fighter, and they killed her.

After the funeral I kept thinking that it should have been me.

I guess everyone must think that.

But I guess I was right.

Get there.

Could you drive a little faster maybe?!

I'm going as fast as I can. God!

When we got off flight 180, it didn't just change our lives.

It affected everyone and everything we've come into contact with since.

I'm not sure I'm understanding you.

Being alive after we were supposed to die, it caused an outward ripple.

A rift in death's design.

So if you had never gotten off the plane...

We wouldn't be alive in the first place.

Yes, that's why death is working backwards!

It's tying up all the loose ends, sealing the rift once and for all.

Oh, shit!

Jesus Christ!

Hang on! Hang on!

Is everybody all right? Oh God.

God, Eugene!

He can't breathe. Oh, my legs!

No, please.

It's not going to wait. I got to go help those people.

Do you want to deliver this baby?

Those people can help. Let's go.

Officer Adams reporting a vehicle collision off 9-a at the 180 mile-marker.

Send all emergency vehicles to the scene.

We have to go. Go! Okay, okay, okay!

Just-- okay, okay! We're going! We're going!

Easy, easy. Here, here, here.

I think he has a collapsed lung.

Everyone okay? Call an ambulance!

Stay with us.

Hey, hey you!

Hey! Come on. Help me out.

You got to get me out of here before this thing explodes or something, okay?

I think it's okay.

I don't smell any gas and nothing's dripping.

All right, get this thing off me. Just pull. Hurry.

Okay. Be careful. Ready?

Oh God, Jethro! Jesus Christ!

I got to be able to use my legs when I'm done.

I'm so-- dad!

Eugene, everything's going to be okay.

If he doesn't get a respirator, he's not going to make it!

We're going to get you to the hospital. Be careful with that!

Check the gauges on the regulator, and watch out for overdoses!

And look out for potholes and puddles. You can't come in, miss.

And watch out for power lines!

Watch it!

You trying to get yourself killed, little boy?

You got to use your head, man.


Okay, let's go.

How is she doing?

I think she's going to be okay.

Can I ask you a question? Yeah.

When I die...

Is it going to hurt?

I don't know.

You're going to die after me, right?

Yeah, I guess so.

Would you take these?

And if I die...

Will you throw out all my drugs and my paraphernalia and my porno?

You know...

Anything that's going to break my mom's heart.


Thank you.

This is Cheyenne Jacobson reporting live from the Gibbons Farm.

Sheriff Perry, officer Burke here.

I'm trying to get some information on Isabella-- she did?

Okay. Thanks. Great. Kimberly!

Isabella's at Lakeview Hospital. They're prepping her for delivery.

We got to go now. What about Kat?

I'll go talk to her.


Just find Isabella and get this thing over with, okay?

Go on, I'll be fine.

Where's Rory? I don't know.

Could you be a little quieter with that thing, please?

Yeah, sure. I'll just put it on quiet mode.

That would be good.


Oh my God!

Somebody get out there!

We have to get to the hospital now! Well, take my truck!

The keys are in it.



Kimberly. What do you see?

What are we looking for? It's not here.

This one was different.

It was like the van crashing into the lake.

I was in a hospital, there was screaming and a nurse was trying to choke me.

I couldn't see her, but I could see her name tag.

It was right in my face. Kalarjian.

I think a nurse named Kalarjian is going to try and kill Isabella.

Listen to me, Isabella! I need you to stop pushing!

What's wrong? Is my baby all right?

The cord's around the neck. This baby's in trouble.

A bizarre accident has left two people dead, one of them killed by a safety device meant to protect us.

Ironically, the woman was impaled through the head after her emergency airbag deployed.

She was trapped in her vehicle after it crashed into a field near greenwood lake.

Suddenly the airbag went off...

Isabella Hudson! What room is she in?

We may need to do a stat caesarean!

Get Dr. Kalarjian up here now!

Dr. Kalarjian, code blue. Delivery room six.

I'm just going to wait outside, 'cause I'm just really in the way here.

Don't you dare leave me! Okay, okay.

You guys, get to Isabella!

I'm going to find Eugene!

Dr. Kalarjian, code blue. Delivery room six.

Dr. Kalarjian, delivery room six. Code blue.

Dr. Kalarjian, in here, hurry!

That's her.

Wait, wait, wait!

Contractions have stopped.

Arrest in descent halfway through the birth canal.

Bad tracing, it's losing oxygen.

The cord's compressed!

Down to 40. Oh God! What's happening?!

Where's Kalarjian?!

Dr. Kalarjian!

Dr. Kalarjian! Not now, I'm busy.

Ow! Hey! Hey! Police business.

Just push a little more.

Oh, no.

Isabella, is the baby okay?

I'm sorry. You can't be here.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I need to know--

I need to know if the baby's all right!

It's a boy.

Thank you. Congratulations!

Who the hell are they?

Oh my God!

Clear. I can't find Eugene.

No, don't worry. She had the baby! It's okay.

It's over. It's okay.

- Kimberly. What did you see?

I don't think Isabella was ever supposed to die in that pileup.

Then what's the premonition of the lake supposed to be?

Try to remember.

Bloody hands. Someone with bloody hands.


Only new life defeats death. What is that supposed to mean?

You saw an ecg machine and what else?

Bloody hands. What else did you see, Kimberly?



Oh God, no!

Bloody hands.

It's me. The premonitions are about me.

What? Crash cart.

Let's go! Move it!

Dr. Kalarjian.

ECG machine.

The lake.

The white van.

What are you talking about?

Kimberly: New life.

What is it?

I know what I have to do to save us.

I have to die. No, that's crazy.

You can't give up now. We have to fight this thing.

Get Kalarjian.

Only new life can defeat death.

If it is my time to go and be in heaven...

With my family. I can accept that.

Flight 180...

I know what I have to do to save us.

There are no known survivors.

I have to die.

Ready and clear.


- Come on. Ready, clear.

She's back!

Epinephrine. Two milligrams, IV push.

I want her prepped and stabilized for ICU.

Welcome back.

They lost you for a minute there.

Hey. We did it.

Thanks to you, we cheated death.

- Would you like some wine? I think I'll stick to our beer, thanks.

All right.

This is really great, Mrs. Gibbons.

Thank you so much for inviting us.

It's our pleasure.

How are you doing, Kimberly? Good. Yeah.

I had a fun summer.

I don't know, I guess things are pretty much getting back to normal.

Brian, I think you better go check that barbecue.

Hey, careful. Those things are dangerous.

Trust me. I think I've been through closer calls.

Yeah, me too.

Dad, you should tell them about the news van thing.

What's that?

Brian was almost hit by that news van that day in the field.

And your friend Rory, he pulled him back at the last second.

Saved his life.

You never told me that, Peter.

Boy, that was lucky.