Final Destination (2000) Script


Tod and George's dad just called.

He's picking you up at 3.30 tomorrow.

The bus leaves the high school for the airport around 5.00.

How's my suitcase working out for you?

Mom, you got to leave that on.

The tag made the last flight without the plane crashing... so I figure it's got to be on or with the bag.

For luck.

Where would you get a nutball idea like that?

I'm still here.

So, seventeen, on the loose... senior trip with your friends in Paris... ten days in the springtime.

Live it up. You got your whole life ahead of you.

Hitchcock, let me give you a hand with this.

There you go.

Carter, you dick.

Schmuck. Good one.

You left this on the bus. Thanks.

Come on, let's get your stuff together.

Hey, Christa. Hi, Blake.

What are you doing? He's the man.

All right. You guys got everything?

Yeah, Dad, we're all set.

Does that mean go?

Don't know.

This is for both of you. Have a great time.

Thanks, Dad.

Both of us. Let's go.

Alex, take care of them. I will.

Didn't think anything could look worse than my yearbook photo.

How do you think I feel having to look at you?

What the fuck does he want?

The airport does not endorse solicitors.

Death is not the end.

It will be for you if you harass my students.

Hare Rama.

I have to ask you a few questions this evening.

Did you pack your bags yourself?

Have your belongings been in your possession the entire time?

Mr Browning?

Have you received any packages from persons unknown to you?

Same as your birthday. What?

September 25. 9.25.

Your birthday's the same as your departure time.

Fuck off, dude. Dick.


George, Dad said both of us. Give me some cash.

Knock it off.

You asshole.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Let's go take a shit.

Take a shit by yourself. No, dude.

Listen, OK? Take some knowledge.

We're about to board a seven-hour flight.

The toilets in coach are barely ventilated closets.

Say halfway through the flight... your body wants that aeroplane food out.

You got to go torque a wicked cable.

Then directly after you, walks in Christa or Blake.

Want them to associate you with that watery sting in their eye?

That reflexive gag at the back of their throat?

He was born In the summer Of his 27th year Comin' home John Denver.

He left yesterday behind him Died in a plane crash.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience.

At this time, we would like to begin preboarding... of Volee Air flight 180 to Paris through gate 46.

I've seen it raining fire In the sky

Anyone seen Billy Hitchcock? How did we lose him?

Go. Go.


That hurt.

That's a good sign. Younger, the better.

It'd be a fucked-up God to take down this plane.

A really fucked-up God.

Hey, Tod. Hello. How you doing?

Can you switch seats with Christa?

God, I would, but I got a bladder thing.

It's a urinary tract infection.

Let's go ask Alex.

Could you trade seats so Blake and I could sit together?

She asked Tod, but he had some medical thing.


You're so sweet. Thanks, Alex.

Thank you, Alex.

You're welcome.

You really think we'd titty-fuck them over Greenland?

Because of you, I got to watch fucking "Stuart Little".

Thank you.

Thanks, man. That's great.

Sorry I'm late.

That's my seat right there.


Hello? Ain't going that way.

May I have your attention?

To properly fasten your seat belts... slide the flat portion into the buckle.

There are six emergency exits.

Two doors in front, two over the wings... two at the rear of the aircraft.

Flight attendants, prepare for departure.

All right.


It's fine.

It's OK, honey.

Could you trade seats so Blake and I could sit together?

She asked Tod, but he had some medical thing.


What's up, dude?

Is there a problem, sir? What's your fucking problem?

This fucking plane's going to explode!

Shut up, Browning. You're so not funny.

If this is a joke... It's not a joke!

Alex, take it easy.

Sit down! It's going down!

We'll remove you if this continues.

I'll fucking remove myself!

That's my seat. This plane is going down!

Everybody in the aisle off the plane.

Just stay where you are. Sit tight.

This fucking plane is going down!

Go check him out. See how he's doing.

Get the fuck off me! Let go, jerk.

You got this? No one gets back on board.

That's my call. Wait, please!

I've got forty students going to Paris. Please.

You must understand my position.

I do, and I apologize for Alex... but one of us needs to be on that plane.

I cannot let those students go to Paris for ten days...

Sit the fuck down, Carter! Sit!

One of you can go on the flight.


They're not taking this well. One of us can get back on.

The rest can take an 11.10 flight.

I'll stay.

You know the French thing. Get on the plane.

It's fine.

Hi, I was in the bathroom, and the lock was stuck...

Wait, I didn't fight with anyone!



I called your parents. They're on their way.

Stupid Alex.

Alex, talk to me. Tell me what happened.

I saw it.

I don't know. I saw it.

I saw it on the runway, I saw it take off...

I saw out my window, I saw the ground.

And the cabin, it starts to shake.

The left side blows up and the whole plane explodes.

And it was so real, like how everything happens.

Been on a lot of planes that blew up?

You fell asleep.

We get thrown off the plane and blow a half day in Paris?

All because Browning has a bad fucking dream?

Wait! The plane, it's going to blow up!

Fuck you, Horton.

The only trip you're taking is to the fucking hospital!

Get off him! Alex, stop it!

There they go, here we stay.

You're paying for my trip.

I wish you were on that plane!

You fucking prick! Shit!

Call it in! Security!

You're looking at me as if I caused this.

I didn't cause this.

Are there any survivors?

How should I know?

You think I'm some... He's not a witch.

I'm Howard Seigel...

National Transportation and Safety Board.

We've contacted all your families.

They are on the way.

Is there anyone here who feels they might need... medical attention or spiritual counselling?

What's going on? Are there any survivors?

The cause for the explosion is still undetermined.

The Nassau County authorities are on the scene... naval search and rescue en route.

Excuse me. I'm Agent Weine.

This is Agent Schreck. We're with the FBl.

I understand how you all must be feeling... and I know it's going to be difficult... but we need to ask questions regarding today's events... while they're still fresh in your mind.

This will prove invaluable to our rescue attempts... and any potential criminal investigation.

You said, "Listen to me".

"This plane will explode on takeoff. "

How did you know that?

I got this feeling.

This weird feeling.

Did you take any sedatives before boarding?

On board, did you take any sleeping pills... narcotics, hallucinogens?

Do you take any drugs?

I saw it.

I saw it happen.

I saw the plane explode.

Did the weird feelings have anything to do... with your saying you wished Carter Horton was on it... just before it exploded?

Then why'd you say it?

I didn't really think it was going to happen.

If that's the case, Alex... why did you really get off the plane?

My brother George... he told me to go keep an eye on Alex.

And so he stayed and...

He told me to get off the plane.

Larry Murnau said I should get back on... but I told him that he should go.

I sent him back on the plane.

All right.

Nobody forced you off the plane.

You said you weren't friends with those that were... so, Clear, why did you get off the plane?

Because I saw and I heard Alex...

and I believed him.

There he is.

Thank you for the ride.

You are looking at the first piece of debris... to wash ashore from Volee Air flight 180... which erupted shortly after a 9.25 PM takeoff... from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

There are no known survivors.

Coast Guard and naval search and rescue efforts... are continuing at this moment... even as jet fuel burns on the ocean's surface.

Authorities are pessimistic about the possibility... of finding anyone alive from the ill-fated flight.

All 287 passengers are feared dead.

Amongst the travellers... a class of forty students and four teachers... from Mount Abraham High School in south-east New York... en route to Paris on a field trip.

There are reports several students... were removed from the aircraft moments before departure... however, investigators remain guarded... about the specifics of this incident.

Authorities from National Transportation and Safety... and the Federal Bureau of Investigation... have arrived at JFKto begin the initial investigation.

Eyewitnesses at the airport, as well as on Long Island... report seeing the plane explode.

No other aircraft were visibly near flight 180.

At JFK, air traffic controllers... are corroborating these eyewitness accounts.

After the explosion, debris apparently rained... into the Atlantic Ocean for several miles.

Investigators are cautious about verifying these accounts... believing they'll learn more...

Thirty-nine days have passed... since we lost our thirty-nine loved ones... friends, and teachers.

As each day passes... without a determining cause for the accident... we ask ourselves, "Why?"

"Ecclesiastes" tells us...

"Man no more knows his own time...

"than fish taken in the fatal net...

"or birds trapped in the snare.

"Like these, the children of men caught...

"when the time falls suddenly upon them. "

And so, before we can heal... before we escape the presence of death and time... we must mourn and celebrate theirs... with this memorial.

I hope you don't think because my name ain't on this wall... that I owe you anything.

I don't.

All I owe these people is to live my life to the fullest.

Why don't you stay off the J.D., then?

Don't you ever fucking tell me what to do.

I control my life, not you.

I'm never going to die.

I took my driver's test last week at the DMV.

Got a seventy.

It's the lowest score you can get, but I passed.

The thing is, when I was done with the test... you know the guy that drives with you during the test?

Anyways, he goes...

"Young man, you're going to die at a very young age. "

Is that true?

Not now, not here, not ever, Billy.

If I ask out Cynthia Paster, will she say no?


Don't talk to me. You scare the hell out of me.

I'm going up.

I don't want you to take this the wrong way.

I miss you, you know?

Yeah, I miss you, too.

But my father, he doesn't understand.

Look, when he gets over this thing... you and me, we'll road trip to the city... catch the Yanks.

We'll do that.


I better go.

This thing Ms Lewton showed me in class... they're going to let me read it.

It says what I'm feeling.

Take care, man.

Because of you, I'm still alive.

Thank you.

We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast.

But when we say this... we imagine that the hour is placed... in an obscure and distant future.

It never occurs to us that it has any connection... with the day already begun... or that death could arrive this same afternoon.

This afternoon which is so certain... and which has every hour filled in advance.

What happened?

Where's Tod?

Get out of here.

Didn't you see it? What happened?

You caused Tod so much guilt over George... he took his own life.

He wouldn't do that.

He said we'd be friends again after you got better.

Why would he make plans if he was going to kill himself?

Mr Waggner.

Almost Autumn.

It's only the end of June.

Yeah, but everything's always in transition.

If you focus, even now, just one week into summer... you can almost feel autumn coming.

I like being able to see the future.

Why were you at Tod's house last night?

I've seen enough TV to know... the FBl doesn't investigate teen suicides.

They were there last night. That means, one... they still don't have a clue what caused the crash.

Two... they haven't ruled out anything... and the fact seven people got off the plane... is probably weird enough.

Not to mention, one of those people had a vision... of the plane exploding... minutes before it actually did is highly suspicious.

And it doesn't help that the visionary's friend... just committed suicide.

Why were you there last night?

You know what this is?

This is a...

This is Springy Head Guy.

It's you. Not a likeness.

It's how you make me feel, Alex.

I'm sorry.

No. Like you, the sculpture doesn't even know... what or why it is.

It's reluctant to take form... and yet creating an absolute... but incomprehensible attraction.

In four years of high school... we haven't said one word to each other.

At that moment, on the plane, I felt what you felt.

I didn't even know where those emotions came from... until you started freaking out.

I didn't see what you saw, but I felt it.

You can still feel it, can't you?

Something from that day is still with you.

I know because I can still feel you.

That's why I was there last night.

I've never dealt with death before.

This could all be in our head.

It just feels like it's all around us.


What if Tod was just the first?

Of us.

Is that something that you're feeling?

I don't know.

I wish I could see him one last time.

Maybe I would know.

Then let's go see him.


Gives me a rush.

This place?

Doing something I'm not supposed to.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Is that him? I think.

Why did they make him up like Michael Jackson?

That's him.

Whatever it was that made him Tod is definitely gone.

Holy Christ!


You'll wake the dead.

Why'd his hand do that?


The vascular flush creates cadaveric spasms.

Look, I'm his friend...

I know who you are.

What are all those tiny marks?

Cuticle lacerations from pulling at the wire.

Pulling at the wire?

If he was pulling at the wire, he didn't kill himself.

It was an accident.

In death, there are no accidents... no coincidences, no mishaps... and no escapes.

What you have to realize is we're all just a mouse... a cat has by the tail.

Every single move we make... from the mundane to the monumental... the red light that we stop at or run... the people we have sex with or won't with us... aeroplanes that we ride or walk out of... it's all part of death's sadistic design... leading to the grave.


Does that mean if... you figure out the design, you can cheat death?

Alex, you've already done that... by walking off the plane.

Your friend's departure... shows that death has a new design for all of you.

Now you have to figure out... how and when it's coming back at you.

Play your hunch... if you think you can get away with it.

But remember... the risk of cheating the plan... of disrespecting the design... could incite a fury to terrorize even the Grim Reaper.

And you don't even want to fuck with that Mack Daddy.

OK, then. Well...

I'm sorry we broke in, and...

No harm, no foul.

I'll see you soon.

The mortician said that death has a design.

I'm talking about omens.

How do we know, that just by sitting here... by sipping this coffee or breathing the air... or even crossing the intersection... we haven't started in motion... the events that will some day lead to our death... forty years from now, ten years, tomorrow?

We don't, unless we open ourselves up... to the signs it's willing to show us.

I don't understand.

Did you see Tod die?

Did it happen again, like on the plane?

No, it didn't, but it might as well have.

This is a message from something, Clear... or someone, hinting at a design.

Total bullshit.

You can find death omens anywhere you want to.

Coffee starts with a "C" and ends with an "E".

So does "choke". We'll choke to death?

I want to hear you... but we'll go nuts if you start with this shit.

The mortician said that death has a design, right?

Now, what if you, me, Tod, Carter...

Terry, Billy, Mrs Lewton messed up that design?

For whatever reason, I saw death's plan... and we cheated it.

But what if it was our time?

What if we were not meant to get off that plane?

What if it still is our time?

If it is, then it's not finished... and we will die. Now, not later.

Unless we find the patterns and cheat it again.

After hearing you, I do believe... that Tod killed himself.

Baby, come on, not now.

Looks like we have a reunion here.

Let it go.

When are you moving? Couple weeks.

That's too bad. Carter, you dick!

Losing our favourite teacher.

Guys, there's something I need to tell you.

Lived here your whole life, and now she's gotta move...

We're in danger!

Enough! Both of you!

They died, and we lived.

Get over it.

I will not let this plane crash... be the most important thing in my life!


I'm moving on, Carter... and if you want to waste your life... beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him... then you can just drop fucking dead!

Is Alex there?

Hi, Clear. Yeah, just a minute.

It's Clear again. You want to talk to her?

Clear, he's in the shower.

Can I get him to call you back?

Sure. Bye.

She's concerned about you.

I'm concerned about you.

Why won't you talk to her?

Or to me?

Dad, you and Mom have both been a big help... but there's something I need to understand... before I can talk.

To anyone.

The National Transportation Safety Board... has a new theory tonight on the cause of the explosion... of Volee Air flight 180.

Officials believe deterioration of silicone insulation... on an electrical connector to the scavenger pump... may have leaked combustible fluids.

That's Tod's seat.

A spark beneath the coach cabin in the fuselage... may have ignited the fuel line, proceeding to the fuel pump... which would have set off the catastrophic explosion.

The path of the explosion.

First was Tod, then it was Terry.

They're dying in the order they would've died.

That's death's design.

Ms Lewton's next.

Whenever I can fall asleep, I see Terry Chaney... and in the day, out of nowhere...

I hear the sound of my own voice in my head... saying to Larry Murnau...

"No. You know the whole French thing.

"Get on the plane. "

Everything reminds me of that day.

Right. Yeah.

I'm hoping a change will help.

It's just that...

I lived here my whole life, you know?

And everywhere I looked were great memories.

And now all I see is Larry and those kids.

Just looking out my own front yard... makes me feel nothing but fear.

Laura, I'm going to have to call you back.


This is Valerie Lewton. I need Agent Schreck.

What are you doing here?

I was just... checking the air in the tyre to make sure it's safe.

Get in the car.

Put on your seat belt.

I believe that... that Ms Lewton is next.


Yeah, next, because... there's this pattern that's occurring.

Right. A pattern.

You noticed that, too?

Mom's favourite.

So what about this pattern?

Did you see it in one of your visions?

Did you catch it in some TV static?

I never asked for what happened on the plane.

You guys are going to sit there and make fun of me.

Whatever. It's fine.

But I saved six lives on that plane.

Six lives, and everybody in my entire school... thinks I'm a freak.

I'm not suffering from post-traumatic stress.

I don't have a narcissistic deity complex.

I'm not going Dahmer on you guys.

This just is.

There is a pattern for us all.

There is a pattern for you.

There is a design for everyone, and I don't know how yet... but I'm going to break this one.

You came to our attention... because you were under suspicion in this plane explosion.


I know you didn't blow up the plane.

We were ready to move on... but then the other survivors started to die.

First, your friend Tod... then Terry Chaney, while you were at the scene.

And tonight, we pick you up at Val Lewton's house.

Nobody has control over life and death... unless they are taking lives and causing death.

Can you promise me no one else is going to die?

No, I can't.

As long as I'm in here, it's out of my control.

I'm sorry.

Go ahead. Get out of here.

Thank you.

That kid gives me the creeps.

What do we do? We got nothing.

That's not what I'm talking about.

There were a couple of moments...

where I almost believed him.

Don't take this the wrong way... but sometimes you give me the creeps.

You've got to stop this. It's a stupid mug.

You're out of here.

Pretty soon you'll be gone.

You'll be gone.

All right, just stay still, OK?

Oh, God, Ms Lewton.


I don't know where he is.

He's not talking to me.


Because I didn't believe him.

If he does contact you, I think it would be... in the best interest of your safety if you called us.

Now, here's my card.

Toll-free number.

Interesting work.

Carter, you dick!

What are you doing?

Terry should be on this wall.


Why'd you want us to meet you here?

They're watching me to see if I go to Alex.

That's why you're taking me.

Why would I want to see him?

Because he knows which one of us is next.

Drive the speed limit, OK?

And don't pass on the right.

Billy, wait a minute. I'm getting a vision.

You're the next one, man.

Man, why'd you say that?

Because if you say another word, I'll fucking kill you.

He could be anywhere from here to a mile down the road... so you guys start that way and meet back in the middle.

It'll take half the time.

Do you think they're still up there?

Somehow, flight 180, are they still in flight?

Somewhere... are they safe?

When I was a kid, like six or seven...

I used to worry so much about my parents dying.

Lying awake at night, just worrying.

Most kids do, I guess.

Most kids never have it happen.

When I was ten... my dad went into a 7-Eleven for cigarettes.

He heard someone say, "Don't turn around".

On reflex, or thinking it was a friend joking, he did.

A guy blew his head off.

Life became shit after that.

My mom couldn't deal anymore.

She married this asshole who my mom with my real dad... would have crossed the street to avoid this guy.

He didn't really want a kid... so my mom didn't, either, anymore.

If that was the design for my father and family... then fuck death!

God, I have thought a lot about that somewhere.

It exists, that place... where my dad is safe.

Where he had a full pack of cigarettes and kept driving.

Where me and my mom and my dad are still together... and have no idea about this life here.

Where our friends are still in the sky.

Where everyone gets a second chance.

Alex, we can't give up.

I can't go home, because after Mrs Lewton... they're looking for me.

We're taking you to my dad's cabin.

It's a couple of miles from my house.

Browning, you fucking warlock... did you hear about Ms Lewton or what?

Why do you think I was hiding?

Billy told the FBl he saw you running from her house.

I was running 'cause they blame me for everything.

They blame me for Tod, for her... for the fucking plane crash.

The fire caramelized her blood.

Your shoe prints were in it, your fingerprints on the knives.

I told you they were not...

I'm not talking about if you did it.

Or even if you knew she was dead.

Did you know she was going to be next before she was?

Yeah, I did.

I knew.

All right, out of us... who's next to see it?

Please... tell me I'm going to see the Jets win a Super Bowl.

It's me, right? That's why you're not saying.

I should have felt up Tammy in the pool that time.

What are you whining about? I'm next!

He didn't say anything. Just drive.

You have a responsibility to tell me.

Think it's easier to know?

It's not. It's fucking harder.

You get off having control over me?

Let me decide how to deal with it.

It doesn't matter who's next...

'cause we're all on the same list.



Then why bother?

What's the fucking point?

Me and Terry'll be back together on the other side... so why wait any longer?

What are you doing?

Carter, slow down.

Slow down, Carter! Fuck you!

Knock it off!

May as well go out on my own free will!

Not with us in the fucking car!

Jesus, Carter!

Carter, stop the car!

What's the fucking worry if it ain't your time?

I can get nailed running this next red light.

You all wouldn't get shit.

It doesn't work that way!

I fucking hated French class!

Get control of yourself. That's what I'm doing!

I know what you're doing, and it's all right to be scared.

I'm not afraid. I decide when it's time.

I control my life. I control my death.

You don't have to prove how big your balls are!

Stop driving like such an asshole.

What are you doing?

Jesus Christ!

Put your hands back on the wheel!

Carter, stop! Back on the wheel!


Carter, easy.

I am so close to puking right now.

We're afraid, too, but we're not quitting.

Stop it and stop this fucking car!

Damn it, I want you to stop this car right now!

Move it. Open the door, Billy.

Move the fucking car!

Open the fucking door. Move the car.

Can't you open the door? Open the fucking door.

Open it! Billy, open the door!

Carter, listen to me. Don't do this.

God damn it! Get out of the fucking car!

Carter, listen to me!

This isn't the way!

It's not the way! Get out of the car!

It's coming!

It ain't my time.


Listen to me! This isn't the way.

Get out of the car!

Come on! Get out!

I can't get out!

Man, he really is next.

Get out!


Oh, God!

I saw it! I saw the belt!

You scared now?

It broke!


He saved your life again.

That's right!

You're next, Carter!

I'm staying the fuck away from you!

Shut up, Billy! We don't need this shit now.

I don't need it ever!

Get away from him! He's next!

Fuck you, Billy! I'm not dead!

You will be.

You're dead... and you ain't taking me with you!

God, no! Oh, shit!

Jesus fucking Christ!

You should have been next.

You were after Lewton. That's the plan!

That's the design! You should be fucking dead!

You're the devil!

I saw the seat belt. I knew it would rip!

That's how I saved him.

Just like the explosion. I saw it!

The police are coming. Fuck! I saved him!

Because I saved him, it skipped Carter... and went to the next person in the path of the explosion!

I have to see it.

Then I intervene... and if I intervene, I cheat the design.

Intervene? Are you God now?

God's not afraid to die.

Gods don't die! We do!

Baby, you are losing it. The police will be here.

We have to get you back to my cabin.

You can hide out and get your head together.

After Billy, I'm next.

I'm next.

Then me.

Listen, I'm not going to let it happen.

Listen to me.

Why don't you two get the fuck out of here?



Nice one.

I overlooked it.

You tried to capitalize, but I caught you.

You fuck!

I can beat you.

Maybe not forever... but I got this cabin rigged to beat you now!

She was there a minute ago.

What are you talking about?

I'm not turning him in.

It's too dangerous for him out there alone.

I go with you.

You can't.

Just tell us where he is.

Wait at home. I give you my word... we will bring him in safely in protective custody.

I never moved.

Christa asked me to change, but I never moved.

I would have been up next to Tod.

Fuck! Why didn't I remember that?

I never moved. Clear's seat was in front of mine.

She's next.

Get in the car! We're going around!

There! Come on, let's go!

Alex, we're trying to help you.

Prince! Get away from it!

Hold on!


We lost him.

From the direction, there's only one place he's heading.

No shit.

Oh, my God!

Don't move! Stay there!

Don't move!

Don't touch anything. You're grounded by the tyres.

The car's going to explode!

I can only hold on for so long. You know what to do.


When I do this, it'll skip you, and it'll all be over.

It's the only way we can cheat death again.


I am not going to let it beat us both.

You know what to do!

I'll always be with you.


Get away from there!

Damn it! You can't do this to me.

Come on, baby. Come on.

Shit, he's not breathing.

Hold on, Alex. Come on. Stay with me.

Well, we made it.

Paris. I can't believe it.

I can't believe we got on a plane again.

Know what I'm saying?

It's weird being here, huh?

We finally completed a puzzle.

It's just there's something missing.

You know?

To Terry.

And to Tod.

To all of our friends that can't be here.



If you would've told me six months ago... the three of us would be sitting here having a drink...

I don't know. Sometimes it feels like... you two are the only ones who understand.

You were right, Browning.

It did skip us. There was a design.

We beat it. We won.

The only thing we won is a chance at a full life.

A chance that I won't ever waste.

There's just something I can't figure out.

About what? The design.

Just let it go, all right?

Hear me out, all right?

Oh, my God. Just listen.

The explosion path determined the order of our deaths.

When I intervened and saved Carter... it skipped him and went to the next person... Billy.

Then it was Clear.

But I intervened and saved her, so it went to me.

But in my case, no one intervened, right?

I was thrown from that power line... by the explosion, so...

So why did it skip you?

How do we know this isn't what was meant to happen?

That out of everyone on flight 180... you, me, and Carter were meant to live?

Maybe that was the design all along.

Or you could still be next. Shut up, Carter.

I didn't make up the rules.

Somebody's got to intervene before death can skip them.

Alex proved that three times with the plane, me, and you.

For all I know, it could circle back... and get us all again.

But I am the safest fucker in the world... because you're still next.

Can we just stop talking about this?

Let's figure out...

I'll meet you back at the hotel.

I'll go with you.

No, just stay here, OK, Clear?

All right?

See? It's true. I told you you were next, man.

Stop it, Carter. Alex, wait.

Clear, stay there. OK?

Stay away.


I told you you were next! It skipped me.

So who's next?