Final Destination 3 (2006) Script


Whoo! Ha ha ha!


Oh, man! Heh heh.

Did you see that? Woo!

Oh, my God. Ha ha!

Yes! Yes! Nice, nice, nice.

Aw, sick! Worth the wait.

Oh, babe. You missed out.


I want to get off.

Whoo! Ow!

Ha ha ha!

That was intense, man.

To feel how that would be to just crash and burn like that.

Yeah, yeah. Maybe for you, but our lives are actually goin' somewhere.

Oh! OK, well, where we gotta go is to the roller coaster.

'Cause our pass is for 9:15.

If we miss that, we'll stand in line... for, like, a day and a half, and that's gonna kill me.

OK! All right?

So let's go.

They're totally gonna dig this, man!

OK. Come on, it won't kill us to get a deep-fried Snickers and a Coke.

Before ridin' Devil's Flight? Yeah, that might kill me.

No! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, man.

Ha ha ha!

Unh! Ha ha!

Oh, I'll take that.

No. Come on, gimme. It's not even mine, Kevin.

It's the yearbook's. Just... Kevin.

Ha ha!

Oh! Oh, got it.

Oh, my God, you're such an idiot. Hey. Hey. Gimme the...

Ha ha!

Ow! Nice.

Um, could you, like, please delete that one of Stacy?

Ha ha!

These are for the yearbook.

And I have to turn them in tomorrow to make a deadline... and, like, I doubt it if a shot of Stacy Kobayashi's camel toe... is gonna make it in there.

Whew. I'd buy two.

Ha ha ha!

Number 38, your order's ready.

That's us.

I am so sorry.

Kevin can get so out of control.

Let me just say he would make me crazy.

Ha! I mean, you know I'm such a control freak... like I couldn't handle that.

I'm breaking up with him.

Couple of weeks. After graduation.

I've been wanting to for a while.

But don't tell anybody, OK?

Whoa. Ha ha!

Now, that shot there? That'll sell some yearbooks.

I love it. I love it.

Oh! Oh, all right, so I'm a total whore.

Come on, go, go, go, go, go, go go!

Oh, my God, Ashley, you're winning. You're totally winning.

Am I winning? Yeah, come on, hurry!

OK, come on, come on, come on, come on!

Am I winning? Look around, I don't want to look.

You're totally winning.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!

Don't look! Oh, my God! Come on!

Oh, my God! I'm winning! I'm winning!

Aah! Aah!

I won! I knew you would.

Oh, my God! Gimme my prize.

Good job. That was so awesome, Ashley.


Woo! Ha ha!

How ya doin', my brother? You havin' a good time, huh?

You like that? Ha ha!

Yeah! You like it. Give it up. Give it up.



Excuse me.

You're not a senior.

And what are you gonna do about it...

Miss "Cutest Couple," Rah Rah? Ha ha!

Mom know you're here?

You are a complete bitch if you tell her.

Proof where you were.

Take a shot of this.

Ha ha ha!

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. That's three.

# That is three, number three #

# Oh, I'm the man, I'm the man # Man, I am hot.

Man, gimme some right here, man. Right here! Right here!

What you doin'? Get the fuck back. Hoo!

My God, I am good. Here we go.

Boy, I'll tell ya... Goddamn. Whoo!

Kind sir, step right up!

There ya go. Whaddaya want?

Here we go, baby. 3 for 3. It's all mine.

Here we go. Here we go.

Big prize. Watch out. Come on.


Ho ho ho!

# That's what I'm talkin' 'bout #

We gonna get that one. You want that blue one?

That's the one we gonna get.

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!

You can run, but you cannot hide.

Yes! Whoo! Here we are, baby.

Yes! Whoo!

There it is. Awesome.

Here, get a pic of this. Ahhh!

This is the beginning of the end.

Ha ha ha!

Hey, guys, get in line.

Let's go on again!

What's wrong?


I was having that feeling like dej√° vu, you know?

Except for something that hasn't happened yet.

Hey, J.

Come on, man, let's go.

Yeah, yeah, hold on. Come on.

What, are you weirded out by the ride?

'Cause, look, I know you. And I think that maybe... you're nervous about this roller coaster... because they say the real fear with these rides... comes from the feeling of having no control.

Everyone imagines weird stuff when they get scared.

But it never turns out to be what they imagine.



You can run, but you cannot hide.

Oh! Where you guys are right now if you raise your hands and just...

Ha... cup them slightly... it'll look you're holding the devil's balls.

And we'd wanna do that why?

When else you ever gonna see a dick that big?

I'm lookin' at one right now.

Ha ha! Man, you guys are smokin' hot.

Get out, Frankie. Yeah, why are you even here?

Yeah, you graduated, like, two years ago.

I stuck around to monitor your development.

Yeah. Good to go. Good to go, baby.

Let's do it. Let's do it. Come on. Come on.

You may never return from Devil's Flight.

Ha ha ha ha!

You're totally sad.

Try not to scream!

Ha ha ha!

That was totally awesome!

Yeah! Sweet!

You all right?

There's nothing to worry about.

A roller coaster is just elemental physics.

A conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.

Yeah. Odds are like one in 250 million... of dying in a roller coaster.

Yeah, yeah, thanks for that, McKinley.

You're more likely to die driving to an amusement park... than dying at one.

Whoo! Heh.

Here we go.


You like this?

Won it on the Wacky Ladder.

You know that ladder deal that wobbles? Took it.

I like this. It's old school.

Frankie Cheeks is old school, ladies.

What's that? Oh, well, it'd be my honor.


Oh! Let's go.

Hey... Baby.

How many? Uh, 4.

4. Yeah.

Uh, gate one.

Yeah. Front car. Yes!

Wait... No. No, please.

I'm sorry, I don't wanna be a hassle. I just... I can't sit in the front.

I cannot see the tracks. I'll freak.

OK. Take it easy.

Uh, well, Carrie will sit in the back with you. Right, babe?

Uh! Why me? What? 'Cause we're girls?

Fuck that. I'm going to Berkeley and I won't get to do this for a while.

I'm sitting in the front.

J, just go, OK? I'll live.

You're not gonna sit by yourself.

You're not gonna sit by yourself.

All right, you know what? We'll just settle this like real men.

How about that? Hmm? Call it.


Shit! Damn it.

All right, fine, what the fuck. It's the same ride, right?

Go. Go ahead. Bye, babe.

Hey, uh, just do me a favor.

Keep an eye on her, OK? She's kinda freaked out.

Oh. Cool. All right?

Yeah. Boom, buddy. No problem.

Ha ha ha!



Here we go. Hey!

J! Keep your hands to yourself, man.

I'm serious. You know, payback's a bitch, OK?

You know, she might need some comforting... and I'll be there for her. OK?

Hey, no! No. Get out. Get out.

Hey! Find another cockpit, Top Gun.

No. Get...

Let's just get in the back, OK?

Ha ha ha!


Guess who's back?

Ugh. Ugh.


I'll meet you at the end.

Here! All right!


Hey. How'd you guys get in here?

What? I'm 55 inches.

Sure. Come on out. Oh, man.

You, too. Out.

Ready? Ohh!

I told you we wouldn't get away with it.

You OK?

Let's go on the bumper cars.

Come on. Here we go.


What's up, man? I'm good.

Dare you to, uh, flash me them sweet, sweet titties... when we go through the loop.

All right. Ha ha!

Yo! What, you can't read?

Oh. Well, can I just put it in my pocket, man?

Is that cool? Yeah.

Yeah? Cool. Thanks, buddy. Sorry.


Aw, shit!

Here you go!


Whoo! Win, baby! Yes, baby! Win!

Come on!

Come on. Get hyped.

The first hill's so high.


This is what we need!

Yeah! Yeah!



Let's do this! Just win!



Aw, yeah!


Whoo! Shit!


Oh, man.

Oh, my God!

Here we go!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!



Yeah! Whoo!


Aah! Aah!

Ha ha!

Aah! Aah! Ha ha ha!


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Ha ha ha! Whoo!

Whoo! Whoo!

Aah! Aah!


Yeah! Show me your titties!

Fuck off, Frankie! Oh!


Aah! Aah! Aah!



Oh, shit!

Aah! Aah!


Oh, my God! We're gonna fall off!



Aah! Aaah!



Oh! Oh!




Yow! Kevin!





No! Aah!


Erin, hang on!


Hang on! Don't let go!

I can't.





Oh, God!

Hang on, Wen.

Hang on! Help me rock it!

Unh! Unh! Unh!


Almost got it! Gently.



Unh! Aah!


Yo. What, you can't read?

Oh, well. I'll just... I'll put it in my pocket, OK?


Thanks, bro.

Ahh. All right. Let's do this, Wen...

What're you...?

Here you go!

Yeah! Let's do it, baby! Whoo!

We have to get off of here.

No, don't push the button! Don't! Don't push the button!

Unh! Let me off! Let me off!

Wen, Wen! It's all right. Jesus, it's gonna be over...

No! It's gonna crash! It's gonna crash!


The hydraulics will rupture! The tracks'll collapse! Please!

What's going on? Let me off!

Chick's on somethin'.

It's all right! You'll be OK!

OK, let 'em out. Just the back.

Wen. Hey! Wendy!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Relax. Now, what's the matter?

I saw it. I saw it in my head.

The tracks collapsed. The roller coaster crashed.

No, she was just a little upset before.

Man, please, can you please control that bitch?

Damn. "It's gonna crash! The hydraulics, the coaster!"

Man, she's just trying to get some fuckin' attention.

You know what? You're a real piece of shit, Lewis.

Fuck you. Fuck moi?

No, man, fuck you! Don't touch me.


Hey, hey!


Just relax!

Fight, man!

Hey. Hey. Let me out.

Nobody else gets off this ride!

Dude, let me off.

So high school.

Let's out.

Calm down! Get off of him!

Relax! lan!

Where you ladies going? There's a fight.

Get him out of here! Hey! Calm down! Relax!

Dude, let me off. I gotta make sure she's OK.

Relax! Calm down! # Hey! Ho! Let's go #

Get your big ass off me, man! # Hey, ho, let's go! #

Let me out! # Hey, ho, let's go! #


# Hey, ho, let's go, hey, ho, let's go #

Here we go! Let me off!

# Hey, ho #

Dude, that's my girlfriend!

Oh, my God!


Stop it! No! Stop it!

Stop it! Please! Please, the tracks are broken.

Stop! Stop! Please!


Hey, just relax, OK?

Please! Ease up, man. She's all right.

OK? Just let her settle down.

She can settle down at home! Now listen... what is your home phone number?

OK, we're gonna call your mother. Everything will be taken care of...


Oh, my God! Jason!


Hey, Wendy!


Wait! Wendy!

Hey! Hey, Wen. Wait.

I need... I need to talk to you about something.

Just here to pick up my diploma.

You're not going to graduation?


Look, you're not the only one in a fucked up place, OK?

God, I mean, I just thought maybe... it'd be good for you to be somewhere where other people feel the same way.

At graduation?

No. Thanks. I've had enough funerals.

Then do it for J and Carrie.

Do what? If you die, then there's nothing... then you're just dead, and they don't know.

And if they are up in Heaven with Lincoln and Gandhi... do you think they really care about our high school graduation? No.

I am alive, and I don't care.

As soon as I pull out of that parking lot...

I am so out of McKinley.

Without J, what's here for me?

I'm here. OK?

I made a promise to J that I would take care of you.

On the ride. For 3 minutes.

You weren't making the promise for a lifetime.

Kevin... if it wasn't for you and J being friends... and me and Carrie being friends... we wouldn't have even hung out.

We don't even like each other.

"lan McKinley."

How pathetic is it that my last name... is the same as my high school?

Julie, look who I got to sign my yearbook.

No way. Nice. Yeah.

I think we should invite her.

You think? Yeah.

Wen? Um...

So we're ready for graduation tonight... we're going to the tanning salon after this... and we are so totally cool if you wanna come with.


And just like, talk if you want.

Here's my cell.

I already have your number.

That was so nice of us.

You're not alone.

God, I appreciate everyone trying to help.

OK? I really do.

No, it's happened before.

OK? I went online looking for an explanation about...

Wendy, just... just listen to me, all right?

All right, look, I went online looking for an explanation... about what happened, and I found out... about this high school French class from New York.

Six years ago they went on a trip to Paris.

When they were boarding... a kid had a vision that the plane was gonna explode.

Just like you did.

He freaked out... and seven people got off the plane.

Just like us.

And on takeoff, Flight 180 blew up.

And over the next several months... everyone who got off that plane started dying in weird accidents.

They died in the order they would've if they had stayed on the plane.

Unless someone intervened, then it skipped them.

Fuck you, Kevin.

W-Wendy! Wendy! Hey!

Ohh, every time we come here.

I was thinking of going for 20 minutes in the Muller.

We did that for all the funerals and it turned out amazing.

Yeah, but that was just a couple of weeks ago, though.

I mean, we're still pretty bronzed.

I was just thinking we could go for, like, a tune-up.

I just wanna make sure that we look our best.


You know, for all those kids that died that night... who will never get a graduation.

You know what? You're totally right.

I'm sorry. Mmm.

This is my... my good guy luck bracelet... that Grandma left me in her will.



I need...

I could use some help.

I have such... such guilt over Jason.

I should never have let that ride go.

God. I'm usually such a control freak... but I didn't do enough to stop it.

I should've done everything I could to stop it.

And I would give anything... to have a second chance.

But I never can.

I don't want to some day feel that way about you, Julie.

I mean, I can't talk to Mom and Dad.

You're all I have left.

You think when I find a place... maybe you could come stay with me for a while?

You know I will.


keep this now... and I'll get it when I come see you.

Oh. And... hey, how 'bout on your end?

Can I use the school camera for graduation tonight?

Yeah. As long as you bring it back to school on Monday.


Oh. Um...

Actually, the battery is pretty low... so why don't you go get ready, and I'll recharge it a bit.


In a hurry, Yuri.

Sorry, sorry. Cell phone signal is shit in here.

I think tanning beds mess with signal.

I must go outside.

Why don't you just use that phone?

I would, but she talks forever, then my boss gives me shit.

Shit. That's her.


You know what? Just go outside.

We can deal with this ourselves.


Hey. No drinks in the room this time, OK?


What are you doing?

Nobody is walking in here and seein' me naked.

Oh, my God.

Dude, he said no drinks. If you spill that shit... we're gonna have to clean it up like last time.


Happy, beyotch? Nothing to spill.

Why does Yuri keep it so cold in here?

Maybe it's supposed to be colder for the machines or whatever.

Oh, a few degrees won't hurt.

Shit! I forgot my iPod.

Sucks, bitch.

They got CDs.

Ew. Celine?


Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here or what?

Uh, yeah.

Ugh. Whatever.

Why are you wearing underwear?

Steinmetz says he gets off on tan lines.

All right.

# Roller coaster #

# Of love #

# Say what? #

# Roller coaster #

# Ooh ooh ooh #

# Roller coaster #

# Right #

# Of love #

# Roller coaster #

# Ooh ooh ooh #

# Roller coaster of love #

# Roller coaster #

# Wow wow wow #

# Ooh ooh ooh #

# Roller coaster of love... #

# I #

# Huh, huh #

# I'm gonna ride, girl #

# Yeah #

# Whoo-hoo-hoo #

# Wow, yeah #

# Huh huh #

# Ow #

# Oh, oh #


# Roller coaster of love #

# Love roller coaster, girl #

# Roller coaster #

# Lovin' you in a freaky world, child #

# Roller coaster of love #

Camera charged?

Oh, um, sorry, the battery's totally dead.

Camera's not working. Sorry.

Look, Julie, I need a minute, OK?

Like private.

# That feels nice, roller coaster #

# One more time #

# Roller coaster of love #

# Roller coaster #

# Roller coaster of love #


It's way too warm in here now, huh?

I fucked up. I set it too hot in here.


Ow! Aah!


Hey, Ashley, it's Wendy... Psych! Leave a message.

Hi, Ashley, this is Wendy.

Gimme a call whenever you guys are done.


And thanks again for the invite.

Someone help! Aah!

Sorry I was too late.


Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Oh! Oh!

Oh! Aah!

Aaah! Aaah!

Hey, open the door!

Help me!




We may feel that our lives are not our own.

That Death controls, frames our lives.

Our birth's nothing but death begun.

Yet, whether it is with this tragic loss of young lives... which we have suffered much of late... or with the soft passing of the elderly in the night... we are all equal in Death's eyes.

"Equal in Death's eyes?"

All of us? How can you say that?

Shut up, McKinley.

Dude, think it through. Charlie Manson made it to 70.

Osama? Still kickin'. Let's go.

Pimps, vice-presidents walking around.

All the atrocities they've committed... Let's just go. Come on. they're alive and well.

These two girls, who'd never done shit to anybody...

Shh! they don't get to make it to 18?

Where's the fucking equality in that?

What? Come on, man.

I can... Yeah. Fine.

Fine. All right. All right.

I'm fine. All right.

That's crazy.

Those of you who would like to pay a final remembrance... please step forward at this time.

I so feel this is so my fault.

How could it possibly be your fault?

Seein' women as nothin' but fun bags.

I mean... if I'd've seen their... whatever... humanity... they wouldn't have felt the pressure to look so good.

Impress Franklin Cheeks. Go on diets. Deodorize.

Stretch. Tan.

Don't be down, Frankie.

Be proud of your ability to make everything... that happens somehow a story about you.


Yo, man. These things really suck, man.

Fucking boring.

Hey, if you ever have to come to my funeral... man, bring me a PSP or somethin'.

'Least I have somethin' to do then.



I'm with J.

What are you doing up here in the nosebleeds?

You know, I could've gotten you second row.

I didn't want to upset anyone by being there.

And I wondered if maybe here I could feel J's... spirit or presence or... whatever.

But now that I'm here... if there's any place that makes me feel like there's no life after death... it's a cemetery.

Yeah, I haven't felt Carrie's spirit either.

And I've tried.

Real hard. Heh.

I thought maybe he's been with me since...

that night... before I got on the ride...

Jason said...

God, and it was just to get me on the ride... he said...

"Your fear is from a sense of having no control."

And I've felt that fear since the moment he said it.

Even thought it maybe somehow caused the hallucination... but this fear is more than just being scared.

It's like a presence.

Like a living thing always with me.

You think it's J?

No, I know it's not.

This presence is the opposite of how J made me feel.

It's cold and terrifying.

That's the last photograph Lincoln posed for.

The photographic plate was broken... causing a line that can't be removed.

Exactly where he was shot.

Look. See the shadow?

But what do these pictures have to do with us?

Look. This occurred one year to the day... of the Flight 180 disaster. Look at the road sign.

Look, I guess you came to me with this... because I'm responsible for putting this in your head... with the Flight 180 thing.

And it did happen, and it may be occurring here... but you can't believe every weird thing out there... because you're desperate for an answer.

I took these.

That night.


Are these it?

Oh, shit.

Oh... shit.


Whoa, whoa, hey. You all right?

I'm feeling a little woozy.

When was the last time you ate?

I don't remember.

All right, come on. I'll drive.

OK, those kids on Flight 180 died in accidents... in the order they would've died if they'd have stayed on the plane.

OK? So if this is that, then... then Frankie was behind Ashlyn and Ashley.

When I saw Ashley and Ashlyn's picture...

I felt this instinct.

Like there was a hint in the picture. I even...

I even called to see if I could keep them from going.

Well, what's Frankie's picture look like?

It's right here.

You got it? Yeah.

Wait! Watch out! Oh!

Hey! Hey! Are you crazy?


All right, let's just eat over there.

And go through the drive through.

I don't want anyone hearing what we're talking about.

Well, it's nice to see that things haven't made you... any less of a control freak.

You got it? Yeah, all right.

Here's Frank's picture.

All right.

Well, this is obvious. He's falling off a ladder.

A rope ladder, though. Maybe he might hang.

Look, or maybe it's not that literal. All right, what's...

Could there be anything in these prizes?

Oh, what, like he's gonna get crushed by a giant Spongebob?

Hey, Spongebob lives underwater.

It's so sad that you know that.

All right. He won that tacky mud-flap girl chain... on this game, though, so... aren't those usually on those big 18 wheelers?

Yeah. Yeah.

God, I don't see it in this picture anywhere though.

All right! God.

All right.

Uh, can I take your order?

Yeah. What do you want?

Are you OK?

Please tell me there's a short in your wiring.

Whoa. Whoa. That guy's way too close to my truck.

Hey, you're too fucking close, man! Pull up!


# There is someone #

Stop! Stop!

# Walking behind you #

Watch out! Shit!

What the fuck? # Turn around #

Oh, my God! # Look at me #

Get out! Get out! What? What?

Behind us!

There's no one in that truck!

# Watching your footsteps #

# Watching your footsteps #

Shit! Hey! Pull up, man! Come on! Pull up!

# Look at me # Unh! Shit!

# There is someone # Back up!

Back up!

# Who really loves you #

# Here's my heart #

Watch your eyes! Watch your eyes! Come here!

# In my hand #

# Turn around #

# Look at me # Come on. Let's go!

Come on, come on, come on.


Oh! Unh!

We're all done here. You need a ride?

Um, we can walk to my house... and then I'll give you a ride to yours.

No, thanks. We'll be OK.

Will we?

Yeah. We'll be all right.

I mean... how Frank...

God, it... it's not only horrible... but can you feel... can you feel how vicious it was?


OK? Easy.

Let's just... let's just take a step back.

All right? He was behind Ashley and Ashlyn on the ride... but there was no ladder here. You know, there was no rope.

Nothing in that picture pointed to this.

We were wrong about the photos.

I should've left town. It's better not knowing.

No, it's never better staying ignorant.

Willful ignorance is surrendering control.

What, did you read that somewhere in Mrs. Brooks' English class?

No. l... you know, I'm not...

I'm not the total idiot you think I am.

OK, that's Lewis after Frank... then lan and Erin.

There's a couple of kids behind them, but I can't make them out... because this guy's arm's in the way. Can you?


All right, you know what?

We'll ask Lewis, lan, and Erin if they remember.


Are there any more pictures from the roller coaster?

I guess... that kind of thing is gonna happen to us for the rest of our lives.


You know, I was gonna...

I was gonna ask her to marry me.

Right after graduation.



No, wait.

Look, behind Stacy.

That's Frank.

This picture shows how he died.

All right, go back to Lewis.

All right, go back to Lewis.

OK, he's got that hammer.

And the weight looks like it's coming down... on his head.

No, no, no, check this out.

Right now Lewis is down at State for football training camp.

State's team is called the Sultans.

That's it. That's the clue.

We have to tell him. Show him these pictures.

Wouldn't you want to know?

Wait, there's pictures of us in there?


Yeah, of course.

Huh. No.

No. I don't want to see mine. No. Huh.

What about willful ignorance?

Well, I'm full of shit, all right?!

I mean, I never thought I could see my own death... before it happened, Wendy.

No, you know what? We can tell Lewis, but...

Seriously, if there's any way to beat this thing...

I gotta stay focused... and if I look at that picture, all I'm gonna do is obsess.

So, you know what? No, I don't want to see it.

I mean, unless we have to.

You mean until we have to.

One more thing.

Is it bad?

I mean, is it, like, painful or embarrassing?

I mean, there's nothing, like, up my ass or anything, right?

I'll see you tomorrow.

You on crack. Both of you.

Just listen, OK? Ashley and Ashlyn were first.

Then Frankie Cheeks and then you. This is the...

Aw, come on, Kevin. Listen.

McKinley and Erin were next, all right?

And there were two people in front of us. Do you remember who they were?

Fuck no, and I don't care. And you shouldn't care either, man...

'cause what you're tellin' me right now is straight bullshit.

Just listen, Lewis.

Kevin, it's like those stories.

Like this guy was killed by a car he sold 10 years ago.

Two sisters, right, were killed when they were driving to visit each other.

You know, shit like that, man.

Fuck the Bruins!

Oh, yeah! Fuck the Bruins!

Bruin faggots!

Yeah! Fuck the Bruins!

Man, you're reading into this shit like them damn urban legends.

Three people have died, Lewis.

I mean, if you think this can be written off... as a simple coincidence and it ends there... you're in serious denial.

Unh! What about you two, huh?


You both lost people real close to you in a fucked-up way.

And in order to feel less guilty or whatever... seeing signs and patterns, man.

I don't blame you. But it's wrong, dawg.

Unh! It's wrong.

That's denial.


Unh! You got it!

OK, what about what happened at the roller coaster? Huh?

Wendy saw it.

Man, she got a hunch. Fuckin' intense, but she got a hunch.

Man, I'm here because I get good hunches before every down.

No, you know they're either gonna run or pass.

Hers came to her from nowhere.

You're here and alive because of her.

No, I'm alive because of me.

No, listen. You don't get it, man.

Does that make sense to you?

There's nothing to get, Kevin! It's bullshit.

No, just hear me out, all right?


# Yeah #

Talk about a vision. Man, I seen my whole life played out... and it sure as hell ain't gonna end now. Unh!

It's going just as I saw it.

35 high school games without an injury.

USA Today All-American. Second team.

Free ride to play for the Sultans! The Bruins passed on you.

Man, fuck the Bruins!

Fuck 'em! You goddamn right!

What the fuck is a Bruin anyway?


Unh! Unh! Unh!

Four years from now...

Lewis Romero goin' in the second round to Oakland.


He's gonna romp and stomp.

15 seasons, with four Super Bowl rings on his fingers.

Lewis ain't afraid of no death. Fuck Death!

Death is a fuckin' Denver fan.

Death wear blue and orange.

Real men wear black.

Lewis ain't afraid of no Death.

Death is afraid of me!

Death fears me!


'Cause, baby, I just win. I just win, Kevin!

That's all I know how to do! I just win! Unh!

Fuck Death!

Fuck the Bruins! Yeah!


Look out! Lewis!

Man, that was close, Lewis.

Hey, did you see that?

Whoo! What I tell you, Kevin, huh?

Fuck Death! I just win!

That's all I know how to do, Kevin.

Baby, I just win!


Ooooh! God!

Did I do something...

to bring this on everybody?

Don't, Wendy.

But why me?

All those people out there wanting to have a premonition... or see a ghost or whatever, and I don't.

I just want it to stop.

Just stop.

I don't know why, Wendy... but you didn't do anything.

All right? This is just...

I don't know. I mean, I wish I knew why, you know?

I wish I could... I could come up with a guess even... to make you feel OK, but...

You know, I can't.


There's nothing I can do.

Can you drive?



You know, by the way, that... that picture of me.

My, uh, my head's not, like, through the windshield or anything?

You know, crushed by a steering wheel? lmpaled by a gear shift?


Zip, it's Pip.

Have you cut those plywood orders yet?

Uh, that's a big no, Pip.

Osama bin Supervisor wants me to get rid of these pigeons first.

They keep settin' off the alarms.

Hello, babies.

Ha ha ha!

Oh, ha ha ha! Heh.

Hey. After I, uh, restock this stuff... that these pinhead customers can't manage... to return to the shelves themselves... we can blow out of here, OK?

Righty-o, babe.


Erin, it's Wendy and Kevin.


You scared the shit out of me!

Yeah, wait till you hear what we have to tell you.

Zip, it's Pip. Come over here.

You are gonna trip when you hear this.

Well, paint me intrigued, Pip. I'm on my way.

So let me get this straight. I'm gonna O.D. on nail polish... and lan is gonna be embarrassed to death?

You saw what happened to Wendy, right?

What's happened to the others? I mean, you just saw their pictures.

Oh, my God, guys, what's going on?

What's going on? That's crazy! That's crazy!

Ha ha!

We need to know who was sitting behind you on the roller coaster.

OK, who was sitting behind us on the roller coaster?

Oh! Oh, wait! Wasn't it that one guy who got voted... most likely to become manager at Red Lobster?

Oh, no. You know what? God, I remember.

There was this guy, uh, black cloak...

I didn't see his face, but, um... the ride attendant did take his sickle... before the ride started if that's helpful in any way.

Do you think we care if you laugh at us?

This is our lives, OK?

What choice do we have? Just give into it?

Oh, God. You know what? There is no "it."

OK, wait, are you guys saying that Death is, like, a person?

No. It's like... like a force.

Yeah. Well, you know what? A force is just a force.

It's nothing else. Just transferred energy.

I mean, it has no goals, no awareness that is a force.

But there is awareness, McKinley.

In fact, in past cases, if the next in line is saved... it'd skip that person. That's why we're here.

Oh, man, what have you been smoking?

Ha ha!

Top shelf. OK.

Kevin! Those banners. They're in the picture. lan, watch those boxes!

What the fuck, man? You said those boxes were falling!

No, I said watch the boxes.

Really? What for? They're not doing anything.

We're not gonna apologize for trying to save you.

You haven't seen or been through what we have... yet.

Oh. Yet.

OK, so who's next in this theory you have, me or lan?

Well, we know the order of how we were sitting on the roller coaster... but not how it works with people who sat together.

OK, we don't know if Ashley or Ashlyn died first.

Hmm. God, Death is fucking complicated.

Ha ha!

No, you know what? It's not complicated.

It's simple. People die.

That's just part of life.

150,000 people a day, actually.

You know? I mean... we're biological entities, and death is just...

Top shelf. the end of biological function.

It's as simple as that.

How can you explain what happened to us as simple?

I mean, if Wendy never had that premonition... and none of us had gotten off that ride, we'd all be dead right now.

Does that not make sense to you? Oh, yeah.

Kevin, how come when a guy dies of a plain heart attack... no one goes, like...

"Oh, wow, he was eating French toast...

"when Princess Diana died in Paris...

"and then he saw her funeral on TV, and now he's dead"?

You know why? Because they'd sound crazy... so guess how you two sound right now? Crazy.

Zip, I'm done. So finish cutting those orders... so we can get out of here. OK!


Heh heh!




Let's go with what you guys are saying.

Let's just say, you know... that Death does have a conscious plan... and that it's been set into motion. Great.

So, Newton's third law of motion, and, well, look...

I'm just guessing that it goes for Death, too... when he's working in our world.

Newton says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So, that means that... if Death has taken action, so can we.

And that that action we take might have... an opposite reaction that thwarts Death's intent.

You're being a fucker, but go on.


What if, for example... the last in line were to make the utilitarian choice...

Kill themselves.

Wow! Wow! That's pretty much gonna ruin any plan... that Death's put in motion. And even better... hey, it's gonna save five skipped lives.

Any takers?

Nah, I didn't think so.

There! Those!





Unh! Unh!



I didn't say anything. I mean, I think... they were trying to scare us into saying something... but they had nothing to keep me there.

What'd you tell 'em?

Everything. I didn't do anything.

I told them about the pictures in the camera... and Flight 180 and Frankie and Lewis... and why we went to see lan and Erin and...

Did they believe you?

Yeah, right. Would you believe me?

No, they looked at me like I was crazy.

10 hours they had us in there.

For all we know... whoever was sitting behind Erin is already dead.

And we're next.


lan almost died first, but we intervened.

So it skipped lan. That's... that's how we regain control.

If someone intercedes... the life that was supposed to be next is skipped.

All right, wait, wait, wait.

So, going by the way we sat on the roller coaster...

Well, I'm next... and then you.

We can beat this.

We're so close. We can't give up.

All right, my dad's here. He's gonna give me a ride back.

But are you sure we shouldn't stick together?

It's just for a couple of hours.

All right? A couple of hours.

Go back, look at the pictures, see if you can find any more clues... and I'll ask everybody I see if they know if anyone else got off the ride.


Was there something I should know about going?

No, it's just...

I'll just be freaking out every second... hoping you're OK.


I mean, we don't even like each other.


Come here.


All right, I got my cell.


Hey, Wen?

So we're meeting some guys at that centennial thing... and I could really use my good-luck... bracelet.



Hey, this is Julie. Leave a message.

Call me on my cell right away.


Do you remember Julie being on the roller coaster?

What, your sister? No.

No, she would've said something by now.

The person sitting behind lan and Erin... was wearing the exact same charm bracelet... our grandmother gave her.

Amber or Perry were probably with her... so they're next.

I gotta find Julie.

She went to the tricentennial thing.

Well, l... I'm here now, working security.

I'll start looking for her.

I'm on my way. Wen, wait.

Look, after them, we're next.

So in case somethin' happens to 'em... before we meet up... remember that time we talked about?

When to look at our pictures?

It's now.

Great. Mine has no clue.

It's just me standing in front of a blank background... with Jason at the amusement park.

Wait. McKinley. lan? Is he in the picture?

No, but it... it feels like a clue.

And yours is the picture that I took... when I flashed the camera in your face.

It's all out of focus and overexposed, like...

Like a firework went off in my face?

# There is someone #

# Walking behind you #

# Look at me #

# There is someone #

# Watching your footsteps #

# Look at me #

# There is someone #

# Who really loves you #

The British are coming! The British are coming!

Whoo! Yay!

Get 'em while they're hot!

Take it to those Redcoats!

Column, advance!

The kite is aloft.

Now, let us hope for some lightning.

Fuck you, Ben Franklin.

But he kept insisting. "Get over here," right?

This is awesome, dude!

Heh heh.

Whoa. Hey!

Ha ha! Come on!

Hey, get out of here with those, man! You're gonna set these off!

Hurry, dude.

Come on, man, let's go! Hurry up!

Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate McKinley's tricentennial... the fireworks extravaganza will begin shortly.

Oh, my God. Julie.

What? Look.

There's Kahlil.

Should we?

Hey, guys. I'm sorry, but you can't be here, OK?

The viewing site is over there. You too, sir. Come on.

They're not gonna make us move, are they?

I don't fucking believe them.

OK, we gotta clear out. Mm-hm.

Excuse me.

Ladies. Boys.

What's going on?

Hey, Julie.

You three need to come with me. What did we do?

Look, it's for your own safety, Julie, all right?

I'll tell you about it as soon as we get away from here, OK?

Let go of me!


Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Heh heh heh!

Sweet. Ha ha!


Light it! Light it! Go, go, go, man!


Uh! Oh!

Oh, shit! Dude, we gotta bail!

Aah! Unh!

Unh! Hey!

Julie! No, wait, wait.

You're in danger, OK? I'm trying to explain something.

Let me explain this to you.

Julie, look out!

Aah! Unh!




Aah! Unh!

Cut him off!






Stay back! He's dangerous!

I got him.

Just let me go. No, Julie.

You have to tell me, you have to listen.

Tell me who was sitting next to you on the roller coaster!

Oh, my God, Julie, are you all right?

Listen to me! You have to tell me... who was sitting next to you on the roller coaster!

Who? She's next!






You saved my life.

Thanks for that, McKinley.

Shut up, McKinley! No!

We have to get out of here now.

What's the deal? lan McKinley. He causes my death.

In my picture I was wearing the McKinley grad night shirt.

He's the clue. What?

There's a first aid tent, there should be security.

Get the fuck outta here, McKinley!

Hey, I'm just celebrating our town's tricentennial.

You followed me!

Oh! You are paranoid.

But, hey, I saw what happened.

You're next, right? You're the end of it, aren't you?

Man, I would be paranoid, too.

You didn't even believe me!

Yeah, well, seeing is believing.

Then you have to stay away from me!

"Have to"? Wow, that's extreme.

Oh, no way.

Do I cause your death?

Just like you caused Erin's?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what? What?

You have a vision? Was I in it?

Was I in a picture?

Just tell me how to start it off!

Let's get this over with!

You'll save me if you just stay away!

Then it'll all be over!

What do I care? It skipped me.

For me, it is over. I'm not dying.

I'm not dying!

Ha ha ha!

You see?

I'm not gonna die!

It's you, Wendy! You're dead!

# Came back down from this fight #

Hi! # Will get ya deeper #

# And make you right #

Thank you.

# Bruno's drops threaten her... #

Wait, what about that great curry place?

Don't we get off at Booth?

Oh, you mean Gupta's. You get off at Oswald.

Oh, that's right.

You know, if I can't be home for Thanksgiving...

I need some semblance of a traditional dinner.

Turkey, stuffing, pie.

If you don't have turkey for one Thanksgiving... is that really gonna kill you?

# There is someone #

# Walking behind you #

# Turn around #

# Look at me #

# There is someone #

# Watching your footsteps #

# Turn around #

# There is someone #

# Who really needs you #

# Here's my heart #

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

This is Booth Street.

Next stop is Oswald. End of the line.

The next stop is the end of the line.

Wendy! Next stop after this.

Let's just walk. It's freezing out.

Yeah, but the air'll feel good.

I could use some air.


Ha ha ha! Yeah, man!

All right, man. See ya.

Let's go, Bruins!

Bruins, yeah!

Hey, man, peace out!

Come on. Excuse me.

Watch out! Hey, Bruins!

You missed the beginning. Did you see that?

This is it!

Yo, comin' through. Excuse me.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe this. Here.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

I thought you weren't coming till tonight.

Well, Dad's car just, like, dies out of nowhere... and he couldn't get it fixed anywhere on a holiday... so instead of sitting around for a few hours...

I lucked out and caught an early train.

I hope I'm not messing you up or...

No, no, it's just, um...

I think I had a sense that you were coming now.

I was just...

I was feeling like I did that night.

No. No, it's over.

You, me, Kevin went over a thousand scenarios. lan was gonna cause your death... you intervened, and it skipped us.

Look, I'm not worried.

I ran into Kevin at home. He's not worried.

And, if I were you... until something happens to me and then Kevin... you've got nothing to worry about.

You're right.


Hey, l... I want you to meet my roommate and my friend, OK?


Hey, guys. This is Julie, my...

What are you doing here?

Wendy! Julie!

What are the chances?

How long have you been on this train?

Uh, since home.

I was headin' up to check out the game.

I was gonna look you up afterwards.

You OK?

Is something wrong?




Aah! Unh!

Julie, stay down! Aah!



Kevin! Unh!


Oh, God!



Aah! Unh!


I was gonna look you up afterwards, but...

You OK?

Is somethin' wrong?

The train...

Oh, shit. Not again.

We gotta get out!

It's not working. Somebody stop the train!