Final Score (2018) Script

Revolution in the Russian state of Sakovya as the people continue their fight for independence.

Sakovya stands united behind the Belav brothers.

Dimitri and Arkady Belav are the inspirational figureheads of this revolution.

Belav! Belav!

Charismatic politician Dimitri and the brutal General Arkady are pushing back the Russian forces in an incredible display of will.

As war rages, and with no clear road to peace, bodies are mounting up, and the human cost is spiralling out of control.

It's hard to see an end to this bloody conflict.

News just in that revolutionary leader Dimitri Belav was killed today in a Russian air strike.

As Sakovya comes to terms with the loss of its much-loved leader, the will of the people, and the revolution itself, is crumbling.

Unable to maintain control on his own, Dimitri's brother General Arkady Belav was captured today, signalling the end of this violent revolution.

The war, for now, is over.


Go down, Viktor!

This way. He's over here.

Hey. Get in.

You know who I am? Yes.

Good. Then we can dispense with any formal introduction.

Tell me where he is.

Tell me where he is.

Sorry. Did you not hear me?

Tell me where he is!

Fancy a cab, mate?

Hold tight. Tonight is football night.

West Ham against Dynamo, last ever match at the Boleyn Ground. It don't get any better.

Fucking soccer. I can change it if you like.

Please. No problemo, mate.

Thanks, man. That's better.

So, tell me, big man. Whereabouts are you from?

From the States. First time in London?

16th. 16 times. Flippin' heck.

You must have family here.

I have.

A brother. market suffered losses today as unrest in the Russian state of Sakovya raised fears of instability in the region...

Time for the sports news now as we move over to our correspondent Jonathan Frank who is stood outside West Ham's Boleyn Ground...

You're grounded, Danni. You know that.

You think I like doing this? Yes, I do.

You don't have your own life, so you just... Danni.

...fuck with mine! Danni!

It's hard for me, too.

Give me your money, little girl. Shit! Get the fuck off!

Oh, my God. - You scared the shit out of me, Uncle Mike. Danni.

Come here. How you been?

What are you doing here? Having a brain aneurysm, I think.

Well, you know, Dad always said if I can't use my hands, use my head. - Use your head. Yeah.

I got something for you. You know how much I love soccer.

Big game. - Are you serious? Yeah.

Really? Yeah, let's do it.

I can't. What do you mean you can't?

I'm grounded. Ah.

Suddenly, the great escape makes sense. Mm.

What are you grounded for? Having a life.

I'll talk to your mum. We'll figure it out, all right?

Yeah, you just, you just go to the bar, and I'll go this way.

You will get your ass back up that little window or we don't stand a chance.

I've missed you, big fucker.

I've missed you, too, and watch your language.

Little shit.

Hello, Mike.


You don't have to keep doing this, you know?

Doing what? Travelling halfway around the world just to check on us. No idea what you're talking about.

I just came for one of those shitty, warm pints of beer you serve.

Coming right up. All right.

So, how have you been? Yeah, good.

I was, um...

I was hoping to take Danni to the game. No, I'm sorry, Mike.

She's grounded. - Can she be un-grounded? I'm sorry.

Look, why don't you come over here on Sunday instead?

We're having a bit of a gathering.

Claire will be there. Hm.

Still single. Mm-hm.

Well, tell her I said hello, but, um, I gotta fly on Friday.

When are you gonna stop?

You can't keep hiding in war zones forever, Mike. I know.

I'm good.

Listen to me.

What happened to Andy... it wasn't your fault, Mike.

You've gotta let it go.

You know, Andy used to talk about going to the games with Danni all the time.

I've never seen him so happy.

It would mean a lot to me.

Just for one night.

Can I take her?

No drinking. - No. No smoking. - Mm-mm.

And definitely no boys. Definitely no boys.

The atmosphere is electric at the Boleyn Ground tonight for this European club semi-final.

West Ham's last ever match here.

Opponents Dynamo, in Europe for the first time, of course.

Emotions running high in what promises to be a dramatic dogfight.

Don't go out of my sight, or your mum will kill me.

Danni, can we get off that thing?

"She's such a bitch. That's my boyfriend."

Fuck you.

What the fuck's up with those guys?

They're the Dynamo fans.

Nice one.


Press pass, please.

Straight through, please.

Press pass, please, sir.

Straight through.

Hold it, mate. ID, please.

All right, yeah. Go on. Through you go. Go on.

Keep going.

I can't believe you found me in all this chaos. You're too hot to miss.

Come on, Brandon. - It's true. Stop embarrassing me.

You're killing me, smalls. Just run off on me.

Uncle Mike, this is Brandon. What's up, bruv?

Let's watch some soccer. Bye, Brandon.

Text me, yeah? - Yeah. She's well up for it.

Seriously? What?

He's a dick. He's cute. - He's not cute. You can do way better.

All right. Let's do this.

Jeez. Are you serious?

Can they make that any smaller? You're getting fat.

I'm not getting fat, smart-ass.

Hey, let's get a hot dog. You want a hot dog?

I'm starving. They fill them with shit, Uncle Mike.

You and that punk kid. No hot dogs.

You're making all the wrong life choices, Danni.

Check it out. Pretty cool, right?

Yeah, pretty cool.

Great seats.

You can see all the fake injuries from up close.

Please welcome the players of West Ham United!

Come on!

And their opponents for this final match at the Boleyn Ground, from Sakovya in Russia, Dynamo FC.

Dynamo! Dynamo! Dynamo!

1-0 will do us here.

That's all we need. As long as we don't concede an away goal, we've got a good chance of getting in to the final.

I literally didn't understand one word you just said.

You know nothing about football.

You sound just like your dad.

He would've loved this.

So, what do we yell?

Kick the ball straighter!

Fall down better!

Are you OK?

Why did he have to do it?

Do what?


He was a hero.

I'm sick of hearing that.

I'd rather Dad was a coward and still be here than a hero and dead. Don't say that.

He obviously didn't care about me.

What are you talking about? He loved you more than anything.

Why did he choose strangers over me and Mum?

He was a soldier. He took an order.

Well, it was a shitty order.

Dad was even more shitty for obeying. Danni.

I think I'd like that hot dog now.


There you go. Thank you. What can I get you?

Two hot dogs, please, mate.

What can I get you, mate?

Do you need anything? Two hot dogs, please.

Seen something you don't like, John?

Well, just keep an eye on it. Yes, sir.

Looks like it might have been a power surge, sir.

OK. Everybody all right? Yeah?

All right? Yes, sir.

They're blind.

Don't let your passion blind you.

Hey! You can't come in here.

What the hell's going on?

Get down on the floor. You. Sit down.

Superintendent Thompson...

...we have isolated your comms. You have no contact with the outside world.

As goal commander, your men in the stadium will call you every ten minutes, and you will respond that everything is normal. No, I will not.


This is your wife Sarah Thompson.

Your children Chloe, nine, and Ben, seven.

Still dressed as they were before you left.

The man who took these pictures is waiting at your home in Burlington Drive... and I can say with absolute certainty...

...that Sarah, Chloe and Ben would want you to make sure that he stays in his car.

Where are we with the masks?

Almost there. Two more minutes.

Viktor, lock us down.

And as kick-off time fast approaches, without further ado, we'll hand you over to our commentators John Anderson, and first up, it's a very good evening to Jonathan Pierce.

Yes, thank you, Matt. And after a little hiccup with the stadium lights here, the spotlight is firmly back on West Ham for this historic final match at the Boleyn Ground.

And the atmosphere really is absolutely electric at this famous old stadium.

Took your time, sweetheart. All right? - How have you been?

Been good. How are you? - I'm all right. I'm all right.

Christ, if he's family, and you grow up to look like him, me and you are He's not my real uncle. He visits all the time, and he looks out me and my mum.

Yeah, well, the guy's a tosser. Stick around with us... with me.

This is Danni...

Damn it, Danni.

All masks are set and ready, sir.

Do it. Let's get this show on the road.

So has mine.

Look at that over there.

OK, we're locked into all cameras.

Starting the search for him now.

There is no hiding, brother.

Beginning with the Dynamo stand.

It will find him. Hm.

We hunt by computer.

Don't worry. These are our technicians.

They're doing their utmost to rectify the situation, yeah?

We're doing our best. Ah. They probably don't even have phones where you're from.

What, Brixton? Brixton via Baghdad.

I should call a terror alert on you.

Oh, yeah. Well, please go ahead. No, wait, you can't!

Because, as per your complaint, the phones are down, aren't they?

What you're doing is terrorism.

Emotional terrorism.

Excuse me. I can't find my niece. Is there any way you could help me?

Maybe she's gone to the little girls' room.

No, she's been gone too long for that. Well, it depends, doesn't it?

If she's eating the food from here, could take until the second half to work it all out.

I'm afraid she may have left the stadium. It's not possible. The gates are shut.

No-one in or out at the moment. How is that safe? - Don't worry. There are people with brighter futures than mine who are fixing the glitch as we speak.

You're Faysal. No, it's Faisal.

Faisal Khan. If anyone can, Faisal Khan.

If you're really worried about it, I can always call up to the control room.

They got CCTV up the arse. Yeah. That'd be great. Thank you.

Control, this is Faisal.

Assistant to the assistant chief steward.

We have a missing child.

What's her name? Danni Holloway.

Subject's name is Danni Holloway.

5'7", brown hair, 15, going on 50.

Control room, do you read me? Ignore it.


Is that the control room? Yeah, just there.

Can you take me up there? We're not really supposed to Can you tell me how to get up there? please.

Basically, you have to go down this corridor and...

You'll never find it. Come on.

A nervy start for the home side. That's a good through ball.

He's through on goal. Dynamo have scored! That is a disaster start for West Ham!

The Hammers trail by a goal to nil.

Come on West Ham!

Ron, where's the...? You're not Ron.

Where's Ron? Holidays.

Cheeky bastard. He owes me a tenner, he does.

He told me he'd pay me back today.

I'm just taking the big fella up to control. Not at minute. Technical difficulty.

You come back later. I gotta find my niece, man. I'm not coming back later.

You're gonna wanna move now.

Of course. Apologies.

I couldn't help but notice an accent.

Where are you from, man? - Russia. Ah.

It's cold there.

Is it cold?

Ground floor.

Going up.

It's cosy, isn't it?

How come you've got Ron's badge on?



Faisal, move!

Faisal, give me the gun. Give me the gun!

Floor three.

Going up.

What the fuck is going on? Why did he try to kill us, man?

Stay quiet. Calm down. Floor four.

Calm down.

All right. Hold these doors open.

Hello? Hello, come in. Someone...

Stay off the radio. The phones are down.

The gates are jammed, so this fucking stadium is on lockdown.

You're gonna have to trust me until we figure out what the fuck it is, OK?

It's gonna be all right. I knew I should've taken that job at Arsenal.

Come on. Grab a leg. No! I am not touching a fucking dead fella, OK?

Grab the fucking bag then.


Dead on the shitter. Just like Elvis.

What? What is it?

That's C-4. C-4?

What? You mean, like highly explosive C-4? Yeah, that's the one.

What? Hold that.

Are you shitting me? What if it goes off?

What the...? Not without a detonator, it's not. Stop worrying.

Stop worrying? I'm covered in blood.

Trapped in a siege and carrying fucking explosives, but 'don't worry about it'.

Faisal, can you get me to a working phone?

Yeah, I think so. Take me.

Erm, this way.

Lock the door.

You need to press nine for an outside line, and we're not supposed to make international calls, but I guess this is an emergency so...

Phone lines are dead.

What... what are you doing? I'm gonna recalibrate this to a police frequency.

Oh, where did you learn to do that?

I saw a guy do it on TV once.


OK. Attention, anyone on this frequency.

There's an emergency situation at West Ham stadium.

This is police dispatch. Yes!

This channel is preserved for police personnel. Prank calls...

This is not a prank call. Men with firearms and explosives have infiltrated the stadium.

They've locked down the exits. They've blocked all cell communications.

How do you know this, sir?

Because I just killed one of them.

Please hold.

You didn't turn off your bloody phone? It's the other one.

Sorry. Sorry. Is everything OK?

I'll find out. - Sorry. Oh. Really?

This is Steed. It's Milson.

We've had a report of armed men at Upton Park.

A guy claims to be former US Army. Likely bullshit, but one thing he says does check out.

The phone are down at the stadium. It doesn't... Check it out. The goal commander at the stadium

...will have a SAT phone. Yeah, I know. I'm on it. I'm patching you through.

Goal commander's name is Steven Thompson.

The weather is fine.

No idea what you're talking about.

Well, if it becomes unseasonably cold, I will kill your family.

Steve Thompson. Steve, hi. This is Chris Burrows from telecom.

I understand you're having some problems with your phones? Yeah, they've all gone down.

We're sending our engineers down. Just wondering what gear to wear.

How's the weather?

It's fine. I heard it was unseasonably cold.

That's a negative. The weather's absolutely fine.

OK, thanks, Steve.

Tatiana, check in with everyone.

Viktor, status? No matches yet.

We're now searching the whole stadium.

Your computer's taking too long.

Oleg, how are we doing? Eight more minutes, sir.

Then don't waste time talking to me. Da.

It's taking way too long. They will come back, eventually.

I got a 15-year-old girl walking around out there.

The longer this takes, the more chance she's got at pissing off someone with a gun.

Whoever is on this line, if you're wasting police time, you've just committed a criminal offence.

Who the fuck is this? This is Chief Commander Daniel Steed of the Metropolitan Police Force.

This channel is now blocked. Thank you.

What do you mean 'blocked'?

Come in.

They're not coming, are they? They think we're fucking around.

So what are we gonna do? We need to show them that we're not fucking around.

Roll call, everyone.

Vlad. - Da. -Anton. -Da. What is it?

They're checking in. Pavel. -Da. -Emil. -Da.

Alex. -Da. Nikita. - Da.

Yuri. -Da. Boris. -Da.

Piotr. -Da. Andrei.

Andrei? That's us.

Knox, say something. Andrei?



What does it mean? It's Russian for we've gotta move.

Whoa. Do we? Is hiding here not an option? Because I feel like it's an option.

Faisal, you can stay here and hide, but Andrei didn't check in.

They're gonna send someone here to look for him, and they're gonna find you and they're gonna kill you.

We gotta move. No. Wait. We don't have access to the doors up here.

Does Ron? Yeah, but he's on holiday.

No, he's not. He's dead. Sorry, buddy.

Let's go.

There's a problem with Andrei.

Pavel, check on Andrei.




Let's take the stairs.

Andrei, this is no time to be taking shit.



Breach. Zone four.

Cover is blown. Andrei is dead. Shot.

Police? Negative.

How do you know? Police don't leave dead bodies in toilet cubicle.

Just down this corridor. There's some double doors on the right.

Vice City. San Andreas.

Liberty City Stories. GTA Four.

What are you doing?

I'm naming GTA games to distract myself.

He's in zone four lockdown. Key card access only.

Check Andrei for his access card. Negative, and not his radio.

Move the data on Andrei's E-card.

Fourth floor. Banqueting area.

Entering kitchen now.

Lock it down.

Send Vlad and Anton.

As far as I can remember, there's a shortcut here that goes straight to the roof.

I don't get it. It should work.

Fuck. - Is there another door? No.

Back out of here.

What's going on?

I'd like to speak to the person who killed my man.

Speaking. Listen.

Our motives here are political. Our intentions are to threaten, not violence.

So let's make a deal.

Surrender yourself to my men, and you'll be held captive until our work here is done.

Resist, however, and you will be killed.

I find it hard trusting someone who brings C-4 to a fucking soccer game.

I thought Americans hated soccer. I've been saying that all fucking day.

You go ahead in this.

Come on. Get in. But he just said that we could make a deal.

These people are killers. They're not gonna make a fucking deal.

There's only space in here for one. You're two by yourself.

Take out your cellphone. That's Danni. Oh, yeah, that's charming, that is.

Take a picture. All right.

She's wearing a blue jacket with flowers all over it.

Find her. Get somewhere safe and radio me, all right?

OK. I'll send it right back up. -OK. -This way.

You come in the right. I come in the left.

Let us in.

It's OK to come out.

We mean you no harm.

What are you doing?

What? The lift's broken.

Oh, no. No, no. Nothing comes of that one again.

Fucking idiot.

Vlad, get me out!

Fuck you!

Vlad. Anton. Respond.

Vlad. Vlad, come in.

Sorry, cupcake.

They aren't with us any more.

The guy's not here. Vlad is dead.

What about Anton? He's gone.

Not sure where.

You can keep...

...your warm goddamn beer...

...and your cold...

...fucking weather, and your dead goddamn Russians.

Here you go, Commander.

Ignore this.

Come on!

Go, go, go!

Come on. Let's go! Surround the stadium.

Shit. Police are outside.

All of them.

Can you continue with a clear head?

Soldiers die. That was not an answer.

Can I kill him? Of course. You'll stamp him out.

Then I have a clear head. - Hm. Sir.

Viktor. Nearly finished and still no matches.

The system should have found him by now. He's here.

If his appearance has changed too much, I can scan, but I need more time.

No. We must move forward. Put your technology aside.

Maybe we need to adopt more traditional means to find him.

Oleg, are we ready?

Armed and locked, sir.

Sir. Thank you. Sir.

OK, Knox. You have my attention.

I thought wasting police time was a criminal offence.

Well, you just got me out of a very boring evening, so I'll turn a blind eye.

What are we dealing with? Highly-skilled paramilitary, Eastern European.

I have no idea what they want. How many?

I counted ten. Three less than 20 minutes ago.

I appreciate what you've done here, but a lone hero at this point...

I'm not trying to be a hero. My niece is in the stadium...

...and I'm not leaving without her.

Congratulations to our vigilante.

You've succeeded in turning a private matter into a very public one.

Be my guest and listen in.

We're back on air in 25 minutes, everybody.

Let's put that VT.

Hey, studio crew only. What are you...

Put us on air. Now. Everybody, shut up!

Keep absolutely fucking still.

You. Get up. Get on camera.

On your fucking knees.

If you and your friends want to live, you read statement.

I've been told to read the following statement.

Sir. Thank you. - 'For the last 17 years, Her Majesty's government has been harbouring a war criminal.'

Rebel insurgent Dimitri Belav.

Check out the name for me. - Dimitri Belav. Sir.

We know you're somewhere in this stadium tonight.

We demand the government to give us his location.

100 blocks of C-4 explosives have been placed throughout the arena.

If Dimitri Belav's location is not given to us by the time the match clock reaches 90 minutes, we will detonate the explosives.

35,000 souls for one.

If any attempt is made to enter the stadium in any capacity, we will detonate the explosives.

If any attempt is made to contact the hostages within the stadium, we will detonate the explosives.

Several people have died today, and more will follow.

How many is up to you.

The clock is ticking. Good.-

No. No. Please.


I want this block cleared, and a direct comms link to Cobra, and scramble the SAS. Now!

We've lost our link to the studio for the moment, but we will carry on commentating regardless. I don't know. You can't get the staff these days.

Faisal, tell me something good. Hey, man.

It's good to hear your voice. I thought Any sign of Danni?

Right. No. Not yet.

I am searching, though. I'm trying. All right.

You check the north stands. I'm gonna search the east.

Got it. What about the cops? - Did they show up? Yeah.

The world outside this place knows what's happened.

People in here are still blind. We gotta keep it that way.

If the crowd figures out what's going on, there'll be a stampede. Copy?

Copy that. Just keep looking for her.

Come on, kid. Where are you?

Come on. Hey. No.

Maybe I should go back. Uncle Mike... Oh, fuck him.

He doesn't own you. Brandon, stop.

I thought we came here to talk. No more talking.

Let's loosen up a bit, shall we?

Oh, shit.

I'm a pub kid.

That's him.

Track back. Follow him.

What am I looking for? Something we can use against him.

This is Commander Daniel Steed.

I'm here to assist in peaceful negotiation for an end to this situation. We need the following...

A couple of hostages as a show of good faith?

Here's how that would play out.

I would agree, and then I would shoot three women, and drop them from the balcony into the car park in front of the world's media, as a show of resilience. Shall we not go down that road?

You have the exterior surrounded, Commander, but I hold all the cards.

So how do we resolve this peacefully? I believe I have expressed my demands quite vividly.

I was told that Dimitri Belav is dead. You are further behind than I thought.

Do not call me back until you have caught up.

Can you tell us what's happening?

Get me more information, and fast.

One false move, and we have a bloodbath here.

And when are the SAS due? Five minutes out. Four in the group.

Thank you. Sir, we're sending through an Agent Cho. I don't know him.

He's not one of ours. - Who gave him clearance? Not me, sir.

It came from the top.

Steed. And who might you be?

I'd like to see the body, please.

Oh, shit. What?

This is Anton Ivanov. This is all as bad as I thought.

Everybody, clear out. Now!


What I'm about to tell you stays between us, understood?

Of course. Show him the file.

This is Sakovya, Russia, right now.

Thousands have gathered in the street at the mere mention of Dimitri Belav's name.

Why? Who is he?

20 years ago, he and his brother led an uprising to fight for independence.

Officially, he was killed in 1999. Unofficially?

Dimitri's revolution was out of control.

Killing more people than he was saving.

He had to stop it, so he came to us. We faked his death.

He was given extensive plastic surgery and moved to London under diplomatic amnesty.

Without its charismatic leader, the revolution crumbled.

Peace was restored, and Dimitri's brother Arkady was jailed for war crimes.

He is the man who has taken control of your stadium.

Do you see the mustard?


Three months ago, he found out about Dimitri's betrayal.

We need to find Dimitri Belav's location inside the stadium immediately.

We may have no choice but to hand him over. We conspired with him. We can't have that lie exposed.

If Arkady kills him on live TV, it will cause a shitstorm.

It'll not only destroy a country, it'll destabilise the entire region.

The lives of millions are at stake.

So I'm not here to assist handing Dimitri over, Commander.

I'm here to ensure he stays dead.

Hm. That's good.

Sir, I traced him back to his seat. And?

His name is Michael Knox.

He bought his ticket with a credit card from a US account for him and a girl.

He's ex-army. No fixed abode.

Officially inactive but bounces from place to place, working for private sector.

And the kid? I ran her through MET database.

She comes up as Danni Holloway, 15.

Two recent police cautions. One for fighting at school, and the other for vandalism of public property.

And this is where it gets interesting.

Her father was killed-in-action while serving under Knox.

Where is she now?

Bringing up live feed.

We should probably get back to Uncle Mike. Come on.

He'll be worried about me. Let him worry.

Come on. We ain't come down here to talk.

Yes, I did. Fucking let go!

You teasing slag. Do you think I'm missing this game so you can whine about your dad and your fucking uncle?

You fucking stupid...

Uncle Mike was right. You are a dick.

Danni Holloway, please report to gate eight.

Danni Holloway. Danni Holloway.

Please report to gate eight.

Faisal, what the hell? Hey, boss. It's not me.

Fuck. Faisal, just tell me, can you see Danni?

I can't. I'm sorry. I'm looking.

We cannot let her get to that gate. You hear me? They're waiting for her.

Oi, I see her! Lower level, west stand.

Danni! Danni!

Dynamo, taking control of the game. This is a great run by Goldov.

Oh, lovely tackle by Gava.

West Ham looking to push forward. Frost to Thornley.


See her. I have him. - Put your police on him.

Remove that bastard, or I'll remove you.

All available men to the north-west corner.

Big guy. Army jacket.

Take him down.

Hold him. Wait. Danni!

Danni! - Come here. Danni!

Out of my fucking way.

Oh, that's a nice play from Johnson.

Danni! The West Ham wonder man is blasting down the wing.

Oh, it's a terrible foul. Get off me.

Hold him.

Higginson with the free kick, looking for an equaliser.


Shit. Uncle Mike?

What a goal. What a strike!


Faisal, where's Danni?

I have Danni. I've got her, boss. Over and out.

Great job, Faisal. An equalising goal.

We've lost them. They're under the flag. Miguel Hernandez!

And that's the half-time whistle.

West Ham have been shot by the Russian's physicality at times, but they've stood firm, and they're level at the interval.

'He got away, Sarge. Suspect is still at large.'

You have failed me, Superintendent.

Since you and your men are of no value to me...

He's OK. He's just down here.

Uncle Mike.

Danni, are you OK? Yeah.

We gotta get you safe. Shit.

Faisal, you know this place. There's gotta be a way out of here.

Come on, Faisal. Think.

OK, just follow me. OK?

These turnstiles are old as fuck, but there's a trick you can use, right?

All you need to do is apply pressure here and it should...

Faisal, stop.

Wait. Don't push that gate.

It's a trigger. If you push that gate...

And what? And what?

Oh, shit. They weren't lying.

Steed. Come in, Steed.

Steed here. We found their C-4.

I'm here with Captain Reynolds of the SAS and I'm putting you on open comms.

Describe the device. It looks complicated.

Multiple wires. Follow them.

Some leading to the det, some lead...

I'm looking at switches. Shit.

What does that mean? It's rigged to blow, if tampered with in any way.

The only way to disarm that device is the kill switch.

What kill switch? The broadcasted suspect was wearing a remote switch around his wrist.

It should be able to deactivate the bomb.

How much C-4 is there?

About 100 blocks. Location?

Southwest corner. Right under the control room.

Why place it under the control room? They'd die in the blast as well.

No. They won't be anywhere near it. It's a diversion.

They'll blow the control room, and escape in the chaos.

Jesus. How many casualties?

We're looking at a blast radius of blocks G through M.

That's thousands of people. Arkady doesn't care about the casualties.

He only cares about one thing.

The only reason that stadium is still standing is because he doesn't have his brother yet.

As soon as he gets Dimitri, he'll detonate his explosives.

Look... We make an assault. Get that kill switch.

Not possible. There'd be too big a death toll.

That may very well be, Commander, but we're running out of time here.

All right. They want this Dimitri guy, right?

What if we get to him first? Still a problem.

We can't get into the stadium without being detected.

You don't need to. I can get Dimitri.

Give me his location. I'll grab him.

Send the choppers up. I'll meet you on the roof.

This could work. One condition.

If I get Dimitri up to the chopper, you get Danni out of here with him. Deal?

Let's do it.

Our extraction point is the far corner, above the south stand.

It's out of the blast radius and downwind of the stadium, so that'll help mask our approach, but once we're in position, we're fully exposed.

I need Dimitri's location.

Dimitri is in seat B657.

That's the far corner on the east stand.

How long have we got? We estimate seven minutes for you to get to Dimitri's seat.

Another five to get him to the roof. That's a tight plan.

Once we start our approach, there's no turning back. They'll be coming, so watch yourself.

In exactly 12 minutes, we'll be in position.

Roger that. You'd better be there.

Don't go. Danni.

I've gotta get this Dimitri guy, or they're gonna blow the stadium.

I don't want you to die saving strangers like my dad did.

I'm doing this for some strangers. Danni...

You're gonna be OK. We can do this.

Hey, trust me. All right... look, I don't wanna spoil your little moment, but we're literally stood next to a ticking bomb.

Danni will be at the south stand in 10 minutes. Go.

Be careful.

So, the second-half gets underway.

It's do or die for West Ham. They have to get more possession if they're gonna go on and win this game, and make the final.

Chief, we have him.

I think he is heading towards the Dynamo stand.

He's going after Dimitri.

Tatiana, send everyone.

This way. Move. - This way. OK.


Are you fucking kidding me? More paramedics required in the lower west stand.


Whoa! Idiot!

Follow him.

That's £9, please. You pay.

Get the fuck out of the way.

Fuck you!

Fuck off! Faisal, I need another route.

What gate are you up to? Nine, ten, coming up to eleven.

What? -What's going on? I'm on a fucking bike. -Which way?

The opposite way. Go now.


Fuck. -Wait! Stop! -It's not possible.

Oh, Jesus!

I'm running out of concourse. Go up. Go up. Go up.

No, don't. Double back. Turn around.

Faisal, where now? Get up to the gantry. - You'll see a set of stairs.

Faisal, I see the stairs.

Take them. Take the stairs. Ah!

I'm on the roof. You're on the roof?

You said take the stairs. I meant down, not up.

Knox, there's no way to get across from there.

That's a 60ft drop.

Just get Danni to the roof. I'll meet you there.

West Ham are under pressure. Dynamo are searching forward as the Russians look to regain the lead. Come on!

'Bearing down on the goal. West Ham are in trouble.'

'Ah! He made a right mess of that.'

'He threw that short.'

'The Hammers are trying to wrestle back control. Oh, there's an opening here.'

'Pushing down the left. Dynamo look a bit desperate.'

'The Hammers have to take advantage here. In goes the cross.'

'Hernandez brought down just outside the box.

It's a free kick in a very dangerous position.'

'Johnson will take it.

East London holds its breath.'

'Here we go.'

'Striding in. The shot.'

'It's there!

West Ham take the lead!'


Dimitri Belav.

That's a name I haven't heard for a very long time.

Viktor, block Knox's key card.

We don't have to. We have eyes on him. Not for Knox.

For the Asian.


I need you to come with me.

I am not missing the game.

I'm not fucking asking.

Come on, Danni. Two minutes. Where's Uncle Mike?

He'll be here. Don't worry.


Give me the girl.


I want you to know, I'm not going to shoot you.

I'm going to kill you much slower than that.


Who are you? No-one.

Then, what is this about? Your brother.

If my brother is here, there is no point in running. Shut the fuck up and move.

East stand now. East stand now.

Commander Steed, we have two people to extract.

Primary target is Dimitri Belav.

Agent Cho to ID him. Head for the extraction point now.

Come on. Let's move.

Hello. North concourse, now. Move.

Fuck. No.

Go, go, go, go!

Move! Let's go, let's go. - Come on. Move, move, move!

They're trapped. East concourse toilets.

There's no way out. Move in.

On me. Forward.

Agent Cho, are you in position? - Affirmative. But where the hell is Knox?

Shit! Do you have more bullets? - No.

You really don't have more bullets, do you?

You'll need a detonator.

How about a phone?





Faisal, where the fuck are you? Where's Danni?

Faisal? - Come in.

Where's Danni? Knox, I'm sorry, man. I lost her.

Oh fuck. Knox, you have to send Dimitri up. We'll come back for the girl.

I'm sorry, Uncle Mike. I'm sorry.

Danni, where are you? She is with me, Uncle Mike...

...and she's dead if you take one more step towards the helicopter.

Knox! You have to send Dimitri up.

I can't do it. Send him up now! - I can't do it. They've got Danni.

There's gotta be another way.

We can't let Dimitri fall into their hands. Take him out.

Do it now, while we have a shot. We need Dimitri.

Do not fire.

Hey, ignore that prick. I have jurisdiction here.

Take the shot, or face a court martial.

Take the shot. Yes, sir!

Shit. Move!

Hold your fire. Swing her right.

Get up. Move, move!

The target is gone. Dimitri has cleared the roof.


You don't miss from that distance unless it's by intention, right?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Risking the lives of those people. This is my thing.

And who are you? A drugged-up met cop who can't see the wood for the fucking trees.

There's more to this than a fucking soccer stadium!

It's not soccer.

It's football.

You'd kill all these innocent people just to get one person.

Sacrifice is all about respect.

My uncle won't let you go away with this.

Oh, really?

He will do everything I ask because of you. -Vigilante.


You have something I need.

Bring him to me now, or I will let Tatiana carve up your girl.

If you hurt Danni, I'll put a fucking bullet in your brother's head right now.

Clearly, you are a man of skill and talent.

I am a man of will. Do not test me.


When I was a child, my father had chickens.

Kept many chickens.

There was one I loved, and I called her One-eyed Clara...

...and she was the runt.

I have a soft spot for the underdog.

One morning, we went out to the pen... a horrific scene.

Blood, feathers.

A fox had slaughtered three birds.

I was relieved to see that my beloved Clara was still alive.

However, that night... father took her out in to the open...

...chained her to a tree.

Hours passed, until we heard the fox was ripping Clara apart.

My father aimed his rifle...

...and bang...

...killed the fox.

Clara was dead, and so was the fox.

The other chickens were safe now.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice the thing you love the most for the greater good.

You think your story is supposed to teach me something about sacrifice?

Been down that path.

Me and my best friend.

He was more like a brother to me.

We got together the best guys we knew.

Fought together for a couple of years.

But in Afghanistan...

...I lost my whole team...

...including my brother.

Andy died on my fucking watch.

I'm not gonna lose his daughter, too.

OK, we do that...

Dimitri for Danni, but on my terms.

Make the exchange on the roof.

You take the north-east corner. I'll take the north-west.

A very cold war, checkpoint Charlie.

You have a deal.

Let's go.

In to the last 15 minutes of the match, with West Ham clinging onto the lead.

Oh, what a shot. Clawed away by the keeper.



Stand over there.

OK. Send him over.

Send Danni first. Give her the kill switch, and Dimitri is yours.

One or the other. Not both.

Danni, come on.

You. Go.

Come on, Danni.


Come on, Danni. Talk sense to her.

Danni, listen to me. You have to do this.

If you give him his brother, Uncle Mike, he'll kill all these people.

Danni, please. Get down here.

I know it was your order, Uncle Mike.

I know you blame yourself... but my dad did what he had to do.

I get it now. He was a hero.

Danni... this isn't the same.

You don't understand. Get down here, now.

I do understand. It wasn't your fault.

People are important and we've gotta protect their lives...

...even if it costs us our own.

Danni, you have to trust me.

Come down here, now.

No. I refuse to go.


The next one is two inches to the left.


Send Dimitri.

Danni, get ready. Run.


Fire at will.

Run, Danni, run!

Down the stairs, now.

Don't set the kill switch!

Repeat. Don't set the kill switch!



Come on! Get up!

Come on. Come on. This way. This way.

Straight on. Go, go.

Come with me.

Rooftop is clear. Where's Knox?

No eyes on Knox.

What the fuck is this?

There is no kill switch.

At 90 minutes, you... and the little bitch... are going to burn.

How do you stop it? How do you stop it!?

There's no way to stop it.

You fucking bitch.

Fuck you, cupcake.


Look at you, brother. How you have changed.

Why do you run from me?

I have planned this moment for such a long time.

Long... time.

You were expecting me to kill you.


I know, brother. Please, sit.

Viktor, prepare the broadcast.

You know, when I first heard that you were not dead, I... You must havefelt angry.


Uh, at first, but then I saw the true reason you went into hiding.

The smartest thing to do to beat them and kill them.

It's because you knew the revolution would be reborn one day. Dimitri Belav is dead.

And he will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

As soon as our people see you are alive, the revolution will start again, and this time, we will win.

Sir, we are ready to broadcast.

Look, at home, the people await you.

They will not follow just me, but you... you, they will follow through the gates of hell itself...

...and together... we will take back our country, and give it to the people.

This was your dream.

Now, what would you give to see that dream realised?


Prove it.

Kill the girl.

Together, we will finish the revolution.


You are right about many things, Arkady.

We fought so very hard for our country.

We almost destroyed it.

But I kept you alive, not to wait for this moment...

...but because I love you.

I could never kill you.

This is the only way I can stop you from destroying our home.

No, no, no! -No!

Arkady, we need to get out of here. Arkady...


Just under five minutes left. West Ham are clinging on. They're under pressure.

Can they hold on, find the willpower now?

Faisal. Come in, Faisal. Do you have Danni?

Negative. She didn't come out. Neither did Dimitri.

Do you know where she is? I don't know.

Faisal, listen to me. The kill switch was a fake.

I can't stop it. The C-4 is gonna detonate at 90 minutes.

You what? That's in four minutes!

You gotta get everyone out of the stand, now! It's on you.

Steed, do you have eyes on Danni?

Negative. The roof is clear.

Oi, sit down!

Everyone from block G to block N, please evacuate your seats and move away from the corner.

Fuck off! Get out the fucking way!

Oh, that's a cynical foul.

Tempers are really fraying now, both on and off the field.

West Ham have had enough.

'It's time for them to try and put this one to bed.' Please, you need to move. Ah!

Knox! Faisal, get everyone out of the stands, now!

Faisal Khan, Faisal Khan, Faisal Khan, Faisal Khan!

Fuck him.

Allahu Akbar!

I have a bomb! I have a bomb!

Oh, no, that looks like a bit of crowd trouble there.

I hope it's nothing too serious, because we're just seconds away.

Faisal, do you see Danni? No, I haven't found her.

Get out! Now! Copy that.

I think we're nearly clear. Make you way towards the exit.

Hey! Hey!

Oh, fuck it. Madam!

Danni. People of the west...

...I came here to reignite a revolution... bring back to my country the leader it needs, Dimitri Belav. No, no, no!

Oh, there's someone running onto the pitch. Chaos here.

Steed, they're gonna blow the stadium!

No! Stop! Get away from the corner.

He's got Danni in the control room.

But you have given me something much more important.

And tonight, you will all learn the true meaning of sacrifice!


Blow the gates. Let these people out.

Come on! Go, go, go!

Coming through.

Keep moving!



85 minutes.

Steed. -Knox? The videos are fake. -What?

It's pre-recorded. Arkady's still alive. He's got Danni.

I've got thousands of people spilling out. I can't stop them.



Uncle Mike! Uncle Mike!

Danni! Uncle Mike! Help!

Uncle Mike! Danni!

Uncle Mike! Help!

Drop that gun!

Drop it, or I'll fucking shoot her right here.

Danni, be smart. Use your head.

Use your head, Danni.

Fuck you, Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike. You're OK. You're OK.

Where's Faisal?

Madam. Oh. -

Madam, don't worry about a thing.

We had a tried and tested complaints handling procedure here at West Ham.

Thank you. Faisal! That's all right.

Faisal. What's your name?

Faisal. - Faisal Khan. Faisal.

Hey, man. It's good to see you.

Oh! That's too tight. That's way too tight.

Thank you. Hey, don't mention it, man.


Mum? Mum!


Baby, I thought I'd lost you.

I'm so sorry, Mum. I'm so sorry.

Are you OK?


Thank you.

Andy would have been proud of her.

He'd be proud of you both.

Thanks for your help, Knox, but do me a favour.

If we reach the final, stay at home.

Hell, yeah.

Faisal, let's get out of here, buddy.

Yeah. DANNI: Come on, big fucker. - Watch your language, little shit.

Are you all right? -WOMAN: Yeah. The ironic thing is, I don't even like football. -Oh, well.